Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Senate Race Winners (W) And Losers (L)

Martha Coakley (L). Came across as a brazen, arrogant and remote elitist that is part of the Beacon Hill power structure. Represents the party that gives you a pattern of indictments, ignoring referendums and perv and DUI members. Enough is enough.

Scott Brown (W) Played his cards right and stuck to his mantra theme throughout the campaign. Did not waiver off it and keep the national Republicans out of sight. He came across as the opposite of Coakley. That morphed Kennedy commercial and Southie commercial were well targeted. Populist message is a seller.

Obama (L) Gave help in NJ, Virginia and Massachusetts with the same result. His “rescue” is about as viable as FEMA’s was for New Orleans. The rhetoric no longer sells and the substance is not there. Jimmy Carter part II?

Health Care (W/L) That awful bill will be deep sixed or at least put on hold. Reform is needed in a sensible and progressive manner and not a rush job political agenda that the public saw right through. Now we may get coverage done right.

Media (L) No more full page ads. No more endless banal TV spots. No more mass mailings. Goodbye bottom line.

DNC (L) The Democratic National Committee has allowed a remake of 1972 when moonbats took control. Ask middle America what they think of Pelosi and Reid? To Bumpkin they are “Progressives.” LMBAO! IMO America is a nation of individualist who are abhorred by this drift to the nanny state and European socialism.

RNC (W) The Republican National Committee. They were broke and with little or no hope. Now the money will roll in and they can have their own little hope and change.

Bush & Chaney (W) Was fun while it lasted to run a Bloody Shirt campaigns but that time has passed. They no longer own the economy, the war or a bundle of foolish mistakes they made. All belongs to WOW and his own bundle of foolish mistakes.

Deval Patrick (L) If anyone was a loser before this election it was “One and out.” Now? This light weight might be dumped by his own party.

Independents (W). This is the voting block that calls the shots in this day and age. No longer tied to archaic political philosophy and mind boggling rhetoric. Where they go the election goes.

Vicki Kennedy (L) Certainly no star power for this campaign.

John Kerry (L) On cue he went dirty with targeted suggestions at the Brown camp followers. Old tricks that don’t play in this age. Swift Boat payback attempt?

Internet (W) Brown really used this to his advantage. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube hits were three to five times greater than Coakley’s.

Lobbyist (W) Oh did they pour money into the campaign the last few weeks - especially
Brown. Now comes the request for payback. Keep an eye out for a Brown sellout.

ACORN (L) As the line in the song says: “I’ll be watching you.” IMO one of the most despicable and corrupt political organizations within memory. Funny how Obama has a connection to them? Just coincidence. Their usual tactics were kept under wraps.

FOX News (W) The liberals thorn in the side. Whine all the want all it does is push the ratings up. They smell blood now and the various right wing pit bulls will be out in force.

Health Care Stocks (W) Nice bounce on Tuesday when pre election and exit polling were showing Brown winning.

Tea Party (W) Try all they want the Democrats have to face the reality this is not a right wing fringe group but a viable movement with growing clout.

Boston Globe-Democrat (L) This paper was nearly financially bankrupt and that would certainly match their ability to be intellectually bankrupt. The bow tied bum kissers even had a poll a few days before the election showing Coakley 15 points ahead. I feel your pain.

Polls (W) This is a science that is becoming quite exacting. The Suffolk University and their “Bell weather” has been 96% accurate in outcome.

Overrides (L) Taxes are really getting folks energized so the Middleboro group will face a momentous struggle to get an override approved.

Deficit Spending (L) If you loved the Bush budgets you’ll be absolutely ecstatic with the WOW budgets. Folks fully comprehend the excesses that are taking place and the fiscal con job emanating from Washington. Too bad the politicians don’t.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mid Winter Blah

WOW has Jim Jones as his National Security Advisor. Not that Jim Jones but General James Jones.

I am sure that the current administration is trying someway to manipulate the latest employment data that shows the job market flat. The most stunning figure is the number of folks who have literally given up - 631,000!

I wonder how all those affidavits are making out? Is Adam going to check the kennels and spirit world for some?

Nomination papers are available for any who wish to run for local office - win - and then get bashed. I suspect some positions will go vacant. Maybe Suo can start another write-in campaign?

Columnist Betsy Hart had a good point recently when she pointed out when an abortion clinic is bombed or clients threatened and even doctors killed there is condemnation and outrage expressed by Christians. Do you see the same with Jihadist? Seems silence says all one needs to know.

And continuing with anti Muslim rants it is nice that President Obama has stated we are at war. Well…does that mean that characters like the underwear bomber will finally face military tribunals instead of civilian courts?

I’m not a Pats fan but Brady is a great QB on a great team and a good QB on a good team. Trouble is the really great ones are also great on good teams and take them to the next level.

Harry Reid who is on my sidebar for other reasons is under fire for some comments that some have deemed racist. Republicans claim a double standard exists and I can imagine the fire storm if this was McCain that had made similar comments. Harry may stay on that sidebar awhile.

Afghanistan is now Obama’s War.

Can anyone sink lower than the Coakley campaign? Democrats have shown in Washington what they have in Massachusetts and that is the incredible disaster one party politics can be. Goes both ways but IMHO they have now sunk to all time lows.

Betty Brown will be missed.

February Second is the big day at the courthouse in Plymouth for Plowgate. Come early and get a parking space as the streets will be lined with TV crew mobile units.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

First Of Year Post

Read an article detailing how successful English immersion programs are for immigrants and especially the young. Seen some in action and have to fully agree - especially the young kids.

Along those lines we can thank the father of Joe DiMaggio for making his sons such great ballplayers. He actually ordered them to play baseball rather than European games “since you are now Americans.”

And further along those lines. Soccer is a great sport for kids until they are old enough to choose a real sport.

Occasionally I actually sponsor good things for the few that read this blog - even Jessie’s voter registration drive - and Wally’s appears on the sidebar. Elks are one of many organizations that do wonderful work we hear little about.

One thing I have noticed about getting older is that for an active person the injuries are more frequent and the recovery is longer. Maybe there is something to the sedentary lifestyle?

I’m not sure about “Brian’s Brain” but his heart and his daughters certainly seems in the right place. Fish take notice.

I wonder if Jessie managed to inform Governor “One And Out” of all the important “facts” she has collected on ESL teachers, towns around the Connecticut casinos, oxygen and Clark, CT.?

Specking of the Governor he was in visible attendance at the Garden on Sunday for deployment festivities for 650 soldiers. Return safely 101stFA, 164thTB and RCAG.

An override committee is now up and running in Middleboro. Will this be a hard sell in these times. I have a link on my sidebar and it would be nice for pro/anti/neutral to exchange opinions here or elsewhere. I’m sure there are areas to cut costs further but IMHO they will still need a Clark load of money.

If anyone has anything they wish to have posted on the side bar or linked just drop me an email or post it for me to transfer and to add to links.

DeLeo has the full court press ready to open up in February for slots and a potential casino. IMO the slots are almost a sure bet. Casino is another story.

The ACLU is - big surprise - in the lead against more stringent measures regarding pre flight boarding. The idea of profiling seems to be especially testy with them. IMHO you should interview every Muslim male between 18-35. That is the most significant profile for terrorists. I find no problem with the new body scans since my body is ultra buff and I will have to fight off TSA Agents - male and female I suppose.