Thursday, December 24, 2009

End Of The Year Post

Right now teams/movies/music and so on for the decade are being honored such as Tiger Woods being Athlete of The Decade. Only problem is the decade is not over until December 31st of 2010. All has to do with no year zero. Same issue arose during millennium celebrations.

The Red Sox have made some excellent moves lately with the addition of John Lackey, Marco Scutaro and Mike Cameron. Cameron has long been a personal favorite who I was hoping the Sox would have picked up a few years back rather than trading for Coco Crisp.

Is the economy really turning around? WOW better hope so for November of 2010.

I have a link to Mouse Print on my sidebar. I really enjoy this consumer site especially the way they track downsizing of products. Size goes down and price goes up. I imagine Suo will soon downsize bricks.

There is politics and there is government and the recent Senate vote on health care shows politics at its possible worse. All that was missing was the gun and mask from senators from Nebraska, Louisiana and Florida whose states receive payments in exchange for votes. Boss Tweed lives!

I managed to finally listen to The Billy Fallon Show and I’ll say this old “Billy” has a nice delivery. Easy listening. I wish he did have those barking dogs doing Jingle Bells.

When I get Xmas presents for my wife I usually schedule them to arrive right through January. Her highlight for this year will be a fruit cake (named after me?) that is one of her favorite treats. Company that makes them actually finishes production in May and lets them sit and “mature.”

Ford Motors Company (F) has made quite a turnaround and is now selling at a yearly high.

The climate convention had the usually suspects “lecturing” the Western World on out excesses. I really place much faith in the ramblings of Hugo Chavez and Robert Mugabe.

I’ve stopped brushing my teeth since I don’t want a DUI charge.

Lost in the ghastly vote on health care was the vote in the Senate to raise the debt ceiling to 12.4 trillion dollars.

Gaming analyst have forecast 2010 to be a “transition year” for Las Vegas. That means the outlook sucks for gaming in 2010.

Looks like Blogger Shark did not bite for the Suo inspired call out. Too bad…..$425 for the BS favorite charities. Maybe BS would have contributed it to the Green School?

Monday, December 14, 2009

Assorted Stuff

The current corporate tax rate for the U.S. is 39% and that represents the second highest rate among industrialized nations.

The WOW administration claims it will not raise taxes on anyone making less than 250K per year. Now there has certainly been some questions raised on the truth of that statement but what I’m interested in is the expiration of the current tax table on long term capital gains. This will certainly be a tax increase for many of us. As usual if you or I say it that is called a lie but if a politician says it they’ll dream up a different tag line.

Barney Frank (D-Fanny Mae) is constantly talking about economic fairness. IMO that translates to income redistribution.

Douglas Adams was a wonderful writer and I will paraphrase from one of his books were an excerpt spoke of a planet wide evacuation - they put all the lawyers on one ship and sent them in the opposite direction.

In the recent Senate election five of the six candidates were lawyers. Could it get worse? Yes! Four were from Harvard Law School.

This is an informational note. On occasion I will use the names Billy Flynn and Billy Fallon and what that refers to is William Fallon who was know as “The Great Mouthpiece” for his ability to defend notorious mobsters. Billy Flynn is the ethically challenged lawyer from the musical “Chicago” and that character is loosely based Fallon.

Mike Dukakis (D- Tank Girl) spoke at the USS Slots or Slots USS or whatever. I’ll give Duke credit in that he voted against the lottery also.

Why is it so hard for people to put away a shopping cart?

Why is equally as hard for the same folks to clear snow off their cars?

TSA continues to prove they are the mall cops of the government. A wanted fugitive actually got hired. So much for screening. Wonder what else is going on?

I am still attempting to figure out how President WOW got a Nobel Peace Prize? Did Gandhi ever get one? I think even WOW was embarrassed by the award.

Going green does not make you any green. I have a mutual fund and an ETF that is green. Returns have been dismal - zero at this point and both have lost 50% of their original investment value. The more traditional energy funds have been excellent. Dirty coal is green.

LL is in the wrong country. They had a shortage of Limo’s in Copenhagen and had a call out over Europe for some more. Top it off with the 140 private jets.

There is no such thing as “The Middleboro Way” but there is the common sense way.

1.1 TRILLION dollar federal budget. Austerity?

Monday, December 7, 2009

Plowgate And Other Stuff

What an enjoyable column by Jane Lopes on Plowgate and especially the Plowgate Ten - of whom several are not even taxpayers. Charge a nominal fee? Define emergency as simply being accumulated snow/ice and then resolve the issue in the spring.

Adam Bond and the Plowgate Ten have certainly shown what they think of their fellow townspeople. Just another reason to realize Willy Shakespeare was correct. This whole issue has nothing to do with the streets and everything to do with the sitting BOS.

Think Adam “Exit stage left” Bond will finally update his web site?

Isn’t a basic function of government the safety and well being of the citizens?

The Charter group has done a fine job. Nice presentation by Caroline and the committee.

How soon before sponsors start dumping Tiger Woods? Probably right after his wife dumps him.

How much time is being expended on Plowgate that could be used for more productive issues. Makes dog complaints look trivial.

This is for those of you who are bilingual - which is not an island in the Caribbean but the ability to converse in more than one language. Now - when you dream do you dream in one specific language? I have asked several and no one has come forth with a definitive answer.

IMO some of the anti casino bloggers have now become a casino issue version of an anchoress. Walled into their one issue.

From the will we ever learn file - a raise in the gas tax is again being proposed.

I think for you Pats fans the salad days are gone.

I wonder how much jet fuel was expended by all getting to Copenhagen by all? Certainly enough hot air to melt some glaciers.

There is a big difference between breaking the law and common sense. I find common sense usually loses out to convoluted legalese.

Sometimes the law is used as a bully and when you deal with a bully it is often necessary to fight back.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sharks! Sales! WOW! JP!

Black Friday begs the question of why? What is the purpose? All year long I’ll shop at a store only to be denied a “special” bargain since I refuse to stand in line at 5AM and make a mad dash into a store. I can make fool enough of myself on this blog without doing that on this mystical shopping day.

One of the little things to look for on Black Friday is to check out the items online since sometimes those specials are available before the store opens. I got a Tom Tom that way. Got it Thursday night for the “special” price. Free shipping.

Looks like Plowgate has really stepped up now that Middleboro’s own version of Billy Fallon has stepped forward with a select group of taxpayers - even if some are from Oak Point (where every day is a tax free holiday). Now a smart lawyer and a smart judge would want to examine this issue in April. Maybe they’ll at least get a smart judge.

Why do entitlements seem to come to those who should be least entitled? I just get tired of paying for multi-generational layabouts. So many needy get lumped into the same lock box by what appears to me an every growing group of scam artists that use government programs to the detriment of others.

Steve Pagliuga has spent 17K on phone messages and I think 16K of it has been to my house.

Global warming is in the news and all because it looks like many researchers have pulled a Clark and fudged data. To put some icing on top they also discussed ways of dissing and intimidating critics. Sounds familiar.

I really don’t find much in the way of bargains at the big box stores. Usually we shop sales and do coupons and have found that to more match even the large volume purchases at the box stores. The few items I will but I take advantage of when they give me a yearly sixty day free pass. I just can’t see paying to shop.

Blogger Shark (BS) seems to be very confused on his site. Open…closed…opened. There are meds that can help. I’m sure Suo could put on his SCUBA gear and help with the meds since the shark is toothless and not a threat except to LL. Have a copy of Clark The Toothless Shark to donate to the library. Some questions still exist as to the identity of BS but I like it as a mystery. Why have everyone know so you can be a public humiliation like JP?

Speaking of the BS, Suo has made an offer in the comment section that is difficult to ignore. Could be an easy $200 for a local charity.

Charities. Amazing what some of the CEO’s pull in. Can be millions. There are several sites that give a breakdown of how much actually goes to those for whom the charity is designed to help. I tend to keep almost all of it very local.

Watching President WOW interact with his daughters makes me smile.

I see little things popping up in the news occasionally on health care reform that make me nervous. I see the excessive taxes on upper incomes and wonder what will that threshold eventual be lowered to? Probably to zero. Now I read of surtaxes on so called blue plate plans.

For BB and his running. When you buy a jog suit make sure it has a zippered pocket so we don’t have to search for your lost trinkets through the woods. Second bit of advice is when Bogo says take the trail on the left since it will be dry always take the trail on the RIGHT.

When an individual represents an organization one would hope they would research their data before posting it. Mistakes happen and I have had to correct information or delete when I discovered - or others did - that said information was incorrect. Simple to do and actually adds some legitimacy. Shame it is a lesson that is totally lost on some.

Middleboro Schools has a great online system for substitute teaching scheduling. A third party provider and it is excellent. Maybe the town web site will follow?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Illegals! Terrorists! BS! Taxes! And More!

Was watching The Early Show on CBS on Saturday AM and they were doing a special on living past 100. As I listened to the show it seemed they created a laundry list of a secrets for a longer life that would be virtually impossible for any of us to follow with some of them even being contradictory.

Terrorist are to be tried at the scene of their crime and the talking heads are tossing the sanity of doing this around. Not to me as what strikes a cord is the years this trial will take. WTC has happened to our legal system that has turned the most simplistic of cases in a legal Bataan Death March? And this one will be far from simple. The conspirators will die of old age before this runs its course.

Middleboro may be three million in the fiscal hole and we have all heard that story before. Seems the Chicken Little approach is standard operating procedure over the years until some fiscal magic or hidden funds appear to lighten the burden. Always thought there was a certain degree of theatrics on the part of the previous TM on the issue. However, I suspect that Chicken Little has been plucked and served by The Colonel and that the town may be faced with a stark fiscal outlook.

Blogger Shark. When are you going to invite me into your private room? LMBAO!

Administration peeps have stopped using trickle down and have started using filtered down to describe stimulus impact. Can’t have that Reagan connection.

