Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year Trashing

Can the Boston Globe sink any lower? Yes, they most certainly can.
The latest was a 10 page puff piece disguised as “investigative reporting” when the reality was it was piled higher and deeper with excuses for the Tsarmaev family. Of course the usual victimization of the two bomber brothers took place. All their “poor upbringing.” On and on with assorted psycho babble and, of course, no real input from the victims. You know, the 260 injured. The four dead cannot speak for themselves.
So this entire family has drained resources that should go to our own domestic needy. The various welfare benefit’s the entire clan has received has been well documented - the total for all the years the “political refugees” have enjoyed our system is in seven figures. And this is immigration reform? This is now know in Massachusetts as “The Full Tsarmaev.” The whole ride from Mass Health to EBT cards and, of course, public defenders for other members of the clan who have been nabbed shoplifting.
So now the idea is to spend another boodle of dough providing a defense. Great. That is our “system.” We also enjoy a “Free press” so the Boston Globe can write anything they wish to write. What I and others can do is simply point out that the Globe is full of manure and that the death penalty should be applied as quickly as possible to this “Tussle haired youth.”
Why does it take “Up to ten days to unsubscribe,” yet the other crap is immediate. Sign up and you get buried.
Massachusetts unemployment is now higher than the national average.
Elizabeth Warren (AKA - Princess Liz) is one of the signers on having no credit checks for potential hires. In the next few years I imagine companies will be required to have a federal stooge sit in on all interviews.
The EPA had a high level employee be a virtual no show for years. Told his superiors he was on “Special assignment” from the CIA. They bought it. 900K later he finally got nailed. Bet they ran no credit check.
Will Brennen’s Smoke Shop open up an outlet at Highpoint?
Now 7,500 EBT card photo ID requests have been returned as “undeliverable.” Gee….wonder why? Better get on it, Deval, these are lock votes.
Middleboro is certainly looking up. Our downtown will be wonderful with a pawn shop, “smoke” shop, numerous nail salons, drug “rehab” facility, and Steve’s Sports Den. I guess that means a transformation from a historic district to a hysteric district.
The intersection of route 28 and route 105 is one of the few times I can state “I told you so.” Having three lanes in two directions and two lanes in another two directions is a recipe for congestion and that is what you get. I’m sure the wizards that devised this will also cure the rotary issue.
Our glorious new cop house will be Reedy’s archery until the glorious new cop house part Deux is completed - if it gets voter approval. I find it amazing that the department is understaffed and then they built a 9-12M dollar complex. I guess brick and motor is more important than feet on the pavement.
The new library parking lot is a fine addition. Children’s room at the library has always been exceptional.
A glitch in the Delta Airlines reservation system allowed certain fares to be a fraction of their normal cost. This occasionally happens within reservation systems for airlines and I am a pure skeptic at this point. What a great way to get site traffic and be on the news nationwide.
A gimmick in the Dodd-Frank Act requires companies to disclose CEO compensation ratios, with that ration being based on corporate average. Just another way to fuel the fires of income inequity.
Xmas trees will now be picked up. Maybe Andy’s math was defective are there were, in reality, more that 40 trees.
Chicken wings at Dave’s Diner are the best in the area. A close second is Boston Tavern and Harry’s.
The greater D.C. area is 73% above the median national income average. I guess that is what “The Big Zero” means by income inequity. Government does pay - both above and below the table.
Computer controlled trains are everywhere. In Shanghai their baby buzzes along at about 300MPH. And it is passenger loaded. I fully expect drone technology to eventually result in commercial aviation without pilots.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Failure That Is Obama

Just when I think our President can sink no lower he manages to do just that. I thought his race baiting had been the nadir, once again I am proven incorrect.
The latest is his “Selfie” photo with two other intellectually questionable characters. One being the PM of Denmark and the other of England. Like three frat boys and girls and a kegger in which too mush was consumed they decided to take a camera photo of themselves.
The wonderful choice of this self indolent behavior was midway through the sendoff of Nelson Mandela. What a wonderful display to put on the world stage. I imagine the usual suspects for this dismal failure in the corner office will surface and probably blame it on Bush.
The simple fact is this representative of those who have adopted an alternative lifestyle via handouts, is just continuing down the path that will label him as the premier example of mediocrity to hold the presidency in the last 100 years or so. Move over corrupt Republicans of the 20s - make way for Obama!
I am a firm believer that health care should be available for all. After all isn’t the responsibility of government the safety and well being of the citizens? Amazingly….or maybe not, the ACA is in a continuous stage of crash and burn - and I am not making reference to the web site. That will most certainly improve.
Where the problem exists is millions of policies have gone to dust and with it an even larger group of formerly insured who must now fend for themselves. Some of the more ardent supporters of this dismal president have all of a sudden noticed they are getting a BIG HIT with premiums and deductibles. Way to go, 18-34 age group. You wanted him and now you got him. The fact is as more comes to the shine of light the more reality sets in with the ACA. Wait until the tax burden - hidden or not - start to surface.
The most important thing is providing services for your constituents. Mayor to be Walsh met with Mayor to leave “Mumbles” and the most important part of the discussion was city services - meaning trash pickup, snow removal and answering the phones. Blow millions on a bad police contract? No problem. Schools underperform? No problem. Sweetheart developer deals surface? No problem. Trash not picked up? HUGE PROBLEM.
That is exactly why the Democrats better get in full damage control and not the verbal platitudes and barbs the president incompetent tosses out. This is real personal when you mess with a key element such as health care and it screws up. Even the I’ve got mine so what crowd have the “That could have been me” mantra going on. This really hits home.
But why stop with health care? The scandals, domestic spying, mis-management, foreign policy blunders, outright executive lying, misuse of government agencies and on and on and on are well documented. You don’t have to be a Koch Brother to realize that an incompetent is now in command. Great. Can it get worse? Well….a few more years will certainly muck it up even further.
The good thing is the executive screw-ups are so bad that they just maybe fatal to the Democrats in the 2014 elections. Many are already scurrying around to attempt to distance themselves from the mountain of failures that they just may be held accountable for. I thought there was no possible way the Republicans could capture the Senate and maintain control of the House. Internal divisions and those pesky “T” types seem to have placed the party in reverse. Then they were rescued. The titular head of the party is the president and, folks, he is flawed to the nth degree.
I am sure I will occasionally be able to give president incompetent his props, but I expect them being fewer and fewer.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

More Great Stuff

Power lines are great places to run simply because other trail systems often cross over them. Side trails that were in place for horseback and ATV’s are quite common and can run for miles. I am very familiar with the area in which the current version of forest strip mining is taking place.
Over the years I have run those lines from one end to the other. So when they say a 300’ cutting is taking place the big question is why? Rarely do you have tress causing an issue along transmission lines especially those. You would need a freaking 2,000 year old Redwood to cause an issue. This is a real overreach by a utility and should be treated the same way as any environmental disaster.
The headlines in the Enterprise: “Governor Comes Bearing Gifts.” The article mentions 27.4M to Massasoit, 4M to City Hall Plaza, 2.5M to Ames Shovel Works Housing and a few more. Does the Enterprise realize these “gifts” represent tax dollars? It is not a “gift.” but a redistribution of money collected from all of us.
Hal had a great profile on his Enterprise bog on who the eventual perp would be on the tragic hit and run in Middleboro. Hal was totally wrong.
A dope shop in Middleboro. I want all drug laws gone so this means nothing to me except it will be a cash cow for the proprietor.
Using the internet and social media only for marketing specials excludes a good portion of your customer base. Why do it? I was recently at Ocean State Job Lot where they have internet only coupons. I asked what happens to those that don’t have access - especially seniors. The reply was “get a computer” and for seniors “Go to the library or COA.” Real marketing wonders at that company.
Ban out of state use of EBT cards. Guess how the Democrats voted?
Proof of seeking a job. Guess how the Democrats voted?
Green card holders getting welfare benefits. Guess how the Democrats voted?
The last thing the Democrats in Massachusetts want to do is rile up their base. This pattern is clearly demonstrated in the lack of enthusiasm and common sense when it comes to welfare reform.
The Tsarnaev was milking the system endlessly. Mass Health, Section 8, SNAP, EBT, and just about every other handout available. The whole clan was living on our dime and could care less about America or anyone here.
“If you don’t have health insurance, you don’t have to do anything.” That famed proclamation by The Liar In Chief. His arrogance is only equaled by the incompetence his administration has demonstrated.
So now Obama has a luke warm admittance that things are not what they should be. Brilliant!
I have some real issues with Republicans and their social positions, and, likewise, some real issues with the overreach the Democrats seem so fond of. Is there anything they are not willing to go all Nanny on?
The recent actions of Democrats show that on the track to nonsense they are in a neck and neck race with the Tea Party.
Francis Slay is my new political hero. I know nothing of his politics but I do know he is the mayor of St. Louis. What did he do that has me thinking some real man-love? Slay didn’t make one of those dumb arse bets pols like to make when a sporting event takes place. He passed on making a “bet” with “Mumbles” over the series outcome. Thank you, Mayor Slay!
Appears the recent government shutdown had nil impact on the economy, if you wish to believe various articles that have appeared in financial apparatus such as the WSJ to The Economist. So much for the blather from the failed administration and their supportive economist. Turns out the economy is rather resilient.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Winners - Red Sox And Losers - Obama

