Monday, August 31, 2009

My Take On Photos.

IMHO it becomes a matter of manners. If someone requests - politely - that you do not take their photo then you do not. Just a matter of respect. The photographer is under no obligation to comply except for social standards. I compare it to my being a atheist showing respect for those with religious traditions. Have blogged on that many times.

Also - IMHO - those occasions do not happen that often. When I look at Hal's photos most are rather benign since they are taken either at a public event (fair game) or in a public place - Hal's street photography.

My mother loved photography and film making as she even had her own 16MM setup and could edit with the best of them. Hal a projection room, also. This was the 50s and was very high end for the period and she would also carry this over to still photography with a fine collection of imported cameras. I soon developed a distaste for being filmed that has carried over to this day. But that is just me and it does not address the core issue which was use of a picture without acquiring permission. From what my meager little mind can gather Hal is 100% correct on that issue.

As far as the police I can fully understand the necessity of using the judicial system to remind folks of what are the boundaries even in the most minor of situations. I had to do the very same thing over 30 years ago to the Middleboro school system when I was doing research. Lincoln Lynch refused access to public documents and since the court house was then located where the police station is all I had to do was have a judge issue a writ to allow access. Minor for sure but ignoring the minor cannot and should not be ignored. Would I have been ticked off at Hal? You bet! But is Hal within his legal right? Again - you bet! And someday I may be in his shoes. On my own issues.

I have also read responses to Hal’s comments on other blogs and it is the usual same rant and IMO has everything to do with his noted casino stance. The debate has disintegrated into the usual name calling highlighted by an outraged BB using the nasty card about all those terrible things said about him and family. I’m sure he reported all that to the authorities just like Mary did.

The response on this blog to Hal has been for and against his methodology and IMO has been expressed in a manner that has been rather respectful. Hal has responded as I would expect him to in exactly the same manner. I will give Hal credit that despite our many disagreements he has always maintained a consistency in his ability to minimize the name calling -” no effing I’m pissed off” or similar responses. Also I am surprised that Hal would even bother going into the BB blog based on his previous experience at the Gladys (or is it Mary?) blog and at

Friday, August 21, 2009

Ramblings or Bogo Remembers?

Just a few ramblings on my part while I lock in another air conditioner. I hate this muggy heat but love to run in it.

Ted Kennedy is beating the political bushes to get to name his successor. How often has that law been changed? Original change I understand was to prevent a Republican governor from appointing someone to President Kerry’s senate seat. Maybe the totally failed governor Deval “One And Out” Patrick will name himself? One way to get rid of a problem is to dump it on someone else.

Copyright laws are so confusing and it looks like fellow blogger and runner, BB, has walked into a violation - or is that run into a violation? Always count on Mark to do something once a month or so. As a side note old BB was very impressive in his first conditioning run.

The Wild Card race is heating up for the Red Sox and a brutal homestand is in the works. Thankfully the Rangers have figured out ways to blow big leads at home. With the emergence of Buchholz Sox may have three solid starters down the stretch. I’m scheduled to go to KC in late September for a series and hope it actually means something.

WOW has woefully underestimated the ire of the American people with his health care or insurance reform or whatever. As usual the anointed one thought that his sloganeering and rhetoric would save the day but now the great middle has become use to his act and skeptics have blossomed. . This will be a major failure of this administration.

Have a friend in Nebraska who mentioned that the state is now taxing cash for clunkers rebates. How did our cash hungry vultures in Boston miss that one?

No tax free holiday this year thanks to an inefficient, corrupt and confused state government. Last year we had a wish list that amounted to over $2,000 spent. This Sunday we’ll be going to New Hampshire and will stop at the state liquor store upon our return. More lost revenue. Any large purchases will be made via same route. Maybe the border patrols will be out?

Casino in Middleboro may now be a non tribe operation according to the local version of the NY Times - The Enterprise. Never EVER count out this group of investors. Big mistake thinking “victory” is here - they will be like getting dog crap on your sneakers as you will never get it out. They’ll resurface and if the economy perks up get ready for the real fight.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


The Uni-Care State Indemnity Plan/Basic is the only Non-Medicare plan offered by GIC that is available throughout the United States and outside of the country.

That is a description of my health plan. I can go to Mayo, John Hopkins or Massachusetts General if I want. If I care to consult a specialist in Houston, Texas (I have) and I can do so without a referral and my cost is $20. If I wish to go to Bonn, Germany I can do that for the same cost. If I feel more comfortable going to Mercy Hospital in Buffalo I can. The plan is for those employees who retire and wish to live elsewhere or wish to have coverage that extends well beyond the service area. In fact I can receive services out of country if I wish. I can travel to Tel Aviv if I feel that is more appropriate. Why I would do that is beyond me but it is possible.

I read about folks who have “friends” in Canada or Germany or England and how their care is just peachy keen fine. Now can those Canadians cross over and go to Mercy in Buffalo without the official seal of approval by a medical functionary? I’ve read enough about folks having to fight legal battles in the above countries to attempt to get care. I’ve read about the waiting lists . I’ve read about the other lists of what is approved and not approved. Heck, we have the same thing here. Now if we get Obamacare will I end up with that? Selfish little old me does not want that. I do not want it because I do not have to do that now.

