Thursday, July 2, 2009

Dueling Gazette Casino Opinions

Dueling columns in the Gazette this week with one relying on emotional outbursts tempered with that old time blogging finger pointing. - gotta love that. The other providing objective and rational analysis. Of course that is just my take from the vantage point of sitting on the fence. Easy to distinguish the professional from the amateur.

I'm sure we will be gifted all those acres for, to paraphrase, "pain and suffering," Appears someone has been listening too much to a certain attorney.

Half the town against? I was one of the 37% or so that voted “no” at the TMFH and that is somehow not quite half. I guess “fuzzy math” is in the water system. I better run and double check my recent balancing of my check book. Maybe the reference is to that feel good article that was presented by the time most had the good sense to return home. Love the tinge of bitterness over a rejected web site offer.

The tribe is living up to their end of the agreement and sending the money to Middleboro. I can't imagine them willing to toss this away as "dead money" unless somewhere there is a glimmer of hope that their gin mill will be a reality. This project is casino version of Lazarus only Jesus is not involved but some hidden hand of the modern day pinky ring set with passports stamped other than the United States. As that great philosopher, Earl Weaver, was attributed as saying: "It ain't over 'till the fat lady sings," and right now she is on stage and ready to sing goodnight to a casino - maybe.

Spending the money brings into question the possibility that the tribe may request a return of the monies when, if, maybe the gin mill venture collapses. Not a bad idea to get something is writing before someone else gets the fashionable orange jumpsuit look.

Relying on the government as not attempting any reversal of a recent SCOTUS decision is not a path I’d wish to rely on. Money, power and, of course, the racial element could all mesh together to get legislation enacted quickly. Putting our faith in Barney Frank (D- Hot Bottom) is like putting faith in his fiscal ingenuity.

The real killer is the economy. That was a key player in the whole mess and if that rebounds and investors are willing to risk capital things could change rapidly. But IMHO by the time anything takes place in Middleboro the Great And Honorable General Court will have already handed out licenses.

Hal also has an interesting article at casino-friend.


Suo Mynona said...

Jane Lopes wrote a wonderful editorial about planning for the town's future. This is planning that needs to be done with or without a casino. I will comment more on Jane's article later.

Oh BTW... BB spent all that time and energy getting upset that I said he was way too similar to communists. He put up a picture of Stalin and everything. It honestly gave me a hearty laugh once again. (BB you are adding years to my life.)

BUT he never did answer the doggone question. What business owners support the casino in expectation of windfall? He is too cowardly to just answer an accusation he has repeated several times. Instead he just shifts the subject. DEFLECTION....

After his well written Gazette article, BB can now put up a picture of himself as Khrushchev slapping his shoe or Moses issuing commandments on his blog.

Would a selectman trespass if told to by BB?

bogofree said...

I will look forward to your comments on planning.

The deflection is always a wonderful avoidance technique.

I do not recall either newcomer to the BOS being faced - yet - with the question to trespass or not. Be an interesting question for open mic at BOS meetings.

I can just see our own list of ten commandments.

Suo Mynona said...

Hey Bogo you called it "Dueling Gazettte Casino Opinions."

It was more like Little Annie Oakely versus Barney Fife.

anonymous said...

Doesn't take long with BB.

bogofree said...

I do believe Suo is now classified as a "knucklehead" for actually pointing out a long history of rather questionable posts.

Of course the deflection is still present.

Taxes will go up as of 8/1/2009 and Governor Patrick is even attempting some PR for a graduated income tax. Next in line will be an increase in the gas tax. Wonder how our property tax relief is coming along?

jane lopes said...

I would feel honored that my column inspired a extra edition of the Bogo blog, except that I suspect the Bumpkin's column was the true inspiration.
Re: the taxes, does Deval really think he's fooled us with the protestations and alligator tears over bringing back the Taxachusetts nickname with a vengeance?

Suo Mynona said...
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Suo Mynona said...

****NIMBYism As A Positive****

The town has been planning for mitigation of the rotary for about 15 years. The state has done virtually nothing of consequence. Middleborough has been continually planned its business parks with the knowledge that eventually the rotary will have to be eliminated. This will help the town maximize tax base.

The first state sponsored meeting I attended regarding the rotary was about 13 years ago at the High School. The state has done virtually nothing of consequence since (A few things may be on the horizon)

Our town planner has worked tirelessly to ensure the town will be prepared once the state releases funds. There is little chance those funds will be released in these austere times. Planning on our side still has to continue.

The casino money has provided the positive result that our town planner can concentrate on many aspects of planning instead of policing the size of trees in subdivisions.

Providing town ambulance service has always been accentuated by a question mark. Over time we have been told the town would generate income by providing ambulance service and later told we would loose money.

Being able to conduct such studies is positive regardless of the casino.

