Friday, July 31, 2009

Brian's Brain

A recent local blog had a piece titled "The Brain that Wouldn't Die." This represented a takeoff on one of the many drive in theater Science fiction movies that were churned out in the 50s. In this particular piece the local target was a pro casino and marshmallow roaster extraordinaire named Brian G. I’ll leave it at “G” since I screw up his name every time I spell it. The sin that Brian committed was he is pro casino! Being of that ilk Brian could cure cancer, solve the energy issue and formulate a plan for world peace and still be on the you know what list for the anti’s. But the intent of this is to get into one of my favorite areas and that is science fiction movies. So I have complied a short list of my favorites thanks to “Brian’s Brain.”

1. 2001: A Space Odyssey - The scene with pro and anti casino forces attempting to touch the monolith. Great scene.

2. Forbidden Planet - As a 12 year old boy I get to see Anne Francis and a monster from the Id.

3. Blade Runner - What a dark vision of the future. The opening scene where the camera pans over a filing cabinet and you see dust.

4. Alien - Sojourner Weaver as a real woman. Tough and driven. A space ship that looks like a ship and not that plastic spotless Star Trek stuff.

5. Sleeper - Woody Allen before he became serious.

6. The Day The Earth Stood Still - Klaatu barada nikto which means they’ll be no damn casino in Martian.

7. Dr. Strangelove - How many great scenes in this movie? Sellers as Strangelove is a classic. Slim Pickens riding the bomb.

8. A Clockwork Orange - For years this movie could not be shown in England. A new meaning to the classic “Singing In The Rain.”

9. Brazil - Grim tale of bureaucratic government gone mad. Sometimes the future is now. Pryce and De Niro are outstanding.

10. Eraser head - This movie is beyond bizarre but I found it totally fascinating

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Casino Regulatory Planning By State

The following article appeared in The Boston Herald. I guess the state considers it "inevitable."

Casino gambling in the Bay State is moving closer to reality.

Senate President Therese Murray told business leaders yesterday that lawmakers are working with state Attorney General Martha Coakley’s office to craft casino regulations that would be ready by the time expanded gambling is approved on Beacon Hill.

“We want to have a regulatory structure in place before a bill comes out,” she said. “I’m told that gambling brings certain types of crime, such as money laundering and gang activity. We want to make sure that we have the regulatory authority to oversee whatever comes out of the Legislature.”

In April, Murray said that she, House Speaker Robert DeLeo and Deval Patrick had agreed to support expanded gambling legislation this fall.

Murray acknowledged that the discussions are under way despite the fact that Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut laid off 67 employees this week and slot revenues are off.

“There’s still up to $900 million going out of the state to Connecticut and Rhode Island gambling facilities, and we’d like to capture that,” she said.

With consumers spending less money on gambling amid the economic downturn, Connecticut’s Division of Special Revenue reported that slot revenues at Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun have fallen by 7.5 percent to $736.4 million for the first six months of 2009 compared to $796 million for the same period last year.

Still, a recent study of gambling in Connecticut found that Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun have contributed nearly $5 billion to the state and municipal governments since 1992.

Last year, Massachusetts residents accounted for 31 percent of the patrons at Foxwoods and 17 percent at Mohegan Sun, according to the Center for Policy Analysis at the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth.

Coakley did not return a call seeking comment

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


The casino deal was ushered through primarily by Adam Bond who was a member of the BOS at that time - a postion he walked away from last January. Much criticism has been generated from that very deal and all one has to do is look at various blogs to find it. I certainly provided my share often wondering how details that a simpleton like myself could recognize would be passed over or omitted from the final product. Many of the anti's have pecked apart that deal far better than I could ever accomplish. It all comes down to details. Lawyers are suppose to watch for details - at least that is an assumption on my part - has to do with all those potential escape clauses and such in any written agreement. Make sure everything is air tight. In recent months Mr. Bond has even mentioned some of these very details. Details that were excluded. When I look at the web profile that Mr. Bond still has these following two statements appear:

I am also a second term, sitting Middleborough Selectman.

As I mentioned earlier, I sit on the Board of Selectmen in the town of Middleboro.

I guess it all comes down to details. If you can't update your resume after eight months that will explain a lot about details.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

New Look And Other Stuff

Decided on a new look but that really means nothing since a poster on the self proclaimed “Greatest Blog In Middleboro” says no one reads it. Have a nice picture that I can add to the banner as soon as I figure that out. Hal’s been helping me a bit but I’ll try to keep the photos to a pleasant few.

I added some links on the blog that may be of some interest. Since some refer to me as a “Bozo” I have added Bozo’s criminal of the day. The baseball links cover just about anything in the game including minor leagues and amateur. The local links are self explanatory and reflect some of the pro/anti casino sentiment. The sharpest with graphics (sorry Hal) is the Gladys (or is it Mary?) blog. Hal has a wide range of topics as does The Bumpkin. Both allow non registration for posts and Hal’s is open while the BB one is edited. Bumpkin has links to several other blogs of interest. I’ll probably expand the links into another area of interest that I have and that is travel. Maybe a sidebar story once I figure out a sidebar.