Now with Obamacare it will somehow be cost effective. President WOW will wave his magical fiscal wand any through some type of fiscal shell game not a penny more will be spent. OK…here is what I pay for our insurance - 17.5% of yearly premium that is north of $20,000. Our cost is relatively low since we are retired public employees. Guess what is breaking the fiscal bank in cities and towns across the state? Me! Well…not me personally…but all my fellow town, city and state employees who are still on the job or retired. What will happen to that fiscal magic wand when the level of quality care I have is available to everyone as it should be? My big issue with Obamacare is my service will be lower and not the poorly insured or non insured raised to my level and, of course, my ability to go where I please without the official seal of approval. And guess what? Selfish little old me does not want that.

I’m not sure of all the various arguments going on for or against. I really don’t give a hoot about dueling statistics. I don’t care about the mutual belligerence of both sides of the debate. I especially don’t care for the way WOW is rushing this thing through. WOW has said we will be able to keep current insurance. Really? How many campaign promises have fallen by the wayside? I am also waiting to see if this national program would also encompass Congress. Sure it will. What I do know is what I have and I like it and don’t want it stripped down.

Post away on this or any other topic.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Lost Weekend

Ray Milland starred in a great movie years ago called “The Lost Weekend” and that title can apply to the recent efforts of the local nine - The Boston Red Sox who presented a dismal hitting performance in New York. A performance that was merely an extension of an similar effort displayed in Tampa mid week.

The division for all intents is gone and it is time to pay solid attention to the back door way into the playoffs - the Wild Card. Texas and Tampa are currently on the heels of the Sox for that last place entry into the end of season shenanigans but what are the Sox prospects?

Since the All Star game the Sox have gone from 3 games up to where they are fighting for their baseball life and the picture is not pretty if you follow trends. This team is sinking fast and in the next few weeks if that trend continues GM Theo Epstein will have some significant decisions to make that could impact the future of the team and that comes down to throwing in the towel. Do you do it if you are four games out in the WC with 35 games to play? Failure actually brings opportunity to shed some payroll of aging and under performing players via a waiver deal. What essentially happens is a team can either pass or claim a player. If they claim a player they have 48 hours to work out a deal. A team can also pull back a player from waivers and that is that. Can only do the pull back once. So the Sox could place Lowell, Drew, Varitek, Ortiz, Bay and just about anyone else on waivers. In the case of Drew a claim would mean clearing up 30 million in payroll and possibly getting a prospect.

If the Sox did this the message would be clear to fans and players - management has surrendered the season. As a fan I can accept that since within that failure is getting out from under some burdensome contracts and getting some potential valuable prospects that could blossom in a year or two or three - maybe. This will be a hard decision for management to make at it would be entirely dependant upon how the Sox and their WC rivals perform in the next few weeks. This is why Theo gets paid the big bucks.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Green School Project

Jane Lopes had an excellent story in The Gazette regarding the current Green School project. What this does show is that community leadership can step up when a worthy project is at hand and solve the problem or make it more palatable.

Lincoln Andrews, a former BOS and Planning Board member, spearheaded this project and brought together the necessary resources to make an assessment of the worthiness of the project and, if so, the feasibility of proceeding with the necessary rescue.

Mr. Andrews was quite clear that the project was not and all or nothing. If the opinion of respected professionals gave it a thumbs down then that would put an end to it. No illusions on his part.

I have to congratulate him and the other dinosaurs or maybe Good old boy network for their organizational skills, fund raising abilities and realistic approach to a needed project. A tip of the fedora as Bob Coyne would say to Lincoln, Rich Young, Neil Rosenthal and Bruce Atwood.

Fund raising will continue as this project is far from over and more cash will be needed. If you have not sent in your contribution please note the sidebar on this blog. If you have not made a pledge please do so.

Monday, August 3, 2009

More Taxes On The Way?

The following is part of a wire service story on raising taxes on the beleaguered middle class to pay for health care. I find the proposals on health care reform down right scary since the nanny state is involved. IMHO the government will not end up raising the standards of the poorly insure up to my level but end up bringing me down to their level.

WASHINGTON — Two of President Barack Obama's economic heavyweights said middle-class taxes might have to go up to pare budget deficits or to pay for the proposed overhaul of the nation's health care system.

The tough talk from Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and National Economic Council Director Lawrence Summers on Sunday capped a week that brought rare good news for the economy: The worst recession in the United States since World War II could be on the verge of ending. Even so, officials appeared willing to extend unemployment benefits.

Geithner and Summers both sidestepped questions on Obama's intentions about taxes. Geithner said the White House was not ready to rule out a tax hike to reduce the federal deficit; Summers said Obama's proposed health care overhaul needs funding from somewhere.

"There is a lot that can happen over time," Summers said, adding that the administration believes "it is never a good idea to absolutely rule things out, no matter what."