Friday, May 30, 2008

Jessie Powell - two more

Once again the fun and adventures of Jessie Powell - perpetual candidate for Middleboro Selectman - and perpetual loser. I have decided to concentrate on the string of misinformation that Jessie is prone to make. This is an excerpt from a post, since deleted by the site administrator, Nemasket, an individual who will support any behavior as long as they support the casino. Jessie, at least on this site, will post under the title of "MR." She has also posted under the name "Malcolm" and probably a few others. I hate to go public on this stuff but I will. Noramally you could say that is public until you look at the traffic counts.

MR quote:

Montville went from 2 full time police officers to + 22.

That's an easy one. You should have some data on it. Right? Now when you do +22 does that mean that it is virtually unlimited? Maybe a million police? I'll show you how! The link to the police!

Here is what they say....wait....I see 21! OMG...Uncle Bernie was fired! Damn! OK, maybe -22 would be better. But did they start out with just two? Call the mayor. Nice guy. Big HST fan. Maybe it was two? Wouldn't it be nice to actually almost have something right for a change? So far I have heard (surprise) nothing from Jessie.

The Montville Police Department is proud to serve the Town of Montville with a full complement of 21 professional, highly trained and dedicated police officers. Our local force is committed to providing prompt and courteous law enforcement services, and working diligently to maintain a positive and effective presence within our community

Oh...why stop there. Jessie is an expert at everything.

A non-English speaking child costs twice as much to educate.

As you can see Jessie is an expert on school costs. I have asked her to attempt to at least make some type of link to verify this information? As with many other posts Jessie has managed to slink into the background.

Jessie Powell - Confirmed Liar

Jessie Powell - noted political gadfly in Middleboro is well know for her ability to toss out facts. Trouble is some just do not compute. Her latest foray into the land of make believe is on the web site. Jessie has been challenged by me to provide proof for various statements she has made. I will concentrate on just one - for now.

The 3 towns surrounding Foxwoods are teaching + 30 different foreign languages. Clark, CT went from 2 ESL teachers to 100.

I have been trying to get confirmation on this tidbit for almost a month but the elusive Jessie continues to avoid the issue....and avoid...and avoid. No source. No nothing.Jessie has quite an established track record within her own blog of calling out folks and pointing out their frailties. I guess this is a turn in the other direction? I don't know exactly how to get an answer to the above quote from Ms. Mis-Information. I've publicly called her a liar. I've offered a reward of $500 which another poster matched. Oh...she'll try to deflect and turn the tables but the reality is that she is trapped. Clark does not exist. The 2 to 100 ESL teachers do not exist. I am still waiting for the +30 languages being TAUGHT in the three towns she mentioned - Ledyard, Preston and N. Stonington The good thing is she is not in public office nor will she ever hold office. Jessie at this point has scorched more earth and people than Sherman on his march to the sea.

Now some anti casino folks may excuse anything but this is a bit too far. Personally I am more anti than pro, but will not tolerate someone who does not have the personal courage to take ownership for a series of inaccuracies. Accountability and responsibility. Those who voted against Jessie were 100% correct. I had voted for Jessie in recall so what can I say? My bad? Some learn by their mistakes and I have. Jessie has not.

I may, in the future, entertain you with some of the various postings that have gone on at between myself and Jessie.