Friday, October 23, 2009

Fox News - Flame Wars - Baseball - Clyde

Found it rather interesting that the WOW Administration is after Fox News. That pesky little First Amendment thing just seems to rankle the current leader of the free world but this just makes me wonder if Fox is onto something to raise such ire. IMHO the news outlets have clearly demonstrated their particular preferences by the way they mange and present the “news.” Reminds me that The Eagles were onto something with the clever tune “Dirty Laundry.”

Suo has made some interesting broadsides on the “Self Proclaimed Greatest Blog In Middleboro” - AKA- SPGBIM. Try making an anagram out of that! I gotta give Suo some level of victory on points with his glib responses, lack of deflection and verbose (got that word from Suo’s thesaurus) comments. Been a bad week for BB having to write that Ghost Busters column and then getting haunted by Suo/Dal/Lincoln/GreenSchool.

Baseball season ended a week or so ago with the pitiful demise of the Red Sox. Out with a whimper. At least I was out of state at the time and did not get to see the last embarrassing disaster. Just don’t have the Yankees win number twenty-seven.

Clyde made my phony column and Limo had a great quote from Clyde regarding personal information being posted by anti’s. They just don’t get it.


MSM Party Bus said...

"Great quote by Clyde. Wonder if CFO will have a response?"

Yea the response... The dump can't handle the computer overload again please stop bringing them.


LMAO said...

I have heard for over two years the constant threats made to anti casino activists and none of it has been documented. No police reports and just heresay. Well this one looks really nasty.

Seems like a day would not go by without Limo's business front and center.

MSM Party Bus said...


Can I get a LMAO......

Did anyone see a chubby lady with grey hair running all crazy around Middleboro with a computer asking people to take it off her hands Free?

I heard everyone is saying get that thing out of here..

bogofree said...

I'd take the computer but would probably get Swine Flu from it.

MSM Party Bus said...

Anyone know Mr Barrows E-mail?

MSM Party Bus said...

I might be able to get some bus work from him and his lawyer when we need to transport those that want to give depositions or to testify at the court house..

Ya Hoo.....

MSM Party Bus said...

"Mr. Barrow's work has been questioned by our group for a long time," Norbut said. "Both his process and his product are really questionable."

Since Uss-Slots has been around what 3-4 weeks does that constitute a long time?

Didn't take long for our local anti's to destroy Kathleen Norbuts group.. LMCAO

I can't remember all the blunders Bogo how long was the CFO message board up before they made the paper?

MSM Party Bus said...

May 2008

"A small group of people, he said, have been using blogs as a means to damage his personal and professional reputation"

Anyone know who's quote this is?

bogofree said...

Maybe Clyde can change his name to Fido and have AB represent him?

anonymous said...

I read the BB blog and he looks lost. WTC are you guys doing to him, especially Suo?

being a conservative I like Fox News and it is good to have at least one network that does not toe the party line.

anonymous said...

He's really getting beat up and is now at the point of defending the likes of some skank he thinks is hot. Wonder who Clyde is talking about with two bloggers he's after. Spread you wings, Clyde, and go after all of cfo.

MSM Party Bus said...

BB says.."Now Clyde, go home, put on your big-boy pants, and stop picking on the grassroots citizens"

He put his big boy pants on, When he removed the middleboro Selctmans address and shock in his red flannel when he found out her house got broken into. Ooops!

Is this the way Anti casino people behave? BB you are totally warped!

And Natash Schull ask any Veteran who has folded a flag that was draped over a coffin what he thinks of Ms. Schull.

anonymous said...

Dissing BB Limo? You bad boy!

MSM Party Bus said...

I posted this comment over at BB he is threating not to post comments from "Malcontents" Why anony has to bring you two into something I'm being falsly accused of is beyond me.

On another note so people can see what I wrote and it dosn't get distorted or twisted.

"Hey why is it that Bogo or Lincoln have no issues when Limo calls someone a Pedophile"

Please quote for me where ever I called someone that name.

As BB says with refrences and links.

