Saturday, April 18, 2009


Joe Fitzgerald said it best: “Doesn’t he understand that some behavior is simply unacceptable, including the intentional paralyzing of the heavily traveled Turnpike on Easter weekend by public employees who do not give a damn about the public?”

The above was directed at Governor Patrick and one side of the economic downturn is the public is getting a first hand look at the level of cronyism, corruption and abuse that exists in Massachusetts. I continue to be amazed at some hammer away at our local politicians but ignore this. Maybe it’s because most of those in state government have that D besides their name. Nothing like being selective.

On the state level the big thing is revenue and that means more regressive taxes. Don’t worry - it’s for the children.

I favor gambling but not a casino in Middleboro. NIMBY? You bet! Place slots at race tracks or open up a casino elsewhere and I have no issue with it. Maybe CFM should change their name to Slots Free Massachusetts? Good luck with that. As they say - “Ka-Ching!”

Jamie Foxx caused a bit of a stir with some of his comments on Miley Cyrus. Bit over the top for trashing a 16 year old. Then again Rap is to music as a snuff movie is to the cinema.

Post away.


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Hal Brown said...

Blame it on the D's...

I can't think of a Massachusetts Democrat I know who isn't disappointed in Deval Patrick. Is he stuck in his version of the George W. Bush bubble? His being a symbolic Cadillac Escalade where he's tone deaf to what us common people are thinking and feeling?

I like that you have always admitted you're a NIMBY. On the other side, I'm in favor of having a casino IMBY and not anywhere else in Massachusetts unless the Aquinnah want one in central Mass.

Of course I admit that the casino won't literally be in IMBY since I live in south Middleboro and I'd have to weigh my personal feelings anticipating looking out my window and seeing a casino against what I think is best for the town.

Meanwhile, it seems that spring is struggling to emerge. Last year we just grew some tomatoes, this year we want a 15x30 vegetable garden. I bought a truckload of garden loam which originated on a farm. I know this because it has some straw and nice round balls of manure that still hasn't decomposed in it.

On the subject of spring, here's a preview of summer: click here to see a full screen image of the thumbnail on the comments page.

This is one of the favorite people pictures I've ever taken. In all modesty, I also think it is one of my best pictures of any kind, not only the composition but because of the story it tells.

As always, more pictures here

anonymous said...


I would like to direct your attention to IA/VV's last post on week 21. This is possibly the most the most inflammatory, mean post I have seen since these whole blogging wars began.

My sympathies to you for having to endure such a vendetta.

This has finally pushed me over the edge in my ability to participate further on any Middleboro blog for awhile. What IA/VV wrote to you is just wrong.

anonymous said...

BTW, IA...if you are recieving personal emails from Hal wouldn't that just confirm that he is reasonably sure of your identity? No one else I know of has any clue how to contact you by email.

Hal Brown said...

Where is the IA/VV post you're referring to?

jane lopes said...

I think the Zakim Bridge story is the perfect example of bureaucratic arrogance in this state. The idea was to show the stupid taxpayers how Responsive Government takes its responsibilities seriously and is working hard on our behalf to be frugal and ensure that vital programs and services will survive this bit of a bad patch we're having. Let's shut off the lights on the bridge and show people what good stewards we are. Instead of being grateful, people freak out because they're not all THAT stupid and they realize the lights on the bride are beautiful while the useless bureaucrats who made this decision and are still collecting their bloated salaries are, well, useless. The architect of the bridge has to shame the stupid bureaucrats into turning the lights back on. What a heart-warming story.

anonymous said...

It is post 85 on week 21....

jane lopes said...

Hal, don't go there. It's a nice day. Enjoy the sunshine.

Hal Brown said...

Here's the post. I didn't see it since it is the last on week 21.

"It would be great to put all the nastiness and animosity behind us. But I think those in a position to do so should hold people accountable and report the facts."

Hal, I really don't know what is wrong with you, but you obviously have some serious problems. Perhaps it was some personal mental health issue that first led to your initial interest in psychology. Seriously, you should step back a bit and evaluate your own behavior, over the past months. IMO, you seem to increasingly manifest traits consistent with those of a narcissistic sociopath. You are no brilliant writer, pal, and you're a very mediocre amateur photographer. I think your "political observations" are about as compelling and germaine as those of the average 13 year old.

As I see it, you come off like a nasty, bitter old queen, who has spent his life living the worst kind of lie. You now seem as obsessed with Adam Bond as Mary Tufts apparently is. Do you also have some sort of "crush" on Adam? Does it make you angry that he and his wife won't give you the time of day? What is driving your rage, Hal? You've wasted a tremendous amount of time and energy creating and writing blogs to get the attention of people who can't even be bothered to read your drivel. How sad. How truly pathetic you are.

And BTW - I am the ONLY person responsible for my postings. NO ONE knows who I am, and no one ever will. So, kindly, stop posting GARBAGE and LIES about what you and your "friends" know about me with 99% certainty. Otherwise, I may have to start publishing all your pathetic, whining, pleading e-mails to me.

You're NOT a freelance photograher or a reporter - anymore than Mary Tufts is a legitimate political activist. IMO, just like Mary Tufts, YOU ARE AN ABSOLUTE NOBODY, trying to snatch a couple of moments of "stolen glory" in somebody else's spotlight. You and Mary are two peas in a pod - people who apparently don't have the guts, confidence or integrity to lay it on the line and actually DO something. You stand on the sidelines of life and snicker, trying shamelessly to ride Adam Bond's coat tails. How sad...

Life is too short, Hal, for all that anger, rage and wasted energy spent attacking people who don't even care if you exist.

jane lopes said...

"Life is too short, Hal, for all that anger, rage and wasted energy spent attacking people who don't even care if you exist."


Hal Brown said...

Whoever this poster is, I never knowingly wrote emails to them.

I hereby give permission to IA to publish "all (my) pathetic, whining, pleading e-mails to (them)" on this blog.

I may have written an email to someone which in their opinion was pathetic or whining. That's subjective. I never send an email to anyone, ever, that could be considered pleading by any reasonably objective reader.

I can accept the possibility that IA isn't who I thought it was.

Dog, Bounty Hunter said...

Welcome Jane! You make a very good point. I think that after Church, I'll go out in that sunshine, patch my grass, plant some bushes, then head off to Lowes to buy a new gas BBQ grille. Time for some smoken' hickory sauce soaked ribs.

Hal Brown said...


I'm not angry. I'm not enraged.

Quite the contrary. I'm usually in a good mood.

I like to write on a variety of topics, so I don't feel it's wasted energy to do so.

Dog, Bounty Hunter said...

Hal. IA isn't worth even a passing thought. Don't let him/her drag you down.

Hal Brown said...


The plan for today is to finish spreading out the manure (in picture) - it's about half done. Our soil is too sandy for vegetables. Great for cranberries though.

Maybe I'll see you at Lowes (in Raynham) as we may go there later to look at fencing to keep the groundhogs out of the new vegetable garden.

Dog, Bounty Hunter said...

Sold off the couple of small bogs I inherited before the recession hit. Too labor intensive for me. I hated staying up nights setting up the sprinkling systems when in danger of a frost hitting. This Dog growls and snarls when sleep deprived.

Dog, Bounty Hunter said...

Keeping out garden pests:

Wait until dark and urinate around the perimeters. Works like a charm. Sorry ladies, I realize you don't understand man's primitive inclinations.

jane lopes said...

Dog, what makes you think women don't understand men's primitive inclinations? When my son was about 2, his favorite thing was to run outside naked and, well, urinate around the perimeter of our yard. :)
Hal, my amen was not directed at you but back at IA ... never mind.

Hal Brown said...


Did that really work on woodchucks?

If so, how about all the guys here saving up their urine for me. Just leave it (in a bottle!) at the end of my driveway if you don't want me to know you you are.

bogofree said...


Very insulting by write more like a 15 year-old.

Hal Brown said...


This thumbnail is directed at those who seem to get some kid of pleasure attacking people like you, Mark and I for doing our best to inform and entertain online and in print.

Dog, Bounty Hunter said...


Thanks for affirming our collective maleness. LOL. Makes me feel like I can still be myself in front of our new 'celebrity' poster. My wife, OTOH, thinks such practices are disgusting.

bogofree said...

Notice, Hal, how I left that spreading the manure comment alone? Oh the temptation that represented.

Jane. Are you really a closet Howie Carr fan?

There will be a bridal shower at my house today (all "Queen's" invited) so I will have to disappear for the afternoon.

The yankees game was quite enjoyable yesterday.

Hal Brown said...

I don't include Bogo since I enjoy his so-called jabs and jibes at me.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, so I try to let the negative posts about me be judged by the readers, that is unless they involve an outright lie.

The people I relate to believe in Popeye's "I yam what I yam" philosophy and don't pretend to be more than we are.

anonymous said...

Its been a few days, The scheme usally works like this, Lob the grenade,reaction to it,calm down period.

Lob again.

Like I said, planned, coordinated attacks.The thing that hurts them the most is no reaction.

They will have to resort to attacking each other when they drink.

Can you see VV attacking WHO One upstairs one downstairs writing about each other.On a blog LOL!!!!

mildly said...




