Monday, December 7, 2009

Plowgate And Other Stuff

What an enjoyable column by Jane Lopes on Plowgate and especially the Plowgate Ten - of whom several are not even taxpayers. Charge a nominal fee? Define emergency as simply being accumulated snow/ice and then resolve the issue in the spring.

Adam Bond and the Plowgate Ten have certainly shown what they think of their fellow townspeople. Just another reason to realize Willy Shakespeare was correct. This whole issue has nothing to do with the streets and everything to do with the sitting BOS.

Think Adam “Exit stage left” Bond will finally update his web site?

Isn’t a basic function of government the safety and well being of the citizens?

The Charter group has done a fine job. Nice presentation by Caroline and the committee.

How soon before sponsors start dumping Tiger Woods? Probably right after his wife dumps him.

How much time is being expended on Plowgate that could be used for more productive issues. Makes dog complaints look trivial.

This is for those of you who are bilingual - which is not an island in the Caribbean but the ability to converse in more than one language. Now - when you dream do you dream in one specific language? I have asked several and no one has come forth with a definitive answer.

IMO some of the anti casino bloggers have now become a casino issue version of an anchoress. Walled into their one issue.

From the will we ever learn file - a raise in the gas tax is again being proposed.

I think for you Pats fans the salad days are gone.

I wonder how much jet fuel was expended by all getting to Copenhagen by all? Certainly enough hot air to melt some glaciers.

There is a big difference between breaking the law and common sense. I find common sense usually loses out to convoluted legalese.

Sometimes the law is used as a bully and when you deal with a bully it is often necessary to fight back.


Wally Glendye said...

I don't know if Suo watched the meeting last night (wink, wink) but I thought Lincoln Andrews was great and should consider running for the Selectmen again.

bogofree said...

LA got a lot of face time last night. Maybe we should start a rumor he is running?

MiMi appears to be a nice person who is lost.

Been nice if the Plowgate Ten and Billy Fallon showed up.

What is legal and what is right. Too bad they are so different.

Suo Mynona said...

Someone was rampantly spreading the rumor that I was running for the BOS last year -- it was pretty comical. Maybe BB can use that in his article about rumors. I am still wondering who spread the rumor. They were saying in the blogs I was running, not wondering if I was going to run.

So let's stop any rumors right now. My wife would not allow me to run -- not kidding. As a smart husband, I know she has the last word. Besides I am enjoying the work on various committees. No more "attack of manila packets" every week. On committees I get to spend occasional weeknights with people whom I both respect and have lots of laughs. It is a night out more than work.

MSM Party Bus said...

When you have a minute... Holla at me!

anonymous said...

You are needed again.

Wally Glendye said...

I respect you wishes and you are a "Smart Husband". I was going to run a couple of years ago but after seeing how the Board gets treated, I will never happen.

I grew up in Quincy and tossed many back with the local & state politicians at the Eire Pub. Politics is a normal way of life for them and it's not personal and they can put their diffences aside but down here, it's vicious.

bogofree said...

Oh boy...the Eire Pub! I worked at Boston Gear and HoJo's for years. Sheets, Koch, Nestor and a few other locals I knew. Had some of their relatives working for us.

Not worth it in Mboro. All you do is get beat down by those who never will and never could.

bogofree said...

The Plowgate Ten is now up to The Gang Of Twenty-One according to the latest from the AB web site. I forgot to check if he's finally updated his online resume after almost one year. So much for detail.

Wally Glendye said...

I worked at State Street Corp. in N. Quincy, worked with Johnny Koch, played Koch Club Baseball and ran a Marathon in Alaska with one of the Bartenders. (Martin Nicholson)I still hang out there whenever I'm up North because I'm originally from Dorchester.

MSM Party Bus said...

BOGO this quote from your front page is a great comment.

"This whole issue has nothing to do with the streets and everything to do with the sitting BOS"

This issue goes way back.. I think since Glenn Marshall got in trouble.. Thats when it all seemed to have started.

I guess the question needs to be asked..


bogofree said...

Ah....DotVille! I worked at the corner of Freeport and Dorchester Avenue for years. Place called Gilman Bros and Systems For Advanced Information. Son is now out of the armory in Victory Lane. Back in those days that area was almost all Slavic. Wife use to go to the Polish Church for Xmas service.

Worked in same are in N. Quincy when HoJo's moved their corporate office down to that gawd awful development. Think State St. eventually took over our section of the building.

I use to do my standard speed work for running for years in Quincy. Start out at the Y head down Shore Drive to Hancock St and back to the Y. Had a 6.7 mile course that I’d run at about a 5:50 clip. I do that still only it’s more like a half mile. Use to love to run out to Moon Island area or through the Blue Hills. Played a lot of hoop in Quincy. One place I use to go to a lot was Bentley’s. Don’t know if it still exists.

For you cheapo’s park at North Quincy HS and avoid the “T” parking charge across the street. My sister-in-law retire from that school.

bogofree said...

