Monday, December 14, 2009

Assorted Stuff

The current corporate tax rate for the U.S. is 39% and that represents the second highest rate among industrialized nations.

The WOW administration claims it will not raise taxes on anyone making less than 250K per year. Now there has certainly been some questions raised on the truth of that statement but what I’m interested in is the expiration of the current tax table on long term capital gains. This will certainly be a tax increase for many of us. As usual if you or I say it that is called a lie but if a politician says it they’ll dream up a different tag line.

Barney Frank (D-Fanny Mae) is constantly talking about economic fairness. IMO that translates to income redistribution.

Douglas Adams was a wonderful writer and I will paraphrase from one of his books were an excerpt spoke of a planet wide evacuation - they put all the lawyers on one ship and sent them in the opposite direction.

In the recent Senate election five of the six candidates were lawyers. Could it get worse? Yes! Four were from Harvard Law School.

This is an informational note. On occasion I will use the names Billy Flynn and Billy Fallon and what that refers to is William Fallon who was know as “The Great Mouthpiece” for his ability to defend notorious mobsters. Billy Flynn is the ethically challenged lawyer from the musical “Chicago” and that character is loosely based Fallon.

Mike Dukakis (D- Tank Girl) spoke at the USS Slots or Slots USS or whatever. I’ll give Duke credit in that he voted against the lottery also.

Why is it so hard for people to put away a shopping cart?

Why is equally as hard for the same folks to clear snow off their cars?

TSA continues to prove they are the mall cops of the government. A wanted fugitive actually got hired. So much for screening. Wonder what else is going on?

I am still attempting to figure out how President WOW got a Nobel Peace Prize? Did Gandhi ever get one? I think even WOW was embarrassed by the award.

Going green does not make you any green. I have a mutual fund and an ETF that is green. Returns have been dismal - zero at this point and both have lost 50% of their original investment value. The more traditional energy funds have been excellent. Dirty coal is green.

LL is in the wrong country. They had a shortage of Limo’s in Copenhagen and had a call out over Europe for some more. Top it off with the 140 private jets.

There is no such thing as “The Middleboro Way” but there is the common sense way.

1.1 TRILLION dollar federal budget. Austerity?


Suo Mynona said...

Let me get this straight. BB does not support Adam's law suit and slams Rogers for saying the "It's not the Middleboro Way."

Why is BB against the law suit? I can only assume he thinks it is not neighborly. I am truly pondering and not suggesting. He once again seems to be trapped by his own words.

BB, if you are reading this LMAO provided an eloquent definition:

"This is not how you treat friends, neighbors, business associates, those who work with you in charitable causes, attend church with you and whose kids attend school with your kids.
--LMAO December 8, 2009 7:32 PM
(Please read the full quote for proper context)


BB, The Middleboro Way is not a loaded term that is about local politics and the self-perceived wrongs that have been committed against you. It relates to not attacking the town at the expense of your neighbors' abilities to access and egress their homes in an immediate emergency -- such as a stroke.

I am 100% certain of this: I do not want on my conscience that some died because a road had to be plowed before an ambulance could arrive.

BB, make one your regular appearances on Adam's radio show and explain the Middleboro Way for all of us yokels that are third rate d*psh*ts

bogofree said...

"I am 100% certain of this: I do not want on my conscience that some died because a road had to be plowed before an ambulance could arrive."

This would certainly apply to a fire truck.

I can fully understand the ire of those who are on roads not plowed who have entered onto the law suit. Should that ire be extended to the immediate? There also seems to be some real questioning as to what constitutes a public and private way. Gives me a headache.

LMAO said...

When you open your yap without consideration of those around you then you'll live with a self created mess. This whole situation could and should have been handled with a bit more foresight.

LMAO said...

Thanks for the props Suo.

bogofree said...

Time for a George Frazier moment. I think he would say this whole issue needs some "panache."

IMO this was a dead issue until Murray expanded on the possibilities at that meeting a month or so ago. That must have woken up the former BOS member who saw the potential to embarrass the sitting board.

anonymous said...

"who saw the potential to embarrass the sitting board"

WHY? (embarrass the sitting board)

bogofree said...

LOL! They do a good enough job but sometimes an extra push is helpful.

Wally Glendye said...

I heard that the hearing this afternoon did not go well for the people involved in the snow plowing suit. I was told it had been postponed for a couple of weeks. Not sure of all the details but I was told they didn't have the required documents.

bogofree said...

Well....if Adam was involved just remember he has still not updated his web site where he remains a sitting member of the BOS. So much for details. Guess it is not a strong suit (intended).

Be interested to see if any of those that signed on to the action now get their street plowed.

Now this will drag into early January and maybe another delay after that.

Thanks for the update Wally.

anonymous said...

Where is Clark The Toothless Shark?

Suo Mynona said...
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Suo Mynona said...

Whatever is happening I am sure that the self anointed defenders of all the tax paying residents who live on public ways are proud of their efforts. They believe in their cause so much they did not show up to the BOS meeting to meet the afflicted.

There are all sorts of stuff about which the town is open to law suits. The bitterness seemingly runs deep. I suspect there will be additional law suits. It has proven an effective way to get your name in the press.


Hey Ed B how about dropping my puzzle off? It has been a month. I had purchased it to support your cause and intended it to be a Christmas gift. Our tree will be less one present.

Otherwise, you can mail me back just the FIVE bucks it costs you for the puzzle and keep the other 15 bucks for your charity. That way you are whole on the donation.

I will donate the other 5 bucks to assist those who need their roadway plowed. You can win on both “counts” that way.

Trevor said...

MIDDLEBORO — .A Superior Court judge on Tuesday ordered the town attorney and a group of residents to prepare their cases for a hearing regarding a dispute over the town plowing some private ways.

"When Murray and Bond began to argue their sides, the judge stopped the hearing and ordered affidavits, because he feared the case was becoming a “free for all.”

Selectmen Chairman Patrick E. Rogers, who said it was a “wild time”

How much is this costing the town of Middleboro? Just so Mr. Bond can have a "free for all in court"

I wouldn't of expected this court room drama involving "Blazing Glory" Mr Bond to be described any other way. “wild time” "free for all in court"

He is so predictable.. just look at his past history.

Its actually very sad to watch.

anonymous said...