Lunch= Spinach salad w/ candied pecans, craisins, gorganzolla, herb croutons, and raspberry viniagrette

Thanks for the inspiration Hal.

jane lopes said...

What fun would life be if men didn't have women who in their lives who were disgusted by their primitive male behaviors?

mildly said...

I see that MT was grilled for her logic, sources, and substance by a commenter. MT answered with regurgitated pablum without addressing the expressed issue. Hope she's called on it. LMCAO

Hal Brown said...

On the lobbing grenades (duds really) - I just can't figure out the point of publishing a lie about something like me sending emails, like IA did here. Does IA think such a lie will go unchallenged and when not answer with proof will by forgotten?

Like the gawking accusation, where are the credible witnesses?

Mildly, that sounds more like a desert than a lunch. Yummy.

Jane, I for one, have no disgusting habits.

mildly said...

I caught my youngest doing target practice by shooting lungees at an empty can from my deck. Told me it was a 'guy thing'. Now that's disgusting. Wait til I get ahold of his Dad!

bogofree said...

I have no disgusting habits except for that scratching thing, toilet seat thing. whites with colors, loading the dishwasher incorrectly, toilet paper in wrong....

Marathon is wasting half of the sports section in "The Survivor" which is how the folks at The Herald now refer to themselves. I just dislike the whole marathon thing.

In my own perverse way I enjoyed the IA comments since I can cull some of them and apply them to yankee fans on sports boards.

Daughter and wife have been working hard at getting ready for this party and the unusual thing is in two hours not one fight.

When two of my sons were working on a project they would "complain" to one another usuing language that my wife would deem "inappropriate" but they kept on working while swearing at one another. With women they shut down when they have a spat and go through this whole processing routine until the conflict is resolved. I'd ask a good shrink about this but that is as rare a find around here as a good lawyer.

Hal Brown said...

I guess I was in some ways something of a girly boy and now might be called a girly man since that kind of behavior always turned me off.

I enjoyed climbing trees and rocks, participated in dirt-bomb wars and snowball fights with the other boys, took boxing lessons, and got in a few fights with boys bigger than me.

I stayed out of the boy's gutter talk and crude behavior. I now some boys joined in just to be accepted by the ringleaders.

This behavior was usually hidden from the girls once those boys started seeing them as sex objects.

Hal Brown said...

I differentiate swearing from using language that is degrading to women or religious or ethnic groups.

I believe that swearing is a good outlet for frustration which can help someone avoid becoming angry.

It can also be a good outlet for venting so your anger doesn't lead to physically acting out.

Of course, swearing at someone can also get you punched in the face.

mildly said...

I don't worry about the swearing. It's the body function and bathroom humor that gets under my skin.

Family Guy said...

Just saw a JP comment on the BB blog. Jessie, try and condense your comments as they all appear like a lecture. Even Hal is a Reader's Digest version compared to yours.

On MT I notice a subtle shift as they have a focus a bit more on gambling as much as a casino. Give it up. This will be here and soon. Once I see them marching on the statehouse against the lottery I'll give them some credit. What it really shows is that many of the anti's are locked into an anti gaming mode.

Hal Brown said...

Good for them. I've been very uncomfortable with any and all of the issues related to denying Indian sovereignty and the Mashpee's ancestral connection to Middleboro. I think their celebrating Carcieri was a tawdry display.

If they are against gambling per se I'd like them to focus on addressing all kinds of gambling: the lottery, the Internet, slot parlors and race tracks in addition to resort casinos.

bogofree said...

You can be anti casino and pro Tribe as I am. I have found the shallow attempts to justify them being a non Tribe offensive and ill mannered. Just a cursory knowledge of history from 1500 on will demonstrate quite clearly how a systematic attempt was made - and was successful - in eradicating the native peoples.

IMO it is laughable to point out colonial and American legal intervention in tribal management as some perverse justification for stripping tribal histories and rights. A history written and dominated by invaders. Being occupied in your traditional homes.

mildly said...


The white man has dehumanized the American Indian and stripped them of their dignity, land, and independence for centuries. I know there is no way to completely make up for this abuse and it's effects. But we do owe them a way in which not only to survive, but to rebuild their legacy and give them opportunities to advance themselves. It may be too little too late, but it's something.

Although I no longer live in Middleboro, I often work for clients here and in Bridgewater. I can understand the NIMBY position. A casino will change the complexion of the town. However, with The Gaming Regulatory Act, the US government has made gambling the only way the Indian can achieve self-sufficiency as a people. What is a crime is that the investors are the ones who profit most from these casino resorts. But, unfortunately, they are built into the equation.

As far as the Wampanoags not being a tribe, there is just too much historical documentation to dispel that myth.

Hal Brown said...


It seems there are those who have no scruples when they attempt to blow up the Indian's plans for casinos here and across the country.

As for the investors profiting, I see that as a given. They take the risk with a large initial outlay and expect that if the casinos are successful they will earn the percentage the tribe agreed upon.

Long term when the debt is repaid with interest by the tribes the profits go to the tribe and those they have agreements or compacts with.

North Slope Rigger said...

6-6 and back to the .500 mark.

bogofree said...

I don't want any casino in Middleboro Native American or otherwise. But if it comes I'd want top dollar and that original deal just did not have it.

The proposed gin mill has no real impact on me since I am miles away from it. For others it is a neighborhood issue and makes no sense. No chance just plop it down and live with it. No one really knows about the impacts and will not until years after it is built.

The returns to Tribe's are very inconsistent. Some make a bundle and others it is a losing proposition.

drive-by said...

Hal. Ever watch the HBO series "In Treatment" with Gabriel Byrne? If so, what's your take on it? Paul, the therapist, seems to blur boundaries with his patients, and I wondered how likely that is in real life therapy. What does a therapist do if he finds himself developing a romantic attachment to a client? And what if the feelings are mutual?

jane lopes said...

"6-6 and back to the .500 mark."

And there you have the significant statistics of the weekend. Already I feel the black cloud lifting.
Of course I also felt that way every year that we didn't win the WS.

drive-by said...

I remain a fence sitter on the casino question. Don't want one here. But, if it comes, I could live with it for the right price. The deal that's in place now just sucks. The value of that $7M-$9M is shrinking daily.

I tend to agree with Barney Frank that the chances of a Carcieri fix are about zero.

And if the state votes in commercial ventures, it would only make sense to pick spots where the infrastructure is already in place.

jane lopes said...

I more or less agree with Mildly on the casino issue when it comes to the tribes. They deserve every opportunity we never gave them to improve the lives of their people and retain their culture, take pride in their history.
If the casino never comes here I will never have to deal with my decidedly mixed feelings about it.

Hal Brown said...

drive-by said...
Hal. Ever watch the HBO series "In Treatment" with Gabriel Byrne? If so, what's your take on it? Paul, the therapist, seems to blur boundaries with his patients, and I wondered how likely that is in real life therapy. What does a therapist do if he finds himself developing a romantic attachment to a client? And what if the feelings are mutual?

APRIL 19, 2009 6:39 PM
I haven't watched the show but I can address your question.

The therapist-client patient is unique. The best therapists are the most natural and human in their interactions with clients while they still assure that unambiguous boundaries are maintained.

Therapists have different takes on what the boundaries from the stoic psychoanalyst to the by the numbers behavioral therapist to the therapist who can mix small talk with the serious issues of therapy. I'm in the last group.

Almost all agree on the lines that shouldn't ever be crossed.

I could give many examples of how this works and why it is difficult if you want to meet sometime.

It would take too long to write it out.

If a therapist develops romantic feelings for a client that threaten the treatment relationship they should get clinical supervision. The last resort may be transferring the client to another therapist.

Hal Brown said...

Not to beat this to death, but I put Internet Avenger's rants against me on Hechuva Blogspot along with a few comments and an invitation to post the pathetic, whining, pleading emails they said I wrote them.

The thing I like best about this site is that the regulars don't throw character assassination bombs at each other. We prefer to maintain a conversational tone and sense of community.

We share our thoughts and opinions on a wide variety of subjects and even when choosing to remain anonymous reveal lots of things about our daily lives.

anonymous said...

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LMAO said...

Topix heating up. Defenders of the faith in action. LMAO!

bogofree said...

LMAO...leave them alone as they have enough problems with the Legislature putting slots on the fast track. I have no problem with that.

bogofree said...


Stop causing trouble on your blog. LOL!

Hal Brown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hal Brown said...

Since I titled my latest blog "Judge not lest ye be judged" maybe I should move from the New Testament to the Hebrew Bible and take guidance from Lamentations Chapter 3 verse 30 which reads "let him give his cheek to the smiter,..."

This is presumed to be the earliest Bible version of the message in the Sermon on the Mount in the Gospel of Matthew, when Jesus says to turn the other cheek.

jane lopes said...

I was hopelessly addicted to cigarettes but kicked that habit almost two years ago with Chantix. It's a prescription drug that costs some $$ even if you have good health insurance but it takes a second mortgage to keep smoking now anyway. You continue to smoke while taking this stuff and eventually you find that you don't need to smoke any more. Aside from weird dreams and sick feeling if you don't eat something first thing in the morning there are no side effects - and two years later I think about smoking occasionally but the thought comes into my head and moves on.

The Internet Avenger said...