The exact quote was "Mr Rich Young, pedophile overtone comments are unaccebtable in this debate"

You know like the nasty comments generated from some anti sites by non other than Anony.. accusing people of enticeing children, Gawking at children,The act of Playing with peoples family photos etc!

I didn't do those things anti's did! why shouldn't someone put a call out to the president of

Its you anonymous who brings this whole debate into the gutter and you take everyone down with you in the process.

As far as attacking woman unprovoked You are totaly warped.

Showing someone the dangers of drinking alcohol with links, or showing someone the dark side of an exstremist, That I personally wouldnt promote as a poster child for my group. I call that helping someone.

2007 your group was accused of picking on babies,

2008 you were accused of terroism type tactics,

2009 you think a selectman wasn't scared finding her address posted on the internet and a week later her house gets trashed.

Now comes a college educated man from UMD saying the same thing. Why is it anony, people just keep singling out anti groups for scare type tactics?

You can be mad at me for calling you out on anything I find totaly unacceptable in a debate. But do it logicly and without threats.

You will find sugar works better than your Vinegar approach.

any time you want to have coffee I am here for you.

OH! thats right your Anonymous. Can't show your true self!!!!

MSM Party Bus said...

Halifax's expert... All but being accused of racisim..

Lynch, on the other hand, presented a purity of race argument, claiming that intermixing with other races resulted in the Unkechaug not being “of the same or similar race.”

“Mr. Lynch relied on an account from 1883 that stated, in part, ‘there was never any tribe of Poospatuck Indians. They are much mixed with the Negroes and probably not more than three could be presented who have the Indian features,’” Matsumoto said.

In supporting his claim that the Unkechaug lacked a united community and leadership in the 19th century, Lynch relied on an 1850 document “replete with terms and overtones that would be considered racist by contemporary standards,” Matsumoto said.

The judge said the court questioned Lynch about his use of the Ph.D. designation on his curriculum vitae, “given that he does not, in fact, have a Ph.D. Specifically, Mr. Lynch’s C.V. states ‘Ph.D., anthropology/History (abd.) (Ethnohistory, Sociocultural Change).’ Mr. Lynch explained that the ‘(abd.)’ designation on his C.V. indicates ‘all but dissertation,’ which Mr. Lynch stated clarifies his status. The court respectfully disagrees. Without Mr. Lynch’s oral explanation, Mr. Lynch’s C.V. in combination with his chosen format appears to represent that he earned his Ph.D., even though he did not,” Matsumoto said.

When asked to describe his research methodology for reviewing historical documents, Lynch responded, “I believe if there’s no evidence to prove a point, the point is not proven.”

Lynch is well-known on the East Coast and beyond for his “research” against tribal nations seeking federal acknowledgment and his association with the anti-Indian sovereignty organization One Nation United. In Connecticut alone he has worked against the Schaghticoke Tribal Nation, the Eastern Pequot Tribal Nation and the Golden Hill Paugussett Indians. He has provided “research papers” or testimony against the Mashpee Wampanoag and the Shinnecock Indian Nation. He has self-published two books about Connecticut Indians that were not peer reviewed.

Matsumoto noted that in nine out of 10 cases in which Lynch has testified as an “expert witness,” Lynch “found adversely” to the tribe’s bid for federal acknowledgment. In the single case in which he found in favor of the tribe, he was hired by a client that supported tribal recognition, Matsumoto said.

Lynch’s testimony on the Montoya criterion regarding community and leadership, is “particularly results-driven,” Matsumoto said. “It appears that Mr. Lynch ultimately chose what evidence to rely on and the weight to be given that evidence based on whether it supported his client’s position and his ultimate conclusions.”

Asked to respond to Matsumoto’s comments about his work, Lynch sent a 13-page paper reiterating his interpretation of the Montoya ruling and his views on why Unkechaug did not meet the Montoya criteria.

bogofree said...

Professional malcontents are those that don't agree with you.

"Anon" obviously has some issues with the person who writes the second greatest blog in Mboro. Unfortunately she lacks the research abilities to discover that I am not above hammering Limo, BB, Suo, myself or just about anyone else. I am an anti who is that simply because I am a NIMBY who has not seen enough money being offered.

