Thursday, December 20, 2012

Mostly Middleboro Stuff

Life use to be Mary Ann or Ginger, Betty or Veronica and now it is Groupon or Living Social.
Auburn Street no longer belongs to anyone but the abutter who now uses in to store old vehicles or is that to just let them sit and rot? The street now has storage sheds, assorted old tools, tires, and other junk that is ready for the landfill or scrape yard. Now to some this is not a street? Who in the world determined that? I can remember running down Auburn Street when it had a bridge. You could run the trails that were behind the old brick yard now resurrected as a recycle plant and cross the bridge and run on the other side of the river. So what happened? How is this now open for discussion as a street? Why is the abutter - who from what I can gather - does not own the property allowed to use it for his business and erect a gate?
I have no idea if the BOS, the town manager and our town legal eagle can actually finally put an end to what amounts to trespass. Why does this issue linger on and on and why isn’t it on constant watch for what appears to be numerous violations? Even the various map sites have it listed as “Auburn Street.”
The Auburn Street side in Bridgewater has houses on it. Look up snow plow records for when it was a Middleboro street on the Middleboro side. Look up newspaper articles for when the bridge burned. What in the world are they looking for regarding proof? In fact just take the land. Grab it! If someone “claims” it let them sue.
While I am on the Auburn Street issue that bridge being completed as a pedestrian bridge would make a wonderful loop trail system of at least eight miles and a trail system of many more if developed and linked correctly. It could be done without a bridge but it would seriously impact the trail structure with a rather elongated system. In fact the Middleboro side of Auburn could be cleared of Mr. Trespass and a small parking lot built since there is already one on the Bridgewater side that is Wildlands Trust area. Well….I assume it is the Bridgewater side since the Taunton River is the divider between Bridgewater and Halifax.
Kathleen Brennan of the Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservatory has moved on to San Francisco. The Greenway is a joke. A quasi agency with six figure paychecks for managing space that passes as a back yard in many places in Middleboro. The 40% of the public money they received could have kept some state parks such as Franklin open.
There was actually a time in the distant past when the Discovery Channel had some legitimate programming but it has deteriorated faster than a Bumpkin column. Now they have on Zombie Apocalypse that focuses on folks who are prepping for a zombie takeover. I guess they have been watching too much legislative activity on CSPAN.
The Red Sox hired on J.D. Drew’s younger brother for a year. I’d like the deal if his last name was anything but Drew.
The flaws of the Patriots were clearly on display against the 49ers. The 49ers ran up 41 points and then did a rope a dope instead of keeping the pressure on. Almost cost them the game as the Patriots can certainly ring up the points.
“Are you a volunteer or a paid solicitor” is the question to ask any charity calls. According to my legal expert - currently serving a ten year term - they are suppose to answer which.
North Dakota is in an oil boom. Wages at McDonald’s in Minot can start in the mid 20s per hour. Midland Texas was a ghost town a few years ago but recovery technology and new sources have brought it back. Peak oil has now been moved well forward with new sources and technology in the United States and Canada.
The fiscal cliff is government’s answer to Y2K.
Anyways, the sides involved in the cliff BS are making progress with each side giving a little which will eventually resolve (temporarily) the issue. That allows both sides to claim they are conciliatory or they held the line or blame each other - plenty of options.
There has been some discussion connecting the Sandy Hook shooter and Autism since he was somewhere on the spectrum. Can someone with Autism be violent? Sure can. My daughter teaches autistic kids and she usually works with those with a pattern of explosive and aggressive behaviors. For years I worked with kids with explosive and aggressive behaviors and they were not Autistic or had Asperger’s. I have also worked extensively with Autistic kids that were as passive as could be found - too passive by our own societal standards.
In Middleboro a retired Middleboro teacher gets $100 a day to substitute while a retired teacher other than Middleboro gets $80 a day. Last year I asked the acting superintendent about this and his reaction was “other towns do it.” I asked “what towns?” The answer I got was “I’ll have to look it up.” I already knew the answer regarding that issue and our neighboring communities. None. I made the simple statement that this was merely a reward and is insulting to those who taught in other towns and those towns have had a superior MCAS performance to Middleboro. Amazing watching him turn beet red and sputter.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Lottsa Stuff

Years ago I worked in the DPS (Dreaded Private Sector) for a company located at Braintree Hill Office Park. The lottery had their office in the same complex and our LAN Manager came across an opening for a similar position at the lottery. I encouraged him to apply. He got the job.
Several months later we met for lunch and what he told me sums up all one needs to know about government positions. His new manager told him to not mention politics or politicians since almost everyone was “connected.” The reason both of them had their job is that even hackville could not dredge up anyone remotely competent to handle the technology they were implementing. He did say that more and more non connected were being hired for that specific reason.
Electric vehicles (EVs) are a tough sell. The range is limited, the cost prohibitive and the availability to recharge is minimal. I recently drove a Ford Focus electric and saw no difference between that and the gas powered version and the electric was more peppy. But those batteries! Stuffed in the truck. That cost! $40,000! That range! Seventy-five miles!
I’ve long admired the Tesla Motor Company which has done it far better for years with a near 300 mile range and a cost of a mere $100,000 for the sports version (0-60 in 3.9) and about $85,000 for the sedan. Tesla also has a quick charge that certainly helps the range factor.
So if you wish to “feel good” about the environment - ignoring how the electricity is manufactured - then get an electric but be prepared to pay twice as much as you would for a gas powered version.
My water bill is now approaching my tax bill. Is the water department building a replica of the fountains of Petergof in picturesque downtown Middleboro? Maybe an aqueduct?
Reading some of the handouts that the Obama and Patrick administrations seem to be giving to illegal’s and quasi legals I am reminded of that great line from The Simpson’s when Apu becomes naturalized: “Today I am an American citizen - which way to the welfare office?”
The new socialist government of France has proposed banning homework since it gives an advantage to students whose homes are conducive to study.
Folks making $30,000 a year or less voted for Obama. How many? Seven million more than voted for Romney. Never bite the hand that feeds you.
Probation Department now has missing bracelets - a lot of them. The information was with held from State Auditor Suzanne Bump who probably would have said - like with EBT cards - that it only represent 1%.
Deval Patrick wants to change the rules of the game in case Kerry goes to the administration. Maybe he is concerned the voters would right a wrong and put Brown back in the senate?
The medical device tax is another example of the hidden taxes in Obamacare and it will have a direct impact on Massachusetts which is heavy in that business sector. A 2.3% tax on everything from tongue depressors to sutures
A recent poll showed Americans favor tax increases - 61% were in favor of increases of some type. What would be the result if only those who PAID federal taxes were asked?
Seems like Jeff Stevens got some press on my most worthy blog. Jeff has long advocated a separation of church and state yet that seems to go by the wayside when tax money becomes available for a local church/society of which he is a member. Nothing more consistent than inconsistency.
The Red Sox made some three star and not five star signings but they all show promise in the direction of rebuilding.
The state now has a 500M shortfall. Translation - look for more taxes and fees. Good news for New Hampshire.
I have no idea about the VFW booze license. Seems a simple matter that has become increasingly complicated. No matter what is done I’ll find a way of being critical even if I agree.
Corey Booker is Mayor of Newark and quite a public profile especially with his food stamp challenge. I had the opportunity to “do business” with Newark about six months ago and could not find a less response government this side of Somalia and especially direct contact with the mayor’s office.
The Senate failed to pass a disabilities treaty thanks to some republicans who seemed more concern with their distrust of the U.N. than a piece of rather innocuous legislation. Even Bob Dole showing up in a wheel chair could not provide enough of an emotional lift to get the deal done.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hacks And Politics

