Monday, February 22, 2010

More Minutiae

The Sarah Palin cheat sheets were a thing of beauty. I’m surprised she didn’t tattoo them on. If she runs again it will be interesting to see her and Obama debate. His teleprompter breaks and she washes her hands. One hour of silence.

I have a friend - I do have a few - who lives outside Washington, D.C. and has six feet of snow. Area is a disaster as many streets cannot be plowed. What the police have done is start to issue tickets to those residents who have not shoveled their sidewalks.

To the Registry Of Motor Vehicles. I have remounted my Red Sox license plate holder that the inspectors were forced to remove. It covered about 1/6th of Massachusetts and that is a big NO to the commissars who run the agency.

The latest “jobs” bill is languishing and about to expire. IMO the only positive in the bill was tax incentives for hiring unemployed.

Cap and Trade has me all confused. The more I read about it the more a get - as Han Solo would say - “A bad feeling.” I just really need some energy experts like BB, JP and Tony to explain how this is going to be good for me. Somehow this whole show has moonbat written all over it.

My wife - The Lovely Cynthia - has decided to accompany me on the Red Sox road trip to Denver and on to San Francisco. The downside is that will limit the number of games I can attend to two at each destination. Cynthia will, however, have the opportunity to with some other “Non Pink Hats” while I attend the games. The KC series is all set more me to attend with a large contingent of fellow Sox fans from the mid west.

I wonder what type of damage control will emanate from the more virulent strain of anti’s once casinos and slots get the big kiss from the state?

Consumer Financial Protection Agency. Just what we need another government agency and more layers of bureaucracy. Somehow the protection seems to be the creation of more jobs - in the government and financed by our tax dollars.

Bayh’s political dope slap was directed right at leadership. The moonbat element has taken control and what better way to make a statement than a last minute withdrawal giving the Republicans an excellent shot at that seat. Obama can't control Pelosi and Reid since he is one of them.

“Billy Flynn” has been successful in the case of the century in Middleboro. No plow shall touch a sacred street now that a ruling has been returned prohibiting the concierge service. I’m sure the “Gang Of Twenty-One” can sleep restful this evening knowing that their 15 minutes of local infamy is complete.

Friday, February 12, 2010

President's Day Post

President’s Day means the flurry of quite possible the most obnoxious advertisements - those that portray Washington and Lincoln in various bizarre “looks” as they are used as pawns to hustle primarily cars but also a variety of other items. IMO it is the absolute height of disrespect for arguably two of the greatest - if not the greatest - figures in our history.

Speaking of a Lincoln I just am amazed at the comments that have been attributed to Charlie Lincoln. The sheer hypocrisy is stunning. The ONLY thing Charlie Lincoln has managed to do is at least get some reforms to the state pension system legislated.

Obama has managed to break a string of campaign promises that continue to grow. The confusion of the number of jobs “created,” openness on health care and earmarks being a standard operating procedure. Right now vulnerable Democrats up for the next election cycle are attempting to distance themselves as much as possible from what is being a failed presidency. IMO he is too much an ideologue to change drastically.

The economy looked like there was some turn around in the works but that has been slammed shut with very negative job reports and mounting debt domestically and it other countries.

Toyota is an embarrassment at this point. The cover up has reached scandalous proportions with apparent cover ups, evasiveness, poor response and what may have been the ultimate 1950s indictment of Japanese products - lack of quality control.

I rarely watch Leno but from what samplings I have perused on his apparent lack of success in his new or job and the ability to be Teflon and toss Conan under the bus - granted - a very expensive bus - I am ready to consign Leno to dirt bag status.

Obama: No taxes on those whose income is under $250,000 (lie). Transparency on health care including hearings on C-SPAN (lie). I will sign no bill with earmarks (lie). We have created 3.2 Million new jobs (lie). I could go on and on but I’m ready to cut bait with this hustler.

Least we forget President WOW’s dope slap at the Supremes on campaign contributions one of WOW’s talking points was the potential of contributions being made by foreign corporations. Well, how about his aunt being an illegal alien who lives off our dime giving $240 to his campaign!

Someone made a post that when slots are allowed and casinos are allowed in Massachusetts it will represent a crushing defeat for the anti casino groups. Could not agree more.

State legislators get federal tax breaks. State legislators holding down full time jobs in addition to their legislative duties. Cushy perks and stipends. Lawrence mayor also a state rep. Charlie Lincoln must be a personal hero to some of these folks. Sad thing is all of it is “legal.”

More Global Warming questionable JP type research. Best one was the melting of Himalayan glaciers by 2035. Should have been 2350 but they kept it at 2035 since it looks better.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Pre V-Day Post

Was a comment in the paper where a union leader blamed the Coakley loss on the “Republican Machine” in Massachusetts. This is straight from the BB school of political insight. I think the machine consists of a Register of Deeds out in the Berkshires.

WOW’s first year is a failure. Maybe he can regroup and be a bit more pragmatic since his entrenched and obstinate manner has caused a nice political counter revolution. Amazing how blind the administration was to the poll results of 2008 where it was clear that support was tenuous at best.

Now that the Republicans are “invigorated” it will be interesting to see how they mange to screw up.

Our house is locked tight for heat loss yet that gas usage just seems to climb. G & E bill is like trying to comprehend quantum theory but it does contain great information on usage.

I am just amazed that terrorist will be tried in civilian courts.

I admit my capabilities in home repair are minimal. Hammering two boards together is an adventure. My wife - The Lovely Cynthia - is just the opposite. We are having some work done and the carpenter noticed our work bench and tool collection that “your husband” has. She had to point out it was hers. He then pointed to the washer and dryer and said “Is that his?”

But flooring and tiling? That is the one thing I can actually managed. I’ve put virtually all the flooring and tiling down in the house myself but no more.

I didn’t even know Brad and Angelina were married. Now the discussion is what to do with the kids? How did they manage to adopt so many with their track record of failed relationships? Not really important since my “celebrity” life revolves around Paris Hilton.

A sitting judge is about to become town manager in Stoughton. Guess AB moved to the wrong town.

Someone had a great post on Obama on another site so here it is. When he took over he was two touchdowns behind and now it’s four touchdowns and he’s trying to get back into the game by kicking a field goal.

The Tribe may be shopping elsewhere but at this point I could care little as their day in the sun may be over. DeLeo wants gaming and this means Tribe may have over played their hand with the state and tracks could be a winner along with a handful of high priced casino licenses. Lottery has also expanded.

Obama has put nuclear energy back on the table. Fine with me.

On a further energy front is Cape Wind that is being delayed - maybe - over religious reasons among others. I don’t know that much about wind power but my knee jerk reaction is it may help. Seems to be popular in Europe but, then again, so is socialism.

A 1.6T and the “T” is for trillions federal deficit for one year! Worry not as it will (hopefully) shrink to 1.3T on the next budget cycle.