Poor Hal. He can dish it out here, there and on any number of his sites - but he just can't seem to take it. An interesting blog title - quite a Fruedian slip there - "Judge not lest ye be judged" - exactly my point, Hal. At least your SUBconcious mind got it. How does it feel to taste a little dose of your own medicine? Sane, rational people don't create whole websites dedicated to personally attacking people, just because they don't share your political point of view.

The fact that so many people are angry with you should serve as a strong indicator to you that your socially unacceptable behavior has careened out of control and over the line. When people ask you not to take their pictures, you should respect their wishes - not stalk them tirelessly and publish more. You are obviously purposefully attempting to cause people emotional distress and embarrassment. Why? What legitimate purpose does such conduct serve, Hal?

And as for Adam Bond, I doubt he would care for my remarks about you, but I really wouldn't know nor do I care what he thinks of my commentary. I'll continue to defend Mr. Bond, just as I've defended Mr. Quish and anyone else who is the victim of obvious online harrassment. Doesn't mean I know either one of then IRL - unlike you.

BTW - you should know which e-mails I refer to. Or have you sent whining, pleading e-mails to a great number of people?

A word of advice - sometimes "friends" aren't all they appear to be.

Rocky said...

A horse is a horse

jane lopes said...

Of course, of course.:)

bogofree said...

...and no one can talk to a horse

anonymous said...

Hey Blogger Shark,

How does it feel to be the biggest ass of the month.

Can't stop slots so we will pick on raffles.

What a moron...

Is that what was meant by Baby steps Ok! troops today we will attack anyone who buys a raffle to to help support any non-profits.

Always got to throw the business in the mix.

Why don't you just walk away, first almost getting lakeville town property taken away now your going to attack people who donate to little league by buying a couple raffle tickets?

How low can you go..

anonymous said...

"Sane, rational people don't create whole websites dedicated to personally attacking people, just because they don't share your political point of view."

I guess the sane, rational people just move around the internet on others peoples site and blast away.

Hey IA no "QUEEN" comments? Get a phone call? LOL!

LMAO said...

Anon 8:25

I have no idea what you are talking about? Is there a link or article you can post?

anonymous said...

bogofree said...

I thought IA did have a blog?

LMAO said...

Thank you, anon, as it seems they cannot resist anything that you may post.

This just appears to be another example of the shoot first mentality that permeates certain (not all) segments of the anti casino movement. Reminds me of the "Marchmellow" incident of a few months ago where Jessie managed - again - to make a fool of herself.

If Blogger Shark is focused on you that is one issue but if the focus is LL and other fund raisers than that is a real issue.

anonymous said...

IA beating up on CFO back in the day.

bogofree said...

Blogger Shark occasionally posted on this blog and is always welcome to respond and post comments.

IMO this was personal and not an attack on the LL or other charities that use a 5/50 raffle to get some dough in the coffers.

The lottery is for losers and I play a scratch ticket once a week so connect the dots. The return on slots are usually around 90% and the lottery is not even close. Foolish money spent by fools.

anonymous said...

Of course it was personal. Its more the fact I bought raffles from a LL and he goes and attacks the business again..

Thats ok! Everyone I talk to said No you just misunderstand what they are all doing or saying about the business..


Hal Brown said...

"Sane, rational people don't create whole websites dedicated to personally attacking people, just because they don't share your political point of view."Let's see.

Well, it seems to be that the Friends cadidate (sic) is history, and I move that we send Mr. Spataro a letter for his years of service. Perhaps that letter should be an "F." It's published next to this picture.Who would write such a thing among many other examples of trashing someone he disagrees with?

Who would start a radio show that features sarcastic diatribes?

Maybe it's Middleboro's own Rush Limbaugh. Who knows, maybe he'll get a radio show like Rush's, or a TV show like Jon Stewart's or Stephen Colbert's and laugh all the way to the bank.

Suo Mynona said...

I was pulled out of hibernation by some more comical comments by Old MacBB.

BB's own words:
"the reader would be left with a very bad impression of my forum - which is the best and most respectful site in town"

*Unnatural pictures of a man and a animal
*Talking about whorehouses and aids?

BB just commented on his blog "We now return to our regularly scheduled hammering"

Was trespassing respectful?

BB is in fear of his safety?

Did he stop and think how people may fear for their safety when he was trespassing on their property?

Fear from the infamous HDL/LDL tag team may be more appropriate.

Hal Brown said...

Time for congratulations to the Middleboro residents that ran in the Boston Marathon.

Just finishing is an accomplishment, but for non -runners, 31 year old Renee Sayce-Dant's 3 hour 11 minute time is excellent for a non-ranked runner of either sex. The top women's times are an hour faster.

I've only run a half-marathon and finished somewhere in the middle.

Nicole Balaschi 24 4:17:07
Amy Blanchette 34 4:57:27
Jerry Cuellar 48 5:10:18
Willard Norek, Jr. 42 4:01:11
Renee Sayce-Dant 31 3:11:41

Blogger Shark said...

Thanks for the continual invite bogo... or is it Rick.

No attacks here on raffles. Raffles are harmless fundraisers.

I just criticized the "lucky charm" mentality.

My sincere apologies to the Middleboro Little League for Limo's overreaction.

I haven't attacked his business. I attacked his work ethic.

bogofree said...

Rick. Bogo. Bratbird. Raven. OJ.
And some that would have **** in them.

Thanks for the explanation. You are always welcome and any discussion with Limo is sure to be entertaining in my own perverse way.

anonymous said...

Bloggershark spews...

"I haven't attacked his business. I attacked his work ethic."

Question why are you attacking anything???

By the way, What is my work ethic? Besides 12-18 hours, 7 days a week 365 days a year? 7 years running..

You know me, You know how I work? Whats your interest with me?

anonymous said...

Booger spews..
"I have an issue with you and your attitude toward what is really important to you and that is a 15% loss in return is considered "lucky"."

Lets see I donated $5.00 won $85.00
whats the return on that?


anonymous said...

1700% return???

Blogger Shark said...

Why not? Isn't it what this blog is even about in a "perverse way". Isn't that what you do. Although I don't ever remember calling you an "a$$" or any other word or phrase used with such frequency as many associated with Limo. As you have read on my blog, a harmless benign critique was met with colorful metaphors and a threat. If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen.

When someone brags that "luck" brings prosperity and advocates it as a method to achieve wealth, I question the person's ablity to achieve wealth from his own personal endeavors. He should work smarter and not waste time with luck charms.

See how clueless the justification is. Someone still paid $100 for the scratch tickets. He benefited off of someone elses loss and the Lottery makes the real money. Its a racket, not a good investment.

anonymous said...

To be truthful with the facts, You would need to know what the LL took in. Correct? If they paid $100 for the prize and took in Lets say $500.00 thats a 400% return I took in a 1700% return.

Just for my own humor can you explain?

"and a threat."

anonymous said...

"If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen."

LOL! As you hide behind a tough fish head.

When you put your real name with your words you can make statements like the one above.

Suo Mynona said...

****Just In from Old MacBB*****

His words: "When the BOS do something stupid - I'll criticize it. When they do something decent I'll acknowledge it."

I agree! That is why I said he did a good job on his article a while ago.

It is also why I criticize him:
*Generally agreeing that Middleboro citizens are third rate d*psh*ts is stupid
* Trespassing three times in supposed search of really cool turkey feathers is stupid
* Posting unnatural pictures is stupid
* Making comments about whorehouses and aids and not getting "satisfaction" is stupid
* Saying 50 bucks is nothing for people is stupid
* Saying the CPA is an IQ test for the town is stupid
* Saying it was clear no one wanted a CPA debate was stupid (who really did not want debate?)
* Allowing the creation of this blog was stupid


After all that (and more) calling himself a "superior" blogger and his message board some high ground place for lofty discussion is incredibly......

Hopefully Bogo's newest poster will do some good editing this week so we can sing praises about BB's column.

Blogger Shark said...

Reveal myself? Not in your lifetime "anonymous".

Read my blog, read the threat.

anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bogofree said...


Some view history through a prism. Isn't that what BB posted? A prism? A prism is refracted light. Same as his views. All sanitized. The history is clear and has been well documented and you brought out just a small fraction of his contradictions.

anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
anonymous said...

When you told me Bond was after me.

Bet your Butt I took care of business.

You terrorised me!!!

bogofree said...

Looks like a shark to me. Anonymous is fine. No one has to revel themselves. Like the Pheule Sci Fi books - we all take an idenity.

When someone wins a lot more lose. Lottery is just dumb. Bought a Billion Dollar Bonanza today - $20 gone. Casino is far better. You just lose slower.

Limo is a very hard working guy. I'll give him that. Limo also contributes to the community so I will give him that, also. Limo is also trying to keep a business going in tough times and if I was not such a cheap bastard I'd use his service. your blog link for those of interest.

Coachman Marathon. My time 2:48. Best time I ever had.

anonymous said...

"Now he is after you cause you aren't playing his game."

What did you mean by this?

I'll tell you how I took it so won't the Raynham Police and Middleboro Police.

Bloggershark you run around this friggen Internet stirring up anonymous crap scaring people half to death with Adam is coming after you.

Did you read the Enterprise article about his Bizzar behavior?

Then your sending e mails to frighten families.

Bloggershark your not a good person Your a straight up trouble maker.

anonymous said...

