Thursday, August 13, 2009


The Uni-Care State Indemnity Plan/Basic is the only Non-Medicare plan offered by GIC that is available throughout the United States and outside of the country.

That is a description of my health plan. I can go to Mayo, John Hopkins or Massachusetts General if I want. If I care to consult a specialist in Houston, Texas (I have) and I can do so without a referral and my cost is $20. If I wish to go to Bonn, Germany I can do that for the same cost. If I feel more comfortable going to Mercy Hospital in Buffalo I can. The plan is for those employees who retire and wish to live elsewhere or wish to have coverage that extends well beyond the service area. In fact I can receive services out of country if I wish. I can travel to Tel Aviv if I feel that is more appropriate. Why I would do that is beyond me but it is possible.

I read about folks who have “friends” in Canada or Germany or England and how their care is just peachy keen fine. Now can those Canadians cross over and go to Mercy in Buffalo without the official seal of approval by a medical functionary? I’ve read enough about folks having to fight legal battles in the above countries to attempt to get care. I’ve read about the waiting lists . I’ve read about the other lists of what is approved and not approved. Heck, we have the same thing here. Now if we get Obamacare will I end up with that? Selfish little old me does not want that. I do not want it because I do not have to do that now.

Now with Obamacare it will somehow be cost effective. President WOW will wave his magical fiscal wand any through some type of fiscal shell game not a penny more will be spent. OK…here is what I pay for our insurance - 17.5% of yearly premium that is north of $20,000. Our cost is relatively low since we are retired public employees. Guess what is breaking the fiscal bank in cities and towns across the state? Me! Well…not me personally…but all my fellow town, city and state employees who are still on the job or retired. What will happen to that fiscal magic wand when the level of quality care I have is available to everyone as it should be? My big issue with Obamacare is my service will be lower and not the poorly insured or non insured raised to my level and, of course, my ability to go where I please without the official seal of approval. And guess what? Selfish little old me does not want that.

I’m not sure of all the various arguments going on for or against. I really don’t give a hoot about dueling statistics. I don’t care about the mutual belligerence of both sides of the debate. I especially don’t care for the way WOW is rushing this thing through. WOW has said we will be able to keep current insurance. Really? How many campaign promises have fallen by the wayside? I am also waiting to see if this national program would also encompass Congress. Sure it will. What I do know is what I have and I like it and don’t want it stripped down.

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LMAO said...

This thing is being shoved our way by moonbats incorporated. Thankfully the great independant middle is now raising hell on this. I for one am sick and tired of listening to the Obama crowd attempting to marginalize the opposition to what they now call health insurance reform. My policy may suck but putting my faith in the great practioners of mismanagement known as our government will be a lot worse. I can see it now "Sorry, but we have determined you will die in 4.7 years and therefore will limit our expenditures." Tough Clark!

anonymous said...

Obama - scare would be better.

bogofree said...

Interesting comments by Hal on his blog - all about BB. Link is on my sidebar to Hal's Heckuva blog.

Ditzies are out in force on both parties on the health care issue or is it insurance reform? What I have been paying attention to is not Beck, Ruch, Oberman or Matthews but the great middle which is comprised mostly of those with not firm party attachment and they are ticked off!

Suo Mynona said...
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Suo Mynona said...

The government should start by allowing health insurance companies to compete across state borders. Health insurance in some state is nearly half of what it is in Massachusetts.

More competition is an excellent market force.

Obama is disingenuous when he says he welcomes open debate. The only reason debate is happening is because he was unable to stuff it down our throats before Congress went into summer session.

Debate occurring now is nothing compared to debate in the 1700's.

Obama abdicated his leadership role by failing to provide a bill to start. Now we have Pelosi telling people they are un-American for exercising their rights. The great Tip O'Neill never would have insulted Americans with such bile.

There is also the question of Obama collecting and keeping emails and the address illegally.

Suo Mynona said...

My brother-in-law's aunt was Canadian. She recently died while wait listed for open heart surgery.

Reform is required. +/- 1,000 pages of reform that many experts and congressmen cannot decipher is a problem.

Legislators not reading or understanding the content of these monumentally expensive & discombobulated bills is upsetting people of all political persuasions.

bogofree said...

This bill has some serious support on the far left and IMO even farther left than the moonbats. Thankfully, it is being questioned by the great middle and that is comprised of folks who owe no allegience to either party.

I now have a level of choice within my insurance on who I can see and that being taken away is always a possibility as a shift - based on cost - takes place to a government policy.

anonymous said...

Obama may now switch gears since his support for his latest folly is evaoprating. Try to resue something but he is heading down the same path as Jimmy Carter.

LMAO said...

Bill O'Reilly has a nice column on this in the Enterprise. Time to understand it is more than a few right wingers raising hell on this issue.

Wally Glendye said...

Jimmy Carter is a great reference!

anonymous said...

Possibly the worse member of Congress, Barney Frank, made a total ass of himself in Dartmouth last night. This is what represents our district?

bogofree said...

Don't me started again on Barney Frank who in my opinion is just about as bad as it gets in Congress. This lying sack of manure has been pulling his con game for years but in the internet age all his blunders are out there for all to see. Great YouTube clips on his idiotcy over the years. I've seen it first hand and have blogged on it. His liberal support base will - as usual - see no evil with this phony.

When Frank decides to give up his free health care and sign up with any potential government plan I'll go with it. Think he and WOW will do that?

Suo Mynona said...

“don’t get sick after June,” when the federal dollars run out.

The federal government cannot run health care for native Americans well.

IMO there is no allowance for federal health in the constitution. I am anything but a constitutional scholar. I would hope Congress and Executive branch are knowledgeable and KNOW that federal health care is constitutional.

The 9th and 10th amendments reaffirm the limited powers provided to the Federal government by The Constitution.