Monday, August 31, 2009

My Take On Photos.

IMHO it becomes a matter of manners. If someone requests - politely - that you do not take their photo then you do not. Just a matter of respect. The photographer is under no obligation to comply except for social standards. I compare it to my being a atheist showing respect for those with religious traditions. Have blogged on that many times.

Also - IMHO - those occasions do not happen that often. When I look at Hal's photos most are rather benign since they are taken either at a public event (fair game) or in a public place - Hal's street photography.

My mother loved photography and film making as she even had her own 16MM setup and could edit with the best of them. Hal a projection room, also. This was the 50s and was very high end for the period and she would also carry this over to still photography with a fine collection of imported cameras. I soon developed a distaste for being filmed that has carried over to this day. But that is just me and it does not address the core issue which was use of a picture without acquiring permission. From what my meager little mind can gather Hal is 100% correct on that issue.

As far as the police I can fully understand the necessity of using the judicial system to remind folks of what are the boundaries even in the most minor of situations. I had to do the very same thing over 30 years ago to the Middleboro school system when I was doing research. Lincoln Lynch refused access to public documents and since the court house was then located where the police station is all I had to do was have a judge issue a writ to allow access. Minor for sure but ignoring the minor cannot and should not be ignored. Would I have been ticked off at Hal? You bet! But is Hal within his legal right? Again - you bet! And someday I may be in his shoes. On my own issues.

I have also read responses to Hal’s comments on other blogs and it is the usual same rant and IMO has everything to do with his noted casino stance. The debate has disintegrated into the usual name calling highlighted by an outraged BB using the nasty card about all those terrible things said about him and family. I’m sure he reported all that to the authorities just like Mary did.

The response on this blog to Hal has been for and against his methodology and IMO has been expressed in a manner that has been rather respectful. Hal has responded as I would expect him to in exactly the same manner. I will give Hal credit that despite our many disagreements he has always maintained a consistency in his ability to minimize the name calling -” no effing I’m pissed off” or similar responses. Also I am surprised that Hal would even bother going into the BB blog based on his previous experience at the Gladys (or is it Mary?) blog and at


anonymous said...

Next up USA today then World news tonight.. LOL

anonymous said...

Someone placed a post of all the names that were directed at Hal. Amazing! That should fully describe the content of the blog and quality of the posters Hal is dealing with on that other site. Even the blog writer, if you wish to classify him as a writer, is not immune from his own brand of name calling that has been outlined many times.

Personally, I have no desire to have my picture taken. I would tell Hal that and hope he would respect my wishes.

I do enjoy his street photography and he has created a historical record that may be of some value to us a 100 years from now. Do not dismiss that aspect of his photography.

bogofree said...

National new is next. This whole thing is being staged by two publicity hounds! Come on, guys, fess up....that was the intent all along.

anonymous said...

moved forward

what you are saying is nothing more than self justification. it has absolutely nothing to do with disparaging you or your politics.

i have been around people that you have made uncomfortable because you have posted a picture of them. is that hard for you understand?

you brag about your powerful telephoto lens.

when i see you i turn the other way. i don't want you to get to know me because of your camera. is it really that hard for you to understand and sympathize that it gives some people the creeps?

it has nothing to do with you. it has everything to with your intrusive actions others feelings.

you and bb both believe you are doing the town some great service. NOT

LMAO said...

Wasn't it Jessie that was taking photos in your neighborhood, Bogo? Thought she was taking them of Wikstein and the fire truck paying a visit to your area.

I find that Hal can be somewhat of a pest with his tactics but on the other hand he has some nice work he's taken. Mixed emotions. My suggestion is to respect the wishes of others.

BB is just a loud mouth who has contributed nothing but divisiveness to this town and continues to do so my providing a link and pulpit to various cranks. His sob story is a bunch of BS. How much crap has this guy pulled with his sheep photos, trespassing and numbskull comments? Hal takes the high road and BB the sewer system.

Hal Brown said...

I had no idea that this would lead to national publicity when I sent my email to Indian Country today. I'd never met or communicated with their staff reporter Gale Toensing prior to this. I was as surprised as anyone when it went national.

Not to deny using the media when I can I admit I informed The Enterprise and The Gazette about the ICT article. I am hardly the only one locally to do this. I may be one of the few to own up to it.

I can see the rude view - I am well aware that some people don't want their photos online. Because I don't stop doesn't mean I don't understand their sentiments.

Jessie hid her face but I published her photo and gave permission for Rick to do so because she is a public person. The woman at the 2007 ballroom meeting was just an interested party so when she covered her face I respected that and cropped her out of the photo I put online.

Accepting that some people will think you rude - and worse ( a pathetic attention seeker or whatever ) goes with the territory of doing this kind of photography.

But it isn't as if I invented street photography.

I posted a several links I found just by Googling rude street photography (here). (Amazingly, my blog is now number nine on the list.)

Photography enthusiasts and professional photographers have written a great deal about this subject. That's why I tire of writing in my own defense.

Either group of photographers seeks the same thing - documenting life and perhaps getting the rare artistic photo.

anonymous said...

Middleboro Bloggers Battle Royale

anonymous said...

I have just seen that Hal actually issued an apology to Jane Lopes and the Gazette for an error he made in posting.

When is Jessie Powell going to issue an apology for her non facts? When is Bumpkin going to issue an apology for supporting that? Bumpkin, the only bright spot on your site was Suo and Bogo and you choose to side with a confirmed liar and that tells me all about your character as Hal's posts and apologies tell me about his character.

I wonder what Jane thinks of this "great writer" with fantasy wishes to move onward and upward? Here it is in a nutshell - he sucks!

Hal, don't even bother with BB. He should be issuing apologies to half the people in Middleboro over his crass comments about them the last few years. I'm sure he does not read this blog (LMCAO). I'm sure I'd be considered just another numbskull and third rate dips**t.