On that note "Anon" did not note who I considered my political phony - Clyde! I also feel that CFO has helped create an environment where crap like what Clyde has gone through or a business is attacked or a comment like "Gawking" is allowed and as Mike Dukakis says "The fish rots from the head down." Blame it on their BOD.

MSM Party Bus said...

"The fish rots from the head down." Blame it on their BOD"

Not all comments are generated but enough of them from BB site just like the above non-sense.

Now BB is admitted numerous times he is not associated in any way with CFO.

So you can't complain to the BOD you bring it to the source.

Then he will hit you with its not me its my commenters.

When I post something to his site it dosn't post.

BB posts it!

When I post here on your site it posts right away I posted it.

Is BB that slow he can't figure out why anonymous causes him so much grief?

bogofree said...

Lynch and Clyde will get you the results you want - for a price. Both are hired guns.

In the casino debate I have seen so much lousy data it is now a joke to take any of it seriously.

I wonder who Clyde is going after?

Blogger Shark said...

As if you know what good data is Bogo.. or is it Rick.

Clyde can SLAPP a suit all he wants. Talk is cheap. Like no one is scared. How is that for a response? They are still waiting for the storm troopers from the DA on all the last complaints. You can always sue, try and collect.

I can't leave Bus Boy out. You make Balloon Dad look good.

MSM Party Bus said...

One more thing BB,
This whole pedophile cospiracy comment was brought about by you!

The post in question could of been cleared up by you and I that day if only you could of let me quote you " Put on your big boy pants" and told me mike you have a comma in the wrong spot.

Instead you picked up your phone and called Rich at a Baseball game and told him I called him that.

He called me right back and said Mike can you remove that comment and I will help you with this problem I'm at a ball game and can't do anything about it now.

Instead he lied to the Newspaper.

Did he lie BB or was he fed 3rd party information that wasn't correct?

You know something I don't hold nothing against you. but don't try and play the "Not Lil o'l me" game.

You were the one that fed Rich the information that day!!

What did you tell Mr Young that day BB let us all in on it..

I am cross posting these comments here so people can see whats being written on bb and can't get twisted.

bogofree said...

BS (how appropriate). Rick is OK. I'm no fan of Clyde but I am no fan of personal info being distributed by either side. Clyde has some resources so this may be more than an idle threat. Clyde also has some significant personal baggage but this board is not for that discussion - I’ll leave that to the TMZ types that seem to flourish on the anti side.

As far as data what I notice is the CFO seems to believe in information posted from the mythical land of Clark. As Winston Churchill said “There are three kinds of lies: Lies. Damn lies. And statistics.“ All need to be examined carefully . Neither side impresses me with their ability to stagger my simple mind with their extraordinary date.

What I heard on the side at two CFO meetings made me run and hide since I know a collection of loose cannons, religious and moral zealots and local protectionists when I hear them. Had a blog on it a long time ago. Been down that road all too often. As I have said one can be anti and also be anti CFO. The organization handled some situations in an abominable fashion. Inmates running the asylum? Think so as Rich Young is a nice guy placed with an awkward group.

I just made a post on the BB blog regarding attacks of a business or even potential boycotts. I took either side to task on it in this “debate.” I also noticed that if one does not toe the party line with CFO - such as myself - by actually saying certain things are wrong they are forever on their Clark list. Just another example of what a minor league group they really are.

Blogger Shark said...

All BS Bus Boy. Only you care and no one in the real world gives a rat's ass what you think. Your interpretation of the story is only meant so someone can feel sorry for you or just to make someone else look bad who you disagree with. Balloon Dad gets more press because he has more crediblity, if you want to call it that. You must do this to keep the tires on your busses inflated with hot air or do you have a baloon in your back yard too?

bogofree said...

Good to see you back, Shark, you are always welcome.

I think we have all heard Limo's story before. No problem with venting.

On a lesser not please eaxmine by link to the blog Mark and I have on running. If you like trails and the great outdoors this is for you.

Blogger Shark said...

