Sunday, October 9, 2016

The sorry state of politics

Time for me to ramble on with some disjointed and some, not disjointed comments on the current election cycle, especially regarding the less than presidential candidates.
Should anyone be surprised by the actions of Donald Trump? I certainly am not since the rich and powerful males often consider any woman fair game with no restrictions. Men know what is right and what is wrong since it is a mere action on ethics. Using your power to intimidate a woman is simply wrong. What I find equally depressing is the reaction or non-reaction by Democrats on the extensive list of similar ventures by their own icons.
The term is quite appropriate – hypocrisy. There is absolutely no way to ethically defend the behaviors of Bill Clinton or Ted Kennedy, yet political expediency is the appropriate term. Bob represented the worst in predatory actions towards women and now Trump can join their club.
The – of course – is representative of the morass that has become our two party system where the ultimate goal is simply winning – winning at all cost. Hillary Clinton is just an awful candidate – untrustworthy, an enabler, a serial liar – and those are her good points. Compared to Trump, Clinton is Mother Theresa.
The fault is quite obvious are it goes to the core of the dumbing down of America. As a lot, we have become incredibly stupid in the information age where influence is generated by sound bits. You must have a stage presence to be successful\l which explains the quick demise of Jim Webb.
Rare was a party that lost, losing simply because they attempted to place in nomination the bottom of the political barrel. Adlai Stevenson was a remarkably gifted politician who lost twice. Recently the Republicans offered up John McCain and Bob Dole both with years of political experience. Al Gore and John Kerry had the extensive resumes one would also expect.
The election of Obama was – to me – centered on White Liberal Guilt. Clinton – for all her warts – was obviously the more seasoned candidate, but that was in the past. Obama has demonstrated that a Black man can be as incompetent as and White man. Now Clinton can prove the same for women.
The recent email revelations that Clinton had two sets of “books” in operation regarding positions is just appalling. One is for public consumption and one for private and that is called lying. This is a pattern that Clinton has continually displayed – lies, duplicity, meanderings and just a boat load of indiscretions. That will most certainly continue.
Clinton represents the continued path to the government expansion and that to my classic liberal sensibilities is an abomination. With each new law or regulation comes further erosion. You can actually place this back into the incubator of the real progressives of the late 19th and into the 20th century. That, however, is another story.
The ultimate gift was placed on government expansion doorstep with 9/11. That opened up the “Bloody Shirt” gates to the Patriot Act and that gift and its bastard twin – the Freedom Act – has allowed domestic spying under the guise of terrorism. Obama went along for the ride and Snowden at least outed the administration. The current administration has continued two needless wars – shameful.
The current administration also has used the DOJ and IRS as political tools – Joe McCarthy and J. Edgar would be so proud. Do I blame Obama? Of course – just as I blame each administration for pulling the political wool over our eyes. Just think Fast and Furious, Pentagon Papers, Iran-Contra, Gulf of Tonkin and several more. Each one brings further incursions into our own privacy. Think Yahoo was NOT scanning emails? Right.
What is upsetting is the marginalization by the left by attempting to control debate with simple innuendo. The opposition is sexist, racist, homophobic, nativist and so on. You simply state that all opposition has no coherent points by labeling them. If all else fails they are merely “far right extremist.”
That was not the Democratic Party I grew up with. That is – to go back to tail gunner Joe - what one saw in the 1950s, when opposition – especially Democrats – were labeled “Pinko’s.” “Reds,” “Fellow travelers,” and a long list that could be added. The liberals of today have adopted that playbook and they should be ashamed.
What will happen with President Clinton?
The real issue is the ongoing legacy of debt that both parties choose to ignore. The tab is staggering and has quite possibly reached a point of no return. Continued promises will do nothing to elevate debt, but will expand it. An underclass has been created – mostly minority – dependent upon the handouts offered up by liberals. If anything the tender underbelly is expanding.