Suo Mynona said...

****Come Clean Bumpkin****

BB I have asked you

*to name names of people have made reference to several times that support the casino for personal profit

*to admit that you, not I, did want any debate on the CPA (you said there was more video to come); or prove that I did not want debate

*Now I am asking you to come clean about your donation to The Green School. In case you have no idea what the Clark I mean, read the prior posts.

anonymous said...

Suo--You were successful in embarassing BB. So let it go. You should know that backing people into a corner rarely produces the desired results. It's just like the Clark, Ct fixation. Few care about it after a year. You, BB, JP, Bogofree, and Hal are all stubborn to a fault. And none of you have succeeded from your bully pulpits.

bogofree said...

I will always consider the Clark issue alive since IMHO the whole issue should have been resolved by Jessie. As a character issue it demonstrates how clearly flawed she is. And it was certainly not limited to Clark.

As I have stated before on many occasions I will gladly remove the title of this blog once she determines to do the right thing which her own hubris has clearly prevented.

Based on what I have just said, anon, I would suggest that the stubborn aspect is clearly with Jessie.

Success will only be measured if Jessie NEVER runs again or is intimately involved in Mboro politics. So far that has been accurate.

As far as the others they can certainly speak for themselves.

Suo Mynona said...

Point taken.

I did let it go a few months ago. The he released another salvo of BS. My Bully pulpit is squarely fixated on BB the blogging bully King. Most people are justifiably unwilling to publicly stand up to the guy for fear of being blogged about. I have been attacked on his blog by people insinuation I am pro casino for personal gain. I am about as neutral on the issue as a person can be.

I do not blame anyone for wanting to remain anonymous. I chose not be anonymous.

I just try to hold him accountable to his own public words. His pathetic response is "It's very hurtful to be ridiculed in public." It is hurtful.

Ever since he started his first message board BB has been all about publicly ridiculing people that donate their time and being hurtful.

It is over the top on my behalf? Clearly.

But gosh darn it, the next thing you know he just drops another carpet bombing upon the good people of Middleboro.

And yes I am stubborn to a fault. It is one of my weaknesses and one of strengths. Just depends upon the issue.

Thanks for criticism. It is always welcome.

BTW are you and I very well acquainted?

Suo Mynona said...


"Most users ever online was 39 on Tue Apr 01, 2008 10:22 am"

Hmmmm....if memory serves me correctly that was when Bogo and I were on the message board (prior to being shunned). Looks like we were good for ratings.

LMAO said...


From what I have seen Bogo rarely mentions Clark unless someone brings it up such as you. I know the blog was started exactly to pinpoint JP and it is a job well done. Bogo took months before he did it and I congradulate him for taking such a risk knowing how the anti's will turn on someone even if they remain anti. Never forget. However his posts hardly ever mention Clark. Do a search yourself and see.

Suo had an excellent reply to your post and has fully explained his fixation. Can't blame him one bit as in my opinion BB says one thing and does another.

anonymous said...

BB has really made the big time as someone started a thread on Topix!

Are BB and Hal going to be on Larry King?

anonymous said...

No Suo, I am not personally acquainted with you or posters from any of the local blogs. Several months ago I would read this particular site when posters were a bit more light-hearted and wrote about a variety of subjects. Things here (and elsewhere) got a little too intense for me, so I only occassionally check in now. Love Middleboro, but am allergic to negativity.

Bogo, could care less what you call your blog. I suspect the title will remain until even when you and JP are writing on wireless laptops from some wing in a nursing home.

Hal Brown said...

The comments on the Indian Country Today article are moderated and nine or so have been added including one from Bogo and one from me.

The intensity of the negative opinions about me being expressed by Mark and his supporters on his blog are almost palpable. Many of them make me sound like the scum of the earth.

Since more than a dozen of them are from "anonymous" it not possible for me to tell how many posters he really has making comments about me.

There also references to my diminutive stature and being a little man. If they are meant literally I am about average height. For the record I am 5' 8 1/2" and weigh 160 and look pretty damn good in a Speedo for a 65 year old.

anonymous said...

I didn't realize anyone wore speedos anymore. A bit too revealing of certain outlines.

As for the current e-bickering, I'm much more concerned about H1N1 morphing, the MA senate seat race, how Obamacare will affect me, and finding a way to stop my tomatoes from rotting on the vine.

BTW, if anyone took and published my pic without my permission, I would deck them regardless of the consequences. Then I'd grab my head and scream at all the 'voices' that provoked me to such an act, so I would be acquitted by reason of mental defect. A couple of months on the right meds in a psyche ward sounds worth it.

Hal Brown said...

First FYI Speedo is the company - I don't wear the briefs I wear the jammers

I hope you aren't serious about this: "if anyone took and published my pic without my permission, I would deck them regardless of the consequences."

I find such rhetoric macho posturing and not at all funny.

But then someone on BB posted that I lack "humer".

anonymous said...

Sorry Hal. Jammers still leave little room for the imagination about whether winkie is a grower or a hanger. BTW, exactly what is being 'jammed?'

bogofree said...


I have tried my very best to make this topic as light hearted as possible even to the extend of posting on the self proclaimed "greatest blog in Mboro." I really have no horse in this race and have expressed my view by making a post on it.

The very topics you have brought up I have touched upon as you can see by researching. This blog has morphed into just my own meanderings and those who care to comment in any way, shape or form. However, that does not seem to generate posting traffic like a flame war does. What that says collectively about ourselves is certainly open to judgment?

Hal, Anon has a valid point. Some folks do settle issues the old fashioned way. Anon is probably with the UFC so I'd be careful...but being a senior citizen does make punishment a bit harsher.

Tomatoes will do very well in pots outdoors where you can contain the rainfall but in the ground? No such luck. Too much rain. Squashes the same way.