Adam Bond‏

From: Blogger Shark (
You may not know this sender.Mark as safe|Mark as junk
Sent: Fri 2/13/09 4:01 PM

Listen. Bond will never be a part of CFO. Get it! We don't want him.
Now you know what he is really like. He is a divider. He has divided the town since his arrival. Pro & anti. He tried to help subvertly break up CFO by working with **** to discredit their members. You were on the e-mail list that ***** sent out back in 2007. Where did he get his information from? Bond, in some little meetings they had.
Bond doesn't get his way so he quits and tries to divide the town against the rest of the BOS. He still talks to the tribe often, you know.

Now he is after you cause you aren't playing his game.

He wants to be the savior, but instead of saving he is dividing people all the more.
He tries to play cozy with other CFO members. Not to join, but to divide the town more, not just CFO. He is doing it for HIS gain.
This isn't about the casino. It is about Adam being Adam for Adam. Look deep enough and you will see that.

As long as you will never reveal who you are you have no worries about the nasty anonymous e mails you were sending people about a former Middleboro selectman that was having some serious personal problems.

You should be ashamed.

bogofree said...

What is it with releasing all these emails? Hal ran into that and now more today.

I may have to release those personal emaild sent to me by Heather Locklear, Raquel Welsh and a few other. Steamy....I mean - STEAMY!

anonymous said...

"As you have read on my blog, a harmless benign critique"

Bloggershark do you really think what you wrote is a "harmless benign critique?"

telling people someone is coming after them?

anonymous said...

Bloggershark is an anonymous terrorist..

I can say that because I'm talking to a ghost, a figment of my imagination, A stalker who terrorises families, who stalks websites just to make fun of people and cause more harm.

I would never release an email unless there is fear of harm for me or my family.

Bloggershark needs to explain why he said Adam Bond is after me!!!

anonymous said...

You people think this is fun and games.

I take every single bit of it serious, Anonymous bloggershark, wants to paint him or herself as a pretty picture not lil ol me frig that stupid blog its what it does behind the senes that matters. someone needs to show the real Bloggershark.

Don't want e mails shown don't send anonymous threatening bulls**t.

bogofree said...

"Bloggershark is an anonymous terrorist.."

Bit over the top, Mike, as I doubt very much Shark poses a danger to anyone. Personally, I'd pick up a squid for protection since I understand a squid can kill a shark.

This is starting to take on the same aura of mystery as vandalism and all those other "threats" that had no substance.

Shark can use the anon tag all he wants as that is his choice. Maybe if this was a "better site" he'd have to register but why stifle debate as long as it remains debate.

Now just take a deep breath and have some ice tea.

drive-by said...

Bloggershark's website:

The link to it is right on his profile.

anonymous said...

This is not about useing a name on a blog.

This is about someone taking it off of blogs and into peoples business and private e mails.

I told bloggershark to stop, other people open my e mails where does a person draw the line with this fool.

Again I don't care about the name Bloggershark I care about his threatening words that scare me. Terror terrorise harsh no way..

Saying someone is coming after you that is just wrong. Defend it all you want.

As long as people know what bloggershark is doing in the background.

anonymous said...


The debate is about sending e mails to private business and home e mail accounts after he was asked to stop.

It has nothing to do with stupid names.

BOGO do you know this person personally?

I don't need a name I just want to know if its sane?

anonymous said...

Then again I can think what ever I want. She has been at this for 2 years.

Thats how I feel... Carl and Kim posted to prove it wasn't them so it leaves 1 person that goes by multiple personalities.

Again I can think what I want about this figment of my imagination that is not bothering me on the internet.

anonymous said...

Just sit tight I need more coffee....

bogofree said...

Mike....I have no idea who Shark is nor do I care unless he'll give me a meal and not make me a meal.

The email issue I can't even follow. I have no idea what it is about. I get emails I rarely keep them and if I do I consider them privileged.

I went to Shark's site and read through it and saw nothing any worse than here and certainly not BETTER.

I guess you can focus on his/her ID as that seems to be important to you.

anonymous said...

I don't care who it is? If you looked at its blog, Bloggershark was the first one to post private emails.

Two rights don't make spaggetti but whats good for the goose is well worth a fried egg.

anonymous said...

what makes you think?

"unless he'll give me a meal"


Dog, Bounty Hunter said...

Sounds more like a "heads up" email than a threat to me. Anonymous, perhaps you're misreading it because you're under so much stress.

anonymous said...

bloggershark goes and posts someones e-mail, Him/her goes on a rampage sending e mails to my business about Adam, I ask him/her to please stop I am not the only one that opens these e mails, One after another anonymous e mails fill my inbox all about Adam.

Then again its just a heads up, its nothing Mike. Leave Adam and his bizzar behaviors out of my life.

Bloggershark has a problem with Adam Bloggershark needs to go see Adam and talk with him.

Rocky said...
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Rocky said...

Anonymous people have zero credibility here. They are liars until they prove otherwise.

They are all nothing more than alter egos of Cybil Powell (MR). Until they prove otherwise.

anonymous said...

IA says..
"You now seem as obsessed with Adam Bond as Mary Tufts apparently is. Do you also have some sort of "crush" on Adam?"

Well Bloggershark do you?

Hal Brown said...

Please indulge "a nasty, bitter old queen, who has spent his life living the worst kind of lie" as I jump in here with some personal comments.

I accept that people opposed to my views about local politics and the casino are always after me in that they are alert for anything to discredit me. I don't for a second think they are out to harm me physically. Some wouldn't mind damaging my professional reputation and I believe some have set out to do just that.

I'd like to see the language about everyone ratcheted down a few notches. Criticize and give exact examples, but the ad hominen attacks reflect back on the psoter who makes them.

Since it is so childish I'm tempted to make the kid's saying "I'm rubber, you're glue. Everything you say bounces off me and sticks to you" my new motto.

In between being called things like a narcissistic sociopath and pathetic I'm accused of harassment.
Not only with IA but with the CFO group examples of this have amounted to nothing more than being critical of people, some mild mockery, my taking pictures of people who didn't like me personally doing so and some harsh language about certain Republicans on Capitol Hill Blue.

I'd like to have specific examples instead of accusations. Harassment is a strong term with both a legal and common definition, neither very nice.

As for emails to Internet Avenger (IA), for the third time I remind him or her that I invite them to publish them here. Whoever it is seems to think I know about them, which would mean I probably know who they are. Neither are true.

The only think that bothers me about the last IA post about me is the ambiguity in the last statement: "A word of advice - sometimes 'friends' aren't all they appear to be." Do they mean they are someone I consider a personal friend since they say they know me IRL (in real life) or that a friend of mine is feeding them information about me?

I hate to think IA is so duplicitous they would pretend to be friendly to me IRL and trash me in posts like the two here.

anonymous said...


I wish i could be as eloquent as you,

The rhetoric in this ghetto has to calm down.


Hal Brown said...

I just looked at Bloggershark and see he accused you of threatening him with bodily harm and also said you were violent. Needless to say that's a damning accusation that I wouldn't be inclined to ignore.

I also see that he compared the two of us:

You remind me of Hal. You can dish it out, but you can't take it yourself.Mr. Bloggershark, can you give me an example of anything I "dished out" that compare to what Internet Avenger wrote about me.

I can certainly "take it", i"m not crying boo-hoo, but that doesn't mean I won't respond to false accusations or write my reaction to attacks like IA wrote here.

I will give credit to those who tear into me online under their own name or a nickname that regular bloggers know as an AKA.

But posters like Internet Avenger and Bloggershark could be better named Internet Sniper and Moray Eel because both attack from a hideaway where their victims can't identify them.

Blogger Shark said...

I have not gotten so much attention until today. what an honor.

To clear up some more misinterpretations being made. I sent 2 emails. One absolutely mild critique of a person's post on his blog and in response I received 9 in return all colorful with one nasty threat. I emailed him back once to say I wouldn't email him again. I published some of his emails to me on my wesite redacting any indication of who he was. I was not in it to publically embarass him. If it was I would have put is name on it.
But that seems to be standard procedure for "anonymous" and others.

I emailed "anonymous" once to make clear to him from what he published on his non-business website (that for an odd reason used at the time his business email address for replies) about his displeasure with Mr. Bond in cutting advertising. He made the misguided insinuation that somehow Bond & CFO were in cahoots. How he considers the email as threatening and an act of terrorism now after all this time is also amusing. As you can read from what he copied here is that my displeasre was with Mr. Bond as a divider in the town. He should not have been surprised at what happened to him. His only reply to my email was an invitation to take a ride down to Foxwoods with him in March. I didn't respond and have not emailed him since.

I hope this fills in the gaps for the reasonably minded.

anonymous said...

From what I have managed to read in all this is that Blogger Shark, Hal and Mike all seem to have a common person with whom they are collectively annoyed and that is Adam Bond.

I'd concentrate on the tie that binds. Otherwise you all seem intent on taking shots at one another. Concentrate on Bond as he is an easier and more delightful target.

Hal Brown said...

I haven't followed Bloggershark on this forum so I don't know what issues we agree on. I just take issue with the statement that I can dish it out but can't take it.

Rocky said...

