Monday, September 28, 2009

Massachusetts Casinos Are "Inevitable."

Is it too late to say I told you so? Yes….a casino(s) are “inevitable” in Massachusetts as the revenues are just so attractive to a state that needs money to feed hack-a-rama. As they say “The fix is in“ and it certainly is as the Congress will have to make any attempt to avoid discrimination of one tribe over another. Massachusetts will also be on the fast track as DeLeo wants it and wants it now! Acting like a petulant child or a deranged poster on the BB site he will get his way. What about Middleboro?

The land has been set aside and the tribe certainly wants to build. Will the state be willing to cooperate? Hand out a precious license? Put this on the fast track? Do all that crossing and dotting of letters? IMO they will. Makes no difference if it is the right place to build just go back to that petulant stuff. Oh…they’ll be recognized as a tribe or nation or whatever. A 300 year old make up call? Probably. Nothing like a cleaning of the soul and washing of the hands for guilt eradication for the White man. Let bygones be bygones. Take the recognition, license, money and everything else as long as we - the state - gets its cut. Meanwhile the tracks will toss in their slots to get the build first going. As they say in the world of gambling “It’s a lock.”

CFO and Casino Free Massachusetts put up the good fight. I was originally a member of CFO and made a contribution but soon tired of the direction they were going in and some of the conversations that I overheard just turned me off. They were anti-gaming in my opinion and I am not. I have no problems with casinos and actually welcome them but I am a NIMBY but one with a price tag. I’ll sell out for the right price. The battle is with the culture of Massachusetts and that culture is one of gambling. The lottery is among if not the most successful in the country. Illegal gambling is firmly entrenched and when I first moved to town I could easily find a card or craps game if I wanted. I had no trouble purchasing a football card. If casinos are not here this year they will be next year for what killed them - the economy - will also speed them up as the state seeks revenue sources. The fat lady is warming up.

Suo did what Hal did and wadded into the pestilent waters of the self professed “greatest blog in Middleboro.” Naturally an “anonymous” poster who certainly had all the revisionist insights of Jessie Powell decided to attempt to do intellectual battle with Suo. Slam dunk for Suo. Amazing that some of the local lunatic fringe still is hanging around. Maybe Suo will get hit with a mountain of quotes from a DOR report.

My wife got a wonderful present from me. She has two house cats that was once three until a coyote snack took place and still feeds several feral cats that have slowly multiplied. I found her a box of Crazy Cat Lady action figures. Perfect gift.

The Red Sox are slowly going into the back door for the playoffs. Makes no difference how you get to the dance as long as you get to dance. Right now they have what appears to be four solid starters that should bode well for any seven game series down the road.


LMAO said...

Nice post and I have to agree. I think jobs as I feel that is essential at this point. Construction jobs for at least three years including infrastructure. As far as casino jobs some will be entry level and low paying and others will be mid five figures to low six figures.

bogofree said...

It was just pointed out to me the signs that Limo has on his board are unique. Not only was he the master of one upsmanship at the State House rally with his banner but now take a real close look at the signs that the anti's are holding up. LMCAO!

MSM Party Bus said...

Just heard on the news they are delaying the casino issue till next year. Guess the State is better than we thought. How many kids are going to go hungry because dad ain't got no job!!!

bogofree said...

Sooner or later they will get it done. I don't like it in Mboro so maybe we'll get lucky. Let them toss up a gin mill in New Bedford or load some slots into the tracks.

MSM Party Bus said...

it would seem that Mass is going to throw all its wieght behind getting 1 Resort in Middleboro and slots at the track.

Reason being Wamps are on a fast track now So Mass will have to make the best possible deal with them.

The other reason is because Jessie and mark said its a done Turkey. Usally that means its coming sooner than you think..

anonymous said...

LMCAO Limo over the slot pictures on the signs.

anonymous said...

The Herald had a story of interest on the casino issue today. Delay is in order to assure everything is done the right way. Interesting. A concept Middleboro should have tried.

Suo Mynona said...

***Green School***

Unsolicited donations are still coming in for the Green School. With the donations are many heart warming and wrenching letters from people that have an emotional and/or historical connection with the school.

We have much needed time donations for roofing, landscaping and painting. I salute you. Time is more precious than money.

The collective we press on, one donation, word of encouragement and thanks at a time.