Mighty Manfred said...

This is Middleboro, land of the pickup with a gun rack and a pair of snarling dogs. Not all that much different from where I came from in the Ozarks. Wouldn't be so sure that if someone were annoyed past his limit he wouldn't haul off and pop someone. I have a couple of neighbors here on Wareham St. who, when they have a few under their belts, start rutting and swinging until the cops break them up. Don't believe me? Spend a few nights observing from the deck of the VM.

Suo Mynona said...


Stuff like that happens in diffrent variations everywhere. It is far from unique to Middleboro.

Pick Up trucks are consistently the best selling vehicles in the USA.

Suo Mynona said...

I wonder why BB did not blog about his recent Gazette editorial.

anonymous said...

I've been following all the comments on the BB blog and the one thing that is still not mentioned is despite any view of Hal he was correct. Cheap shot? Probably but he has had more than his share over the last few years. Bumpkin continues his pathetic little whimpering whine. Here it is for the Bumpkin followers and that is BB was wrong. All the rest is pure BS or as Bogo would say DEFLECTION.

Suo Mynona said...


Have a pay per view debate between Hal and BB about picture taking and lifting.

anonymous said...

gratuitous vitriol.
tedious soliloquies

Those are some big words that the “Queen of cut and paste “ and BB are using. Did someone give them a thesaurus?

anonymous said...

de tri t us = You try tea on us?

gratuitous vitriol = someone gives you vitamins?

tedious sol ilo quies = what happens to an old mans legs when he jogs?

Narcissists = same as a slot machine?

bogofree said...

LOL, Anon. I did the right thing and asked my wife what the big words mean. Ignored me. She doesn't read my blog so she does have standards. Thinks we're all a bunch of fools with too much time on our hands.

I'm preparing for a bad September with investments since that is traditionally the worse month for financial progress. Economy still a mess.

anonymous said...

This has to make everyone of us sick. as mass small businesses struggle this moron has the balls to do this. he votes not to bring in new revenue and jobs,he votes to raise the taxes. Then he goes to NH with a State car to boot to save a buck. OK! lets all listen to his logic on why we shouldn't have casino's..

A Westport (anti-casino) lawmaker who voted to hike the state sales and alcohol taxes was spotted piling booze in his car — adorned with his Statehouse license plate — in the parking lot of a tax-free New Hampshire liquor store, the Herald has learned.

(Casino opponent) Rep. Michael J. Rodrigues' blue Ford Crown Victoria, emblazoned with his "House 29" Massachusetts license plate, was parked outside a Granite State liquor store on Interstate 95 South over the weekend, according to a witness who provided pictures to the Herald.

Hal Brown said...

Here's the article.

Hypocrisy among politicians? What a surprise!

Only this one got caught by a camera, quite possibly worse than if he got caught by Massachusetts police who according to the article are stepping up enforcement of people buying booze in Canada.

I am pretty sure this wasn't an official state car since members of the legislature don't get them. I think he was driving his personal vehicle with a House license plate.

That is kind of foolish if he want to sneak up to Canada to save Mass. sales tax money.

anonymous said...

Just another case of "Do as I say and not as I do"

anonymous said...

Thank God for street Photos. LMAO..

bogofree said...

Another sack of manure legislator. Then he tells a questioner to "get lost" and blames it all on the Republicans.

bogofree said...

“When Hal ratted me out to the reporter, he was effectively throwing me and my family into a potentially costly legal and financial quagmire - with no concern or understanding about the possible outcome of his actions. “

I found the quote above rather interesting since the real issue is that the one who put Mark in harm's way was Mark and no one else. He choose the violation and not Hal. I may care little for the methods Hal employed and if I was subjected to the same treatment I'd be infuriated but when the dust settled and the smoke cleared the one thing remaining would be Hal was correct. Comments from the FOBB (Friend’s of BB) on his own blog fail to bring that one simple fact to light - was BB wrong to post those pictures without permission? Hal’s size, methods, employment background, hair color, climbing over people, being intrusive, casino position and a sundry of other deflections have zero to do with the core issue. Again, was the bottom line Hal being correct?

anonymous said...

Technically Hal was correct. However, consider that most of the thumbnails used here as avatars are "borrowed" from Google Image w/o seeking permission for usage. Hal has been as guilty of this as anyone.....multiple times. So, should I be a complete a$$ and report him for copyright infringement? No thanks...I don't care for that level of pettiness.

bogofree said...

I think we both agree on his being technically correct.

I think even a bigger issue was that the pictures taken were also used to degrade the tribe - I think they have managed enough of that themselves - but it is still an issue. Maybe not to "Reel Wamp" but maybe to the Tribal Council? Don't know since I care not to have them on speed dial.

Imagages that anyone else uses is not relevant to the matter at hand. If Hal has done it then someone can report him to whoever handles this BS. Do they have some image police? Maybe a good lawyer but I don't know of any around here. Totally seperate issue.

I think I have already explained what I would do or would have done.

Hal Brown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hal Brown said...

Previous deleted to correct typos.

Since I seem to be in the glare of Bogo's 3-4 blogger's Klieg lights and Bellicose and his army of blogger's anti-aircraft spotlights I thought I'd repost the sidebar comment that got this all started when I emailed a copy of it to Gale Toensing at Indian Country Today

Bellicose, true to his name, seems to be using a version of strategy when caught dead to rights doing something wrong called the best defense is an offensive offense.


8/17/09* Mark Belanger published a photo of Mashpee Wampanoag Chairman Cedric Cromwell on his Bellicose Bumpkin blog which appeared in an article in Indian Country Today.

He mocked the Native American headdress Cromwell was wearing by saying he "nearly peed" in his pants when he saw the photo. Then in his comment section he says that "it could be Carmen Miranda in drag". Making this insult worse was the injury, i.e., the fact that he violated copyright by publishing the picture without permission.

