Saturday, April 25, 2009


The Dal and Bogo show were in full bloom with constant pounding of Jessie and her personal binky - The Great Shunner - over a variety of questionable “information” posted by Jessie. Clark was constantly being mentioned with various links to Clark’s that could be found. Bumpkin demonstrated his programming skills by having Clark replaced by Anywhere. This is the following result:

“Senator Joe Biden, General Wesley Anywhere, New Mexico Governor Elliot Richardson, who each have extensive foreign policy experience. “

That was by a post by Jessie. Ah….Roger could not have done better! No wonder the town didn’t want the web site. We have not located General Anywhere but have located General Clark. A great moment by the self professed “Best site in town!” LOL!

The Legislators will give in to all the public pressure and increase taxes. Well…if you consider the unions representative of “public pressure.” Remember - “It’s for the children.” Naturally they will find the most regressive taxes possible to keep all those assorted nephews and nieces in the trough.

With a potential increase in sales tax it will be even more attractive to shop in New Hampshire. Maybe Limo can organize bus trips? Doesn’t seem his Middleboro casino gig is going anywhere.

Hal continues to delight all with his astounding forays into areas that should be investigated, shut and sealed by the EPA.

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Saturday, April 18, 2009


Joe Fitzgerald said it best: “Doesn’t he understand that some behavior is simply unacceptable, including the intentional paralyzing of the heavily traveled Turnpike on Easter weekend by public employees who do not give a damn about the public?”

The above was directed at Governor Patrick and one side of the economic downturn is the public is getting a first hand look at the level of cronyism, corruption and abuse that exists in Massachusetts. I continue to be amazed at some hammer away at our local politicians but ignore this. Maybe it’s because most of those in state government have that D besides their name. Nothing like being selective.

On the state level the big thing is revenue and that means more regressive taxes. Don’t worry - it’s for the children.

I favor gambling but not a casino in Middleboro. NIMBY? You bet! Place slots at race tracks or open up a casino elsewhere and I have no issue with it. Maybe CFM should change their name to Slots Free Massachusetts? Good luck with that. As they say - “Ka-Ching!”

Jamie Foxx caused a bit of a stir with some of his comments on Miley Cyrus. Bit over the top for trashing a 16 year old. Then again Rap is to music as a snuff movie is to the cinema.

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Sunday, April 12, 2009


The Herald on Saturday had an interesting story on the Patrick Administration. The code word for about two years has been “transparency.” This has been all but lost on the WOW administration after a few short months and likewise the Patrick administration. Turns out that Patrick has rewarded several campaign insiders with some cushy jobs. When aides were asked to explain the situation to The Herald investigators they hung up. Nice approach. Patrick has been sinking at virtual light speed for months and even the Bum kissers at the Boring Broadstreet have turned on him.

The Boring Broadstreet is also in free fall as the Times Corporation has given an ultimatum to cut costs via union concessions. The skinny is that The Globe is approaching death throes and life support is next and burial is planned sometime in 2009.

Hal has managed to get involved in a little snit at the internets answer to boring - Woe to any pro casino advocate - especially one as high profiled as Hal - who ventures into that domain. Hal will also attempt to pet a werewolf next week - less risky.

Adam Bond has been answering some questions and many haters and doubters have surfaced. Gladys Kravitz (…or is it Mary?) had an excellent and worthy blog to read on it.

The Tribe will make an appearance this week for a big group hug with the BOS in hopes of getting some type of verbal pathways open. They may be about as successful as Hal.

Hal managed to also get everyone going - again - on racism. CERA - ask a Native American about them. I did. Make up your own mind.

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Sunday, April 5, 2009


A 14% turnout is a bit low but it was good enough to have Sapataro ousted. IMHO the “Cheap Seats” comment did him in as posters and bloggers seemed to pounce on that. Word does get around. Congratulations of the winners, best efforts by the losers and a thank you to Steven Spataro. You may continue your observations of the recent election on week twenty.

The BOS is always a target and now two new victims start Monday.

I wonder how close the write-in campaign did?

Is Roger Brunelle our local answer for Marian Walsh? The article in the Enterprise on Saturday showed we are getting little bang for the buck unless you add in his 298K Let the body of work speak and that is the PTWS that was developed by a high school kid and has not been updated. Bumpkin managed to bang out a respectable looking site in a short time and that was rejected. I have no idea if outsourcing would be cost effective but I can think of a savings of around $85,000 right away.

WOW spent a few days in Europe and it turned out rather well for him. The big news was another nuclear reduction with the Russians and the Europeans tossing a trillion of their own funny money towards the financial mess. Obama did his best to act statesman like and did a commendable job. But controversy did follow him as the other side of the partnership met with the Queen of England. No - not Elton John - the real Queen. Seems like what stirred the pot was the informal greeting by The First Lady. Bravo to her as the Queen seemed to enjoy it and probably secretly wishes TFL was part of the royal brood. Be quite an upgrade IMO.

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