Saturday, September 29, 2012


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Bibi) has an extended history of saber rattling and overstating situations in the Middle East. Now he is clearly attempting to influence American foreign policy in regards to the ongoing situation in Iran. Bibi represents the right of center in Israeli politics and has been considered a proponent of an aggressive policy towards his less than friendly neighbors and even those of some distance such as Iran.
The first obligation Bibi has is to the security of Israel. I wonder why he fears the potential of Iran? Iran may or may not be on the verge of developing a nuclear weapon. Iran has also been fairly open to inspections but has resisted total access to U.N. inspectors for certain sites. Iran also has had a Shahad-3 missile since 2003 when it went on display. The Shahad has a range of about 1,000 miles or enough to reach Israel. Iran military has also bragged that they have an ICBM so what would they use it for? Iran has discussed a satellite program so maybe that is why? Or maybe it will just be a flower planter? Now Iran has also signed the NPT so is that reason enough to believe they would not use nuclear weapons? To some a Fatwa prevents possible war but I have far more faith in a Mitzvah. For their part Israel claims they have no nuclear weapons yet multiple sources claim they may have between 25-400.
Arab states - of which Iran is not since they are Persian - have repeatedly called for the extermination of Israel. Apologist for the looney Tune Ahmadinejad has done such - unless, of course, you are an apologist who claims it was "translation errors." Now does Iran supply weapons to Hezbollah and Hamas? I think you have to be an occupant of fantasy land not to realize they do. That has been well document by sources outside Mossad. Does Iran have relationships with other counties of questionable character? Let me toss out a name - North Korea. Does Iran receive military advice and technical assistance of nuclear and military hardware from other countries? It most certainly does especially China and N. Korea. Does Iran support internal and external export of terrorist training? No doubt about that. Would Iran use H&H to use a dirty bomb?
Now there is hard evidence and circumstantial evidence regarding Iran and just exactly what they are doing. Bibi is certainly one who beats the drums of war and if polls mean in Israel anything has luke warm support for actions against Iran. Bibi has also attempted to direct American foreign policy to ensure as much support for Israeli actions or to encourage American to cover their back. If Israel takes action there will be repercussions from other Arab states and another war will most certainly happen. I doubt Israel continues to have conventional superiority as in the past. So - once again - America is placed in an uncomfortable position.
American administrations have faced this issue for decades. Now we have to balance our previous support with new interests in the area that are economic an military. A rock and a hard place for sure. The more I read from the left of center the more I question their true intentions. Anti-Semitism should not be bandied about lightly but I do see an undercurrent of it and question just how infected the Democratic Party is in regards to Israel.
But Israel has the same obligation any nation does and that is for the safety and well being of its citizens. The country is the size of Massachusetts with a population of 8M of which about 20% are Arab. No one should be unaware of the circumstances surrounding the formation of the state of Israel. With that historical background of persecution dating back thousands of years I would certainly be wary. To be blunt much of the support against Israel is simple Anti-Semitic attitudes that have been prevalent in Western society for centuries. To some America's support of Israel is a reflection of the "Jewish Lobby" in the U.S. that exerts influence that runs counter to what our real objectives should be.
If Israel takes action they will be or continue to be a rogue nation in the eyes of the rest of the world. If there is nothing to a development of a nuclear weapons program Israel will face serious consequences. If they are right those consequences will continue since they are in a lose-lose situation.
IMO if Israel is threatened by their "neighbors" the response by Israel will be nuclear. I also feel that the current administration is giving the perception - especially in Israel - of being pro Muslim.
Now for those with no comprehension of history I present to you The Cuban Missile Crisis. Nuclear missiles a short hop from the U.S. How did we respond? Historical records now show we were possibly 24 hours away from a high probability of a nuclear exchange. Israel is in a similar position and I seriously doubt the current occupant of the WH gives a sweet s!!t about Israel.
