Saturday, May 2, 2009


Will the caps on charter schools be lifted? Not if Gov. Patrick has his choice. Then again, when you collect a bundle of money from one of the most reactionary unions around - MTA - what would you expect?

Maybe Patrick will end up on the SC? Naturally, the options for the SC are being pigeon holed into various ethnic, racial and gender groups. I have not heard of a transgender candidate surfacing yet.

In this state the Democrats have shown the end result of one party rule. I can’t imagine a more corrupt and brazenly self-interest managed government in the country. Again, regressive taxes will be imposed without accompanying reforms. Each Legislator will file - count on this - a small mountain of legislation to address reform. That way they can return to the voters with a “See what I’ve done!” File and passing are two different things.

I’d give WOW a grade of “C” on his first hundred days of which amounted to a fawning PR blitz by a media that leaves me wondering where and when journalism disappeared? Thankfully, Fox news, Rush and the internet are around to tell the other side of the story from their own biased perspective.

The most important issue continues to be the economy and the continued contraction and rising unemployment have shown that this recession is quite deep and will remain lasting. That debt will impact growth and standard of living. Maybe the economic pundits within the administration will be right and six to nine months will be the time line? Heard the same from former president what’s his name.

Joe Biden managed to do a major screw up. No surprise with that. I guess we should not go where crowds are? No supermarkets? Don’t know. Have to ask the VP of Foot In Mouth.

Globe is still around for a few more days.

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Hal Brown said...

,,Thankfully, Fox news, Rush and the internet are around to tell the other side of the story from their own biased perspective. Think about this statement, think long, think hard. You will be tested on Friday.

Here are the essay questions in advance.

1) How does telling opposite sides of a political "story" from biased points of view which are equally extreme and distorted lead to true understanding of the truth?

2) What is wrong with this statement: If I fully understand black, and I fully understand white, it stands to reason that I fully understand grey.

3) If partisans never hear counter-arguments because they listen only to those who support their beliefs, how are they supposed to be objective?

4) Explain how the recent Ohio State University study of viewers of The Colbert Report who are conservative have a tendency to believe he is one of them rather than a liberal relates to this.


The International Journal of Press/Politics, Vol. 14, No. 2, 212-231 (2009)

The Irony of Satire: Political Ideology and the Motivation to See What You Want to See in The Colbert ReportThis study investigated biased message processing of political satire in The Colbert Report and the influence of political ideology on perceptions of Stephen Colbert. Results indicate that political ideology influences biased processing of ambiguous political messages and source in late-night comedy. Using data from an experiment (N = 332), we found that individual-level political ideology significantly predicted perceptions of Colbert's political ideology. Additionally, there was no significant difference between the groups in thinking Colbert was funny, but conservatives were more likely to report that Colbert only pretends to be joking and genuinely meant what he said while liberals were more likely to report that Colbert used satire and was not serious when offering political statements. Conservatism also significantly predicted perceptions that Colbert disliked liberalism. Finally, a post hoc analysis revealed that perceptions of Colbert's political opinions fully mediated the relationship between political ideology and individual-level opinion.

Hal Brown said...

Some national exposure for bogo here.

bogofree said...


You are thinking too long and too hard. Fox simply is the opposite rant. Think I pay the news any of my valuable time? NFW! I'll watch a few minutes here and there but one of life's lessons is not to take them seriously. Believe nothing of what your hear and half of what you see.

For about a year I have been tracking the financial "experts" that are wheeled out. Amusing when you compare what they said three, six and twelve months ago. Like the weather forcasters they'll never admit they were wrong. Worse? CNN.

Can you see the tan lines? LMCAO!

Hal Brown said...

You are saying I think too long and too hard?

You want me to brush off what you write as having the substance of cotton candy?

Long, hard thinking wards off the mental deterioration of those of us of a certain age.

North Slope Rigger said...

Hey, Hal, the news has a liberal bias. I know it. You know it. They know it. Papers and TV. Radio and internet seem more of a conservative bias. I don't give a damn. But now for the real issue.

Finally beat TB and the C's grind it out and the B's are 1-0. Bogo, it is a great time to be a Boston sports fan. And the MFY's lost!

See you in chat this afternoon.

bogofree said...


Do you take the news seriously? A classic example was that bubble headed bleach blonde on CNN actually confronting a protester on Tea Party Day or whatever that was. The Sunday morning gatherings are on that time slot for a reason. I read editorials and OP-Ed with the understanding they are opinion pieces.

You have seen enough news room surveys that show the folks have a nice liberal tendency. My perception is that has translated into coverage. I have no problem with that since I understand it the same way I understand that if I watch Fox what I am going to be fed. Being neither a liberal or a conservative I can laugh at the personal amusement both provide.

As far as exposing yourself to different points of view I have often stated what sets one apart is not what they read but what they choose NOT to read (or watch or listen to). I have enough liberal and conservative contacts to know that neither practice that. Like that story I told you about my security issue with Raytheon 40 years ago.

I think my comments on WOW were quite on target. Many in the press have - IMO - taken on the qualities of a cheerleading group. Oh will that fade!

Yes, Hal, you think too much on some of these things. Most of life is like baseball - simple. Folks spend too much time analyzing and looking for subterfuge, hidden meanings and how to interpret a phase or word. Occam’s Razor usually applies.


So far the starters are a disaster. I may stop in for chat.

LMAO said...

HAL Yes you do analyze too much. As far as the media they use to have standards and be relevant but no more. I listen to Howie Carr and read him just for the nails he puts into the politicians in Massachusetts. The national news? Yeah, hire Katie Couric for her "brains." What a joke.

I know what I get when I read the Globe or the Herald. I see opinion creep into hard news stories.

On TV I saw the same story Bogo was talking about. WTF was that!

Cronkite was a flaming liberal and I knew it but it didn’t creep into his reporting. Not even a raised eyebrow or change in voice. Now I see characters like Olberman and O’ Reilly and just shake my head. These are quasi news shows that are meaningless. Olbermann actually delighted in the hatchet job he did on Hillary Clinton. Nancy Grace should have a warning label on her show. News has taken on the same path as reality shows. Take a look at local news especially Fox with all the graphics and sound bites.

Bogo I know you are an Obama supporter but as far as I’m concerned it is rare when the major media will put down their pom poms on this guy. WOW is correct.

Now, Hal, how do you interpret the reporting that went on regarding the casino issue?

bogofree said...

Yes - I was an Obama supporter until he signed off on bailout I.

During the campaign I stated he was not the best person for the job but the right person for the job.

The econmic failures in D.C. run long and deep and I differ with the majority on the necessity of bailouts I, II, II and so on. These differences have soured me on voting in national elections. I will now pass on that and the way the state is being operated those will join the elections no vote list.

My grade on Obama is based primarily on economics and Afganistan policy. I also do not care for the tend in big government.

Hal Brown said...

I'm fine with those who choose not to analyze, or keep their brain cells stimulated by deep thoughts about sports teams this being a perfectly valid if not world changing use of mental energy.

Consider that I choose my profession because I liked to analyze, and found a way to do it that could be helpful to others.

I also manage to write a column with my own particular analytic slant on politics and politicians that a few thousand people regularly read.

The whole point of my CHB column is that we have few media types that can actually report the news objectively, and few talk show hosts that can make sure their partisan guests actually hear what each other are saying.

A good talk show moderator should be like a good marriage counselor.

bogofree said...


Sports is far more interesting and even honest when compared to politics. You produce in front of a crowd with no back room deals, reinventing history or blaming the other guy.

