Sunday, April 12, 2009


The Herald on Saturday had an interesting story on the Patrick Administration. The code word for about two years has been “transparency.” This has been all but lost on the WOW administration after a few short months and likewise the Patrick administration. Turns out that Patrick has rewarded several campaign insiders with some cushy jobs. When aides were asked to explain the situation to The Herald investigators they hung up. Nice approach. Patrick has been sinking at virtual light speed for months and even the Bum kissers at the Boring Broadstreet have turned on him.

The Boring Broadstreet is also in free fall as the Times Corporation has given an ultimatum to cut costs via union concessions. The skinny is that The Globe is approaching death throes and life support is next and burial is planned sometime in 2009.

Hal has managed to get involved in a little snit at the internets answer to boring - Woe to any pro casino advocate - especially one as high profiled as Hal - who ventures into that domain. Hal will also attempt to pet a werewolf next week - less risky.

Adam Bond has been answering some questions and many haters and doubters have surfaced. Gladys Kravitz (…or is it Mary?) had an excellent and worthy blog to read on it.

The Tribe will make an appearance this week for a big group hug with the BOS in hopes of getting some type of verbal pathways open. They may be about as successful as Hal.

Hal managed to also get everyone going - again - on racism. CERA - ask a Native American about them. I did. Make up your own mind.

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Hal Brown said...

I seem to be the target du jour, not only on racism but being libeled as a therapist who "gawks" at special needs clients swimming at the YMCA. Considering I had a program serving such clients for twenty years which was based on respecting their dignity, this is both hurtful, blatantly false, and damaging to my reputation.

In the shameless self-promotion department, check out my latest Capitol Hill Blue column "CHB's resident sexologist on GOP teabagging and the media".

Hal Brown said...

From my description of the Day Treatment program I was in charge of:

Linda Ward came on board and developed a humanistic program where the emphasis was on relating to the clients with empathy and warmth, while working with them to establish mutually acceptable and realistic goals. Staff were always willing to reach out to clients during times of crisis and physically go to where the clients needed them to be, whether it be a group home or the public library where one of them might be having a panic attack.

Because the town of Mason was uniquely accepting of our clients, many of whom lived in group homes there, a hallmark of the program was its success in involving our clients in community life. Jackie Lawrence deserves much of the credit for this. She began working for the program as a secretary, but before long it became obvious that the clients were drawn to her and vice versa. She had an extraordinary knack for outreach, politics, and community relations. As soon as we had a vacancy, I hired her as a mental health worker and she has been an energetic anchor for the rural aftercare program in Ingham County ever since.More about the day treatment program I was in charge of.

We always had several clients with mixed diagnoses of a mental illness and a developmental disability.

Suo Mynona said...

****NEWS FLASH****

This just in from the AP.

The biggest Egg ever painted was on one of Old MacBB's hen houses known as The egg was initially laid by a hen in Clark, CT and then transported to Old MacBB's fanciful farms. The domain where anything can be the truth.

It has not been reported what things were painted on the egg. Perhaps some diligent reporters will provide further information.

bogofree said...


I understand the eggs are printed in 30 different languages. You will be hunted down as soon as we expand our police force from 2 to 22.


So much for my morning cup of tea.

Rather bizarre the whole gawking thing. Tough to do anything about since it is an observational point. I guess you have to examine the historical pattern of posting from those who accuse.

anonymous said...

Happy Easter to everyone.

As I just woke up and I'm drinking my coffee reading the Blogs I find your "Teabagging" word interesting..

I in my 50 years have never heard of this. So I went to my favorite dictionary and Low and behold you are correct it is posted there.


Teabagging words on Easter Sunday will not help the gawking situation.

Who is teabagging?


LMAO said...

Hal, WTC do you even bother with responding to that nonsense? That a moderator would even allow posts like that and the crap Next thing you know they'll be calling you a third rate dips**t who is trespassing to get at sheep.

bogofree said...

Here is the real tea bag story. Classic example of do as I say and not as I do.

Hal Brown said...

" Hal will also attempt to pet a werewolf next week - less risky. " Bogo

I resemble the implications of that statement!

"Rather bizarre the whole gawking thing. Tough to do anything about since it is an observational point. " Bogo

Consider this was on a public blog: "How is an anonymous poster worse than you standing and gawking at some of the clients that I have brought to the YMCA when you should know better as a professional?"