NIMBYism (Not in my back yard) is frequently a very positive planning tool and should not always have negative connotations. When a private or government concern plans something, people affected most will point out the deleterious aspects and force others to rethink the process. That is positive.

NIMBYism is hypocritical when people just want something in another's back yard. What I admire about the casino NIMBYs is that most do not want it anyone's back yard, as demonstrated by Casino "Free" Mass.

For casino NIMBYs, playing ostrich (believing it is completely dead) is not a good planning tool. If people perceive the prospect of the casino as either negative or positive the town should plan for the worse outcome, and work towards the best (elimination of the casino is best for many) Mr. Rullo was correct in this regard; we need to plan until we are 100% sure it will not occur. Nothing is over until it is over.

Some positive results of NIMBYism in Middleborough are: The adult zoning bylaw; cluster zoning; extensive mitigation for residents in the town's industrial parks; the Nichols Middle School, the intersection of 105 & 28, and Oak Point. I can elaborate on those issues if people ask.

All of these issues go hand in hand with planning. Having our very knowledgeable town planner, health officer, building inspector being proactive instead of reactive is essential.

The casino and NIMBYism have produced many positive impacts on the town's collective mentality. More people are becoming aware of the finer aspects and necessities of planning. This is something that will hopefully maintain inertia. Perhaps people will start attending those boring, yet very important, Planning Board and Zoning Board meetings.

NIMBYism does not give the right for people to trespass on private posted property multiple times.

*******On An Ugly Note*****

The Rotary: Massachusetts' potential version of Hurricane Katrina

The rotary has the possibility to be a mass death trap. If the nightmare of an evacuation occurs (as the result of man-made or natural disaster) people will follow those state posted blue "evacuation route" signs to the rotary. It would be similar to wildebeest stampeding into a raging river. Thus the rotary is more than a local planning issue. The state should have rectified the rotary when money was flush.

All of this are just my knuckleheaded opinions.

chica said...

Now that would make a wonderful column.

Have a safe and happy 4th.

bogofree said...

I guess you is a pretty good righter after all. LMCAO!

"If people perceive the prospect of the casino as either negative or positive the town should plan for the worse outcome, and work towards the best "

Imagine actually still planning for something that does have a chance of arriving! Where will the money come from? Oops...we got the check. Use it. Planning for the outcome. How unique.

Hal Brown said...

I put a link to Suo's excellent response to BB's arguments HERE on Brownie's Heckuva Blog

Suo, go ahead and post it there too if you like. Since everyone knows who you are now, you will get a free Heckuva Job Brownie button.

Suo Mynona said...
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Suo Mynona said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Suo Mynona said...

15 years should be 25 years in the above
I am trying to hide from BB because I know he never reads this blog.

Is BB a hypocritical NIMBY?

Does he think it would be okay in New Bedford? Does he have a price that it would make it okay in Middleboro? If he does have a price then does that mean he is not a NIMBY?

I honestly do not know his position. As I have said multiple times I do not follow the casino follies closely. Most of what I know comes from Jane's articles. I just stuck my head out on when the talk turned towards long range planning.

Maybe my next poorly written drivel will be named: "BB's pplanning manifesto." LMCAO

Hal Brown said...

My own ego drives me to read any blog where someone let's me know I'm mentioned. Hey, I'd go and photograph my name if it was written on a restroom stall wall.

Family Guy said...

Suo has corrected a mistake. Wonder if Jessie will ever do that?

Great insight into the planning process and it is appreciated. Nice to have an even tone point of view without a lecture from the mount so common with a certain blogger and columnist.

Family Guy said...


Too bad about MM. The right idea. I did find it difficult to navigate at first but one gets use to it. Traffic seems down on all blogs.

bogofree said...

Today the mail arrived and this present I received far exceeds even that Captain Midnight decoder ring or certain magazines for which I am only interested in over content.

A public thank you is necessary. Not some lukewarm dismissive email. I have - in my possession - the official Heckuva Job, Brownie button. This will be a family heirloom and that gives you an idea about my family.

I will now attempt to pin it on myself with the hope of only a minor flesh wound and proudly display it on my shopping trip to Hannaford’s.

Oh….Brownie…for tee shirts I’m a large and for BB and Suo a 3XXXL may just fit.

Hal Brown said...

When I got your email I really didn't think of the pin, I thought you got some other kind of rare collectible,
maybe a 1909 Honus Wagner tobacco card.

Suo Mynona said...

****NIMBYism Part Two***

An example of NIMBYism making a problem more vexing is SEMASS. SEMASS ended up outside Middleborough borders, but is still in our backyard. We lost the tax revenue and many of the justifiably upset neighbors still have to deal with the offensive aspects.

Most communities are hypocritical trash NIMBYs. They want another town to take their trash.

Then again, our town landfill is in Plympton's back yard.