The usual simple and common sense legislation was once again rejected by the Massachusetts House. The idea was welfare audit, especially EBT card use. Naturally, our local Republican contingent was in favor of it and the outcome was a done deal - rejected! The last thing the Democrats want is a burden on their primary voting block.
Also on the House agenda was at least six hearings before implementing a tax hike. Imagine having a light shined on the Democrat cockroaches that infiltrate our system? Of course this was rejected.
According to Forbes magazine Massachusetts is now ranked 49th as a business friendly state. Companies leave for a reason. Burdensome taxes, convoluted regulatory system, questionable mandates and almost an endless list that makes a company feel unwelcome. Did I forget the recently scuttled tech tax?
New Hampshire claims they do not need to encourage Massachusetts companies to head north. The business climate in Massachusetts is enough of an inducement.
The Tea Party is now the focal point of campaigns by Democrats. Amazingly the TP is exactly as obstructionist and down right vile as that collection the Democrats have sitting on Beacon Hill. Sometimes what appears as opposites are in reality quite close.
Originally the TP had quite a narrow focus - virtually all of it was fiscal policy, a guaranteed weakness of both parties, especially Democrats. But along the way the loonies were looking for a home and found one in the TP. Too bad the TP could or would not eject them. Far too loud a voice and certainly capable of giving those moment in time pitchers and sound bites for Democrat fodder.
So one reason for a doubling of some fees is other towns are higher. Hey, Charlie, other towns have lower meals tax so why not drop that down. The comes the “Hasn’t been raised in five years.” So if something has not increased that is a bad thing? Does that means if someone working for the town has not received a raise for five years they could get their salary doubled?
The Obama administration has created a nation addicted to dependency on government handouts. Some pundits claim this is by design to insure a consistent voting block that is attached to such largess. I could not agree more. In 35 states one can collect more planted on your duff than working minimum wage. Yeah, I know, the defenders of the faith will say “It’s for the children.”
The season for the Red Sox is over and it is still difficult to comprehend. I had them down for finishing fourth. Their new manager, John Farrell, had done absolutely nothing in his tenure in Toronto. The new signings were rather ordinary and several returning core players had some serious question marks regarding ability and intensity.
Sometimes the results exceed the parts and they did for 2013. A refreshing approach by a new manager, rebounding performances by key players, a productive farm system and the new additions performing beyond expectations. Amazing.
2004 was a given after defeating New York. In 2007 any Red Sox or baseball fan knew the Rockies did not have a chance. So 2013 became the real shocker during the season and especially the post season. They went through the best pitching in baseball with barely a bump to win it all.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Groupon And Living Social

I have been booking hotels and restaurants using Groupon and Living Social with their promotion deals and here is some advice, especially on hotel booking, since almost all require a purchase first.
What you do is get ready to purchase and then call the hotel, lodge, resort, et al you wish to use. Ask for the dates you are planning on using and if they are available tell them you are using a coupon. They need the codes so all you do is click purchase and in less than a minute it is available on your account. Did it today and it took a grand total of 45 seconds.
I see far too many reviews of folks buying a stay somewhere and then getting ticked when the dates they want are sold out. Some will purchase the coupon and then wait a few days or weeks before attempting to book. This is promotion items! They sell out fast. Use your noodle, people, and do the above.
The place I purchased had some negative reviews on Trip Advisor (great site) and all were over a reservation issue. They buy and then can’t book. IMHO it is not even a worthy complaint. With a stay you have limited flexibility, but with a restaurant or other activities you can choose when you wish to go. Some places sell thousands of coupons on Living Social, Groupon and the other similar sites that have sprung up.
The coupons for hotels (I use that term as a generality) are often based on rack rate - traditionally the highest rate a hotel will charge. So when a promotion is run the savings is based on that rate and not the discounted rate(s) that vary extensively. So, to me, it is a bit misleading when a savings of say 75% or so is stated. Example. On a recent rip I had the chance to use a Groupon to save 70%. I checked the hotel reservation site and saw I could get the same rate with a ten day advanced purchase. So it is not always what it seems to be, but most times I find the discount sites give you a healthy savings.
The various discount sites have ended my use of the Entertainment Book. You can get similar savings, especially dining, by using the web sellers. Maybe not the same places, but very similar. Morton Steak House can easily go $100 for a dinner for two - and that is without adult beverages. When I can get a two-for-one that is exceptional savings. I have also found that restaurant.com is an excellent site since their coupon has spending requirements and that allows you to purchase adult beverages that will certainly get you to that magical spending number. Have used one for LeBaron Hills several times. Pay $37.50 and must spend $75. Half price of your normal expense.
Tipping is always an issue with the various coupons. To this day a far too large portion tend to pay on the discounted bill and not the original. We do not have the Japanese model in this country. Tipping is actually a social requirement.
While on the topic of tipping. Should you leave a 50% tip? Or even a 100%? We went to Persy’s Place for breakfast and the total bill was about $24 including tax. I left $10. Those who know me realize I am not exactly the magnanimous type but the waitperson (formerly waitress) did as much if not more work than some five star meals I’ve had.
Now back to Trip Advisor. I’ve been on that site since it started and it has changed significantly. I don’t book on TA. The only thing I do is read reviews and write the occasional review. I generally examine how many reviews fall in the middle up or down range and I’ll stick to hotels for the most part. I’ll look at see how a place rates in that particular area. What is the value compared to other places. Examine folks suggestions on things to do in the area. Very basic stuff and the site has been a wonderful source.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Nearing The Fall

I looked at the voter demographics for the presidential election of 2012. Clearly, demonstrates the GOP needs 12 million , mostly poverty stricken, low skilled illegal immigrants to become new voters.
No casino because of potential crime, reduction in real estate values, public safety issues and addiction (gambling). Yet Highpoint is acceptable to some? Addiction, potential impact on real estate, safety calls and potential crime. Huh?
Well, at least the blight of a building will be cleared up. What will that leave? Oh, yeah, virtually the rest of downtown.
How long before Mayflower Bank packs it in? New owner usually means “consolidation.”
Article in The Enterprise about sea food restaurants closing. I’d been to one that recently shuttered - Pier 18 - and it was a great place for a meal. Not much for ambiance but the food was outstanding.
Has there been a recent disaster as great as the beginning of term two for Obama? I’d say this was Carter Part II, but even Jimbo was not even close to being the screw-up this president has been. Jobs, to foreign entanglements, to race baiting, to Obamacare, oh it just goes on and on.
In Massachusetts they are lined up to run for governor. The usual suspects will eventually surface and be weeded down to the obligatory ultra liberal Democrat and Republican no one ever heard of.
The recent software tax is the highest in the country of any state that uses it. Massachusetts is the 5th to implement it and will be the first to jettison it.
Revenues (again) have exceeded predictions in Massachusetts. Naturally that does not put a damper on the tax increases. Still more to feed the machine.
I have a friend on a posting board who has been attempting to open a small restaurant in Boston. In two years he has not completed the various road blocks the city (and state) have in place that makes the permit process so daunting. Not to fear, your Boston Red Sox received permission to use the streets around the ballpark in a matter of days. Nah…handing out tickets to the various government underlings has nothing to with it. Jock sniffers.
The 4,564th proposal for the Middleboro rotary is now brought forth. This will eventually be Middleboro’s answer to The Big Dig.
Unreasonable search appears to be a non issue when the Department of Homeland Security is involved. So much for warrants.
The value of Face Book stock has risen 120% since the IPO. Twitter will do the same.
Unions are starting to line-up against Obamacare. Get out those waivers, Mr. President!
The Red Sox will now win the division.
Bought some nice yard sale items at the soon to be shuttered camp ground.
The pension funds in Massachusetts are currently unfunded by billions - so into the void steps the Looney Tunes. Divestment of evil “Big Oil” that is stashed in the various funds has been raised by the Daffy Duck element. I always thought conservatives had a screw loose.
Highpoint will help with the Middleboro drug issue? Please. This is a written invitation for more problems. In 67 square miles of town they can certainly find an area with less of a neighborhood and business area impact. Try and check out that camp site.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