But you know Bogo what is the point in doing what you are doing. Complain about the flaming and so-called business boycotts, but you own the grill right here with the propane set on high. You can't say its not okay for someone else and you contribute by fanning the flames. You can't have it both ways. What the Bobo is up with that.

bogofree said...

I addressed comments made directly to me. I have been consistent as can be on this issue and will disapprove of excesses when I see them. Makes no difference who it is. I will express my OPINION - for that is what it is - on CFO or anyone or anything else. I don't consider that fanning any fires. What I find just disgraceful is the silence emanating from CFO on things that should not have ever happened. That speaks volumes for the moral compass of the organization. Now I have to run over to Wood Stoves and get my propane tank refilled.

anonymous said...

United To Stop Slots is the organization that I think Barrow is focused on. Naturally they link to the usual suspects including cfo and Jessie's new site called Middleboro Remembers. In my opinion they will do absolutly anything to discredit anyone who supports gaming or even says anything negative about them. I wish Barrow the best in his efforts as someone at sometime will have to say enough is enough.

anonymous said...

"I can't leave Bus Boy out. You make Balloon Dad look good."

So Shark are you saying that LL tells his kids to lie?

Blogger Shark said...

You are suggesting that, not me. The thought never entered my mind.

bogofree said...

I can't fault Anon since that was just a connection of dot A and B. Thanks for explaining it Shark.

I was unaware of the Slots organization but the usual links are there. Checked them out. Norburt also seems to fall into the faulty category with her assessment of school impacts in her area regarding ESL teachers. Seems to be contagious.

I think Myth Busters would have a field day with some of the data being tossed around the last three years. I know I have blogged extensively on my own casino visit experiences and both sides seem to be guilty of excesses.

It is like an acorn (not the fabled fraud organization) attack outside. Shrapnel from the trees with the wind.

Spending the afternoon reading Bob Shaw's "Ragged Astronauts" book.

MSM Party Bus said...

Bs send the video please! Thanks

bogofree said...

Been having a bit of discussion with BB today, Limo, and he seems offended that I and my peeps have not repremanded you for your nasty posts on Gladys (or is it Mary?) and Natasha. You are hereby banned from posting any Natsha pictures on this blog.

anonymous said...

Blogger Shark

These morons aren't worth the time and effort to attempt a reasonable discussion with. Bus Boy is still a lunatic. Nothing he says can be trusted. And bogo? He's so shallow he encourages his followers to act like idiots so he can feel like he's so smart and clever. Big fish in a tiny pond.

MSM Party Bus said...

Hey if Bus Boy goes Anonymous can we all argue LMAO nobody will know who's who..

Wish I could stay and play but I am off for Prime rib and dog racing..

You people pray for me ok!

bogofree said...

Should I asked anonymous to ID himself? Should I go into the coward routine about anonymous posts? Naw...that's only for the self proclaimed greatest blog in Middleboro. Nice that Anon checks in and maybe bus boy can go fishing as he's the expert. I know where you can find some Loudmouth Bass, LL.

I always use the shallow end of the pond. LMCAO!

anonymous said...

Are you guys through with your torture of BB? LMCAO! What are you doing taking turns? LMCAO!

anonymous said...

Of course you play in the shallow end. They don't make blow up arm swimmies in your size.

bogofree said...

I'm afraid of the water. Deathly afraid. Put a tube on? No way! Stay away from pools and the beach but don't mind boats or traveling over water. Have to have the six year old kids rescue me.

Dog racing still going on LL? Texas has some active tracks but no casinos. Have to go across the borders for that. Galveston is trying to get gaming. Love to see that go through since the island needs some serious economic input.

Nice grilled steak tonight with grilled vegtables. Prime Rib sounds nice as that is a personal favorite. BB likes crow since he's had to eat a lot of it lately.

Suo Mynona said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Suo Mynona said...

Anon 7:41:

I got bored with him and Bogo took over. People are sitting back and watching him melt -- sort of like the glory days on Just look how no one is posting anything on his other stuff. Oh the humanity!

I think most anonymous posts are done by BB and I CAN'T prove IT LMCAO! Am I going out of my clarking mind with paranoia?

Notice how he always sinks to swearing. He blows as regularly as Old Faithful.