Just what type of adventurism will a new administration subscribe to? Our failures in the Middle East are well documented as our relationship with Russia and China. The administration is on the defensive in the geopolitical circle and that is obvious to even the most ardent of supporters. Clinton will certainly be tested and it will come quickly with the big question being aggressiveness or entrenchment?
An aggressive foreign policy is great for business. Russia, China, the United States and their client states certainly prosper in that environment by creating villains – real or imagined. Out two needless wars – placed on the front page by the incapable Bush – has drained blood and treasure. I see not change to that.
Race relations will continue to deteriorate as Obama has created the most racially divisive period since the riots of the 1960s. When an open door policy to race hustlers like Al Sharpton exists you know exactly where the president stands. A racial division is politically profitable for both parties as they prey on insecurities.
The United States has somehow survived a string of “Dough Faces” in the oval office and that will continue. Clinton will most certainly be a one term president hamstrung by a Republican Congress and some serious adversaries within her own party. On the Democrat horizon, there is little to show hope.
The Republicans will cleanse the hive. Trump’s candidacy will be reminiscent of Goldwater’s in 1964. By 1968 they had regained the White House. That happens in politics and you saw in with McGovern in 1972 on the other side.
The Republicans will have to have someone worthy step forward and not the scrum that allowed a blowhard like Trump to crawl out of the slime and take control. Good luck with that!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Hillary, Trump and other stuff

I am amazed – maybe not – of the lack of conscious and ethical compass that the Democrats have. How can they reasonably support such a flawed and despicable candidate? Is it genetics? Is it just the convoluted logic of the left? The dishonesty question is a slam dunk as a pattern has been well established by the Clintons.
The Clintons do manage to walk a very thin line – one that borders legal issues. The recent FBI investigation sums that up with the scathing report on Clinton’s questionable actions. Prosecute? That was a DOJ call and they obviously felt “reasonable doubt” could make it unwinnable – certainly worth the effort.
The Republicans faced with the same dilemma actually displayed some backbone by distancing themselves from Trump. A candidate whose persona is so vile even Mother Theresa would wish him to hell. Charlie Baker avoided Trump as have many others and some are not even in the election cycle.
The Democrats do have a history of looking the other way when the prize is in view. Gerry Studds should have been sent to the cornfield back in the early 1980s, yet was embraced and supported by the party. That is just one local example and you could make it two with Barney Frank, so there exists a historical precedent for accepting and supporting Clinton.
The other fallback for the left is simply to say – as Lady Macbeth has repeatedly stated - “ Right Wing Conspiracy!.” If the lemmings on the left wish to adopt that mantra then fools they be. A tiring refrain for a politician that continues to navigate an ethics tightrope which more and more evidence surfaces about what can best be termed errors in judgement. I will let the wingnuts use lies – although it appears appropriate.
Again – for those who are totally appalled by both the options do exist. Jill Stein, Gary Johnson and the ever popular “neither” are viable alternatives. That – of course – would require a bit of ethics and that seems to be quite vacant in both parties and especially the Democrats.
I recently went through two communities in Massachusetts – Palmer and Belchertown – and witnessed a strange sight. What I noticed has not been seen for decades in Massachusetts and that is in both communities extensive road work was taking place and flaggers were being used.
I counted a total of eight on two extensive construction sites and none was spending time on cell phones, looking in a hole, consulting with their coffee cup and were in reasonable physical shape. No $50 or so an hour with minimum hours required. No glossy contract incentives tossed in by brain dead Selectmen during contract negotiations.
In Middleboro school is about to open and route 28 is in a state of continued construction. What gives? Why was such a project started at such a late summer date? My assumption is this is a state issue since I believe that portion of the roadway is in their jurisdiction. Bad planning – no surprise.
The vaunted South East rail extension is in the multibillion-dollar range and to cut costs the latest proposal is to have an exchange in Middleboro to simply the process. Why? This is more billions wasted away on a project that has no appreciable gains. In fact, no gains.
The Obama administration certainly has some clueless folks operating the tiller. Hostages return home and a boatload of curacy is conveniently placed on a private jet and brought to Iran. Iran – the same nation that has been given a virtual green light by a feckless administration to continue nuclear weapons development. I am staggered by the coincidence of hostages-money-nukes.
