Sunday, June 21, 2009


Recent polls have show a reaction - negative - starting to creep in regarding WOW’s policies particularly in the area of health care, spending, bailouts and GM. His approval ratings remain high but questions arise. Respondents disapprove of his handling of the Gitmo situation.

Now the tribe is fed up with the evil twins from South Africa. With “The Raven” safely put under federal ice for several years a degree of insight has capture those now in the know within the tribe and they realize this deal screws them. Big surprise! Welcome to the club. All those dollar signs, capital improvements , jobs and infrastructure upgrades dazzled the locals as - no doubt - a few of the per diem payments that Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun generated grabbed the attention of the tribe. IMO “The Raven” is patient zero in this whole mess.

It’s symbolic, Governor! The Patrick administration is spending thousands plastering his name on signs across the Commonwealth. The money is important. Every penny counts.

Speaking of Penny the Sox have one that could be worth more than any penny a numismatist could place a value on. Trade him or keep him he has done remarkably well.

Enterprise is running a series of articles on disability abuse. The stories are amazing. I remember years ago The Herald having photos of “disabled” public safety recipients doing rather strenuous labor and athletics‘. Meanwhile the real disabled get the shaft from the state.

Hack holiday of all time is Bunker Hill Day. Hilarious the way Howie Carr “outed” how the prominent hacks spent this hallowed day. As we say - LMCAO!

Republican Senator John Ensign is in difficulties over an affair he had with an aide. Meanwhile the most pompous politician in the country - Barney Frank (D- Hot Bottom) sits in an important chair position despite his past behaviors. Is there a double standard? IMO in is quite clear there is. Maybe it even goes beyond the very obvious bias against Republicans since Gary Hart managed to get tossed asunder as did John Edwards.

Letterman finally owned up to his “humor.” Amazing that some can finally come clean. Wonder who I’m talking about? LMCAO!

Suo is posting further collects on his endless BB file.

PETA is all in a dunder over Obama swatting a fly. Was it a transgender fly? A Republican fly? PETA also whines about treatments of and additives that we place in our animal kills as they sit on supermarket shelves or await execution. I’ve always found that interesting considering Pam Anderson is a spokesperson. I guess synthetic additives for humans are OK.

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Suo Mynona said...

**** BB Paid Columnist ****

Bogo invite BB to write a paid column on things he likes about Middleborough. It will be interesting if he can get past two things.

We can each kick in a paltry 50 bucks for his first paid assignment.

bogofree said...

Pay a buck a word and save youself $37.

Suo Mynona said...

Another 5 bucks can be saved if nothing is paid out for "me, myself or I." That means it would only cost eight bucks. (Middleboro has excellent math teachers)

LMAO said...

LOL! LMCAO! Like the good old days on

See JP has another extensive post on her site and I actually got half way through it. Made a comment about using Google for research. LMCAO!

anonymous said...

The Prez should have eaten the fly for some extra protein. Poor guy looks totally emaciated. No wonder his brain isn't functioning properly.

anonymous said...

From the BB blog commenting on Suo. Tired and recycled. LMCAO! He reads, Bogo, you know that. Maybe if BB was capable of making responsible choices there would be no material to publish.

"This guy is one of my biggest fans and spends a copious amount of time pouring over over every column, blog, and even comment I publish. It's all very flattering in some ways, but kind of creepy in another. In preparation for this post, I went through several dozen of his posts. Let me tell you, that's 30 minutes I'll never get back. It was basically poorly written and repetitive - cycling over the same three or four things. Over, and over, and over, and over. This person takes me to task on a blog I don't even read, demanding explanations for vague innuendo."

bogofree said...

How can you go over several dozen posts without reading this blog? Contradiction?

I do not see anything regarding accuracy of what was posted. Guess what was posted was accurate.

I’m a terrible writer but I have always found content more important than structure.

bogofree said...

I have a rental property in Brockton and my insurance was due. Now this is paid out of an escrow account and evrything should be automatic - computer to computer. I've been tracking my loan online and nothing has been paid so I gave a call.

This must be a phone tree record - 23 times I had to punch in a number in response to a prompt. Finally I managed to get someone who said the matter would be taken care off since they already had it as paid. LMCAO! Clerical error. I would have beed clarked on this.

anonymous said...

Wasn't Marx further to the right? LMCAO. Nothing like a little snit going on.

What's with the $$$ shortfall?

anonymous said...

I've never really seen Suo post anything that would classify him as a pro casino person. I know Bogo is an anti casino or anti deal but I've never read Suo discussing the matter.