Shark like Casino Fiction has not proven a thing in this whole thing and will continue to keep dorsil up rectum. Nemo's small mindedness is no match for the average fifth grader.

Go play with Dory.

anonymous said...


The raffle picture was put there on purpose to show how fast it would end up on a blog.

As predicted within hours.

The same as CFO treasurer carl Peirce commenting on the (Booze Cruise)

The "Booze Cruise" he is commenting on is the only thing holding my company afloat. Go ahead Carl take that away from me also.

But then again its all in my head right.. No one is bothering your business they say..

Howard post another affiliate on your site and take no responsiblity for it.

Never in a million years did I ever think people could go so low..

But the raffle picture and yesterdays defensive comments from Bloggershark proved a very valuable point to some..

Carry on.

I want someone to show me where I have ever brought someones livlihood into this debate. Anyone.

anonymous said...

Or, you can take this booze cruise to Foxwoods. (link posted here)
Posted by Carl at 10:26 PM 11 comments Links to this post.

No he's not bothering you and your business. As I have been told

"I really don't think he meant it that way"


bogofree said...

"The raffle picture was put there on purpose to show how fast it would end up on a blog."

Marshmallow II?

"The same as CFO treasurer carl Peirce commenting on the (Booze Cruise)"

Grogfathers! LMCAO!

anonymous said...

Then Howard, lets not forget O'l Howard..

LOL! My Supreme Hero.

anonymous said...

Oh! My BOGO not another sock puppet!

Rolling on the floor laughing...

anonymous said...

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anonymous said...

"I have a life and children to take care of
so really don't have the time to review all
of the many stupid things you've posted.
I'll send you more because I have saved
ALL of them"

Fish head, Fish head roly poly fish head..

anonymous said...

On a serious note, Bloggershark don't take me serious on anything.
I respect you and your opinions however wrong I feel they are. There yours.

Hal Brown said...

There's a must read exchange going on between Bogofree and Bellicose on Heckuva Blogspot.

I've suggested to both of them that the three of us have lunch, my treat, with me making sure they don't bite each other; or better yet that I mediate an intervention in the deep end of the YMCA pool at HIGH NOON today or tomorrow.

Swimming skill not needed as the Y has lots of floaties. I have my kayak life vests I could bring too.

You don't have to be a Y member to come in and watch through the windows in the lobby where you can see the pool.

Bloggershark, if he's a Y member, may want to come into the pool as a co-mediator.

Blogger Shark said...

Carl is not the only one quick on the draw.

It is ashame Limo is so dependent on the gambling industry. Too many eggs in one basket.

Don't worry, neither Carl nor I could take any part of your business away from you purposefully. My readership consists mostly of about 10 people, mostly from here. LOL! Carl appears to have a broader audience not bothering with the flying monkey shine lately.

Swimming in chlorine makes me sick after a while. Besides, I've heard about some shower stories I'd like to stay away from.

bogofree said...

I now read Blogger is an inspiration! When ever I think I posted something really absurd and have made a fool of myself I head over to the Shark Den and read his blog. Always know someone is further down the food chain. Thanks, Sharkie!

Limo was doing fine without a casino and I assume he felt he would do better with a casino. At one time his business was doing rather well until the economy went sour. Now some may delight in that but he had employees that no longer pick up some extra cash.

My son ran a few jobs for Limo and Limo offered to have me do a few. Kid needed the cash and as a retired person I have time on my hands. Those options are no longer there. So, again, when some take delight in his business downturn it hurts others.

Hal…please let BB and myself have our fun. Go do kissy face with Gladys (or is it Mary?). Anyways, I posted on my latest injury - a cold! WTC! I had a bad back and now that has cleared up but I can’t shake this cold. Have to stay away from cardio because of it. I hardly ever get a cold and this is the second one in three months and the longest I’ve ever had one. BB, Limo and myself will eventually take a ride/run. BB has mentioned that he would like to try and do some running and that would be nice. Limo can trail behind on the bike with the beer and defibulator. I get the paddles first.

anonymous said...


Got my new E ciggarette LMAO! too funny like any guy I know everything, No need for directions here.

So I put this thing together, Hold it up like a big cigar in my mouth and got one big mouth full of mint juice. LMAO!

Read the directions and it says hold downwards so you don't get a big mouth full of juice! Duh!!

LMCAO.. Oh boy! I am a Knit Wit..

Hal Brown said...

Fun away, Bogo...

seriously, I think sitting by the pool even if you don't go in would help the cold. The air is 86-88 and the humidity near 100%.

The new plan for the Y includes a hot tub, but I don't know if it's in phase one or two. That would really help.

As for the cold, this could have started with a virus and turned into a bacterial sinus infection, that can lead to post-nasal drip and chest congestion.

When this happened to me I ended up going to the doctor, got some ampycillin and it started to clear up in a few days.

As for the kissy face, I think I'd rather fly a kite in a lightening storm.

bogofree said...

I have a hot tub. Why sit in a pool when I can do it at home? Hate the pools, anyway.

I've taken some of the meds from my previous cold and that has dome little. All I can say is it feels a bit better today. Sleep is great - no problems. Get up you just feel tired.

Yesterday had a health insurance meeting since this is open enrollment time and the town is switching to state program. Talk about a headache.

Finally got an inspection sticker after driving 150 miles to clear out codes so the machine could read my info.

Gas tax increase is back on the table. This state just loves regressive taxation.

bogofree said...


Want me to take you and Jessie to lunch?

Don't worry, Hal, your blog has more substance than mine.

Dog, Bounty Hunter said...


I just read the exchange between you and BB on Hal's blog and found it very amusing.

I find it hard to believe that you were seriously offended that he might use "s**t" on his blog or forum. What's up with that? I could understand an objection to F-bombs, but "s**t"?

If Webster's finds it a legitimate word, what's the problem?

Main Entry: s**t
Pronunciation: s**t, interjectionally also ˈshē-ət\
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English *shit, from Old English scite; akin to Old English -scītan to defecate
Date: circa 1526

Of course you can insist on any standards you want on your own blog. None of us write any s**t here. LMCAO

bogofree said...


What I find is the contradictions. One makes an accusation about this blog yet allows certain things to go on a downward slide in their own litter tray and I used that as an example . The fact another poster called this a town of third rate dips**ts. And, of course the “Whorehouse and Aids” comments. Plenty more especially visuals. I hold no lofty allusions to the standards of my or our blog but when you trash my or is it our blog be prepared to have a clean slate.

A blog is a public forum. People read it. Is this the same language you would use in another public forum? School meeting? At scouts? 4H? On a LL baseball field? In a classroom? You get the idea.

I have only had to edit this blog a few times for language and that was so long ago I forgot when. That says a lot about the posters on this site and I found it offensive to dismiss their collective personal integrity when a close self examination shows an accuser lacking even more so.

By the way I am not a prude by any means. For years I worked in school programs where a sentence could not be said without a string of expletives. I managed to at least create a area in my own presence where that language was not tolerated. Just as easy to do what you did - s**t.

Trivia…what was the first movie that had excessive use of the word “freaking” as a substitute for the “F” word?

Suo Mynona said...

****BB's Latest Comic Relief****
From BB:
"Blogs and forums are very casual sites that often include profanity."

Seems to me there is little if any profanity here. (Unless you consider WTC! and LMCAO! and repaeating things like third rate d*psh*t)


Apparently profanity and that unnatural picture he posted must be common in his blogging world.

Family Guy said...

Nice exchange, Bozo.

The Bumpkin blog is quite detailed right here by Suo. Hey, BB, take a look at the posts here. Everything is spelled out regarding your behaviors.


Have fun with Jessie. Get her a new set of blinders. LOL!

Dog, Bounty Hunter said...


Curious-What was the movie?

BTW, even I found the unnatural pic with the sheep offensive, and it takes a lot to offend me.

What bothers me most on the nemasket forum is 1.)the lack of tolerance for others' opinions and 2.) the defense and deletion of comments when MR was proven wrong. Never posted on there again after that. Will occassionally read, but never post.

bogofree said...

The movie was a great sports movie with Burt Reynolds - The Longest Yard.

I have to agree with your assessment on the nemasket site.

Right now on a baseball site I am part of is having a similar issue where someone has posted info with nothing to back it up. Was false. Did I have fun with that! A real stst boy is I.

Hal Brown said...

Bogo, Sure. I am always up for a free lunch.

I'll even promise not to take pictures.

Hal Brown said...

I think a board moderator / owner at the least should set an example for good online manners. Whether they enforce this in their posters is up to them. I posted on Middleboro Casino and have been lambasted for some of the comments others wrote, but so far nobody has come up with some I wrote there to blast me about.

The avatar is from a cartoon with the heading "Deabate Strategy: Win arguments with ad hominem attacks".

With apologies to language purists for mixing Middle English with Latin, I'd like to see all poster on all blogs eschew ad hominen attacks.I trust all are literate enough to know what constitutes an ad hominem attack and they use them either to try to win debates as or because they can't separate their anger from their argument.

anonymous said...

Something to do with being Gay? Am I correct Hal?

Hal Brown said...

I wouldn't touch that comment except that I'm reminded of the Gilda Radner character on Saturday Night Live, Emily Litella, who was always mishearing words. I bet she could do something funny with it.

