Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year Trashing

Can the Boston Globe sink any lower? Yes, they most certainly can.
The latest was a 10 page puff piece disguised as “investigative reporting” when the reality was it was piled higher and deeper with excuses for the Tsarmaev family. Of course the usual victimization of the two bomber brothers took place. All their “poor upbringing.” On and on with assorted psycho babble and, of course, no real input from the victims. You know, the 260 injured. The four dead cannot speak for themselves.
So this entire family has drained resources that should go to our own domestic needy. The various welfare benefit’s the entire clan has received has been well documented - the total for all the years the “political refugees” have enjoyed our system is in seven figures. And this is immigration reform? This is now know in Massachusetts as “The Full Tsarmaev.” The whole ride from Mass Health to EBT cards and, of course, public defenders for other members of the clan who have been nabbed shoplifting.
So now the idea is to spend another boodle of dough providing a defense. Great. That is our “system.” We also enjoy a “Free press” so the Boston Globe can write anything they wish to write. What I and others can do is simply point out that the Globe is full of manure and that the death penalty should be applied as quickly as possible to this “Tussle haired youth.”
Why does it take “Up to ten days to unsubscribe,” yet the other crap is immediate. Sign up and you get buried.
Massachusetts unemployment is now higher than the national average.
Elizabeth Warren (AKA - Princess Liz) is one of the signers on having no credit checks for potential hires. In the next few years I imagine companies will be required to have a federal stooge sit in on all interviews.
The EPA had a high level employee be a virtual no show for years. Told his superiors he was on “Special assignment” from the CIA. They bought it. 900K later he finally got nailed. Bet they ran no credit check.
Will Brennen’s Smoke Shop open up an outlet at Highpoint?
Now 7,500 EBT card photo ID requests have been returned as “undeliverable.” Gee….wonder why? Better get on it, Deval, these are lock votes.
Middleboro is certainly looking up. Our downtown will be wonderful with a pawn shop, “smoke” shop, numerous nail salons, drug “rehab” facility, and Steve’s Sports Den. I guess that means a transformation from a historic district to a hysteric district.
The intersection of route 28 and route 105 is one of the few times I can state “I told you so.” Having three lanes in two directions and two lanes in another two directions is a recipe for congestion and that is what you get. I’m sure the wizards that devised this will also cure the rotary issue.
Our glorious new cop house will be Reedy’s archery until the glorious new cop house part Deux is completed - if it gets voter approval. I find it amazing that the department is understaffed and then they built a 9-12M dollar complex. I guess brick and motor is more important than feet on the pavement.
The new library parking lot is a fine addition. Children’s room at the library has always been exceptional.
A glitch in the Delta Airlines reservation system allowed certain fares to be a fraction of their normal cost. This occasionally happens within reservation systems for airlines and I am a pure skeptic at this point. What a great way to get site traffic and be on the news nationwide.
A gimmick in the Dodd-Frank Act requires companies to disclose CEO compensation ratios, with that ration being based on corporate average. Just another way to fuel the fires of income inequity.
Xmas trees will now be picked up. Maybe Andy’s math was defective are there were, in reality, more that 40 trees.
Chicken wings at Dave’s Diner are the best in the area. A close second is Boston Tavern and Harry’s.
The greater D.C. area is 73% above the median national income average. I guess that is what “The Big Zero” means by income inequity. Government does pay - both above and below the table.
Computer controlled trains are everywhere. In Shanghai their baby buzzes along at about 300MPH. And it is passenger loaded. I fully expect drone technology to eventually result in commercial aviation without pilots.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Failure That Is Obama

Just when I think our President can sink no lower he manages to do just that. I thought his race baiting had been the nadir, once again I am proven incorrect.
The latest is his “Selfie” photo with two other intellectually questionable characters. One being the PM of Denmark and the other of England. Like three frat boys and girls and a kegger in which too mush was consumed they decided to take a camera photo of themselves.
The wonderful choice of this self indolent behavior was midway through the sendoff of Nelson Mandela. What a wonderful display to put on the world stage. I imagine the usual suspects for this dismal failure in the corner office will surface and probably blame it on Bush.
The simple fact is this representative of those who have adopted an alternative lifestyle via handouts, is just continuing down the path that will label him as the premier example of mediocrity to hold the presidency in the last 100 years or so. Move over corrupt Republicans of the 20s - make way for Obama!
I am a firm believer that health care should be available for all. After all isn’t the responsibility of government the safety and well being of the citizens? Amazingly….or maybe not, the ACA is in a continuous stage of crash and burn - and I am not making reference to the web site. That will most certainly improve.
Where the problem exists is millions of policies have gone to dust and with it an even larger group of formerly insured who must now fend for themselves. Some of the more ardent supporters of this dismal president have all of a sudden noticed they are getting a BIG HIT with premiums and deductibles. Way to go, 18-34 age group. You wanted him and now you got him. The fact is as more comes to the shine of light the more reality sets in with the ACA. Wait until the tax burden - hidden or not - start to surface.
The most important thing is providing services for your constituents. Mayor to be Walsh met with Mayor to leave “Mumbles” and the most important part of the discussion was city services - meaning trash pickup, snow removal and answering the phones. Blow millions on a bad police contract? No problem. Schools underperform? No problem. Sweetheart developer deals surface? No problem. Trash not picked up? HUGE PROBLEM.
That is exactly why the Democrats better get in full damage control and not the verbal platitudes and barbs the president incompetent tosses out. This is real personal when you mess with a key element such as health care and it screws up. Even the I’ve got mine so what crowd have the “That could have been me” mantra going on. This really hits home.
But why stop with health care? The scandals, domestic spying, mis-management, foreign policy blunders, outright executive lying, misuse of government agencies and on and on and on are well documented. You don’t have to be a Koch Brother to realize that an incompetent is now in command. Great. Can it get worse? Well….a few more years will certainly muck it up even further.
The good thing is the executive screw-ups are so bad that they just maybe fatal to the Democrats in the 2014 elections. Many are already scurrying around to attempt to distance themselves from the mountain of failures that they just may be held accountable for. I thought there was no possible way the Republicans could capture the Senate and maintain control of the House. Internal divisions and those pesky “T” types seem to have placed the party in reverse. Then they were rescued. The titular head of the party is the president and, folks, he is flawed to the nth degree.
I am sure I will occasionally be able to give president incompetent his props, but I expect them being fewer and fewer.