A few thousand? Come on, Hal, don't count every site hit as a reader.

Yours is an opinion piece and is a nice read. Agree with some of it and disgree with some of it. Not as interesting as a discussion on the failings of Big Papi or ARod.

mildly said...

I watched my Dad worry about politics and world affairs to the point that there always seemed like there was some ominous threat looming over us, threatening to steal any chance to enjoy life. He was consumed with everyn present and potential danger. In a sense he seems so much less burdened now with the loss of his short term memory.

Myself? I spend about a half hour daily reading and watching the news. Then when the workday is done and my family has been cared for, I take time to read writers like Paolo Coelho and others who ponder the mystery of life's journey, play my cello, perhaps draw a bit, take walks along the beach, chat bwith friends, and find some time for quiet meditation. What I don't do is worry about things I don't have the power to change.

It seems to me that reading and writing about politics is more of an enjoyable pastime to Hal than an obsession, instead of the total preoccupation it was for my father. Obviously he is also a person who enjoys photography, swimming, and people. So I'm not too worried about him. I'm sure my political leanings would horrify Hal, but viva la difference. Let him be who he is. Personally, I feel quite comfortable with others' long as they can endure mine.

anonymous said...

I am to the right of center but not that far right. I really have some serious issues with foreign policy of this administration. Appears to be the complete opposite of Bush. Both are doomed to failure in my opinion.

I really find the current debate on torture just plain torture.

I watch the news three or four times a week and much prefer watching sports. More real and enjoyable.

anonymous said...

I gave up on The Globe years ago when their writers seem to have a real affinity for creating fictional stories.

anonymous said...

The Globe stinks. I gave up on that biased paper years ago. Now the left wing NYT is trying to kill everything the Globe's union has worked hard for. The NYT and Globe are typical pocketbook liberals.

Hal Brown said...

I admire the selfless Mr. McMonk for not caring about any hits with the exception of those of major league importance, i.e., as part of a batting average.

Every April 17 he immolates himself in the hope that the ghost of the most famous volunteer fireman of all time, Alexander Cartwright II, will douse his flames.

Meanwhile, for those other than our very own Dali McLama who are curious where he lands on a on a Google News search today click here.

LMAO said...

LMCAO! Maybe Bogo can get one of those life time jobs at the Globe.

I just get froasted with the ultra liberal mindset of presching to me. Thr Republicans whine on about family valuse but so to the closet Marxist only it is their values.

Obama is pandering a bit too much to the moonbats to make me feel comfortable. Maybe he'll take a page out of Clinton's book and be more of a centerist.

Hal, I read your stuff and BB and JP. You are a liberal in my book and not a moonbat. In fact you may even be more to the middle than most liberals.

Hal Brown said...

On newspapers...

There are a variety of ways to judge a newspaper, all of varying degrees of importance. To me their reporting the depth and breath of the truth is the most crucial.

This takes the form investigative reporting, digging deeply into stories and often uncovering things the government or business is trying to hide.

A good newspaper never lets bias seep into reporting, and that goes for sensationalized tabloid headlines of which our own local Enterprise is known for.

All the top papers have opinion columnists representing all sides of the political spectrum. The New York Times, blasted for being too liberal, has moderate Republican David Brooks and conservative Bill Kristol.

In fact the New York Times is only liberal in their editorials.

The newspapers ranked by major J-schools as the best all have international reporters based all over the world. They have excellent writing. They have complete local coverage (except USA Today).

They have the finest writers in the country covering everything from business to sports to movies to restaurants to fashion.

If all you want is a quick read for news and sports, with local coverage, are content with AP and Reuters coverage for international news, don't mind merely above average writing and like their columnists, by all means read The Herald.

But comparing it to the Globe to the Herald and putting the former down for "creating fictional stories" some years ago is unfair.

As for reporting on the casino issue, with some notable exceptions including today, I think the Cape Cod Times far and away did the best job. In second place, The Gazette.

I don't know where George Brennan gets off putting an unsubstantiated opinion in his otherwise well researched and objective article about Glenn Marshall."It also cast a dim light on the prospects for expanded gambling in Massachusetts because Marshall was the face of the tribe's pursuit of an Indian casino."

That is pure speculation, the first clause does not lead to the second.

bogofree said...
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bogofree said...

TB - 5 and Sox - 3.

I think Hal's assessment of newspapers is correct but I just see too much opinion working into news stories. This is just observational on my part and I occasionally complained in the past - especially The Globe - with just polite thank you in return.

Papers have their own tokens to just sooth the idea that they are not slanted on the Op-Ed page. Yeah...pick up George Will to make us look "balanced."

The Times has been run into the ground. Management is in disarray and their financials are bleak. Well documented on everything from their loan sources to selling off property to the excesses of management.

Locally the Enterprise is a waste of time. Their latest ploy is to have collections done by an outside agency that extracts 10% of any tip you give a paper carrier via automatic withdrawal.

The Globe will soon be gone. Tonight. Next month. Next year. The progression is clear and they can pin much of the blame on Times management. Should tell you how much attention one should pay to The Times financial section. I'm sure The Globe will be missed in Brookline and Cambridge but not on the subway.

Use to get several dallies but dropped them over the years.

Hal Brown said...

Globe South's coverage of the casino has been as slanted towards anti side as The Enterprise.

I complained about their bias to no avail.

Christine Wallgren, now Legere, is the local stringer that wrote the majority of the casino stories and continues to cover Middleboro news.

I don't think Globe management cares all that much to compete heavily in areas that have their own local daily newspapers.

bogofree said...


The current administration policy of rapprochement just leaves me cold. I don't particularly care for the harangue at the previous administration on torture. My assumption is that WOW is giving lip to fringe elements.

Papers will get complaints on hot button issues. From what I read the paper made a news story into an opinion pice all too often. May have been favorable to a position that I held but rotten journalism. Wonder if she was into slam poetry?

Hal Brown said...
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Hal Brown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hal Brown said...

Another aspect of the casino coverage I didn't like, petty perhaps, was the cutesy cliche and trite headlines and graphics.

But then I didn't like it when the New York Times made the switch to color pictures. It was one of the last major papers to switch to color photography. They used color in the magazine sections in 1993 but didn't switch to using it in the main paper until 1997.

(from NYT milestones)


I wonder how much money The Times and The Globe could save now if they went back to black and white.

(lot's of typos in previous 2 posts)

bogofree said...

The money they are bleeding makes red the color of the day.

Tabloid headlines are the rage. Eye catching.

Hal Brown said...

"Tabloid headlines are the rage. Eye catching."

Like, ya know, this is, like, duh, a good thing?

bogofree said...

Just booked a flight to Kansas City for Sept. 21-25 for a Red Sox road trip.

Hal Brown said...

A you going to read this book about "A-Rid"?

From the review:

For much of his career, Rodriguez has shown what Roberts says is ''a well-honed, very orchestrated personality. ... years in the making of trying to create a persona that would mesh well with the corporate world.'' At the same time, she writes ''the abandoned boy within Alex Rodriguez made him particularly gullible to the influence of successful, authoritative men, so it was easy for (agent) Scott Boras to manipulate him like a sock puppet.''

''I do think there's a very good Alex in there,'' said Roberts, who spent six months reporting and writing the book. ''I think the good Alex has a very good shot at winning. I think the good Alex is there for all of us to see for the next nine years. ... No matter what stage he seems to go through, what sort of incarnation he seems to go through, I think that he is at heart a pretty tenderhearted person.''