Limo that is the only reason to me. If Billy Flynn had no issues with the current BOS this would not have happened. It's just vindictive. Those who signed on should be embarrassed as there are plenty of options such as bring this before a judge in March. Yes there is a violation but this is not an up in lights violation and it could certainly have been delayed or negotiated. But based on how that casino deal was negotiated I don’t know. What goes around comes around.

Suo Mynona said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Suo Mynona said...

Wally 4:45 PM:

Your observations are correct. Being a selectman turned into Blood Sport. I saw that trend starting. I feel fortunate I escaped the rapier. There are a handful of perpetual malcontent people. They believe there is a conspiracy and seek retribution in conspiring. Fortunately the town is healing is giving them less and less credence.

I coined a saying: "People give the selectmen way too much credit for being stupid." Meaning their hands are tied on many issues.

There are precious few times where a selectman can make a real difference. A selectman has to recognize and be able to be seize those moments. This does not mean pandering to a special interest group, all of us can see through that false veil.

IMO opinion there are only a few qualities that all people collectively want in a selectman:

1) An ability to commiserate with an unfortunate circumstance and be willing to say YES or NO with an authentic reason. People can accept no

2) Being prepared and making your own decision. Reading and understanding the packet information and asking those who came before you for historical context is key. Anyone can tell when someone is ill prepared.

3) Participating in the many extra-curricular meetings. There are so many daily and evening meetings that require participation. Those meetings earn you the needed respect of the town's workhorses (the employees) and show an extra level of understanding on Monday nights.

4) Never seek vengeance. Townspeople have a right to get angry. Most can accept "the answer in NO" but just need to vent.

5) Try not to be a hypocrite. Last night was an example of how people feel about hypocrites. If you noticed no one got mad at the BOS. Their anger was pointed elsewhere.

Pat Rogers spoke about "The Middleborough Way" last night. A person does have to live in the town for a period of time to know what that means. (The amount of time depends upon the individual. Some "get it" very quickly, some never have and never will.)

There are people that enjoy being bitter and cannot believe in their heart of hearts that we are neighborly and compassionate. They do not see all the intentional AND random acts of kindness that occur on a daily basis.

For example, look how kind Bogo and I are to Blogger Shark (BS). We set up a trust fund for charity in BS's name. You joined in to help the charitable cause now totaling $400. Do you think BS appreciates it or is bitter? BS must have a heart like the Grinch otherwise he or she would join in and collect the money for charity.

Finally a person should run for the BOS based on their own merits, not the demerits of the incumbent.


Thanks Anon 4:42 PM.

LMAO said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LMAO said...

To me the issue of a violation is quite clear and virtually everyone recognizes that it is. In some instances the plowing and sanding have been going on for over 30 years so what differences would another few months make?

Rogers summed it up as "The Middleborough Way" and he was correct. This is not how you treat friends, neighbors, business associates, those who work with you in charitable causes, attend church with you and whose kids attend school with your kids.

Some of those on the private ways on unaccepted streets certainly have the financial resources to pick up the tab but some simply do not. That was clear at the previous meeting when someone spoke of hardship.

The smart thing to do and the neighborly thing to do is delay this action. This issue will eventually be addressed at Town Meeting where it can be hashed out and a policy determined but this last minute action is just plain Clark.

Very nice summary Suo.

Suo Mynona said...

Run LMAO Run!

anonymous said...

Right or wrong (snow Plowing) look outside today and say to yourself; Do I really want to be part of somebody not making it to the hospital or watching a house burn to the ground, all because of Mr and Mrs Bonds private spat against the town of Middleboro.

Hate only breeds more Hate!

The resentments have taken a strong foot hold in the Bonds lives, every fiber of their being is directed by pure anger and some sort of loss.

What makes a man and his wife so angry?

What did they lose?

bogofree said...

Anon 7:24

Well said.

anonymous said...

Ask Middleboro Pediatrics about anger.

MSM Party Bus said...

I don't know about Howard being angry but I do know they both know how to make people angry at them.

Lets see! just one example from me. I just asked them to remove my advertising from their radio program because I couldn't afford it any longer and wala they remove mine and go post an affiliate I have been doing business with for years.

To this day SS LIMO and I havn't traded or talked about limo trips since that time. did they have something to do with it? who knows? All I know in my eyes they cost me an affiliate.

Attack my business and your nothing but a coward in my eyes.

anonymous said...

One person on this lawsuit has been charged with conspiracy in the past. what's it going to be this time joe conspiracy to overthrow a local town government?

Nice person

Wally Glendye said...

My Living Room window looks out on River's Edge Drive and they just plowed my street (Plymouth) but passed on River's Edge.

anonymous said...

Anon 11:42 and that does not even cover Charlie Lincoln another shinning example of a class act.

anonymous said...

JP and MT met Deval.. So proud..