Copyright violation is rampant in blogs with entire articles and photos frequently republished without permission. Belanger's case is different because he promotes his blog in his Middleboro Gazette columns.

Because of this The Gazette is complicit in his copyright violation. (I retracted this statement and apologized for it as it was a misuse of the word complicit.)

Those who commented on this blog demonstrate the same level of insensitivity to Indian tradition. Some excerpts (the word is actually spelled headdress):

1) "What the heck is that on his head is it an indian headress?
Looks like a bunch of paint brushes."
2) "Buy a box of beads and feathers, labled made in china, and make your own headress."
3) "A picture is worth a thousand words. And in this case, a million laughs."


bogofree said...

As yuu can tell i nevre correct typos. My posters certainly like keg's but not the light kind.

Hal Brown said...

Hey Bog Tussle, if I get sloppy there's one of them (I can't imagine who) that will nail me for putting the wrong date on an article proving that I am not only unfit to walk among the good righteous people of Middleboro but am also dumb as dirt.

I added this to my intro on Heckuva:

I can understand why he expressed outrage at me for notifying Indian Country Today about his blog about Cedric Cromwell's headdress. However in his anger at me he has allowed his posters free rein to use words that make me seem like the absolute scum of the earth.

While some of my other alleged transgressions from the casino controversy are brought up, the primary reason I am cast as pariah is that I take photos of people without their permission.

Oddly enough Mark seems to be the only one enraged at me for being a "rat fink".

This is the notorious sidebar that has led some people to think I should be banished from polite society....

Family Guy said...

As much as I don't like what you did, Hal, and as much as I may consider it chicken s**t the bottom line is how would I feel if I was an NA and saw garbage like that? That seems to be more of an issue than ratting him out. I doubt you will hear an explanation about that.

anonymous said...

Your post is irrelevant Hal. My point is that you are also often in violation of copyright laws. Look at all the thumbnails you've posted next to your name over the months. No way you got permission from each photographer to use them because you sometimes changed them several times in one day. Please stand by the same standards you set for others.

Hal Brown said...

Two wrongs don't make a right - I plan to be scrupulous in not violating photo copyright even in thumbnails used for satire or humor.

But the fact is that Mark did two thing, not one. If he had only used a photo without permission I would have ignored it and I am sure that had Indian Country Today discovered it another way, they would have ignored it too.

I reposted my sidebar to emphasize the TWO elements that I objected to in his blog because some of you seem to be forgetting this. The insult was really the most offensive, the injury (copyright violation) added to it.

As it turned out Indian Country Today thought the story would be of interest to its readers and in fact they were correct.

It was on their list of the five most popular articles for several days.

Suo Mynona said...

**On The Topic Of Cheap Shots**


Were you a "cheap shot artist" -- who -- "deflects from his cheap shot" when you wrote:

"this crap deal that still enjoys some inexplicable support - usually by people who stand to gain directly from land sales or peripheral business."

This WAS a very hurtful comment BB. From your previous comment "It's very hurtful to be ridiculed in public" you know how hurtful it feels. You left readers to assume who you meant. You hurt people with that cheap shot comment.

Don't be a cheap shot artist using a shotgun approach BB. Just name the people and businesses to which you refer. We can respect the comment if you will name names and specifics as to why you call them out.

Otherwise, an easier and better approach may to be simply offer an apology, acknowledging you realize it was a generalized and hurtful comment.

anonymous said...

You'll get a response Suo when Jessie tells all about Clark, CT. This is a one way street boys and girls.

anonymous said...

Hal has been accussed of applying the term "racist" to the anti casino movement. I realize it is not a blanket statement but it is directed to certain actions especially the association with CERA. Hal, do you consider the comments made at the BB blog as racist?

Hal Brown said...

I don't see anti-Indian racist comments on BB.

I reposted my original comment about his mockery to make sure everyone saw what my "insult" objection was:

Those who commented on this blog demonstrate the same level of insensitivity to Indian tradition. Some excerpts (the word is actually spelled headdress):

1) "What the heck is that on his head is it an indian headress? Looks like a bunch of paint brushes."
2) "Buy a box of beads and feathers, labled made in china, and make your own headress."
3) "A picture is worth a thousand words. And in this case, a million laughs."

I just noticed that Mark has suggested his commenters refrain from gratuitous vitriol against me, a clear recognition that their posts were both gratuitous and vitriolic. My impression is that he rather enjoys having a cadre of posters who say things he'd rather not stoop to saying himself.

anonymous said...

"My impression is that he rather enjoys having a cadre of posters who say things he'd rather not stoop to saying himself."

Let someone else do the dirty work. The postings seem like a continuious stream from Jessie so all BB has to do is the same thing he accuses you of doing and that is saying "why little old me?"

Hal Brown said...

Are you saying he doesn't have dozens of posters who want to tar and feather me and drive me out of town, or shame me to the point that I take my miserable little lonely life and take a one way swim into Buzzard's Bay?

bogofree said...

LOL Hal. Handfull at best. There are probably a dozen posters among all the blogs.

Hal Brown said...

Bogo, I knew you had about six regular posters besides one whose regularity depends on how much raisin bran he eats.

But I though BB was the preeminent local blog and had dozens if not hundreds of commenters.

Are you suggesting that my Akinbac Rd. neighbor is the author of most of them?

bogofree said...


I have no idea how many readers he has nor how many I have or you have. But somehow I suspect you have an idea about posters.

anonymous said...

On another note.... PATRIOTS tonight and I'll be ther.

What do you think Giants and Pats will be a good game?

bogofree said...

As a Giants fan I can hope for the best but it is pre season or an exhibition game. I'm following the Red Sox for September and will just be a casual Giants fan for the first 8 weeks.