Suo is not anonymous as he has been posting his email/phone in reagards to the Green School.

I also would like to know what Suo posted that is a lie? Maybe he's over the top at times and does have a focus on BB but BB certainly has provided the ammunition.

At least it got Gladys to post and this will blow over just like trespass, anus and sheep.

Suo Mynona said...

**** The Riting Contest ***

Hey BB want to have a writing and spelling contest? It'll be an all time classic. A Middleborough diploma against ITT Tech. LMCAO.

You rite about everything you hate about Middleborough and its third rate citizens. I will write about everything that is positive. One rule: only pen and paper allowed.

BB since you have not figured this out yet, you are the joke! You have endlessly harassed people with whom you publicly disagreed and (even worser) constantly insulted the townspeople. My pathetic pontifications have been nothing more than quid pro quo on behalf of all d*psh*t "yokels."

BB your public stumblings and mumblings have provided me with so much belly laughter over the last year and half (just ask our mutual friends)

Is the little 6 watt night light starting to illuminate that vacant space now?


For the record I was not referring to posts I made while you were away bereaving (and still throwing up stuff on your blog.)


All that effort and you still were not man enough to name names.

Back up your ongoing insinuation that "this crap deal that still enjoys some inexplicable support - usually by people who stand to gain directly from land sales or peripheral business."

Name names BB. Who are the business owners that support this and expect to get a windfall?

anonymous said...

Suo is a local businessman and so are some others that were pointed out for supporting a casino since they would profit from it. Was his name ever mentioned? None were mentioned directly. That quote has been posted by Suo and I think he and others deserve an answer. Which businessmen? Which land owners? If you own property and are offered a fair price does that make you a profiteer? Is a business suppose to not sell to a casino?

Suo Mynona said...

*** Rockland Industries ***

Way back I made a public call at a BOS meeting for the Striars to use any profit they would derive from the selling of their land to the casino investors to be used for a proper clean up of Rockland Industries.

I named a name at the outset.

Take that issue and run with it BB. It would be a worthy cause. I have no esoteric knowledge about the current land status. I have said many times that your knowledge on all things casino related are far superior to mine.

bogofree said...

Innuendo just raises or attempts to raise suspicion and ulterior motives for why someone would be in favor of a gin mill. If an accusation is made - subtle or not - name the names.

I imagine Suo stands to make a small fortune on bricks. LMCAO! And, of course, Willy and Neil will rack up piles based on a sudden need for auto parts. Maybe housing values will help those who have rental property? I have no idea since names were not named.

Are these some that will profit? Exactly who on the land sales? Is their motivation sheer profit and nothing more? A quick buck at expense of neighbors? When an anti is against the casino how much of it is based on a perceived decrease in property values? Was a major point of concern. How much of opposition is based on a certain moral principal that is being wielded for those who do not subscribe to the same value system?

Family Guy said...

Quite a fuss over at BB's blog over the Suo issue.

Their focus is on posting issues and Suo's is on integrity. He is clear on that.

As far as posting Bogo's site is open and so is Hal's. LL's various site's were always open. Maybe they are more trusting? Maybe the posters are more mature? Well with Bogo he is probably to lazy or tech deficient.

I guess this is what we now have for controversy now that a Middleboro casino is virtually dead.

anonymous said...


Why don't you call BB and hash this out over coffee? This whole thing is stupid.

Suo Mynona said...

I had asked him out for coffee twice in the past. Never got a response.

It is non sense which has been the point all along.

anonymous said...

IMO Suo has reached out and was obviously rejected. Says a lot about BB.

Suo Mynona said...

I am happy that this has blown up. It shows how ridiculous it is to incessantly blog about someone -- that has been my point all along. The blogging bully pulpit seems to have many drawbacks.

I am done until BB makes another snide comment about townspeople or uneccessarily derisive and on going comments about someone he disagrees with publicly.

Remember how quiet I was a week ago? Then he started with the "peripheral business" and "yokel" baloney.

Family Guy said...

You'll love this one, Bogo! From a comment on the BB blog that is probably JP. LMCAO!

"I mean what kind of people associate themselves with a blog titled, "****** ****** Confirmed Liar"?"

bogofree said...


The end result of BB's actions in allowing false information to be disseminated is the reason for the title of this blog. A glance at the first five or so blogs will fully explain.

As far as Suo it is not easy being a “dinosaur.”

anonymous said...