The Democrats playbook on Trump is quite logical as they just mine an almost endless bounty of questionable comments that seem to waffle continuously. The playbook says mention Trump as often as possible since that will certainly deflect the reams of mischief from Clinton. In a battle of one upsmanship the candidates apparent switch daily on who represents the absolute bottom of the political barrell.
The ballot question I find most illuminating is charter schools. The evidence regarding performance is rather mixed, but one thing is absolutely certain – parents want them. The public school setting is enough to cash in bottles and cans in hopes of funding a private school placement. The issue is the teachers unions and their influence with a predominantly Democratic legislature.
However, a positive is there is substantial reluctance on the part of many within the party to follow the lockstep decree of their union masters – some quite obviously pay attention to public demands. The addition of 12 new schools is just a small drop in the student bucket, but even that is treated as the end of days by a union – I was a member for years – whose most singular goal is enrichment of the membership.
Speaking of schools as in new Middleboro high school – I most certainly expect a pricey new school to be the final outcome of deliberations. A spiffy new building will certainly vault Middleboro into the upper echelon of achievement. OK – sarcasm switch is now turned off. I have wandered enough.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

"Healey" Gardens and stupid town boards

Nothing ruins another enjoyable retirement day like a Red Sox loss, the donut shop not having coffee rolls and agreeing with Bumpkin. Now the Bumpkin happens to be my sometimes running partner and despite his excessive girth the Bumpkin can stay with me – his svelte and far more energetic partner.
One pleasure on our scenic jaunts as mine and mine alone and that is to get a conversation started by disagreeing with anything Bumpkin says even when I agree. Mary Ann to him I most certainly say “Ginger.” Childish? You met! Immature? You win! But on Dan Murray and the healing garden, I am firmly in the supportive camp of Bumpkin.
Recently former (thankfully) Town Manager – Jack Healey – took Bumpkin to task over his repeated editorial page harassment of Murray. That in my own convoluted mind is quite appropriate since apparently most decisions are rendered from a dictionary that was purchased at the 4-H book tent in 1978.
Healey brought out the “Big Guns” in that a state official – I will avoid “hack” - concluded that Pratt Farm is unsuitable for a healing garden. The appropriate laws were cited and placed in the context of the original agreement and that became the basis for rejecting the garden. What we really need is what now happens in sports and that is an “official’s review.” Looking at the law with my own non-dictionary perspective it is an Oracle of Delphi opinion. For those unaccustomed to the famed Oracle, she would give a futurist view that could be interpreted many ways.
The law is just that. I contacted a lawyer friend who said as much with the key being the mysterious “Passive Recreation.” His thought was similar to mine: Do the plants run laps? The ornamental benches go fishing? Will the rocks play Frisbee? In a simple phrase: Stupid on a town level is reinforced by stupid on a state level.
Bumpkin also provided some crucial documentation that showed just how Pratt Farm was visualized to be once various options were examined.
Pratt Farm has a shed that was built and how does that impact the land? Was any plant life removed? Recently a new trail was cut – ditto. When have reenactors staged events is that passive? Was the setup of stands in the same field for commercial use considered passive?
Pratt Farm was also the dumping ground for an "historic" carriage house that was placed on the property. Unfortunately the carriage house collapsed.
My assumption is the field in question would be perfectly suitable for a community garden but not a healing garden. That is the interpretation I can synthesize out of the mess. My assumption is that Pratt Farm was one a farm and farms do have gardens. No?
When I checked the purpose of a healing garden the terms that are associated are serenity, meditation, reflection, peace, and various similar terms. The noted landscape architect – Frederick Law Olmsted – is undoubtedly having thoughts about who should be allowed to pass the Pearly Gates.
The garden in question is not some operation where a group comes in and scrapes the land clean. Landscape architects would be involved and the plant selection process was presented to the Conservation Commission who approved it 5-0. Now for profiles in courage moment.