Got New Sneaks said...

"Limo Driver Arrested After Prom For Drunk"

"A limousine driver hired to drive high school students for their prom was arrested and charged with drunk driving in Lowell.

Seven Lowell Catholic High School students had hired 45-year-old Brian Harrison of Lynette's Limousine Service in Wilmington for their prom Friday night.

The teens say when they first got into the limo, they knew they smelled alcohol. That's when prom-goer Chris Tully asked to see the cup Harrison was drinking. "I said 'there is alcohol in this. What are you thinking? You could've taken all of our lives.' And he just apologized, saying he made a mistake."

Bianca Crowley said she could tell by the way he was driving something was seriously wrong. "The swerving, the bumps we hit, the way he said 'I have it.'"

"He couldn't even read the GPS," said Kelsie Nadeau of Billerica. "He couldn't even function. It was so scary."

One of them called her parents who then alerted police.

The students allegedly had Harrison drop them off at the Showcase Cinemas. When they refused to get back in, Harrison left, but then came back a few minutes later. He allegedly told the students, "I messed up, I'm sorry" and tried to convince them to get in the vehicle.

"He was slurring his words and he just didn't seem right," said John Harris of Billerica.

When officers arrived, Harrison was arrested and charged with drunk driving. Parents were called in to pick up the teenagers.

In a statement, Captain Randall Humphrey said this "was a perfect example of high school students faced with a potentially dangerous situation and they collectively made the right decision in refusing to enter the limousine and contacted their parents. The community should be proud of the actions of these students."

Harrison, who lives in Tewksbury, was released on bail and was fired from the limousine company. "He's no longer going to be a part of this company," said Marco Delgado of Lynette's Limousine Service. "I apologize to the kids who experienced what they experienced last night and I commend them on their heroic actions last night. If it wasn't for them realizing something was not right with the driver, it could've been a lot worse."

He will be arraigned Monday in Lowell District Court."

Every year this happens or something just as horrible. This is what you get from Limousine companies that care about the money and not there companies. The management who was on duty should be fired for this. It was He or she's responsiblity to see that the drivers are fit for driving. I heard Lynnettes needed 38 drivers that night and I guess it was true, If you can put the key in you can drive.

I really want the State to do something about Hack Limo companies and go towards licencing each and every limo driver just like a CDL or taxi licence.

What the hell was this guy thinking??

bogofree said...

From Mary Robichaud in The Herald.
"While Massachusetts residents are losing their jobs, homes, and savings, legislators are still getting their per diems, free parking, pensions and automatic pay raises. I wonder how many of the House members, who voted to raise the sales tax 25 percent, checked off on their tax returns to pay a higher percentage of their income to the state. My guess is none. They like to spend our money and keep theirs."

bogofree said...

From The Herald . Another slam of my personal favorite - Barney Frank. It has always amazed me how many of the clueless end up as chairs on committee's? I suspect the medical staff checks them out for the incompetence gene and if it is present they are a go.

Rocky said...

It doesn't matter which way you lean, left or right, you have an opinion. It is yours and yours alone. There are people who think the president is doing a great job. There are others who think he is doing a horrible job.

Here is my opinion. The President is playing the best game he can with the cards he was delt. He is trying his best and will make mistakes.

I will not be around to pay for what George W. and congress has placed upon us. That is for my grand children to complain about. I am still paying for the FDR projects.

I suggest that we pay off our debts. Personal, town, county, state and federal government. If we paid our bills with cash versus credit, we would be in a better place.

What happens is that we borrow one trillion dollars when we are hurting and when we are prospering, we pay back a tenth of it and squander the rest away living high on the hog.

All of these problems today can be related back to spending what one doesn't have. It's a problem that has been going on for decades and to blame it on the current president in the first 100 days is not fair.

After all, he is not Jack Kennedy.

bogofree said...

Amen, Rocky. The debt worries me but it should worry my kids more.

bogofree said...

Interesting article in The Enterprise about a coyote having a dinner call on a pooch in our neighborhood. Read further and the following sticks out.

Bird feeders
Open compost
Pet dishes outside.

My wife has at least ten bird feeders in the yard. We have open compost along with closed. See has food dishes outside for feral cats that have made our place a home. My wife claims that because we have five and four foot fencing around the yard and three foot fencing around the garden we are protected. Nothing that I hope for anymore than those cats becoming a buffet. My wife refuses to do anything about the feral cats. I’m going to give an invite to that coyote.

Hal Brown said...

I don't have a degree in wildlife management so I can't address the coyote problem as an expert. I'll have to put that on my to-do list.

I have done some reading about the danger coyotes present to pets and as a result had the top of our outside dog pen fenced over.

A motivated (i.e hungry) enough coyote can easily get a running start and climb over a four foot fence and probably even a five foot fence. There are reports of coyotes making it over 10 foot fences.

I can understand having sympathy for feral cats but feeding them isn't a good idea since they will only breed more. Leaving cat food out will attract coyotes by the smell.

A grown cat probably is able to thwart a coyote attack better than a kitten who can't yet climb a tree, and better than a dog who is as likely to stand and fight than try to run.

chica said...

I see coyotes all too often and they are the kind of animals that can exist in a suburban or urban enviroment,

I happen to be considered a liberal on social issues and probably middle of the rord with a tinge of conservatism on fiscal issues.

The current tax situation in Massachusetts leaves me cold. Are they that unaware of the situation everyday people face?

anonymous said...

Coyotes are great. They keep down the cat and stray dog population.

Dog, Bounty Hunter said...

The press has managed to blow this whole swine flu into mass hysteria. When you look at the number of actual cases reported by the CDC it hardly seems epidemic. As I understand it, those who've actually contracted the illness in this country have found it no more bothersome than other flus. Kind of reminds me of the Y2K scare.

anonymous said...

Under 300 cases in the U.S. with 300,000,000 people. This reminds me of the hysteria when a four inch end of the world "Blizzard" is on the way.

Hal Brown said...

Here's the story of the latest coyote attack in Middleboro, killed a dog.

Dog, Bounty Hunter said...
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Dog, Bounty Hunter said...

Disturbing story:
"Mein Kampf," Adolf Hitler's autobiography, is flying off the shelves at Indian book stores as business students look to Germany's former dictator for inspiration, the Telegraph reported.

Indian students see the book as a self-improvement and management strategy guide, sources told the
British press.,2933,518939,00.html

anonymous said...

Anyone catch Steve McKinnon's letter in The Enterprise?

Hal Brown said...

I don't see it online. What does the McKinnon letter says?

anonymous said...

Hal you cheapskate - buy the paper!

Look tomorrow online as they are always one day behind in the letters

Hal Brown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hal Brown said...

I found it online HERE.

Pinch me please. Is this man really our selectman?

He seems a clone of Rush Limbaugh with his rant about illegal aliens.

Maybe he should do some research about his claim about them not paying taxes, -- he can start here, but I suggest only after he does more investigation into why other town's Boards of Selectmen haven't adopted Robert's Rules of Order.

McKinnon writes much like he talks on Adam Bond's radio show:

What does our State legislature do? Well one thing is Ashland Rep. Tom Sannicandro’s amendment giving illegal aliens the right to have drivers licenses. No questions asked. Where you from? Can’t ask that. That would stress them out.Just what we need, a selectman who apparently thinks sarcastic phrases like "that would stress them out" passes for intelligence discourse.

Family Guy said...

The measure he talked about was withdrawn. Illegals IMO should be sent on their way.