If I make a decision, it has to be on a factual basis. You’ve made factual allegations. They have to be supported by affidavits,” said Plymouth County Superior Court Judge Richard J. Chin"

The Middleboro 10-20 have to submit affidavits and be under oath. Nice...

This could get interesting with the threat of perjury hanging over peoples heads.

It would seem Judge Chin read right through some of the allegations and wants this stuff to be put in writing.

Maybe we just found out the reason Bumpkin didn't want any part of this scheme..


Suo Mynona said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Suo Mynona said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Suo Mynona said...

If I make a decision, it has to be on a factual basis. You’ve made factual allegations. They have to be supported by affidavits,” said Plymouth County Superior Court Judge Richard J. Chin"


The irony is that Adam was blasting the selectmen for not adopting Roberts Rules (right after he quit as sitting Chairman)

Mr. Chin then -- according to the above -- had to provide his rules of court proceedings.

The affidavit thing is on point. How many of the people are willing to sign an affidavit. That will be the acid test.

Think the number of aggrieved people will plummet if Adam tells them to "just sign here?"


For those of you wondering, Judge Chin is one of the most respected judges in the Massachusetts Superior Court system. His ethics are beyond reproach.

anonymous said...

They failed the acid test yesterday...

When the headlines in the morning paper. reads "Free for all" and "wild time" in court yesterday.

Why? everything he is involved with reads like a circus act?

A good attorney would of had the signed affidavits in hand and ready to be presented.

chica said...

Some of the litigants are quite familiar with the court process.

I have a neighbor who had an emergency and she asked if I could watch her kids for a few hours. I had to tweak my schedule since I had obligations but none that could not be altered or delayed. That was the right thing to do. She has been there for me in the past and this is not only payback but the right thing to do. I do believe that concept appears to be absent to some.

bogofree said...

Why is it necessary for the judge to tell the rules to a lawyer?

The question I would like to see asked is "Were you approached by counsel or did you seek out counsel at your own volition?"

I am holding a seance to help locate that puzzle that seems to be missing. Time to tap into the neitherworld to track down that missing gift.

I sure hope we can get that nice cash gift off to charity in the next few days.

Suo Mynona said...


Adam is not a sitting a selectman as he says twice here

He lists the "facts" of the lawsuit on his blog.

The judge wants sworn affidavits.

I am confused LMCAO

Personal opinion:
Some people want their Andy Warhol fame.

bogofree said...

Looks like Suo and Limo have had a Vulcan Mind Meld.

A baseball moment. The latest Red Sox hired help, John Lackey, wanted to "be with a winner." Huh? They beat the Red Sox and got to the ALCS. The Angels have been a consistent winner since Lackey has been with them. He also won the deciding world series game in 2002. With a thought process like that maybe he can work as a law clerk for you know who?

bogofree said...

I am confused LMCAO" Suo quote

Left that out in previous post as it should have been above Vulcan Mind Meld. Senioritis and poor editing.

Trevor said...

When I read this quote from AB. Who by the way was quick to second the motion for a study.. according to the Selectman meeting minutes Wally posted..

"When LA and Jack were put in charge of coming up with a policy in March of 2005--but never did"

Did Adam ever follow up on this when he was Chairman? Did he know about the issue and just didn't care? He must of wanted the policy he seconded the motion. to me that means he was interested back in 05 about a policy being put in place?
why did it take almost 5 years for Adam to bring this to light?

Your question BOGO.. Is fantastic and deserves an answer..

"The question I would like to see asked is" "Were you approached by counsel or did you seek out counsel at your own volition?"

Adam comes off as a very nice guy when he is your friend, do something that goes against his party line or not follow his stance on issues.. well then IMO you have a problem.

He reminds me of Jessie in so many ways... Very very Vindictive.

MSM Party Bus said...

Just another Dog picture.

My Baby

MSM Party Bus said...

"The slots are skillfully designed to addict people. Each gambler is electronically tracked by these computer driven machines. They are designed to keep folks playing until broke"

OK! I know you guy's don't really get into casino converstions but does anyone have any idea how a casino tracks my slot play? Per the stupid quote above...

bogofree said...

Adam doesn't understand the affadavit thing because he normally represents dogs, and with them all you need is a damp paw print.

All with the computers, Limo, provided you use a card. Otherwise you play until you CHOOSE to stop. They don't hold a gun to your head.

I understand the return on slots is somewhere around 88-90% so you can play a bit. Return is higher online.

On a recent trip I went to a casino while my wife was at the beach. Short walk of 10 minutes to the Raddison where I would play my usual $20 on a $1 slot. On the very last play after 19 straight losses I hit for $500. Got my coupon and cashed out never to return. If that last spin lost I also would have walked away.

I play the lottery once a week. $20 ticket. When I win I keep the cash and get no more tickets. I keep track and will stop when my yearly losses total $500. So far I am up almost $800 this year thanks to a few nice returns. I have never had a losing year since I have kept track. You win and you stop. Talk to the clerks and they'll tell you a winning ticket usually means folks will dump that into more tickets.

I don't mind casinos but I know their a business designed to take your dough and anyone can see that. Most people set limits and do it because it is a form of entertainment. I just rarely go. Some can't control the itch but does that mean it is a negative for all?

anonymous said...


When you listen to the anti's every pull of that lever is another day you will rot in hell for your sins.

MSM Party Bus said...

Thats what I was getting at BOGO...

I never use a card so its a false statement..

When it comes to cards no one says you have to have one, usally you give your information name,addy, e mail and you get marketing crap from them..

Wait I do that at radio shack when I buy something they ask me my info and usally I will give it and I get emails from radio shack offering all kinds of crap..

same as a CVS,STOP and SHOP, Shaws cards etc! Its your choice to be tracked.. and then marketed to..

By the way any good gambler knows its about money management and time management read up on the subject. BOGO you do it absolutly correct.

MSM Party Bus said...

"all you need is a damp paw print"

Does a dry puppet print count?

anonymous said...

I'm going to give you my system LOL!

You put $40.00 into a dollar poker machine.

Play $1 dollar at a time till you get a 2 pair..

Then bump it up to $3.00 bets for a few hands if it continues to hit bump it up to Max bet..

After a while when you get into the Zone and that b$%ch starts talking to you, and you feel like you are king Kong, Jimmy the Greek and you just want to throw that machine around the casino...
Oh! Wait.. breath easy mike, Breathe easy... Whew.. walk away as fast as you can because you have just entered THE ZONE...

bogofree said...