Someone actually had the audacity to question the placement of such a garden and the Con Com decided what is best was to contact our version of Billy Fallon – The Great Mouthpiece. Con Com then folded their cards instead of saying “Enough lunacy.”
The original rejection of the garden was at the hands of our local Historical or is it Hysterical Commission. Oliver Mills was supposed to be the garden spot, but in another staggering decision, it was rejected over the potential disruption of Indian artifacts. Using that logic or lack of not a stone would be turned over in Middleboro. I also assume the Hysterical Commission has their own set of dictionaries for reference.
Middleboro has become the central point for stupid in Massachusetts with silly string, swearing amendments and garbage like this. Many years ago Robert Townsend – who wrote for the Enterprise – said as much in an article that raised the hackles of the locals. Somewhere there must be someone who will finally draw a line and maybe the BOS will now do the right thing and find a TC who uses a law book.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Trump (especially) and Clinton - Gawd help us!

As a child growing up – if I ever did grow up – I was fascinated by two characters that were embedded in my Saturday morning children’s television menagerie. The first character was from the Andy Devine Show, also known as “Andy’s Gang.” That character was Froggy the Gremlin.
Froggy was loud, disrespectful, obnoxious, petulant, abrasive, abusive and a nuisance of the highest order. Froggy enjoyed nothing better that to make any and all authority figures – especially those viewed as a pompous – foil to his infantile madness. This certainly resonated with any mean streak that children possessed.
Phineas T. Bluster was a character on the Howdy Doody Show and needless to say that just the last name should give some insight into the character. I do remember Bluster as being just that or a blowhard. A character that would certainly try the patience of Ms. Manners.
Donald Trump has managed to incorporate into his patter the features of both characters and managed to even bring it to another level. The personality flaws are acceptable if they was any content to the brazen shooting from the hip approach that has now defined Trump politics – if can even be classified as politics.
Trump does resonate with some just as Froggy did with me and my friends when we were children, but children do grow up and became a bit more perceptive or in tune to the world around them. Within politics that may actually mean having to put forth cognizant proposals that are based in some level of either broad based philosophical or factual information. I have seen neither.
The old “Where’s the beef?” television commercial surfaces – there is no beef. This is a campaign that is strictly a Howard Beale from the movie “Network” approach of “I’m as mad as hell and I am not going to take this anymore.” If it is anger that motivates then Trump is certainly your candidate of choice.
I examine the two candidates the political parties have presented and simple say “This is the best they can offer America?” The Republicans to their credit have in some instances attempted to deep six Trump – maybe some of it is philosophical and maybe the motivation is an attempt to present an alternative to a very flawed Democrat?
The campaign itself will certainly degenerate into the ultimate mudslinging that represented American politics for much of the 19th century. Count on it as neither candidate has a history of shying away from that aspect. Both sides certainly have an ample supply of ammunition and if TMZ type politics is your game then break out the popcorn.
Trump has nothing to offer. I could certainly buy into his wall scenario, but not to keep Mexicans out, but to keep Chihuahua’s out – I dislike those little beasts almost as much as I despise cats. Otherwise the Trump policies are a wee bit short on details.
Trump was for me easy to dislike and it goes back to sports and his New Jersey General’s football team – another Trump failure. I find Trump as obnoxious as Froggy was now that I am capable of reflection of his entire life is that of a narcissistic self-promoter who simply considers everyone within or outside his sphere as disposable.
Examining the significant issues such as foreign policy apparently Trump’s is in building resorts in exotic locations and for Clinton it is managing to make her tenure as Secretary of State make that of the inept John Kerry appear as vintage John Foster Dulles.
Education you have the formidable Trump University that is to education as the jail bird evangelist Peter Popper is to religion. For Clinton it is the mastery of creating a cottage industry out of the Clinton Foundation that is some type of personal slush fund. Remember, kids, a well-educated society could put the damper on a rerun of these two down the road.
Women’s issue will be a key ingredient and Trump certainly collects his share of eye candy as being a billionaire does have certain advantages. Trump has already spoken numerous times on just how he views females and as for Clinton? Excusing a husband that is a sexual predator shows her contempt for her gender.