"A jacketless Patrick invited the attendees into the 2 p.m. meeting"

A true sign of disrespect not putting your jacket on for the attendees at this meeting.

bogofree said...

Wonder if JP and MT talked about Clark, CT and, of course, oxygen pumped into casinos?

Gov. "One and Out" probably gave them the bums rush. Wonder how their casino candidate did? LMBAO! Wasn't for the massive influence of USS whatever he probably would have finished behind the jock sniffer.

Wally Glendye said...


MARCH 14, 2005

Discussion ensued on correspondence given to the Board regarding snow plowing of subdivisions.

Selectman Andrews suggested a policy be developed that would hold the developer responsible if the way has

not been accepted yet. He noted that Mr. Healey directs the roads to be plowed in case of an emergency. He

said besides opening the Town up to liability, it also “lets the developer off the hook”.

Selectman Andrews suggested a policy be put in place that would allow the Planning Board to attach to the

surety or bond for that subdivision. He said there also needs to be a special form of insurance for sending our

plows onto private property.

Chairman Perkins noted that the issue was not with a subdivision, but Woloski Park and Gibbs Road, which are

unaccepted streets.

Mr. Healey said unaccepted streets are plowed purely from a public safety issue. He said public safety vehicles

need to be able to get down that street. He said the Town has insurance to cover the plows. He said the Town

has an obligation to the residents to plow these roads.

Selectman Andrews said the difference is that subdivisions are intended to become accepted ways.

Upon motion by Selectman Andrews and seconded by Selectman Bond, the Board

VOTED: To authorize Selectman Andrews and Mr. Healey to work on a policy for plowing


Unanimous Vote.

Wally Glendye said...

I guess this was brought up in the past!

bogofree said...

Thanks Wally.

Suo Mynona said...

Like I said Monday, it is hard to be in town government and claim to no nothing about the "private" streets issue.

Wally Glendye said...

There it is in writing!

anonymous said...

Where was Adam Bond back then? Maybe he was out for a smoke?

Wally Glendye said...

This is strictly town business but it appears that the Lawsuit against the town just ended by the minutes I posted earlier. If not, one would have to question why no action was taken in 2005-08 and why it is suddenly a priority today. Why doesn't the Attorney representing the plaintiffs understand this? Why does he feel that there is a case even though it was ignored on his watch and by the way, is he also negligent?. Again, I have nothing against any of the individuals involved and in fact am friendly with a few of them but I question the legality of this whole mess and again, this is strictly business.

anonymous said...

Like the dog issue he will tell you its a totaly different set of circumstances today. excuse's like the economy,global warming,the war in iraq etc! etc!

You see wally back then it was about its not really about snow.

MSM Party Bus said...

Their is a comedy show in Boston tonight. a really good headliner! you interested in taking in a real funny show?

Tonights Comedy Show

bogofree said...

My wife hates that stuff, Limo. I actually first started seeing Dick Doherty back in the late 60s and now he seems to be running these shows for years. I took one in at the Kaloon a few years back.

Some will say watching the BOS in action or reading a certain letter to the editor will suffice for comedy.

bogofree said...

A few weeks ago the DPW honcho sat and listened and had the common sense to realize which ways the winds were blowing. New job so why make unnecessary enemies? Common sense was to delay action until the issue was "reviewed" a classic move of placing a controversial issue on the back burner and address it when the flowers are in bloom and not clouds dropping snow and ice on the landscape.

Then you have the opposite of common sense and migrate into the area on nonsense. Step right up Billy Flynn and the local gang of 21!

Now I really don't have any great affection for the capabilities of the current BOS but I imagine there are other ways to embarrass them besides tossing Clark into the faces of those who thought this issue was resolved until the spring.

I certainly question motivation behind this whole putrid scheme.

North Slope Rigger said...

The trade of Lowell just sucks. This team is going in the wrong direction and as far as I'm concerned it is a run for the Wild Card.

bogofree said...

The trade may be off. Sox have a backup plan and are in negotiations with a senior softball team in St. Petersburg for the services of Lowell. Of course Lowell will have to displace the incumbent third baseman who is an 88 year old WW II vet with a prosthetic leg.

MSM Party Bus said...

"putrid scheme"

pu·trid (pytrd)
1. Decomposed and foul-smelling; rotten.
2. Proceeding from, relating to, or exhibiting putrefaction.
3. Morally rotten; corrupt: "and all the while scarlet thoughts, putrid fantasies, and no love" (Louis Auchincloss).
4. Extremely objectionable; vile.

God! I learn so many new words from this casino debate.. "putrid"

Suo Mynona said...

I really wish the government would just start with three simple things on Health Care (or at least incorporate them.)

Allow insurance companies to compete across state borders
Tort reform
Preventing denial upon pre-existing conditions.

Wait two or three years and see if true private sector competition will work.

anonymous said...

Where has the shark been? Time is running out.

Suo Mynona said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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