All you that have simply said "thank you" have increased our passion and long term commitment for the project. We have no intention of quitting

The Green School Preservation Committee will continue. Your tax deductible donations, however small, are welcomed.

Checks can be made payable to the Middleboro Rotary and reference Green School in the memo.

All donations are anonymous.

Lincoln D. Andrews
28 Sachem St.
Middleboro, Ma 02346

Mark Belanger, blogger and supposed community activist, said the Green School is a "skunkworks project." Another insult by him to townspeople that care.

In typical hypocrisy, he blogged about it falling into disarray and needing salvation, doubting the town would galvanize to preserve the historic gem. Once others took up the cause he decided it was a skunkworks project.

You figure his logic as I cannot.

Actions speak louder than blogs. Your action is needed and deeply appreciated

Family Guy said...

Different view with Bumpkin on the Carcieri fix and if Middleboro will have a casino. Do you really feel it will be built? Enough of a mess has been created and investors have evaporated so it appears the citizens of Middleboro will have to travel for their slot fix. Seems like the state is also dragging on this issue.

Family Guy said...

Backdoor for the Red Sox.

bogofree said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bogofree said...


The delay in the legislature is being explained away as a desire to make sure - as one hack was quoted - "To make sure all the i's were dotted and the t's were crossed." I agree. This is not something you rush into and Mboro provides an example of that.

As far as Indian gaming that is still a possibility even in Mboro. I'd give in 50/50 since whenever it seems dead it comes alive.

The fix. Has to be done. The last thing an administration that professes it is "color blind" wishes to have tossed in their face the potential race card.

This will just take awhile for the state to get in gear.

MSM Party Bus said...

But anonymous says... lol!

bogofree said...

I think "anonymous" was taking a hike up Mt. Willard and suffered Oxtgen Depravation. She - meaning "anonymous" has significant anger issues that need to be delt with. Does Hal have a special? One free hour with one purchased?

I never count anything out on this deal that is just crap. But somehow we still get the money and as far as I know have the OK to spend it so spend it.

One side is clinging to the hope that eventually it will be built while the other side clings to the hope that the government will not reverse a bizarre SCOTUS decision and the state will not allow gaming.

MSM Party Bus said...

In almost 3 years has anonymous ever taken a vacation??? LOL!

MSM Party Bus said...

"Milford could get up to 5% of slots revenue" Yikes!!

Here is some pointers for a Chief negotiator.

Can You Spend an Entire Day Asking Questions and Only Asking Questions?

The ability or inability to answer questions will affect expectations over time. The harder the question to answer the lower the expectation of success by the responder becomes. The seller of a concept has to know they must have the answers to convince the customer of its value. Learn to ask hard questions and be persistent about seeking acceptable answers.

How Good are You at Silence?

If the ball is in the other guy's court, don't be too quick to get it back. If you're owed an answer, learn to wait for it. Many people have difficulty dealing with silence and may reveal much in filling what is to them an unacceptable vacuum. Also wait past an answer to see what else may be forthcoming.

Is Patience a Virtue or an Issue for You?

The passage of time also can impact expectations. Waiting for a right moment to press an issue, make an argument, propose a solution or counter an offer is a practiced skill not a gift of birth.

Can You Follow a Plan?

If it's your plan to relate a group of issues to each other, package a proposal or take a hard line on some issues and a soft response on others, develop a plan and implement it.

MSM Party Bus said...

How Easily Does Your Button Get Pushed?

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A few years ago I think I really upset a national union official by asking after he had put on a particularly spectacular tirade, "does that work?" I found it hard to believe someone of his experience and status would do what he did unplanned. He proceeded to continue raging using my question as fuel for his fire. Sadly, it was predictive of the apparent fact that he was a one trick pony and had no other plan or approach to use. I remember hoping for his sake that it was at least therapeutic for him as it had little or no effect on me or the bargaining.

Can You Spend a Month Setting Up a Deal?

I'm not talking so much about patience here as systematically laying the groundwork piece by piece to make a deal attractive at a point in time. Lots of issues get on the table at the same time. The ones you put there should each be a part of an orchestrated effort to advance a number of potential deals. You can't be taught this, you gotta set it up based on your sense of timing, readiness, etc.

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anonymous said...

