Saturday, July 25, 2009

New Look And Other Stuff

Decided on a new look but that really means nothing since a poster on the self proclaimed “Greatest Blog In Middleboro” says no one reads it. Have a nice picture that I can add to the banner as soon as I figure that out. Hal’s been helping me a bit but I’ll try to keep the photos to a pleasant few.

I added some links on the blog that may be of some interest. Since some refer to me as a “Bozo” I have added Bozo’s criminal of the day. The baseball links cover just about anything in the game including minor leagues and amateur. The local links are self explanatory and reflect some of the pro/anti casino sentiment. The sharpest with graphics (sorry Hal) is the Gladys (or is it Mary?) blog. Hal has a wide range of topics as does The Bumpkin. Both allow non registration for posts and Hal’s is open while the BB one is edited. Bumpkin has links to several other blogs of interest. I’ll probably expand the links into another area of interest that I have and that is travel. Maybe a sidebar story once I figure out a sidebar.

Have added a new topic to the blog and that is the idiot post of the week that is somewhere in the sidebar. Of course a week may be five days or twenty days but putting in week actually sounds like I'm organized and have a clue as to what I am doing. I have my posts exempt otherwise it would be all about me. Ego thing.

The Gates issue took over the news last week with President WOW and Governor One And Out chipping in to side with their friend. Now as the dust settles and the smoke clears it appears that both may have been a bit too anxious to toss out the racism label. Racism is a two way street in that it can be used as an intimidation factor (see, Rainbow Collation/PUSH) and this may be such a case. Release of information on any tapes will be helpful but IMO it appears this was a police officer who finally just got fed up with being harangued (I got that word from BB) and after repeated warnings cuffed someone for being an obnoxious loudmouth - not that I would know anything about being an obnoxious loudmouth.

Health care is taking over the news and this is another classic example of rushing legislation. Isn’t there some type of learning curve from the TARP/Stimulus bills? The way this is working out it will pile on some more debt - just what we need. The main focal point of funding is to tax the enemy (rich) to win support. By placing a tax on incomes over 250K and that will eventually shrink to 200K….150K ….and then zero. Just like our temporary 3% sales tax that will now bump up to 6.25%.

Locally some are still in the denial factor over the genocide perpetrated against the indigenous peoples.

Post away


LMAO said...

I thought you were not going to make any changes? Getting bored?

I love the comments on the links! LMCAO!

anonymous said...

Like the banner. Nice take off on you know who.

anonymous said...

This is a better idiot post of the week. BB is a class act.

"You are so full of shit it's not even funny.

Never did I support, endorse, or quote the "Clark" info. I kicked your sorry ass off the forum for ganging up on and haranguing another poster despite NUMEROUS and REPEATED warnings to KNOCK it off. Ever since, you've been nursing your ego by trying to spin the event your way and sniping at me.

My sources are studies, reports, and economic data - not Jessie."

Suo Mynona said...

Hey Bogo what was that study he cited about cars and traffic? I cannot remember

bogofree said...

Not sure on the study, Suo, but I'm sure their reasearch department will Google the "facts."

LMAO. You are correct! I said I was not going to make changes and did. That's almost like a BOS member getting elected and doing a Palin.

Anon 9:38. That poster is the emeritus of that section.

I'd link to Blogger Shark but don't have his address. Blogger had some funny stuff.

Suo Mynona said...


A link to Middleborough News would be good. It is a great sight that provides brief and positive updates on town events, has the telephone numbers of all town departments listed and provides the local Comcast lineup.

Also a direct link to the Midddleborough Gazette (very hard to find on the cumbersome South Coast Today website) would be useful.

My wife, who is very non political, loves both to help keep up to date on community events.

Suo Mynona said...

****Green School***

The Green School has truly taken become a community wide project. Your pledges will now be tax deductible since The Rotary Club has joined our cause. As I have always asserted the town comes together for worthy projects.

I suspect BB will posting the video of tonight's selectman's meeting on the Green School Preservation.
We all know how much he cares about community preservation.

I suspect Jane Lopes will provide information in this weeks Gazette as will I will provide a full written update in the near future to fill in the blanks.

To make a pledge email me at or call @ 947-7071

bogofree said...

Nice to hear the Green School is moving along. Can the money be sent in anytime?

I've added the two links you mentioned.