The economy will be a focal point with a stagnant middle class, laughable trade agreements, a ferocious debt, a convoluted tax system and a job market that now has a glut of positions a trained seal could do. Trump has started many a business with some notable successes and notable failures. An ability to simply walk away from failure and let bankruptcy court sort things out.
Hillary Clinton claimed she and her spouse were broke despite living in a palatial home in New York. As bill would say it is all how you define the word broke.
I could go on and rattle about a multitude of other issues, but the general conclusion for anyone that is slightly above flat line is we are in a whole4 world of trouble and Teddy Roosevelt isn’t walking through that door.
Trump as president would be a disaster and the real issue for me is that a Clinton one would be the same – a political rock and hard place for the voter. Do you hold your nose and vote for one? Or do you simply leave the ballot blank since both candidates are worthless? Or do you go outside the box and look for an alternative? I will probably go for door number three and select alternatives.
For my local audience the latest misadventure in Middleboro is a flap over a healing garden at Pratt Farm. For those not familiar with Pratt Farm it will never be confused with the Arnold Arboretum or even D.W Fields Park in Brockton. As usual a curmudgeon has surfaced that question if the garden is appropriate according to the purpose described in the purchase.
Now the issue is back with the Conservation Commission based on a complaint from an idiot. Yes – an idiot of the highest order. The CC had already approved! The scope of the utter stupidity even leaves me – who certainly is a purveyor of stupidity – stunned. This is a garden about the same size as two rooms in a house! It will have a granite bench and Pratt already has those. There will be planting of trees and shrubs – this is a park! That’s it! Someone needs to step up and tell this dope to go back to some serious issues.
Speaking of dopes that goes to the Mayor of Philadelphia who has instituted a tax on sweetened products in an attempt to control obesity. Now that is just beautiful. This is a tax and a very expensive one that will sharply increase the price of the thousands of items it impacts. I am sure Mayor Kenny has a BMI that meets acceptable standards.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Elizabeth Warren - "Progressive" fraud

Whenever I read the mutterings of Elizabeth Warren and her Greek Chorus of supporters it seals the deal for me regarding any sanity from the “Progressive” front. Bluntly put her followers are suffering from amnesia – the very worst kind – that which excuses a history – well documented – that would drive a “Progressive” completely off the rails if it was a conservative or any other evil incarnation of a (gasp) Republican.
What is her crime?
One can put on the collective blinders as the left has or engage in a modicum of research and easily discover a long pattern of pointing the figure at those who have profited from exactly what Warren has done in the past, but that is nothing – just the typical do as I say and not as I do – what frosts my thumbs as I key is the check the box that placed this unscrupulous fraud in the national limelight.
Warren was merely another lawyer looking to move up in the world and discovered a simple method – become a Native American! Check the box and became a minority and with it all the diversity thugs – especially in academia – will suddenly find you marketable. How can you claim to be a Native American when you are certainly not?
You build a family history, but despite your academic ability you are actually incapable of diligent researching of your family tree? Others have researched her claims – you know, the evil ones not smitten with her convoluted populous views – and the credibility does not exist.
Warren could erase all doubts with a simple test. I’ve taken them and discovered I happen to me 100% European despite a family verbal legacy of a Native American connection. That research showed a divergence over 170 years ago and my part of the family was excluded while others were not. Blame it on multiple marriages. Warren will not take the test. Wonder why?
Of course, the response is what one would expect from her ilk and that is to simply shift the argument and accuse the accuser of “defaming” her character and family history. Huh? No – Warren is a liar and they are no other tame word to describe it. The foundation for Warren’s advancement in law, education and politics is built on a lie and firmly supported by her followers.
I find this similar to Manny Alexander a fringe major league baseball player who put in ten years on several teams. Alexander was tainted by PED’s. This was an era before sophisticated testing and stringent controls, but still a tactic that baseball wished to eliminate. Was it enough to give Alexander that advantage when it came down to the last roster spot? I believe so. The baseball stars would be stars with or without PED’s, but the Alexander’s? Nope.