LL. I saw your little exchange with the "Queen Of Cut And Paste." LOL! Or is it LMCAO?

Where do they get these figures about every one buck spent by a casino patron costs three? Is this some more info that is found at the Clark Library? Does anyone know?

They are all playing the no votes card but I go along with Bogo on this one where they are just making sure everything is all in line.

bogofree said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bogofree said...

Limo is a warehouse of information and I especially enjoyed his "exchange" with JP.

The 3 for 1 figure has been quoted so often it has become a fact and like most data on either side was probably created by some obscure report by someone with an agenda. Probably firmly entrenched in urban legend status.

Suo Mynona said...

What would Tip O'Neill would think of Nancy Pelosi?

Tip would have made a fine interim president. The thought of Pelosi being two heart beats from the Oval Office is a scary intellectual exercise.

Bring back the days where the Gipper and Tip would be staunch combatants but still accomplish the nation's business.

Everyone, except the fringe, respected them both. Each had true integrity and were anchors for their respective parties. Neither would insult everyday Americans.

Pelosi undermines all the good Democrats with her corrosive and inconsistent commentaries.

MSM Party Bus said...

*****Copy and Paste alert*****

This article has been copied from another site. It seems when you google 3-1 you find this "Discredited Professor" as a source.

Why do most antis get discredited?

Thats like the unpatriotic Professor Natasha Schull her other indepth study was on Las Vegas Buffets. LOL!

Discredited Professor John Kindt Continues Rant Against Gambling
John Kindt and James Dobson continue to rail against gambling, while even those on their side of the issue dismiss them as demagogues and fanatics.

Despite having been exposed as a fanatic without scientific backing, Illinois professor John Kindt continues to rail on a radical religious site against gambling. Kindt and his forum seem to be the only parties still crediting each other's pronouncements, so naturally he is published there slurring an impartial commission studying gambling in New Hampshire.

MSM Party Bus said...

"Do not suppose that abuses are eliminated by destroying the object which is abused. Men can go wrong with wine and women. Shall we then prohibit and abolish women?"

MSM Party Bus said...

On another note Bogo this might bring back some nice memories..

Bogo check this out

bogofree said...

Could not agree more on Pelosi. Reminds me too much of a local we all know.

I was wondering about that 3 for 1 figure. Appears it may be faulty facts. Big surprise with that.

MSM Party Bus said...

Another anti myth is slots=crack cocaine.

"Crack cocaine, often nicknamed "crack" after the sound made during its manufacture, appeared primarily in impoverished inner-city neighborhoods in New York, Los Angeles, and Miami in late 1984 and 1985"

So whoever started this so called fact in my eye's had to try crack and play slots sometime after 80s.

From what I understand our Unpatriotic Dr Natasha Schull went to an GA meeting to do her research. OK if thats not a little biased!

That would be like me asking people in a slot tournament what they think..

If you have tried both you can honestly without a doubt say they don't compare at all.

That would be fact!!

MSM Party Bus said...

Another lets say skeezy fact...

Casinos make their money off of addicts.

Everyone knows an addict will play,use, whatever until jails,institutions or death intervenes in thier addiction.

With this said is thier an endless supply of addicts out thier to feed the Zillion dollar world wide Gaming industry.

These are just a couple of anti so called facts that need to be explored.

They never want to tell us who "they" are.

"They" said this or "They" say that...

Who the heck is "They" ? I always wondered that.

Question of the day? Who is "They" ?

bogofree said...

Limo....I may not like the idea of gaming in Mboro and certainly do buy into the predatory aspects of the casino biz - but too much blather comes from the more ardent zealots to take some of the data seriously that the anti's toss around. Anything goes in the ends justifies the means mind set.

This is pure discretionary spending and people do have choices just like the choice to drive loaded, play with a handgun or take the drug du jour. Fighting the anti gambling crusade in Massachusetts is a bunch of neatly wrapped up Clark. When they start banging down the door of the legislature over scratch tickets I might take their moral pontifications more seriously. Until that tome I clearly put them into the people to avoid category.

MSM Party Bus said...

From Topix
MT writes...Oh yeah!
Here's a thought - just built a nice patio in the side yard - though my rock garden plants are wilting for a lack of rocks. Fire pit... view of the back forty... itunes... better than the deck at Castaways... just need a few friends and some cocktails! Lots to catch up on.