From Wikipedia:

"What is all this fuss I hear about the Supreme Court decision on a "deaf" penalty? It's terrible! Deaf people have enough problems as it is!"

When the news anchor interrupted to point out her error (eg. "that's death, Ms. Litella, not deaf"), she would crinkle her nose, usually saying, "Oh, that's very different...", and then meekly turn to the audience, saying, "Never mind."

Other misunderstood phrases included Saving Soviet Jewelry ("Jewry"); Endangered Feces (species); Presidential Erections (elections), and Flea (free) Elections in China; Busting Children (bussing children); Conserving our Natural Racehorses (natural resources); Youth in Asia (euthanasia); Sax and Violins on Television (sex and violence); and Making Puerto Rico a Steak (state): " thing you know, they'll want a baked potato with sour cream!".

The avatar is for Rick, click to enlarge Baseball fans come out to see the Giants, from an old Life Magazine, here

Dog, Bounty Hunter said...

Well yeah---calling someone an "old queen" is definitely implying gayness. I have to hand it to Hal for handling this with humor and posting a pic of Dame Edna.

I'm beginning to think that IA is not VV, but a very theatrical, effeminate man who writes and thinks as a "queen" himself. That last post was a particularly vicious and unfounded attack on Hal and not deserving of any response.

Suo Mynona said...

I honestly hope BB is not in fear of his safety by reading his own public words.

BB, caveat lector. Here comes the supposed clarking scary stuff:

missed those signs 3 times
Really cool turkey feathers
Whorehouse, Aids, No "satisfaction"
CPA is a town IQ Test
agree on 3rd rate d*psh*ts
They don't want debate
CPA is no brainier
50 bucks is nothing
best forum in the region
Superior blogger
Blogging a picture of....

What is truly scary is if you are on very tight budget and can't afford a measly 50 bucks and preached to that it is your duty to pay.

Hal Brown said...

If you're correct he might not even be from Massachusetts, after all whoever it is seem so confident I'll never figure out their identity..

The Internet knows no state borders.

Don't we love these mysteries wrapped in enigmas?

Oh my dear Internet Avenger, you have provided such entertainment, kind of like Punch and Judy which isn't just for kids.

bogofree said...

Who is more useless - Comacast or McAfee?

Last year it was anti-virus 2008 and then 2009 which I removed using an online program. This year it is Spyware Protect 2009that has invaded my computer. Stuff online has been of no help so I called Comacast.

They connect you to McAfee....wonderful. I spoke to someone in India (true) and they said run a scan! Wow! Brillant! I've already done that. Several times. Their security system is suppose to get this crap.

If the "scan" does not work their solution is to get a tech to remove it - gee...they happen to have a list! What a surprise.

Suo is our BBB - Belicose Bumpkin Biographer.

Suo Mynona said...

Get rid of McAfee and install AVG. It is free for home use, does not use much resources and just plain works. It is highly rated.

I have some other simple pointers for the average user. Bogo is probably scoffing at me because he can make those fancy blue links and I cannot.;pop


Bogo show BB the clarkin' respect he has earned through his lofty harangues. Spell the superior blogger's name correctly.

It is BeLLicose not BeLicose. Such a clarking insult.

Hal Brown said...

I've had AVG Free on my old PC for years. I hardly ever use it. IBut when I did it was been excellent.

Here's the BLUE linkLike most Mac users I don't have any anti-virus on mine.

bogofree said...




Ka-Ching said...

According to Maggie, the revenue stemming from a tax on hotel rooms has jumped from roughly $400,000 a year to nearly $1 million since the casino began operating out of a temporary facility. The most difficult part so far has been finding a home for all of the extra revenue, he said.

"Ka-Ching" said...

Look what was important to Lawrence! You have to love this person.

Lawrence Maggie, commissioner of southwestern Pennsylvania county -- home to a combination casino and racetrack owned by Millennium Gaming -- and Jeff Kotula, president of the Washington County Chamber of Commerce, told Salem residents that expanded gambling had lowered taxes and brought in roughly $1 billion in development, without negatively affecting the quality of life.

"Quality of life is very important to us. That was very important to us because it was important to our people. It's a lot of different things. It's entertainment and bike paths; they want water to fish in and woods to roam in," Maggie said. "The crime issue just didn't happen. We've had (the video slots) for three years and when I talk to my colleagues, one of the biggest issues is someone parking in a handicap spot without a sticker."

Two new hotels have gone up near the site of the casino, a third has been renovated and two more are on the way, according to Kotula. New shopping outlets have opened and businesses that were once concerned a permanent casino would steal their customers have seen a spike in clientele, Kotula said.

drive-by said...

I wouldn't encourage BB and LL to start running. The ortho guys don't recommend running for LARGE people because of the greatly increased pressure to the knees and resulting damage that leads to the necessity for knee replacement surgery, which BTW usually has to be repeated in 15 years. Supposedly the same benefits can be achieved through brisk walking or bicycling. I know. Been there, done that. Lost two months of work from the rehab, which is also more difficult for LARGE people like myself. Also withdrawal from 6 weeks of prescribed Vicodan is no picnic.

drive-by said...

Running is much safer for ectomorphs, which I assume must be bogo's and Hal's body type......very lean with small to medium bone structure.

Suo Mynona said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Suo Mynona said...

******COGITO, ERGO SUM*****
(Or is it I blog therefore I am?)

Bogo I am glad MY computer comment helped.

I can start MY own"Practical Help Guide" faced by MY perceived issues everyday computer users have. I promise that I will not let MYSELF refer to ME, MYSELF or I more than three times per sentence.

I am thinking now (MY brain is hurting ME). MEthinks I cant prevent MYSELF from talking about ME when I am supposed to be writing on topics.

Rocky said...

Forgot one Suo. The latest BB quote:

"CFO never claimed to be unbiased"

What part of of the word Facts can be biased? So by his comment they are not giving facts and that they are casino fibbers?

The only person BB needs to watch out for is his new best friend AB.

Hal Brown said...

Who is the guy in the avatar and why is he there?

Find out in my new Heckuva.blogspot photo essay HERE.

Dog, Bounty Hunter said...


BB made the comment on Hal's blog yesterday that you were 1/2 of the infamous bogo/dal tag team. If that is true, I tip my hat to you for the many hours of tuberous entertainment. You guys brought down the house, literally. LMCAO

Dog, Bounty Hunter said...


Clever way to lure us to your blog. LOL. Of course I had to skim the whole post to find the boy in the avatar. Good story, btw.

I was surprised that MR actually came out to post to you. Don't believe I ever remember her stepping out of her comfort zone to post before. Doubt, however, she'll ever answer your very specific question. That's very telling about her motivations.

Hal Brown said...

I tire of the bias question... and defending Casino-Facts is a big yawn but once again and hopefully for the last time let me say I never claimed to be unbiased. On the front page it has always said "and features news with opinion plus a forthright discussion about the pros and cons of a Middleborough Casino".

The site presented pros and cons and continues to do so. I only wrote that I thought some of the so-call cons were over-stated or exaggerated, and that I balanced the cons that I agreed with the pros in deciding to support the casino.

A few people on the pro side thought should be as pro-casino as was anti-casino and weren't shy about criticizing me to my face for including the negative and publishing anti-casino letters.

Find one instance of the CFO website agreeing there might be anything positive about the Middleboro casino. Facts indeed...

Hal Brown said...


I read HERE

that you were shot at for the first time in your career.

I am glad to hear you are safe, and that you got your man.

"Ka-Ching" said...

RE Drive-By

Have you ever seen these?

I would love to get back into running I need motivation..

6-7 years ago I ran around the Brockton VA 1.3 miles around, 10 times. It was the highlight of my jogging. I wanted so bad to do a marathon. But life came at me full force and I quit running. Maybe???

Big and Small

Hal Brown said...

It took a lot of GUTS to post the before picture.

(Pun intended....)

drive-by said...


WOW! What a difference from then to today! I've only seen photos and YouTubes of you, but you have certainly changed. I applaud your self-discipline and drive. Did you follow any particular diet and exercise program? My history is lose 20 lbs, gain back 30, etc. Now 265 lbs. Should be 210 lbs.

Right now I'm doing nutri-system and trying to get used to eating mini portions instead of half a lasagna. Carbs are my downfall.

Do work out.....sometimes. LMCAO

"Ka-Ching" said...

Before I ran my way to a 110 lb weight loss.

Gained it all back. When I looked at that picture and others and I seen how big I was again, I opted for wieght loss surgery.

Not an easy procedure and you need support to carry you through it.

If you or anyone wants to go that route call me I'll explain everything.

bogofree said...


I sometimes let BB sit in a wheel barrel while I tote him around. Do the same for Limo. BB can handle a run just based on his work out routine. He’s in shape for it based on the machines he uses.


I could not believe the response the Dal/Bogo show had. I was in the Town Hall when someone asked me if I was Bogo? They said people were printing it out.

Ka-Ching. The Pennsylvania issue is another example of he said/she said regarding the casino. Conflicting data everywhere. I have posted my visits and interviews and will say what I have said before - It will not be all the pluses that the pro's say nor will it be all the minuses the anti's say. Mboro may be unique in the process.


Your comments have raised the “threat level” to Orange!

Hal Brown said...

Count me among the pros who have all along published about the cons I thought most important.