NIMBY Highpoint

Not In My Back Yard or NIMBY seemed to be used with a certain inflection of distain towards those who questioned having a drug treatment facility near their abode. Rang up some casino memories.
I am sure those who pontificate from their bully pulpit(s) on having such a facility in Middleboro would gladly become NIMBY’s if the locale was changed to directly across from their home or business. The proverbial walk in my shoes.
Seemed that Chief Gates had done some diligent research on the issue in regards to a similar facility in Plymouth and was able to connect the potential fiscal and service call dots. Expect services to potentially be taxed. Imagine a response in town being late since resources were diverted to Highpoint. And this is in a town where public safety officials have consistently gone on record as being severely understaffed. Great. Bring in another few hundred - if we are lucky - calls a year.
I know addiction first hand and I also know the very real disasters that can happen with a less than structured day treatment program in a neighborhood. And this will have that very component, which is where I draw my personal line. To be blunt - you have to be absolutely bonkers to have a day treatment facility in a neighborhood and business district. Bad enough with McLean but, hey, why stop with just one facility. Maybe we can get a six pack of them?
With our antiquated drug laws the cost of product causes significant crime. That should be of concern for those seeking day treatment and those who may accompany them. Are they thieves? Certainly may be a bit of a stretch on my part but that risk is there.
I found the attitude of Highpoint rather dismissive during the recent hearings. Seems their course of action is to minimize any problems at other facilities, and for their supporters to actively toss forward the emotional blackmail card. To the various hand wringers, of course there are drug issues in Middleboro and this facility will not solve that problem, but may actually magnify it. This is just the wrong place. Simple as that. Take the emotional blather and just stuff it. Does not pass my personal litmus test.
Now if Highpoint was strictly a lock down facility that just might be a different story to this observer but it is not, nor does Highpoint seem in any way willing to negotiate that point. Maybe eventually they will. So just enjoy the people watching when and if the project is completed.
Now we are faced with another nefarious argument that has zero merit, and that is the building is a blight! No kidding. Smart thinking. So one way of correcting that blight is to bring in a non tax paying facility that could severely tax our safety system! Now that is absolutely genius thinking to me. I’d rather see it sit vacant until nature solves that problem.
The programs and services that Highpoint provides are necessary, but also a judicious dose of common sense needs to be applied and that is sorely lacking. And why didn’t anyone question how successful Highpoint is? Fact is when dealing with drug dependency issues the recidivism rate is astronomical. But that also means return customers.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Highpoint Of Blogs

Ghost tours of Middleboro? Does that have something to do with empty store fronts?
I went to Kansas City weighing 178 pounds and returned at 182. Five days of Bar-B-Que.
Caillou is the most obnoxious kids show I have ever seen. This whinny brat and his enabling parents should stay in Canada where this disaster originates.
Now the famed camp ground is for sale, the town is looking in to a possible purchase. Forget it! 2.5M is too much. Half of that is too much for 40 acres. Yeah….beachfront property!
Weston Memorial Forrest folks are possibly interested in the majestic camp ground. Based on what the forest now looks like that would be a mistake.
If Walmart is the thermometer of the economy we are in deep, deep trouble.
Want to have a real tax holiday? Extend it to $20,000 purchases.
Wonder what kind of tax holiday New Hampshire has?
In Kansas I saw a traffic rotary like Middleboro that used a light system for traffic. You took turns entering the rotary and the rotary hand lanes. Busy area and things went smooth.
The Massachusetts jobless rate continues to rise. Time for more taxes.
Foreign Surveillance Intelligence Court. A secret court for which a citizen has little or no recourse. 1,789 surveillance applications brought to “the court” and all approved.
I’m all for medicinal pot. If it helped any pain I would take it. I’m sure constable Gates would lock me up.
Minimum wage needs to go up.
What is the over/under on how long The Brockton Enterprise will survive?
Nancy Pelosi (D- Botox) is big on ethics….except when it is within her own party. Ms. Pelosi has come east to help prop up the run of John Tierney. Great.
The Obama presidency is rapidly losing all legitimacy.
The usual suspects - ultra liberal Democrats - are lining up for a run as governor. More of the same and by same that will mean taxes.
HIGHpoint seems a rather strange name for a drug rehab facility.
Nothing in lieu of tax dollars? No way!
Chief Gates make the research argument by providing the number of calls Highpoint in Plymouth has in a year….and we get no in lieu of taxes? So the rest of us subsidize this business?

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My Own Krazy Days

Speaker DeLeo (D - Probation Department) was mouthing off on how “wonderful” the recent gas and cigarette taxes - along with many other - were. Amazing! The only ones that have stood the line on the onerous taxes that hit the middle class on down are those support the rich Republicans!
When will DeLeo be indicted? That would make four in a row.
In Massachusetts the pols get transportation money for going to work and a paycheck to boot.
The State House MIS Director gets three hundred large or twice as much as the same position in the state yields. Also he didn’t pay federal taxes for two years. Amazing.
Not all EBT card holders are criminals but all criminals seem to have EBT cards. A tweet from the vastly minority party in Massachusetts.
Mayor Bloomberg (I- Free Refills) had his nanny state agenda regarding soda dumped by a court. He will continue to fight this sorry fight.
Meanwhile the NY Post continues to hammer away at welfare fraud in NY. Guess we all know where Bloomie’s agenda is really at.
The Red Sox pulled the trigger and got a very expensive treat in Jake Peavy. He may put them over the top in the next few seasons but when Jake is sitting on a beach sipping margarita’s in a few years Iggy may be an All Star shortstop. I will miss Iggy but not as much as the pitching staff will.
Carbon Dioxide emissions warm the earth but the question is how much?
How much water did they have to add to that tank every time Steve got dunked?
Krazy Days appeared to be a success. Seemed busy on the two hours we spent wandering through the streets.
The gas tax is now implemented. I’m sure in a few months the toll booths will come down.
And state revenues for July exceeded projections by 9%. But we get more taxes?
John Henry of the Red Sox has purchased the Boston Globe for 70M. This is a real estate deal. The assets have value but the paper itself has little. I’d say worthless but The Globe has already proved that.
I can usually tell a wet spring and summer by trail conditions. A normal weather pattern will allow trails that are usually wet to be dried out by July and August. Not this year.
Unemployment continues to trend downward but wages are also going lower as is the number of hours people work. A reflection of the quality of the jobs and multiple part time jobs.
Steve’s Sports Den and the former Reedy’s Archery Building need a serious facelift. Both are a blight that stand out downtown.
Eastern Bank will evacuate the downtown and also close one of their Lakeville branches. Consolidation is the key corporate jargon and that translates into just plain saving money. I have lost track of the number of banks that have been in that building.
Someone builds a house in Rockland and three years later a mistake in the permit process was discovered. The lot was not buildable so the house has been ordered demolished after appeals to the Zoning Board and Land Court. A bitter family dispute over inheritance has made it impossible to purchase the necessary 2,000 square feet of land to save the $450,000 house. What a family! As far as the town what a bunch of tools.
The above describes a mystery to me regarding the legal process. There is the law and there is common sense. Seems the court could say that errors have been made by the town and the home owner should have been more diligent but we can not justify the destruction of a $450,000 home over 2,000 square feet of land. Naw. Never would be done.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Trashing Obama And Other Stuff