It was really funny when told me to get a thesaurus. I actually own thesauri (or is it thesauruses?)

Let's have some fun with a word spelling, definition, antonym, homonym contest with cinnamons tossed in for spice.

Let's start with PIFFLE. Six simple letters that define the Best Blog in Town (and this blog.)

Now I will pit the word piffle in to usage:

BB's piffling is the joke.

MSM Party Bus said...

I piffle all the time..

I wouldn't use the word piffle in my non-conversations with anony though..

I might get accused of something...


anonymous said...

H, responds with denial.

I don't care about all the politics of how you got to the point of the execution.. Think the dog cares?

All I see is "I second the motion"

You voted to kill a dog. End of story.

Tell me how thats a rumor or a half truth..

Without all the piffling..

A simple Yes or No Did you second the motion to put the dog down?

You don't have to justify anything to me. LOL. Who am I? When you look in the mirror. I am you..

Don't worry until you work on it. you will never understand what I just wrote.

You know H, MY OPINION:> You remind me so much of that guy in the movie "Green Mile". You would put a dry sponge on the dogs head just to make it smoke a little more.. Cause just a little more drama for people. You would call Kyle or George and give them a heads up to watch for the smoke.
then you would run around and say Oooh! I made a mistake..

Sad so very sad...

Oh! by the way my new name anonymous, anonymous told anonymous to tell me to change my name to anonymous because anonymous is the name to use around anony.. Thier will always be only one anony..

Figure that out on a foggy Sunday morning.

wait its sunny.. LOL

piffler piffling said...

"H" was your good friend...each used the other until the parting of the ways. Love gone wrong.

MSM Party Bus said...

"Anon checks in and maybe bus boy can go fishing"

BOGO, you don't even know.

I love when I havn't fished for a while and decide to go..

Throw a little bait out, even if its just a minnow off the bridge near my house. Which by the way never has any fish..

But can you imagine changing your technique,useing a different bait and landing the catch of the year.
now that fish is going to have to answer to my frying pan.

I'm going to roll him in flour, little egg and fry him good.

bogofree said...

"I got bored with him and Bogo took over. People are sitting back and watching him melt -- sort of like the glory days on Just look how no one is posting anything on his other stuff. Oh the humanity!"

So obvious yet on and on he goes!

I love the inconsistency of demanding anonymous posters to ID themselves and the calling out of same - of course they are the ones who disagree with him.

bogofree said...

From SPGBIM (Self Proclaimed Greatest Blog In Middleboro).

"I don't generally ask people to ID themselves. The exception would be Lincoln who is on here every 5 minutes with his accu-demands and accu-questions. I've grown quite weary of it and am asking him to own up to his long and vile history of anonymous posting."

Does his vile history included language that is on my sidebar?

Suo has documented quite well on this blog and on your blog of your own behaviors. In the long and vile history contest you are the clear winner.

Your obsession with Lincoln is getting downright spooky. Just like your Limo obsession. You once stated Hal seems to find a racist behind every bush (I paraphrase) but it seems you find all those negative posters behind every bush and assume they are all Lincoln. Just plain bizarre.

Generally is a broad term. I guess that proves my point about only those who disagree.

LMAO said...

Appears that Suo has once again grabbed his thesaurus with "Piffle." LMCAO! We'll soon have anonymous talking to anonymous over anonymous things that will remain anonymous.

Seriously, he doesn't really get what you guys are doing to him? I mean he's mumbling to himself about topix and Lincoln and who knows what else. Getting to convoluted to even follow.

MSM Party Bus said...

"Good Morning I am inclosing my brief bio and photo related to my candidacy.'

Why would anyone want to post anything on

Horror stories,lies,toxic waste dump so on and so on...

Because no one believes Anony! her words are like that slime a slug leaves behind.

Pure nastiness.

Suo Mynona said...

LMAO October 25, 2009 10:49 AM

Hilarious post

MSM Party Bus said...

I was having a conversation with my wife this morning,

What can grown adults do for a night out.

Object to get away from the house and kids for a night out together.