IMO Balloon Dad appears to lack some basic parenting skills and also lacks - totally - any common sense.

Prisoners get Swine Flu shots before health care workers and pregnant civilians. Illegals attempt to get a drivers license and in state tuition. Illegals may get dental coverage under Mass Health. Thank you to all the moonbats.

Does not impact me directly but it appears this current administration has not seen a tax it does not like for the “rich.”

Saw a display by the Society of Mayflower Descendents at the Heritage Day and I found it like bragging you had a relative that was a guard at Dachau or your distant relatives owned a 300 slave plantation in Mississippi. Native Americans have an entirely different perspective.

A Stoughton police sergeant convicted of extortion is attempting to grab 113K in back pay including pay for hours he spent in court defending himself. I can now understand why Sgt. David Cohen and extortion seem to be interchangeable.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Assorted Garbage!

A clear sign the apocalypse is upon us - Halloween costumes for your pets.

The recent elections showed how important the economy will be. Despite the blatherings from the administration about the recession being over voters think not. 2010 will be change once again if unemployment is hovering around 10%. Real unemployment/underemployment is now at 17.5%.

Amazing how many CFO bloggers have their own private invitation only requirements. Can’t control the debate your run and hide and whine like a spoiled child not getting a candy bar. I guess when the going gets tough you hide in a secret room or have everyone register.

“Mumbles” Menino won for mayor of Boston - probably because after five elections he’s shaken the hand of every voter at least once.

The Middleboro BOS is clarking around with retirees. There is one thing a politician does not mess with and that is seniors. They have time on their hands, are organized, vote, and will put pressure on family members.

Health care for illegal aliens? Many legals cannot get adequate coverage.

Those NWA pilots were asleep. Playing on their scheduling computer? No clarking way!

Rhode Island School Of Design has a great museum.

Bumpkin will be at the Flat Iron for 11/21 and this will be as exciting as an appointment at a proctologist or dentist for a root canal. No…seriously….go!

The Flat Iron has an almost weekly influx of folk music and the one thing I don’t understand is why they all dress like bums. I mean I dress like a bum so I know it when I see it. Usually scruffy hair or beard go with it - ladies excluded on the beard. Torn jeans and a flannel shirt. Rock musicians are the same way. Back in the day remember when they wore suits and ties? I think the late Robert Palmer was the last one I saw that had on a suit.

I’ve always considered ties plain stupid. What is their purpose? Really none but decoration. I did some research at the Clark Library and it looks like it was the end result of a war. A heroic regiment had some colorful kerchiefs around their neck and it eventually ended up with ties. Like I saw once how intelligent is it to start the day with a noose around your neck?

Blogger Shark (AKA-BS). Am I allowed to register for your site? Will I be approved? Is this like a credit card where I get this stuff that says congratulations you have been pre-approved?

My wife just spend more money to alter another feral cat that resides in our backyard. This brings the total to four and there are now seven cats. Since this is a public forum I will resist as best I can what my “humane” solution would be.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

11/04/2009 - The Day MLB Died

This was no “victory” as the result of astute management skills but simply the end result of the single most gluttonous expenditure excess of the free agent era. An expenditure of $420,000,000 for three players whose combined yearly salary exceeds the payroll of many teams shows the inequities that exist in the current system. The reality is that no other team in the playoffs could have done this. Some may not have been able to sign any one of the three.

With NY we are not discussing figures that have other teams close or - pardon the pun - in the same ballpark. The discrepancies are huge percentage wise and also growth wise. NY is far from “build out” while other teams are approaching it. Other teams could certainly do what NY did if they could. The reality is they can’t - not the Red Sox. Not The Dodgers. No one else can approach the revenue stream to match NY.

When you consider payroll as a percentage of revenue there is nothing exceptionally unusual about what NY spends until you examine the extent of those revenues. The research on payroll and revenue is available with a simple search and I and others have posted it many times. Can Pittsburgh, Kansas City or Cleveland compete at a consistently high level in that type of economic marketplace? Can those teams afford the FA mistake and still be competitive? Occasionally a team will rise to the top but it will be short term since it is extremely difficult to maintain a high level of performance without a high level of revenue. The sustainability just is not there.

Now occasionally a team will make a short term burst and attempt to “buy” a championship which I believe Arizona and Miami did recently. Neither team had that financial sustainability so eventually fire sales resulted. You cannot spend more than you bring in without dire consequences.

Baseball teams are a franchise and like any other franchise they have competition among themselves and mutual collective interest. What is best for our business as a whole? In my opinion that collective interest is best protected by a hard cap. Let true management skill, coaching, astute use of FA talent and player development be the key ingredient and not the ability to overwhelm everyone with dollar signs. I guess to NY fans there is glory in the ability to have their team write a check. The sad thing is they can continue to do it on the same scale driving prices up for everyone until eventually only a few teams are viable.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

CFO! Deval! Water Bills! Schools!

Deval “One And Out (I hope)” Patrick has managed to address an exceedingly difficult budget situation by not attacking education and local aide in his recent cuts. No matter where you cut someone will be impacted and it seems that invariably it is those who are most vulnerable. Deval had a profile in courage moment with his cuts but somehow I feel that he wished he could do some real line item work with some of the more entrenched bureaucrats.

H1N1 is starting to look like Katrina.

The Macarena has been the most popular one hit wonder in music history.

Congressman Lee Terry is one sharp conservative.

How come when I ask from an item at the deli it always seems to be a “little bit over.”

I have certainly had my fun with CFO over the months and the reasons have been beaten to death, but they did show at the State House and went through the routine of trying to get the message across with a stacked deck (pun intended). I actually support their efforts in this region since I am a NIMBY but I do not support their efforts to block casino gaming. That is the old you can support the message but not the messenger. Now I guess old BS (how appropriate) will say that is being a hypocrite. Can’t argue with that. Polls continue to show that my position is somewhat prevalent - give us slots but in your neighborhood and not mine.

The recent spike in water bills will have to be explained to me in great detail so that will have to be a Suo assignment or anyone else who feels capable. I know expenses are up but usage is way down and that creates a deficit. Somehow I still feel that many of us are being punished for conserving. Now they speak of a spike in chemicals but doesn’t less usage mean a decrease in usage in that area? Color me confused. Remember that once you pass age 65 you are eligible for a senior discount.

I just love the idea of prop 2 and ½ and worked hard to have it implemented. I remember doing the CFO et al thing and going to hearings and being a pest to legislators to try a get a piece of legislation that would be better than California’s Prop 13. IMO it has worked up to expectations. That brings us to Middleboro for April of 2010.

The schools will need help according to superintendent Bob Sullivan and I have to agree. Passing an override is difficult in the best of times and this will be the worse of times. As a former educator I have seen waste and can pinpoint areas where the axe could fall without a significant disruption of services. Not this time. The bone is now shinning through and money is needed and fast. My wife - The Lovely Cynthia - has subbed in Middleboro and is impressed with the schools she has worked at - Burkland and Goode. Just today she had a class of twenty-eight third grade students with the usual mix you get in a class of that size. In teaching size does make a difference especially with the variety of learning styles, abilities, behaviors and undiagnosed and diagnosed special needs. Getting an override passed will be a daunting task and right now I say it will be defeated.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Ghosts! Terrorists! Toxic! Other Garbage!

A new movie called “Paranormal” has surfaced. This is probably an extenuation of the ghost hunting brigade that seems to have infected some of the TV channels and, of course, the collective “hunters” searching around our beloved Town Hall. This type of absurd silliness occurs every decade or so and gives the gullible and those whose idea of scientific reasoning is seeing how long they can look at the sun without glasses something to ponder. They probably get lost in a corn maze of two stalks. Hey, didn’t you folks grow up with Mr. Wizard or Bill Nye? Get a life and some science.

Deval Patrick has been an outspoken supporter of the union battle going on with the Hyatt Hotel in Boston. A great position since the Hyatt Corporation has run roughshod over their housekeepers but in a BB type contradiction Patrick took $3,000 in political contributions from the same company.

What would happen if CFO held a State House rally and no one came? Never mind…that’s already happened.

Do you think our local “Billy Flynn” will every get around to updating his profile on his web site? So much for legal details.

JP has a new site called Middleboro Remembers and it is a master work of cut and paste for the anti casino segment. Plenty of “data” that was supplied by - no doubt - the number crunchers at Clark, CT University. I’d love to see someone with time on their hands (not me) sift through all the “data” supplied by both sides and find out what was legit. Remember - you can be anti and unenrolled in an "organization."

I am amazed that some posts are not questioned on a certain site and one appears on this sidebar. That has never been addressed as far as I know. Shameful.

A local terrorist in training has been in the news lately and I hold no sympathy. I readily admit my prejudices regarding Muslims from both first hand experience and that of being wary of any religious zealot or zealots.

Toxic seems to be of focus on BB’s mind and like I have said before the reason why the CFO types hate it is lack of their own personal control over the site. They love to manage the news and the debate.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Fox News - Flame Wars - Baseball - Clyde

Found it rather interesting that the WOW Administration is after Fox News. That pesky little First Amendment thing just seems to rankle the current leader of the free world but this just makes me wonder if Fox is onto something to raise such ire. IMHO the news outlets have clearly demonstrated their particular preferences by the way they mange and present the “news.” Reminds me that The Eagles were onto something with the clever tune “Dirty Laundry.”

Suo has made some interesting broadsides on the “Self Proclaimed Greatest Blog In Middleboro” - AKA- SPGBIM. Try making an anagram out of that! I gotta give Suo some level of victory on points with his glib responses, lack of deflection and verbose (got that word from Suo’s thesaurus) comments. Been a bad week for BB having to write that Ghost Busters column and then getting haunted by Suo/Dal/Lincoln/GreenSchool.