Now looting. I guess “free stuff” is not enough.
Which members of the jury were racist? Is there a past history as with Paula Deen?
A White Male was beaten to death by six Black youths. Will the DOJ step in?
Any man who approaches me with a smile and a firm handshake gets my attention and respect no matter his size, skin color, clothing, bling, at least until he proves himself a moron. I still hold doors open for all women even though I know simply by her gender she’s insane.
Many young Black males lead loves of hopelessness and desperation and commit far more crimes on each other than on White’s. Yet our race profiteering leaders and race hustlers do little to address the real issue. Enablers.
Obama said he would fundamentally change out country - a weak economy, a burgeoning welfare and entitlement system, an unworkable and monstrous health care law, a failed international policy, unemployment, a soon to be unsustainable debt and now the continued political obfuscation orchestrated to keep the uninformed and naive in line.
Obama has shown that with Cambridge and Zimmerman he is just another two bit race hustler.
The Beatles were visionaries writing “Fool On The Hill” with a Nostradamus look into the future regarding Obama.
Speaking of fools step right up Lindsey Graham (R - Fantasy Island) who has suggested boycotting the Olympics over Russia’s allowing Snowden to languish overseas.
A rise in gas tax has shown me the Democrats who rule Massachusetts have zero concern for Joe & Jane Citizen in Massachusetts.
Rand Paul is stepping up as a serious Republican candidate for 2016. Another year where I vote for Blank.
Seamless transition on the BOS from Al to Steve.
Mark Belanger is giving Adam Bond bike riding lessons.
Want to save expenses of a mutual fund? Find some moderately successful funds. For an example find a large cap blended fund and you can easily find what their major investments are since it is readily available. Examine what they are invested in and selectively buy those stocks.
Looks like North Carolina Republicans are making abortion a big issue in their backwater. Just don’t get it.
Will the Patriots have more wins or arrests this season?
I use Trip Advisor all the time. The site is excellent for reviews. Best around.
Harry Reid (D- Casino Mafia) wanted to change the rules on filibusters. I wonder if they could have a filibuster on the rule to change a filibuster?
A banker recently was in court on a Ponzi scheme that supported her lavish life style. Her “marks” were friends and relatives to the tune of 2.1M. Right now she is out on personal recognizance. Amazing! I would have not mercy on crimes like this. As much restitution as possible and jail time.
Red Sox have the best record in the American League and now comes the crunch of the division schedule. Sox play just .500 the rest of the way they could make the playoffs.
Three major unions including the Teamsters have sent a letter to Obama claiming the ACA will “Destroy the 40 hour work week and eliminate hard fought for health benefits.”
Rock star cover treatment for a bomber. What next for Rolling Stone? An Eichmann cover?
Forty years of Democrat rule in Detroit has resulted in bankruptcy. Bloated pensions, lousy school system, White flight, entitlement mentality, corrupt political structure and a non diverse economic structure. But in cities such as Boston Democrat rule has been rather successful. Maybe the Dems need to examine their own litter box and cut some from the herd.
Market Basket employees rallied around to prevent the CEO from being ousted by a board change. At the heart of this was a potential 1.5B payout to stockholders on the back of employees and customers (higher prices).
How bad are the Big Dig leaks? Head of The Charles Regatta will start at the Ted Williams Tunnel.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

A Great Alternative To Bumpkin!

Revenues in Massachusetts continue to rise and to exceed projects yet taxes increase. IMO this is a direct result of Democrats philosophical approach to government (feed the machine) and inherent lack of accountability.
Hernandez was nailed quite convincingly by technology - the same technology that the government claims stops terrorist in their tracks. That sound wonderful but how much do we really know about how it is used everyday regarding Jane and Joe Public?
Aaron Hernandez is certainly not MENSA material. Even Inspector Clouseau could have connected the dots on this one.
Obama is now a laughingstock on the international stage.
What is the purpose of DOMA? All I see is restricting personal choice and allowing those with different views on PERSONAL choice to inhibit others.
A Republican (who else) summarized the Patrick administration best. They have created more dead people getting EBT cards than jobs created.
There are no aliens at Area 51. None. This government allowed an army private to access and release thousands of pages of classified material. A low level contractor blew the whistle using information he easily grabbed. So some actually believe the government is capable of keeping a secret on aliens?
A year delay in parts of the ACA. A very apparent political move.
The ACA is also causing some real rate shock especially among the young and healthy.
Job market is improving or is it? Follow the U6 which is creeping up.
I actually saw one of the paid detail mob doing their job at the construction site at Exit 4. Is that a union violation?
A camel farted somewhere in the Middle East so oil goes up $5 a barrel.
Downtown Middleboro has a parking problem. No kidding! But, hey, there is that pot hole lot that has some spaces. Probably too far for most to walk. That 100 foot stroll is a killer.
Fireworks need to be legal in this state.
Patriots have made a partial change to their logo. I do believe the new logo has a hood pulled over the face and cuffs on.
The 4th parade on Middleboro is just a great show.
I sat in Monster Seats and they are nothing but glorified bleacher seats at $165 a pop. Most ballparks an elevated seat in RF or LF is $10.
Road costs per mile in Massachusetts rank 3rd in cost per mile and administrative costs so the solution is even mire taxes.
It was 128 degrees in Death Valley and someone ran the mile in 6:36 while wearing a complete Darth Vader outfit.
The lying sacks of manure that run our public education system need to be taken to the woodshed. The latest phony PR crap is that there will be “no tuition hikes.” LMAO! How about fee hikes? Yep. Depends on the school. So right now fees at say Westfield State are $8,290 and tuition is $970.
Our state college (university) system is a known political dumping ground. Think of the famed “corrupt midget,” Billy Bulger, getting to be prez of UMASS before cashing in his big kiss.
Judy Habib is CEO of KBJ Branding - an advertising firm that just lost out on a 5M advertising contract for the lottery. Despite the highest scores of all the bidders her undoing was diversity. The winning bid - a company with no females in the upper echelon - “won” thanks to their diversity of promising awarding a $12,000 contract to a vendor who was a woman. This is another example - I believe #345,765 of why Massachusetts is a national joke.
12% of the workforce is now temp and contractual. And it is not just day laborers. Includes doctors, MIS, CPA’s and a slew of others that traditionally had a lock on job security.
Crash Davis was a real major league player who gave Kevin Costner permission to use his name for the movie “Bull Durham.”

Thursday, June 27, 2013

'Dis And 'Dat

Bill Clinton was recently named “Father of The Year” by National Fathers Day Council. As bad as this is it ain’t as ridiculous as Obama’s Nobel.
Cats live too long. Why can’t their life cycle be like a fruit fly?
According to Snowden we are hacking into China's various data bases. This is like Mad Magazine's Spy versus Spy. I can see us looking trough a peep hole and on the other side is (fill in the blank) peeking back at us.
Why is it called a driveway when I park my car in it?
When I go on a trip it always seems longer to get there than get back.
The new DTA political hack leader is Stacey Monahan a former executive director of the state Democratic Party. Another successful nation wide search.
Why do I have to pay a toll on “freeways” in Houston? I’d argue the point but they are all electronic.
I wish the Republicans would take dominant control of politics in this state just so I could witness some possibly more creative political skullduggery. Democrats have been far to predictable.
Bumpkin pointed out electronic town meeting voting. That means no evil eye when one speaks out against a popular measure or an employee handout.
Of course based on TM turnout they should just hold it at Dave’s Diner or a similar place. Have a nice meal, a bar available and maybe the turnout can reach a few hundred.
I’m at about 50/50 on the belief factor of job claims and various other government statistics being “cooked books.”
Steve Wynn is suppose to be building a 4B dollar casino in Macau.
A company I once worked for the CEO was a seven figure person who loved to gamble. The casinos would provide him with a private jet to Las Vegas. Rumor had it he won more than he lost - rare indeed.
I recently spent some time in Westfield. What a vibrant community. Unlike Middleboro it was not cluttered with tattoo parlors and nail salons.
Snowden blew the whistle on a direct violation of the 4th amendment weather approved by Congress or not. Too bad a whistle blower wasn’t around at the Wassen Conference to give some warning of the Nazi’s final solution.
To me Ed Markey is just a dirt bag.
Red Sox continue to roll.
On 1950 Detroit was the wealthiest city in America. Now it is recognized as the most liberal city in America thanks It is also facing bankruptcy, is crumbling, has a huge unemployment, and welfare and crime off the charts - 50 years of “progressives” at work.
On both sides of Precinct Street by the power lines are entrances to great trail systems. I try to go there as often as possible since I’m sure the excavating equipment will soon arrive for the billion dollar casino.
My special election vote was quick. I check in, turn around and check out. The clerk said “voting is over there” pointing to the booth. I simply stated my vote is something precious and I cannot in good conscious vote for either candidate. Blanks do make a statement.
The Feds continual bond buy is like breast feeding a 14 year old. Enough and that enough was a long, long time ago.
Gomez cleaned house in our area. Markey totally dominated cities. Free stuff won out.
Caesars’ casino operations are making a play in Massachusetts. They have debt of 21B and lost 1.5B last year and were recently rejected for a license in South Korea. The way things are done in Massachusetts they should be a lock for a license.
Paula Deen is getting hammered for racial epitaphs. Funny how comments worked out for Jesse Jackson. Double racial standard?
Since I am no longer “Cooking With Paula” I will save a bundle on butter.
Imagine going to a store and asking the clerk the price and they say "Between $100 and $130." So we are getting a spiffy new police station - with a gym - and it will cost 10M or 13M or anything in between. This will be the Middleboro answer to The Big Dig.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I Spy