Suo = Echo, echo, echooooooooo

Sorry Suo, the constant BB reptitions have become tedious. Could be why so many regulars have gone MIA.

anonymous said...


zzzzzzzzzzzzz on the title

it's gotten old

LMAO said...

Keep the title, Bogo, but do what you were doing with an occaional change. I think that refernce is important if JP ever attempts another run.

What ever happened to Hal and Mike?

bogofree said...

Anon: 6:41

I will keep some type of CL in the title and will gladly remove it when you know who finally admits to her "errors." However, I will modify as I have in the last few weeks and maybe put Bogo in it such as Bogofree and JP CL.

Traffic on this blog has been quite slow...maybe I better use that mouthwash. Probably won't make it a weekly blog since traffic does not justify it and my priority is baseball as that will be the main focus until late October and Sox wrap up a championship.

Hal is out killing weeds and LL is relaxing for the summer.

I have tried not to focus on the casino issue when this blog started to attract attention and will keep it that way. Real low priority.

As ever this forum is open to all.

Suo has managed to get some posting comments going elsewhere.


LMAO said...

Looks like Jessie is busy on the BB blog. LMAO or is that LMCAO!Don't they like dinosaurs?

"From a distance this issue seems to be a regurgitation of the 'old guard' who grew up in the 'boro and aren't teribly worldly or well educated. They ruled for years and their words were golden.
They forgot to close the gates and allowed others in who see feet of clay."

anonymous said...


Yesterday I suggested you and BB iron out this tiff over coffee. You replied that you invited him in the past w/o response.

Someone copied and pasted our exhange to BB, to which he responded this morning on his blog:

"This is bull and I can prove it.

On May 19th, I sent email making a pledge to the Green School effort. This led an exchange of emails during which I offered to set up a web site and agreed to work with the principals in any way I could. At 9:31PM, I got an email that included an invitation for coffee:

Better yet, you and I (redacted) over a cup of coffee at the Cafe Milano

At 11:26 PM(May 19), I replied and included this response to the coffee suggestion.

Anytime. I generally work from home on Mon/Tues and have very flexible hours. Most mornings are good, Thursdays are just bad and other evenings are hit or miss depending on kid's sports and lots of other junk that comes up day-to-day. I like to keep weekends free for the family but could manage a Sat/Sun. My wife is pres of the local groups redacted- you get the idea - lots of things vying for limited time.

I received a reply to this email at 12:28 AM(May 20), so I know it was received. The reply didn't mention anything about coffee - only discussing another part of the mail.

I don't recall any other invitations to meet for coffee - which is not to say that there weren't any - I just don't remember any others.

I have proven, repeatedly, that I will meet with anyone anytime - often to the horror of my anti-casino buddies. This "bumpkin won't meet with me" is pure malarky, I can prove it, and it's just more of the same campaign to make me look bad for reasons unknown.

Pure Bull."

So, I ask you again---why don't you two take this silly feud offline and has it out in person. This is making both of you look bad. It's all so junior high school.

bogofree said...

I should take the two of them out for a me...they both need the exercise.

localobserver said...

The bleating of a small coterie of the never had and never will be always does provide a certain degree of amusement especially when the cumulative track record shows a pattern of an inability to moderate ones own posting behaviors. A fascination with BB by Suo is now the topic du jour for a small band of exiles that fester over at the BB blog. Amazing how they have seemed to side slip the excesses of their moderator and those excesses have been clearly documented by Suo. I congratulate him for his constant rattling of the double standard BB cage.

I first caught wind of how a site is “moderated” by BB’s total inability to address the issue of false facts being posted on his own site - one that has never really caught on despite his new found public profile as a local columnist. Maybe some things linger? His site had life to it when he had the two departed around.

They can meet and greet all they want but when someone allows a subtle reference to supporting something over profit without any proof or a willingness to name names I can understand the ire. Suo and his family have a substantial track record of community service and involvement yet are referred to as not being “worldly or educated” alone with the rest of the “old guard.” This smacks of the response that is so prevalent on a site we all know about where the tune has always been one of negativity towards anyone who is perceived as being on the inside. We all saw this clearly demonstrated during recall.

Suo Mynona said...

I had forgotten about that exchange. My bad and I apologize to him.

But he could have dug up some old emails from about a year an half ago for coffee that he never responded to - he omitted that.(I dont save the stuff to publish)

BTW I am not feuding (despite all appearances). He is over there deflecting -- he has not answered the basic questions.

he should answer to his public comments just as he expects of others.