Consider the definition of libel:

a false and malicious published statement that damages somebody's reputation, attacking of somebody's reputation: the making of false and damaging statements about somebody.

Note she didn't say "in my opinion" or "it appeared to me" but stated and defended as fact that I looked inappropriately at clients.

The is the worst, and potentially most professionally damaging, thing that has ever been put out publicly about me during the entire casino controversy.

bogofree said...


You are beginning to sound like VV (AKA-IA). But in this case? Interesting. Too much "hidden" in that statement that is left up to the reader.

Some have been critical of the name of this site which is more of a reflection of their inability to deal correctly with a situation. This appears to fit into that category.

Hal Brown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hal Brown said...

Corrected typos:

Any of Jessie's history which reflected on the credibility of her testimony and any pattern of malicious reporting of individuals she had a disagreement with to agencies to harm their reputation or business would probably be ruled as acceptable by a judge.

She would need credible witnesses to the behavior she claims she saw me exhibit.

If she tried to use a client as a witness that would necessitate her putting clients on the stand. My lawyer would try to prove she used her influence over them as a caregiver to convince them they saw me looking a certain way at them.

It would come down to who the jury thought was more credible about the "gawking".

She could claim she meant no harm and might have misperceived what she saw and felt so strongly about it she needed to publish it.

As with the OJ civil trial where the father of Ron Goldman sued for monetary damages, remember all it takes is a predominance of the evidence for a finding in favor of the plaintiff.

I hope readers don't think I'm blowing this out of proportion. Jessie has a lot of influence among a segment of the community and her making this public allegation about my professionalism when it comes to special needs clients does hold weight.

Suo Mynona said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
anonymous said...

The name of the site is

Bogo your first blog title is what

"Some have been critical of"

I would call DSS and the Mentor program just to get their input. No formal report needed, Just input of what if?? If thats what she is useing clients for in hope that she can make someone look bad I would find that horendous. I left a public gathering last week when she was there, thinking the same could happen.

I follow the Mariners rules of the road when it comes to her "1000 yard distance at all times" Make sure you have a credible witness with you to help present your side in any legal battle.

Then again when child enticement issues came up on her blog, All I remember of that issue is "put that in your pipe and smoke it Mr. Thompson"

So I bow out of all real controversial issues concerning her.

I look at what is going on today and O'l Mr Thompson is going to ask one day for help getting himself out of a jam, IMO he is bringing this on himself. When the town ends up with nothing and a casino to boot O'l Mr Thompson, I feel will be the fall guy..

Of course everything is of my own opinion and feelings...

bogofree said...


I went through a similar situation with an "anonymous" poster on Toxic.

What some fail to realize is that when you gossip - especially personal stuff - it gets around. Many anti and pro casino people go back several generations and those bonds (not AB) run very deep. They really don't care about who is sleeping with who or anything else since they realize the old saying of "What are you saying about me when I'm not around?"

Some folks have characterized certain aspects of our local political culture as a "Good Old Boy" network populated by dinosaurs. Here is a hint....I know several of these "dinosaurs" and disagree on many issues with them but trust their collective judgements.

Steve McKinnon and Al Rullo both appear to be that fiscal conservative type that is a return to a BOS that is say pre Wayne Perkins and Marsha Brunelle. Both the new members appear to be pro Middleboro with the casino issue secondary. Just my opinion.

Anon....I once remaked that a certain person was a political gadfly and that is an insult to Larry, Vic and Joe. Got that one wrong.

Suo Mynona said...


Would you trust the collective judgment of Old MacBB and MR?

Never mind. No clarkin' answer is necessary.

bogofree said...

And a final score just came in.

Navy SEALS - 3
Pirates - 0

Hal Brown said...

I first read that when the three pirate left on the lifeboat were pointing AK74s at Capt. Phillips (upper left) their heads and shoulders were visible to the snipers. I told my wife I assumed the snipers blew their heads off.

News reports said shooting lasted a few minutes - which seems like a lot unless Phillips was clearly out of the line of fire.

The most recent report may be inaccurate in that it says 2, not 3 pirates... but as I predicted the pirates basically had their brains blown out:

***UPDATE 6:36PM*** CNN is reporting that Navy sharpshooters were secretly parachuted onto the fantail of the USS Bainbridge and hid there, out of view of the pirates. When their commanders determined that Captain Phillips was "in imminent danger," the snipers went into action. At the moment that two of the pirates came into view with one aiming an AK-47 at Phillips, the sharpshooters shot each of them in the head. Google news has been hopeless on the breaking news so following it on HuffPo here

Hal Brown said...