Patriots appear to have a great offense - again - providing Welker can play. The defense has depth and youth and if the LB and DB corp stay in one piece and mature you could see Patriots going to another Super Bowl.

Hal Brown said...


I still can't wrap my mind, huge as it is setting there so awkwardly on my little body, around the fact that I may have been using all that major league brainpower to respond to Ackinbac.

I am one of those NY Yankee hating Red Sox fans who doesn't pay much attention to other games because I was a big NY Giants fan and we despised the Yankees. Then the Giants betrayed us New Yorkers and moved to California. Now I couldn't care less about them... traitors!

anonymous said...

If my ________ was an airplane your ________ would be an airport.

Fill in the blanks

anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
anonymous said...

oh oh Bogo looks like someone is tring to duplicate that sheep stuff.

bogofree said... are right, anon, as it looks like I'll have to delete something as being inappropriate. First time for that.

anonymous said...

What did I miss, Who cares Patriots baby!!!

Hal Brown said...

What you missed was a crude comment that I thought was posted someone who consciously dislikes me but actually is unconsciously ambivalent towards me, and who has unresolved gender identity conflicts.

anonymous said...

BB is not the only one outraged by Hal's taking people's pictures and publishing them after politely being asked not to. I would think he would be a little more sensitive, given his profession, to people's feelings. I have no problem with the innocuous general street photography. But there are many good reasons why some wouldn't want to appear on a local blog. And I think those reasons should be respected out of common courtesy. In my one experience of being interviewed by the Gazette some years ago, the photographer was very kind about respecting my declining to have my picture taken. I was very grateful for such consideration.

As for the vitriolic comments, Hal invited them, deserved or not, by not trying to resolve the copyright issue privately. He is very well aware that the internet brush fire index is very high in this town, and it doesn't take much to fan the flames. A little common sense could have avoided this whole brouhaha.

anonymous said...

This is the age of the Behavorialist, Hal, not the Freudian. Psychoanalysis has become a dinosaur and Freud's theories are no longer accepted in APA circles. Besides, you know darn well you can't analyze someone based on an internet comment. It is fair to say, however, that whoever wrote that crude, inappropriate comment dislikes you intently for some reason. I do appreciate bogofree's deleting it.

Hal Brown said...

I take dozens of photos and only publish a few. People have nonverbally indicated displeasure at being photographed by me but I don't recall anyone actually asking not to be photographed. If it's obvious someone didn't want to have me take their picture I take that into consideration when I decide what to publish.

As for psychology, there's no sense boring most everyone with a discussion on this. All I want to say is that I am well aware of behavioral and psychoanalytic theories and therapies. Psychoanalytic training in theory and therapy is hardly obsolete. There are three or four psychoanalytic institutes in Boston. Freud is still taught in all graduate schools.

Anyone who doesn't understand how their childhood and their unconscious influences who they are today cannot claim to be fully self-aware.

Hal Brown said...

I think my commenting to critics of my so-called rude photography has run its course. I have nothing else to say on the matter and won't respond unless somebody actually posts something new.

I'm generally willing to discuss psychology but I really doubt most readers want to get into lengthy essays on the subject here.

Hal Brown said...

Department of "JP the You Know What by Bogofree"

I received a PM from said JP whose full name by convention must never be mentioned here. I wish she'd give me permission to post so you could judge for yourself whether she holds others to a standard she herself blithely ignores. I think you'd be interested in a lewd comment she makes about my wearing Speedos.

In my two posts where I referred to her by her street name (easily found online if you didn't drive by it almost every weekday like I do) I want to clarify that in both of those I asked whether it was her posting here. I have no way to tell whether she does or not.

I wrote:

Are you suggesting that my ----- Rd. neighbor (JP) is the author of most of them?

bogofree said...

... somehow I suspect you have an idea about posters

I wrote:

I still can't wrap my mind, huge as it is setting there so awkwardly on my little body, around the fact that I may have been using all that major league brainpower to respond to ----- (JP)

"Department of Modestly Me in the Media"

--- because I am so jealous of others with biweekly columns in The Gazette.

The Enterprise quoted me in their editorial today here.

bogofree said...

Anything anyone wishes to know about JP is clearly outlined in the first few blogs.

I doubt she would post here, Hal, but you never know. I'm sure she is like her binky - BB - and does not read this blog. Maybe one of her camp followers do? Then agin, there is probably only one camp follower.

A lewd comment? Now I do wish she would post here as I'd probably fully agree on said comment.

What is with all this jealous stuff? Sounds to me like some folks have some self esteem issues.

anonymous said...

Gawking at Handicapped Children at the YMCA was the most vicious comment ever made in this whole debate. How she gets away with such ugly comments.

On another note PATRIOTS pulled that one out in style.

bogofree said...

I forgot all about the football game! Watching the Sox since I'm planning on a KC trip that I hope means something. Sox may have finished off Rays last night.

I agree on the "gawking" comment but as one of many who have experienced her pettyness it is no surprise. I have a link to one of the great blog sites on my sidebar and it is the old Middleboro Recall site. Want some petty comments? Take a look. Even I am jealous of such creative snideness - if that is a word - probably need a "great writer" to find out if it is.

anonymous said...

Let me see a choice of who I would root for in a verbal battle royal between Hal and JP? Talk about a win-win situation.

anonymous said...

Hal is now getting Clark from Jessie? What a surprise! She's been after you all along and ditto to just about anyone who is a town employee, official or pro casino.

The gawking comment was so typical as she hints at voyeurism or maybe being a pedophile. She's been real quiet on AB lately so I guess she doesn't want to upset his new best bud BB and end up getting herself bounced from his worthless site.

bogofree said...