Who are the peripheral businesses and (to a lesser extent) why did he not allow debate on the CPA and why does he insult townspeople? I asked him at his CPA meeting how come he does does not follow a path that would allow for more public debate. His response was that he did not want to. Instead he only responded to the coffee comment. Defelection

I don't care what he or his posters think about me. Anyone who knows me knows that.

On a humorous note. It is hilarious that thinks I am obsessing over him. Yep, I have been pounding on him. Just like he obsessively pounded on people. Remember the Cheap Seats rap song he took the time to make? How many time did we hear references to that? (I was against the comment as well)

He takes his mourning public. Maybe some of the people he obsesses over are dealing with issues of equal or greater magnitude but do not bring them out in public.

Finally to Anon June 24, 2009 6:06 PM
You are right, thanks for the comment. I have learned echoes never receive responses.

Done -- moving on now. Thank you Anon.

anonymous said...

Nice response, Suo, as I hope you continue to post on other topics that are non BB unless, of course, he chooses to open that door. Your insight as town topics arise would be welcome.

Imagine acknowledging a mistake.

Why have attempts to make a viable site failed? Hal tried with Middleboro Matters and BB tried with Nemasket. I think even Limo had an attempt. Nothing seems to be stable. Blogs certainly don’t provide the correct platform. No offense Bogo.

bogofree said...

Trip on the highway to hell for a Fortress Logan run.

I always considered emails privileged information and the same with an email address or ISP.

Had to get a weed whacker yesterday and Home Depot was out of them. Store does not give rain checks and the sale ended 6/24. Stopped at the Avon store and picked one up and they honored the sale price. Some stores will do that or even give you the lowest price in the last 30 days if you request it.

My wife will enjoy the weed whacker as much as the mule I got her for Mother’s Day so she won’t have to pull the plow.

One thing to remember about a town full of third rate DS is that no matter what side of an issue they may be on idle gossip about whom is sleeping with whom or drinking issues or health issues will always get back to them. The roots run multi generational.

bogofree said...

Teachers in Middleboro decided to forego raises for the first half of the coming school year in addition to concessions of $500, 000 on health care.

The obvious was present and without those concessions class sizes would have increased and layoffs were scheduled.

anonymous said...

All these "controversies" come along and die out in a week. I am bored with all the blogs and all the various sites. At least this one has open posts but only because Bogo doesn't care and is not tech savvy. Otherwise nothing to any of them at this point.

localobserver said...


I completely agree. You left out Toxic which is totally dead. As the casino issue fades into the history books that leaves little to discuss on blogs regarding local issues. They have enough trouble getting locals to show up at Town Meeting so I doubt that will generate much interest other than local political junkies.

I will occasional scan what is going on but it's summer finally. Enjoy the sunshine.

anonymous said...

IMO BB is doing everything but answer the peripheral business question. How come he won't say who they are?

bogofree said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bogofree said...

Interesting comments by Hal on Heckuva about money returns.

bogofree said...

Steve McKinnon what are you thinking? From the Enterprise...

"It's a serious mistake...a big problem." Later McKinnon states regarding disciplinary measures that "He'd rather deal with the shortage first."

This is all about the shortfall due to an accounting error.

Imagine someone not wanting to get out the tar and feathers in this situation and addressing the main concern - the shortfall, rather than stringing up the accountant. Class move by Steve. I’m sure I’ll disagree with him on certain issues but this is a nice approach.

This runs contrary to the blame game directed at virtually all town employees on every issue that seems to arise and is usually front and center on certain blogs. I’m sure that accountant Dooney is in that situation at this point

As far as said accountant as the saying goes “Clark happens.” I guess somewhere he forgot to carry the one. Been there.

A few years ago in Attleboro a shortfall ( $1,000,000) became apparent in the city budget for similar reasons - accounting issues. This was around Christmas time and the school department took the hit. After layoffs it was then realized that no error existed. Took six months to realize it. Real PR mess.

Back when I had to run a department budget I made an error that resulted in a $30,000 error. Budgets were tight and getting free cash dispensed to my budget was near impossible so bodies would have to go. My fault - totally. In some societies I’d have to fall on my sword. I was careful. I always doubled and tripled checked. I screwed up. What saved me was other departments coming to the rescue with a few thousand here and there to cover my shortfall. Man, did I owe a bundle of payback on that one.

anonymous said...

"IMO BB is doing everything but answer the peripheral business question. How come he won't say who they are?"

I have also waited for this and have not seen a reply. This was the core issue with Suo and so far nothing.

At his blog several comments appear but none ask. Why? One has to wonder. Please name names, BB. Who stands to profit?

Suo Mynona said...
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