Have added a new topic to the blog and that is the idiot post of the week that is somewhere in the sidebar. Of course a week may be five days or twenty days but putting in week actually sounds like I'm organized and have a clue as to what I am doing. I have my posts exempt otherwise it would be all about me. Ego thing.

The Gates issue took over the news last week with President WOW and Governor One And Out chipping in to side with their friend. Now as the dust settles and the smoke clears it appears that both may have been a bit too anxious to toss out the racism label. Racism is a two way street in that it can be used as an intimidation factor (see, Rainbow Collation/PUSH) and this may be such a case. Release of information on any tapes will be helpful but IMO it appears this was a police officer who finally just got fed up with being harangued (I got that word from BB) and after repeated warnings cuffed someone for being an obnoxious loudmouth - not that I would know anything about being an obnoxious loudmouth.

Health care is taking over the news and this is another classic example of rushing legislation. Isn’t there some type of learning curve from the TARP/Stimulus bills? The way this is working out it will pile on some more debt - just what we need. The main focal point of funding is to tax the enemy (rich) to win support. By placing a tax on incomes over 250K and that will eventually shrink to 200K….150K ….and then zero. Just like our temporary 3% sales tax that will now bump up to 6.25%.

Locally some are still in the denial factor over the genocide perpetrated against the indigenous peoples.

Post away

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Misc. While Awaiting Next BB Column

The sinking economy is starting to be reflected in shrinking poll numbers for President WOW (Walk On Water). An electorate that has an itty bitty attention span and frustration level - such as myself - demand and almost instantaneous turn around. Not happening anytime soon. I’d like to thank WOW on behalf of the families of Pan Am 103 for his hearty handshake with the perpetrator. What next? A night in the Lincoln bedroom for Bin Laden?

On state politics shrinking revenues are naturally being reflected in ways to demonstrate the most visible pain and that translates to local cuts and floating the idea of - big surprise here - more taxes! At this rate Deval will be one and out.

Cap and Trade rhymes with charade.

Global warming cure? End prosperity.

The trillion dollar stimulus is fast becoming a boondoggle of immense proportions so will another one be in the works? WOW says no but his heart, I’m sure, says yes. Coming your way soon - trillions more in debt.

Speaking of debt the deficit has hit a trillion for the first time. Bush got hammered over this. Wonder how WOW will make out?

Speakah DeLeo is yapping more than a bit about having race tracks as the gateway to gambling. Probably “Inevitable.”

Limo has been posting some trips for a nice discounted price. $20 to a gin mill with $25 credit when you arrived. Even for the non gamblers it might be a nice trip to head over to the museum and take in a lunch or supper with a food coupon. Give your keno plays to another victim.

Suo had a post on the avenging members of the moonbat element of the Democratic party for going over the past sins of “W.” Got to play to their audience on that one. Wing Nuts can always play to the religious right.

Hal had an interesting commentary on a local blog and its assessment of what Middleboro was like on those memorable 4th celebrations in the mid to late 70s. I never really witnessed any over the top behaviors at the fireworks displays and cannot recall any open container violations or Cheech & Chong forays into weed - at least not to any great extent. Oh it certainly did exist and in those days the basketball court at the playground was a buyer/seller market during game time. However, 10,000 folks for fireworks were fairly orderly. Seen much worse at say an AC/DC concert and, of course, at the Brockton-Middleborough Agricultural Fair - I think it is still called that?

Steve McNair is being classified as a “Hero.” I guess taking four pops from a deranged lover who was upset not with his cheating on his wife but with still another woman classifies him as a “Hero.” His demise was untimely and unfortunate and I hate to see it befall any family, but to acclaim hero status?

Personally, I have found the recent sanitization of Michael Jackson almost as offensive as my blog. If virtually anyone else in society pulled that garbage they’d have their picture at the police station and be classified a level four. Yeah - I know - he was never found “guilty” and with that I am LMCAO! Talent or position (see - Studds, Gary) should not excuse past indiscretions that go well beyond any excuse making.

Went to see the Brockton Rox play the other night. Two box seats in second row right behind home plate for $15 since it is a BOGOFREE (Buy One Get One Free). Parking is $4 and the food is about ½ of the normal Fenway charge. Place was loaded with kids groups and a fireworks display after the game was being presented. Every seat is really a good seat at the park but there are promotions for BOGO’s on box seats ($10 & $15) using coupons or AAA card.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Two interesting posts by Suo appeared on my last entry so here they are.

****NIMBYism As A Positive****

The town has been planning for mitigation of the rotary for about 15 years. The state has done virtually nothing of consequence. Middleborough has been continually planned its business parks with the knowledge that eventually the rotary will have to be eliminated. This will help the town maximize tax base.