And now the failed administration is mining data from Verizon and other companies under the questionable veil of “national security” which is now a term they use to do as they please domestically without any due process. How bad is it? Even the NYT is now blasting away.
But it gets even better. They have been mining data from various internet companies and our pals over in England have been going along for the ride. I guess the Obama flakes will claim Bush allowed us to do it.
Yet another Obama scandal that his cheerleaders will merrily rationalize with convoluted ideological logic. Who can recall how the leftists whined, howled, and ululated in agony at the notion of Bush administration proposing the Patriot act? Where are those hypocritical fools now? In fact, where have those hypocritical fools been for the past 4 plus years?
And was not the Obama administration early on the ones that wished to prosecute the previously failed administration over security overreach? When is their “transparency” beginning?
When does national security trump privacy? Seems that “national security” concerns are the erosion of rights increased from Bush to Obama and most certainly well with the next administration…..and the next…...and the next…..
War on Terror is now a War on Freedom.
Clearly, if anyone thinks that all this NSA snooping is OK if a person has nothing to hide, then they need to think again. Does anyone remember when Ted Kennedy was put on the US Government’s “no fly” list?
How is all that hope and change working out for you?
Amazingly some of the support Obama at all costs crowd continue to exist. I guess it is all the fault of the "T-Tards" or "T-Baggers" or even the ultimate trump card "Racism" when the reality is the wounds are self inflicted.
A Department of Transitional Assistance (Welfare Department) hack praised Shaunna O’Connell for dishing out $800 to get EBT records. The quote from this pathetic government weasel - Alec Loftus - was - and I paraphrase “She saves the taxpayers $800.” This is typical of that agency which is now a troth for a feeding frenzy of those least entitled. If this bottom feeder had a ounce of common sense he’d be digging deep to straighten out the mess in the agency he represents.
Why is the song “Send In The Clowns” ringing in my head? Why because of DTA John Polanowicz and Stacey Monahan who are both on top of the DTA food chain. Why these two governmental wizards are taking the food stamp challenge. They are going to try and live on food stamps for a week. This represents the clueless frauds that are in change of screwing things up. What they just don’t get and everyone else does is it is not what people get but who gets it. The system is in the paper daily thanks to abuse that these two have done virtually nothing to curb. No one complains about the needy but they certainly complain about being ripped off and providing an alternative life style.
So now the choice is Gomez or Markey. What a choice! Those two should meld together and resuscitate the Know Nothing Party.
Patriots have signed Tim Tebow. Maybe they can trade that stiff Brady for a draft pick?
Tesla Motors is being sued by the Massachusetts Auto Dealers Association for selling cars directly to consumers. They consider this a violation of state law since the manufactures cannot own dealerships in this state. In round one the MADA lost and they will continue to lose.
One of the reasoning positions behind the MADA suit is that it protects the consumer by having cars sold via dealership. Huh?
Tesla had the highest rating ever awarded by Consumer Reports. Should have bought one, Jessie.
IRS partied hardy in Anaheim and now that they are front and center the Inspector General wants some documentation of their expenses. Alas they do not have any records! How would that excuse work out for you or me?
Town still wants money from the tribe. Good luck with that. Maybe the town could settle for a bag full of $100 chips and a few books of buffet coupons? Of course it’ll probably be the year 2314 when the thing is built. Let’s see. Massachusetts has 351 cities and towns and they have already gone to Middleboro, Fall River, Taunton and is that it? 348 more to go.
The Democrat infested legislature continues to refuse the common sense approach of using social security numbers as a verification tool. Seems many other states such as Florida and Illinois do it but not us.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

IRS And More

The Obama administration has hit the trifecta of scandals. The perfect storm for failure. The president is still approaching this with all the arrogance he can muster while support from even his most ardent sycophants evaporates like a summer rain on a humid day. The next several months will see a bunker mentality from the administration while the press - with extreme ire of the AP affair - will dig ever deeper with various moles providing ammunition.
The way Obama is being pictured in cartoons and on talk shows show how far his administration is sinking. I remember Jimmy Carter being portrayed as a smaller and smaller man behind a bigger and bigger desk in the waning days of his administration. Even those such as Paul Szep hammered away - previously ardent supporters. Now Obama is a nightly punch line for comedians and talk show hosts. So much for the respect quotient.
Supposedly the IRS gave data on conservative groups to ProPublica (who openly stated that), partially funded by George Soros and run by Herb Sandler
Of course I did nothing wrong but I’ll take the 5th anyway. Time for a special prosecutor.
The stench of this administration grows daily.
I imagine all this is somehow the fault of Bush.
In Massachusetts the new budget eliminated any photo ID’s for EBT cards. Another measure to insure mismanagement and fraud will continue. Thanks, Mass Senate!
And, of course, the money given to dead people. This ongoing mess hurts both taxpayers and the poor.
The Tribe has all those spiffy drawings of slot parlors they were going to build. Is there going to be a competition on which is architecturally the most aesthetic looking?
A Gun Nut success story. Three armed invaders locked a home owner in Houston in an upstairs closet - where he kept his guns. Needless to say the outcome for the perps was not very pleasant.
I can see now why some locals wished to evict some relatives from property they owned.
Axelrod claimed the recent Washington State bridge disaster was the fault of Republicans! Nor to be outdone some Democrats have managed to claim that the recent tornadoes were some how linked to conservatives. And I thought the deniers and fundamentalist factions were loony.
Work continues near the McDonald’s in Middleboro and I see far too many of our detail folks spending time on their phones rather than actually managing traffic.
The MBTA displayed their usual amount of concern over locals raising the potential of problems with the new Cape weekend run. This agency still refuses to divulge pension information.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Just Enjoying Spring

When is enough enough with the MBTA? Now they are refusing to release documentation of their pensions. Why? This is a taxpayer bailout agency. The MBTA has also done just about everything conceivable to reduce rider ship. The fare increases are a yearly event. The parking rates continue to rise exponentially. The handouts from the taxpayers continue. The reduced service. The elimination of special fares like the family pass.
Tesla now has the highest ranking of any vehicle ever tested by Consumer Reports. The company also showed a small first time profit.
The United States Senate has clearly demonstrated that lives mean nothing. The vote to continue the madness on firearms shows that quite clearly. Forty-six cowards.
Mike gets rewarded for hard work and being an upper tier watchdog. Strange town this Middelboro.
The recent votes to reject the use of social security numbers to check on a candidate for public housings income and for EBT reform were clearly along party lines with the Democrats once again supporting a status quo that has been a dismal failure.
The latest bills to be rejected along party lines were one that one for supplied an additional 20M in targeted funds for education - specifically textbooks, lab equipment and a sundry list of other items. The second House bill - also rejected - would have made available 3M in tuition and fee benefits for students who were adopted via the state adoption program. Republicans supported both measures and out “education” Democrats rejected.
And why do the Republicans - or a sizable segment of them - continue to wish to use the government as a tool for a moral agenda.
Gomez does not stand a chance. None. Zip. 42% of the vote would be astounding. So we will end up with another lock step far left liberal parrot in D.C.
The administration clearly lied on Benghazi. They can’t even get their lies straight so what does that say about their abilities?
The IRS also targeted conservatives. Amazing overreach by a government that has clearly lost its moral values.
I was in Peru for an extended period of time and they have an interesting social safety net - you lose your job it is tough cookies! Everywhere I went workers busted it. Poverty is incredible. Wealthy class, small middle class, a very large segment of subsistence workers and several millions in shanty towns looking for daily work or just stealing. Teachers and police have a salary of $4,500 to $6,500 yearly and no detail pay.
Gronkowski is on surgery #4. IMO his career will be one of injury upon injury. A great talent but very fragile.
Why airlines can drive you nuts. I book an award flight for my wife - The Lovely Cynthia - and it is 25,000 miles. I then book for myself and it is 32,500 miles for the same flights. Amazing how it managed to change in ten minutes, This is Delta and their program is now just awful. They and United are two airlines that will charge you the same number of miles if it is a one way or round trip.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Town Meeting’s great, as history