I go to casinos and only play slots. Only $1 slots. $20 max. Lose it and leave.

The lottery has actually been successful for me since I do it as a regimented routine.

Suo Mynona said...
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Suo Mynona said...

****What Do You Define As A Hero?***

Get a load of my friend's humorous editorial this week. I have known Jim Thomas forever and hold zero ill will. But it does deserve a response.

He called me infantile -- a moniker I wear proudly, especially since Jim calls himself and his Plowgate lawsuit cohorts "heroes!"(his exclamation point)

Such a loose usage of the profound word disgraces true heroes such as our own Wayne M. Caron for whom a naval destroyer and the MHS auditorium are named. Middleboro has many other real heroes. Rest assured Jim your lawsuit does not elevate you and the Plowgate group to their elite status.

Bonafide heroes do not preemptively self anoint themselves.

I have never encountered anyone who should be considered a hero for actions taken under the daily auspices of town government (excluding public safety personnel)

Important side note:

For those of you in town that are unaware of Wayne Caron please visit the following sites. Wayne grew up at the bottom of East Main Street hill on the north bound side.

The next time Jim goes to town meeting he should read the plaque on the wall for Wayne Caron and compare himself to Wayne's truly selfless actions.

The nice thing is that both Jim I know we will remain friendly and still enjoy each others’ company. I do respect Jim but believe he has disrespected heroes.

I would send this to the Gazette, but timing of the holidays prevents such action. Anyone can feel free to email this in it’s entirety to Jim if they have his address.

bogofree said...

"The nice thing is that both Jim I know we will remain friendly and still enjoy each others’ company."

I found the above quote by Suo of much interest since some of it goes back to the dreaded casino issue. Some were talking considerable "smack" about other citizens and usually behind their backs. Much unfounded gossip dispensed and designed to put - usually a pro - in a less than stellar light. Whom is sleeping with home. Who has issues with the bottle. You get the idea. What that handful of gossips - and one in particular - failed to realize is that many on opposite sides of this issue can trace their collective town roots back many generations and are often related. Needless to say such talk quickly gets back to the target.

Suo Mynona said...


The Jim Thomas to whom I refer is the former Town Moderator. He is the elder (meant respectively) in the group and has lived here long before I was born. His brother and I are good friends and always spend Christmas Eve together.

MSM Party Bus said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MSM Party Bus said...

WOW! I have been involved way to long in this issue..

MR. Thompson (Town Moderator) Lets go back to before the town meeting at a selectmans meeting.. They were trying to open the high school gym for the elderly to keep cool knowing it was going to be a very hot day. for thier saftey you know..

Mr. Thompson was at home watching the meeting on TV and heard what they wanted to do, He threw his slippers on and came down to Town Hall and said YOU wanted it out side "NO GYM" 4 woman sitting in front of me started giggling and laughing when he did that.. I found them all to be so disrespectful. Thats when I donated my buses for the saftey of the elderly, I origanaly wanted them stationed on the field where elderly could come in and cool off, but I was told I couldn't be allowed on or near the field, So I transported them from the elderly complexes it was the best I could do.


Did you ever hear this story? told from me..

MSM Party Bus said...

"Obama To Award Medal Of Honor To Raynham Soldier"

A true Hero and many more that are away from their families at this time of year.

I THANK THEM ALL. Those that are serving and to those that have served.

MSM Party Bus said...

***Senate panel OKs bill to overturn ruling on Narragansetts***

I predict the fix will be on or before 12/31/09..

This will change the whole landscape of the casino debate.

Story on front page of Middleboro

bogofree said...

I look at some sites and folks seem offended that certain tribes actually have the stones to protect what was essentially stolen from them. Too many with white faces actually buy into the sanitized version of American history that the revisionist have since chipped away at. A thank you to Howard Zinn and William Means.

There is a lot of anger seething below the surface on many reservations and that is something we don't see as much in our area when tribal ties have now become a convoluted mess that even sophisticated DNA technology would have a difficult time deciphering.

Now the tribes have to approach the major players - our Federal Government - that has been instrumental in the systematic destruction of a way of life and cultures - all to get a few bones handed out. There is a certain resentment that all these Indians get a variety of handouts from the Feds that the general population is denied. Still that massive intervention has done little to eradicate the devastating poverty, violence and substance abuse that seems chronic. Yeah…maybe they should pull themselves up by the bootstraps of moccasin straps. My contention is that the gaming has probably done more - far more - positives for tribes than anything else.

anonymous said...

I watched american gangster.
yesterday (good Movie) "some just don't like to see progress made by others" a really good quote with alot of factual meaning from that movie..

The "PREDATORY" nature of anti Casino Foes.. The ones who are exstremist zealots.. not your typical NIMBY anti the question would have to be asked.. is it really about casinos? way to many times you heard or read a statement that could be considered racist by any indian tribe..

Then when these people are confronted with the true meaning of their statements you would get attacked for even questioning them on those lines.

If what they say about casinos was true then they wouldn't have to lie or attack others to get thier point across. The facts would speak for themselves.

It will always be pointed out the predatory nature of JP and the Clark CT statement.

As foolish as it was.. The real part of the statement was to scare people or trick people into beliving something was bad when in actuallity it is a just another industry.

to prove this logic if a huge 10 billion dollar investment was going to be made in Middleboro that would cause 100 thousand cars per day, take up 1000 acres of land and probably bring in 10,000 more homes..

The only difference is it has an Apple on all its LOGOs and a Warren Buffet type investor do you think we would be having this conversation..

anonymous said...

Though the casino is required to pay a 4 percent local share of its gross terminal revenue -- the amount remaining after winners are paid -- to Washington County and host municipality North Strabane, it has gone beyond those requirements, helping to sustain local charitable groups through the economic storm.

"The casino food drive is what got us through this year," said Lisa Nuccetelli, executive director of the Greater Washington County Food Bank. "We had a 32 percent increase in clientele since last year, and thanks to the casino, we were able to distribute food to more households."

The casino sponsored three food drives this year, collecting 364,000 pounds of food by offering customers free slots credits in exchange for food items.

That meant the difference between continuing to serve the hungry and possibly having to close their doors due to the economic downturn and a delay in state funding sparked by the three-month state budget impasse, Ms. Nuccetelli said.

The casino also gave $17,000 to the food bank's "2000 Turkeys" initiative, aimed at providing Thanksgiving meals to 3,400 families.