The first state sponsored meeting I attended regarding the rotary was about 13 years ago at the High School. The state has done virtually nothing of consequence since (A few things may be on the horizon)

Our town planner has worked tirelessly to ensure the town will be prepared once the state releases funds. There is little chance those funds will be released in these austere times. Planning on our side still has to continue.

The casino money has provided the positive result that our town planner can concentrate on many aspects of planning instead of policing the size of trees in subdivisions.

Providing town ambulance service has always been accentuated by a question mark. Over time we have been told the town would generate income by providing ambulance service and later told we would loose money.

Being able to conduct such studies is positive regardless of the casino.

NIMBYism (Not in my back yard) is frequently a very positive planning tool and should not always have negative connotations. When a private or government concern plans something, people affected most will point out the deleterious aspects and force others to rethink the process. That is positive.

NIMBYism is hypocritical when people just want something in another's back yard. What I admire about the casino NIMBYs is that most do not want it anyone's back yard, as demonstrated by Casino "Free" Mass.

For casino NIMBYs, playing ostrich (believing it is completely dead) is not a good planning tool. If people perceive the prospect of the casino as either negative or positive the town should plan for the worse outcome, and work towards the best (elimination of the casino is best for many) Mr. Rullo was correct in this regard; we need to plan until we are 100% sure it will not occur. Nothing is over until it is over.

Some positive results of NIMBYism in Middleborough are: The adult zoning bylaw; cluster zoning; extensive mitigation for residents in the town's industrial parks; the Nichols Middle School, the intersection of 105 & 28, and Oak Point. I can elaborate on those issues if people ask.

All of these issues go hand in hand with planning. Having our very knowledgeable town planner, health officer, building inspector being proactive instead of reactive is essential.

The casino and NIMBYism have produced many positive impacts on the town's collective mentality. More people are becoming aware of the finer aspects and necessities of planning. This is something that will hopefully maintain inertia. Perhaps people will start attending those boring, yet very important, Planning Board and Zoning Board meetings.

NIMBYism does not give the right for people to trespass on private posted property multiple times.

*******On An Ugly Note*****

The Rotary: Massachusetts' potential version of Hurricane Katrina

The rotary has the possibility to be a mass death trap. If the nightmare of an evacuation occurs (as the result of man-made or natural disaster) people will follow those state posted blue "evacuation route" signs to the rotary. It would be similar to wildebeest stampeding into a raging river. Thus the rotary is more than a local planning issue. The state should have rectified the rotary when money was flush.

All of this are just my knuckleheaded opinions.

****NIMBYism Part Two***

An example of NIMBYism making a problem more vexing is SEMASS. SEMASS ended up outside Middleborough borders, but is still in our backyard. We lost the tax revenue and many of the justifiably upset neighbors still have to deal with the offensive aspects.

Most communities are hypocritical trash NIMBYs. They want another town to take their trash.

Then again, our town landfill is in Plympton's back yard.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Dueling Gazette Casino Opinions

Dueling columns in the Gazette this week with one relying on emotional outbursts tempered with that old time blogging finger pointing. - gotta love that. The other providing objective and rational analysis. Of course that is just my take from the vantage point of sitting on the fence. Easy to distinguish the professional from the amateur.

I'm sure we will be gifted all those acres for, to paraphrase, "pain and suffering," Appears someone has been listening too much to a certain attorney.

Half the town against? I was one of the 37% or so that voted “no” at the TMFH and that is somehow not quite half. I guess “fuzzy math” is in the water system. I better run and double check my recent balancing of my check book. Maybe the reference is to that feel good article that was presented by the time most had the good sense to return home. Love the tinge of bitterness over a rejected web site offer.

The tribe is living up to their end of the agreement and sending the money to Middleboro. I can't imagine them willing to toss this away as "dead money" unless somewhere there is a glimmer of hope that their gin mill will be a reality. This project is casino version of Lazarus only Jesus is not involved but some hidden hand of the modern day pinky ring set with passports stamped other than the United States. As that great philosopher, Earl Weaver, was attributed as saying: "It ain't over 'till the fat lady sings," and right now she is on stage and ready to sing goodnight to a casino - maybe.

Spending the money brings into question the possibility that the tribe may request a return of the monies when, if, maybe the gin mill venture collapses. Not a bad idea to get something is writing before someone else gets the fashionable orange jumpsuit look.

Relying on the government as not attempting any reversal of a recent SCOTUS decision is not a path I’d wish to rely on. Money, power and, of course, the racial element could all mesh together to get legislation enacted quickly. Putting our faith in Barney Frank (D- Hot Bottom) is like putting faith in his fiscal ingenuity.

The real killer is the economy. That was a key player in the whole mess and if that rebounds and investors are willing to risk capital things could change rapidly. But IMHO by the time anything takes place in Middleboro the Great And Honorable General Court will have already handed out licenses.

Hal also has an interesting article at casino-friend.