Special interest at its finest! Time to bury this antiquated joke and pronto. Ms. Braceras did manage to leave out Middleboro.
It’s April. Around here that means rain, daffodils, and that inefficient relic of our Puritan past: Town Meeting.
Ah, yes, Town Meeting. That uniquely New England institution where any registered voter can gather a few signatures (some towns require as few as 10) for any half-baked idea and — presto! — it’s on the town warrant.
Want to ban the use of leaf blowers (Arlington and Marblehead)? Put it on the warrant!
Think your town should require leashes for cats (Concord)? Put it on the warrant!
Want your town to go on record as pro-Second Amendment? Draft a law requiring a gun in every home (Byron, Maine). And put it on the warrant!
Yes, across New England this spring, minute fractions of the electorate — unelected and often uninformed — will congregate to approve budgets, pass bylaws, and debate issues of importance (and many of no importance).
Mostly, they will gather to hear themselves talk — to pontificate, bloviate, and hold court before captive audiences of voters desperate to cast their ballots on that one significant agenda item and go home.
In Concord, for the third consecutive year, residents spent an evening of their lives debating the sale of single-serving water bottles. Just over a thousand Concordians (of the town’s approximately 11,000 registered voters) attended Wednesday’s Town Meeting. The rest had lives to lead that prevented them from sitting in a crowded auditorium for hours on end listening to environmentalists and consumer advocates go at it.
And so by only 66 votes, with only 12 percent of the town’s electorate present, Town Meeting defeated an effort to lift the controversial water ban (approved by an equally narrow margin last year). Not exactly democracy in action.
In small 17th- and 18th-century agrarian communities, where only men voted and women-folk were home to mind the children, this form of participatory governance may have made sense.
After all, what else was there for Colonial farmers to do in the evenings? They weren’t rushing out after a long day in the fields to drive their kids to hockey practice, pick up the dry-cleaning, or play a round of golf. Back then, town meeting was not just a form of government, it was the social event of the season.
But in 2013, when many people commute to work, travel on business, or work the night shift, the idea of hiring a sitter in order to spend hours debating politics deters many citizens from taking part in local decision-making at all.
Put simply, Town Meeting has a discriminatory impact on working voters and voters with young children. It leaves governance to an unrepresentative minority of voters — usually single, childless, or elderly, who have time to spend long hours debating items that could be easily resolved in moments. For instance — call me crazy — at the ballot box.
The Minutemen who sacrificed their lives at the North Bridge would no doubt be appalled to see how Town Meeting has become a tyranny of the minority.
In an era of early voting, electronic voting, and other innovations intended to expand access to the ballot, it is ironic that many New England towns cling to this arcane and anti-democratic form of government. Try to move the location of a polling place or check a voter’s identification, and the ACLU screams voter suppression and disfranchisement. But allow a tiny, unelected minority of voters to make decisions for an entire town, and it is hailed it as civic engagement. Puh-leez.
Can’t we just admit that it’s time to abolish Town Meeting?

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

More Snippets Of Brilliance

My truck is quite capable of traversing three feet of water and doing it easily. Unfortunately if there is two feet of mud under the water the end result is a muddy escape and a tow. Thankfully, Bumpkin was not in the truck otherwise we would have sunk through the earth’s crust.
What will come first? Resolution of Edgeway or the local Big Dog at the rotary? Maybe my great-great- grandchildren will see the final result.
Shooters no longer accepts credit cards. In the restaurant business that is the fiscal death knell and closure is near. IMO the place had or it this case has a significant image problem when it appears to be a biker bar. I went in once to meet some family members and saw a sign saying “no gang colors.” Real homey atmosphere.
Joe Fitzgerald in The Boston Herald touched on a topic that occasionally surfaces regarding office holders running for another office. If you do so resign from your current position. I also find it strange that some run a two fer - such as Paul Ryan. On the ballot for Congress and for VP.
The morning after pill has been approved for girls under 17. I’ve always felt they should have a morning after pill to make you forget who you were with last night.
Was some talk about Scott Brown running for the Senate in New Hampshire. Dems went into the expected “Carpetbagger” frenzy. What a hoot! That is the domain of the Kennedy’s. Want to run for office? Move into the district and pull papers a week later.
1.9B or 500M? That is the new taxes to feed the machine. Of course exactly what stringent budgetary measures have taken place within our governmental structure to cut waste?
Per diem is another gift that the legislature bequeaths upon itself. Most take full advantage since it is done on the honor system. At last count sixty-two members passed on taking the perk and all Republicans were in that category.
The EBT Card battle continues with just some minor tweaking being done to the system rather than a massive overhaul. Still no photo ID’s. Anyways - according to our illustrious state auditor the fraud is “about 1%.” That is administrative speak for “anecdotal.”
Patrick Jenevein is the CEO of a wind energy company and he ripped into government subsidies for the industry in a WSJ article. Claims the handouts have stifled inventiveness in the industry and have actually driven up costs.
And on the Global Warming front The Economist had a substantial article that the figures regarding temperature increases are not accurate and need to be adjusted downward.
The Cape Flyer is going to make runs from Boston to Hyannis this summer. At a recent kick off celebration the usually suspects in our political arena were touting this new - really old - service. A spokesman said they “hope to break even.” Wonderful.
Looks like Adam Bond is more “open” for business than before.
The tribulations of the Tribal casino still manages to grab some headlines. Yawn.
The epic history channel presentation of “The Bible” was outdrawn on Easter night by “The Walking Dead” a series about Zombie’s. I always thought those Zombie’s were the ardent supporters of Obama. Wrong again.
Since there was a Resurrection maybe Jesus was a Zombie? I imagine a creative movie producer could make a movie like that since one was made on Abraham Lincoln - Vampire Slayer.
Jordan’s Furniture has a baseball promotion each year and in 2013 you get free furniture if a Red Sox pitcher tosses a perfect game. The last one by a Sox pitcher was Cy Young in 1904. In fact in 1904 they were not even the Red Sox but The Americans. The Boston Americans - Red Sox have played over 17,000 games! Great promotion (insert sarcasm).
Chopped paint and deteriorating shingles are now a health hazard in Middleboro? Seems to be an issue with the Board of Health.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

More Bitchin' About Government

I was amazed at our local BOS demonstrating a total lack of historical reference regarding the potential bribe by the state to support a tax increase. Signing on a support letter for taxes may mean the rotary will be fixed. Note the term may. Do any members of the BOS remember John Volpe and a “temporary” 3% sales tax? Sure - guys - believe the boys and girls on The Hill. Steve McKinnon has the fiscal sense of knowing you can’t continue to feed the beast in return for promises that are broken. The state is the proverbial “I’ll respect you in the morning.”
And on The Hill a Boston Herald reporter was tossed from a legislative only meeting on (drum roll please) transparency!
Another proposal for further taxes is use of a transponder to “tax” each and all for highway use. Keep on feeding the beast. Daily stories appear - like below - about corruption, political appointees of questionable ethics and qualifications, pension bloated by “playing the system” and mismanagement throughout government yet the cure-all is always the same - more revenue!
Sherri Killins becomes another poster child for ineptness in the flawed Patrick Administration. This one - no surprise - was outed by The Boston Herald for her out of state residency and being enrolled in a n education program while still on the books for 200K a year. Her flacks and those of the administration circled the wagons with tepid responses or no responses from inquiring minds that wanted to know. She finally came to her senses - or was pressured to do so - and resigned. Another chapter in what happens when a one party monolith runs the state. Sorta makes me miss Dukakis.
Jim Braga and his family recently became victims of an unnecessary death. I didn’t know Jim that well except for basketball years ago. When I first met him he was bear like in appearance and my first reaction was purely based on the visual. The guy was a pussy cat and as clean and gentleman a player as I ever met. I had two kids who had him as a teacher and they both spoke highly of him - fair guy, good sense of humor and you actually were engaged in the classroom.
In Boston the School Committee and Mayor are attempting to develop a school choice plan. Forty years after busing destroyed the system they figured it out.
The Massachusetts House rejected a bill that would have allowed law makers at least six hours to read and review a bill before it is brought to a vote. Does this make any sense? Naturally it was the Republicans who voted in favor.
Boston Phoenix is no more. Anyone who went to school or worked in the Boston vicinity would grab a copy of the free paper. Declining ad revenues so it is goodbye.
Patriots are a mystery to me. Why let a proven commodity go to get one for more money that has not come close to the product let go? Goodbye, Welker!
Slowly or is that fastly the new or is it renovated police station will be located on the current site. The Winthrop Atkins area has been rejected for reasons that from what I can determine have no cost analysis to show if it is a real savings. Sometimes one gets the impression that a done deal was in the works from day one. Just get the impression that those involved and thinking of ways of saying no to other options rather than yes.
With an old building especially one that old any historical renovations will have a questionable price tag. IMO it will far exceed any projected costs. Also IMO the FinCom was on the right track of at least bringing up a less expensive alternative.
Chief Bruce Gates got dope slapped in an Enterprise editorial about his inconsistency regarding release of information. Maybe he can work out pent up ire when his new magnificent station has a gym installed.
The casino issue continues to surface and considering the ethnic background of some tribal members maybe the LIT should be in the Azores?