Also this year, The Meadows worked to increase awareness and donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and gave $45,000 to three local organizations in time to support services to the community during the holiday season.

The Washington City Mission, the Washington County Senior Center and the Washington Women's Shelter each received $15,000 to further their work.

Las Vegas-based Cannery Casino Resorts, which owns The Meadows, in September donated a 2.25-acre tract of land to North Strabane to build a new fire and police substation.

"The recession finally caught up with Pennsylvania's gaming industry, and we certainly weren't immune," casino spokesman David LaTorre said. "That said, we're still committed to strengthening our involvement with our local community. There are so many good people here. We're just getting started."

Washington County Commissioner Larry Maggi said the casino is the No. 1 tourist draw in the county, surpassing the local Wild Things baseball team, and the overflow to local restaurants, shops and other businesses has been a blessing in tough economic times.

"They have been a good corporate neighbor," he said of the casino. "We've been hit like everybody else, but we weren't hit as bad as other parts of the country."

anonymous said...

Speaking of charity,

Suo, did you ever get your puzzle?

I can't believe someone would even have to ask a question like this.

Wally Glendye said...

Wally Glendye said...

My last posting refers to the following: A bill to amend the Act of June 18, 1934, to reaffirm the authority of the Secretary of the Interior to take land into trust for Indian tribes.

bogofree said...

That LIT just gets my itty bitty mind all in a twirl as I don't fully comprehend or understand it. Now I can read some of the data - which I have - that is supplied by anti casino folks but there is always that problem where you wonder where truth and fantasy lie.

Interesting site, Wally, that I will bookmark.

Family Guy said...

I saw your statement Bogo and what caught my attention was the defensive and actually dismissive attitude of Kim Shea on the Senaca Nation. I really find it strange at the constant attempts by anti's to focus on if a tribe is not a tribe. I guess any place you can attempt to find a bit of justification that is self induced is fine.

I happen to be in favor of a gaming venue and don't care if it is a simple slot parlor. Jobs are needed.

Family Guy said...

The weather guys and gals are predicting a snow storm for Saturday and Sunday. Now these events are usually over hyped and stated but it will be interesting to see who gets plowed.

anonymous said...
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bogofree said...

And don't forget the shark countdown. The days dwindle away on that one.

Khazei was the one trick pony for the anti crowd. He's against casinos and that is enough. Forget anything else. Their backing was as successful as another "K" as in the K car.

Jessie needs to run again. Blanks wants a rematch and feels enough support will be present to edge JP to the bottom rung.

I would suggest one and all go to the AB site for his firm and read their philosophy especially as it pertains to litigation.

Speaking of the BOS it appears “cheap seats” will give it another go. I don’t know if any will surface to do battle (maybe JP?) but he stands a good shot at getting a seat back. Far as I know Steve is still active. Maybe AB will give it a try?

Suo Mynona said...

Bogo I took your advice and looked at the law firm's philosophy.

Mr. Bond says he is a deal maker, not a deal breaker; and that he deeply believes that litigation generally provides no gain for his clients, but makes the lawyers wealthy.

HUH? Now I am "infantile" on such esoteric levels of law & negotiation, but to this "braying mule" it appears the Plowgate group & Bond lawyer are doing the exact opposite.

This may not be Mr. Bonds fault because his Plowgate clients may have demanded that they go to court and skip negotiations. But if his clients demanded they go straight to court then why is Bond asking the town to pay for his legal fees?

As I said at the BOS meeting. They has no intention of negotiating because they were not at the meeting.

anonymous said...

Did you get the puzzle yet? stop the suspense and tell us..

Suo Mynona said...
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Suo Mynona said...

Nope. Guess I will be going to Benny's tomorrow and buy one with the picture of another town hall somewhere in New England.

Kidding aside, I don't care that much, as BB says 20 bucks is nothing (or was it 15?) The annoying thing is lack of follow thru while he is suing the town.

Anyways, I do support Ed's charity and wish him all the best with the endeavour

MSM Party Bus said...
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MSM Party Bus said...

12 - 18 inches of snow predicted for our region..

Will the "Snow Plow 10" declare this an emergency and let the plows! well... Plow?

bogofree said...

I imagine that the Gang Of Twenty-One will be lead in a protest march to prevent any plow from touching any questionable streets. Of course finding the right street could be difficult since the count is somewhere around twelve that get this special concierge service. Then again since a considerable portion of them reside in Oak Point (where ever day is a tax free holiday) they’ll be able to get out onto the road system of Mboro - the advantage of those huge monthly fees - you get plowed. Maybe they can get a shovel brigade and shovel out AB? AB is an expert on shoveling it. If things really get nasty maybe AB can get a group of clients together and form a rescue dog sled team? Be good practice for Iditarod.

At least this whole issue will keep us amused for the winter.

anonymous said...

I was watching NECN they said the snow plows monitor fire and police calls and will head equipment to the areas that havn't been plowed so emergency vehicles can get through...

I didn't catch what town they were talking about though..

Does it really matter though.. When you read about the Chairman of the council of ageing in Middleboro signed onto a lawsuit that could possibly hurt elderly and handicapped some have just got to be disgusted with this whole issue.

I never thought some would stoop to these rotten levels.

Suo Mynona said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Suo Mynona said...

****Tiananmen Square****

You gotta wonder with this impending snow storm how proud the Plowgate group is.

Imagine Adam standing in front of the snow plow tonight at River's Edge like the "unknown man" did in front of the tanks at Tiananmen Square.


My advice to Adam and his group of "real heroes" is to let it go. You made a point. Do you really want live with a potential death as an outcome?

This has become fools' fodder. The judge has already said as much by sending you away with admonishment for affidavits.

bogofree said...

Again, the primary issue is exactly who was out looking for folks to originally sign on to this suit. This is and should be a minor issue and certainly if folks want to play the blame game be my guest. Plenty of time has elapsed over the years to do something but IMO it was so minor that little attention was played until Billy Flynn spotted an opening to cause some grief. The reality is how this whole mess comes across.

Trevor said...

F. Lee Bailey the best of the best got himself disbarred for complete stupidity.

Mr. William Fallon being himself (not to bright)seems to be traveling on that same crooked road.

Good luck with that.

anonymous said...

BS is invitation only. Disappeared until after Xmas. LMCAO!

