Wednesday, July 29, 2009


The casino deal was ushered through primarily by Adam Bond who was a member of the BOS at that time - a postion he walked away from last January. Much criticism has been generated from that very deal and all one has to do is look at various blogs to find it. I certainly provided my share often wondering how details that a simpleton like myself could recognize would be passed over or omitted from the final product. Many of the anti's have pecked apart that deal far better than I could ever accomplish. It all comes down to details. Lawyers are suppose to watch for details - at least that is an assumption on my part - has to do with all those potential escape clauses and such in any written agreement. Make sure everything is air tight. In recent months Mr. Bond has even mentioned some of these very details. Details that were excluded. When I look at the web profile that Mr. Bond still has these following two statements appear:

I am also a second term, sitting Middleborough Selectman.

As I mentioned earlier, I sit on the Board of Selectmen in the town of Middleboro.

I guess it all comes down to details. If you can't update your resume after eight months that will explain a lot about details.

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anonymous said...

Strange not to update something that is a public view. Maybe AB wants potential clients still to think he's a member of the BOS?

I think it is just forgetfullness. See how long it takes him to correct it.