What is a hack? There are many definitions but I have my own litmus test criteria for a hack and a hack can be at all levels from say local to state and federal. To me the most important credential to have in your hack folder is qualifications - the less you have for a particular slot the better off you are. Having a hack without even the basic knowledge or skills for the position they have been dumped into is just plain H-U-G-E. When a hack speaks it should have about as much coherent sense as a sentence by Mayor Menino. Remember - if a hack’s IQ looks like a room temperature they are really set for life! Stupid is a real plus.
A hack also has to have a pedigree and that takes the form of being a party regular, related to someone in the power structure, have a nice track record of contributions, have dirt on someone or just serving a substantial amount of time in the lower echelons of the payroll patriot kingdom. Reward for loyalty - a hack must always expect to be thrown under the bus - is movement into a position for which you are paid substantially more and have far less knowledge than your previous posting.
Being tossed under the bus is in the job description for a hack. Your patron must never take the fall. This is your responsibility. Think of hack land as the Barzini or Tattaglia families - you are a soldier and sometimes soldiers become fodder but remember it is a two way street. Your silence and loyalty will be rewarded either with another position or within the party structure if “the heat” is too great. Think Goodfella’s - “always keep your mouth shut” and “Never rat on your friends.”
A hack must always fly under the radar. Never bring attention to yourself. Avoid public displays that could eventually be linked to your patron with the tag line “who got this clown his/her job?” Hacks without this basic skill become fodder for the Boston Herald.
To a hack the most important thing is “the kiss.” The kiss is just your accrued pension time. Ten years and you are vested. Then you build upon it. Twenty-five or maybe thirty years and life is good - very good - health insurance, fat check and a sundry of other perks that one may get. Most important is to get the big checks the last few years as that is what your pension is based on.
A hack NEVER takes sick time. NEVER call in sick. NEVER! You want to ensure that you get compensated for unused vacation or sick time. Just don’t show. Everyone is aware of your connections and you are probably well established in your hack hatchery so what goes on in hackville stays in hackville. Somebody screws with you they’ll get screwed with. Hacks do not throw each other under the bus - their patrons do. As far as vacations? Same as sick time but there is a formula. You only take one third of your vacation despite probably taking three months off. Same principle as sick time.
Now Hack Burgess on the side bar is what happens when a hack goes down. She resigned but will beyond a doubt resurface again. Now when this hack was outed the Patrick administration did a worthy job - they “lost” her paperwork. It was shredded. No paper trail to trace back who got this hack her job. Your tax dollars at work.
Former Boston Mayor Kevin White is now in the news again with information surfacing that his administration solicited and took bribes. I am shocked! In the mid 1970s I was in grad school at B.U. (Public Administration) and the school was infiltrated with the three political cliques of Boston - Kevin White, Dashiki clad Mel King and Joe Timilty who all had butt kissers on the faculty. Oh the stories of ward politics! Once had Dapper O’Neil of the Boston City Council show up to give a lecture packing a fire arm. But for White he built a career on local patronage and that means loyalty. I remember White being quizzed by a new reporter (woman) who was new to Boston and asked the Mayor “You have given many patronage jobs to your friends and city contracts to businesses after your recent election victory. Do you have an ethics issue with this?” White looks at her and says “Lady, in case you missed it - I won. Who the f**k am I suppose to give the jobs and contracts to - those who worked against me?”
Tip O’Neil said all politics is local and so is the response. I recently had the opportunity to see our local services in action with a semi emergency situation. My daughter has purchased a condo and a few days before the purchase the lender - a government lender - required an operational sink be installed. This required entry and installation. When the water was turned on a minor flood happened thanks to another government contractor failing to turn off a valve. This forced her to get electric service pronto. The owner of the condo - Fannie Mae - went nuts saying we should not have been in the building. A real Catch-22. We had their permission! Fannie Mae my daughter has been dealing with for months. Incompetent from the experience she has had. The loan originator - U.S. Department of Agriculture she has gone through two months of conflicting requirements.
The Middleboro Water Department, G&E and Building Department had all stepped up. First getting water turned on and second fast tracking electrical service after some minor repairs to bring it up to code. They did it in hours. Hats off for sure. If this was the Feds we’d be screwed.
After the closing I asked the Fannie Mae representative via phone about all this nonsense from one agency to another with conflicting requirements and mixed messages. Her reply; “We only follow our orders.” My reply: “That is what the Nazi’s said at Nuremberg.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

More Drivel But With Panache.

Is there a bigger fraud in professional sports than the Patriots and the Kraft family? There is that famed “Patriot Way” where character and some type of moral compass was an ingredient as important as game performance. That has been well documented but the Patriots are quite selective in their application - Corey Dillon and Randy Moss both had baggage but were brought in. No the latest is Aqib Talib and gifted (and needed) cover corner who has a rather prolific rap sheet. Talib could probably be good for a season of “Cops.” His Patriot debut will be delayed a week thanks to serving a four game suspension for PED use. Should I even mention Ryan Mallet?
The above is the win at all cost mentality of sports but it is even more prevalent in politics with such frauds as Tierney and Warren being run as solid citizens by the Democrats. Now if one wishes the Democrats and Republicans can match up easily with questionable candidates so that shows all the moral fiber and integrity that is now part of both parties. Win at all costs! No concern for any integrity.
I was discussing a potential holiday with my rotund running partner and suggested that election day be a holiday replacing the long since passé Columbus Day. Maybe making it a holiday would somehow entice higher voter turnouts.
Several measures were on Beacon Hill that would provide tax relief to the middle class and lower. A drop in the income tax, a sales tax credit and a meals tax holiday were three that were soundly defeated by those defenders of the MC - Democrats! Our local Republican contingent voted for them.
In Brockton a recent “Bust” took out several businesses who were defrauding SNAP and EBT cards. The clueless state auditor - Suzanne Bump - claims that fraud - according to her agency - is only 1%. Amazing! Maybe if the auditor and her fledglings were a wee bit more inclined to actually pursue matters such as this the number would - which I certainly believe - be significantly higher. Thank you, Shaunna O’Connel for your continued diligence in this matter.
What exactly is a historical building? Probably the most significant and well known site in America is Williamsburg in Virginia. One can not help but admire the colonial architecture of the Governor’s Palace, the Capitol Building and having lunch or dinner at the Raleigh Tavern and all three have something in common. They are fakes. Reconstruction. Williamsburg has 500 historic buildings of which 88 are not restorations while the others are fake goods. Same as going to Canal Street in NYC and buying a Coach bag that is a rip-off.
Buffett and Gates are the two riches folks in the world at least those that are private citizens. Both had fortunes touching on a 100B at their high point. Now the WalMart clan collectively can possibly surpass the total of both combined but in our history they both represent chump change. Step right up John Rockefeller. As founder of the clan his wealth topped out to nearly 700B in today’s dollars. Carnegie, Morgan and Vanderbilt could match it if they combined their fortunes.
The big winners in the last election was the pollsters who were quite accurate. Since political polling represents a small fraction of their business those that were most accurate stand to make significant coin for marketing research.
A Fiscal cliff is in the news with figures that the CBO continued to revise - and the revision is usually downward. I’m all for doing nothing.
Greece’s “Monster” debt problems. Spain needs bailout urgently. What will save Japanese economy? These are some of the headlines from the financial page on 11/12. Yet we continue to run opposite of any degree of common sense. More debt is piled on and fewer cuts in expenditures and now a president re-elected who will be beholding to various unions for their support during the election. Past behaviors tell me nothing will change but more debt added on.
A local campground has another stay of execution. Their violations and legal action seems to have gone on for decades.
According to the International Energy Agency the United States will be the number one producer of oil in the world by 2017 surpassing Russia and Saudi Arabia. Imports of oil are decreasing 1.5M barrels per day will domestic production is increasing by 720,000 barrels per day. In addition we now have a glut of natural gas and an estimated 100 year supply. The target is total energy independence by 2035 so hold off on the windmills and solar panels.
If you want to know hoe the government’s “War on Obesity” will turn out just look at how the government’s “War on Drugs” has turned out and that was a legitimate societal concern.
Fidelity use to be one of the largest employees in Massachusetts and now their latest exit is to open up a specifically targeted investment group in New Hampshire. Initially 200 jobs with potential expansion to 850. If you have a business and a choice between Massachusetts and New Hampshire the choice invariably is the business friendly climate of NH.
How to balance the budget. Congress and the president get no salary or accrued pension benefits as long as the budget is not balanced. Should take about a week.
Socialite Jill Kelly is in the center of the General Allen and Petraeus mess. She actually arranged social gatherings for military officers, important political and business leaders so that these important people could tell each other how important they were.
I see the breakdown from the last election in all sorts of categories - age, race, income, education, sex and so on but I can see no breakdown for what I assume is the real base of the Democratic Party - the something for nothing crowd
Does anyone have information on say the following: "Do you receive any type of entitlement? Food stamps, public housing, supplemented medical or any type of government welfare payment? If so - who did you vote for?" I wonder if that was the real key to victory?
The recently resigned CIA Director claimed that the Benghazi attacks of 9/11 were a terrorist act yet Susan Rice made public statements on behalf of the Administration that it was not. The last thing we need to do is "offend" any of our Muslim "allies."

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Intelligent Design Or Nature?

The cosmic speed limit - or speed light travels in one year - is set at least according to early 21st century physics. I really don’t expect to see FTL (faster than light) travel developed but you can never say never.
In the world of science fiction FTL is naturally quite prominent since it allows for far more in the way of writing options although Joe Haldeman does a masterful piece of writing without it in “The Forever War.” So the general consensus of the big brain folks is that 186,000,000 miles per second is the limit. That’s it! No faster. To reach that speed you will need both incredible technology and energy supplies.
Does ET or the aliens from Close Encounters exist? Benevolent travelers exploring their neighborhood. Sort of a galactic version of Charles Darwin taking note on the various species that inhabit said neighborhood. Maybe the ones we are more familiar with that make for far better reading and use of special effects and the ones that are constant fodder for our real tastes - weapons and wars. Just think Spanish Conquistadors in a space ship with a bevy of high tech weapons.
From the history of our own planet the results of a technologically superior culture - especially one in need of raw materials and colonies - meets a less technologically advanced the outcome is a slam dunk. It is a constant pattern of history on the earth. No need to elaborate on it since the facts are clear from when social studies/histories veers away from the platitudes of rich White guys forming a nation and gets into the nitty gritty of our own nation and all those who preceded us.
Humans are not the only ones spoiling for a fight. Nature is the constant struggle - like in sports - of offense and defense. Predator and prey using various methods to tip the balance of power. Why they even occasionally war against their own for territory, mating and food sources. Not unusual. Earth is a violent planet. But nature plays a game of balance allowing all at least some degree of opportunity for survival. Some it may be short term registered in a million or so years and for others such as the hardy cockroach hundreds of millions of years. For humans it is about 6,000 years in view of some or in my belief system about 50,000 since we acquired our big brains and thus behavioral modernity. Many millions of years to reach that point.
So I have to make an assumption based on earth time experience regarding our own evolution to being - at least in our opinion - number one on the evolutionary pyramid. It was a brutal experience and a 7,000,000 year journey and maybe many millions more if you consider the emergence of mammals. Kill or be killed seems to have a bundle of validity in nature. First we have managed to annihilate species deemed a threat. Then we manage to annihilate as many of our own kind as possible. Then we Terri form our own environment for good or bad.
OK so now lets go 50 light years from earth. There are several thousand stars in just that small segment and many have earth like suns. Some may have life either primitive biological or more sophisticated on accompanying planets. Some may have planets where the industrial revolution is just beginning or where they managed to rape nature to the extent they ended their civilization. Some may have explored their own solar system. Some may need room to expand - a space faring Nazi regime.
My contention is there is a high degree of probability that any neighbors are really not that passive. To reach their own pinnacle of evolutionary dominance it was a hard fight with no quarter given to competing species or their own kind. Like ourselves they may talk the talk but somehow I doubt they will do the walk. Imagine what havoc humans of today would be capable of reaping on an alien civilization if we had FTL?
Now is this cosmic speed limit actually a sign of intelligent design? Did a “God” in her infinite wisdom put this in place to protect us from each other? I’m more of a nature theorist on this. Bless nature for the cosmic speed limit. But with that blessing remember the native populations of the Americas were protected for thousands of years my vast oceans. Just how did that turn out?