Suo did you get the Town Hall puzzle with or without the ghosts?

MSM Party Bus said...

Tonight if anyone cares to follow along I will be out their all night.. I'm going to try and take pictures and bring you updates as time permits.. I have opened a place to leave comments I have invited Facebook to join in maybe if your in doing nothing check it out.

MSM Party Bus said...

Snow coverage page.. be safe tonight everyone...

Wally Glendye said...

River's Edge was plowed.

Suo Mynona said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Suo Mynona said...

Will you sign an affidavit that it was plowed?

Call the Supreme Court! Get an injunction! Stop that Middleboro Way stuff!

bogofree said...

Was Adam driving the plow?

Wally Glendye said...

The S.O.B. destroyed my mail box!

It's the 14th time since I moved here 9 years ago and I'm going to get a Post Office Box tomorrow. Last Friday someone drove through my front yard and destroyed my Driveway Lantern.

My neighbor said there was a sign on the side of the truck that he couldn't make out but he got some of the leters:
P L O - - G A T -

Suo Mynona said...

Wally it is a secret conspiracy. Your mailbox has been destroyed as part of the Middleboro Way because you've only lived here 9 years. I and others have your mailbox on secret hit list.

Ask BB he will confirm this.

MSM Party Bus said...

Working till 3am in a blizzard,
shoveling cars and buses this morning in foot deep snow on 3 hours sleep..

Seeing your 6 year old son ride a snowmobile for the first time Priceless!!

To think I might have been sleeping and missed that..

MSM Party Bus said...

Question???? I have a fire place that blows hot air, inside on the top is a tray with honeycomb ceramic stuff that just all fell apart.. It looks like its an insert that sits on the tray up there anyone here know what kind of fireplace this and is that ceramic stuff replaceable???

Wally Glendye said...

At first I thought it was the Mailman but Sue told me that we tipped her well for Christmas so I ruled her out. It can't be anyone on River's Edge because I support their road being plowed. There are people using River's Edge all day long and it is one of the roads that should be plowed. We have delivery trucks stuck at the closed Bridge in front of my house and they use River's Edge to get around to the other side. I also remember an Ambulance getting lost there a couple of years ago.

So it must be some kind of Plowgate conspiracy!

Suo Mynona said...

***Mailbox Baseball***

After Stephen King wrote "The Body" some kids mimicked mailbox baseball played by gangs in the story. Mailboxes were getting smashed all the time.

I grew tired of having my mailbox destroyed and built an indestructible made entirely of thick steel. Problem solved.

The Body was later made into the movie "Stand By Me"

bogofree said...

Now you would probably be sued....ooops....I forgot....mailbox and not dogs.

MSM Party Bus said...

Are you a good drinker? Ask yourself these couple questions..

(1)Do I always order the same drink no matter where I am? Yes No

(2)How many references to sex or bodily functions does my favorite drink have in it? 1 2 3 4+

(3)How much ice does my favorite drink have in it? None, Some, Glass Full?

(4)When someone asks what I like to drink does your answer include "vodka" and "fruity" in the answer? Yes No?

(5)How many drinks do I generally have when I'm out? 1 2 3 4

(6)Does alcohol make me: Forget? Remember? Has No Affect?

MSM Party Bus said...

Welcome back Bloggershark..

One thing about a prediction you can be right or wrong..

have yourself a nice Christmas.. if thats even possible..

Angry so very angry..

MSM Party Bus said... the number 1 website on the internet on all the major search engines for the key words "Middleboro casino" founded and made by an ametuer with no computer skills at all.

Thats what bothers you the most (BS) thanks for the attention.

Keep those hits a coming.. Because of people like you I will stay number 1 on the internet..

anonymous said...

Maybe Shark will take up on the offer?

How many hits does BS get?

Suo Mynona said...

BS the toothless wonder only has cartilage for spine.

Not a chance in the deep blue sea he will collect in the name charity. Read the blog. There is nothing that indicates any sense of philanthropy or human spirit.

I'd bet dollars to doughnuts you, Clark The Shark, are one of the "heroes" that are involved with Plowgate.

Bogo add this to the total. I will toss in another 25 bucks if BS is one of the plowgate group. It is money I am sure will make it to charity if BS if full of anything besides bah-humbug.

MSM Party Bus said...

"So what if he post pictures of a little child going on a field trip in the wilderness with him on the same site that he gives free advertising to Desire Gentlemen's Club. Does the child's mother know about this"

This one sentence is the only thing that bothers me on that site.

Has a very pedophile overtone to it.

(BS) thats my daughter you are talking about.

Thats all you need to know.

SUO go buy your kids some presents because (BS) is not going to come out..

MSM Party Bus said...

Bloggershark Writes,

"Remember Limo, never say "never" and NEVER, NEVER, NEVER put family pictures on the internet"

Why (BS) what are you going to do with my family pictures?

Like I said SUO (BS) will never show his/her true self..

MSM Party Bus said...

Bloggershark writes..

"A Danger to Women & Children"

Naw! he ain't comin out..

bogofree said...

Connections are important in any community and especially in emergency situations. If I have a heating, electrical or plumbing problem help is a phone call away especially if it a real five star emergency. A few years back I had a pipe burst and managed to shut off the water to the impacted area. I made a call that night to our plumber who asked if he wanted him down now (10PM) and I told him morning would be fine. There are established business relations that get you service when you need it.

Now this white stuff creates such issues. What would have happened if no plow was seen on certain private/pubic/questionable ways yesterday? Would the folks on Gibbs Road have to make hurried calls to a company to plow them out? Would someone have to go house to house to make a collection? Would they have to get in touch with other private street residents who don’t get concierge service to get hints on how to handle the situation? I guess the amount does create an “emergency” and that could/would/should justify plowing.

Have already made a donation to Toys For Tots at the State Police Barracks. Could have put BS name on the tags.

anonymous said...

This was posted in the Herald 08/08/08

"It's always interesting that XXX XXXX of XXX XXXX Limos of Raynham isn't satisfied to post his anonymous trash on another forum. He fails to stick to the facts or the article and tosses out garbage. Mr. XXXX posted such irrational garbage on his forum that he linked to his business that he was forced to shut it down to post anonymously. His posts standout because he is poorly educated and makes grammatical errors. Mr.XXXXX posted as Mr. Limo on a number of sex sites including one that offered to sell photos of women having sex with horses. He posted about finding a satisfactory relationship on Jewish Friend Finders. He enticed a child! on his own forum by saying 'give me what I crave' at some early hour in the morning. Because Mr. XXXX supports a casino in an adjoining town, he believes that it is acceptable for him to post lies and personal attacks about those who don't agree with him. XXXXX, maybe it's time to grown up instead of polluting other sites wit h your trash"

Naw! SUO hes not going to show!!

anonymous said...


