Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Lost Weekend

Ray Milland starred in a great movie years ago called “The Lost Weekend” and that title can apply to the recent efforts of the local nine - The Boston Red Sox who presented a dismal hitting performance in New York. A performance that was merely an extension of an similar effort displayed in Tampa mid week.

The division for all intents is gone and it is time to pay solid attention to the back door way into the playoffs - the Wild Card. Texas and Tampa are currently on the heels of the Sox for that last place entry into the end of season shenanigans but what are the Sox prospects?

Since the All Star game the Sox have gone from 3 games up to where they are fighting for their baseball life and the picture is not pretty if you follow trends. This team is sinking fast and in the next few weeks if that trend continues GM Theo Epstein will have some significant decisions to make that could impact the future of the team and that comes down to throwing in the towel. Do you do it if you are four games out in the WC with 35 games to play? Failure actually brings opportunity to shed some payroll of aging and under performing players via a waiver deal. What essentially happens is a team can either pass or claim a player. If they claim a player they have 48 hours to work out a deal. A team can also pull back a player from waivers and that is that. Can only do the pull back once. So the Sox could place Lowell, Drew, Varitek, Ortiz, Bay and just about anyone else on waivers. In the case of Drew a claim would mean clearing up 30 million in payroll and possibly getting a prospect.

If the Sox did this the message would be clear to fans and players - management has surrendered the season. As a fan I can accept that since within that failure is getting out from under some burdensome contracts and getting some potential valuable prospects that could blossom in a year or two or three - maybe. This will be a hard decision for management to make at it would be entirely dependant upon how the Sox and their WC rivals perform in the next few weeks. This is why Theo gets paid the big bucks.


North Slope Rigger said...

I'm ready for a leap off the Tobin Bridge. What a wasted pitching effort by Lester and Beckett. I'd dump about six guys on this team and NEVER resign Bay.

Wally Glendye said...

I hate to say it but the Yankees look real good in all aspects of the game. I'll be sitting under the bridge so you can land on me Norht Slope Rigger.

bogofree said...

Very disappointing guys and as Rigger knows I have been doing posting battles with the NY fans who only surface when their team wins.

Watch for the WC. Big series in Texas this weekend and tonight Tazawa gets tossed to the wolves.