This is what the little firecracker anti has to say. promoting alcohol and Bridgewater businesses. This is just so Hypocritical. makes one wonder if this is why she is so against it? might hurt her favorite "Gin Mill" (LMAO) where all her friends are. From what I read here she left them all at the bar and she's looking for some new frinds to drink with.

LMAO said...

They don't call them the "Grogfathers" for nuthin' LMCAO!

bogofree said...

Our new dog just got through wrecking the frames for my glasses. The good thing is he licked the lenses clean. Oh well...that's $50 less bucks for the slots.

I find it amazing that certain bloggers are focusing on the economic hard times that casinos are facing and translating that to a failure of the "industry." Not so. It is the economy, stupid! Or should that be plural? Same reason so many major corporations have gone belly up or are penny stocks (Citigroup/GM).

Limo made me check out Toxic. I just love that site!

bogofree said...

Just saw a chart in the AARP newsletter on state taxes. Massachusetts is a close second to NY. With a shortfall in the works what that means is another no profiles in courage by "One And Out" and the legislature as we'll get hit with more fees and increases rather than dent hack-a-rama.

MSM Party Bus said...

Hey MT
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MSM Party Bus said...

"just need a few friends and some cocktails!"

Another way of saying, We gonna be swilling tonight.. LMCAO

MSM Party Bus said...

Its hard to have a conversation on Toxic, Someone always comes in and writes something goofey.

JP said to go and check out Uss slots the newest anti website. Right there is a link to facebook so you start reading and find all this crazy stuff.

Whats up with talking behind BB back?


bogofree said...


BB is more realistic and practical than the zealots. Like me he has a price. If the casino is coming squeeze as much as possible. With the hard core zealots it is "no" to everything and - I assume - all forms of legalized gambling. Wonder how their scratch ticket crusade is working out?

MSM Party Bus said...

I'm sorry Mary,

I don't know why JP sent me to that site this was all to easy.

I have tried to stay out of arguments and why people want to pit you and me against each other is beyond my comprehension.

I don't care if you drink or are having some sort of issues.

I felt this was a set up from the begining LOL! Jessie you got me..

You got me good. from now on don't even talk to me.

MSM Party Bus said...

He said Thursday that as Massachusetts considers building resort-style casinos, Rhode Island needs to protect its gambling revenues.

A recent study said close to 40 percent of the gambling-related dollars that went into the state treasury last year —

about $117.4 million — came from Massachusetts residents.

LOL! RI counts on our money, So does CT. NH depends on our shoppers. This State is terrible. Just wait till the next round of cuts.

Party Bus said...

Cole introduces fix to land-into-trust decision
Friday, October 2, 2009
Filed Under: Law | Politics | Trust

Rep. Tom Cole (R-Oklahoma), a member of the Chickasaw Nation, introduced a bill to fix the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Carcieri v. Salazar.

H.R.3697 ensures that all tribes, regardless of the date of federal recognition, can follow the land-into-trust process. The decision had placed doubts for tribes that weren't "under federal jurisdiction" in 1934, when the Indian Reorganization Act was passed.

"This bill will clarify federal law to ensure all federally-recognized Indian tribes are able to participate in the trust process with the United States," Cole said. "There has been too much confusion with the way the law is currently written. The trust process was meant to allow tribes to purchase lands for their benefit."

Cole's bill is companion to S.1703. The Senate version was introduced by Sen. Byron Dorgan (D-North Dakota), the chairman of the Senate Indian Affairs Committee.

"Without the changes Senator Dorgan and I have proposed, there will still be questions about which tribes can legitimately enter into a trust agreement with the United States," said Cole. "It is my hope that this legislation will be taken up in short order."

anonymous said...

This item will be fixed. The tribe will eventually get their LIT. That brings up the problem of if it will be built here?

MT was right all along on AB.

bogofree said...

Seems like the casino issue has once again taken center stage locally. Probably make a lot of folks who stand to profit from it happy not that there is a glimmer of hope.

Agree on Gladys (or is it Mary?).

MSM Party Bus said...

I have been following this for years. Finally a done deal. I might jump on the train with the big Green sign and go Be a part of.