On My Way. said...

This was a recording a week later after the infamous "Geniuses" statement LOL! Listen to Steve admit it was "you lawyers" then Adam has to deflect for him again.

Steve we all agree it was geniuses now stop saying it was "You Lawyers"

Listen to time 33.35 - 34.07

Didn't we settle this

Thank You Mr Mckinnon for verifing what I already knew.

anonymous said...

Steve is a conservative. Simple as that. Standard speil. I'm a bit closer to ceter but the illegals situation just gets to me. Out with 'em. Nitwit cities that are sanctuaries until the bills become due.

On My Way. said...

All this lakeville woman had to say was I have a gambling problem, I spent it all at foxwoods. Then she could turn around and make money by public speaking against the casino resort slated for Middleboro. She should have talked to local attorney about her options on this. Then again she was so honest she tried to return the money and the court wouldn't take it They sent her back home with it.

BROCKTON — The woman charged with stealing money from a city employees union offered to return the money, but authorities want to prosecute her in court.

Susan Elliot, 47, of Lakeville, is charged with larceny over $250 in the theft of about $24,000.

She appeared in Brockton District Court Tuesday for the first time and had the money to make restitution, but the prosecutor said the case will proceed. She left with the money.

Susan go buy scratch tickets!!!! blame it on the lottery.

Hal Brown said...

Among the many issues facing this country, our society in fact, is how to deal with the millions of illegal immigrants already living here and what to do about those still coming north from Mexico.

The knee jerk "throw them all out" response is both naive and impossible.

McKinnon writes about taxpayers footing the bills for them without investigating how many actually pay taxes. A poster here writes about the bills coming due in sanctuary cities ignoring how many business profit because of the cheap (often off the books) labor these people provide.

Reacting emotionally, some conservatives conveniently don't consider that most migrants come here not to live off what your taxes pay for, but to get jobs not available in their home countries, and to work hard and make a better life for their families.

This is exactly why many of your ancestors came here.

Dog, Bounty Hunter said...

I agree that the problem of illegal immigration is complex, Hal, and I have empathy for the dire situation many nof these people find themselves in their own countries. But realistically, we just can't afford a totally open door policy. We have so many people who were born here living in or on the dge of poverty, they simply must be a priority.

bogofree said...

Tell it to the communties who resources are being over run. Send them back? Why not? Have no problem with it since the term ILLEGAL says it all.

Now for the important stuff. Sox have won five in a row against the yankees.

Dog, Bounty Hunter said...

Perhaps one effective use of our military is to send them to beef up the border patrols and shorelines. Our ancestors had to go through hell and high water to get here legally. Why should we treat these people any differently? Our resources are limited and strained. Send them back. We can't afford to do otherwise.

Family Guy said...

What is our population? 300,000,000? I look at it today and say is the illegal immigration a plus or a minus to our country? I just don't see it as a plus.

Don't even have the respect to come into the country and go through the process? Face it - what we are talking about is Hispanics so if you want to play the race card go ahead. The border states along Mexico are getting pushed to the limits on providing services.

Family Guy said...


I saw that after I posted. I agree.

Hal Brown said...

The nasty fact is that the problem is complicated, and that we already have, if I recall, something like more than 10 million illegals here already many of whom have children who ARE citizens because they were born here. Many are integrated into our communities and important parts of the economy because they do work citizens don't want to do.

While most of our ancestors who came here suffered hardships for the first and second or even third generations, percentage-wise few had to go through hell and high water (except crammed into the steerage holds of ships) to get here.

Mostly the countries they came from were glad to see them go.

Bogo, shouting it's ILLEGAL is crap. Lot's of things were illegal in our past and that didn't make the laws right. Don't make me give you of all people a history lesson.

As for not having the respect to come here the legal way, you tell me about respect for our laws when you're children are going hungry and the you can't get work in your own country. Then you look across the border and see minimum wages jobs going begging, wages that when sent back home will feed your children.

You tell me you'd "respect" the laws of another country when the lives of your children are at stake.

It's not like your a drug mule destroying lives up here as you go back and forth across the border - that needs to be stopped border security should focus on that.

This blog is starting to be more like the Rush Limbaugh - Steve McKinnon fan club.

( My latest take, with pictures, on Mr. McK is now on )

mildly said...

Part of the solution for the overpopulation and subsequent poverty of Catholic Central and South America is for Pope Benedict to lift the ban on contraception. To me this man is guilty of the sin of encouraging people to have children whose mouths they can not feed. I am not anti-Catholic, but I am anti lack of common sense.

Dog, Bounty Hunter said...

True, we are stuck with those illegals who gave birth to American citizens, but we have to step up our efforts to keep new aliens from crossing our borders.

Sanctuary cities? Bank of America credit cards w/o credit? Driver's licenses w/o documentation? Gimme a break!

And, know darned well that most of this forum is moderate to conservative. You, who criticize McKinnon for his sarcasm, are being hypocritical with remarks about us being the Rush-McKinnon fan club. That's just plain crap.

Hal Brown said...

Yeah, guilty as charged. I may get sarcastic when I read some of what I consider meets my own very personal definition of insensitive crap. Though I thought Rush's fans consider it a compliment to be called such.

I knew you were mostly moderate to conservative politically but I draw the line at a being part of a community where I consider people lacking in human compassion and a modicum of concern for their fellow human beings.

I would never want to be part of a group where members consistently use terms like "stuck with" to refer to people who just happen to be here illegally.

They are just like you and me under the skin.

I am personally getting tired of suggestions that dare I suggest race has anything to do with attitudes I may be playing some kind of "race card".

Oh, screw all of this.

I'm boring most of you anyway.

I'm out of here.

Rocky said...

What is disgusting is that most Americans will not do the jobs that illegal immigrants are willing to do and if they did then we americans probably could not afford to eat. Food cost would increase four to ten fold. Think of a $4 tomato or a $30 basic steak from Hanafords.

It looks like McKinnon wants to make every senior live on cat food with his comments.

He should consider actions further down the line but I fear his myopic vision is imapring him.

This proves two things about McKinnon to me. No vision of the future and intelligence about on par with George W Bush.

bogofree said...

This is a classic example of LMCAO! Where was I today? Tutoring. One student is the product of two illegals living in this country who have never recieved citizenship. They collect welfare. The mother speaks no English (20 years here?). The kid is bright and comes from a household that does not respect education, our culture (another story)or our laws, could probably say the same applies to some native born but that is not the point. Systems are collapsing under the weight of illegals. It is not a convervative or liberal question but one of common sense.

bogofree said...

Barney Frank is introducing legislation today to allow internet gambling in the U.S. This legislation failed last year but Frank expects it to pass this year.

Dog, Bounty Hunter said...


You hit the nail on the head more succinctly than the rest of us. "Systems are collapsing". And we're headed for real trouble if the immigration laws aren't enforced.

And Hal. People are pretty straight about what we think here. This is not about you personally. It's about an issue that people feel strongly about one way or another. I learned a long time ago that a thick skin is needed if one is going to debate on the net, especially when exposing your true identity.

Dog, Bounty Hunter said...

I wish Oblahblah would pick up both Deval and Barney and ship their azzes off to ambassadorships in some remote country nobody ever hears about.

anonymous said...

Hey Hal....don't get mad. Get even. LMCAO

Dog, Bounty Hunter said...

When you get a chance stop by Limo guy's running blog and give him some much deserved credit for his good effort. He's got me motivated now.

anonymous said...
Another Limo blog? More of those than illegals.

drive-by said...