Baseball season ended a week or so ago with the pitiful demise of the Red Sox. Out with a whimper. At least I was out of state at the time and did not get to see the last embarrassing disaster. Just don’t have the Yankees win number twenty-seven.

Clyde made my phony column and Limo had a great quote from Clyde regarding personal information being posted by anti’s. They just don’t get it.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Going To The Dogs

We have two dogs that control our household - one is a simple mutt and the other is a designer dog - A Golden Doodle. Now these dogs are fairly discipline and have been to obedience school so they do listen but you never know. But now I have no worries since locally we now have the Ace Ventura of the legal profession to get the pups off if ever they get collared (pun intended) by Jayson. No need to flea (pun intended)to Bridgewater for our local Billy Fallon will handle the situation with rolled up paper - legal, of course. My concern is if there is a fire hydrant in front of the office? Is a 20 pound bag of Kibbles and Bits a good enough retainer?

I know some say the BOS is going to the dogs but I didn’t know it was contagious so that former members also went to the dogs - at least as clients. I imagine Billy Flynn will soon have velvet pictures of dogs playing poker festooning his office for the new client base. Always toss the client a bone - good for business. Now I also heard that President WOW’s peeps have been patrolling humble old Middleboro just checking out our legal beagle since the First Dog has had some “issues” and WOW is in the market for experienced legal counsel for the pooch. Dog eat dog that legal profession.

I don't want a casino here in the land of third rate dips**ts but I do support a casino or plural in Massachusetts. I'd like to see it a tribal one but one that could somehow be inclusive for the various tribes. Good luck with that. I’m also in favor of slots at the tracks now that dog racing is coming to an end. Wonder why those mutts didn’t get some local legal representation to save their jobs?

Padre Island is a great beach area since it is not very congested thanks to strict development standards. Really only one hotel directly on the beach and the one we stayed at was just across the street from the beach. For city life the island is part of Corpus Christi and the core city is about ten miles away. CC is a bit bigger than Providence to give you scale.

Texas also has no helmet law for motorcycles and I always wondered why that exists? BB (Big Brother not Bumpkin) is all intrusive in our lives so one would suspect they’d protect us from ourselves. To me it is common sense to wear one and one time many years ago it saved my life or from being in a vegetative state - although some will claim I am. I wore one before it was the law.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

CFO And Other Stuff

I have been blasting away at CFO and will do so - again - with this post. I really get tired of the one trick pony act that seems to permeate the organization. This is an all or nothing approach and it is best exemplified by how they take particular pride in how they comment on legislators who are pro gaming. Plenty of clever nicknames such as “slots” for those who have the audacity not to see the wisdom CFO is willing to dispense. I try to look at the body of work that any legislator is involved with such as a Marc Pacheco or a Steve Canessa or even a Dan Bosley who represents one of the more outspoken legislative anti’s. Is it worth making your decision on a political figure based solely on one issue? To me it is not and is one of the benchmarks I look for when I use the term “zealots.”

The value of the double check. We’ll be going to Texas for a little over a week and one place we visit is Padre Island. I made a slightly different reservation this time but something was bothering me so I double checked. I had made it for a hotel on South Padre Island or about 200 miles further south from where we should be. WTC (What The Clark). I went back and checked the listings for the area since there are three hotels on the beach - Holiday Inn, Comfort Suites and Hawthorne Suites. I had made a reservation at a “new” Best Western on the beach that had somehow been included in the listings for Padre Island so I can slide some of the blame elsewhere. This could have been a real nightmare. Canceled and booked at Hawthorne.

I like Zombie movies probably because it reminds me so much of certain fellow bloggers. Dawn Of The Dead was the first one I really enjoyed as it was nicely done in black and white with a Black guy as the “hero.” Interesting concept for 1967. I went to see Zombieland and it was great. Gore to delight one and all and if you are a fan of Bill Murray the film is a must see.

CPA is still in the Bumpkin target area but Mark is - IMHO - beating a dead horse at this point. Not going to happened locally. This is not representative of my feelings but of local reality.

Had a slight ache in a tooth when cold hit in so I checked it out. This was a molar and the Clarkin’ thing was a dark shade of purple and so was part of the gum. WTC! Panic time! All signs pointed to root canal and a possible crown. Yikes! I’m a retired senior on a simple pension! My dentist was not available but someone at the office checked it out and the tooth appeared healthy. To comfort my doubts they immediately hooked me up with a root canal specialist and ran be through the paces with several exotic tests and all is - I hope -OK. Turns out the discoloration is just seepage from a filling under a crown and the tenderness is reflective of some pitting on the filling which will need to be replaced in a year or so. But this leads to another thought and that is the value of relationships in any business.

I have been going to my dentist for 35 years and they saw me within a few hours. They also made the connections with a specialist who saw me within an hour. I am going to Texas for a week and the specialist said if I have any problems give her (another crack in the glass ceiling) a call and she and the others she work with have connections everywhere and they’ll get it taken care of. I also have to see my doctor about a minor ear condition and that appointment was also done for when I wanted it - actually the next day. Would and will I get the same level of care under a national health insurance? Why doesn’t Medicare cover dental work?

Well - off to Texas. Red Sox get to the next round.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Massachusetts Casinos Are "Inevitable."

Is it too late to say I told you so? Yes….a casino(s) are “inevitable” in Massachusetts as the revenues are just so attractive to a state that needs money to feed hack-a-rama. As they say “The fix is in“ and it certainly is as the Congress will have to make any attempt to avoid discrimination of one tribe over another. Massachusetts will also be on the fast track as DeLeo wants it and wants it now! Acting like a petulant child or a deranged poster on the BB site he will get his way. What about Middleboro?

The land has been set aside and the tribe certainly wants to build. Will the state be willing to cooperate? Hand out a precious license? Put this on the fast track? Do all that crossing and dotting of letters? IMO they will. Makes no difference if it is the right place to build just go back to that petulant stuff. Oh…they’ll be recognized as a tribe or nation or whatever. A 300 year old make up call? Probably. Nothing like a cleaning of the soul and washing of the hands for guilt eradication for the White man. Let bygones be bygones. Take the recognition, license, money and everything else as long as we - the state - gets its cut. Meanwhile the tracks will toss in their slots to get the build first going. As they say in the world of gambling “It’s a lock.”

CFO and Casino Free Massachusetts put up the good fight. I was originally a member of CFO and made a contribution but soon tired of the direction they were going in and some of the conversations that I overheard just turned me off. They were anti-gaming in my opinion and I am not. I have no problems with casinos and actually welcome them but I am a NIMBY but one with a price tag. I’ll sell out for the right price. The battle is with the culture of Massachusetts and that culture is one of gambling. The lottery is among if not the most successful in the country. Illegal gambling is firmly entrenched and when I first moved to town I could easily find a card or craps game if I wanted. I had no trouble purchasing a football card. If casinos are not here this year they will be next year for what killed them - the economy - will also speed them up as the state seeks revenue sources. The fat lady is warming up.

Suo did what Hal did and wadded into the pestilent waters of the self professed “greatest blog in Middleboro.” Naturally an “anonymous” poster who certainly had all the revisionist insights of Jessie Powell decided to attempt to do intellectual battle with Suo. Slam dunk for Suo. Amazing that some of the local lunatic fringe still is hanging around. Maybe Suo will get hit with a mountain of quotes from a DOR report.

My wife got a wonderful present from me. She has two house cats that was once three until a coyote snack took place and still feeds several feral cats that have slowly multiplied. I found her a box of Crazy Cat Lady action figures. Perfect gift.

The Red Sox are slowly going into the back door for the playoffs. Makes no difference how you get to the dance as long as you get to dance. Right now they have what appears to be four solid starters that should bode well for any seven game series down the road.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Meanderings Before Heading To KC

I seem to like the Republicans a lot more when they are out of office. Maybe it’s just seeing absolutely the two most divisive political hacks I can remember - Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid - both are examples of two members who would never be able to get elected in 90% of the districts in this country. How bad is it? I long for the good old days of Newt Gingrich!

They are coming out of the woodwork with hard times upon us. Exactly who? The scam artist. Notice that many radio and TV stations ad revenues seem to consist of buying your gold, getting out of debt in a few years, buying a renovated foreclosed home, how to make money in a down market and a variety of other schemes that just leave me cold. I’d say millions are getting plundered and the government does little to protect us.

I’m out to Kansas City for the Red Sox series and as I write this things are looking good for getting into the playoffs. I will also finally have a chance to visit the Negro League Baseball Museum which for anyone who follows and loves baseball is a must. I have always felt that the Pittsburgh Crawford’s of 1935 were one of the five best baseball teams of all time and maybe the best.

Where has Jessie been with her energy posts? Some may agree and some may not but they were interesting and at times informative. JP still has the links out there and I have no idea if she has again applied for that Energy Committee that was formed.

Obama put the old kibosh on Wilson controversy via no racial intent. Good for WOW to put - I hope - an end to linkage of criticism of his regime to subtle racism being the root cause. That racism exists towards him is a given but IMO it is solidly in the domain of a handful of “crackers” and “peckerwoods.”

Hal and I have had an interesting email exchange on the above and have diametrically opposite views but the interesting thing is we can understand how each of us can view it thus giving a level of legitimacy to the exchange. Thanks, Hal.

MCAS requirements have been raised from 220 to 240 for a passing grade. This will be very difficult for some students to obtain and IMO it should have been taken to the 230 level.

Someone had a letter in one of the advice columns and made the statement “I don’t do well in a classroom setting. I catch on quickly, get bored and lose interest in the task in front of me.” How true that is for me to this very day. When I taught I always tried to think of myself sitting in that seat listening to me with that itty bitty attention span.

Senator Dukakis. Now that is really funny! Never met a tax he didn’t like.

Resort Casinos are on the way in Massachusetts. Next session has it front and center and IMHO they will be a done deal but probably (thankfully) not for Middleboro.