Update on the rescue:

...towing the lifeboat on a 100-foot line, (SEAL snipers) opened fire and picked off the three captors.

Two of the captors had poked their heads out of a rear hatch of the lifeboat, exposing themselves to clear shots, and the third could be seen through a window in the bow, pointing an automatic rifle at the captain, who was tied up inside the 18-foot lifeboat, senior Navy officials said.

It took only three remarkable shots — one each by snipers firing from a distance at dusk, using night-vision scopes, the officials said. NY Times<

Thanks goodness this has a happy ending. Hopefully the fact that these are pirates, not terrorists willing to be martyred, will make some of them think long and hard before risking their lives for nothing more than money.

Unfortunately the next time there's a similar situation hostages may die but that's always the risk of taking this approach. Ultimately I think it's the best way to handle the pirates.

Suo Mynona said...

We are all capable of getting our own news.

Hal Brown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hal Brown said...

Of course you are, Suo, AKA Learned One. I had to look for an exact account of the shooting, so why not share the excerpt?

Besides, I wasn't merely posting the news, but I was commenting on it.

All of a sudden I have a new nemesis throwing brickbats at me - and a local celebrity no less.

I don't know whether to be flattered or offended.

anonymous said...

I wish I was a power broker. But I could not carry the extra weight.

Family Guy said...

Gladys has - and I hate to say this - a great blog called Pulp Fiction on which she has managed to gather in some of AB's twenty questions and comment on them. I may be pro but am not stupid enough to realize something is not quite right. I also noticed an absence of comments from BB.

bogofree said...

I agree, FG, and it is a good read and to some the responses from AB are a historical revision.

A must see tonight on PBS called "We Shall Remain." A history from the Native American perspective.

anonymous said...

"We Shall Remain"

A view from the tribes perspective.

bogofree said...

When you talk to Native Americans - especially west of the Mississippi - they have a strong feeling of being captives in an occupied territory. Many White's will quote 100s of years of our legal system and constitution to show the evolution of Indian "rights" and attempt to justify actions by pointing out our legal doctrine and how it applies to them. I have spoken with many NA's who find the entire idea repulsive.

LMAO said...

Tribe is in the house and Hal is on the loose.LMAO!

bogofree said...

Nice meeting. Very basic questions. Not evasive. Tribe seemed upbeat. My eyes are just getting refocused after 3,347 flashes from the Ferret Photog.

bogofree said...

Ten minutes into We Shall the Wamps are gambling and invite the Pilgrims to take part. LOL!

Hal Brown said...

There were several others taking pictures besides me. I'll have some of the photos on Casino-Friend tomorrow.

For the present to see some of my street photography go to Heckuva Blog.

They are meant to be viewed enlarged so if you like any in particular I suggest you click them to fill the screen.

anonymous said...

What a positive meeting. We heard it from Cedric, Its still moving forward, Very upbeat meeting.

His concerns are with the economy just like every other project in the country.

Trying to do a start up business of this magnitude, in this economy has to bring challenges all by itself.

Very good news the monies already recieved will not have to be paid back.

I walked away from last nights event very upbeat about everything.

Its really good to be around Positive energy and Positive people.

chica said...

I was very impressed by the presentation especially about the part where the town does not need to pay any money back. Cromwell seemed sincere. The BOS was restrained.

We Shall Remain episode I focused on this area and I can fully begin to understand the animosity that the Native American's still harbor.

Hal. I enjoyed your latest pictorial of Boston. I can understand why some would gather some storm clouds and consider you a photo pest but you also have been doing this for years. That would, to me, classify you as an amateur photo journalist along with your blog.

Rocky said...

I thought there would be harder questions asked. Rogers was the one who asked the hardest questions.

Was anyone there of any prominence?

anonymous said...

Limo has the Enterprise story on his site. Enterprise has it online.

Hal Brown said...

I put some photos of the meeting Casino-Friend.

bogofree said...

Obama speaks and the market drops.

One part of his feel good speech he points out the problems with the financial institutions and includes shareholders. WTC! I am hoping he read the telepromter wrong and meant speculators but if not it is a horrible statement. I guess my 200 shares of Lehman Brothes caused the problems.

Got a rejection on a car inspection the other day and the garage didn't even tell me. Noticed it myself so I went back and asked "WTC?" They told me since I had service done I have to drive it a 150 miles and all will be OK. I asked why they didn't run the inspection BEFORE the service I had done. No answer.

anonymous said...