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Police Station/Landfill/Rotary/Obama

A new police station for half the price. Seems reasonable. The renovation figures for the current hulking wreck come in at 13M and I am sure that does not include wooden windows. Now they have also discovered a potential environmental hazard on the current property that could drive up that 13M considerably higher but that does not seem to have much of an impact on our chief who appears now to want no other site considered. So much for budget constraints.
Our local Historical Commission also would love to see the building restored since they see two things: (1) It is old and (2) on the Historic Register. What they do not see is the cost even without a police station. No doubt this will eventually siphon away as much CPA dollars as possible. Is there anyone that can tell these people no? Maybe at Town Meeting? Naw….they’ll load the hall with supporters for this disaster in the making. This will be the Fung Wah of Middleboro when the final bill is in.
The committee that is in charge (supposedly) of the new police station project should do everything possible to look at significant cost saving alternatives and that may actually mean paying more than lip service to the potential at Starr Mill. A debt exclusion of 6M is certainly more palatable than a debt exclusion of 13M.
I’m from the state so trust me. That is it in a nut shell of the arm twisting to get Middleboro to sign off on support of increase taxes and in return that magnificent rotary will once again be put on the high priority list. Quid pro quo.
The town decides to change election schedule with a primary factor being cost savings but it seems cost savings only applies to certain areas yet when cost savings is in the potential millions it is bypassed?
On a recent visit to the dump (AKA - Landfill) I was informed that tree parts exceeding six inches in diameter were not allowed. Amazing! But there is an exception - the Town of Middleboro. Yep….they can do as they please but the rest of us? Once again I must mentioned Ray Flynn the former Mayor of Boston who realized you could lose millions and the voters will yawn but if the garbage is not picked up or the streets not plowed the tar and feathers come out.
Certain surrounding towns have decided to set aside days that will have the wood chipper pay a visit. Pile up your storm remains and they will chop it up. Naturally Middleboro is not one of them.
Deval Patrick wants money for a 2B+ rail line to the South Coast. The rail to Middleboro is now $10 each way to Boston and is starting to price folks out of the public transportation market.
"The Big Inch" is a pipeline that was created out of military necessity of having a minor scuffle designated as WW II. Keystone should be considered also in security terms just like "The Big Inch" or the national highway system. Much has already been completed and if and when it is finished it will represent only a tiny fraction of pipelines in this country that carry oil and that pipeline total is 200,000 miles.
Canada has product. They are willing to sell it to us. Energy independence is an important diplomatic tool so that we will have some degree of security from overseas nonsense. The United States is also developing extraction methods that will eventually make us the largest oil and natural gas producer in the world and that is not even discussing the off shore potential of the eastern seaboard.
We need green energy. That is a given. Tidal, solar, wind and other options that may surface. Right now they are expensive and the technology needs to catch up to make it fiscally responsible and it most certainly will. But until that happens this country needs to improve our deliver systems and to construct new processing facilities. Not to do so is myopic nonsense.
What a dismal example of leadership was displayed as Obama took to the bully pulpit just before noon on sequester doomsday. This sounded like campaign talking points and was an embarrassing void in leadership that seems to exemplify what happens in crises situations both domestic and foreign with Obama. When I compare Obama even to his predecessor or to Clinton or Reagan he comes up far short. I'll say it again - my biggest problem with Obama is his lack of leadership - it is a void.
Obama has managed to or attempted to put the budget issue framed in such a way he can say “I told you so” no matter what. Unemployment goes down just think about what it would have been with that 85B tossed into the fiscal kitty. Ditto the stock market. If the reverse happens it will be “I told you so.” What a disingenuous hack.
Marissa Mayer is the new CEO of fast fading web portal Yahoo. Ms. Mayer has a contract that pays over 100M and is proof that some can bust through the famed glass ceiling. Ms. Mayer has also clearly demonstrated she is like many male counter parts and that is being clueless regarding employees by banning telecommuting. My assumption is that Mayer assumes this will result in some massive turn around for Yahoo.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sequestering - Whatever That Means

The Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) is in charge of the state parks but it appears they also have another duty that recently surfaced with the “Storm of the century” - they also are in charge of clearing the snow from the State House. The DCR doesn’t do it but contracts the work out with the requirement it must be removed - yes, removed - within 12 hours. A spokesperson was not able to tag a dollar figure but my assumption is this is not exactly a low end deal.
I go to state parks quite frequently since I am a trail runner. Franklin is a great one but it has been deserted for years - funding. Massasoit is bare bones. Ames Nowell is essentially closed. Borderland is maintained rather well as is Myles Standish but both still have minimal services. But the snow gets plowed for the State House - no - gets REMOVED! So the politicians get a spiffy reserved and clean space while the Hoi Polloi get a stripped down state park.
My wife - The Lovely Cynthia - and I travel quite frequently. Local day trips, a few night getaways and longer trips of extended stays but we have never been on a cruise. Every time we think about it something in the news convinces us to stay away and Carnival has managed to do just that. Probably the only thing we’d try is an elegant river cruise in Europe. Elegant means too expensive
The first day of spring training and two Red Sox players already have a slight physical problem and another (Felix Doubront) shows up looking like a blimp.
According to The Herald the number of state employees receiving a six figure salary has gone up 12% in one year….and Patrick wants 1.9B in new taxes?
As Howie Carr calls it “The Boring Broadsheet” is now for sale at about 10% of what the NY Times bought it for. The Globe use to be the paper of record but it is now a shell of its former self - a larger version of The Brockton Enterprise.
Tesla Motors may finally be turning the fiscal corner on profitability. Their electric is amazing - especially the price. The roadster can easily (and quietly) go 0-60 in under four seconds but the price tag is north of $100,000.
When I start up trail running after the defrosting takes place I’ll probably need a chain saw. A real mess in the woods.
My daughter just returned from a trip to the Azores and loved it.
The Chinese are hacking into our computer systems but the bust to do is to spam them to death.
The authorities closed down a “massage parlor” in West Bridgewater since it was a front for prostitution. There were local and state police, Homeland Security and ICE involved in this operation. Amazing use of resources.
Returning home Monday AM there was multiple wrecks on I-495. The State Police were siphoning off traffic onto R105 to connect to the rotary for a bypass but didn’t have anyone at the lights directing traffic. Not sure whose responsibility it was but the smart thing would be having someone at the junction of R28 and R105 to get that push on since virtually all were taking a left hand turn. Fortunately I was going to the right and had a clear lane. Just another example of the simple things not being done.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

No More Snow

Middleboro seems to be at the focal point of “Middle Earth” all too often. The latest is a machete wielding significant other of an arson suspect.
In Brockton - the garden spot of Southeastern Massachusetts - a pig has been sent to a gulag in Halifax thanks to its propensity to escape and wander the streets. On its last venture it was propositioned three times before animal control captured it.
Now that Xmas trees no longer represent a significant collection issue maybe Mr. Bagas can sent the trucks over to Auburn Street for a clean up? I would suggest several very, very large trucks.
The Republicans continue to froth over Obamacare and rightfully so. The program is growing exponentially and will create several new battalions of lawyers to deal with this soon to me most layered of bureaucracies. However I would say look in a mirror boys and girls of the GOP since this hydra is the end result of your own decades of stonewalling. That so many Americans have limited or no insurance access has long been a blight.
Some dissipation of that junk yard (AKA - Storage) depot n the corner of Jackson and Lincoln streets has taken place. Is it a sudden desire on the part of the owners to beautify or the high price of scrap?
Is the economy improving? I’d say “yes” but what exactly does improving mean? Like seeing your blood pressure at 148/88 and it goes down to 140/82.
Gas prices have taken another surge and some of the blame is not on supply but the ability to refine product. The United States needs updated refineries or new ones and just maybe “The Big Zero” can issue some Executive Orders to make it happen.
Unemployment benefits are taxable but welfare is not. Another reason it may pay not to work.
Once again the rotary - not the ones holding an auction - has reared up with the state doing a song and dance that would make the staff at Burt Wood jealous. I could see this being a problem for a few years but it has been one for decades. I guess that round and round means little but a multi-billon dollar train to the southern hinterlands does.
About that train. The cost estimate is around 2B but in state dollars that will soon expand to 4B and maybe 6B? Why not just provide chauffer service?
The locals McDonald’s has finished making their drive thru resemble the rotary and the next project is a rebuilt of the store. IMO they should make a land purchase on Clark Street and have three lanes so that one lane could be dedicated to a right turn only. Nightmare pulling out into traffic.
Streets seem to be plowed rather well around town.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