I think age is fading David Ortiz slowly out of the picture. Just doesn't seem to have the stamina anymore. Too bad. He was always a favorite.

drive-by said...

LOL. Take a peek of Hal's new thumnail pic on his profile. Now that is funny.

bogofree said...

Ortiz is a mystery. He got into the best shape of his life - not really hard to do - had a productive spring training and appeared to have healed from his wrist injury.

Last April Ortiz hit .184 but had five home runs. This April zero. In the last ten games he has captured quite a few extra base hits to left field but a glance at a hit chart shows many of those were Fenway friendly. Road struggles continu and less teams are using a shift. No drive to the right side.

As far as "missing Manny" that would and is a crock. Ortiz has actually done just as well without Manny in the past. The problem is all Papi.

He'll get some more games until Baldelli and Kotsay are ready and that gives the Sox more options. Baldelli can bat as DH or Lowell can agianst lefties with Youk going to third and Kotsay playing first. Kotsay may also see some extended time if Papi's production numbers continue to slide. If the situation is the same at the end of May you may see the Sox trolling the baseball world for a have bat/will travel guy who will cost a second tier minor leaguer.

anonymous said...

hal always thinks it is about him

anonymous said...

hal said:
"I draw the line at a being part of a community where I consider people lacking in human compassion and a modicum of concern for their fellow human beings."

Sanctimonious BS from someone that sticks camera lenses in peoples faces and posting their pictures everywhere.

Family Guy said...


So I don't agree with you on illegals? I'm not alone and in a vast majority. This is an issue that has no poltical boundries unless Democrats feel they can scrape up some votes.

I have compassion but I am not an idiot and know when you have an open door policy you get burnt. We don't see it that much yet but other states do.

That compassion shows up in diminished health care, out of control education costs, crime, welfare and a passel of other areas.

drive-by said...

Anon 3:45

Is that you Jessie? Sure sounds like you. LMCAO

Family Guy said...

If it is JP she may have a point.

Hal, it is enjoyable that you bring up issues and are willing to take the heat for them.

Hal Brown said...

I'd heard some time ago that Mr. McKinnon had signs that said "stop the invasion" in front of his house but until today thought they were homemade signs referring to the casino.

In fact, they are professionally made signs ( See pictures here ) from a conservative group called

He has two such signs and a bunch a American flags on the fence in front of his house and an anti tax (TEA) sign.

Of course he has every right to express his political opinion but I wonder what the politically liberal anti-casino folks who campaigned for him will think about having voted for him now that they discover his political position against illegal immigrants is so strong.

Maybe all politics are local and maybe local politics lead to strange bedfellows...

anonymous said...

The casino issue, Hal, usually means you except any and all.

I somewhat agree with what he says and as far as the signs? You can see some great moonbat signs in Brookline and Cambridge. Then last year someone had Bush hanging in their front yard. So IMO this is something you will see from the far left or right.

On My Way. said...

Real important question,

My child was banging on the computer keys and the screen is upside down anyone know how to flip it back up?


On My Way. said...

Ctrl/Alt/Up arrow how simple. Thanks.

On another note I feel like ranting today. There is some educated people on these blogs and I'm going to say I might not meet your standards with spelling or punctuation or what arenas your comfortable in etc!

I will bring you into an arena I am comfortable in, I can understand this arena, I have lived worked and survived this arena for the last 13 years.only a few might understand.

Hypothetical story..

An attorney well educated and versed, pretty boy, Knows just what to say and when to say it,
Has a pretty wife, Well educated, a little heavy, but pretty just the same, and two very young children.

His other 3 children are living with there Ilegal mexican mom down in the Bronx. That will be another imagianary rant someday.

Well my imaginary family have come to an imagianary cook out, I hold on a hot summers day. Now this party is well attended the host went all out on this one.

There was plenty of booze if people wanted it but to the hosts suprise most people drank sodas,Maybe a beer or two but nothing serious.

Except 2 people, You guessed it, My imaginary Lawyer and his imagianary pretty wife. They drank and drank in that hot afternoons sun carrying on and yelling at each other till the husband had to go hide in the house.

There was a table of imagianary Nurses sitting next to my imagianary attorney's pretty wife who remaiined outside, Who after 10-15 beers, Quickly Transformed into an O'l Tug Boat Captain on liberty, "Clark this" and "Clark that" "Mother Clarkin" "Beetch Clarkin basterds"

Oh! the sewage that spewed from this well educated womans mouth!

Well we can see where this rant is heading, After the party was all over there were two people left LOL! yup my imaginary family, Drunk as can be,He seemed all right to the host, Most funtioning alcoholics seem alright even though there not, but his wife, falling over couldn't find her shoes, walking around in a daze, He had to steer her to the car! He Yelled!! Captain over here! insert Fog Horn here( )

The little one's had to see and witness this behavior from two Highly educated, smart and full of common sense imaginary people.

Common sense if you take your children to a family cook out you don't swill liquor to your disgustingly drunk.

One thing this uneducated,comma missing,wrong spelling person has over these two college educated, well versed, pretty people.

His children will never see there parents behave like this in public. EVER!

I will always remember where I left my shoes. ALWAYS!

I am well educated in this arena!!!

anonymous said...

Sounds like a booze cruise on land.

On My Way. said...

Hypothetical People in my story need to be around others the same as or maybe worst then themselves to point the finger at and say See! I'm not as bad as him. Or See! she lost her shoes also.

Just cause your pinky sticks up in the air when you guzzle don't mean you have class.

I knew a guy on the Boston commons who drank his MD 20/20 with his pnky in the air also..

anonymous said...

Take a look at Howie Carr in The Herald. Another example of your tax dollars hard at work.

anonymous said...

Pretty thinly veiled imaginary scene. Attorney who? LMCAO

Hal Brown said...

I wouldn't presume that because someone seemed to have a serious drinking problem in the past that they haven't started on the road to recovery.

Alcoholism, it should go without saying, is a serious disease and the first step is the most important because without it you go nowhere.
Of course that is admitting you are powerless over alcohol - that your life had become unmanageable.

I'd add that you need to realize that your drinking is not only hurting yourself but hurting your loved ones.

In my opinion the steps related to God or a high power will be helpful if you are a believer. However if not steps 4, 5, 8, 9, 10 and part of 12 are crucial to sustaining sobriety.

12 Steps of A.A.

anonymous said...

"I will always remember where I left my shoes."

OMG! I think I'm going to pee myself.. LMAO

anonymous said...

I'll drink to that, Hal. Good points and reminders. Also several organiztions to help those who live with alcholics.

anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
On My Way. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
On My Way. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
On My Way. said...

Don't be writing things then deleting them.

You make me look bad! LOL

Dog, Bounty Hunter said...

I have an imiginary friend. She tells me how smart and wonderful and handsome and young I am every day.

Dog, Bounty Hunter said...

Manny to be suspended for positive steroid test. What a surprise!

LOL! My word verification is 'quish'. No lie.

anonymous said...

Whoa! Manny's out for up to 50 games. nyuk! nyuk! nyuk! Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

bogofree said...

The illegals situation is one that is not defined by the political spectrum. Yes....there may be more liberals than conservatives that have a degree of compassion and sympathy but IMHO it goes beyond party or political affiliation.

One can have compassion but I do not support an alternate life style. Tugging on my heart strings or employing some type of emotional blackmail just deflects the whole issue into a hang wringing sob story phase. Forget that. I have seen nothing of the burgeoning illegal problem that gives me any confidence the government has the will to address the issue. We certainly have the resources. My compassion has a limit and my pocketbook has a limit. Both are being exceeded by a problem that will certainly result in measures that will make Japanese internment seem mild.