The latest BB stuff is running its course but it will only add luster to the legend that is BB - no cheap shots about legend in his own mind, please. I'm sure Suo can add this latest to the ever expanding lists of faux pas that have accumulated around the producer of the "greatest blog in Middleboro."

I guess you can add me to the jealous list along with Hal and Suo.

bogofree said...

Been awhile for Toxic and just found this.

"Bogo... or is it Rick. LMBAO! He has BB and JP derangement syndrome. Hal can't cure Bogo... or is it Rick, since he has it too."

What a creative moron! Has to take two items we use here such as Gladys or is it Mary and LMCAO! This is a real ightweight not even worth the effort. I like flame wars but this idiot brings nothing but a pop gun. LMCAO!

Suo Mynona said...

The only thing I am potentially jealous of is a house with a garage. Jeepers creepers I would love to have a warm place to keep my winter stuff. Other than that I am quite happy and count my blessings daily. The best part of not having a garage is that it really does not matter.

Some may think people in Middleboro are happy with what they have (and do not have) because they are "yokels" and an "uniformed numbskull"

Most of us are relatively content because we enjoy family and community. It is the little things in life that bring happiness. Being able to celebrate the ordinary is good.

BTW (because some may wonder) I do not know Hal. I think Hal and I exchanged a hello once.

anonymous said...

From today's Globe:

Eleven signs of Internet Addiction:

1.Heightened euphoria while on the Internet

2.Spending more and more time on the Internet

3.Failure to control behavior

4.Neglecting family and friends

5.Withdrawal from other activities

6.Lying about your usage

7.Interfering with your job and school responsibilities

8.crave more time online and are restless
when away from a computer

9.Feeling guilty or ashamed about how much you go online

10.A change in your sleep pattern

11.Have you gone through a weight change, or had backaches,
headaches, or carpal tunnel?

Having three of the symptoms constitutes abuse.

Having five constitutes addiction.

anonymous said...

INHO, ALL the M'boro bloggers and followers need to be deprogrammed. LMCAO!

anonymous said...

That includes those of us who are basically lurkers, us no lifers.

anonymous said...

I don't know Hal either, Suo. But I'd love to snap his picture. J/K

bogofree said...

Hal will probably run an internet rehab clinic now that the casino gig has not worked out. My insurance should cover it.

Hal Brown said...

1) Anybody is more than welcome to take my photo and put it online. You have my permission to take a picture of me swimming at the Y if Frank says it's okay.

2) I don't accept insurance anymore. I am mostly retired anyway and only accept a few clients for insight therapy or marriage counseling.

3) I never had a "gig" promised to provide counseling, and I will not do therapy with people with gambling problems.

4) The photo is of a swimmer competing wearing Speedo jammers like mine and is in the public domain. Here's the source.

anonymous said...

Hal--Bogo's last comment was meant in jest. You have to learn to get out of your head and laugh more. It's the only way to get through life. Stop letting it show when people get under your skin. That's a turn on to keep going after you. Be a little more Seinfeld and a little less Mr. Spock. I wish you a pleasant, fun weekend. :)

Hal Brown said...

if I didn't take much of this with a grain of salt why would I post of a picture of a swimmer in a Speedo?

I am well aware of and appreciate Bogo's warped sense of humor.

Did it ever occur to you I get all Mr. Spock to annoy you? "If I were human, I believe my response would be: 'go to hell'. If I were human."
--Spock in 'The Final Frontier'

bogofree said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bogofree said... that sidebar post! I'm serious! Money to be made. I'm going to get a combo shrink and limo license and that way I can council on the way to the casino right in the big old limo. Visa, MC, and AMEX accepted. They won't have any money on the way back so I'll get 'em on the way there.

Things are so bad with the Red Sox tonight that I'm back here. Well at least playing Chicago I can say beyond any doubt the Sox will win.

anonymous said...

After reading here that all the comments on BB's blog were written by one poster, I went to check. LOL! With a few blogger ID duplications, the majority were written by different people. Sorry! I know that disappoints some folks here. But at least Hal can be reassured that all his magnificent brain power wasn't wasted on his Akinbac Rd. reader. More apparently frequent BB's blog than his forum.

Hal Brown said...

What a relief to learn that I haven't been wasting the power of my mega-magnificent Mr. Spockian brain to respond both rationally

("I endeavor to be accurate.")

and politely

("The only emotion I wish to convey is gratitude. Thank you, Ministers, for your consideration. Live long and prosper. ")

to just Mr. B. and just one of his soldiers.

(Click thumbnails to enlarge)

None Mr. Spock quote of the day: People who can't wear a size 34 Speedo jammer and swim 1 1/2 miles shouldn't criticize people who can.

party.bus said... New Blog in town.

Hope you enjoy.

bogofree said...

Ah...the ultimate party bus experience...and cheap.

North Slope Rigger said...

I think I know the idiot who made that prediction, Bogo. LOL! Two up with 28 to play.

bogofree said...

"Listen Bogo... or is it Rick. You may call me a creative moron, but at least I'm not a pissing moron like you. You must have an enlarged prostate because you just keep on pissing and moaning and can't let go of your petty beefs with JP and BB. You and your chums make the Grogfathers look like the Dali Lama. The problem with you continual pissing contest and this is where BB went wrong with Hal is the more you do it the more you smell like urine. Your contribution to anything civil drowned in yellow. "

Such amazing intellect just surfaces with idiots like this. Typical of the BB and JP fan club. Probably thinks Gladys (or is it Mary?) is the epitome of media humor. My bad as I should have said lack of creativity moron. No creativity, humor or anything that makes the slightest bit of sense or even an enjoyable poke. Nothing! Flat! Dismal! I mean you need to look at the truly great writers - Faulkner, Hemmingway and Bumpkin to smooth up what amounts to mindless playground patter. I mean ramblings like this actually make the yankee fans I deal with coherent. As I would say LMCAO! I just love Toxic! Oh well. Enough of this. So much for Toxic as you can have that as your personal venue. Your "zingers" are like a popgun. LMCAO!

anonymous said...