Your the only one who uses the name mrlimo..

"Mr. Limo on a number of sex sites including one that offered to sell photos of women having sex with horses"

Can you explain this? Yikes..

anonymous said...

"He enticed a child! on his own forum by saying 'give me what I crave' at some early hour in the morning"

Bloggershark your mind frame is that of a pedophile you know that!

Naw! he/she ain't coming to get that money for charity.

bogofree said...

If I recall Mr. Limo and the sex sites was a different Limo. Is that correct? My assumption was that it was done even before LL even got involved with computers.

So much of this is old news that I don't even follow. Is that stuff still being posted?

Wally Glendye said...

I've had some problems with Blogger Shark and he/she got my Irish temper going at one time. I started getting personal Email messages from him/her that was signed "Blogger Shark". I thought this crossed the line of Blogging by getting into someone's personal life and let the coward know my thoughts. I had no idea he/she was posting stuff like that MSM.

I've always thought that it's someone I know and now they are too much of a coward to come forward and have a beer with me.

On a lighter note: I got my new Post Office Box today but you can be damn sure that I will not be giving it out!.

anonymous said...

Limo occasionally dredges up posts from the distant past and seems to perseverate on them. Now that may be old news and boring to some but when I read them I can understand the anger.

Where has Hal been?

MSM Party Bus said...

Unless this nasty stuff was being written about you, your business or your children! I guess you will just think its funny. I don't and never will find humor in this twisted persons words. This stuff is just plain wierd..

Copy and paste all you want word for word what I write but don't put sick overtone garbage in with it..

Don't worry BS you come out of hiding and I promise everything I write will have my name attached to it.

Michael Quish..

North Slope Rigger said...

You people have to enjoy Bogo at his best. Here is his response to a poster on one of the sports boards regarding a comparision between Jason Bay and Mike Cameron. Posters comments in quotes

"That’s just the offensive side, of course. On the other side of the ball, Cameron is one of the better defensive center fielders in the game, while Bay is a bad defensive corner outfielder. You don’t have to trust UZR to agree with those assessments. Those aren’t controversial statements."

Well...I happen to disagree. WTF was the writer watching? I saw Bay for 1.5 years and the guy did a reasonably good job. He gets to the ball and knows what to do with it. He actually hustles. Great fielder? No....but an average fielder? Yes! Cameron's last GG was 2006.

"That will continue this winter, when Bay signs a contract that dwarfs what Cameron will receive, despite the fact that there’s really no argument for Bay being a better player."

Yeah....that consistent 30/100 is just crap. Bay is a legit long ball threat and Cameron is not. Cameron is a dependable 20/75 guy that you will not pitch around. Here it is for idiots that write BS like this and here it is in a nutshell. Bay freaking carried.....I mean carried this team for two freaking months! You have to be a stone cold idiot not to see that. Papi went south and Bay was "The Man" and that can and never has been said about Cameron. I guess all those GMs have just not paid any attention to this poster and will throw money away.

"However, the primary factor in any aging curve has to be the starting point of a player’s value. Cameron may be older, but he’s also better, and he has a skill set that ages significantly better. He’s shown little to no erosion in skills over the last few years. At worst, you could use the age gap to make them have fairly similar projections in value for 2010."

Really? WTF is this guy smoking? Since Bay came to MLB he has been consistenly good....very good. He is a player who is suppose to drive in and score runs while providing the long ball and he does exactly that. Cameron will provide an upgrade in defense and he is no slouch with the bat and he'll get some HRs and extra base hits but will not do that skill set as well as Bay.

This is just another example of some whiny piss ant living in mommies basement "fan" attempting to diminish the positive of one player simply because he choose to move elsewhere. Somebody sent this character this post. And I am being mild.

Wally Glendye said...

Hal's wife is very sick and he is spending time with her.

MSM Party Bus said...

Bloggershark writes..

"NEVER, NEVER, NEVER put family pictures on the internet"

"A Danger to Women & Children"

This stuff has just been written in the past month or so. you all know that!!!

Its the same 3 idiots Carl, Kim and (BS) who are involved.

They were involved in 08 and they were involved in the opening of this site.

Don't say I'm dredgeing up old stuff up they know what the hell I'm talking about...

Same person in my eyes.. Stay the christ hidden BS its where you belong but don't forget we all can play your game..

Trevor said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Trevor said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MSM Party Bus said...

Blogger shark writes..

"No wonder his business is ailing"

No Suo this creep is not coming out of his/her hiding..

bogofree said...

Saw a few quotes in the latest CC blog that could certainly qualify for idiot comment status.

Ah....someone has been reading NESC.

anonymous said...

Besides MQ, JP has to be POed with all of you...

Just google that ladies name "Jessie Powell Casino"

Wally Glendye said...

I don't have a problem with JP or BB.

MSM Party Bus said...

(BS) seems to have a problem with me.

Me and Bumps is cool, JP she went upstate she don't bother a soul around here. she's at the State house bothering politicians..

I will say this again I didn't get involved to become arch enemies with anybody.

Wally Glendye said...


MSM Party Bus said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MSM Party Bus said...

BloggerShark.. writes

"Crying poor mouth and accepts gifts to feed his children, then turning around saying she was trying to pay him off for something, never cashing the check"

Can you elaborate a little more on this check thing? One something stunk to high heavens besides that ladies ciggs, Adam Bond told me not to trust that lady and never to cash that check..

Can you tell us what you know about it?

Crying poor mouth LOL! some crack pot lady shows up at my business asking about my revenue and how many people I have working .. you know! very personal questions and then wants me to take a check LOL!

I'll say it again I didn't just fall of the cucumber cart..

I'll show you the date of the check and look at the first 3 people and dates they signed up on LOL! Hinky.....

anonymous said...

(BS) I was wondering did you ever ask JP to get rid of this blog? She is the director of a State wide Anti casino group. What a joke..

"Middleboro Review: Michael Quish: New Blog
Michael Quish: New Blog. Although some of us have attempted to remain above the fray and ignore the constant attacks, name-calling and misstatements about ...