Same thing happened to me. I drive it around and it fails again. They say I have an electrical problem. They replace some fuse or something with a $400 labor charge. Go back and it fails again. Took it some place else and they check the battery. Battery is low so they recharge it to pass and it does after another 150 mile jaunt. Other garage refuses my money so off to small claims. Won the case.

anonymous said...

Not much on the blogs about the meeting. I thought it went well. Non confrontational.

bogofree said...

An MR comment on the BB blog. Too lazy to do research? Interesting that it appeared on a blog regarding making dumb moves.

"To me, that indicates that both Mr. Spataro and Mr. Rogers were too lazy to even do a quick google search for Mr. D'Agostino that would have revealed that information."

anonymous said...


Just when I feel like saying give it a rest or enough is enough JP comes along and makes a comment like that. As much as I may feel you have beaten this to death I must further say it trumps the fact that she will continue to post foolishness like that.

Hal Brown said...

Check the comments on the BOS meeting on Gladys Kravitz.

I got a mention.

From there to the sublime, check out what I wrote about not counting Adam Bond out as he is in a good position to become the most powerful person in Middleboro a year from now:

ADAM WHO? DON'T COUNT ON IT...... and enjoy the pictures...

anonymous said...

He'll rise from the ashes as did Nixon. How'd THAT work out?

anonymous said...

LL is at it again.

bogofree said...

I certainly have my differences with GK (or is it Mary?) but that focuses primarily around issues about you know what. Her latest - Pulp Fiction (on of my favorite movies) - has provided a repository for comments about twenty-questions. I was glad to see that she incorporated some of what I had asked Adam into the blog and it certainly generated a string of comments. Not much I can disagree with on what was said on those comments. Adam "answered" them and I read a lot of revisionism.

I've saved letters that I wrote to the editor, BOS and, of course, certain blogs and some of it just does not compute.

I just read the LL blog and IMO Steve made an off the cuff remark that just fell flat. The only thing that probably would offend JL is the fact that the readership is around 30. Bada boom! Steve will just have to work on his patter and one liners a bit.

Hal Brown said...

More like the Phoenix.

Dog, Bounty Hunter said...

Her remark on BB's blog is just typical Jessie.

As for McKinnon, too early to tell how effective a Selectman he will be. Until I hear a major faux pas I'd prefer to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Interesting series of McKinnon photos, Hal.

Hal Brown said...

Thanks Dog.

Sometimes pictures tell a story as well, or better, than words.

The blogs give us a chance to use them the way print media never could.

North Slope Rigger said...


bogofree said...

Afetr 25-30 games I will press the panic button.

anonymous said...

A snippit from Limo's blog on the latest PBS series We Shall Remain.

I hope some of the local bloggers who attempt to justify history based on our view watch this series and especially episode I. Are they a Tribe? At one time they were.

"The series is told from the Indian point of view. "As one surviving activist puts it in the film’s final hour: 'Every tribe in this country has a time of horror, I mean a time of absolute horror,'"

anonymous said...

Where is Bogo, Hal, Suo, Drive-by, Mildly, FG, Limo, LMAO and the rest? Is there a posting stopage? A strike? No material?

Suo Mynona said...

There is material out there.

Comment from BB:

"For a definition of "dumb" see "casino project so far".

Family Guy said...


bogofree said... shot!

You can be anti casino and pro Wamp. IMHO they were and always have been a Tribe. We Shall gives truth to that.

Not sure where everyone is. Probably the $20 fee I now charge.

jane lopes said...

Good grief - new posters will have to jump in to rescue Bogo's blog.

anonymous said...

Hi Jane,
I watched the Selectmans meeting Monday. I heard an elected offical say the readership of the gazette is down to 18-20 people.

Is the paper in trouble?

jane lopes said...

I think the new selectman was nervous in front of the cameras and misspoke - meant to say, of course, that The Gazette is read internationally by 18 to 20 million. A slight underestimate, of course, now that we are online as well as on the newsstands (still only 50 cents) and in your very own home for a mere $19 a year.
The local news will never be out of style. :)

Hal Brown said...

I know all about that Jane. When I'm nervous in front of the TV cameras I tend to blurt out insults, especially if the person I'm insulting is 15 feet away from me.

anonymous said...

On its radio station, He said it was mis-quoted, I was wondering does anyone know the exact quote?