BB and I have started a running or in our case a waddling blog. Link is on the sidebar and we will add places of interest for walking, running and biking.

Kill all the lawyers? Was that Shakespeare? I get at least ten times a year litigation on companies I own or have owned stock in. Most are frivolous but some such as World Com have a real legitimacy to them. Here is the problem. I just received a settlement that entitles me to $500 and change. After lawyer fees I get a grand total of $14.34! As they say the first day in law school: “It’s not if you win or lose the case but how many hours you can bill.”

Post away on any of the above or anything else that may "educate" the rest of us.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Just Some Mindless Thoughts

The lineup continues for Kennedy’s seat - senator for life I don’t think the intent of the Founding Fathers had that in mind. Curt Shilling will possibly give it a try and that is great since we’ve already had a frustrated jock from Alaska in the national picture. I’d vote for either Andrew Card or Scott Brown.

Why do politicians always say they will “fight” for me? I’m all for it as just toss them in the ring for a UFC battle. Maybe they can battle each other? That Coakley looks like she could take out the guys with ease.

Why do car dealers put those stupid flags on the antenna’s of the crap they are trying to unload? Totally dumb looking.

And along those lines I love it when a dealer says “If we don’t beat their price you get the car free!” Other businesses use this same ploy and it is beyond dumb as far as a marketing scheme. Car dealers that do this usually double sticker.

Be aware if you are using air miles that airlines now you a tier system for awards. Try to book several months ahead of time or a trip can really cost some miles.

I had an economic professor who said if there was confusing economic data then there is no recovery. How true right now.

WOW has disappointed me in the nine short months he has “Been the man.” I see confusion, mixed messages and an inability to get back the charisma. Right now if an election was held the Democrats would lose a considerable number of seats in Congress but that is a long way away. Also - Mr. President - get the __________ (fill in blank) out of Afghanistan!

I just love the garbage that is being handed out to WOW over his speech to the kiddos. To listen to some of the assorted wing nuts you would think this is Joseph Goebbels. Give it a rest.

I imagine there are certain people in Middleboro that consider the movie “Ghost Busters” a true story.

Affordable health care for those uninsured means taking more of my tax dollars to supplement that campaign promise. Will it also potentially weaken my health care? Based on past government performance I’ll get hosed.

Americans are reducing debt at a record pace and that is good personal news but lousy economic news. Need to spend…spend…spend on all those things we could easily do without to pump up the retail outlook.

Monday, August 31, 2009

My Take On Photos.

IMHO it becomes a matter of manners. If someone requests - politely - that you do not take their photo then you do not. Just a matter of respect. The photographer is under no obligation to comply except for social standards. I compare it to my being a atheist showing respect for those with religious traditions. Have blogged on that many times.

Also - IMHO - those occasions do not happen that often. When I look at Hal's photos most are rather benign since they are taken either at a public event (fair game) or in a public place - Hal's street photography.

My mother loved photography and film making as she even had her own 16MM setup and could edit with the best of them. Hal a projection room, also. This was the 50s and was very high end for the period and she would also carry this over to still photography with a fine collection of imported cameras. I soon developed a distaste for being filmed that has carried over to this day. But that is just me and it does not address the core issue which was use of a picture without acquiring permission. From what my meager little mind can gather Hal is 100% correct on that issue.

As far as the police I can fully understand the necessity of using the judicial system to remind folks of what are the boundaries even in the most minor of situations. I had to do the very same thing over 30 years ago to the Middleboro school system when I was doing research. Lincoln Lynch refused access to public documents and since the court house was then located where the police station is all I had to do was have a judge issue a writ to allow access. Minor for sure but ignoring the minor cannot and should not be ignored. Would I have been ticked off at Hal? You bet! But is Hal within his legal right? Again - you bet! And someday I may be in his shoes. On my own issues.

I have also read responses to Hal’s comments on other blogs and it is the usual same rant and IMO has everything to do with his noted casino stance. The debate has disintegrated into the usual name calling highlighted by an outraged BB using the nasty card about all those terrible things said about him and family. I’m sure he reported all that to the authorities just like Mary did.

The response on this blog to Hal has been for and against his methodology and IMO has been expressed in a manner that has been rather respectful. Hal has responded as I would expect him to in exactly the same manner. I will give Hal credit that despite our many disagreements he has always maintained a consistency in his ability to minimize the name calling -” no effing I’m pissed off” or similar responses. Also I am surprised that Hal would even bother going into the BB blog based on his previous experience at the Gladys (or is it Mary?) blog and at

Friday, August 21, 2009

Ramblings or Bogo Remembers?

Just a few ramblings on my part while I lock in another air conditioner. I hate this muggy heat but love to run in it.

Ted Kennedy is beating the political bushes to get to name his successor. How often has that law been changed? Original change I understand was to prevent a Republican governor from appointing someone to President Kerry’s senate seat. Maybe the totally failed governor Deval “One And Out” Patrick will name himself? One way to get rid of a problem is to dump it on someone else.

Copyright laws are so confusing and it looks like fellow blogger and runner, BB, has walked into a violation - or is that run into a violation? Always count on Mark to do something once a month or so. As a side note old BB was very impressive in his first conditioning run.

The Wild Card race is heating up for the Red Sox and a brutal homestand is in the works. Thankfully the Rangers have figured out ways to blow big leads at home. With the emergence of Buchholz Sox may have three solid starters down the stretch. I’m scheduled to go to KC in late September for a series and hope it actually means something.

WOW has woefully underestimated the ire of the American people with his health care or insurance reform or whatever. As usual the anointed one thought that his sloganeering and rhetoric would save the day but now the great middle has become use to his act and skeptics have blossomed. . This will be a major failure of this administration.

Have a friend in Nebraska who mentioned that the state is now taxing cash for clunkers rebates. How did our cash hungry vultures in Boston miss that one?

No tax free holiday this year thanks to an inefficient, corrupt and confused state government. Last year we had a wish list that amounted to over $2,000 spent. This Sunday we’ll be going to New Hampshire and will stop at the state liquor store upon our return. More lost revenue. Any large purchases will be made via same route. Maybe the border patrols will be out?

Casino in Middleboro may now be a non tribe operation according to the local version of the NY Times - The Enterprise. Never EVER count out this group of investors. Big mistake thinking “victory” is here - they will be like getting dog crap on your sneakers as you will never get it out. They’ll resurface and if the economy perks up get ready for the real fight.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


The Uni-Care State Indemnity Plan/Basic is the only Non-Medicare plan offered by GIC that is available throughout the United States and outside of the country.

That is a description of my health plan. I can go to Mayo, John Hopkins or Massachusetts General if I want. If I care to consult a specialist in Houston, Texas (I have) and I can do so without a referral and my cost is $20. If I wish to go to Bonn, Germany I can do that for the same cost. If I feel more comfortable going to Mercy Hospital in Buffalo I can. The plan is for those employees who retire and wish to live elsewhere or wish to have coverage that extends well beyond the service area. In fact I can receive services out of country if I wish. I can travel to Tel Aviv if I feel that is more appropriate. Why I would do that is beyond me but it is possible.

I read about folks who have “friends” in Canada or Germany or England and how their care is just peachy keen fine. Now can those Canadians cross over and go to Mercy in Buffalo without the official seal of approval by a medical functionary? I’ve read enough about folks having to fight legal battles in the above countries to attempt to get care. I’ve read about the waiting lists . I’ve read about the other lists of what is approved and not approved. Heck, we have the same thing here. Now if we get Obamacare will I end up with that? Selfish little old me does not want that. I do not want it because I do not have to do that now.

Now with Obamacare it will somehow be cost effective. President WOW will wave his magical fiscal wand any through some type of fiscal shell game not a penny more will be spent. OK…here is what I pay for our insurance - 17.5% of yearly premium that is north of $20,000. Our cost is relatively low since we are retired public employees. Guess what is breaking the fiscal bank in cities and towns across the state? Me! Well…not me personally…but all my fellow town, city and state employees who are still on the job or retired. What will happen to that fiscal magic wand when the level of quality care I have is available to everyone as it should be? My big issue with Obamacare is my service will be lower and not the poorly insured or non insured raised to my level and, of course, my ability to go where I please without the official seal of approval. And guess what? Selfish little old me does not want that.

I’m not sure of all the various arguments going on for or against. I really don’t give a hoot about dueling statistics. I don’t care about the mutual belligerence of both sides of the debate. I especially don’t care for the way WOW is rushing this thing through. WOW has said we will be able to keep current insurance. Really? How many campaign promises have fallen by the wayside? I am also waiting to see if this national program would also encompass Congress. Sure it will. What I do know is what I have and I like it and don’t want it stripped down.

Post away on this or any other topic.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Lost Weekend

Ray Milland starred in a great movie years ago called “The Lost Weekend” and that title can apply to the recent efforts of the local nine - The Boston Red Sox who presented a dismal hitting performance in New York. A performance that was merely an extension of an similar effort displayed in Tampa mid week.

The division for all intents is gone and it is time to pay solid attention to the back door way into the playoffs - the Wild Card. Texas and Tampa are currently on the heels of the Sox for that last place entry into the end of season shenanigans but what are the Sox prospects?

Since the All Star game the Sox have gone from 3 games up to where they are fighting for their baseball life and the picture is not pretty if you follow trends. This team is sinking fast and in the next few weeks if that trend continues GM Theo Epstein will have some significant decisions to make that could impact the future of the team and that comes down to throwing in the towel. Do you do it if you are four games out in the WC with 35 games to play? Failure actually brings opportunity to shed some payroll of aging and under performing players via a waiver deal. What essentially happens is a team can either pass or claim a player. If they claim a player they have 48 hours to work out a deal. A team can also pull back a player from waivers and that is that. Can only do the pull back once. So the Sox could place Lowell, Drew, Varitek, Ortiz, Bay and just about anyone else on waivers. In the case of Drew a claim would mean clearing up 30 million in payroll and possibly getting a prospect.