Hey Bozo

Why do you bother with the camp followers that posted on Toxic. What are you doing over there anyways? Want to read trash just go to BB or JP. LMCAO!

Just another disgruntled loser posting that probably has nothing to do with any side on this. Just a pot stir type with no life.

Grogfathers! That was a classic and it was either you or Suo. The good old days of "Queen Of Cut And Paste," "1623," the sheep costume,marshmellows, turkey feathers, chicken mallets just on and on.

LMAO said...

You left out Limo Loser.

anonymous said...

Looks like LL has enjoyed his summer swimming with the fam, face painting, and having his tootsies pedicared. Good for him! Everyone needs to take more time to enjoy their lives

bogofree said...

Been to LL hovel a few times this summer and he has dressed the place up nice with an expanded deck. Puts out quite a feed and last time BB was there and doing his diet thing - a small salad and five pounds of ribs. Just kidding - maybe.

anonymous said...

I met BB a few months ago, and he was probably a man's size 16 1/2 shirt, not at all fat. If you consider him obese, bogo, you and Hal must be positively emaciated. Also, I found him to be quiet and polite. I realize that hyperbole is part of your blog game. Just wanted to bring a little reality to the front. (And yes, Hal, I know you never called BB fat).

bogofree said...

Anon: 8:18

Do you follow any of this? Are you aware that BB and I occasionally go running together? That he will occasionally go on his bike (with training wheels) while I run? BB is "husky" and not fat. His 'stash weighs more than Hal.

BB is currently on a diet as I am.

Hal Brown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hal Brown said...

(repost - left word out)

The thumbnail (click to enlarge) is from my 1969 student ID.

Since Speedo jammers are expensive and rarely on sale, aside from vanity and health this is an economic reason to keep my weight down so I can wear the 34's and not need to buy new ones.

I don't mind Mark's reaction to my rat-finkery against him. I like it when people defend me even anonymously. He let commenters defend him and take the low road enabling him to bask in the sunny on the high road.

Those of us not slinking around in the shadows allowing our Ids free vent by hiding behind anonymity deserve credit for being willing to take personal flax, be it Rick, Lincoln, Mike, Mark, Mary, Kim or Carl.

bogofree said...

Picture looks like Bartolomeo Vanzetti.

Hal Brown said...

Good eye, Bogo, your vast fund of trivial knowledge is impressive - and sometimes useful.

Full image from Wikimedia commons fee use website.

Hal Brown said...

I meant "free use".

Suo Mynona said...

A friend and I did the Memorial Day thing today -- just a couple of holidays late. A connection is felt when walking through a cemetery in Middleborough. With you are all the historical names about which Mr. Maddigan waxes poetically. More poignant are seeing so many friends, their parents and their children.

It is good to be part of a historical community.

Suo Mynona said...


Do the town one simple favor in your upcoming (and potentially worthy) editorial. Please do not denigrate everyone for the littering of a few. Most of us care.

This is a chance to shine. Take the negative and problematic topic and find a positive spin.

anonymous said...

I'm on a diet too........I limit myself to FOOD. My exercise? Lifting my extra light, two sugared coffee from the table to my lips and back again.

As to you well know, orthopedic surgeons warn that running causes great risk to bone, cartilage, and connective tissue resulting in surgery as opposed to walking or biking the exact same distance. Also the risk of inadvertently transitioning from healthy aerobic exercise to negative anaerobic respiration (pushing too hard) is an invitation to an MI.

I guess that we all pick our own poison. I choose to live and die stress free as a result of my hedonism.

bogofree said...

Anon 4:46

I have had three Achilles surgeries with the last being a reconstruction and that was almost two years ago. Today I went running for 50 minutes. Most of my problems happened with the fact I was running 50-60 miles a week and playing basketball. Basketball is long gone so now it is just the cardio from running and bike.

At my age (65) my knees are in perfect shape as is my hips. The only thing left for cardio for me is bike or run and I do both with the bike being stationary. I have a real adversion to pools/lakes/ocean so the water is out.

I recentley has a high end stress test and it took twice as long to get the necessary elevated heart rate as someone else my age.

The diet for me is now necessary as I need to take off 15 pounds.

MSM Party Bus said...

I am trying to make calzone, When I bake them the tops are not coming out shiney golden brown. Why? what am I doing wrong? Any bread bakers here?

anonymous said...

Put butter on top the last few minutes.

The ladder truck made the front page of The Enterprise with the usual shots being fired at the BOS. McKinnon is defending the various actions of the various boards in this matter while others are resurfacing the old arguments.
Bogo, I thought you were agianst this purchase?

bogofree said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bogofree said...

Not that Clarking ladder truck again! I just saw the same article and it looks like Lois Lane (aka-Alice Ewell) goes to as her source. At least she had the good sense to gather quotes from someone other than Jessie.

But to answer your question I was initially against the purchase but changed my mind based on three factors. The first was relying on information provided by the fire professionals and the second was contacting someone I knew from basketball days who was an employee of Maxim's and finally a fire fighter (retired) who I knew via sports boards. The latter two (not to be confused with ladder) commented on how easily this large scale equipment can fail once it has reached projected life expectancy. So that brought up risk/reward. What would happen if we invested to get the ladder certified and it failed and as a result of that failure folks died or were injured?

As far as the bread is concerned we have a baking expert on another site but you would have to register to get on to it. However, you could post a request on his blog but all that would do is get “anonymous” all riled up and start posting about all the evils of gambling….casinos…your buses…what a bad person you are and on and on. So go with brushing some butter on top or some EVOA.

Hal Brown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hal Brown said...

