Saturday, June 13, 2009


I recently returned from California and one thing I found quite fascinating was a visit to the Sutter Mill site near Placerville. This was ground zero for the California gold rush and what that did to local tribes was devastating as the wealth of the land was plundered and tribes displaced. I’m no “fan” of giving something excessive to Indians based on past excesses by invaders - their term for us - but I am not foolish enough to make any bizarre justifications for what we did either here, there or across the Americas. History is clear on that.

California has a glut of tribal casinos and that is no surprise. The state has many tribes and each managed to find a slot to try and take advantage of the system or be taken advantage of themselves by investors. I only went to one and that was Thunder Valley which was a mid size operation when compared to our Connecticut gin mills and proposed Middleboro casino.

We also ventured over to Reno and Virginia City and spend most of one day in Virginia City. Interesting place since the day we were there the weather was cold and wet with as much rain in one day as they get in six months. Had a nice meal at a saloon/casino and paid visits to the usual collection of specialty shops.

California is one of the few places where the governmental structure is on a par with Massachusetts. They have found a way to tax everything including even newspapers. Back home our legislature has risen to the task of proving that government in this state is to perpetuate the hack system at our expense. Sales tax increase and a soon to be gas tax increase and eventually a increase on the income tax. Forget the cost of doing business as this state seems to pride itself on putting up fiscal and regulatory roadblocks to business. A bit of pension reform took place but that is just a PR bone tossed to the holli polli and will eventually be gutted or circumvented. Again, the end result of a one party government that has stayed around too long. Don’t know if a surge in Republicans or reform Democrats could change the system but there could not possibly do worse.

From a column by Cal Thomas quoting Newsweek editor Evan Thomas: “In a way Obama’s standing above the country, above - above the world. He’s sort of a God.” From a blog by Russian Staislav Mishin as published in The Boston Herald commenting on Obama’s fiscal policy regarding spending: “If this keeps up for more than another year, and there is no sign it will not, America at best will resemble the Weimar Republic and at worse Zimbabwe.” I have some real issues with the media fawning over Obama and a fiscal and interventionist policy that is a clear shift to the left. How prophetic that a Russian ends up commenting in his article about the Marxist trends in America.

Had Limo take me to the airport. Great service. Nice ride. Relaxing. Thanks, Mike.

Hal has some nice photos on his Heckuva web site.

Green School is making some progress and the leader of the pack - Lincoln Andrews - has no illusions to this being a slam dunk success. A long process is taking place evaluating the structure and the viability of any refurbishing. He’ll keep all informed.

The baseball team from NY seems to have run into a roadblock with the local entry. Pity.

I have changed my banner - again. As always JP will have a place of honor in the title either in full form or abbreviated form.


bogofree said...

Hal has a nice write up on heckuva regarding some interesting signage on an issue I touched upon for week 30.

North Slope Rigger said...

Don't be so kind, Bogo, as far as I'm concerned Obama is just a huge mistake. He just gets back from a kissy face session with Muslims. Great. What next? These are our enemies. Get real. You were actually going to vote for this guy? In a few years no one will admit that.

Obama and his lefist cronies want to control what we say, do and think. That is their constant mind set that is to save us from ourselves. Probably has Rev. Wright as a kitchen cabinet advisor.

The press is a freaking joke. Talk about falling over one another to puff up this guy. So much for journalistic integrety.

The good thing is Sox are on a roll. Above .500 on the road. Three games up. Watch out for TB. Worry more about them than the Yankees.

anonymous said...

800,000 calls in one day for those "confused" by the switch to digital. How long has the planning and announcements been going on? Five years? Longer? And it was even delayed once. This is just so representative of the clueless. Maybe this is why this country is so screwed up?

Suo Mynona said...

I am unimpressed by Obama so far. His domestic and foreign policies are both long on rhetoric and short on details. He is very smooth, but style and "je ne sais quoi" will sustain for a limited period of time. Respect derived from position has a very short shelf life. Nuclear arms, national debt, and international disputes have long shelf lives.

I hope he (or at least his teleprompter speech writer) is smarter than everyone else.

bogofree said...

I find a lot of fluff both in his presentation and in how the media reports. I wonder if this would be true with the media if he was following two terms of Gore rather than two terms of Bush?

I am quite concerned about the extent of the interventionist policies into the private sector. Once a foot is in the door that will be door that will not be easy to close. His policy is a classic liberal approach of using the government as an instrument of change. Just wonder how far this will go and how much it will succeed or fail. Time will tell.

bogofree said...

Little article in the paper today with Joe Biden - is he the VP? mentioning that the administration may have been wrong on the stimulus but, then again, so was everyone else.

I am amazed by an administration that just tosses out job creation figures with absolutely nothing to back them up. Might have to change the title to Obama - Confirmed Liar.