Polling results are showing a very close presidential race as far as vote totals go and a non blowout but significant electoral advantage to Obama. But - fear not - out of the sunset lurks a hero - skewered polls! To me a legitimately recognized poll with a lengthy history of relative (note that term) accuracy is what I follow. I'm sure some probably look outside for the Easter Bunny and still believe in the Tooth Fairy. Skewered is nothing more than a Linus blanket for those seeking comfort. It is statistical garbage that any legit pollster would be embarrassed to attached their name to.
Is Romney amazingly inept or is it my interpretation?
Now we have an event in Middleboro with a soothsayer who communicates with angels, a series of dueling letters in the Gazette regarding the UU Church and BB asking biblical questions for candidates. Middleboro is now going into the historical past and will soon be a “Burnt Over District” for those who need a historical reference.
Elizabeth Warren is a load of BS. First she is White and then a Native American and back to White when she gets the high profile gig at Harvard. So you have this Okie wishing to vacate the dust bowl for the big stage and she finds a way. Hey…I love science fiction and have read about shape shifters but never about race shifters.
Back in the day law schools were crying for minority representation and - of course - women were classified as such. So why not improve your chances thanks to “family lore.” IMO she benefited from using a race card she was not entitled to use. She is a fraud. Of course all schools “denied” any preference in her hire. Like I want to believe schools that churn out lawyers?
Now the liberals have some wonderful justification - just believe her. This is a ROTFLMAO moment! Can one just begin to grasp the spittle laced venom they would spew forth if this was Brown? Now as far a belief does that entitle all of us to claim some type of preference when the “Minorities are encouraged to apply” line is a help wanted advertisement? I have Black blood….or Hispanic…or oriental…based on “family lore.”
So who lost a job because this fraud got a little extra boost? And how about a release of records? Sure. If Warren wants to prove herself take a DNA test. Call up Professor Gates.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bashing Everything

In a contest of idiotic by-laws passed by the outdated quaint custom of Town Meeting we now have Concord outlawing the sale of any water bottle that has contents less than one liter. Does that trump the foolish swearing by-law? Neck and neck is my opinion. But Concord is going to pay legal fees to defend their foolishness and from what I gather Middleboro is going to slink into a mode of either ignoring it or reversing it. With the ACLU involved it will at least give an endless supply of newly minted lawyers something to do.
Just another example of a small cadre of local denizens being able to be dictatorial to those of us foolish enough not to participate in America’s self proclaimed grassroots democracy. In Concord it took several votes and the mystifying maneuvering of procedure to get it passed. Once again TM displays the ability of the self indulgent to carry the banner of self interest.
My running partner is all in a political lather over filibusters and just a cursory exploration of the various left and far left web sites will show you this is clearly a talking points defensive strategy to justify the failures of their “Binky” in the White House. Some of the more ardent pilgrims of supporting failure are now stating that the new and acceptable unemployment rate is 6%. An amazing way of justifying policies that have put the United States firmly behind the fiscal eight ball.
The National Defense Authorization Act is the latest government ploy support by, encouraged by and legally defended by the current failed administration. Like the Patriot Act it appears to have a rather large group of defenders and advocates on both sides of the aisle and represents another glorious attempt to erode more individual freedoms by allowing the government even more control under the guise of “security.”
Nakoula has a right to make a film about a religious leader and critical of a religious leader. That is clearly covered under the First Amendment. Yet the administration seems on it’s typical apologetic offensive right down to having Nakoula questioned. Nakoula volunteered to do it but the intimidation factor is there.
The National Review - the print version of “Faux News” to the left had a scathing article on another illusionary tale of success - the GM bailout. I am sure Michelle Obama has reviewed her husbands adulteress behaviors by his jumping into bed with the UAW.
The Patriot Act is another in a list of legislative options passed by a legislative and executive branch with zero understanding of exactly how foolish the name is. Would Jefferson, Adams, Madison, Franklin and assorted dead and rich white guys from the 1770s actually approve of this abomination?
When I see the various acts passed to “protect” us and their eventually justification when a terrorists - domestic or imported - is captured/killed I have things such as Seven Days In May rolling around in my head. At one time I always considered the conspiracy loonies on the far left and right to be just the tin foil hat crowd. But I have aged with a cynical perspective I am now thing of purchasing my own size 10 and 3/8ths.