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Back Home Again

Some just don’t get it. Battery maker A123 Systems the one time darling of the electric car visionaries has gone bankrupt. Another federal loan of 250M for a technology that cannot financial compete.
The far left crowd would like nothing more than to install all sorts of consumption taxes designed to make a success where none exists nor will exist until non renewable fuels finally no longer become cost effective. In the meantime they will have zero sympathy for those who cannot afford the fuels we have now let alone subsidizing anything that may be the future but not at this time and place. The potential consequences on the environment are clearly trumped by silly stuff like food and shelter.
Just got back from Texas and I saw one strip mall that trumped another one on a previous visit. The last time I was in Houston a mall near our hotel had a store front church, a strip joint, a pawn shop, a liquor store and a gun shop. I now saw one that had all of those accoutrements previously mentioned along with a tattoo parlor and a place to have vasectomies reversed.
In Texas you go into a place that warns of penalties for having concealed and unlicensed weapons. OK to have concealed if licensed.
San Antonio is a dump. Always has been. The redeeming feature is Riverwalk. Riverwalk is actually quite long with the new extension going into the museum area well over a mile from the main plaza area that is actually a man made bypass channel. But once you get a few blocks away from the downtown - which is quite small - it is nothing more than closed store fronts and businesses on the edge of failure. Been like that the twenty years I have visited the city.
One of the best attractions in SA is San Antonio Shoe Factory outlet. Five cent popcorn and ten cent cokes and $100 American made shoes.
The main mode of transportation in Texas is the car or more appropriately the pick up truck. The highways systems are a thing on confusing beauty. Even a GPS gets confused. The interstates will have a nice 75MPH limit.
Property values go down and taxes go up.
Some high end business types gave a slap to Congress over the deficit.
Hack holiday OT pay. Only in Massachusetts. Why is it that when a legislator attempts to address this issue he/she always has an “R” next to their name?
The stark reality is the budget has to be balanced and can only be balanced with spending cuts. IMO tax increases should only be targeted to deficit reduction and should only be implemented once you have a balanced budget. And, of course, part of the budget is always interest on public debt that is now about 10% of the budget. Without first balancing the budget the old spending behaviors will continue.
The story in Benghazi continues to get interesting. Seals on the roof of the annex compound repeatedly called for help during the 7 hour firefight but what is worse the fact that they had a laser designator that would allow air assets to precisely target shined on the mortar team that was targeting them. They called for air assets, they called in coordinates, they repeatedly told those listening that they had the target 'painted' and were ignored. The air assets were only one hour away.
The absolute worse part of this dereliction is that the drones were sending live feed to Washington of the firefight the entire time and no doubt saw the mortar rounds that killed two of the SEALS on the annex roof top from the mortar that they begged to take out.
It is absolutely sickening the dereliction, the malfeasance, and criminal negligence that this administration perpetrated and continues to this day with blatant attempts at cover-ups.
Romney will win the popular vote and probably lose the election. It also looks like no shift in Congress. In Massachusetts Warren will probably win the Senate race. Keiko will probably continue as part Middleboro rep.

Sunday, October 14, 2012


Simply put the community dis-organizer had his head handed to him in the recent debate. Was the teleprompter broken? Even some of the far left apologist had a difficult time attempting to explain that visual/verbal mess or to somehow justify such a dismal performance. Maybe he’ll improve in round II?
Romney did sound more like a Democrat than the Marxist-Socialist or whatever the far right labels him.
Meantime Romney has surged in the polls and currently has the popular vote lead and several swing states have returned to toss up status.
On the VP debate Moderator Martha Raddatz interrupted Ryan 31 times and with Biden interrupting him 82 times, it wasn't a debate, it was a Biden, Raddatz monologue.
Now it turns out that Elizabeth Warren has no license to practice law in Massachusetts.
I see Keiko Orrall had the good sense to dismiss the nonsense of “Father” Bumpkin and his attempt at somehow making a linkage of faith that Ms. Orrall promptly hit out of the park with her response. Seems both Thomas and Ms. Orrall have given BB a lashing lately.
Bobby Valentine is no longer smiling. Spit and chew has also landed in Cleveland.
Big Bird is a one-percenter and needs to be removed from the government welfare rolls.
A Philadelphia teacher had to write a letter of apology for berating a student for wearing a Romney shirt during dress down day. She said “it was a "Democratic" school and compared it to wearing a "KKK" shirt.” IMO she should have been prosecuted for “hate speech.”
For the fourth straight year the deficit went over one trillion dollars. I imagine this is somehow a reflection on Bush.
The fiscal cliff is approaching and where is the executive leadership? Oh…probably at a fund raiser somewhere.
With that fiscal cliff some “experts” claim a 10% market correction will take place while other “experts” dismiss the whole thing.
I use to get Entertainment Books but with Living Social, Groupon and LimeLight that is no longer necessary.
Since I have no party affiliation and contribute to candidates of both parties I get inundated this time of year with phone calls and mail drops. Mittens seems especially interested as I get about three calls a week.
Another year in the books for our occupation of Afghanistan and the current failed president will continue to commit troops for another two years. I guess he enjoys being Bush at times.
John Hancock Company still provides a pamphlet that contains the Constitution of The United States. That would be an interesting item to distribute at a Town Meeting to prevent future nonsense such as the swearing by-law.
Michael Vick now owns a dog.
Obama can go on “The View” but is too lazy or incompetent to actually meet with foreign dignitaries in a time of crisis.
Romney still appears smarmy to me.
In the debate Obama came across robotic and an empty suit.
Despite being a Patriot Wes Welker is my favorite non Giant player and his recent tweaking of his glum coach only added to points to that.
A high speed chase during rush hour kills one and sends several to the hospital. Apparently the crime was a drug deal. The police response was just plain stupid.
Speaking of stupid and a double standard I am always amazed at the state police speeding on I-495 in the morning. For years I have seen several cruisers going close to 100MPH. No lights. No nothing. Maybe they are late for a paid detail?