Just a case of Manny being Manny.

A year or so ago on a Sox site I belong two I posted a question on who Sox fans suspect may have been juicing on the team in the last several years. Would have been a smaller list to say who didn't. Manny was the #1 choice.

Family Guy said...

Here is the thing that gets me. Miss California gets a loaded question about marriage. She answers honestly and the liberal bias comes up flying and is ripping her apart. Woman did nothing but express her feelings. Didn't degrade anyone. Nothing. She just expressed an opinion that had no hate behind it. I've listen to Oberman and he makes Rush seem tame.

anonymous said...

In The Herald a story about welfare recipients getting free cars, insurance, authorized reairs and a triple A card! LOL!

Suo Mynona said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Suo Mynona said...

BB's article once again displayed how out of touch he is with the lunch box working man/woman who struggle day to day. Those folks that are the wonderful hard working backbone of our economy. Most cannot afford to miss paychecks and continue to make mortgage payments.

It was full of so much baloney it is hardly worth commenting on. But here are few good ones:

White collar marketing VP starts a furniture painting company. (I suppose it provides great health insurance and other benefits for the family)

*White Collar Winthrop-Atkins employee starts web designing. (What about the all displaced blue collar workers?)

BB goes on to say: "There are probably thousands of stories like this in Middleboro alone" THOUSANDS BB? His demographic knowledge of Middleboro is still as poor as it was on the CPA. "Probably" is sad word to use when speaking about your neighbors out of work.

Here is the best:

"The days of a job for life with the same employer has been gone for decades" (That is just plain ignorant and out of touch. There are many many people that have been with the same employer for 20 plus years. They hope to continue that symbiotic relationship into the future as well.)

Finally, how many clarking times does he feel compelled to patronize people with his successful job transition?

We are honestly happy for your success BB. However we have sympathy for those that live under far different circumstances and who truly value 50 bucks and whom you generally agree are third rate d*psh*ts. Most of these people don't even trespass
BB's ethereal tweeter/twitter existence appears to revolve around college degree white collar people.

He wrote a couple good columns. This was borderline insulting to many on economic fringe.

Just my opinions. Maybe most people in the town disagree with me.

anonymous said...

Thousands? Must be taking his info from JP.

Very pedestrian article.

Feel good story for white collar workers.

Hal Brown said...

Part two would be to read this "HARD TIMES - The View From a Biker Bar -
Happy Hour and a Harley Help Weather Recession"
. Good four page article.

He could pick a similar local bar or head over to The Port O'Call in Buzzard's Bay and interview people like this reporter did. That's real journalism.

bogofree said...

IMO the focus of the article was misplaced. The real story is those who have worked at the blue collar level and have lost their jobs and are attempting a transition. How difficult is that?

This is a high tech environment and some have limited abilities and economic resources to move into training programs that could allow a seamless transition. Now that may seem demeaning to some but it is a fact of life repeated MILLONS of times across the country.

Picking Hal as a source? No…not realistic. No more than choosing my job shifts.

Maybe a follow-up article will focus on those who have lost employment, have little resources and are on the plus side of forty. Be of more general interest.

LMAO said...

I understand how difficult these transitions can be. I was working as a personnel director at my patter's shoe factory in Thailand when he got caught up in this Madoff business. Unfortunately my trust fund was involved and I had to return home when the plant was purchased by Chinese. I refuse to work with anyone who does not have an Ivy education.

Thankfully I had connections within the Patrick administration and am now employed at a quasi government agencies.

The transition worried me as my skills may not have matched the job until I realized this was a state position and skills were unnecessary.

I feel their pain.

On My Way. said...

If your really hurting, There is a new store in Raynham, You bring back the shopping cart back and get a quarter, Follow the people out, help them load there groceries in the cars, you will usally get a dollar tip, then bring the cart back get the quarter, throughout the day if you can't make $50-$60 dollars tax free. 7 days $420.00 tax free dollars whats wrong with that?

I have a million ways to survive if you need my help let me know?

On My Way. said...

couple that with $500.00 unemployment per week OOOOH! you be living large!!!!

Hal Brown said...

Bogo: Picking Hal as a source? No…not realistic. No more than choosing my job shifts. "Using me as an example wasn't representative of the vast majority - we came here to learn new skills from my wife's father and uncle who were master growers, and profit from a then thriving industry.

While being farmers were major changes in careers, we had back-up jobs all along, thank goodness, since the cranberry prices tanked and we had to sell the bogs. I sent that to Mark just as an example of someone (barely) learning an entire new set of job skills - but it was out of choice not necessity!

Few are as fortunate as we were.

On My Way. said...

For $200.00 a week you can get yourself a 1 hour radio program.

1.Go around and find some sponsors to pay you if you can't fib to the radio station and say you have some. Just play anyone's ads.

2. Find a little local lady that you really like, make her a good friend, You have to make sure she has lots of friends and then betray her and bash the crap out of her on your new radio program every week.

3. That way you will have listeners off the back of this poor unsuspecting lady and all her friends will listen and talk about you.

4.After you can't bash her any longer you can just move onto someone else.

5.Sooner or later everyone will figure you out and move far away from you thinking your to "BIZZAR"

6 Then you can just move to Japan and become a teacher or something.

Awsome way to make some money..

On My Way. said...

Want to get a radio station with me?

We can have Bogo and LMAO as our weekly guests. LOL!

anonymous said...

Go for it!

On My Way. said...

It would never work. Hal and I are to nice of people.

We are well liked.

On My Way. said...

Then again this radio thing it could be easy! Hmmm! let me think about this.

Where can I get a loud mouth woman that laughs really obnoxious for good sound effects and she would have to work for beer? because we would be doing this on a budget.

I have been collecting assorted beers (I'm up to 70 that should take care of 70 weeks of payment for a loud mouth) from my bus trips, Hmmm! payment in full my dear.. what will it be today? Hieneken or miller light?


On My Way. said...

The Hal and Mikes radio show theme song

On My Way. said...

Someones comment about that 15 year old being shot and killed in Boston.

What a shame..

"Why can't we put the same resources into finding these kids murderers as we did into Markhoff murders? Is it that prostitution hits closer to home? Every single day, kids are dying from gun shots and drug overdoses in this City. Anyone hear anything meaningful from Mennino? Of course not, it's election year. These things simply don't happen in armciddi (my city)."

anonymous said...

Moms Day idea

On My Way. said...

That wasn't cool Bogo delete that.

Hal Brown said...

Radio Advertising Rate for WXBR-AM

The estimated ad rate for the radio station is $453.00. Note: Individual radio station rates are not readily available. Our estimates are based on regional averages and may be very inaccurate. Advertising rate estimates are typically for a 30 second spot. Seasonal factors and volume discounts should also be considered. Contact the radio station's advertising department for an exact quote on their current rates. In some cases, our rates may be ten times less than the actual current be sure to get your ad prices from the station before completing your budgeting. from:
I have no idea how much a small AM station would charge someone for a 60 or 90 minute show. They'd then have to find advertisers themselves.

If they ran ads for their own businesses I assume this would be a tax deduction.

I don't know whether they could claim the ENTIRE expense of the show as a business expense.

I suppose they could consult a tax expert, or just try and see if the IRS agrees with them.