Previous post deleted to make corrections.

to anonymous

There is a major difference between the way the two papers covering Middleboro news are reporting this.

The Gazette headlined their story on this "Fire Department to donate ladder truck to Maine volunteer firefighters" (link) and gave it a Lakeville perspective:

The newly repaired 1989 aerial ladder truck the town bought at auction from Middleboro in April for $25,500 is scheduled to be certified this week. Once the new truck is in service, the department faces a different issue: space.

The Enterprise, in "Ladder truck sale raises alarm in Middleboro" (link) looks it the story from an entirely different angle:

At least one selectmen and several residents are asking if the town was hoodwinked into spending $950,000 when they may have been able to get away with $20,000.

On Friday afternoon, Lakeville’s ladder truck — which was purchased from Middleboro for $25,000 after that town declared it was junk — was certified for service.

Bogo: We all have to rely on experts to tell us whether a fire truck is obsolete and no longer safe for the use for which it is intended. We have to trust that when it comes to a vote at town meeting we are given all the facts needed to make an informed decision.

MSM Party Bus said...

Party Bus Blog

Hal how do you change colors on the heading of a blog?

Hal Brown said...

Go to Layout, "Fonts and Colors"

anonymous said...

Shiny bread:

Separate egg whites from yolks.

Beat the yolks thoroughly with a whisk.

Paint on dough with a pastry brush just before plopping in oven.


MSM Party Bus said...

The egg whites did it. they came out just the way I wanted them to.

MSM Party Bus said...

Is there a way to add sound to a blog?

anonymous said...

Congrats to Hal for one of his pics making the WSJ. I hope that local jealousy doesn't provoke unkind comments on that.

bogofree said...

Just put that on the sidebar, Anon. Hal is holding an autograph session soon. Location to be announced. Free buffet! Right, Hal?

MSM Party Bus said...

Don't worry BOGO you made TOPIX its a start. LOL!

bogofree said...

I saw someone started a BB thread as it was announced here a week or so ago. I checked it out and found a real minor leaguer posting anti Bogo stuff. Copied it here. Not even worth the effort. Limo - you and I in our CFO board hey days would laugh at an amateur like that.

Hal Brown said...

bogofree said...
Just put that on the sidebar, Anon. Hal is holding an autograph session soon. Location to be announced. Free buffet! Right, Hal?

If I ever do become a TIME Person of the Year, those autographs might be worth the big busks on eBay.

For the buffet, do you like shrimp?


bogofree said...

I'm sure after reading the comments about you Hal it will not be colossal shrimp.

Suo Mynona said...

***Don't Pass The Buck***


On your blog you give an excuse not to lead a litter pick up campaign:

"If I was to start such a group (litter pick up), there is a certain element in town that would probably start littering just to spite me. I could participate and advocate but can't lead. I'm too polarizing a figure."

Just DO IT BB. That is an easy out and a way to just leave the problem to someone else. Identifying problems is easy; rectifying problems takes commitment.

You should start a litter pick up group. You have plenty of friends that would surely help you. They care about litter support on you on your blog. Just 5 of your anonymous posters would really get the ball rolling.

It does not take an army. Just one person (you?) that decides to take the bull by the horns, persevere, and demonstrate to others that it can be done.

Suo Mynona said...

***About Whom are You Referring?***

"there is a certain element in town that would probably start littering just to spite me"

Are these the same unnamed people that "people who stand to gain directly from land sales or peripheral business" related to the casino?

Don't overate how polarizing you are. There are only a handful of people that really know who you are.

To infer that those few people would litter to spite you is very insulting.

anonymous said...

Curious, never read anywhere how much it took to save the green school. And how far along is the restoration? Any decisions on how the building will be used? I wish someone would find a way to keep the old St. Luke's from disintegrating. From what I've read the owner is asking way too much for it in this market. That so?

bogofree said...

I'll join the litter patrol. Sachem St. is nearby and I'll help clean it up. Wood St., also.

I am not sure on the Status of St. Luke's but the building has been gutted. Some discussion of the possibility of the police station going in.

Suo Mynona said...

All donations have been anonymous. There will be a tally provided on the amount of private money spent and guesstimated amount of money the town saved.

I have been on vacation (and ill) this week. The Green School Preservation Group will be having a meeting to put everything together. A presentation will then be provided. I think it has been fairly well documented by both the Gazette and Enterprise.

The important thing was to save the school from demolition due to contaminated soils. That was the stated initial objective. It was achieved.

anonymous said...

In MA the incarcerated can't be forced to work. Somehow a violation of their civil liberties. I say get them off their lazy azzes and make them earn their keep. Make litter patrol mandatory for those costing us thousands per year per prisoner.

anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you're ill on your vacation. Chicken soup with lots of garlic.

bogofree said...

I see the orange jump suit crowd out on the highways doing pickup. I assume that is not the usual offender core - must be some type of program. Wonder if "The Raven" is on any trash duty?

When my children were younger one of the standard punishments was local trash pickup. One bag requirement depending upon the crime.

Look forward to an update on the Green School to add to the sidebar.

Suo Mynona said...

ACLU gone mad

Think violating prisoner's rights is bad? This is incredible. Here is a direct link to the inspiring video

here is a link to the direct site
where you can watch the video in the intro

MSM Party Bus said...

Hi, all you animal lovers!

This is pretty simple... Please ask ten friends to each ask a further ten today!

The Animal Rescue Site is having trouble getting enough people to click on it daily so they can meet their quota of getting FREE FOOD donated every day to abused and neglected animals. It takes less than a minute (about 15 seconds) to go to their site and click on the purple box 'fund food for animals for free'. This doesn't cost you a thing.

Their corporate sponsors/advertisers use the number of daily visits to donate food to abandoned/neglected animals in exchange for advertising.

Here's the web site! Please pass it along to people you know.