Julie Ni Zhu an economic researcher has written an interesting article showing that since WWII raising taxes has had negligible or no real impact on addressing deficits. The Democrats love to talk taxes as a solution but in Ms. Zhu’s opinion it is a spending issue.
Historically any sitting president with the immense record of failure as Obama and the attendant economic baggage that now exists would be quickly shown the door and maybe even have a party revolt and attempt to offer a more palatable alternative as Kennedy attempted to offer in 1980. But Obama is the clear favorite and it is certainly not a reflection of performance reward but of the weak candidate the Republicans have put forward.
Bob Woodward has written an interesting book called “The Price Of Politics” which is about Obama. One of the great fallacies that is ripped apart is that the Republicans scuttled a budget compromise (The grand bargain) when in fact it was Obama. Obama is not exactly cast in a favorable light by Woodward
George Will had an excellent article on tolerance becoming tyrannical
Why is it that the WH flacks seem to always be saying things like “What the president meant” and “What the president said was misconstrued.”
I fully expect Obama to win and not necessarily because he is the best but the most presentable. Sometimes you buy a bad product that is in a nice package. Romney just cannot connect and that is important. Reagan had that incredible skill and likeability even if you hated his politics. Reagan Democrats was a valid term. The Walter Cronkite of politics. Got my vote twice.
23,000,000 are unemployed or underemployed. A dismal failure of economic policy with virtually zero interests rates and a boat load of stimulus. But when the base of your party is the something for nothing crowd what do you expect in poll numbers?
SAT. GMAT. LSAT. Which majors in college reflect the highest scores? Number one is Philosophy which means with your degree you can contemplate that latte at Starbucks you are serving is half full or empty. Then comes political science, engineering and various sciences. Business is in the middle and education is way down - the old “Those that can do and those that can’t teach.” Journalism is also rather low on the list but English is much higher.
Keiko Orrall should be given a full term in office. She was a fiscal tightwad, took no expenses, took no pension and showed up. I’m sure if Roger got that plumb he’d be down at the union hall prior to every vote getting directions on how to vote. Maybe he can co-op Adam’s old slogan? Now about “Union before party and party before people?”
The special TM or whatever they choose to call it is set for November, I believe. The CPC has two items on the agenda and both should be passed.
Nice to see the BOS finally saying enough with the frauds over at Edgewood. That place is an excuse machine that rivals Pats fans excuse machine after the Giants mauled them in not one but in two Super Bowls.
Federal Trade Commission is another government agency that simply is incapable of consumer protection. If you get calls from “Heather” or “Rachel” from the bogus Credit Card Services you know what I mean. Requesting to be terminated from their list either electronically or verbally is useless. Being on a no call list is ignored. Filing multiple complaints with the FTC does nothing.
Now the FTC has clamped down on CCS with a huge fine and a spanking but guess what? I got two calls after that happened. Frankly they just need Seal Team Six to handle this.
Is Middleboro the center of strangeness? Is it environmental? The latest is a Christmas tree or Veterans tree or whatever tree it is and it is all about lights. So the BOS gets bogged down in a controversy about to light or not to light. Great decisions to be made - lights! Swearing! Does it get any better? If this was Iran and Israel at the BOS about lights we’d have a nuclear exchange

Friday, September 7, 2012

Why I Didn't Vote Bond And Other Stuff

Why I didn’t vote for Adam Bond in the primary - I’m no longer in that precinct. Yep…..I thought I was moved from two to four but it is in six that I belong and thus a no go. I was switched last year and voted but for some reason I thought I was in four. So my excuse will be let’s get this town into one or even two rep situation. So Straus is now my rep. So if this was a baseball box score there would be a line that reads: Errors: Bogo.