Lets all join in and

The SugarHouse groundbreaking set for Oct. 8
Three years in the making, SugarHouse Casino plans to break ground for its slots parlor at 3 p.m. Oct. 8.
Leigh Whitaker, a casino spokeswoman, said the ceremony would be attended by the lead investor, Chicago developer Neil Bluhm; Mayor Nutter; City Councilmen Frank DiCicco and Darrell L. Clarke; and the chairman of the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, Gregory Fajt. "It's not open to the public," she said.
Last week, the gaming board signed off on financing for the $355 million project, which will include 1,700 slot machines to start with, on a 22-acre parcel straddling Fishtown and Northern Liberties. - Jennifer Lin

Great Job Philly! Congrats...

Family Guy said...

Looks like LL has some action going on toxic. Must be JP. Her way of doing things with business threats.

Suo Mynona said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Suo Mynona said...

Question for the few posters here. Do you think the town is as divided about the casino as some seem to believe?

My opinion is that their are a few staunch people on each side, but most of us continue with our lives. We may have an opinion, but that opinion does not bias all of our views.

As for me, if the casino I will do my best to help the town deal with it and the ensuing issues. Same goes for the reverse.

Most people IMO will continue with their daily lives. Lives that are more important to them than the prospect of a casino. Especially now more so than three years ago.

Three years ago the unemployment/underemployment rate was not well in excess of 12 percent. People now are concentrating on on getting or keeping a job and possibly paying an upside down mortgage.

I am not saying the casino is the jobs savior for the town. I am speaking purely in the present tense.

anonymous said...


Could not agree more. Few but the most ardent really care especially now that the casino seems a long way off and maybe not to be built at all. More pressing issues for most of us.

MSM Party Bus said...

RE:Family Guy

Jessie Powell is just pure nastiness in its most form.

"Gawking" Useing Handicapped clients to further her cause etc!

Jessie says Mike go to USS-SLOTS knowing damn well I research everything. She knew I would find the comments about Mary on Face Book or is it Gladys? Promoting drinking. I know it was Jessie who wrote that nasty comment about Mary on Topix just to get things going.

I could care less who has a "Cocktail" A tight butts way of saying lets have a Beer!!

"Live and let live" But don't participate in an activity that has destroyed more families than anything I know. Then yell from the rooftops about how bad gambling is for me.

I don't drink and I would never tell Mary Tufts not to drink.

Can you imagine the anti-Planning sessions.

Burp** Hiccup*&^ That Quish is at it again Carl! Give me another cocktail will ya! I'm really feeling stressed. maybe some Burp** Hiccup.. "Retail Therapy" is instore. Marshellls. Tarjjjjs'
maybe I'll stop at the Castaways a for a nightcap on the way home... Cougars on the Prowl tonight....

MSM Party Bus said...

Mary Number 7 fits you perfect. Look who your best friends with.. LOL

Take this 20 question test to help you decide whether or not you are an alcoholic.

Answer YES or NO to the following questions.

1. Do you lose time from work due to drinking?
YES __ NO __

2. Is drinking making your home life unhappy?
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3. Do you drink because you are shy with other people?
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4. Is your drinking affecting your reputation?
YES __ NO __

5. Have you ever felt remorse after drinking?
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6. Have you ever got into financial difficulties as a result of drinking?
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7. Do you turn to lower companions and an inferior environment when drinking?
YES __ NO __

8. Does your drinking make you careless of your family’s welfare?
YES __ NO __

9. Has your ambition decreased since drinking?
YES __ NO __

10. Do you crave a drink at a definite time?
YES __ NO __

11. Do you want a drink the next morning?
YES __ NO __

12. Does drinking cause you to have difficulty in sleeping?
YES __ NO __

13. Has your efficiency decreased since drinking?
YES __ NO __

14. Is drinking jeopardizing your job or business?
YES __ NO __

15. Do you drink to escape from worries or trouble?

YES __ NO __

16. Do you drink alone?
YES __ NO __

17. Have you ever had a complete loss of memory as a result of drinking?
YES __ NO __

18. Has your physician ever treated you for drinking?
YES __ NO __

19. Do you drink to build up your self-confidence?
YES __ NO __

20. Have you ever been to a hospital or institution because of drinking?
YES __ NO __

What's your score?

MSM Party Bus said...

Mary Tufts,

Who called you and told you the facebook account was open to everyone?