But I rather doubt an entire show even on a small station like WXBR, which does seem to have at least three paid staff and a studio with five or six rooms to lease could sell an entire hour for only $200.

Dog, Bounty Hunter said...

How many people actually listen to these local radio talk shows, especially in the middle of the work day? I doubt there's much of an audience. And with this economy, getting sponsors would be difficult. Geez, look at the drop in local charity donations. For many, every $ counts. Also I am aware of several long established local businesses on the verge of going under. They're not going to sponsor a radio show if they're worried about paying their rent, help, lights, and heat.

Hal Brown said...

I'm not an expert in radio, have to put getting a degree in broadcasting on my to-do list.

However I do know that most people's car radios have two tuning modes, one to scan automatically for the most powerful stations and another to go through all the frequencies to bring in a station with a weak signal.

Everywhere I've driven in Middleboro scan doesn't stop on WXBR so you have to tune to it directly, and it comes in with a lot of static.

I think AM radio's greatest listenership is during commuter drive time which is why you have the Kevin Tocci Show from 6-9AM and The Best of Michael Dresser from 4-7PM. (See schedule.)

I believe Tocci is the news director so he'd most likely be on salary. Michael Dresser's show is syndicated as is Lou Dobbs later in the evening.

It seems to me that some of the other local AM shows are "pay for play", in other words, the radio version of a vanity press.

On My Way. said...

I'm sure Hal if we wanted to dick would give us an hour for $200.00

We can do free Podcast or 10 minute Youtubes on a Middleboro channel for free.

Have the world as an audience.

For Free!!!

bogofree said...

All comes down to the ratings books that are used to justify advertising rates. Naturally the more popular the show the higher rates - all tempered by the demographics of the target audience.

One thing that someone with a show can do is buy their own time from the station and sell advertising space on their own. Eddie Andelman did this with the old Sports Huddle show and made a fortune.

Dog, Bounty Hunter said...

Oh, Eddie Andelman....there's a walk down memory lane. Guy was funny as hell.

Hal Brown said...

The best way to reach Middleboro residents is The Gazette.

Jane has a bully pulpit with her "it's not really an editorial" column. From what I can tell the fact that she's the editor doesn't mean that when she writes opinion it is an editorial because this would mean she'd be expressing the opinion of the newspaper.

I don't think The Gazette even has an editorial board.

I expect Jane will correct me if I'm wrong about any of this.

Jane also exerts a lot of influence among residents because many people watch the BOS meetings on cable. This is because she's become the de facto sixth member of the Board of Selectman, or seventh if you count Cristello (although he generally weighs in only when asked to do so).

Mark has more influence than Adam or any other blogger because of his column.

If he begins to track too much to one or another side on issues I would hope Jane finds others to provide regular counterpoint in their own columns (or OpEds - I don't really see the difference) instead of relying on letters to the editor to do this.

On My Way. said...

So are you saying the Gazette has more credibility than Middleboro News topix?

On My Way. said...

When I'm in the car I listen it sounds like the war of the flys!


Hal Brown said...

Do you mean that the
coverage area shown in their map here
is wishful thinking? Do they count barely being able to hear anything aside from static as "coverage".

Does the FCC mandate that these claims can be verified? Note they indicate their broadcast reaches south to Fall River, west to Providence and north past Boston all the way to Beverly and Lynn.

On My Way. said...

I think its keep your fingers crossed for "Skip" (the bouncing of a signal off clouds)the signal might make it out of Brockton.

serious though He has a beautiful radio show, Lots of information,He speaks well etc! etc!

I just looked out the window and I see him floating around Middleboro his head is so pumped up with that statement..


anonymous said...

Why are you kicking the guy when he's down? He's old news, not a major player anymore. Maybe a little compassion is in order.

LMAO said...

How bad is it? Jessie posts on his blog!

anonymous said...

"Unsophisticated ... sorta like Middleboro?"

From the BB blog. At least we are no longer third rate dip sh**s.

Rocky said...

Jessie and Adam are two peas in a pod. I never trusted that guy. I guess I was right.

Jessie Powell and Adam Bond. His wife better watch out.

Suo Mynona said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Suo Mynona said...


"Unsophisticated ... sorta like Middleboro?"

*Failed his "IQ test"
*Are a bunch of 3rd rate d*psh*ts
*And are now non-sophisticates.

WTC????? Did he learn his manners from Queen Elizabeth and how to dress from Brooks Brothers?

If BB thinks he is a judge sophistication; he must believe that "NO TRESPASSING" means "WELCOME VISITORS"

BB must buy his tee shirts on Newbury St, Boston.

What a horses behind (a sophisticated euphemism)

The Internet Avenger said...

"On My Way" - On Your Way Where? Back to jail? It seems to me that the Police had a very serious conversation with someone not too long ago about their online postings. Or on your way to loosing your home, your business and your family? Where do you think these latest lies will lead you? I'd exercise some caution if I were you.

On My Way. said...

Please go to please listen to the bottom clip first. then go to the newest clip at the top. where the three of them laugh at the uneducated who cant spell
"you lawyers". but wait, now I have the host saying it was "you lawyers" I have the speaker himself saying it was "You Lawyers" heck he even told me how to spell it,
Y..o..u.. L..a..w..y..e..r..s

The host had to tell the speaker it wasn't "you lawyers Steve" Wink Wink it was "Geniuses" LMAO

And I'm a liar?

The 3 goofballs started it. but of course its all me again!

Its funny Who's rules of order are not being followed by Raynham, So who will try and put Raynham in Prison, Who will take my family away? How am I going to lose my family Internet Avenger? Or Is it my family is going to lose me? or the other way around? Do I need to contact the police again about this blatant threat? Are you saying someone is coming over here to take my family?

So bizarre. remember since the election I have not bothered anyone.

Thank You for admitting this stuff though..

On My Way. said...

"When I'm in the car I listen it sounds like the war of the flys!


Your Honor he said the radio show sounded like war of the fly's.

Mr prosecuter please tune in wxbr on the courtroom pa system for everyone to hear...

HEEEE! HAWWWWWW! Blast out the speakers, The judge says you did lie on my way it dosn't sound like "war of the flys" It sounds like a bunch of breying mules in heat!!!!

anonymous said...

A "hypothetical" liar denigrating his once "hypothetical" friends. Sorry, what IA wrote was not a threat. It was a prediction of what the "hypothetical" liar will bring upon himself.

Hal Brown said...

This could be interesting.

Read the sidebar I juts added to about Amelia Bingham telling Mark Belanger she had "documentation showing that the tribe was under federal auspices of some sort prior to 1934".

If that can be proved it may mean Carieri doesn't apply to them, and they can move forward with their land into trust and and expedite the casino.

I wonder how Amelia Bingham's new friends will feel about this.

On My Way. said...

I'm sorry

IA "predicts" "I am going to lose my family"...

On My Way. said...

What masochism is to sadism,denigration
is to domination. People who like to be at the receiving end of domination denigrate themselves, and this is also called self-denigration. Does not always involve acts of pain and happens with the consent of both partners.
I am into self-denigration. I love you to teach me to behave.

I looked up the definition of denigration.

I'm not into that kinky stuff. even if I was it wouldn't make be a bad guy, would it?

anonymous said...

Websters Dictionary:

Main Entry: den·i·grate
Pronunciation: \ˈde-ni-ˌgrāt\
Function: transitive verb

1 : to attack the reputation of : defame-- denigrate one's opponents

You need to do your homework more completely, Mr. Hypothetical

anonymous said...

And yes, defaming another would make you a bad person.