Warren is exactly the same. Checking that box fraudulently opened up access Warren did not deserve. Somewhere another individual who did not play the race card lost out since Warren was now an entitled minority. Despicable.
Political parties have long noted for accepting abhorrent behavior within their ranks and yet pummeling the same behavior within the ranks of the opposition. “Progressives” pretend to claim they are somehow morally more attuned to the needs of all and claim – and wrongfully so – that their policies reflect that. But Warren clearly – very clearly – demonstrates the only morality the “Progressives” display has the word bankrupt following it.

Monday, May 16, 2016


Rocky Gutter Wildlife Management Area (WMA) is a wonderful place to visit – as long as you have a GPS and the proper attire since it is clearly part of the mandate by Fish & Game (DFG) to “Go natural.”
The area consists of almost 2,000 acres and has a road – Rocky Gutter Street – that cuts through the middle. Rocky Gutter Street is under the control of the town, is about two miles long, and one would now need an armored all-purpose military vehicle to go the length of the road provided the gates were open.
The real issue is DFG which has a policy of not maintaining WMA’s unless the roadways are absolutely necessary and that means several smaller roads and trails are now fully overgrown of in that process of returning to nature – thus eliminating miles of trails that could be used by the public and hunters. This I found out is their policy.
DFG is also in the process of bringing “Snake Island” to the folks in the Quabbin Reservoir area, but that is now on hold after word leaked out and a public outcry ensued. No matter how they dance and sing the DFG cannot possibly put any legitimate narrative to that little fiasco. But, hey, I don’t need to list the upper echelon of DFG except to say that the “Ex” appears before their names and that ex is associated with being former members of our legislative branch. No doubt all have the usual pristine credentials for such positions.
For those who have resided in Middleboro long enough Rocky Gutter WMA was once – note once – an exceptional place for trail biking, hiking, trail running, hunting and wildlife observation. So just bring it back. Make a policy change. If the DFG can manufacture an island for an “endangered species” how about engineering Rocky Gutter for human use.
Each day a new revelation comes forward that clearly demonstrates the autocratic methods and arrogance of the failed Obama administration. The latest is the insidious methods used to manipulate the narrative surrounding the Iranian nuclear deal and thus put at risk not only the United States but potentially the planet. This administration would make Herr Goebbels proud
Locally a he said and she said is currently in full flight over the compost station – if it is that – that is on River Street. Various government entities are pursuing the matter and one Selectman – Allin Frawley – already made a few too many public statements that could now backfire on the BOS. The compost legal team has latched onto that opportunity to cause some deflection off the core issue and that can only muddle the waters a bit more.
The nationwide uprising over Common Core continues and even former supporters such as Jeb Bush – scion of a failed political family – has done a political U-turn as has Hillary Clinton. This is not exactly a right-wing revolt but one that crosses the line politically on a national scale. Education has traditionally been local even with the federal government exerting more influence and in Massachusetts with the incredible success of MCAS it is even more apparent.
The base argument is one of national standards and that brings up Massachusetts. Why should we do it? We already have success that matches our little province up with the notorious test manipulators in the Far East. Maybe just adopt MCAS nationwide?
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump represent a liars marathon for all to view. The email scandal, Benghazi, siphoning of foreign monies to her charitable fund, questionable speeches before financial groups, idiotic accusations to protect her roving spouse and on and on. This is presidential material? And the items I mentioned are just the favorable ones!
Then comes Trump.
What can one say? Where to begin? I have no idea what motivates Mr. Bluster? The only thing I have dredged up I could possibly agree on Trump with is his refusal to release his tax returns. That foolishness has long been a “stunt” that offers no value and maybe Trump will break that cycle of knee-jerk stupidity.
Bernie Sanders will carry his war to the convention and I wish him well. Bernie is real and he is honest – at least in my view. Of course, his presidency could potentially be a fiscal negative for me since Sanders is a well-known advocate for income distribution in the classic “Progressive” tradition. For a translation that simply means you punish success and reward failure – the liberal mantra of the last 30 years. John Stuart Mill would certainly not recognize what has happened to the concept of traditional liberalism.