I'm going to bet your favorite "COCKTAIL" it was Jessie Powell..

anonymous said...

Why the focus on MT? As far as JP this blog is the end result of her actions. This blog must really piss her off.

MSM Party Bus said...

Pointed me to a website and i found this stuff about Mary Tufts, Now mary wrote it. So I just posted marys words then Jessie wrote a nasty remark about mary saying it was I.

Things were to quiet for the bored Jessie Powell she needs to ruin her name a little more.

Maybe she can rent another handicap kid and take him or her to the Y and make false accusations about people again.

If Mary dosn't see what jessie did and was apart of. She has to see it you can't be that stupid.

I am for getting involved in this again.

Family Guy said...

Suo I agree with your insights completely.

Limo that woman is just a piece of work. She seems to thrive on creating drama.

bogofree said...

I signed up with Face Book about six months ago for baseball reasons but rarely look at it. FB will send me an occasional email and when I respond I usually end up making connections to anyone on FB who I have an email address for. Looks like LL has found some interesting information and I have no surprise with that. Amazing what some will post and a week does not seem to go by that someone does not get into hot water over a posting. Gladys (or is it Mary?) is part of the Jessie coalition that circles around the casino. Dangerous ground being tied up with that group.

Suo had some interesting points and I have to agree with him. The passion is still there for a small segment and that can be attested to by how comments have spiked on the BB blog on topics that are casino related.

An interesting letter appeared in the CCT from one Ms. Powell. I wonder where the information on bankruptcies by investors came from? Maybe out of the rarified air of Clark, CT? Don’t know.

anonymous said...

I also agree with Suo. Too many important issues to go back to casino wars. MSM please stop trying to start them up again.

MSM Party Bus said...

"MSM please stop trying to start them up again" Casino Wars lol! is that like Mafia wars on face book?

Was a very busy weekend. My party bus blog has been updated. did an 80s party Saturday. Talk about a fun and safe night out.

MSM Party Bus said...

Hey Bogo,
Now that I'm on a budget, I was going through my BOGO's and found a friendly's breakfast. What say you?

bogofree said... one sizzling and get a second free. Have to buy a drink. Do it when I get back from Texas?

LMAO said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LMAO said...

Hey, LL, did Dr. Natasha work at a strip club in Clark CT? LMCAO!

MSM Party Bus said...

Honest to God, She did her research at a GA meeting.. Talk about a captive crowd. I'm going to poll people at a slots tourny down Foxwoods and call my results facts.

"Cherries For Kerry" LOL!

bogofree said...

I find it amazing that anyone would consider that crank an expert. Well, they do listen to JP and they do believe Clark, Ct is real.

anonymous said...

Limo. I just did a search on Natasha and the results are interesting. She has a few links that show her all prime and proper. LMCAO!

MSM Party Bus said...

Nothing prime and Nothing proper about her. Eeeek! Bet she holds her drink with her pinky out also.

MSM Party Bus said...


I can't help it. This is way funny. look at the pictures.

Suo Mynona said...

Town Meeting went smoothly and quickly. Over 180 residents attended everything passed.

bogofree said...

Good to hear, Suo. I understand a special thank you was handed out.

MSM Party Bus said...

Congrats on your town meeting. Tell me I have not been on top of my industry. I seen the market drop right out on Car servuce. So I went to buses 3 years ago. Now everyone wants on the band wagon.

• The increasing cross-over between "limo" and "bus" can only be a good thing, as it opens new markets, diversifies fleets, and gives clients more choices. They can be frugal with buses until they feel safe splurging on luxury again.

Suo Mynona said...

No one has commented on the most important presentations made at town Meeting.

Dr. Sullivan, a man of integrity, provided his realistic assessment of the school system in the upcoming years. I do not think he is over exaggerating the current circumstances. The school is plagued by unfunded and under funded state mandates combined lower general state aid to town government.

The Superintendent brought up the possible need of an over ride for the schools. This is a discussion that will be likely facing the BOS, and subsequently the residents, in the near future.

People should start assessing their position on such a large and important and divisive issue in these grave economic times.

By giving forethought discussion can remain both thoughtful, respectful, and open minded regardless of their initial opinion.

bogofree said...

Be real interesting to see how a prop 2 and 1/2 is approached as IMO there will be only minimal support. The towns around up have rejected similar attempts.