Saturday, September 29, 2012


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Bibi) has an extended history of saber rattling and overstating situations in the Middle East. Now he is clearly attempting to influence American foreign policy in regards to the ongoing situation in Iran. Bibi represents the right of center in Israeli politics and has been considered a proponent of an aggressive policy towards his less than friendly neighbors and even those of some distance such as Iran.
The first obligation Bibi has is to the security of Israel. I wonder why he fears the potential of Iran? Iran may or may not be on the verge of developing a nuclear weapon. Iran has also been fairly open to inspections but has resisted total access to U.N. inspectors for certain sites. Iran also has had a Shahad-3 missile since 2003 when it went on display. The Shahad has a range of about 1,000 miles or enough to reach Israel. Iran military has also bragged that they have an ICBM so what would they use it for? Iran has discussed a satellite program so maybe that is why? Or maybe it will just be a flower planter? Now Iran has also signed the NPT so is that reason enough to believe they would not use nuclear weapons? To some a Fatwa prevents possible war but I have far more faith in a Mitzvah. For their part Israel claims they have no nuclear weapons yet multiple sources claim they may have between 25-400.
Arab states - of which Iran is not since they are Persian - have repeatedly called for the extermination of Israel. Apologist for the looney Tune Ahmadinejad has done such - unless, of course, you are an apologist who claims it was "translation errors." Now does Iran supply weapons to Hezbollah and Hamas? I think you have to be an occupant of fantasy land not to realize they do. That has been well document by sources outside Mossad. Does Iran have relationships with other counties of questionable character? Let me toss out a name - North Korea. Does Iran receive military advice and technical assistance of nuclear and military hardware from other countries? It most certainly does especially China and N. Korea. Does Iran support internal and external export of terrorist training? No doubt about that. Would Iran use H&H to use a dirty bomb?
Now there is hard evidence and circumstantial evidence regarding Iran and just exactly what they are doing. Bibi is certainly one who beats the drums of war and if polls mean in Israel anything has luke warm support for actions against Iran. Bibi has also attempted to direct American foreign policy to ensure as much support for Israeli actions or to encourage American to cover their back. If Israel takes action there will be repercussions from other Arab states and another war will most certainly happen. I doubt Israel continues to have conventional superiority as in the past. So - once again - America is placed in an uncomfortable position.
American administrations have faced this issue for decades. Now we have to balance our previous support with new interests in the area that are economic an military. A rock and a hard place for sure. The more I read from the left of center the more I question their true intentions. Anti-Semitism should not be bandied about lightly but I do see an undercurrent of it and question just how infected the Democratic Party is in regards to Israel.
But Israel has the same obligation any nation does and that is for the safety and well being of its citizens. The country is the size of Massachusetts with a population of 8M of which about 20% are Arab. No one should be unaware of the circumstances surrounding the formation of the state of Israel. With that historical background of persecution dating back thousands of years I would certainly be wary. To be blunt much of the support against Israel is simple Anti-Semitic attitudes that have been prevalent in Western society for centuries. To some America's support of Israel is a reflection of the "Jewish Lobby" in the U.S. that exerts influence that runs counter to what our real objectives should be.
If Israel takes action they will be or continue to be a rogue nation in the eyes of the rest of the world. If there is nothing to a development of a nuclear weapons program Israel will face serious consequences. If they are right those consequences will continue since they are in a lose-lose situation.
IMO if Israel is threatened by their "neighbors" the response by Israel will be nuclear. I also feel that the current administration is giving the perception - especially in Israel - of being pro Muslim.
Now for those with no comprehension of history I present to you The Cuban Missile Crisis. Nuclear missiles a short hop from the U.S. How did we respond? Historical records now show we were possibly 24 hours away from a high probability of a nuclear exchange. Israel is in a similar position and I seriously doubt the current occupant of the WH gives a sweet s!!t about Israel.
Polling results are showing a very close presidential race as far as vote totals go and a non blowout but significant electoral advantage to Obama. But - fear not - out of the sunset lurks a hero - skewered polls! To me a legitimately recognized poll with a lengthy history of relative (note that term) accuracy is what I follow. I'm sure some probably look outside for the Easter Bunny and still believe in the Tooth Fairy. Skewered is nothing more than a Linus blanket for those seeking comfort. It is statistical garbage that any legit pollster would be embarrassed to attached their name to.
Is Romney amazingly inept or is it my interpretation?
Now we have an event in Middleboro with a soothsayer who communicates with angels, a series of dueling letters in the Gazette regarding the UU Church and BB asking biblical questions for candidates. Middleboro is now going into the historical past and will soon be a “Burnt Over District” for those who need a historical reference.
Elizabeth Warren is a load of BS. First she is White and then a Native American and back to White when she gets the high profile gig at Harvard. So you have this Okie wishing to vacate the dust bowl for the big stage and she finds a way. Hey…I love science fiction and have read about shape shifters but never about race shifters.
Back in the day law schools were crying for minority representation and - of course - women were classified as such. So why not improve your chances thanks to “family lore.” IMO she benefited from using a race card she was not entitled to use. She is a fraud. Of course all schools “denied” any preference in her hire. Like I want to believe schools that churn out lawyers?
Now the liberals have some wonderful justification - just believe her. This is a ROTFLMAO moment! Can one just begin to grasp the spittle laced venom they would spew forth if this was Brown? Now as far a belief does that entitle all of us to claim some type of preference when the “Minorities are encouraged to apply” line is a help wanted advertisement? I have Black blood….or Hispanic…or oriental…based on “family lore.”
So who lost a job because this fraud got a little extra boost? And how about a release of records? Sure. If Warren wants to prove herself take a DNA test. Call up Professor Gates.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bashing Everything

In a contest of idiotic by-laws passed by the outdated quaint custom of Town Meeting we now have Concord outlawing the sale of any water bottle that has contents less than one liter. Does that trump the foolish swearing by-law? Neck and neck is my opinion. But Concord is going to pay legal fees to defend their foolishness and from what I gather Middleboro is going to slink into a mode of either ignoring it or reversing it. With the ACLU involved it will at least give an endless supply of newly minted lawyers something to do.
Just another example of a small cadre of local denizens being able to be dictatorial to those of us foolish enough not to participate in America’s self proclaimed grassroots democracy. In Concord it took several votes and the mystifying maneuvering of procedure to get it passed. Once again TM displays the ability of the self indulgent to carry the banner of self interest.
My running partner is all in a political lather over filibusters and just a cursory exploration of the various left and far left web sites will show you this is clearly a talking points defensive strategy to justify the failures of their “Binky” in the White House. Some of the more ardent pilgrims of supporting failure are now stating that the new and acceptable unemployment rate is 6%. An amazing way of justifying policies that have put the United States firmly behind the fiscal eight ball.
The National Defense Authorization Act is the latest government ploy support by, encouraged by and legally defended by the current failed administration. Like the Patriot Act it appears to have a rather large group of defenders and advocates on both sides of the aisle and represents another glorious attempt to erode more individual freedoms by allowing the government even more control under the guise of “security.”
Nakoula has a right to make a film about a religious leader and critical of a religious leader. That is clearly covered under the First Amendment. Yet the administration seems on it’s typical apologetic offensive right down to having Nakoula questioned. Nakoula volunteered to do it but the intimidation factor is there.
The National Review - the print version of “Faux News” to the left had a scathing article on another illusionary tale of success - the GM bailout. I am sure Michelle Obama has reviewed her husbands adulteress behaviors by his jumping into bed with the UAW.
The Patriot Act is another in a list of legislative options passed by a legislative and executive branch with zero understanding of exactly how foolish the name is. Would Jefferson, Adams, Madison, Franklin and assorted dead and rich white guys from the 1770s actually approve of this abomination?
When I see the various acts passed to “protect” us and their eventually justification when a terrorists - domestic or imported - is captured/killed I have things such as Seven Days In May rolling around in my head. At one time I always considered the conspiracy loonies on the far left and right to be just the tin foil hat crowd. But I have aged with a cynical perspective I am now thing of purchasing my own size 10 and 3/8ths.
Julie Ni Zhu an economic researcher has written an interesting article showing that since WWII raising taxes has had negligible or no real impact on addressing deficits. The Democrats love to talk taxes as a solution but in Ms. Zhu’s opinion it is a spending issue.
Historically any sitting president with the immense record of failure as Obama and the attendant economic baggage that now exists would be quickly shown the door and maybe even have a party revolt and attempt to offer a more palatable alternative as Kennedy attempted to offer in 1980. But Obama is the clear favorite and it is certainly not a reflection of performance reward but of the weak candidate the Republicans have put forward.
Bob Woodward has written an interesting book called “The Price Of Politics” which is about Obama. One of the great fallacies that is ripped apart is that the Republicans scuttled a budget compromise (The grand bargain) when in fact it was Obama. Obama is not exactly cast in a favorable light by Woodward
George Will had an excellent article on tolerance becoming tyrannical
Why is it that the WH flacks seem to always be saying things like “What the president meant” and “What the president said was misconstrued.”
I fully expect Obama to win and not necessarily because he is the best but the most presentable. Sometimes you buy a bad product that is in a nice package. Romney just cannot connect and that is important. Reagan had that incredible skill and likeability even if you hated his politics. Reagan Democrats was a valid term. The Walter Cronkite of politics. Got my vote twice.
23,000,000 are unemployed or underemployed. A dismal failure of economic policy with virtually zero interests rates and a boat load of stimulus. But when the base of your party is the something for nothing crowd what do you expect in poll numbers?
SAT. GMAT. LSAT. Which majors in college reflect the highest scores? Number one is Philosophy which means with your degree you can contemplate that latte at Starbucks you are serving is half full or empty. Then comes political science, engineering and various sciences. Business is in the middle and education is way down - the old “Those that can do and those that can’t teach.” Journalism is also rather low on the list but English is much higher.
Keiko Orrall should be given a full term in office. She was a fiscal tightwad, took no expenses, took no pension and showed up. I’m sure if Roger got that plumb he’d be down at the union hall prior to every vote getting directions on how to vote. Maybe he can co-op Adam’s old slogan? Now about “Union before party and party before people?”
The special TM or whatever they choose to call it is set for November, I believe. The CPC has two items on the agenda and both should be passed.
Nice to see the BOS finally saying enough with the frauds over at Edgewood. That place is an excuse machine that rivals Pats fans excuse machine after the Giants mauled them in not one but in two Super Bowls.
Federal Trade Commission is another government agency that simply is incapable of consumer protection. If you get calls from “Heather” or “Rachel” from the bogus Credit Card Services you know what I mean. Requesting to be terminated from their list either electronically or verbally is useless. Being on a no call list is ignored. Filing multiple complaints with the FTC does nothing.
Now the FTC has clamped down on CCS with a huge fine and a spanking but guess what? I got two calls after that happened. Frankly they just need Seal Team Six to handle this.
Is Middleboro the center of strangeness? Is it environmental? The latest is a Christmas tree or Veterans tree or whatever tree it is and it is all about lights. So the BOS gets bogged down in a controversy about to light or not to light. Great decisions to be made - lights! Swearing! Does it get any better? If this was Iran and Israel at the BOS about lights we’d have a nuclear exchange