If the Sox did this the message would be clear to fans and players - management has surrendered the season. As a fan I can accept that since within that failure is getting out from under some burdensome contracts and getting some potential valuable prospects that could blossom in a year or two or three - maybe. This will be a hard decision for management to make at it would be entirely dependant upon how the Sox and their WC rivals perform in the next few weeks. This is why Theo gets paid the big bucks.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Green School Project

Jane Lopes had an excellent story in The Gazette regarding the current Green School project. What this does show is that community leadership can step up when a worthy project is at hand and solve the problem or make it more palatable.

Lincoln Andrews, a former BOS and Planning Board member, spearheaded this project and brought together the necessary resources to make an assessment of the worthiness of the project and, if so, the feasibility of proceeding with the necessary rescue.

Mr. Andrews was quite clear that the project was not and all or nothing. If the opinion of respected professionals gave it a thumbs down then that would put an end to it. No illusions on his part.

I have to congratulate him and the other dinosaurs or maybe Good old boy network for their organizational skills, fund raising abilities and realistic approach to a needed project. A tip of the fedora as Bob Coyne would say to Lincoln, Rich Young, Neil Rosenthal and Bruce Atwood.

Fund raising will continue as this project is far from over and more cash will be needed. If you have not sent in your contribution please note the sidebar on this blog. If you have not made a pledge please do so.

Monday, August 3, 2009

More Taxes On The Way?

The following is part of a wire service story on raising taxes on the beleaguered middle class to pay for health care. I find the proposals on health care reform down right scary since the nanny state is involved. IMHO the government will not end up raising the standards of the poorly insure up to my level but end up bringing me down to their level.

WASHINGTON — Two of President Barack Obama's economic heavyweights said middle-class taxes might have to go up to pare budget deficits or to pay for the proposed overhaul of the nation's health care system.

The tough talk from Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and National Economic Council Director Lawrence Summers on Sunday capped a week that brought rare good news for the economy: The worst recession in the United States since World War II could be on the verge of ending. Even so, officials appeared willing to extend unemployment benefits.

Geithner and Summers both sidestepped questions on Obama's intentions about taxes. Geithner said the White House was not ready to rule out a tax hike to reduce the federal deficit; Summers said Obama's proposed health care overhaul needs funding from somewhere.

"There is a lot that can happen over time," Summers said, adding that the administration believes "it is never a good idea to absolutely rule things out, no matter what."

Friday, July 31, 2009

Brian's Brain

A recent local blog had a piece titled "The Brain that Wouldn't Die." This represented a takeoff on one of the many drive in theater Science fiction movies that were churned out in the 50s. In this particular piece the local target was a pro casino and marshmallow roaster extraordinaire named Brian G. I’ll leave it at “G” since I screw up his name every time I spell it. The sin that Brian committed was he is pro casino! Being of that ilk Brian could cure cancer, solve the energy issue and formulate a plan for world peace and still be on the you know what list for the anti’s. But the intent of this is to get into one of my favorite areas and that is science fiction movies. So I have complied a short list of my favorites thanks to “Brian’s Brain.”

1. 2001: A Space Odyssey - The scene with pro and anti casino forces attempting to touch the monolith. Great scene.

2. Forbidden Planet - As a 12 year old boy I get to see Anne Francis and a monster from the Id.

3. Blade Runner - What a dark vision of the future. The opening scene where the camera pans over a filing cabinet and you see dust.

4. Alien - Sojourner Weaver as a real woman. Tough and driven. A space ship that looks like a ship and not that plastic spotless Star Trek stuff.

5. Sleeper - Woody Allen before he became serious.

6. The Day The Earth Stood Still - Klaatu barada nikto which means they’ll be no damn casino in Martian.

7. Dr. Strangelove - How many great scenes in this movie? Sellers as Strangelove is a classic. Slim Pickens riding the bomb.

8. A Clockwork Orange - For years this movie could not be shown in England. A new meaning to the classic “Singing In The Rain.”

9. Brazil - Grim tale of bureaucratic government gone mad. Sometimes the future is now. Pryce and De Niro are outstanding.

10. Eraser head - This movie is beyond bizarre but I found it totally fascinating

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Casino Regulatory Planning By State

The following article appeared in The Boston Herald. I guess the state considers it "inevitable."

Casino gambling in the Bay State is moving closer to reality.

Senate President Therese Murray told business leaders yesterday that lawmakers are working with state Attorney General Martha Coakley’s office to craft casino regulations that would be ready by the time expanded gambling is approved on Beacon Hill.

“We want to have a regulatory structure in place before a bill comes out,” she said. “I’m told that gambling brings certain types of crime, such as money laundering and gang activity. We want to make sure that we have the regulatory authority to oversee whatever comes out of the Legislature.”

In April, Murray said that she, House Speaker Robert DeLeo and Deval Patrick had agreed to support expanded gambling legislation this fall.

Murray acknowledged that the discussions are under way despite the fact that Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut laid off 67 employees this week and slot revenues are off.

“There’s still up to $900 million going out of the state to Connecticut and Rhode Island gambling facilities, and we’d like to capture that,” she said.

With consumers spending less money on gambling amid the economic downturn, Connecticut’s Division of Special Revenue reported that slot revenues at Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun have fallen by 7.5 percent to $736.4 million for the first six months of 2009 compared to $796 million for the same period last year.

Still, a recent study of gambling in Connecticut found that Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun have contributed nearly $5 billion to the state and municipal governments since 1992.

Last year, Massachusetts residents accounted for 31 percent of the patrons at Foxwoods and 17 percent at Mohegan Sun, according to the Center for Policy Analysis at the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth.

Coakley did not return a call seeking comment

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


The casino deal was ushered through primarily by Adam Bond who was a member of the BOS at that time - a postion he walked away from last January. Much criticism has been generated from that very deal and all one has to do is look at various blogs to find it. I certainly provided my share often wondering how details that a simpleton like myself could recognize would be passed over or omitted from the final product. Many of the anti's have pecked apart that deal far better than I could ever accomplish. It all comes down to details. Lawyers are suppose to watch for details - at least that is an assumption on my part - has to do with all those potential escape clauses and such in any written agreement. Make sure everything is air tight. In recent months Mr. Bond has even mentioned some of these very details. Details that were excluded. When I look at the web profile that Mr. Bond still has these following two statements appear:

I am also a second term, sitting Middleborough Selectman.

As I mentioned earlier, I sit on the Board of Selectmen in the town of Middleboro.

I guess it all comes down to details. If you can't update your resume after eight months that will explain a lot about details.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

New Look And Other Stuff

Decided on a new look but that really means nothing since a poster on the self proclaimed “Greatest Blog In Middleboro” says no one reads it. Have a nice picture that I can add to the banner as soon as I figure that out. Hal’s been helping me a bit but I’ll try to keep the photos to a pleasant few.

I added some links on the blog that may be of some interest. Since some refer to me as a “Bozo” I have added Bozo’s criminal of the day. The baseball links cover just about anything in the game including minor leagues and amateur. The local links are self explanatory and reflect some of the pro/anti casino sentiment. The sharpest with graphics (sorry Hal) is the Gladys (or is it Mary?) blog. Hal has a wide range of topics as does The Bumpkin. Both allow non registration for posts and Hal’s is open while the BB one is edited. Bumpkin has links to several other blogs of interest. I’ll probably expand the links into another area of interest that I have and that is travel. Maybe a sidebar story once I figure out a sidebar.

Have added a new topic to the blog and that is the idiot post of the week that is somewhere in the sidebar. Of course a week may be five days or twenty days but putting in week actually sounds like I'm organized and have a clue as to what I am doing. I have my posts exempt otherwise it would be all about me. Ego thing.

The Gates issue took over the news last week with President WOW and Governor One And Out chipping in to side with their friend. Now as the dust settles and the smoke clears it appears that both may have been a bit too anxious to toss out the racism label. Racism is a two way street in that it can be used as an intimidation factor (see, Rainbow Collation/PUSH) and this may be such a case. Release of information on any tapes will be helpful but IMO it appears this was a police officer who finally just got fed up with being harangued (I got that word from BB) and after repeated warnings cuffed someone for being an obnoxious loudmouth - not that I would know anything about being an obnoxious loudmouth.

Health care is taking over the news and this is another classic example of rushing legislation. Isn’t there some type of learning curve from the TARP/Stimulus bills? The way this is working out it will pile on some more debt - just what we need. The main focal point of funding is to tax the enemy (rich) to win support. By placing a tax on incomes over 250K and that will eventually shrink to 200K….150K ….and then zero. Just like our temporary 3% sales tax that will now bump up to 6.25%.

Locally some are still in the denial factor over the genocide perpetrated against the indigenous peoples.

Post away

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Misc. While Awaiting Next BB Column

The sinking economy is starting to be reflected in shrinking poll numbers for President WOW (Walk On Water). An electorate that has an itty bitty attention span and frustration level - such as myself - demand and almost instantaneous turn around. Not happening anytime soon. I’d like to thank WOW on behalf of the families of Pan Am 103 for his hearty handshake with the perpetrator. What next? A night in the Lincoln bedroom for Bin Laden?

On state politics shrinking revenues are naturally being reflected in ways to demonstrate the most visible pain and that translates to local cuts and floating the idea of - big surprise here - more taxes! At this rate Deval will be one and out.

Cap and Trade rhymes with charade.

Global warming cure? End prosperity.

The trillion dollar stimulus is fast becoming a boondoggle of immense proportions so will another one be in the works? WOW says no but his heart, I’m sure, says yes. Coming your way soon - trillions more in debt.

Speaking of debt the deficit has hit a trillion for the first time. Bush got hammered over this. Wonder how WOW will make out?

