Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sharks! Sales! WOW! JP!

Black Friday begs the question of why? What is the purpose? All year long I’ll shop at a store only to be denied a “special” bargain since I refuse to stand in line at 5AM and make a mad dash into a store. I can make fool enough of myself on this blog without doing that on this mystical shopping day.

One of the little things to look for on Black Friday is to check out the items online since sometimes those specials are available before the store opens. I got a Tom Tom that way. Got it Thursday night for the “special” price. Free shipping.

Looks like Plowgate has really stepped up now that Middleboro’s own version of Billy Fallon has stepped forward with a select group of taxpayers - even if some are from Oak Point (where every day is a tax free holiday). Now a smart lawyer and a smart judge would want to examine this issue in April. Maybe they’ll at least get a smart judge.

Why do entitlements seem to come to those who should be least entitled? I just get tired of paying for multi-generational layabouts. So many needy get lumped into the same lock box by what appears to me an every growing group of scam artists that use government programs to the detriment of others.

Steve Pagliuga has spent 17K on phone messages and I think 16K of it has been to my house.

Global warming is in the news and all because it looks like many researchers have pulled a Clark and fudged data. To put some icing on top they also discussed ways of dissing and intimidating critics. Sounds familiar.

I really don’t find much in the way of bargains at the big box stores. Usually we shop sales and do coupons and have found that to more match even the large volume purchases at the box stores. The few items I will but I take advantage of when they give me a yearly sixty day free pass. I just can’t see paying to shop.

Blogger Shark (BS) seems to be very confused on his site. Open…closed…opened. There are meds that can help. I’m sure Suo could put on his SCUBA gear and help with the meds since the shark is toothless and not a threat except to LL. Have a copy of Clark The Toothless Shark to donate to the library. Some questions still exist as to the identity of BS but I like it as a mystery. Why have everyone know so you can be a public humiliation like JP?

Speaking of the BS, Suo has made an offer in the comment section that is difficult to ignore. Could be an easy $200 for a local charity.

Charities. Amazing what some of the CEO’s pull in. Can be millions. There are several sites that give a breakdown of how much actually goes to those for whom the charity is designed to help. I tend to keep almost all of it very local.

Watching President WOW interact with his daughters makes me smile.

I see little things popping up in the news occasionally on health care reform that make me nervous. I see the excessive taxes on upper incomes and wonder what will that threshold eventual be lowered to? Probably to zero. Now I read of surtaxes on so called blue plate plans.

For BB and his running. When you buy a jog suit make sure it has a zippered pocket so we don’t have to search for your lost trinkets through the woods. Second bit of advice is when Bogo says take the trail on the left since it will be dry always take the trail on the RIGHT.

When an individual represents an organization one would hope they would research their data before posting it. Mistakes happen and I have had to correct information or delete when I discovered - or others did - that said information was incorrect. Simple to do and actually adds some legitimacy. Shame it is a lesson that is totally lost on some.

Middleboro Schools has a great online system for substitute teaching scheduling. A third party provider and it is excellent. Maybe the town web site will follow?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Illegals! Terrorists! BS! Taxes! And More!

Was watching The Early Show on CBS on Saturday AM and they were doing a special on living past 100. As I listened to the show it seemed they created a laundry list of a secrets for a longer life that would be virtually impossible for any of us to follow with some of them even being contradictory.

Terrorist are to be tried at the scene of their crime and the talking heads are tossing the sanity of doing this around. Not to me as what strikes a cord is the years this trial will take. WTC has happened to our legal system that has turned the most simplistic of cases in a legal Bataan Death March? And this one will be far from simple. The conspirators will die of old age before this runs its course.

Middleboro may be three million in the fiscal hole and we have all heard that story before. Seems the Chicken Little approach is standard operating procedure over the years until some fiscal magic or hidden funds appear to lighten the burden. Always thought there was a certain degree of theatrics on the part of the previous TM on the issue. However, I suspect that Chicken Little has been plucked and served by The Colonel and that the town may be faced with a stark fiscal outlook.

Blogger Shark. When are you going to invite me into your private room? LMBAO!

Administration peeps have stopped using trickle down and have started using filtered down to describe stimulus impact. Can’t have that Reagan connection.

IMO Balloon Dad appears to lack some basic parenting skills and also lacks - totally - any common sense.

Prisoners get Swine Flu shots before health care workers and pregnant civilians. Illegals attempt to get a drivers license and in state tuition. Illegals may get dental coverage under Mass Health. Thank you to all the moonbats.