Friday, September 7, 2012

Why I Didn't Vote Bond And Other Stuff

Why I didn’t vote for Adam Bond in the primary - I’m no longer in that precinct. Yep…..I thought I was moved from two to four but it is in six that I belong and thus a no go. I was switched last year and voted but for some reason I thought I was in four. So my excuse will be let’s get this town into one or even two rep situation. So Straus is now my rep. So if this was a baseball box score there would be a line that reads: Errors: Bogo.
The primaries are the show of party loyalist and Independents like myself are usually out numbered. Most of the races have already been predetermined but races did exist such as Keating-Sutter and Bond - Brunelle. For the most part over the years I have grabbed a Democrat ballot since that is where the occasional battle does surface. In party politics a unique custom has long existed and that is to switch parties and vote for the candidate that you feel will present less of a challenge in a general election. Looking At the results from Lakeville - home base of Orrall - the 12th Bristol may have seen such an activity. Brunelle easily took Lakeville. Who turned? Twenty voters? Fifty? In a close election it makes the difference and in this case Orrall supporters may have presented their candidate with a far less competent opponent.
Roger Brunelle - the scion of a local hack family - has “won” the 12th by less than 0.05% of the vote and claims that a recount is “A waste of taxpayer dollars.” I’ sure if that total was flipped Roger would feel exactly the same - sure he would.
In a very close election every vote counts and the 12th was about as close as it gets. Another slam dunk for why a voter ID is necessary.
The Eurozone has a population of 330M and a 10T debt. The United States has a population of 312M and a 16T debt. Maybe the EU needs Bush and Obama to fix their malaise.
The Republican Convention recently ended and - as usual - I did not watch except for YouTube vids on the moonbat and wingnut sites. With conventions you have a political reward system where delegates and alternate delegates are rewarded for being loyal party functionaries. The conventions themselves are platitude driven with little sense of reality especially for the incumbent party. Occasionally there is an attraction such as 2008 with all the hope and change mantra and this usually results in an “if we only knew then what we know now” moment.
The Democrats will attempt to warp reality and somehow defend a miserable four year performance. Their control of the legislative and executive branch should have set the stage for recovery. It did not. Of course failings are always the result of a previous administration or the current opposition parties entrenched rejection of any proposed legislation no matter how bizarre it may be. The current administration has made a living off deflection.
Now the one thing that is a guarantee to get the Republicans all in a frenzy is hot button social issues and you can see some of that foolishness in a variety of political advertisements about anything but the key issue - the economy. Get them off kilter. Get them off the economic message. Get them frothing over abortion, gun control, voter ID and if Mary Ann is hotter than Ginger.
The unemployment rate is abysmal. The U6 is abysmal. The rate of poverty, the number of folks on food stamps, and on we go - an administration that seems geared not to a program of recovery but a program of entitlement. Bread and circus. If this was 1980 Obama would be heading for the speaking circuit. If it was 1992 Obama would be heading for setting up his own Cayman Island accounts but it is 2012 and the alternative - to quote Charlton Heston from true lies “Is nothing to raise my skirt about.”
I found some interesting connections in the Democratic Convention where you had one confirmed liar - Elizabeth Warren - speaking prior to another confirmed liar - Bill Clinton.
With fact checkers both conventions provide of treasure trove of questionable information but the one that no fact checker has dismissed is Condoleeza Rice and her scathing indictment of Obama foreign policy.
So now we will be able to relax for the next few months listening to warped interpretations of job reports, poorly defined past voting histories, sloganeering, class warfare, birth certificates and an attempt to link you opponent as a combination of Hitler and Attila - I believe several at the DNC already made the Hitler linkage. What a sad state of affairs.
I was watching a show on TV regarding the structure of the universe and the process of creating elements and gold was mentioned. The host stated that all the gold ever mined would fill three Olympic size swimming pools. I found that quite difficult to believe and researched it. The host was correct. The other analogy was all the gold would represent about one third of the Washington Monument.
Now the other one I decided to check out is more stars in the universe than grains of sand on all the beaches and deserts of earth. Enough math evidence to say it is true. In fact several actually stated there may be ten to one hundred times stars as grains of sand. Amazing.
I have no idea why Bobby Valentine is still employed. He has obviously lost all confidence of his players, has done everything possible to deface the Red Sox brand, irritated the media including even physical threats and sounds like Captain Queeg in interviews.
As a NY Football Giants (via NJ) fan the season started off on a low note by losing to the one NFL team more disliked than the camera shy Patriots - The “Boyz” of Dallas. As a Giants fan I realize our only path to another championship is the hope that somehow we get to face the Patriots in another Super Bowl and again torment the vastly overrated Brady and his clothing deficient coach.

Saturday, August 25, 2012


The Boston Red Sox have had a season that is irrelevant. Teams that once dreaded coming into Fenway now look forward to the opportunity. A nice stay in a city comfortable for walking, fine restaurants, upscale shopping and, of course, the opportunity to win more games than you lose.
IMO the demise is easy to point a finger - middle preferably - and that is Beckett and Lester. In the baseball parlance these are suppose to be your “Aces” meaning that your teams chances of winning when they rest on the bump is about 70%. In this year the returns from the “Aces” has been negligible - at last count I believe the team is 13 games under .500 in which the two “Aces” have appeared. In baseball the old and tired axiom is you win with pitching and the top of their rotation is septic material. If the two well paid “Aces” had just managed to be at a meager .500 the Red Sox would be leaders in the Wild Card hunt for a playoff slot.
The issues for injuries have again surfaced as the Red Sox have had lost more players and performance days to the disabled list than any other team. However most of that is on the regular nine and the Sox are certainly not alone. They have also managed to fill the offensive holes created by an abundance of DL visits rather well. They do score runs - lots of runs - third in AL run production and just five behind the leader located in Texas. Their batting average currently is slotted fourth in the AL.
Meanwhile the vociferous press in Boston smells blood and has not let up. Various “sources” have come forward from the clubhouse with a laundry list of minor complaints that when a team wins are totally ignored. Daily accounts appears that would make TMZ proud of the internal dissension that exists between ownership - manager- players and just about anyone else that can be used as a pawn in the blame game.
To paraphrase WS “Something is rotten in the state of Massachusetts” and that stench is located on Yawkey Way. With an enormous payroll and a performance that is putrid the ownership may actually put a few less hours into NASCAR and their English football club and concentrate on fixing a mess in which they are substantially to blame. A minor or major housecleaning is in order and IMO that would mean the Darth Vader of baseball - Larry Luchino - just goes away. I would urge he take his manager with him - Bobby Valentine. Bobby has done a reasonable job but he does manage to have - as women are prone to say to their significant others - “Communication issue.” Lastly is an evaluation of the cast of characters that they put on the field. A few have obviously lost the support of the locals and best to find another destination.
So the redemption process has started. The Dodgers have decided to take on about 265M in Sox payroll in their acquisition of Gonzalez, Crawford and Beckett. The Sox will get a few prospects of little value in return but they will now have the opportunity to get back to the model that was so successful from 2002-07 - a return to the past. This will be an interesting off season.
Edgeway continues to be in the local news and now it is the fact they are for sale and have no money to fix some of the major problems. The administrator seems focused on sale first and homeowners second. Now just maybe that has some logic to it with fresh green coming in and an absolutely clueless management out. However to me it seems that the focus should be how to get the place up and running properly rather than have the weekly visit by residents to the BOS.
The Gazette has had a series of exchanges by Adam Bond and his detractors. The Democratic Town Committee certainly displayed the fact that you will see none of them at a MENSA meeting and I wonder if they will line up behind Bond - I would not trust any of them on my back - if he gets the win in the primary. Maybe Bond can claim some Native American roots and win over their support?
I had to get my personal license renewed (driver not canine) at the Plymouth RMV. I go to Plymouth since it is far quicker than Taunton or Brockton and the 45 minute wait was right on target for the little ticket they gave me. The only real obstacle is the eye exam and the last time I had a personal visit I had a restriction for eye ware placed on my license. This time I had my glasses on and could not see a thing. Wrong glasses. So I tried without them and surprise of surprises I managed to read the lowest line correctly and quickly. A miracle of aging! My eyesight has improved. Now if only my knee and back will get the hint.
I have not determined who I despise more - Obama or Romney. Neither seem capable of addressing the main concern of the country - the economy. One has already butchered it and the other is sure to continue the process. But I am sure that Elizabeth Warren is one of the most despicable people I have ever seen in politics.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Demos/Roger v. Adam