The boost in the economy seems to have worn off as dollar fluctuation, commodity prices and weak manufacturing news continue to take a toll.

Think Bush ran up some tragic deficit numbers? Look what WOW's administration is doing. CNN and MSNBC will have a difficult time explaining this one away.

anonymous said...

Finacial changes are outlined and markets continue to sink. A longer look at Obama and his economic plan and they keep on running. Bush II was not McCain.

Suo Mynona said...
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Suo Mynona said...

**BB Is Not a Yokel But You Are**

It was nice to have the local blogoshpere quiet. BB is back and insulting the entire town once again: "yokels in Middleboro"

Do Yokels:

Trespass multiple times on clearly posted property?

Post unnatural pictures?

Make reference to an elderly woman's anus?

Generally agree that everyone in Middleboro citizens are third rate d*psh*ts?

...and on and on and on....

His actions must be high class stuff from which most Middleboro yokels refrain.


Is it possible for him to participate in anything without insulting the entire town?

He said that we are the worst generation and have no idea of sacrifice.

Perhaps the worst generation was born a nano second before and after him.

Suo Mynona said...

**** BB and Innuendo ***

When speaking of casino supporters he says:

"this crap deal that still enjoys some inexplicable support - usually by people who stand to gain directly from land sales or peripheral business."

Name names BB. Who are the business owners that support this and expect to get a windfall?

You have said this multiple times and I have asked you to say who they are. If they support it so avidly I am sure they will not mind.

Oh BTW provide some proof. Remember how you recently said "I heard" is not a good source?

Proud to be a Local Yokel said...

We 3rd rate lifelong d*psh*ts add all the color and character to Middleboro. Just think....BB's kids, who will have grown up in the 'boro, are doomed to be counted among us in 20 years! Ayup! LMCAO

Proud to be a Local Yokel said...

So those guys on the "Hill" want to road test us seniors? LOL Can't wait to take the Registry guy on the ride of his life! Buckle up, ocifer, and bring your Maalox. 0 to 60 in a blink of his eye....then stop on a dime! Yahoo!

Seriously, they can't do that without coming up with an adequate state paid transportion system for all the aging baby boomers potentially left without wheels. going to stand for being made to put your 'vette up on blocks?

LMAO said...

I see the deal with the tribe is dead. Bogo had a post on the BB site on the issue so maybe he'll post here. After all he is The Real Raven. BB also took his usual shots at any pros.

BB is the type that is always saying do as I say not as I do and that applies to his blog. You will get the being civilized and having manners but the history shows different.

Seniors will eventually have to pay three times as much for a license. Where money is to be made the tax man is not far befind.

Suo Mynona said...
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Suo Mynona said...

*** BB The Cornucopia of Insults **


BB post here? This is not a high class corner of the local blogosphere. His "superior" blog is the place to insult the entire town repeatedly.

BB prefers lofty topics like contracting AIDS at whorehouses and pondering if customers got satisfaction.

Name names BB (I am not referring to whorehouse customers)

Who are the business people supporting the casino for monetary gain? You must be far more acquainted with businesses than I.

Then again, I am nothing more than a yokel d*psh*t. Even worse (GASP)I think 50 bucks means something to people in these austere economic times.

bogofree said...

Read a story today that the Boston Globe may be the value. May have to be given away so I guess that is dual worthlessness.

anonymous said...


Same old that you are posting but it is still good to remind us all of some of what has gone on over the last few years especially with bloggers with blinders on.

anonymous said...

bye bye casino in the sky
bye bye nasty bloggers
business as usual again

Suo Mynona said...

*** BB's Ladder Truck, Chapter 8 ***

The ladder truck basket was extended over the Holiday Inn Express on Route 44 @ 495 today. It was a sight to behold as it reached twoards a high summit for which the townspeople intended.

People at town meeting knew the process that had preceded their vote.

Does anyone recall BB questioning the process as it was occurring?

Hey BB, that must have been the super secret executive town meeting that only third rate d*psh*ts were allowed to attend.

Good News: Lakeville's ladder truck was nearby! Sitting inside the unmanned North Middleboro fire station. (When can we start charging Lakeville for storage?)

Suo Mynona said...


Think of me as a cathartic plunger pushing BB's words back down his throat.

anonymous said...

LOL Suo! Plunger! LMCAO!

Family Guy said...

A quote from BB below. At least we have progressed from third rate dip sh**s to being stupid.

"They were fortunate to find a town(Middleboro) and tribe(Mashpee) stupid enough, desperate enough, or both to sign rushed foolish deals that gave the investors all the profit."

bogofree said...

Just went to the dump...pardon me - LANDFILL! Saw some activity at the Green School.

Save Green School said...