Speakah DeLeo is yapping more than a bit about having race tracks as the gateway to gambling. Probably “Inevitable.”

Limo has been posting some trips for a nice discounted price. $20 to a gin mill with $25 credit when you arrived. Even for the non gamblers it might be a nice trip to head over to the museum and take in a lunch or supper with a food coupon. Give your keno plays to another victim.

Suo had a post on the avenging members of the moonbat element of the Democratic party for going over the past sins of “W.” Got to play to their audience on that one. Wing Nuts can always play to the religious right.

Hal had an interesting commentary on a local blog and its assessment of what Middleboro was like on those memorable 4th celebrations in the mid to late 70s. I never really witnessed any over the top behaviors at the fireworks displays and cannot recall any open container violations or Cheech & Chong forays into weed - at least not to any great extent. Oh it certainly did exist and in those days the basketball court at the playground was a buyer/seller market during game time. However, 10,000 folks for fireworks were fairly orderly. Seen much worse at say an AC/DC concert and, of course, at the Brockton-Middleborough Agricultural Fair - I think it is still called that?

Steve McNair is being classified as a “Hero.” I guess taking four pops from a deranged lover who was upset not with his cheating on his wife but with still another woman classifies him as a “Hero.” His demise was untimely and unfortunate and I hate to see it befall any family, but to acclaim hero status?

Personally, I have found the recent sanitization of Michael Jackson almost as offensive as my blog. If virtually anyone else in society pulled that garbage they’d have their picture at the police station and be classified a level four. Yeah - I know - he was never found “guilty” and with that I am LMCAO! Talent or position (see - Studds, Gary) should not excuse past indiscretions that go well beyond any excuse making.

Went to see the Brockton Rox play the other night. Two box seats in second row right behind home plate for $15 since it is a BOGOFREE (Buy One Get One Free). Parking is $4 and the food is about ½ of the normal Fenway charge. Place was loaded with kids groups and a fireworks display after the game was being presented. Every seat is really a good seat at the park but there are promotions for BOGO’s on box seats ($10 & $15) using coupons or AAA card.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Two interesting posts by Suo appeared on my last entry so here they are.

****NIMBYism As A Positive****

The town has been planning for mitigation of the rotary for about 15 years. The state has done virtually nothing of consequence. Middleborough has been continually planned its business parks with the knowledge that eventually the rotary will have to be eliminated. This will help the town maximize tax base.

The first state sponsored meeting I attended regarding the rotary was about 13 years ago at the High School. The state has done virtually nothing of consequence since (A few things may be on the horizon)

Our town planner has worked tirelessly to ensure the town will be prepared once the state releases funds. There is little chance those funds will be released in these austere times. Planning on our side still has to continue.

The casino money has provided the positive result that our town planner can concentrate on many aspects of planning instead of policing the size of trees in subdivisions.

Providing town ambulance service has always been accentuated by a question mark. Over time we have been told the town would generate income by providing ambulance service and later told we would loose money.

Being able to conduct such studies is positive regardless of the casino.

NIMBYism (Not in my back yard) is frequently a very positive planning tool and should not always have negative connotations. When a private or government concern plans something, people affected most will point out the deleterious aspects and force others to rethink the process. That is positive.

NIMBYism is hypocritical when people just want something in another's back yard. What I admire about the casino NIMBYs is that most do not want it anyone's back yard, as demonstrated by Casino "Free" Mass.

For casino NIMBYs, playing ostrich (believing it is completely dead) is not a good planning tool. If people perceive the prospect of the casino as either negative or positive the town should plan for the worse outcome, and work towards the best (elimination of the casino is best for many) Mr. Rullo was correct in this regard; we need to plan until we are 100% sure it will not occur. Nothing is over until it is over.

Some positive results of NIMBYism in Middleborough are: The adult zoning bylaw; cluster zoning; extensive mitigation for residents in the town's industrial parks; the Nichols Middle School, the intersection of 105 & 28, and Oak Point. I can elaborate on those issues if people ask.

All of these issues go hand in hand with planning. Having our very knowledgeable town planner, health officer, building inspector being proactive instead of reactive is essential.

The casino and NIMBYism have produced many positive impacts on the town's collective mentality. More people are becoming aware of the finer aspects and necessities of planning. This is something that will hopefully maintain inertia. Perhaps people will start attending those boring, yet very important, Planning Board and Zoning Board meetings.

NIMBYism does not give the right for people to trespass on private posted property multiple times.

*******On An Ugly Note*****

The Rotary: Massachusetts' potential version of Hurricane Katrina

The rotary has the possibility to be a mass death trap. If the nightmare of an evacuation occurs (as the result of man-made or natural disaster) people will follow those state posted blue "evacuation route" signs to the rotary. It would be similar to wildebeest stampeding into a raging river. Thus the rotary is more than a local planning issue. The state should have rectified the rotary when money was flush.

All of this are just my knuckleheaded opinions.

****NIMBYism Part Two***

An example of NIMBYism making a problem more vexing is SEMASS. SEMASS ended up outside Middleborough borders, but is still in our backyard. We lost the tax revenue and many of the justifiably upset neighbors still have to deal with the offensive aspects.

Most communities are hypocritical trash NIMBYs. They want another town to take their trash.

Then again, our town landfill is in Plympton's back yard.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Dueling Gazette Casino Opinions

Dueling columns in the Gazette this week with one relying on emotional outbursts tempered with that old time blogging finger pointing. - gotta love that. The other providing objective and rational analysis. Of course that is just my take from the vantage point of sitting on the fence. Easy to distinguish the professional from the amateur.

I'm sure we will be gifted all those acres for, to paraphrase, "pain and suffering," Appears someone has been listening too much to a certain attorney.

Half the town against? I was one of the 37% or so that voted “no” at the TMFH and that is somehow not quite half. I guess “fuzzy math” is in the water system. I better run and double check my recent balancing of my check book. Maybe the reference is to that feel good article that was presented by the time most had the good sense to return home. Love the tinge of bitterness over a rejected web site offer.

The tribe is living up to their end of the agreement and sending the money to Middleboro. I can't imagine them willing to toss this away as "dead money" unless somewhere there is a glimmer of hope that their gin mill will be a reality. This project is casino version of Lazarus only Jesus is not involved but some hidden hand of the modern day pinky ring set with passports stamped other than the United States. As that great philosopher, Earl Weaver, was attributed as saying: "It ain't over 'till the fat lady sings," and right now she is on stage and ready to sing goodnight to a casino - maybe.

Spending the money brings into question the possibility that the tribe may request a return of the monies when, if, maybe the gin mill venture collapses. Not a bad idea to get something is writing before someone else gets the fashionable orange jumpsuit look.

Relying on the government as not attempting any reversal of a recent SCOTUS decision is not a path I’d wish to rely on. Money, power and, of course, the racial element could all mesh together to get legislation enacted quickly. Putting our faith in Barney Frank (D- Hot Bottom) is like putting faith in his fiscal ingenuity.

The real killer is the economy. That was a key player in the whole mess and if that rebounds and investors are willing to risk capital things could change rapidly. But IMHO by the time anything takes place in Middleboro the Great And Honorable General Court will have already handed out licenses.

Hal also has an interesting article at casino-friend.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

This And That

A change in format this week and for two reasons - laziness on my part and a lack of traffic. The original intent of this blog was to focus on the foibles of Jessie Powell and - to a lesser extent - her enabler. As the traffic increased suggestions were made to label each week which I did. Traffic has diminished considerably so no need. I have certain technical limitations and just do not wish to go into a format such as Nemasket and Middleboro Matters. Both have their niche so why repeat the process? My blog title has also undergone a minor change and I have reverted to the title of a few weeks back. Jessie will always have a place of “honor” in the title. Post away as you please with comments on these musings or any others. Open to all.

Speaking of enablers the recent dust up between Suo and BB seems to have reached an impasse but one burning question remains unanswered. Just who stands to profit from this casino? That was never answered and someone stated it was a “core issue.” I agree but IMO you will NEVER get an answer.

Side note to a fellow blogger. The revenues from ALL gambling operations in Rhode Island represent 11.1% of the budget and not one-third as was posted.

Governor Patrick pledged not to support a tax increase. Naturally in a startling profiles in courage moment he caved it. Ah…where is Jane Swift? I also admire the concept of “new sources of revenue” to describe tax increases.

The economy has stalled. I thought this was going to continue but, alas, the debt both public and private is crushing. I was always amazed at how - and rightfully so - the Democrats would hammer Bush over the enormous deficits his administration was running up. This is even worse. Watch for inflation. Coming your way soon for either you or your children.

Middleboro received some bad fiscal news regarding a clerical error by the town accountant. More adjustments and review to address the fiscal shortfall but Middleboro is quite experienced in that matter. Maybe pull a “fuzzy math” expert in as a consultant?

The casino issue is still on the table as far as monies that have been shipped our way. As long as the economy falters the prospect of investment in gin mills just won’t happen. In the background is the specter of the South African version of the pinky ring set and their minions. They’ll be back somewhere looking to cash in when and if the economy improves.

Had to have a aged dog executed two weeks ago. My wife - the Lovely Cynthia - had said “no more dogs.” Fine with me so naturally she is getting another mutt. Arrival tomorrow via a shelter.

The Red Sox are in a great position but are being closely dogged by Tampa, NY and even Toronto. All four teams have 40 wins and are well on their collective ways to finish over the .500 mark. Everyone has a decent shot at the division and probably a Wild Card slot but the Sox do have the best pitching and you win with pitching.

Post any comments you wish.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Recent polls have show a reaction - negative - starting to creep in regarding WOW’s policies particularly in the area of health care, spending, bailouts and GM. His approval ratings remain high but questions arise. Respondents disapprove of his handling of the Gitmo situation.