Whenever I think the Republican Party is hopelessly out of touch and corrupt I realize there is actually another major party that can match them. Step right up, Democrats!
The latest is the attempt to register as many welfare recipients as possible on the voter rolls. I guess this is their answer to voter ID? The organization responsible for this is Demos which has some very strong connections to the fraudulent ACORN via New England United For Justice. The board of Demos is littered with far left types and has none other than the daughter of Elizabeth Warren - the current phony Indian attempting to unseat Scott Brown - on their board.
Now Demos filed suit in Federal Court and Massachusetts quickly caved - several other states have not - so mailings have taken place to 477,000 welfare recipients regarding registering to vote. State has no money to notify us our drivers license is expiring but the dough is readily available for this. And what about illegal’s on the rolls? Well, they’ll get a notice, too. I guess voter ID is certainly needless in this state.
Now the left will portray this as a firm desire to just get everyone enrolled to partake in such good citizenship. I wonder if they’ll also ask information to be sent to other groups traditional right of center? IMO if in this day and age you cannot figure out how to even register maybe best to just pass on voting.
Bumpkin had an interesting ask the candidates column. Focus was on Roger Brunelle, Jr. and Adam Bond who are both in the hunt for the Democrats to face Keiko Orrall. After reading the responses I’m not sure if Brunelle is closer to James Madison, Winston Churchill or Thomas Locke (John Locke - thanks, Rigger). So much for the daily dose of sarcasm. I thought I was a lightweight but compared to Roger I’m freaking Steven Hawking or the best of the best in MENSA. Essentially it came down to “I’m a union guy so vote for me.” So maybe Roger will get the great Pacheco endorsement and that will represent the final nail.
Continuing along the bashing trail I am amazed - well…maybe not - that the Democratic Town Committee is behind Brunelle. What are they thinking? Well…not thinking. I also paid an visit to the web sites of both candidates. That tells a lot right there.
Now Roger has passed on a debate with Adam. I’d suggest Adam debate an empty chair - a very old campaign ploy. Now if Roger debated the chair my money is firmly on the chair.
The whole column looked like a political ad for Adam. That was not his doing but more the result of miniscule answers by Roger. And oh those answers. No meat on those bones, folks. Was that on purpose? The less you open your yap the less you get to be hung by. Adam was quite detailed and that’s the patter he has been espousing since I attended a meet and greet for him a few months ago. You know exactly where he stands on some significant issues. Agree or disagree he does have some construct to his responses.
IMO this primary will be quite close. Adam has burned, rebuilt and burned again bridges in Middleboro. I voted for him as a Selectman and was totally ticked when he exited that gig in a huff. I’ve lost count on the casino issue flip flops. In the total that will work against him at least in Middleboro. As far as the other communities party support does have some pull but not as much as it use to and that is the Pacheco effect of the last election. For me my mind was made up a year ago. Roger showed nothing then and even less now. AB will have my primary vote.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Trashing Politicians

I love to do the “I told you so” but I was 100% correct in the fact that Deval Patrick (D-Transparency) should never have been given a second term. Patrick clearly displays his disdain for anyone or anything that does not neatly adhere to his far left mindset.
Recently he managed to reject some rather luke warm reforms to the Industrial Welfare Complex that were subject to a 152-1 override of his veto. This was worse than the beat down MiMi and Marsha got a few years ago. The governor clearly supports the concept of fraud as he stated something ( I was - like the Legislature - partially asleep) about the “most vulnerable” being victims in this. IMO the “most vulnerable” have been the taxpayers.
Now The Herald - the only real newspaper in Boston - is after records to show who came into the State House parking lot and their times coming and going. The “Governor” has refused to release the records with - of course - the big cravat being “Safety.” Of course no one in the administration has come forth with any even slightly reasonable explanation on that topic. Guess we will never know who is really padding the books on travel perks.
The “Governor” has gone all Sergeant Schultz on the Lt. Governor Tim Murray (D-NASCAR) who had an early morning wreck back in what seems the last century. First came the stonewall in which the “Ticket Monkeys” - AKA state police were quite compliant but soon enough the manure started to hit the fan and drips and drabs of information and story changes came out. Murray made several appearance and did his best Phineas T. Bluster (look it up) to take the - in his mind “high road.” Murray seems to tie into that mindset of having a loud voice and displaying indignation means you are right. I see it as just the opposite.
What the stonewalling on public records regarding the State House coming and goings is really about is it would cause a public embarrassment for public officials.
What Mitt Romney does with his money is the business of no one as long as he does it legally. His taxes are his own and he is under no obligation other than public pressure to release them. Maybe each member of our BOS will release their taxes for the last ten years? I could care less if Romney sends his dough off to some tax shelter since I would do the same if I had that kind of cash flow. In fact last year 1,800 Americans decided to renounce their citizenship primarily for tax reasons.
Now if Romney did anything illegal it would be a matter between him, the IRS and dueling CPA’s. Romney could very well have had “issues” that were “resolved” internally with the IRS. Very, very few cases actually go forward.
Next on the agenda is his stay at Bain. When he came and when he left and their actions. Bain has one of the best reps in what they do and their current leadership is sprinkled with high profile Democrats and Obama supporters but, I guess, that is all meaningless. Why let facts get in the way of a good story? Even former Present Bill Clinton (D-Foxy Lady) had the old “Nothing there, move along - folks.” Venture Capital firms by their very nature will have enough disgruntled folks to really make some good sound bites. Twice in my illustrious business career I was with companies that ended up with a Bain. Both times the companies were subject to massive restructuring and it both cases the eventual outcome was failure.
IMO the current frothing by the left and the Obama minions is pure deflection away from the only issue that matters - the economy. Obama has failed miserably. His economic team projected 5.6% unemployment at this point if the stimulus was put in place. Didn’t happen. The economy is like having your car stuck in snow - just as soon as those rear tires are about to pull you out you slide back in. All the bully pulpit rhetoric will not change the fact things are a real mess.
So what is Romney’s solution? He puts on the table his “Business background” but exactly what does he really offer? You can go to his web site and get talking points which is the usual blah…blah…blah. Bullet points. Obama with a name change IMO. You get the rambling about what a mess Obama has made of things - no kidding, Mitt, thanks for that piece of information. So maybe he’ll offer up some real economic magic rather than the failed “trickle down” of the stimulus but when will this happen?
What amazes me most about Romney is his pathetic pandering to the far right especially the fundamentalist element of the party. As governor he was a moderate. Since Obama has made “flip-flop” a passé term Romney “evolved” with his various positions especially social ones. Now he has back tracked especially on Romneycare. Maybe his “Repeal and revise” will have some meat to it but seems like Romneycare and Obamacare are first cousins. So what it all comes down to is the usual political expediency of saying what folks want to hear just to get the nomination. Saw that four years ago.
Now the latest faux pas from Obama is his statement about not building a business without government help. How amazingly out of touch this proponent of income redistribution is. Doesn't he even comprehend the idea of "residential" and "commercial" tax rates?
Thomas Menino is “Mayor for Life” in Boston but also has his own unique perspective on business operations - that’s what happens when your service in the real world is rather limited. His latest target - after WalMart - is Chick-fil-A since the owner is an outspoken critic of Gay rights. So naturally the Mayor decides that is reason enough to give a big “No” to opening a Boston location. Now from what I have been able to read “Chick” has managed to run a rather pristine operation in regards to the myriad of compliance regarding hiring practices. I guess that is not enough. I also assume that the only businesses allowed to open in Boston will be those who are termed PC. What a strange little man?

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Patriots/BOS/Health Care/Paid Details

The Patriot Way now appears to be a trip over Viagra Falls. Sometimes when males get older and have financial resources they are able to date women who are young enough to be their daughter and some date women young enough to be their grand daughter. Step right up, Bob Kraft! Mr. Kraft has made a rather salty video with his 32 year old squeeze that was finally pulled from YouTube. Mr. Kraft has also been seen about town with the young lady in tow.
The Patriots have a history of stepping into players personal actions (think Gronk) when they exhibit behavior that the team does not consider conducive to their pristine and squeaky clean business model. The aforementioned Gronk was reprimanded for a public exposure to a porn star. But I guess management has a different criteria especially aged management.
Bob Kraft has done nothing wrong except create fodder for the likes of me and - of course - the tens of millions who despise the Patriots. So Kraft can join the ranks of embarrassment of all those aged millionaires - including an increasing number of females - who somehow thing they are soooo physically attentive that young hard bodies are just flinging themselves at them. Money has nothing to do with it.
I guess no fool like an old fool applies.
I hate to give any positive feedback - really hurts since I prefer being a curmudgeon. Our BOS actually displayed some common sense with the recent Hillcrest hearing regarding rents. A three year phase in seemed quite appropriate. The lawyer representing Hillcrest said something about never hearing anything like this. Well - he is a lawyer and the law and common sense are two mutually excluded terms.
If Stockton, California was in New England it would be the second largest city in the area. Stockton has also gone bankrupt thanks to the eventual cost of paying out public service employees an superlative benefit package and compensation. The retirees health benefits finally became the tipping point.
The Enterprise recently had an article showing the health care obligations for various towns and cities and another local tipping point could potentially be in the offing. These are the kinds of situations that should be emblazoned on those who negotiate contracts especially with a vision of what happens down the road. Eventually the bill becomes due and in a bad economy that bill becomes difficult to pay.
Now that Obamacare may be finalize - depending upon elections this year - you could see a health care system that may either be a smooth and efficient operation or a total disaster for both delivery and in the pocketbook. The document of 2,100 pages is mind boggling and buried within it will be many traps. The core issue is the Obama and his minions feel that the government can regulate and regulate efficiently. The government has shown a splendid ability to mandate and an almost total inability to manage. Programs like Social Security and Medicare had good intentions and continue to be of extreme value but the holes are quite apparent especially the fiscal ones.
The Red Sox appear to be lifeless with injuries and severe under performance the contributing factors. The new playoff structure allows glimmers of hope. Too bad - this team needs a serious overhaul.
The regulator issue is one that puzzles me as I see agencies such as the EPA and OSHA that have gone from judicious enforcement into the realm of punitive enforcement.
A brief job description of a paid detail:
1. Have a refreshing beverage handy.
2. Examine your cell phone consistently.
3. Try to keep your back turned to the roadway 75% of the time.
4. Practice rudimentary geometry by determining the volume of the hole being dug.
5. Seek out shade whenever possible.
Once again I witnessed the gauntlet of R105 as three details were in place with heavy traffic. None paid the slightest attention to their prime directive - traffic control.
Deval Patrick has once again to the surprise of no one decided to not support any significant EBT reforms. Patrick firmly checked in on the side supporting fraud.
The con game continues as another stimulus is being discussed - the administrations version of trickle down economics. The last one was suppose to have projected unemployment at 5.6% by now - I think they missed.
The Legislature will be out of session starting 7/31 and that will mean a sigh of taxpayer relief. The longer they are out the less damage can be done.
The garden harvest is starting to come through and as usual the beans lead the parade. Some plants do very well and others have a lackluster performance. The birds did enjoy the blueberries and now a rabbit has decided to make itself a known target. Time for my wife’s 4,365 cats to do their thing.
It was “inevitable.”
Paul Krugman was on TV discussing his philosophy on the recovery. He state he believes in a “free market welfare state.” Krugman has a Nobel in economics.
The Nobel in economics is issued by the Swedish Central Bank.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