The primaries are the show of party loyalist and Independents like myself are usually out numbered. Most of the races have already been predetermined but races did exist such as Keating-Sutter and Bond - Brunelle. For the most part over the years I have grabbed a Democrat ballot since that is where the occasional battle does surface. In party politics a unique custom has long existed and that is to switch parties and vote for the candidate that you feel will present less of a challenge in a general election. Looking At the results from Lakeville - home base of Orrall - the 12th Bristol may have seen such an activity. Brunelle easily took Lakeville. Who turned? Twenty voters? Fifty? In a close election it makes the difference and in this case Orrall supporters may have presented their candidate with a far less competent opponent.
Roger Brunelle - the scion of a local hack family - has “won” the 12th by less than 0.05% of the vote and claims that a recount is “A waste of taxpayer dollars.” I’ sure if that total was flipped Roger would feel exactly the same - sure he would.
In a very close election every vote counts and the 12th was about as close as it gets. Another slam dunk for why a voter ID is necessary.
The Eurozone has a population of 330M and a 10T debt. The United States has a population of 312M and a 16T debt. Maybe the EU needs Bush and Obama to fix their malaise.
The Republican Convention recently ended and - as usual - I did not watch except for YouTube vids on the moonbat and wingnut sites. With conventions you have a political reward system where delegates and alternate delegates are rewarded for being loyal party functionaries. The conventions themselves are platitude driven with little sense of reality especially for the incumbent party. Occasionally there is an attraction such as 2008 with all the hope and change mantra and this usually results in an “if we only knew then what we know now” moment.
The Democrats will attempt to warp reality and somehow defend a miserable four year performance. Their control of the legislative and executive branch should have set the stage for recovery. It did not. Of course failings are always the result of a previous administration or the current opposition parties entrenched rejection of any proposed legislation no matter how bizarre it may be. The current administration has made a living off deflection.
Now the one thing that is a guarantee to get the Republicans all in a frenzy is hot button social issues and you can see some of that foolishness in a variety of political advertisements about anything but the key issue - the economy. Get them off kilter. Get them off the economic message. Get them frothing over abortion, gun control, voter ID and if Mary Ann is hotter than Ginger.
The unemployment rate is abysmal. The U6 is abysmal. The rate of poverty, the number of folks on food stamps, and on we go - an administration that seems geared not to a program of recovery but a program of entitlement. Bread and circus. If this was 1980 Obama would be heading for the speaking circuit. If it was 1992 Obama would be heading for setting up his own Cayman Island accounts but it is 2012 and the alternative - to quote Charlton Heston from true lies “Is nothing to raise my skirt about.”
I found some interesting connections in the Democratic Convention where you had one confirmed liar - Elizabeth Warren - speaking prior to another confirmed liar - Bill Clinton.
With fact checkers both conventions provide of treasure trove of questionable information but the one that no fact checker has dismissed is Condoleeza Rice and her scathing indictment of Obama foreign policy.
So now we will be able to relax for the next few months listening to warped interpretations of job reports, poorly defined past voting histories, sloganeering, class warfare, birth certificates and an attempt to link you opponent as a combination of Hitler and Attila - I believe several at the DNC already made the Hitler linkage. What a sad state of affairs.
I was watching a show on TV regarding the structure of the universe and the process of creating elements and gold was mentioned. The host stated that all the gold ever mined would fill three Olympic size swimming pools. I found that quite difficult to believe and researched it. The host was correct. The other analogy was all the gold would represent about one third of the Washington Monument.
Now the other one I decided to check out is more stars in the universe than grains of sand on all the beaches and deserts of earth. Enough math evidence to say it is true. In fact several actually stated there may be ten to one hundred times stars as grains of sand. Amazing.
I have no idea why Bobby Valentine is still employed. He has obviously lost all confidence of his players, has done everything possible to deface the Red Sox brand, irritated the media including even physical threats and sounds like Captain Queeg in interviews.
As a NY Football Giants (via NJ) fan the season started off on a low note by losing to the one NFL team more disliked than the camera shy Patriots - The “Boyz” of Dallas. As a Giants fan I realize our only path to another championship is the hope that somehow we get to face the Patriots in another Super Bowl and again torment the vastly overrated Brady and his clothing deficient coach.