Hal Brown said...

From the library website where you can search The Gazette index onlineAbout the Middleborough Gazette IndexThis resource provides an index to the Middleborough Gazette for the years 1852 to 1868 and 1905 to 1928. This pdf format index can be searched by keywords including, but not limited to, first and last family names. This is an ongoing project and other years will continue to be added on a regular basis. Unfortunately, no copies of the Gazette are available for the years between 1868 and 1905.

The index is not itself a full-text resource, however, the Friends of the Middleborough Public Library will be happy to provide copies of Gazette articles.

Indexed to date:

1852 - 1868
1905 - 1909
1910 - 1914
1915 - 1919
1920 - 1924
1925 - 1929
1930 - 1932

Hal Brown said...

I expect we'll get the exact quote eventually. Does Mr. McKinnon deny he was mocking the circulation of The Gazette, OUR local paper?

This is the same person who felt he had to spell out the word "you" on Adam Bond's radio show last week. I assume that was lest an angry blogger mishear him and think he was making a reference to Jews.

Perhaps Mr. Bond, instead of chortling, should have reminded him that in reference to lawyers this two word phrase is as offensive to referring to them as shysters.

I don't think it is anything to make light of. I believe you can tell a great deal about a person by what he or she thinks is amusing.

anonymous said...

2 days before election "JewLisses".
No need to revisit that. LOL! it was "You Lawyers" wait "Geniuses" thats right "geniuses." He says Sorry.

1. Week one. Lets adopt new rules for the way a Selectmans meeting should be run. I could see his argument but was he prepared with the data supporting his motion?

2.Week 2 Slams one of the, if not the most historical newspapers in Ma. The Middleboro Gazette est: 1852 but a new guy to town probably wouldn't know that.

Can't wait till he settles in.. LMCAO.

bogofree said...

When I'm in front of a camera I gawk.

My wife - the Lovely Cynthia - has been a loyal subscriber to the Gazette for decades. I actually looked forward to Lyman Butler and Cling Clark rambling away. Very entertaining. Mike masddigan is excellent. Bumpkin? Well....I have to be polite since he may be armed when we go on a ride/run.

Many years ago I had to do some extensive research on Middleboro for a graduate paper and the Gazette was primary source #1.

I will occasinally poke some fun at the paper but when you travel and look at other weeklies you will find the Gazette is about as good as it gets.

Hal Brown said...

I know Jane loves her job.

However, consider this:

What would she do if a local multimillionaire dies and wills her a fortune on the condition she quits her job and runs for selectmen?

Does anybody doubt she'd win in a landslide?

(Picture: listening to Mr. McKinnon)

Hal Brown said...


I planned to take it with me.

Maybe I should rewrite my will....

jane lopes said...

The problem may be that Steve is a relative newcomer to town. It's one of those "I can say anything I want, but dont you dare." Bogo's favorite columnist - and mine - Cint Clark used to call the paper the Guts-ache or refer to it as the weekly fish-wrapper. And that's exactly why it and other local newspapers will still be around for a long time after the demise of the big dailies or their full transformation to whatever they will become - hopefully this bastion of free speech and democracy won't die altogether. The Gazette, meanwhile, is like a neighbor dropping by for a chat, bringing some pictures she took at the kids' Little League game.
BTW, it is one of the 10 oldest newspapers in New England, and I have been the editor for about 1/5 of its life . Good grief - I'm older than dirt.

anonymous said...

The radio show host has a new binky to defend.

Hal Brown said...

I've been labeling people as local celebrities, power brokers and real powers. Some people actually want to be a big fish in our small pond.

Oddly, a few people seem curious about what "title" I bestow on them.

But truth be told, The Gazette and Jane are the Great White Shark, and make them all look like herring trying to get up the fish ladders.

anonymous said...

"I can say anything I want, but dont you dare."

I always wondered if the little " went outside the . or on the inside of the .

Learn something new everyday.

LMAO said...

Jane uses her real name. Hal should be very happy!

McKinnon had a feeble attempt at humor. No big deal. His "slur" is old news that was no news.

Jane. What was the logic behind having a BB column? I have found very few enjoyable but also have to consider it a work in progress. I also feel that since the column is general in nature it will not appeal to all every other week.

anonymous said...

I like the radio show hosts ways better.

"I can say (through Others) and write anything I want with (anonymous names),then blame it all on Bridgewater and Raynham residents."

My Supreme Hero..

jane lopes said...