Now the tribe is fed up with the evil twins from South Africa. With “The Raven” safely put under federal ice for several years a degree of insight has capture those now in the know within the tribe and they realize this deal screws them. Big surprise! Welcome to the club. All those dollar signs, capital improvements , jobs and infrastructure upgrades dazzled the locals as - no doubt - a few of the per diem payments that Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun generated grabbed the attention of the tribe. IMO “The Raven” is patient zero in this whole mess.

It’s symbolic, Governor! The Patrick administration is spending thousands plastering his name on signs across the Commonwealth. The money is important. Every penny counts.

Speaking of Penny the Sox have one that could be worth more than any penny a numismatist could place a value on. Trade him or keep him he has done remarkably well.

Enterprise is running a series of articles on disability abuse. The stories are amazing. I remember years ago The Herald having photos of “disabled” public safety recipients doing rather strenuous labor and athletics‘. Meanwhile the real disabled get the shaft from the state.

Hack holiday of all time is Bunker Hill Day. Hilarious the way Howie Carr “outed” how the prominent hacks spent this hallowed day. As we say - LMCAO!

Republican Senator John Ensign is in difficulties over an affair he had with an aide. Meanwhile the most pompous politician in the country - Barney Frank (D- Hot Bottom) sits in an important chair position despite his past behaviors. Is there a double standard? IMO in is quite clear there is. Maybe it even goes beyond the very obvious bias against Republicans since Gary Hart managed to get tossed asunder as did John Edwards.

Letterman finally owned up to his “humor.” Amazing that some can finally come clean. Wonder who I’m talking about? LMCAO!

Suo is posting further collects on his endless BB file.

PETA is all in a dunder over Obama swatting a fly. Was it a transgender fly? A Republican fly? PETA also whines about treatments of and additives that we place in our animal kills as they sit on supermarket shelves or await execution. I’ve always found that interesting considering Pam Anderson is a spokesperson. I guess synthetic additives for humans are OK.

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Saturday, June 13, 2009


I recently returned from California and one thing I found quite fascinating was a visit to the Sutter Mill site near Placerville. This was ground zero for the California gold rush and what that did to local tribes was devastating as the wealth of the land was plundered and tribes displaced. I’m no “fan” of giving something excessive to Indians based on past excesses by invaders - their term for us - but I am not foolish enough to make any bizarre justifications for what we did either here, there or across the Americas. History is clear on that.

California has a glut of tribal casinos and that is no surprise. The state has many tribes and each managed to find a slot to try and take advantage of the system or be taken advantage of themselves by investors. I only went to one and that was Thunder Valley which was a mid size operation when compared to our Connecticut gin mills and proposed Middleboro casino.

We also ventured over to Reno and Virginia City and spend most of one day in Virginia City. Interesting place since the day we were there the weather was cold and wet with as much rain in one day as they get in six months. Had a nice meal at a saloon/casino and paid visits to the usual collection of specialty shops.

California is one of the few places where the governmental structure is on a par with Massachusetts. They have found a way to tax everything including even newspapers. Back home our legislature has risen to the task of proving that government in this state is to perpetuate the hack system at our expense. Sales tax increase and a soon to be gas tax increase and eventually a increase on the income tax. Forget the cost of doing business as this state seems to pride itself on putting up fiscal and regulatory roadblocks to business. A bit of pension reform took place but that is just a PR bone tossed to the holli polli and will eventually be gutted or circumvented. Again, the end result of a one party government that has stayed around too long. Don’t know if a surge in Republicans or reform Democrats could change the system but there could not possibly do worse.

From a column by Cal Thomas quoting Newsweek editor Evan Thomas: “In a way Obama’s standing above the country, above - above the world. He’s sort of a God.” From a blog by Russian Staislav Mishin as published in The Boston Herald commenting on Obama’s fiscal policy regarding spending: “If this keeps up for more than another year, and there is no sign it will not, America at best will resemble the Weimar Republic and at worse Zimbabwe.” I have some real issues with the media fawning over Obama and a fiscal and interventionist policy that is a clear shift to the left. How prophetic that a Russian ends up commenting in his article about the Marxist trends in America.

Had Limo take me to the airport. Great service. Nice ride. Relaxing. Thanks, Mike.

Hal has some nice photos on his Heckuva web site.

Green School is making some progress and the leader of the pack - Lincoln Andrews - has no illusions to this being a slam dunk success. A long process is taking place evaluating the structure and the viability of any refurbishing. He’ll keep all informed.

The baseball team from NY seems to have run into a roadblock with the local entry. Pity.

I have changed my banner - again. As always JP will have a place of honor in the title either in full form or abbreviated form.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


An interesting week in Northern California for me in the Sacramento area. This state is in a worse fiscal mess than Massachusetts so that is something to feel good about in a bizarre kind of way. Sacramento has an interesting Old Town section that runs along the river front. Like similar projects in other cities it is a renovation and restoration of a former area of warehouse, saloons and low end rooming houses. All gentrified with high end condos, museums and the usually mix of shops from eclectic to those with tourist trinkets and high end specialty shops.

The purpose of the visit was a wedding and since it was family - my son - so everything was hectic with folks flying in from all over the country. Rehearsals, dinners, get together and finally a wedding on Friday made for a busy few days and now is a more relaxed tome to sightsee.

This area is honeycombed with casinos and we also took a day trip to Virginia City, Nevada and Carson City, Nevada. Virginia City is a quick walk around after a harrowing drive along Route 341 after a two hours drive through the mountains from Sacramento to Reno.

Many of the folks that attended the wedding are from this area and to them they now have casino overload as expansion has diluted the market. There is little in the way of the environmental issues that confront a Middleboro gin mill since the casinos are generally in remote areas on tribal lands and are not the glitzy monstrosities so prevalent or proposed in our area. The economic impact is relatively nil since this state is population rich.

I have not heard much on the Green School initiative so maybe Suo will have an update this week. I’ll keep it as a partial banner for another week.

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Sunday, May 31, 2009


In our house the Queen of Recycling is my wife - the lovely Cynthia. My major tasks are cutting up cardboard into itty bitty pieces and stomping of empty containers to flatten them out. I guess that is commentary on my weight. Maybe I can hire BB to do it? Anyways, we have the three bins for various items and that is an aggravation. In Attleboro they now have single stream recycling so everything is tossed in together inside soon to be delivered 64 gallon containers. Waste Management handles the pickup and uses their plant in Avon to do this. In the meantime folks can use the 18 gallon bins until the new ones arrive. I’d love to see that here in Middleboro.

David Ortiz is done. He is missing cream buffs that in the past would have been hammered hard somewhere. No more. This happens in baseball occasionally where a star player suddenly loses it overnight - Al Rosen, Ralph Kiner and Jeff Boroughs come to mind. The Sox have been very patient but the time for a change is necessary and that does not mean sitting for a few games but for a few weeks. Sox cannot trade him since his value is zero and his contract is for 12 Mil for this season and next. But for a five year period he was just about the best clutch hitter I have seen on any team.

Gatehouse News has announced - like The Globe - significant pay cuts. Gatehouse is best known for destroying two South Shore papers - The Enterprise and Patriot Ledger. The Enterprise has become virtually useless especially the sports section. Makes you appreciate the Gazette until they finally suffer corporate interference.

Someone commented on the content of this blog regarding readability of late and I have to agree. There has not been much “action” lately and that means some faux pas action by the usual suspects. Most of the irreverent comments from those who stop by need something to actually comment on. I certainly don’t want it to sink to the level of - now that would be difficult.

Slight change to the banner for a bit in support of Green School.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


The recent sales tax increase proposal has certainly got the ire of the citizenry up. As one who voted in favor of the income tax repeal I can gladly say “I told you so.” Please enjoy your helping at the Crow Mart.

I contacted several legislators on this issue and the response has always been the same. In fact - exactly the same. “It pained me to vote for it.” “I saw no alternative.” “I have filed legislation to address reforms.” All the legislators were Democrats since they have a monopoly on the legislature and the few Republicans have the good sense to realize a fiscal con game. As far as those responses. If it hurts so much don’t do it! As my doctor would say: “If it hurts doing that don’t do it.” The alternative is simple - get the reforms out front. Most of us common folk know what has to be done. The filing legislation is the biggest joke it politics. The ready made excuse. How much legislation is “filed” and never gets acted upon? Another linguistic con game. Taxes are the government cost for “doing their business” but a good portion of us in Massachusetts now seriously question how this business is run. When your government appears to have all the integrity of Lehman Brothers and ENRON there are problems.

The Green School issue has certainly stormed ahead. The money count is rising rapidly and some are stepping up with resources such as the painting contractor offering services. Some wish to play the blame game on how we got here and that is quite easy to do but does not resolve the issue. What this will come down to is feasibility. In the meantime contact Lincoln Andrews about contributions either fiscal or other.

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Saturday, May 16, 2009


The recent airline crash in upstate NY focused on several problems and I will give my own take on a few. The pay. A first officer usually is paid in the vicinity of $37,000 per year after the first year and prior to that it is in the $20-24 per hour range. This is fairly standard on most airlines and represents their pay based on a maximum of 1,000 hours per year on jet aircraft. The pilot of the crashed commuter plan was flying a turbo prop and therefore could fly 1,250 hours per year maximum. Pay increases rapidly and by the third year it jumps to $66 per hour and that is based on gate to gate time. Clock runs when you leave the gate and stops when you pull into the gate. A captain - usually a 3-5 year period - will earn about $100 per hour and that will increase with sonority and aircraft flown. A senior captain can be in a $150,000 - 200,000 range.

Aircraft flown is interesting. My son flies the series that carry between 48 and 96 passengers. Once they exceed a certain number of seats the FAA requires an additional flight attendant so they will keep configuration under 50 and under 100. His routes are varied and it is not unusual to fly five legs in a day - five takeoffs and landings in a variety of conditions. In the last year he has probably had more take offs and landings than some pilots have had in ten years.