More Scintillating Stuff

When is enough enough? The latest proposal to literally rob the taxpayer to feed the system is the - once again - proposed per mile tax. Penny a mile is the latest. This on top of a gas tax by the federals and the state. Then comes the registration fee and, of course, a nice 6.25% sales tax when you purchase a car. Feed the system, folks.
The folks at GM say that bankruptcy is still a possibility. That is exactly what should have happened since the viable divisions would have been sold off and continued to produce. Corvette and the truck division are huge money makers as is Cadillac.
President Obama loves to point out that he “rescued” the auto industry. What he fails to mention - no surprise - is the tens of thousands of jobs that were lost. This was a chain reaction that started with the questionable closure of franchises with no apparent plan other than a dart board. No when Bain Capital pulled similar stunts to save a business the mouth pieces for the Community Organizer hammered away.
In 2008 I thought McCain would have been a better president but Obama was needed more. Stupid me. Three and one half years of disaster upon disaster.
Keating and Nicki Tsongas were the only two members of our Congressional delegation to vote against the proposed tax on health industry devices that would hit Massachusetts especially hard. Within ObamaCare there are these fiscal landmines that seem to surface almost daily. Thankfully, the wing nuts in the media are doing their job and mentioning these little fiscal tidbits.
Our BOS seems to have forgotten more about gaming and the Indian casino issue than the governor, Gaming commission and our Casper The Ghost state senator even know. The governor is doing a spiffy song and dance on the issue that would make Gene Kelly envious. Meantime Pacheco is busy in the backroom of the union hall getting pumped about jobs.
Someone in Bridgewater has a bee allergy and live near a bee keeper so naturally the idea is to get rid of the bees. Maybe they’ll have a by-law?
So Scott Brown is hesitant to debate the leader of the Fugawi Tribe at the Kennedy Center and on MCNBC. Wonder if Lieawatha would debate Brown with Glenn Beck as moderator on FOX?
I see that that great old and wonderful “R” card is being tossed out from the left regarding criticism of Obama. If substance of argument fails just call everyone a “racist.”
The economy continues to be sluggish and Romney is suppose to have some answers to cure this. I have yet to see anything substantive from him on it. Maybe I missed it?
Revenues are up in Massachusetts - that’s a code word for taxes - so I imagine we’ll soon have the sales tax increase rescinded?
The gun running AG of the United States managed to get Obama to exercise executive privilege to prevent even more damage to both the DOJ and the administration. Each day this is starting to look more and more like Watergate Part II. That was a botched break-in followed by stonewalling while Fast And Furious has resulted in needless deaths including an American followed by stonewalling.
I can’t wait for that new gin mill to open up in Taunton. Maybe that was Freetown? Or was it New Bedford? Naw….I think it was on Innovation Way in Fall River? Maybe Precinct Street in Middleboro? No….now I remember it was Lakeville!
Obama and Romney have both raised gazillions to trash each other and lie to us under the guise of campaigning. But when they come to town it is on our dime. Obama did stroll into Boston recently and the tab for much of the security was picked up by Joe & Jane taxpayer. In Durham, N.H. they at least took issue with spending $20,000 for a presidential visit until an anonymous donor kicked in the money. Maybe welfare reform should start with giving welfare to the campaigns of politicians?

Saturday, June 9, 2012


An extensive list of fines which represent disguised revenue enhancement will now be on the books for Middleboro. I’m sure the chief will order up a whole passel of new ticket books and maybe even assign paid details - can they do that? - to forage around town during snow storms and patrol the downtown area on their latest Huffy bikes while on the lookout or is that hear out for words on George Carlin’s infamous list. Maybe the MYA can branch out and target silly string at the local stores - if we have any left - stores that is.
The basis of much of the levies of fines is just simple behavior modification. That, after all, is what the law really is - confine us to socially acceptable behaviors. Most take the form of the obvious - usually found somewhere in that Commandment thingy. But why stop there? Some of those by-laws have shown that just about anyone with a cause or grievance can get something on the books. Can we have one for unsightly weeds on the sidewalks? Our downtown really does need a Round-Up and that is the kind that you can squirt on the little non acceptable vegetative pests. Personally a little vinegar or judicious use of a weed extraction tool will accomplish the desired results.
Beautification has taken root (pun intended) in our downtown. MiMi has lead the charge for potted plants that hang from various light structures. At least they are at a height that discourages thievery and prevents the potted plants from become an ashtray. Ah…there is a real cause for the spiffy tee shirted MYA group - the elimination of the butt tossers! Smokers do have that attitude that the world is their personal ashtray. I am often amazed and, yes, confrontational when I go to a store and see someone casually dump the contents of their vehicle’s ashtray into the parking lot. Usually the car/truck itself has an interior that would qualify for some serious fees at the Waste Management depot.
Waste Management from what my simple mind can grasp is now “In Charge” of our dump (AKA - Landfill). I also see town employees in the area that I assume are part of a brigade designed to make sure wood, plastic, metal and assorted body parts end up in the proper receptacle. All are extremely courteous and helpful so maybe they are really WM?
The Landfill (AKA - Dump) is quite interesting. There are cranberry bogs adjacent to it and that fermentation of a few generations of disposable diapers, cat litter, food particles, dead pets and what ever else ends up in the plastic bag eventually works its way into the holding pond and the bogs. I do notice that the whole berry sauce the last few years has been especially enjoyable and its ability to glow in the dark means less candles.
The landfill/dump has become just about the highest point in Middleboro. If that Global Warming thing is the hoax I believe it is then I expect some real returns to harsh winters. With that comes opportunity. A ski lift! Maybe a toboggan course? You could even use that punch card that is issued for dump/landfill visits as entry.
Now the next TM will have 32 articles. If I attend - a rarity - I’ll last through about ten at tops. Why do they have to read the silly things? Is that another “law” on the books somewhere? Maybe back when school attendance was spotty and many were barely literate it may have been necessary. Hmmm….based on the continual lackluster MCAS results maybe it is better to read them?
I’m all in favor of a voter ID measure. I’m old enough to remember taking a literacy test (I barely passed) and paying a poll tax. I think that tax was $5? Even back then I thought they should charge $5 for those who didn’t vote. Is that another potential by-law? More revenue enhancement?
When the TMFH (Town Meeting From Hell) took place I saw several folks who were not residents in the crowd. What passed for security was quite lax and the unions did manage to pack the house. The section I was in was filled with them and I sat with two who were friends of mine. I would have loved to see a check of ID’s at random.
You could not get into the Massachusetts State Democratic Convention without a photo ID. What a group of “racists” and “bigots.” I guess that falls under do as I say not as I do?
In Bridgewater $1,140,000 in CPA funds were used to purchase an historic home and 14 acres of land. The total amount paid was $1,300,000 with other state monies (re: Taxpayers money) allocated. The home is now on the market less than two years later for about $250,000. When you deduct the land portion of the purchase the eventual loss will be $300,000 in CPA or TAXPAYER funds. Significantly more when you include the other taxpayer funds via the state.
A Dorchester peace activist landlady recently refused to rent to a Iraq/Afghan vet since it represented a “conflict” for her. Since this is Massachusetts the vet will probably be locked up for being a “racist,” “Sexist,” “Ageist,” and any other ist that can be dreamed up.
Driving along Route 79 the other day I realized a lost opportunity - I could have made a small fortune selling No Casino signs.
And on the casino front my second favorite non Indian after Elizabeth Warren - one Glenn “The Raven” Marshall - is now out of the slammer and into a half-way house.
The more I read about Scott Walker and Wisconsin the more stunned I became. The public employees pay virtually nothing towards their retirement and under 15% for their share of health care. Tag on generous benefits for vacations and various leaves and it is great to be a public employee in Wisconsin. Now the bubble has burst and the latest requirements for “fair share” are still less - far less - than I contributed.
The lesson of Wisconsin is a change is in the wind. Here in Middleboro it is currently unsustainable to continue to offer packages that simply can no longer be funded. The real kicker is not the monetary compensation but the sundry list of “other” that is a fiscal hit either up front or down the road.
Lost in the media feeding frenzy in Wisconsin was votes in San Diego and San Jose that altered public pensions. It is not a liberal/conservative issue but one of fiscal solvency and sanity. The unions damn well can see the numbers and know this. Their job is to protect their members but they also must realize that those elected also have a job and that is to protect the taxpayer and services.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