Does not impact me directly but it appears this current administration has not seen a tax it does not like for the “rich.”

Saw a display by the Society of Mayflower Descendents at the Heritage Day and I found it like bragging you had a relative that was a guard at Dachau or your distant relatives owned a 300 slave plantation in Mississippi. Native Americans have an entirely different perspective.

A Stoughton police sergeant convicted of extortion is attempting to grab 113K in back pay including pay for hours he spent in court defending himself. I can now understand why Sgt. David Cohen and extortion seem to be interchangeable.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Assorted Garbage!

A clear sign the apocalypse is upon us - Halloween costumes for your pets.

The recent elections showed how important the economy will be. Despite the blatherings from the administration about the recession being over voters think not. 2010 will be change once again if unemployment is hovering around 10%. Real unemployment/underemployment is now at 17.5%.

Amazing how many CFO bloggers have their own private invitation only requirements. Can’t control the debate your run and hide and whine like a spoiled child not getting a candy bar. I guess when the going gets tough you hide in a secret room or have everyone register.

“Mumbles” Menino won for mayor of Boston - probably because after five elections he’s shaken the hand of every voter at least once.

The Middleboro BOS is clarking around with retirees. There is one thing a politician does not mess with and that is seniors. They have time on their hands, are organized, vote, and will put pressure on family members.

Health care for illegal aliens? Many legals cannot get adequate coverage.

Those NWA pilots were asleep. Playing on their scheduling computer? No clarking way!

Rhode Island School Of Design has a great museum.

Bumpkin will be at the Flat Iron for 11/21 and this will be as exciting as an appointment at a proctologist or dentist for a root canal. No…seriously….go!

The Flat Iron has an almost weekly influx of folk music and the one thing I don’t understand is why they all dress like bums. I mean I dress like a bum so I know it when I see it. Usually scruffy hair or beard go with it - ladies excluded on the beard. Torn jeans and a flannel shirt. Rock musicians are the same way. Back in the day remember when they wore suits and ties? I think the late Robert Palmer was the last one I saw that had on a suit.

I’ve always considered ties plain stupid. What is their purpose? Really none but decoration. I did some research at the Clark Library and it looks like it was the end result of a war. A heroic regiment had some colorful kerchiefs around their neck and it eventually ended up with ties. Like I saw once how intelligent is it to start the day with a noose around your neck?

Blogger Shark (AKA-BS). Am I allowed to register for your site? Will I be approved? Is this like a credit card where I get this stuff that says congratulations you have been pre-approved?

My wife just spend more money to alter another feral cat that resides in our backyard. This brings the total to four and there are now seven cats. Since this is a public forum I will resist as best I can what my “humane” solution would be.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

11/04/2009 - The Day MLB Died

This was no “victory” as the result of astute management skills but simply the end result of the single most gluttonous expenditure excess of the free agent era. An expenditure of $420,000,000 for three players whose combined yearly salary exceeds the payroll of many teams shows the inequities that exist in the current system. The reality is that no other team in the playoffs could have done this. Some may not have been able to sign any one of the three.

With NY we are not discussing figures that have other teams close or - pardon the pun - in the same ballpark. The discrepancies are huge percentage wise and also growth wise. NY is far from “build out” while other teams are approaching it. Other teams could certainly do what NY did if they could. The reality is they can’t - not the Red Sox. Not The Dodgers. No one else can approach the revenue stream to match NY.

When you consider payroll as a percentage of revenue there is nothing exceptionally unusual about what NY spends until you examine the extent of those revenues. The research on payroll and revenue is available with a simple search and I and others have posted it many times. Can Pittsburgh, Kansas City or Cleveland compete at a consistently high level in that type of economic marketplace? Can those teams afford the FA mistake and still be competitive? Occasionally a team will rise to the top but it will be short term since it is extremely difficult to maintain a high level of performance without a high level of revenue. The sustainability just is not there.

Now occasionally a team will make a short term burst and attempt to “buy” a championship which I believe Arizona and Miami did recently. Neither team had that financial sustainability so eventually fire sales resulted. You cannot spend more than you bring in without dire consequences.

Baseball teams are a franchise and like any other franchise they have competition among themselves and mutual collective interest. What is best for our business as a whole? In my opinion that collective interest is best protected by a hard cap. Let true management skill, coaching, astute use of FA talent and player development be the key ingredient and not the ability to overwhelm everyone with dollar signs. I guess to NY fans there is glory in the ability to have their team write a check. The sad thing is they can continue to do it on the same scale driving prices up for everyone until eventually only a few teams are viable.