The commute is something else. Most of the pilots have extensive commutes and that was brought out in the Buffalo incident. My son lives in Massachusetts and is based in Milwaukee so he is usually on either a Mid West, Delta or FedEx flight to get to and from his home base. He left Friday night and will overnight in Milwaukee at company expense and then fly for four days. On one recent flight from Milwaukee there were seven pilots onboard from different airlines returning to Boston. One pilot was based in Salt Lake City and has to commute four to five times a moth. The pilots and crew of airlines fly at no charge on any airline that has room and this can apply to off days as well. Hop a flight and have a mini vacation.

The traditional training ground for commercial pilots has been the military. That has changed dramatically to where only 25% of current commercial pilots have military backgrounds. My son does have military but not with fixed wing aircraft. Why has this happened? Deregulation. Pay, benefits and working conditions have changed substantially and the aura and shine of being a commercial pilot is long gone. Not unusual for even a senior captain to have a part time job. I know one former pilot who worked for Eastern, Piedmont, Braniff and retired from TWA…well, TWA actually got retired and he packed it in. Notice the trend? Four failed airlines. His pensions all vanished and was forced by regs (since changed) to retire at age 60.

The commuter turbo that crashed is the new trend setter in regional passenger routes. Smaller, more fuel efficient and more cost effective such as the CRJ series I mentioned. No 180 seats with 50 empty. But the training is questionable as are the working conditions. The thing to remember is that in virtually all crashes it comes down to pilot or human error.

Nancy Pelosi! I heard the talking heads on her news conference from hell and managed to catch it on the rerun. What a wreck! This may have been the most embarrassing display I have ever seen at a press conference.

President WOW will continue with terror tribunals. No problem with that IMO.

The economy took a big step backwards last week as several indicators show a stall situation and that is totally frustrating to all. I really want to eat some crow on this situation as I felt it would take a few years to straighten out several decades of foolishness. Right now this may be just a step backward and two steps forward. Keep a close watch on the S & P index and if that gets to a 1,000 in a few months things will be looking a lot better.

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Sunday, May 10, 2009


The markets are really picking up and I am shocked. Never anticipated such a quick rise especially the S&P. Almost at beginning of 2009 levels and if you are willing to accept the markets as being the forecaster of economic recovery. Other signals are also being interpreted as being signals but it does seem bizarre when those signals indicate bad news but not as bad as it could be. Asian, Latin American and European funds have been doing exceptionally well. Bank stocks have been a gold mine. The sad reality is that measured unemployment is at 8.9% and real unemployment is probably around 16% - those collecting a check, those in transition, those who have dropped out of the labor market and those who work only part time. Long, long way to go on this mess.

Hal had an interesting post regarding documentation that the tribe may have been recognized prior to 1934. Isn’t that wonderful! I’m sure the ancestors that go back thousands of years would be delighted if the could be resurrected and given that astonishing news.

Limo apparently is focused on some non descript radio show that emanates for Brockton. I have listen only briefly months ago thanks to a link provided by BB. Maybe they have a studio audience and I can wander in and watch?

You win with pitching. I can find you several World Series winners that had lousy hitting and stellar pitching but cannot do it the other way around. The Sox bull pen continues to impress and Penny has back to back quality starts. Beckett appears to be a very good pitcher who had one great year. Dice-K is on the mend and should be ready to send Masterson back to the bull pen in a few weeks. Waiting in the wings is future Hall of Famer Smoltz and two kids who have been the best in the International League - Bowden and Buchholz.

So, you “unsophisticates” can post up the “wazoo” all you want. Feel free to copy over any posts you wish to continue with. Several have been rather informative.

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Will the caps on charter schools be lifted? Not if Gov. Patrick has his choice. Then again, when you collect a bundle of money from one of the most reactionary unions around - MTA - what would you expect?

Maybe Patrick will end up on the SC? Naturally, the options for the SC are being pigeon holed into various ethnic, racial and gender groups. I have not heard of a transgender candidate surfacing yet.

In this state the Democrats have shown the end result of one party rule. I can’t imagine a more corrupt and brazenly self-interest managed government in the country. Again, regressive taxes will be imposed without accompanying reforms. Each Legislator will file - count on this - a small mountain of legislation to address reform. That way they can return to the voters with a “See what I’ve done!” File and passing are two different things.

I’d give WOW a grade of “C” on his first hundred days of which amounted to a fawning PR blitz by a media that leaves me wondering where and when journalism disappeared? Thankfully, Fox news, Rush and the internet are around to tell the other side of the story from their own biased perspective.

The most important issue continues to be the economy and the continued contraction and rising unemployment have shown that this recession is quite deep and will remain lasting. That debt will impact growth and standard of living. Maybe the economic pundits within the administration will be right and six to nine months will be the time line? Heard the same from former president what’s his name.

Joe Biden managed to do a major screw up. No surprise with that. I guess we should not go where crowds are? No supermarkets? Don’t know. Have to ask the VP of Foot In Mouth.

Globe is still around for a few more days.

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Saturday, April 25, 2009


The Dal and Bogo show were in full bloom with constant pounding of Jessie and her personal binky - The Great Shunner - over a variety of questionable “information” posted by Jessie. Clark was constantly being mentioned with various links to Clark’s that could be found. Bumpkin demonstrated his programming skills by having Clark replaced by Anywhere. This is the following result:

“Senator Joe Biden, General Wesley Anywhere, New Mexico Governor Elliot Richardson, who each have extensive foreign policy experience. “

That was by a post by Jessie. Ah….Roger could not have done better! No wonder the town didn’t want the web site. We have not located General Anywhere but have located General Clark. A great moment by the self professed “Best site in town!” LOL!

The Legislators will give in to all the public pressure and increase taxes. Well…if you consider the unions representative of “public pressure.” Remember - “It’s for the children.” Naturally they will find the most regressive taxes possible to keep all those assorted nephews and nieces in the trough.

With a potential increase in sales tax it will be even more attractive to shop in New Hampshire. Maybe Limo can organize bus trips? Doesn’t seem his Middleboro casino gig is going anywhere.

Hal continues to delight all with his astounding forays into areas that should be investigated, shut and sealed by the EPA.

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Saturday, April 18, 2009


Joe Fitzgerald said it best: “Doesn’t he understand that some behavior is simply unacceptable, including the intentional paralyzing of the heavily traveled Turnpike on Easter weekend by public employees who do not give a damn about the public?”

The above was directed at Governor Patrick and one side of the economic downturn is the public is getting a first hand look at the level of cronyism, corruption and abuse that exists in Massachusetts. I continue to be amazed at some hammer away at our local politicians but ignore this. Maybe it’s because most of those in state government have that D besides their name. Nothing like being selective.

On the state level the big thing is revenue and that means more regressive taxes. Don’t worry - it’s for the children.

I favor gambling but not a casino in Middleboro. NIMBY? You bet! Place slots at race tracks or open up a casino elsewhere and I have no issue with it. Maybe CFM should change their name to Slots Free Massachusetts? Good luck with that. As they say - “Ka-Ching!”

Jamie Foxx caused a bit of a stir with some of his comments on Miley Cyrus. Bit over the top for trashing a 16 year old. Then again Rap is to music as a snuff movie is to the cinema.

Post away.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


The Herald on Saturday had an interesting story on the Patrick Administration. The code word for about two years has been “transparency.” This has been all but lost on the WOW administration after a few short months and likewise the Patrick administration. Turns out that Patrick has rewarded several campaign insiders with some cushy jobs. When aides were asked to explain the situation to The Herald investigators they hung up. Nice approach. Patrick has been sinking at virtual light speed for months and even the Bum kissers at the Boring Broadstreet have turned on him.

The Boring Broadstreet is also in free fall as the Times Corporation has given an ultimatum to cut costs via union concessions. The skinny is that The Globe is approaching death throes and life support is next and burial is planned sometime in 2009.

Hal has managed to get involved in a little snit at the internets answer to boring - Woe to any pro casino advocate - especially one as high profiled as Hal - who ventures into that domain. Hal will also attempt to pet a werewolf next week - less risky.

Adam Bond has been answering some questions and many haters and doubters have surfaced. Gladys Kravitz (…or is it Mary?) had an excellent and worthy blog to read on it.

The Tribe will make an appearance this week for a big group hug with the BOS in hopes of getting some type of verbal pathways open. They may be about as successful as Hal.

Hal managed to also get everyone going - again - on racism. CERA - ask a Native American about them. I did. Make up your own mind.

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Sunday, April 5, 2009


A 14% turnout is a bit low but it was good enough to have Sapataro ousted. IMHO the “Cheap Seats” comment did him in as posters and bloggers seemed to pounce on that. Word does get around. Congratulations of the winners, best efforts by the losers and a thank you to Steven Spataro. You may continue your observations of the recent election on week twenty.

The BOS is always a target and now two new victims start Monday.

I wonder how close the write-in campaign did?

Is Roger Brunelle our local answer for Marian Walsh? The article in the Enterprise on Saturday showed we are getting little bang for the buck unless you add in his 298K Let the body of work speak and that is the PTWS that was developed by a high school kid and has not been updated. Bumpkin managed to bang out a respectable looking site in a short time and that was rejected. I have no idea if outsourcing would be cost effective but I can think of a savings of around $85,000 right away.

WOW spent a few days in Europe and it turned out rather well for him. The big news was another nuclear reduction with the Russians and the Europeans tossing a trillion of their own funny money towards the financial mess. Obama did his best to act statesman like and did a commendable job. But controversy did follow him as the other side of the partnership met with the Queen of England. No - not Elton John - the real Queen. Seems like what stirred the pot was the informal greeting by The First Lady. Bravo to her as the Queen seemed to enjoy it and probably secretly wishes TFL was part of the royal brood. Be quite an upgrade IMO.

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