MSM Party Bus said...

Blogger Shark writes...

"I think someone should be grateful I didn't put their name to it or call the police"

(BS) what was you going to tell them?

Wally Glendye said...

I have several friends on the Police Department and if Blogger Shark has a problem, it should be addressed, I'm all for it.

I'm ready to hand over my $100.00 you coward!

MSM Party Bus said...

Funny thing BloggerShark wrote

"be grateful I didn't call the police"

What would he/she say?
hello Police, I'm an anonymous flamer on the internet and somebody wants to hurt me.. LOL!

police..Whats your name?

(BS).. My name is Blogger Shark!

Police... Click

MSM Party Bus said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MSM Party Bus said...

(BS) I'm sorry,

I'm sorry that was another anonymous pig who wrote that comment..

I deleted it.

Please don't call the police I'm grateful I really am...

Wally Glendye said...

I would like to extend an olive Branch to Blogger Shark and meet with you today. I would like to give you $100.00 for your favorite charity and we can settle our differences and move on. I know both of us would feel good knowing that we can set aside any problems we had for the good of mankind. I will be at the Middleboro Elks parking lot entrance across from the Ashley Funeral Parlor. This is a secluded spot and nobody but I will know your identity and I will swear to keep it to myself. I am a member of the Elks so I’m being sincere and would not embarrass you in any way. I will be there with money in hand at 1:00pm this afternoon and I hope you will be there to accept the gift.

MSM Party Bus said...

"I would like to extend an olive Branch to Blogger Shark and meet at the State Police barracks in Middleboro..

Anytime.....We can settle our differences on record..

Let me know BloggerShark if you want to meet..

MSM Party Bus said...

Urchin Software from Google analyzes traffic for one or more websites and provides easy-to-understand reports on your visitors - where they come from, how they use your site, what converts them into customers, and much more.

BOGO, with this software in use on your site maybe you would care to match up IPs and help put a stop to the slander from (BS)

bogofree said...

I don't care about IP's as I prefer this all to be anonymous. Folks can look at the source and see if someone is posting without a proxy as virtually everyone on this site does including BS.

If it works Wally let us know. $425 hanging out there for charity.

Wally Glendye said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Wally Glendye said...

BS, I drive a Burgundy colored Dodge Ram Pickup with a Fenway Park License Plate. This should make it easier for you to find me.

Suo Mynona said...

I will be in the cupola of the town hall with my high power binoculars

(I can't recall ever meeting Wally and want to know what he looks like)

Suo Mynona said...

Hey Bogo;

Should we demand that BS turn over ownership of his site like BB once did?

bogofree said...

I wonder if Clark drives a car with tail fins?

MSM Party Bus said...

I didn't know you drove a pick up?

I have been ..looking everywhere for someone to help me pick up a quad that I am getting for my son..

I knew you had a PU thats the only reason I wanted you to call me last night.. see if you wanted to earn a little gas money...

anonymous said...

To answer the question. It was published. To further expand on it no one really cares.

MSM Party Bus said...

Ok.. So dad gets the quad.. go get a little gas.. Bam.. starts right up nice.. I am going to test ride it.. Hmmm! quad snow!! just Buried the damn thing in the yard and need the bus to pull it up the hill.. LOL! Thing to remember quad smells like sno-mobile but does not go through snow like a sno-mobile.. 4 year old says.. dad what did you do to the lil jeep? LOL!

Wally Glendye said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Wally Glendye said...

I now know the identity of the Blogger Shark, it's the Invisible Man. I knew the sackless piece of crap didn't care about the people in this town.

Wally Glendye said...

I wrote a poem while wating for BS:

I got into my truck and headed due south
With hopes to put food in somebody’s mouth
I still wonder now if it’s “her” or it’s “him”
But wanted to help kids - just like Tiny Tim
My faith in mankind was alive and a glow
Cause I knew in my heart “Blogger Shark” would soon show
We can help cloth some children and that would be cool
Or feed a whole family and give them some fuel
I sat up in my truck and looked left then right
But my friend “Blogger Shark” was nowhere in sight
I didn’t get angry for I just did my part
But I’m sad to report that this fish has NO heart
I then headed home and thought “Oh my! What a sin”
For the Grinch who stole Christmas is wearing a Fin

bogofree said...

To paraphrase Captain Renault "I am shocked!"

I was actually going to show up with a cardboard fin on my back but by the time I got out of the Y it was to late. Would have made a nice picture.

Noticed the BS (how very, very appropriate) blog is again rendered impetent.

Shark is always welcome here.

bogofree said...


I put that poem on the sidebar.

Suo Mynona said...


Need I say more?

Family Guy said...


Too bad you were not around with Dal and Bogo on BB's site. Jessie and BB would still be at Fuller Hospital.

Wally Glendye said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Wally Glendye said...

I wanted to show BS what Christmas is all about so I donated a weeks worth of food (Including all 3 meals) to a family in desperate need. The Father got hurt and while he was out, he got laid off. The mom is sick and can't work and they are trying to heat their home and feed their 5 young kids. They have nothing to give there kids for Christmas so my buddies at the Elks donated presents to the entire family.

That's what Christmas is all about BS. Now try looking in the mirror!

MSM Party Bus said...

Let me tell you the story about the quad...

I really wanted to get my son a quad to ride around one of those little cheap china ones the kids in this hood all have something and they wouldn't give him rides..

This year things are real tough and all money I had went to fixing the bus so I could keep doing what little work I do have coming in so little to say no quad this year..

My wife explained it to her friend what I wanted to do and she said I have one the kids are older they don't use it have mike come over and clean it and it will be an awsome first ride for our son.

so some might understand this "he works in mysterious ways" I am so grateful to this friend.. when I seen my sons eyes light up when he seen it today and I said Merry Christmas thats all I needed to make my Holidays..

I gave the other guy who took me over thier a $100.00 for gas I'm grateful.. (BS) your money went to make my sons Christmas..

I'd post a picture but we know what (BS) would do so I can't Ive been warned...

bogofree said...

At the old Attleboro HS where the progam I taught at and currently tutor is the location for the local toy drive.

Folks have been working for weeks packaging up stuff and making collections. The students at the program have helped cart stuff around and wrap. They even recieved a small party for their help.