The Bumpkin has a significant local presence on the Internet and represents a point of view on local politics and the casino that deserves a platform for expression. I knew some people would think it was a lousy idea to give him a column and others would applaud - and all would read it. By his own admission the Bumpkin is still adjusting to this different venue but I think some of his columns like the analysis of the town election are well-written and thought-provoking whether you agreed with his premises or not, and the more "geeky" ones are quite informative.
Besides, I asked Bogo first and he said something rude about being exploited by a female.

Rocky said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rocky said...

I removed my opinion on this whole bumkin thing.

If he was my neighbor then I would move but I have been here most of my life and thank god for Oak Point. I like the opinion pieces that are about the community and even the Lakeille pieces. I like the historic pieces too.

The whole casino thing is bull. We don't need anymore opinions on it. We got more than our share from the crybaby quitter on Monday nights and don't need anymore ASSumptions and I don't need to read Bumpkin stroking the Bond ego.

Ms. Lopes, let's get back to the real Middleboro. The place I call home and stop all the malice.

Thank you.

Hal Brown said...

The Gazette is The Incredible Hulk of Middleboro.

The attackers are firing away at it like they think their little fighter planes are F-22 Raptors... they wish. They are like so many gnats.

You're far nicer than I'd be in your position.

I keep waiting for you to swat them down, Jane.

Hal Brown said...


Click the image to view it full size.

anonymous said...

I'm reading and here is that word again.

TeabaggingYou political types might find this blog interesting.

anonymous said...

Tell me how you feel after watching this.

Awsome Video must watch

jane lopes said...

Anonymous: I loved the column and the "teabagging" reference.

jane lopes said...

The singing Scot is incredible. I first saw that video yesterday, sent it to all my kids, and it's been all over TV and the Internet since. Just the look on Simon's face when this ordinary-looking woman opens her mouth and starts to sing is priceless.

jane lopes said...

Rocky, thanks for your comments - I agree with you that the nasty stuff has long since gotten old, and it's out of character for the town that I've lived in for over 30 years. That's the kind of stuff I left Taunton to get away from. But it seems we have to go through one of these periods every so often where people divide across some issue and take up arms. Good news is most people who are uninvolved in local politics moved past it a long time ago.

Hal Brown said...

Here's the article (and comments) about here from "The Scotsman".

Hal Brown said...

It would be great to put all the nastiness and animosity behind us. But I think those in a position to do so should hold people accountable and report the facts.

Hal Brown said...

New on, photos: Boston People

The Internet Avenger said...

"It would be great to put all the nastiness and animosity behind us. But I think those in a position to do so should hold people accountable and report the facts."

Hal, I really don't know what is wrong with you, but you obviously have some serious problems. Perhaps it was some personal mental health issue that first led to your initial interest in psychology. Seriously, you should step back a bit and evaluate your own behavior, over the past months. IMO, you seem to increasingly manifest traits consistent with those of a narcissistic sociopath. You are no brilliant writer, pal, and you're a very mediocre amateur photographer. I think your "political observations" are about as compelling and germaine as those of the average 13 year old.

As I see it, you come off like a nasty, bitter old queen, who has spent his life living the worst kind of lie. You now seem as obsessed with Adam Bond as Mary Tufts apparently is. Do you also have some sort of "crush" on Adam? Does it make you angry that he and his wife won't give you the time of day? What is driving your rage, Hal? You've wasted a tremendous amount of time and energy creating and writing blogs to get the attention of people who can't even be bothered to read your drivel. How sad. How truly pathetic you are.

And BTW - I am the ONLY person responsible for my postings. NO ONE knows who I am, and no one ever will. So, kindly, stop posting GARBAGE and LIES about what you and your "friends" know about me with 99% certainty. Otherwise, I may have to start publishing all your pathetic, whining, pleading e-mails to me.

You're NOT a freelance photograher or a reporter - anymore than Mary Tufts is a legitimate political activist. IMO, just like Mary Tufts, YOU ARE AN ABSOLUTE NOBODY, trying to snatch a couple of moments of "stolen glory" in somebody else's spotlight. You and Mary are two peas in a pod - people who apparently don't have the guts, confidence or integrity to lay it on the line and actually DO something. You stand on the sidelines of life and snicker, trying shamelessly to ride Adam Bond's coat tails. How sad...

Life is too short, Hal, for all that anger, rage and wasted energy spent attacking people who don't even care if you exist.