Saturday, June 28, 2008

Finding Clark

This is what started it all on Finding Clark. Since I was traveling to South Dakota I found a town named CLARK. Rather interesting place and another poster, Dal, expanded upon it extensively. Will not be able to visit Clark since it is on the other side of the state but there are plenty of places named Clark. Maybe one is the secret location with the 100 ESL teachers? Add any to the list.

Monday, June 23, 2008

The Deflection

On Topix the recent attempt to place the onus on me, Mike and Hal became rather transparent. One pathetic individual - who I do suspect may be a multiple personally individual from a few other sites - but, then again, that is not the issue but the deflection is. On one post my marriage was taken into account. Strange tactic to post I have marital problems. Asked my wife about it and she assured me all was OK. An similar attack was made on my credentials and, again, I responded to what the facts were. Check them out all you wish or anyone wishes. No problem with that. Contact me for dates of degrees and schools and employment record. No big deal. This reminds me of the business attacks and personal attacks that Mike Quish (AKA Limo Loser) had to endure. Same person is posting on his "business failure" and a variety of other things. Deflection. Of course, Hal came in for a few shots as the tactic is so shallow - deflection. A tactic that seems to stink of some of the methods that are linked to bloggers on CFO. Now I am not a died in the wool casino supporter - far from it - but going after a business? A marriage? This is monkeyberry all over again. Do these folks ever learn from their mistakes? Deflection off the main topic of Jessie Powell and CFO and their collective inability to intelligently address that issue. The opening the pro’s were looking for. Remember, it was not me that handed it to you on the golden platter it was Jessie. The pro’s are now enjoying the carrion.

The real issue is Jessie Powell. IMHO probably much of what was posted was probably from her or an ardent hanger on. If I am wrong than accept this apology. Only way to know is when the papers are delivered to Palo Alto. A few must remain. These folks remind me of a virus. Has no life of its own and must live off the life of another. Since it was rather superficial, shallow and without merit it smacks of her style - just peek at her Clark defense - so maybe she has created a whole new writing style that a few have adopted? Deflection, again.

Some have questioned the blogs. This is one. I'd gladly remove it since the only reason it was created is that no other viable outlet existed. lacked the courage to address the Jessie issue as did the bloggers that are linked to CFO. At this point you could probably call me anti casino or anti deal - I'd accept either - and anti CFO. A view of the CFO site and casino-friend shows the difference. Hate to say it but my "Old Pal Hal" has done a more presentable job. I don't mind getting in the mud with the anti or pro crowd but Hal does. He took the high road and prospers while CFO hung it's collective hat on the low end and has become the source of scorn, laughter and put into the lack of objectivity toilet.

Now....I have to give Hal a call for an appointment for my wife and myself. LMAO!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

All By Itself

Somethings just need no words to describe them and this certainly fits into that category. After two months Jessie has an explanation and here it is. Enjoy.

Incidentally, those critics missed my quote of my friend's mis-speak when he meant his friend, Clark in CT. Because of Clark's renown, surely should have immediately identified his prominence. Had those critics done their research, they would have clearly recognized Clark's home town.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Jessie Powell On Research

I took a quick peek at some of Jessie's suggests on where she posts as MR and Malcolm. As you know Jessie had a bit of a problem location Clark, CT and the usual fall back was to use mapquest.

Try MapQuest, bogo.

This was the repeated action - use mapquest. Jessie is an expert on searches and has told us laggards to do exactly that. I've included three excerpts from her posts. Just three. Many, many more. These three urge one to do the Goggle thing and do your own research.

D'Agostino was widely publicized last year and a google search provides a great deal of information. MR only linked to 2 articles, but there are far more.

Those involved need to do their own research instead of relying on anecdotal nonsense.

The interviews were poorly conducted and weak. The questions were lacking. It seems to me that with a little google search, some more constructive questions for the interview process could have been found.

OK, Jessie? Here is two of your more famous quotes. Care to do the reasearch? Jessie has avoided this repeatedly. Almost as much as the folks in Middleboro have avoided voting for her.

The 3 towns surrounding Foxwoods are teaching + 30 different foreign languages.

Clark, CT went from 2 ESL teachers to 100.

The three towns are - N. Stonington, Preston and Ledyard. Here it is, Jessie, just as you posted it. me the 30 languages being TAUGHT.

Have you watched the presentation offered by the Plymouth group when they brought the elected officials from Ledyard, N. Stonington and Preston to Plymouth to offer a public forum?

OK, Jessie, you are a liar!