More Nonsense

Interim School Superintendent Michael Malone had a laundry list of accomplishments of the system in the paper. Sadly missing was any mention of improving test scores since there wasn’t any. New computers and enhanced security are part of the highlights! I wonder if that “enhanced security” will now exclude a six year old from writing an absence note?
Since the note was in Crayon the secretary may have thought it was from administration.
I read that the infamous cross is not on state property but that part of it is over the property. Does the state retain air rights? What are they planning on building so they need the air space? Maybe a Native American museum for two Indian frauds - The Raven and Elizabeth Warren.
Turns out Princess Lieawatha made some money on flipping real estate. This is the exact thing her campaign criticized about Brown who holds four investment properties.
Freetown joins the list of communities that have rejected a casino. I’ve lost count. And what tribe was it this time?
Cross, swearing by-laws and absence notes and Middleboro makes state and national headlines. Be proud, folks!
I wonder if folks had to show ID’s at the Democrat State Convention?
Queen Elizabeth has sat on the throne for 60 years. Heck, even at my age it only takes a few minutes.
Bumpkin is now 50 or about five pounds a year.
Deval Patrick shows once again an arrogance that is just beyond belief. This time he managed to answer a question about Elizabeth Warren’s lies and stated “we” meaning the people of Massachusetts don’t care and are not interested. And he answered for her.
Romney made a smart move - a campaign stop at Solyndra headquarters.
Bill Clinton was the latest to be critical of the Obama campaign strategy of attempting to crucify Romney over his Bain Capital days. The strategy is like his four years - a failure.
I wonder how much the revenge factor played into Clinton's comments?
Mayor Michael Bloomberg of NYC is proposing a ban on large sodas and other surgery drinks. Another “public health issue” and I hope Bloomberg will require ALL employees of the city to pass a fitness test and a test that shows no risk regarding BMI, weight, smoking, driving too fast, pursuing dangerous sports or anything else that is a risk. Do that - Mr. Mayor - and I’d have some sympathy for you proposals.
A nice public health issue would be to immediately remove Obama from office and ship him out to Syria since his actions from 2009 on have caused undo stress upon Americans. Stress can kill!
Some folks will vote for Obama because they are loyal Democrats. Some folks will vote against Obama because they are loyal Republicans. I will vote against him because he sucks. How’s that for clear and concise political commentary.
There has been a surge of Christianity in China. I wonder if they have any cross issues?
Joe Biden’s “Summer of recovery” has become a “Summer of disillusionment.”
Adam Bond has a meet and greet coming up 7-9PM on 6/8 at the VFW. Is Mary his campaign manager?
Scott Walker is governor of Wisconsin and he faces a recall election this week. The centerpiece of Walker’s campaign was 5 and 12 meaning a requirement of public employees to pay 5.8% towards their retirement and 12.5% towards their health insurance - significant increases but essentially less than what I paid when I was a public employee.
This should set off alarms for everyone who negotiates public contracts. The comps are available as to what compensation and benefits exist in the dreaded private sector. Use it as a framework. IMO the mind set of too many public employees has become one of entitlement and they are now being viewed as a privileged class by those in the DPS.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorial Day Anecdotal Stuff

Why in the world is this birther issue continuing to be beaten to death?
Pow Wow Chow recipes submitted by the great consumer advocate Elizabeth Warren happened to be plagiarized. Now that is important!
Warren had a hilarious moment with FOX 25 last week. The reporter stuck to the “Indian Issue” while Warren did a song and dance - no drums or feathers - trying to avoid a direct answer. She bumbled along just an embarrassment.
Warren is probably more Indian than "The Raven."
I use to enjoy the History Channel until it got loaded down with reality shows. I could care less about staged pawn shop or storage locker encounters.
Deval failed in his attempt at making us healthier with a tax on candy and soda. I’m sure revenue had nothing to do with it.
Edgeway is becoming like The Truman Show.
More landfill (AKA - dump) increases. The results will be noticeable on power lines, gas lines and lightly traveled streets.
Ames Nowell and Franklin State Forest were - note were - two wonderful state parks now a mess. A fraction of the money spent on exorbitant salaries for assorted hacks on the Greenway in Boston could have saved both. Massasoit State Park will soon join the list.
If Obama hates business why did 2011 have the greatest corporate profits in history? Creative accounting? Loopholes? Don’t know.
George Will had a great line - “Harvard believes in diversity except in thought.”
According to a WSJ article the Obama spending binge never happened. Spending increased only a few percent but debt certainly did not. Less revenue and lack of spending cuts equals increased debt.
Mary Lou’s coffee chain is in the crosshairs of the EEOC for their practice of hiring perky young things in pink outfits. This is their business model and I’m sure the EEOC will be as successful at this venture as they were with Hooter’s.
Regarding Marylou's there was no complaint. None. EEOC took the action themselves.
MYA is involved in questionable cause. How many are being manipulated by adults? Reminds me of kids carrying casino signs a few years back. The cause may be an important one regarding smoking but it seems rather selective to tell local businesses what they can and cannot sell. That is where I break ranks and this is from someone who was involved in the very early days of the anti smoking campaign - meaning where product could be used and not sold. Maybe a few of the adults - young and old involved - could concentrate on candy and soda? Maybe even start with themselves? That stuff does pack on the calories.
Showrooming is killing Best Buy and other retailers with slim margins. A customer wanders the store and makes note of the item(s) they are looking for and then go home for an online purchase for a (hopefully) considerable savings.
Greece is a representation of what can happen elsewhere. If it was a "stand alone" situation it would be virtually nothing - a mere blip on the fiscal radar.
There has been a transfer from countries of questionable exposure to those viewed as a safe haven such as Germany. I have not followed that path the last week or so but the major players seem to be the most vulnerable countries - Italy, Spain and Portugal. Take the money and run. No Bedford Falls here, folks.
I have no idea how insular the United States is in this mess? I have read some that have it as a big yawn and others as the cataclysmic fiscal event of all time. Probably somewhere in the middle.
My view is materialistic since within fiscal upheavals is opportunity. Being a crass opportunists it is nice to have some free cash around to take advantage of the situation. I was fortunate in the bank bailouts to take advantage of some bargain basement prices on bank stocks.
In the meantime we have the garden planted just in case.
The Massachusetts Senate deep sixed any significant EBT reform so it is business as usual.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Schools/CEO's/Bullies/Beach Boys/Ticket Monkeys

Joe Biden said “This will be a summer of recovery.” Thanks, Joe, for another worthless opinion.
Fiscal problems in Europe have magnified so it will be cheap place to go for a vacation to see the sights or riot damage.
Red Sox success is tied to starting pitching. Pitching goes deep they win. Not so deep they lose.
Forty-nine former NASA employees came out against all they “Sky is falling” mindset surrounding Global Warming. Six where astronauts from Apollo including those of two missions with moon landings. Guess they must be right wing troglodyte Republicans.
Now Mitt Romney is a bully! According to “reports” that is exactly what he was 45 years ago and it targeted a Gay! Funny how all these years and all these campaigns this all of a sudden surfaces just as Obama makes his stand on Gay rights.
Mark Herd (former CEO - HP), Brian Dunn (former CEO - Best Buy), Harry Stonecipher (former CEO - Boeing) and Bill Clinton (former president of USA) - all but ONE lost their job over an inappropriate relationship with an employee
Now that Face Book is having an IPO some data suggests that the gloss may be off. Seems folks spend significantly less time on FB after a year. The next MySpace?
Interesting breast feeding cover on Time. That is a clear signal of a floundering readership so lets just do something - anything - to bring attention to ourselves.
Beach Boys are celebrating fifty years as a group.
So are the Rolling Stones.
According to the right leaning Young Americans Foundation liberal speakers outnumber conservatives 7-1 at commencement.
Fauxcahontis is now a confirmed liar.
How about a by-law to have folks trim the grass around the sidewalks on their property?
How about another one for having folks put away shopping carts?
And along that line how about that tiny traffic island on the intersection of North and Oak Streets. Very nice job dressing it up.
As an atheist I could care less about the Kiwanis Cross. Its presence does not offend me as it seems to have a lawyer who I assume is also an atheist. Some atheist consider every possible violation of church and state as though ignoring some will have some type of public domain situation that could exist with brand infringement. Is that the logic? Or is it just plain bad manners? The cross is important to just about everyone in town so just leave it be.
Our asparagus crop was the best in memory. Still harvesting.
I have been keeping tabs and it was 7-1 in the last seven days. What that means is I saw one cop actually directing traffic at a work site and seven doing nothing - cell phone stuff, kibitzing with workers, drinking coffee and ignoring what they are actually getting detail pay for. On Route24 I saw three just talking among themselves - all were as the others cops like to say “Ticket Monkeys” (AKA State Troopers).
Brockton High School - again - received high honors as one of 87 schools honored nationwide for performance. BHS is somewhat of an anomaly since it has a substantial minority student population and a significant ESL population yet is excellent in one important area of note - MCAS.
On the other end you have Middleboro with a population of 92% that have the complexion of Elizabeth Warren yet continue under perform. So much for educational racial profiling.