In order of extent of problem:

1) increase in levels of problem gambling - greater the nearer to the casino. By numbers this will be a larger group than No. 2.

2) increase in clinically defined. pathological gambling with all the social impacts of both this and No. 1.

3) loss of rural ambiance of area within a mile of the casino and near the access roads. There will be reflected light in the sky at night over a greater area.

I don't see crime, including drunk driving, as a problem that won't be dealt with by assuring patrons don't leave the casino drunk and by aggressive law enforcement.

In my own police experience most drunk drivers were either drinking at home or in bars where bartenders didn't cut them off when they had too much. I don't see people writing bad checks too much anymore because they are hard to cash.

Hal Brown said...

I just posted this on Bellicose Bumpkin because he's addressing the legal issues related to land into trust and by extension tribal sovereign rights:

Some people will use any and all the legalities to try to stop casinos.

Others feel strongly that tribes shouldn't be allowed sovereign rights on land put into trust because it puts them in a unique class among American citizens. They may or may not care about casinos.

Several area residents are adamantly against Indian sovereignty. I think they have every right to hold that opinion.

I don't care much about the legal technicalities and have no interest in reading research about this subject.

My position is that I'd like to see the right thing, the just and moral thing, done to compensate those Indians who have managed to maintain a tribal identity since colonial days despite a cruel and systematic effort to wipe them out.

drive-by said...


Before I give you a call, I'd like to get my doctor's opinion at my visit next week to see if I'd be a good candidate for that surgery. I don't know whether my diabetes could cause complications.

Is this a surgery where they have to slice me open or can it be done through an endoscopy?

The results for you were awesome! You must feel so much better about yourself.

Hal Brown said...

On another subject - really on the original subject of this blog - I thought I'd do some Google searching about Clark CT needing 100 teaching English as a second language instructors (TESL or ESL) and guess what..

it's true...

oh, wait a minute - hold your breath for the MAGIC WORDS ----

I am wrong.It isn't Clark CT, it's Clark Cty, Nevada.

In fact, with it's near 20 million population the county that includes Las Vegas needs about 500 TESL teachers.

Check it out here.

There are about 70,000 total students. Among them are those from 67 countries who speak 100 different languages.

Maybe I got confused... 100 - 500 - CT vs. Cty...

Suo Mynona said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LMAO said...

Not as confused as Jessie was.

Suo Mynona said...

Dog (7:37 AM):

That sure was some funny stuff.

Rumor is that Bogo's and Dal's mercenary services where requested by other bloggers.

The bloggers supposedly were tired of the message board being incredibly boring and the moderator allowing double standards. Unfortunately, the price quoted was too high

In the case of, services where rendered "pro bono publico" for friends in need of humor instead of lectures.

bogofree said...


Clark County has 2,000,000 people. When Jessie first tossed Clark and other stuff out it instituted a search on my part. Certainly the various Clark's across the country were not the issue but the Clark in the state of Connecticut, since that, and the surrounding towns for Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun were the issue - Norwich, Ledyard, N. Stonington and Preston. They also became key elements in other statements and posts.

I discovered Clark CT by - as you did - a search when I attempted to verify Clark and other information. But why let someone who was so stubbornly defiant off the hook? It was apparent to all that she was being quite evasive and had no supporting documentation for anything - especially Clark. What she finally did come up with was hilarious - she was talking about her friend Clark from CT.

“Incidentally, those critics missed my quote of my friend's mis-speak when he meant his friend, Clark in CT. Because of Clark's renown, surely should have immediately identified his prominence. Had those critics done their research, they would have clearly recognized Clark's home town.”

If she had even been aware of Clark in Nevada I’m sure she would have posted it rather than get humiliated.

All this is documented in the earlier blogs and is interesting reading. So is the rest of the distribution of mis-information.

Hal Brown said...


Sorry, I misread the population figure. It is about two million...

unless they are hot-bedding and hiding the other children when the census taker comes.

bogofree said...

LOL! Hal!

Hal Brown said...

The new discussion on Bellicose Bumpkin could turn out to be interesting.

Here's my response to BB's response to my comment:

The advisability of contingency planning for the town notwithstanding should be a no-brainer.

However I wasn't charged with the responsibility.

I have my opinion about what is plainly and simply the right thing to do by way of reparations to the Indians for what was done to them the interlopers who engaged in genocide.

Anyone who believes that affirmative action was appropriate for the descendants of the African slaves and doesn't think the original Americans deserve sovereignty is, in my opinion, holding an irrational double standard.

After all, as horrible as slavery was, Africans were brought here to work while Indian were here first and a nearly successful effort was made to wipe them out.

While someone like Carol Kelly may have been "hurt" because she lost her home to a tribal reservation this pales in comparison to what the Indians lost.

I'd like to hear what you and others think would represent justice for the tribes?

Do they deserve reparations at all?

(The avatar is a depiction of the Trail of Tears.)

bogofree said...

Reparations? What is the price tag for a country? A culture? A history? How about the long dead ancestors? Centuries of deceit, neglect, thievery and just about anything else one can think of. With reparations each aggrieved party can line up at the cash register and get their hand out. Won't change the past. What you can do is change the present. I’d love to get my financial hooks into Mother Russia for hundreds of years of serfdom.

When reparations come in I might as well pack up with virtually everyone else in this town and every town or maybe get away with paying rent.

I find it laughable with the shallow attempts at various justifications by pointing out references to constitutional law or past legal decisions. The very law written by the very peoples that invaded and grabbed what they wanted. Not a Tribe? How freaking clueless is that?

Folks should be thankful that the tribal remnants are as docile as they are or you would have a situation in this country that would make Al Qaeda look like a Daisy Scout Troop.

Dog, Bounty Hunter said...


I don't think I've laughed so hard since the whole blogging/forum thing started as when the bogo/dal antics were going on in that "oh so proper venue". MR and BB were so stodgy and uptight I thought their pseudo-intellects would pop. Some people just take themselves way too seriously and will NEVER admit when they're wrong.

The forum went down the tubes fast when BB gave the dynamic duo the boot. I was never a frequent poster, but the censorship did it for me.

Guaranteed the mention of anything referring to Clark still goes up MR's butt sideways. What she doesn't realize is that makes it all the more fun and amusing.

bogofree said...


Next week on my opening blog I will take a trip down memory lane.

Hal Brown said...

That is eloquently put, bogo. The is no price tag.

Reparations, the making of amends for something which wasn't even done by, for most of us, any of our ancestors seems unnecessary or even foolish to some people.

I would hope that people who hold this opinion are consistent in their beliefs about whether any victimized group deserves reparations from the dominant society which injured them.

American slaves, black South Africans who suffered under apartheid, Indians from India who were kept under the British thumb, Jews and others slaughtered under the Nazis are all examples.

What do or did any of these groups deserve?

All major religions and most societies recognize the concept of atonement.

From the dictionary:

ATONEMENT: reparation for a wrong or injury : she wanted to make atonement for her husband's behavior.• Religion - reparation or expiation for sin : the High Priest offered the sacrifice as atonement for all the sins of Israel.• ( the Atonement) Christian Theology - the reconciliation of God and humankind through Jesus Christ.

It is easier to think of reparations, atonement or the expiation of sin when one is is directly connected to whoever committed the act.

When the acts were committed decades or centuries before by a dominant society of which you are now a member what responsibility do you have to be part of the atonement, which usually means some actual or potential personal sacrifice.

Suo Mynona said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Suo Mynona said...

***Urban Dictionary****

I submitted the word CLARK to the Urban Dictionary.
Here is my submission to Urban dictionary:


1. Polite replacement for the well recognized "F word"
2. N. a stupid person
3. V. To do something outlandish
5. adj. Can be used to modify other words for more emphasis
6. Int. Expresses disgust
7. adv. Create a sense of immediate need for action.

A polite version of an otherwise offensive four letter word.

Genesis is from a non existent town called Clark, CT

Widely used in Northeastern USA

What the clark?
This is clarking stupid!
You are a clarking fool.
Hurry the clark up
You are clarked.
Here is their response:

Thanks for your definition of Clark!

Editors reviewed your entry and have decided to not publish it.
Someday people in Beverly Hills, 90210 will be saying it.

What the clark? Gag me with a spoon!

"Ka-Ching" said...

Ever really look up Clark on Urban
Dictionary. That word seems to have been used in your context for awhile.

On another note, I am going to go into healthy mode, 90 day training, all aerobic, and calastetics.

Went out today and marked off my 4 miles in 1 mile sections. Got the new skids and shorts. I'm ready tomorrow.

I will begin.

Suo Mynona said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Suo Mynona said...

***Ripley's Believe It or Not***

Someone created the fictional Town of Clark CT and then publicly questioned if one-tenth of the town could not be developed was Factual.

Then proceeded to blog that 1/10th was made up. OOOPS

bogofree said...

Ka-Ching....are you going to be buried, creamated or stuffed?

"Ka-Ching" said...

I went 4 miles today Marked each mile with spray paint End of 4th mile was my house parking spot locked the car and came in took a nap.

Nothing to it!

By the way my new nikes ain't seeing no dirty o'l trails. I've seen what yours look like.


"Ka-Ching" said...