CPA/Taxes/Auburn Street

There is hardly a limit on what our local Community Preservation Committee can spend of CPA funds on a project. It is up to their collective discretion and in my opinion that is a serious flaw that needs to be addressed. Already there is talk of tapping into CPA funds for the police station and that could mean some serious outflow. The CPC could easily spend 60% of their funds on this project or none at all. My suggestion would be for the CPC to impose a cap on what a project can receive in a year based on a percentage of total CPA funds available. Say a limit of 15% or 20%? This would be a built in protection so that disasters such as the one in Bridgewater could be avoided. Also an applicant could always return the following year and make a request. Big ticket projects can turn into a money pit.
The reliance is upon the CPC to judiciously examine all proposals and recommend them to Town Meeting. Rarely does a CPC reject a proposal and rarely does a TM reject a CPA funded project. In fact very few projects actually turn into boondoggles That is what I have discovered in by usual diligent research. The Middleboro CPC appears cautious in the vetting process and hopefully that will continue and continue especially when the town comes forward in begging mode. But I have not found a CPC that has any self imposed limits or cap.
Deval Patrick has decided in his infinite wisdom that Massachusetts residents can pay even more in taxes. Already our road costs per mile are a notch away from being the highest in the nation while New Hampshire among the lowest. The primary factor being “administrative costs.” So that means a possible sales tax and gas tax increase to address transportation issues and - of course - the billions that the governor wants to spend on commuter rail to New Bedford and Fall River and - naturally - a line from Pittsfield (yes - it is part of Massachusetts) to New York City. I doubt if the famed Middleboro Rotary is on his agenda.
The proposed tax increases also have their usual “For the children” component meaning more for education. This is the poorly veiled attempt at emotional blackmail since the last thing we need is some rag covered tikes sitting in a classroom of eighty other rag covered tikes without heat, computers, pencils and no other potential services.
Fees are the other area that politicians love to exploit. I’m all for a fee to serve in the legislature. You are elected to office you pay a fee. You are elected to office you have to pay for a bond (not Adam) incase any skullduggery takes place on your watch - a remote possibility. So I doubt that will happen but your auto inspection may be doubled. Why do repair shops continue to do it if it is time consuming and those machines so expensive? Well the usual takes place: “You are going to need new ball joints!” “You need new wipers!” “You have a light out!” Amazing how much is discovered wrong or in need of repair.
Is Auburn Street finally settled? A court order was issued for the mess to be handled and the way the courts have operated with some of this crap I hope the Judge is Roy Bean. Just maybe this will be the start of public usage for the area and not to run a junk yard.
Obama in his inauguration speech had a line in the sand drawn for Republicans and even some of the more conservative elements in his own party. His focus for the bully pulpit appeared to be on his social agenda with no real specific on how to pay the bills.
Tom Brady is a very good quarterback but no longer a great one. He has morphed into a combination Brett Farve and Peyton Manning with spectacular numbers and then pedestrian ones in the playoffs. His performance against Baltimore was dreadful.
U.S. Attorney General Carmen Cruz plans on continuing the efforts of her department to grab a Tewksbury motel despite a rebuke of a judge that dismissed the case. Another example of prosecutorial reach or more clearly a money grab in which the feds can share the bounty with the locals.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Ides Of January

Regionalization - I hope I have that big word right - is now in the news as the governor is targeting local housing authorities in an attempt to consolidate and save 10M. The real motivation is Chelsea. Chelsea has managed to corrupt the process in a sting of well documented and highly published mis-doings with the end result is everyone suffers.
There are 200 housing authorities in the state and with the consolidation that brings the number down to six. I’m sure the concern is over local control which should be somewhat extinguished by the new plan. I doubt if it will pass.
The local CPC has moved forward on the acrimonious UU pipe organ issue. On to TM for that one when some ire over the representative of the applicant will surface.
While in New York City I came upon a rotary that smaller than the Middleboro Rotary but obviously far more congested. Both Central Park West and North funneled into it but the rotary had three marked lanes and a light system that allowed for actually some fairly controlled madness. I have also seen a similar design in Hilton Head and used it several times. Works well. Maybe the answer here?
I had seen in the paper the potential of CPA funds being used on the police station. Is this a back door around what should be standard maintenance, overrides or debt exclusion?
The drive thru and the local McDonald’s makes the rotary look sane. Why they designed it like that is beyond my limited comprehension. At least I can still get a large soda for a buck.
Some strides have been made to make scenic downtown Middleboro presentable - most notably our “theater district” - but there is a long way to go. Too many store fronts look like 70s design gone bad.
Truchhi’s bakery has great cup cakes and they are only a $1.49.
I’m sure the BOS will make some sort of determination on stores selling pot. My suggestion is to make it as restrictive as liquor and lottery sales.
When did the History Channel become the Pawn Channel?
In New Hampshire a charity event sponsored by the Chief Police Association is offering a variety of guns as prizes. I guess sensitivity training is not taught at the academy.
Mark Pacheco has announced a run at another term. Guess the Probation Department hearings have stalled.
1/14 was Blue Monday or the most depressing day of the year. Seems that it is the day in which seasonal disorder is most pronounced. I really think it is all the Xmas credit card statements arrive.
Apple stock is on another downward trend. A real “bargain” at $500 a share.
The Patriots managed to win a playoff game with the vastly overrated Tom Brady so now Baltimore comes to town. Of course the pronouncement is Baltimore is “Old and slow” so as an “Old and slow” person I will have a bit of sympathy for them.
The Ravens got their nickname thanks to Edgar Allen Poe’s connection to the city.
The Boston Braves were once known as “The Beaneaters.” I imagine the clubhouse resembled that famed campfire scene from “Blazing Saddles.”
Nature areas in other towns have occasional bridges and boardwalks in areas that are difficult to muddle your way through. In Middleboro we have none. I’ll let BB start a grass roots efforts since I am far too lazy.
Be interesting to see how Obama applies executive orders in his second term. I believe Harrison was the only president not to issue one. Of course this will infringe upon Congress (in their view) and the occasional turf war will ensue.
Will be interesting since the debt ceiling is designed to provide money Congress has already authorized to spent or has spent. No bills get paid. I'm sure SS folks will appreciate that. Wait until Congress discovers there is no office help, free cafeteria and the trash is not being picked up. I'll probably miss the Smithsonian and National Parks the most.
Why is housing rehab grants limited to downtown?

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

NRA/Cliffs/Mundane Comments

The Second Amendment used as a vehicle for illogical thought. The NRA - I hope - has a class action suit filed against it for the slaughter they help perpetuate. Now if the defenders of “The Second” wish to use that as a basis for their arguments I’m all for a return to the glory days of the late 1700s. Back to the flintlocks. Keep yer powder dry, boys! You want the Second then live with it under the parameters it was written.
Arm the custodians! Barney Fife lives! Pick up the trash, kid, or get pistol whipped!
How bad was in for the gun nuts? Even the NY Post and NY News - two conservative papers had NRA flack Presser on the front page with the headline “Gun Nut” followed by “NRA Loon In Bizarre Rant On Newtown.” I guess to the NRA the gun is just an innocent victim.
The idiots who run the increasingly insane National Rifle Association are so wrapped up in protecting widespread ownership of guns at any costs that they defy logic, promote stupidity and offer ridiculous solutions to the increase of violence in schools.
I took at informal poll via the internet of teachers and former teachers regarding their having to lock and load in the classroom. I also asked to have it sent to other teachers and at this point it is 17-0 AGAINST arming teachers.
We can have guns for self defense - thank you SCOTUS - but what happens when they get loose? Get stolen? I’ve seen stricter control getting on a plane than getting a gun. They are everywhere. Owners are careless and a four year old ends up with it. Family disputes are easily settled. Forget Death With Dignity just take the quick way out. High capacity magazines are only for one purpose - annihilation
A clever mass murderer can use many options to bring havoc but one option we can eliminate from the equation is guns.
How many armed robberies occur in Japan? Germany? Canada? How many schools in those countries have armed guards?
During our recent 3” blizzard I saw folks shoving snow into the street and clearing their cars in the street. My understanding is this is some type of violation of a newly minted ordinance. Maybe they should make a pilgrimage to Auburn Street to dispose of snow - after all it is not a street.
Are the BOS meeting every Monday in January? I have a Xmas tree to get rid of.
Congressional raises. It was stupid. Dumb. Poor decision. The country is a mess and Congress can't get crap done and they get a freaking raise! Obama should have killed this weeks ago. I don't care if it is Bush (choose one), Clinton, Reagan or Obama it was terrible PR and has just ticked people off. A dumb arse move! And while I have the soap box where was the leadership in Congress on this?
Seemed like the fiscal resolve was originating in the Senate. Article I section VII covers this. They are proposing. All the twist of linguistics and parliamentary maneuvering. Not really unusual. House will then look at it and modify it (much will already be decided with a mutual drunk and debauchery) and then the House will magically come up with a bill with a few changes and send it on to the Senate. Eventually it will pass and then the legislature and executive will gut it.
My predictions are notoriously accurate such as a Red Sox pennant in 2012 or BB writing a worthwhile read so look for equities and earnings to sky rocket in 2013.
Kansas now has a law limiting cat ownership to a max of four. Many places have dog limits since at a certain number you must have a kennel license. My wife - The Lovely Cynthia - would have to cull her herd of cats. Little furry vermin - the cats - not Cynthia.
Towns are moving to restrict dope shops. I thought the original intent was to block dopes which would make my blog extinct.