No drinking or bars
No Gambling or any places of the like, bingo etc!
No other house to visit.
No bowling
and No movies or shopping.

Can I get some of your ideas?

MSM Party Bus said...

PS its 32 degrees and raining...

potty mouth said...

Such a big deal about someone writing "sh*t" yet that's about what the content of this blog amounts to. What a bunch of hypocrites. As per usual, Squishy arrives back on the scene and things sink back to the same old, same old of the last 2 years. Maybe he should think about mouth by-pass surgery.

MSM Party Bus said...

Ghost busters what ya gonna do...

bogofree said...

I prefer to think of this blog as a pile of Clark.

BB needs to clean up his act and appears to have done that. Behaviors can be modified.

Mike is consistent and nothing wrong with a trip down memory lane which is what the anti's do all the time with casino Clark.

anonymous said...

I fully agree with you potty mouth and it is time for an upgrade for this site. Bogo can start with some pictures of someone having sex with sheep and then go onto discussing someone's anus and follow that up with allowing a comment about gawking. That is just for satrters. maybe some of the cheering brigagde at his blog can come over and call everyone who disagrees with their wonderful assessment of what should be done a bunch of third rate dips**ts.

Here it is in a nut shell and nut is appropriate when discussing BB's camp followers. The way to win their support is to say all members of the BOS are clueless, anyone who is in favor of a casino is flawed, that it is perfectly OK to trash Limo but not any of their saintly crew. A bunch of shallow and phony hypocrities.

Suo Mynona said...

The piffling blog is like watching a toy train wreck in slow motion.

potty mouth said...

Some people from both sides have trashed anyone who disagrees with them for over two years now. Most of us are absolutely sick of it. Everyone justifies themselves with "Well, that one said or did it first." That's how children behave. And after all is said and done bogo gets offended because BB uses the word sh*t on his blog. That word isn't half as offensive as the crap bloggers are standing knee deep in and keep throwing at each other.

As for Bus Boy, do you even remember some of the things he's said and done? Everyone deserves a second chance, but this man is proving yet again that he hasn't changed a bit.

Very few think much about that casino anymore. There's much more serious things to worry about now.

bogofree said...

Potty it goes far deeper than just language but touches extensively the area of questionable posts and questionable material that BB has either posted directly or allowed. Expand your horizons and look at the big picture. A clear pattern exists and that is strictly an administrative issue. Suo and Limo and even Hal have gone much deeper in their comments on BB and that has been posted here and on BB's site many times. Why revist that again? It’s all out there.

I like Mark and I like Hal, Suo and Mike. I enjoy the company of all and I certainly have some significant differences with BB on management issues. IMO he is a lousy site administrator and view his ability in that area in the same context as he and several of his posters view the BOS.

LMAO said...

Doesn't he realize what you clowns are doing? Bozo and his merry crew remind me of that Big Foot commercial on TV where they pull pranks on Big Foot only Big Foot doesn't get you guys. BB you should get these characters back on nemasket and get some action going in that room since it is duller than a Jessie post. LMAO!

bogofree said...

How come no one has made the connection between my latest blog title and what has been going on?

Nice imagery, Suo. Was it a Lionel or HO Scale?

bogofree said...

Limo Wrote:

"I was having a conversation with my wife this morning,

What can grown adults do for a night out.

Object to get away from the house and kids for a night out together.

No drinking or bars
No Gambling or any places of the like, bingo etc!
No other house to visit.
No bowling
and No movies or shopping.

Can I get some of your ideas?"

Stay here and make mindless posts all day....just follow my examples. If you need some real ideas on mindless plus just go to the BB blog. If we get bored we can always go to Middleboro Remembers and after a few minutes we will be all snooze.

MSM Party Bus said...

Hey Potty Mouth,

Is that you. I only know one potty mouth..

Could it be?

On another note how bout those Pats?

Suo Mynona said...

It was Thomas the tank Engine with Mr. Potato Head as the conductor (Both by Playschool)

It is an express train with no stopping to think of cogent (another 6 letter thesaurus word) arguments.

Isn't that what all of this piffling is? Just a bunch of playschool foolishness.

Suo Mynona said...