Man shot at after responding to Craigslist adMonday, November 17, 2008 | 1:27 PMBay City NewsCONCORD, CA -- A 37-year-old Concord man who solicited sexual services from a woman on Craigslist late Sunday night did not get quite what he had bargained for, police said.

Concord police received a call from the victim shortly after midnight Sunday reporting that he had been robbed and that somebody had fired shots though his front door.
The victim told police he had responded to a Craigslist ad posted by a woman named "Angel" and arranged for her to come to his house in the 4700 block of Matheson Court, Cerletti said. when the woman arrived, they discussed money and the victim agreed to pay the woman $100 in cash.
After he put the cash on the coffee table, the woman asked for a glass of water, Cerletti said.
The man went into the kitchen to get her some water and when he returned, the cash was gone and the woman was heading for the door.
The victim confronted her and the two got into a struggle.
The women then screamed and a man with a black pistol came to help her.
When the victim saw the gun, he pushed the woman out the door and closed it behind her.
The man then fired two rounds through the door, hitting the floor, and then the pair got into a car, possibly a gray or light-colored Buick Regal, and drove away.
The victim was not injured other than a few scratches and bruises from the scuffle.
"Angel" was described as a black woman about 22 years old with brown hair, brown eyes and a light complexion. She was about 5 feet 1 inch tall and weighed about 135 pounds. She was last seen wearing a black tank top with white sequins and blue jeans.
The gunman was described as a black man in his mid-20s, about 5 feet 8 inches tall with black hair, brown eyes and a dark complexion. He was last seen wearing a black baseball cap, a black shirt, dark jeans and black gloves.
Both suspects remained outstanding Monday, Cerletti said.

What makes the Quincy man national news??

This crap has been happening as long as CL has been around.

You would think the girl that got shot was running for a beauty pagent. She was doing something ilegal and it went bad!

Can you say Pretty people,Prime time TV movie..

Did anyone ever hear the story above????

Hal Brown said...

I hadn't heard that but it doesn't surprise me at all. Crime and the sex trade have always gone together, not only robbery but drugs.

It's interesting that the state that has had legal gambling the longest all has legalized prostitution in some counties. Check it out.I was very surprised to learn that Nevada is one of two states where sex for money is legal. Take a guess which is the other one and then click above.

Prostitution is illegal in Clark County but is openly advertised. I'm quite familiar with Las Vegas law enforcement having received their excellent police department magazine for ten years, ever since they published an article I wrote. My impression is that they don't consider enforcing laws against prostitution a high priority because there is a fairly "clean" activity.

"Ka-Ching" said...

The best one is the Carson city Bunny Ranch, Air Force Amy, OH! the memories, Chocalate pudding, OH! cut it out. let me stop.. LOL!

"Ka-Ching" said...

Mustang Ranch was good also till the Government took it over and started in the business.

LMAO said...

"Mustang Ranch was good also till the Government took it over and started in the business."

Governemnt has been in the business of screwing us for years.

Suo Mynona said...


Remember the paperless society? Just think of all the computer printer paper that gets thrown away.

Some people consume and dispose of computers, monitors and printers, routers, coaxial cables, and wireless thing-a-ma-jigs like dirty diapers.

What happens to all that DEAD stuff? Do they separate the plastics from the metals and put in the blue recycling box Or does it end up at SEMASS?

Rocky said...

Beat me to it. I am sure there is a BB comment coming from the blog community.

Suo Mynona said...

It is near impossible to easily recycle a dead computer. Just did some research:

"It's been illegal to import e-waste into China for dirty recycling and dumping since 2000, but smuggling, corruption and China's appetite for scrap keep it coming.'

You try and find an easy way:

Suo Mynona said...


We have some very computer savvy members of our community that are not third rate d*psh*ts (by their standards)

What a great opportunity for them to help our community recycle and reuse old computers.

They should put their heads together and get some local drop off spot established. I am sure the BOS would go along with such a plan.

Anyone know someone with the ability to pull this off?

"Ka-Ching" said...

There might be some scrap Gold on circuit board pins or components. With the price of gold it might be worth looking into?

On another note with all the construction on 44 I revieved this good to look at.

Economic Stimulus = More Work Zones

The theme of the 10th annual National Work Zone Awareness Week 2009, is “Drive to Survive – Our Future Is Riding On It.” The yearly campaign focuses national attention on driving safely through work zones. This spring, transportation agencies across the country will begin breaking ground on highway repair and construction projects made possible by the economic recovery package. This work, in addition to the projects each state already had in the works, could make 2009 one of the busiest construction seasons in memory. Stay alert to what’s happening around you to help you safely navigate these congested areas.

Defensive Driving
Your best driving defenses in a work zone are to slow down, focus on driving and expect the unexpected. The most common crash in a work zone is a rear-end collision, so leave at least 4 seconds of space between you and the vehicle ahead, and 6 or more seconds of space for larger vehicles and when road conditions deteriorate due to bad weather or rough roads. Give yourself space to move in case anything goes wrong, especially in stop and go traffic. Stay in your lane, obey posted speed limits and remember, fines are often doubled in work zones.

As you approach the warnings of a work zone ahead, merge as soon as possible. Don’t wait until the lane closure and then force yourself into the traffic flow. Once you’re in the zone, if traffic merges into fewer lanes, use caution and courtesy to reduce the chance of a sideswipe. The worst of all merges is from a standing stop from one lane directly into a lane of oncoming traffic. Watch for the front wheels of vehicles turning into the lane. It’s a signal that the vehicle will try to merge. Reduce your speed and keep your distance.

Watch Out and Plan Ahead!
Continuously scan the work zone, watching the traffic, the workers, traffic flaggers and moving equipment. Always be prepared to stop. Don’t let the inconsiderate mistakes of others make you angry or stressed. Relax and take your time getting through the congestion. Plan ahead by checking various state DOT web sites before you leave to identify work zones along your route. If you think you might be seriously delayed, plan a different route or leave earlier to give yourself more time to reach your destination. Keep your headlights on when driving, make sure you always wear your seat belt, and be extra cautious at night.

Moving Work Zones
Line painting, trash collecting, road patching and mowing, are work areas that move down the road as the work is done. Not seeing workers after you encounter warning signs doesn’t mean they’re not in the area. Observe all signs until you’ve come to the end of the work zone.

bogofree said...

The fees at the town dump...oops...LAND FILL...will certainly scare some folks off of taking various items in. Furniture, air conditioners, computers and an assortment of other goodies. When these fees were instituted I noticed a sudden rise in illegal dumping. Use to give Jack a call and point out where I was running and the new additions to the power line dumping sites.

During the fall Waste Management sponsored a recycle day at The Razor where you could discard all the old computer equipment and other electronics for free.

What we really need is a local Czar of Recycle or Commissioner of Recycle. Maybe Suo has a suggestion? Make it a paid position and Adam can do it since that Town Manager gig didn't work out.

Suo Mynona said...

BB's expertise would be perfect. He is computer whiz and cares about recycling. He must face this issue on a fairly regularly basis.

It would be great if would tell us how his computer community recycles these dinosaurs.

anonymous said...

Is this going to be another write in campaign? LMCAO! Get Jessie involved as most of her blog is on the environment. They can ride the recycle truck together.

Bogo, you do all that stuff. You can help. Drive the truck. They need the exercise! LMCAO!

LMAO said...

Hal, have you decided to give up on the Bumpkin Blog? Jessie now has the platform and is writing about research! LMCAO! Listen to her as she'll be the expert on relations with the Native Americans! LMCAO!

Hal Brown said...

I gave up on that thread, which I hadn't looked at until curiosity got the best of me I read your post...

seems this person can't stand it when I admit candidly I don't know much about something. Go figure.

Anyway, I just read through the posts by anonymous.

I don't know who that is.

I haven't been referred to as Mr. Brown that many times in one harangue since I was in ROTC and marched a group of cadets into the wall.

I take it now like I did then when a string of Mister Browns came from some advanced student ROTC "captain" who presumed to know more than me puffed out his chest and berated me in front of the rest of the cynical sophomore cadets.

Like they could care. We were all fact part of the last year when ROTC was required of all male students and very few planned to go on and finish the next two years and become real Army officers.

bogofree said...


I would assume that who is targeting you is also "gawking" at you.

I am delighted that some enjoy this site sooooo much.

You could post the debate here or on your blog or both. We differ on reparations but not on the history. That some dismiss them as a Tribe is just Clarking humorious.

Now, Hal, King Phillips War was the most deadly in New England. As far as the nation? If you consider the losses on both sides as a percentage of their population it was the most deadly war fought in the Indian campaigns. I am excluding the Spanish conquests.

I'm sure if some develop a degree of courage they can post their debate to you on this site. Maybe CERA can step in?

Hal Brown said...

On the dumping.

Living on the dirt section of Tispaquin we've gone through periods when it turned into a dump for all kinds of household items.

I decided to take pictures in 2004 and for about six months kept the camera in the truck and took photos whenever something new was dumped.

Here's the result. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge them.I sent them to Jane and eventually she came out and saw for herself, which ended up in her writing an article in The Gazette HEREIt seems to me that if we catch people who do things like this the punishment should be spending time in stocks we'd construct in from of Town Hall.

Kids writing graffiti have the excuse of youth, but these are adults.

bogofree said...

That was a good couch at one time.

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