On My Way. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
On My Way. said...

"1 : to attack the reputation of : defame-- denigrate one's opponents'

Don't bring VegasVal into this..

anonymous said...

Is VegasVal one of the hypothetical friends you referred to the other day? LMAO

bogofree said...

"I wonder how Amelia Bingham's new friends will feel about this."

Quite interesting, Hal. This never ends. Shifting alliances and intertwined legalities.

Her main interest is The Tribe and not to sooth the collective egos of others. I imagine she feels totally insulted by what amounts to a group of invaders telling her that her tribe is a fabrication. She may dislike a casino but apparently has pride in her background.

Wonder how many have been consistent on the casino issue? Wonder how many have been consistent of deal interpretation? Wonder how many had the “players” pegged correctly? I know one person - Gladys (or is it Mary?) has been all of that on one particular individual. Others have also on a variety of sub plots.

Suo Mynona said...


BB is like Thurston Howell III on Gilligan's Island. The sophisticate marooned with a bunch of d*psh*ts

On My Way. said...

I do not lie

bogofree said...


Has the Middleboro polo matches been canceled because of the rain?

On My Way. said...

I would love to stay here and entertain you some, But I have a family event to go to, seeing according to you, I only have so much time left to spend with them.

Have a nice day..

anonymous said...

What's your REAL problem, or should I say obsession, with these hypothetical people? You gushed and fawned all over them for almost two years, then suddenly POOF, you switch masks and bash them just the way you did a bunch of others folks before them. You're like a Jekyl and Hyde. Never know which face you're going to show on any given day.

bogofree said...


Where are the Mercedes and BMW dealerships located in Middleboro?

bogofree said...


Should I get a Lear or a Gulf Stream for my personal jet? What do you think BB would recommend?

Family Guy said...

Here she goes again.

“That's the same Wayne Perkins who said that Towns in CT with casinos, don't pay taxes and who believed that the 36% pay raises he negotiated guaranteed him re-election.”

Maybe Perkins was looking at Clark, CT? LMCAO! Now the BOS is called the Board of Clowns. Does that include all BOS members?

Suo Mynona said...


Bellicose "Thurston Howell III" Bumpkin would probably recommend the new Gulf Stream G250; the new standard for sophisticates like him.

It has the range to fly to England and back for Polo Matches. He could also go to Harrods to acquire fashionable flannel for Fox Hunts.

Who knows, may even fly to Vegas to further elevate his knowledge on whorehouses and AIDS and then post some more on that topic.

bogofree said...


I will tell you, Suo, the unfortunates we have for staff are just terrible! One made off with Lovey's adorable Tiffany's tennis bracelet. Do you have any recommendations as where to acquire a proper household staff. Say about thirty?

Hal Brown said...

Pictured: The Boeing 307 Stratoliner, fitted with a luxury interior, including a bedroom, and named "The Flying Penthouse" after being used in World War II. It was originally owned by Howard Hughes which he bought in 1939.

You can see pictures of this rare plane which was converted into a yacht, and more wacky uses for an old airplane, here.Read more about the Boeing 307 Stratoliner here. It was one of the most innovative airplanes in history even though only 10 were built. It was derived from the B-17 bomber.

Suo Mynona said...


I understand there are many unemployed ESL teachers in Clark, CT.

They would make excellent staff -- they could interpret for all the sophisticated visiting foreign dignitaries. Proper language protocol is a must.

One of the French ESL teachers can probably pronounce Dom Perignon and escargot.

Hal Brown said...

Next year's Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages 44th annual convention is right here in Boston,
Re-imagining TESOL March 24–27th, 2010

In all seriousness, ESL teachers are given specialized training and this can be a good source of income for a full-time or part-time job. There are several programs in Boston where you can get a certificate.

You definitely do not need to speak any other languages to become an ESL teacher. The classes are mixed with students who speak different languages and are taught entirely in English.

You don't need to understand a word they say in their native tongue.

I know this because my wife taught it when she was in graduate school.

Dog, Bounty Hunter said...

Speaking of learning English, I wish Customer Service representatives and tech supports would hire people with a good command of the language. It really pisses me off when I'm told to "Press 1 for English" and I get someone who is completely unintelligible. I feel like I'm talking to the robot in "Short Circuit".

anonymous said...

I love it when you get transfered to India and the guy introduces himself as "Ralph."

Rocky said...

Who is this imaginary person that everyone is talking about?

Am I missing something? Everyone knows it but me.

Who is the drunk who lost their shoes?

Dog, Bounty Hunter said...

Here's a hint, Rocky: "beep, beep, beep!"

Suo Mynona said...


"if you have outrage coming out the wazoo...."

BB is real sophisticated using a slang word referencing an 84 YEAR OLD WOMAN'S ANUS.
PATHETIC BB, Absolutely Pathetic. I don't know and don't care if she used the word first. A sophisticate like you should know how to word things using the Queen's English

Hal Brown said...

More about this today as BB tries to justify using rude words in regards to an 84 year old woman.

- but I'll post when bogo puts on week 25.

Dog, Bounty Hunter said...

Beautiful Mother's Day!

anonymous said...

Really, Hal, you can't put expectations you have of yourself on others.

bogofree said...


I was critical of one of the hired hands way of polishing the silverware and the unsophisticate said "up your wazoo" and quit. Is that an insulting term?

Suo Mynona said...


That is clear grounds for shunning (sophisticated term for firing their clarking butt) them from the workforce.

Bogo, how will you inform them about the transgression?

Do you think BB uses Grey Poupon or French's Yellow mustard? Marmalade or jelly?

Hal Brown said...

ying-yang and wazoo are slang terms for anus. My only reason for pointing it out was that rude terms should be used when referencing an elderly lady. I didn't expect such a hearty defense.

Even in my high dudgeon rants against those I called right wing hate mongers (on CHB in Feb. 2008) I tried to be more creative - and accurate - than that in describing the kinds of people we saw interviewed at Sarah Palin rallies.

About all Jessie, Mark and others seem to come up with is that.

1) I didn't come down hard on pro-casino posters' bad manners,

2) I used rude terms in a column (supposedly unbefitting one who is a psychotherapist) about the far right and

3) I implied they were racists (by writing about CERA and about racism).

I suggest following the debate on Bellicose Bumpkin here. You can post there with Google but he reviews comments before allowing them online.

Hal Brown said...

Interesting word verification popped up:


anonymous said...

Hey, Hal, isn't Smoking Owl the same character that called those who disagree third rate dips**ts?

Hal Brown said...

ying-yang and wazoo are slang terms for anus. My only reason for pointing it out was that rude terms should be used when referencing an elderly lady. I didn't expect such a hearty defense.

Even in my high dudgeon rants against those I called right wing hate mongers (on CHB in Feb. 2008) I tried to be more creative - and accurate - than that in describing the kinds of people we saw interviewed at Sarah Palin rallies.

About all Jessie, Mark and others seem to come up with is that.

1) I didn't come down hard on pro-casino posters' bad manners,

2) I used rude terms in a column (supposedly unbefitting one who is a psychotherapist) about the far right and

3) I implied they were racists (by writing about CERA and about racism).

His failure to grasp my being upset about the Bonds and MKinnon making light of and laughing at the term genius lawyers being misheard by one person as Jew lawyer is unfathomable to me. It seems so obvious why this unfortunate error in perception is nothing to joke about.

I suggest following the debate on Bellicose Bumpkin here. You can post there with Google but he reviews comments before allowing them online.