We are getting in our real quote for the Green School. Bruce Atwood, Neil Rosenthal and I met with the Building Inspector and potential contractor this morning.

Surprisingly both the the Building Inspector and contractor feel the school is in remarkably sound condition. We expect the town will be able to proceed with their soil clean up without having to move the building.

Their are still a few hurdles to overcome, but for now all lights are green (so to speak.) I will elaborate more on them in the near future.

The request for pledges will resume in earnest once the contractor (who is a known quantity to the Building Inspector) provides his quote.

Rich Young has joined our group. He will provide a much needed skill set to the group.

Local attorney Bob Mather has joined the group to help things follow an orderly legal process.

Brian Giovanoni provided the welcome surprise of starting a website. Once we have cleared the few near term obstacles I look forward to spending sometime with him and hopefully local historian Mike Maddigan to set up a website.

It is exciting to see this starting to take shape based on selfless efforts and contributions of many people.

Please make a pledge if you are able.

chica said...

Where have Drive-By, Rocky and Mildly been? I miss their comments.

bogofree said...


Yes, things do appear silent on the blog and posting front as the casino issue has fairly well flamed out. I'm sure some of the regulars stop by but there is little to post as town issues also are in hibernation for the summer.

bogofree said...

Crosswalks are in the news and what happened today to me has happened in the past. Heading down "28" towards the "Y" and stopped at entrance to plaza to let someone cross. Naturally the car behind me blasted their horn and swerved around me scaring the bejabbers out of a local third rater who was almost kerpluncked by the driver. The interesting thing is said driver turned into my destination - the "Y." Discussion took place.

Suo Mynona said...

A real cliff hanger. What was the discussion about?

bogofree said...

I casually mentioned that while she was cruising past me while on her cell phone she almost whacked someone. That she was quite aware of. She was quite defensive at first until I mentioned that this is one of the great oportunities to actually learn something by not killing or maiming someone. I brought to her attention some local news stories of how injuries and death had happened for exactly the same reason. That I am far from a perfect driver but I do not compound stupid mistakes - cell phone and crosswalk. Thankfully, the phone was not used as a weapon or to call the police claiming some other issue regading me that could be fabricated.

This I virtually never do but the opportunity was at hand and this is not the first time it has happened in that area.

Bizarre as it may seem if you have a green light and someone steps into a crosswalk you are suppose to yield. I was unaware of that and it makes me wonder how many rear end crashes will happen if we follow that.

Suo Mynona said...

*** BB: Here he goes again **

From BB:

"in Middleboro pro-casino circles, any behavior from pro-casino people is acceptable."

Does the same apply to you?
"this crap deal that still enjoys some inexplicable support - usually by people who stand to gain directly from land sales or peripheral business."

Name names BB. Who are the business owners that support this and expect to get a windfall?

Name names. It is an outlandish accusation that you cannot seem to back up.

Have all your behaviors been acceptable and angelic? Do they need to be listed yet again?

anonymous said...

A blatant accusation without any supportive documentation. Exactly who?

bogofree said...

Maybe this is all about selling more bricks and auto parts? LMCAO!

Suo Mynona said...
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Suo Mynona said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Suo Mynona said...

*** BB Gutless Wonder ***

How many casinos have you seen built with masonry LMCAO? The Mirage is a wonderful pyramid constructed from glass. Auto parts? -- that sounds bizarre, but I know nothing about that business.

But your point is well taken Bogo. One can only assume that is exactly what BB wants people to infer.

BTW I have NEVER spoken to anyone in the tribe or the supposed design team. I have never even seen a rendering of the proposed structure, have heard it looks like the glass structure Mohegan Sun (never been there either)

Anyone who says otherwise is a LIAR.

That should be clear enough.

Name names BB otherwise you are nothing more than a gutless wonder who repeated makes vague accusations.

Suo Mynona said...

+++ More From BB The Hypocrite +++

"It would be refreshing, but not expected, to hear some of those proponent acknowledge that they made a mistake."

It would be refreshing to hear BB acknowledge the following were mistakes:

*posting an illicit pic of a man and sheep together was wrong

*trespassing three times was wrong illegal and claiming to have missed all the signs was turkey of a mistake.

*making unsubstantiated accusations about business people supporting the casino for personal profit is wrong and a mistake

*saying 50 bucks is nothing for people

*demanding someone turn over their website to him was a mistake

*claiming people did not want discussion on the CPA (he never did produce that video) was a mistake

*him GAVELING CPA debate was a mistake

*refering to an elderly woman's anus was a mistake

*Generally agreeing that all Middleboro residents are Third Rate d*psh*t citizens is insulting and a mistake.

Calling Middleboro residents yokels is a mistake


Why does he even want to live in this town?

bogofree said...
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