As I left the third floor last week and went to exit via the first floor one of the volunteers said "Can I help you?" I said "No...but I can help you and gave a cash donation."

This is not a bragging story or a pat on the back story but this is a story that is being repeated over an over in towns and cities everywhere and by organizations like the Elks.

MSM Party Bus said...

Just landed a beautiful trip tonight from 1623s town.. Maybe a referal from you know who? Naw!!! On my way!! couldn't of come at a better time.. Telling you "He is great"..

Suo Mynona said...

How is the collection of affidavits going?

bogofree said...


On the puzzle do you claim that as a charitable contribution or a loss on your income tax?

Suo Mynona said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Suo Mynona said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Suo Mynona said...

I am still trying to piece together that perplexing question. Right now I am afraid to. If I get audited I will have no proof of donation. I have no puzzle, no canceled check, and no affidavit of receipt.

You are good with finance. Any suggestions?

anonymous said...

Coffee cups for sale

anonymous said...

Raising Caine ooops.. I meant Cane (I can't spell right) in Middleboro

bogofree said...

Suo plead insanity. Why?

1. You know me.

2. You post here.

3. You are a third rate dips**t.

Done deal. They'll let you write off thousands.

Wally Glendye said...

Oh Where Oh Where hs my Blogger Shark gone?

Oh Where Oh Where have you gone?

Just tell us your ID so we can buy gifts.

Oh Where Oh Where have you gone?

anonymous said...

May the 3 gringes who stole Middleboro's Christmas have a very Merry Christmas..

Wally Glendye said...

Support our troups overseas this Holiday season by sending a Care Package. I've been doing it for Three years and now Email regularly to a couple of our Heroes in Afghanistan.

The Post Office has a $11.95 flat rate priority mail box and you are allowed to stuff as much as you physically can into the box. (No matter how much it weighs)

You can also get the name of a Soldier from the Post Office.

Please include supplies such as: Baby Wipes, Dice, Q-Tips, Disposable Razors, Chap Stick, Dental Floss, Toothbrushes, Foot Powder, Movie DVDs, Music CDs, Beef Jerky, Canned Nuts, Packets of Coffee, Candy, Hard Candy, Gum, Breath Mints, Pens, Paper, Books, Phone Cards, Tissues, Hand Sanitizer, Feminine Napkins, Tampons, Canned Fruit, Crossword Puzzles, Word Searches, Drawing Pads, Writing Tablets, Magazines & Decks of Cards.

It's not too late, they need supplies year round.

MSM Party Bus said... little closer to home and very much in need of support all year round..

anonymous said...

Twas the night before christmas, Not a computer turned on.. she was "gawking' at the computer Bogo,middleborocasino, topix,google yahoo and more.. nope no one writing nothing about her tonight..

Howard was sitting by the fire, drink in hand, with visions of law suits dancing around and how to get back at this town those ungrateful "breying mules" don't they know "who I am".......

SM was playing with his puppet, wondering how he to could become the puppet Master of the Boro....

all around outside You hear the angry caroler running around $%^& this and $%^& that where is my F$%^&ing flu shot to be..

All is quiet in the boro and may you all be at peace!!

Suo Mynona said...

Someone please give BB a Clarking present and make a comment on his blog.

It died about as quickly as his forum. Give the guy a ray of hope. He gets no editorial responses in the Gazette and no comments on his blog.

A few months ago you could hear the bag pipes playing for his blog. Bogo now wears the thorny crown and can proclaim the Best Blog in Town.

bogofree said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bogofree said...

Interesting about the troop care packages. Many Corvette Clubs participate in a yearly event called "'Vetts for Vets" where they deliever such packages.

I have a son that returned from Irag last year and he commented on the number of packages that were arriving. Just the contact of knowing that someone is thinking about them or the packages are connected to home. Another son will leave for Iraq soon and I'm sure he'll feel the same way.

At a recent Xmas part for the batallion I spoke to a young single mom who was leaving behind two young children. Her mother and a sister will provide for them while she is away. This is a story that is magnified many times over.

Wally Glendye said...

Tell your son I said THANK YOU Bogo.

You must be very proud!

bogofree said...


One just retired after 25 years in the army.

Another is a major in the USAF reserve.

Another son was five years in Massachusetts and Alaska National Guard.

Now another is ready to ship out.

I've always considered the military a great training ground. Amazing to see 20 year old kids responsble for and operating equipment worth millions.

LMAO said...

LMCAO on that poem!

MSM Party Bus said...

Finally went out today to the mall, did a little food shopping etc!

As I listen to Christmas music..I am Making Brownies, did my cold cut platters already, made candy dishes.. I think.. I really think.. I got whacked by the Christmas Spirit today..

Thawing out that 28lb big Middleboro Bird.. Got this big bird from a Middleboro Farmer best turkey meat I have ever had, second year I am a return customer.

Could this be considered ancilarary business because of the resort?

Bogo if you have my number Like its hard to find) can you give me a call?

Wally Glendye said...

I had Turkey last month for Thanksgiving so I'm going to something else. For some reason, I have a craving to try Shark Meat this Christmas.

bogofree said...

Mako Shark is tasty. I get it at Hannaford's. No backbone.

Sent you an email LL.

MSM Party Bus said...

LMAO... So my brownies come out awsome... Have them sitting on the stove, nice... I put powder sugar all over them and say to myself Hmmm! cool outside? Well they will cool down quicker... soon as I put that glass dish on the cold table outside.. you guessed it... Shattered.. Brownie cake all over the place.. Damn I did so good.

Suo Mynona said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Suo Mynona said...

**Merry Christmas Blogger Shark**

Blogger Shark you blew a real opportunity to help people.

As you open presents reflect for two selfless seconds how families in need would have benefited if you were a little more lighthearted and stood up to claim the charitable prize offered in your name.

We all could have had a mutual laugh, provided needed money, and moved on.

You are a legitimate "third rate citizen."

Wally Glendye said...

I can't argue with your statement Suo.

Anywhere this vermin posts from now on is open game. Everyone will know the story of the Blogger Shark Christmas in 2009.

Wally Glendye said...

There's a great quote from John F. Kennedy that I find fitting for this season. It goes like this:

Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names.

Merry Christmas to everyone who tried to make a difference in the world this year by helping someone in need.

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I think if we put all the logic in the client side, as well as the validation our server will accept all data and it will be so easy to crack the application. How do we handle this without putting validation on the server? |

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