"BB you should get these characters back on nemasket and get some action going in that room since it is duller than a Jessie post. LMAO!"

We've been shunned by the Best Blogger in Town

bogofree said...

SHUNNED! Oh the pain has resurfaced! I may have to go into some of my earlier blogs and see all the crap we really tossed around!

anonymous said...

MIDDLEBORO, MA 02346 US September 2011

LOL! She finally has a title.

Somebody Clarked up.

MSM Party Bus said...


I'll take the Angels.

A Lunch?

Suo Mynona said...

**Potty Mouth Makes Best Statement**

"Very few think much about that casino anymore. There's much more serious things to worry about now."

I agree wholeheartedly. It is barely part of the local lexicon (a 7 letter thesaurus word) anymore. The reason IS because "There's much more serious things to worry about now."

Meanwhile BB is worried about thesauruses (or is it thesauri?)

Casino may no longer be a significant part of the local vernacular, but CLARK has become a ubiquitous colloquialism.

My ego requires me to pontificate that I did not use my thesaurus to promote my loquacious adroitness.

---I am off to work---

potty mouth said...

To be honest bogo, I don't have the time or interest to dig into all the local baloney. Much more worried about what's going to happen to my medicare and all the other issues Obama is messing with.

God I'm sick of all the casino wars.

bogofree said...

PM...I am really worried about the health care mess and have blogged my useless opinion on it. I have a great health care program that is now my Medicare B,C,D and the rest of the alphabet. I go to any doctor or hospital without a referal. I pay $42 a month and the government kiss of $96. When they get done I know I'll eventually be tossed into some government mis-managed program to save money since my plan is for retired state employees. I have often posted that I have no problems with government mandates but a serious issue with government management.

MSM Party Bus said...

anony wants you to yell at me! I'll never understand all the big words you use so I won't know how to respond. Please forgive me.

But if you feel you must use that dinasour or whatever the clark you use to get those big words.

I don't mind.. Take me to task..

Really I don't..

Just don't say I'm "GAWKING" ok!

anonymous said...

***Warning put your coffee down***
***Before you click this link***
USS-Slots Directors

MSM Party Bus said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bogofree said...


That list for USS looks like the contribution list for Sal "Five to Ten" DiMasi. Wonder if he shares a cell with Raven?

bogofree said...

Hey, Limo, if I leave that link out there am I guilty of publishing the semi home addresses of anti's? I guess it is OK since it is a public record. How come Jessie and Norbut didn't list Clark, CT as their home?

Remember - you can be anti and not a member of CFO or USS.

MSM Party Bus said...

And I have always respected your position in this debate.

You know why? Because each one of us could give a "rats behind" about a casino.

It's all about the Revenue and Jobs.

Where are these new revenues going to come from?

Genzyme? LOL! feed them some BIO monies...

MSM Party Bus said...

On another note.. Uss wants a good study done..

Did grey2k do their study to see how many workers from Raynham not the Dog track but the town of raynham itself is going to lose when the track closes.

$400.000.00 gone with this economy and that big hit someone's getting laid off.

Teacher,firman,police? who knows.

sorry anony I didn't put a comma after the 400 I realized though what I did..

Thank You

MSM Party Bus said...

Hey Suo,
Awsome story I identify with what you wrote.

Anytime you want to talk I'd be glad to talk with you and you will see how honest two people with heart can share.

508-386-3932 Like I said anytime...

I give you a lot of credit..

Suo Mynona said...

I do not need any credit. But thanks anyways

anonymous said...


Whatever happened to Hal,Rocky,Mildly,Chica,Drive-by,SlopeRigger? Internet Avenger? I miss all the McChuckles.

Maybe they were all JP??? LMCAO!

bogofree said...

Northslope is in hiding since the Red Sox lost. He last posted a month or so ago when we were all in KC. The rest I have no idea? Maybe they have joined Naw...they all had class.

Rocky said...

I got class? Just tired of all the garbage. Heading south soon. Keep me up to speed all.

bogofree said...

Good to hear from you, Rocky! Post whenever you want about anything you want.

Rick (or is it Bogo?)

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