Progressives are loaded with bad ideas and all one has to do is find “taxes.” The supposed saints of the poor and middle class have traditionally supported the most punitive of tax structures for those two groups – sales taxes, sin taxes, and gas taxes. Of course, the logic is the funds will always get directed to specific needs such as education and infrastructure, but the reality is they simply end up in general funds to feed the machine.
The latest bright bulb to come out is a millionaire’s tax to target those who have actually been on the upper tiers of financial and business success. And – naturally – the additional taxes has all the catch words to make it seem palatable to the Hoi Polloi in that it will be directed to education – sure it will. Once that level of confiscation takes place I will gladly wager any money I have left that the threshold will be lowered incrementally until a back door raid on our flat tax system has been completed.
Why do we need the extra taxes? Is there some level of structural incompetence within our government that ignores fiscal reality and continues to value cronyism, questionable hiring’s, poor or non-existent accountability and just plain mega waste? Why – of course not! This is Massachusetts, where we have the best government money can buy.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

More BOS Foolishness

Amazing amount of buck passing by the Town Manager in attempting to pass off a veterans issue as a union issue. The propaganda that came forward was “I held the line on the budget.” TM has no problem funding an assistant and can’t – along with our lethargic BOS – figure out a way to make it happen? Hey – even Jack Healey and his creative accounting could get it done.
Do any of them realize – TM and BOS – just how foolish they look? Yes – especially Steve McKinnon. What Steve should have said rather than an absurd comment about the 82nd Airborne (A cheap shots similarity vis a vis Steve Spataro) was to simply say: “How can we as a BOS and a TM get this done?” If you can pontificate for the new police station via being a point person for the PAC – you can do this. I’ve heard you say on many occasions to support our police with this new shed. So 9.5 Million is OK' but dragging up a few bones for vets is not? Please – no more silly this and that regarding Town Meeting approval.
Back to the 82nd Airborne comment. Was it intended to be the large crowd of vets and their supporters that showed up? What is wrong with that? Can Paul or anyone else bring in folks that wish to show support or have a say? “Costs must be contained” – what a crock! Want to contain them? Build a station for 7.5 Million.
This was and is a classic “Bloody Shirt” issue that should transcend any of the attempts to deflect with hazy attempts to link it to Town Meeting or to point the finger at the union. What they really need is someone full-time, but if 20 hours will suffice, then you go forward without generating as much negativity as possible.
Adam Bond said it as well as anyone could and he and Paul have certainly have their issues, but the common goal was always the same although the path may not have been.
Bond was in rare form – no doubt the result of his scintillating victory for the Planning Board. So along those lines, he cut to the bone on the utter stupidity over $121 and some chump change on an issue that leaves me just ready to ask my doctor if he supports euthanasia.
The roots of this mess seem to hover around some BOS nastiness that is now a he said, she said, and makes the whole litter box that they meet in have a sudden need for some new Fresh Step Litter. McKinnon made the quite appropriate comment that – and I paraphrase – we can pass a 72.6 Million budget in a blink and debate this endlessly.
President Obama has now joined former President Bush in protecting our "allies" in the House of Saud from any possible law suits resulting in their possible knowledge of 9/11. The decision is quite clear - the administration(s) value the Saudi's more than American citizens. Withholding such information is morally bankrupt.
Parents need a choice and actually demand it which is why charter schools are necessary.
Based on Middleboro’s tepid MCAS scores the waiting list would be substantial.
There is no evidence to support claims that casino’s decrease lottery dollars.
Bibi warned Congress a year ago about terrorist getting nukes. Now Obama has awaken from his stupor to state the same.
“The Donald” would be a voting disaster for Republicans.
Middleboro’s budget is 72.6M and the Red Sox Rusney Castillo has a six year 72.5M contract for sitting on the bench.
Much personal animosity on our BOS – maybe Trump can move here?