Thursday, October 8, 2009

CFO And Other Stuff

I have been blasting away at CFO and will do so - again - with this post. I really get tired of the one trick pony act that seems to permeate the organization. This is an all or nothing approach and it is best exemplified by how they take particular pride in how they comment on legislators who are pro gaming. Plenty of clever nicknames such as “slots” for those who have the audacity not to see the wisdom CFO is willing to dispense. I try to look at the body of work that any legislator is involved with such as a Marc Pacheco or a Steve Canessa or even a Dan Bosley who represents one of the more outspoken legislative anti’s. Is it worth making your decision on a political figure based solely on one issue? To me it is not and is one of the benchmarks I look for when I use the term “zealots.”

The value of the double check. We’ll be going to Texas for a little over a week and one place we visit is Padre Island. I made a slightly different reservation this time but something was bothering me so I double checked. I had made it for a hotel on South Padre Island or about 200 miles further south from where we should be. WTC (What The Clark). I went back and checked the listings for the area since there are three hotels on the beach - Holiday Inn, Comfort Suites and Hawthorne Suites. I had made a reservation at a “new” Best Western on the beach that had somehow been included in the listings for Padre Island so I can slide some of the blame elsewhere. This could have been a real nightmare. Canceled and booked at Hawthorne.

I like Zombie movies probably because it reminds me so much of certain fellow bloggers. Dawn Of The Dead was the first one I really enjoyed as it was nicely done in black and white with a Black guy as the “hero.” Interesting concept for 1967. I went to see Zombieland and it was great. Gore to delight one and all and if you are a fan of Bill Murray the film is a must see.

CPA is still in the Bumpkin target area but Mark is - IMHO - beating a dead horse at this point. Not going to happened locally. This is not representative of my feelings but of local reality.

Had a slight ache in a tooth when cold hit in so I checked it out. This was a molar and the Clarkin’ thing was a dark shade of purple and so was part of the gum. WTC! Panic time! All signs pointed to root canal and a possible crown. Yikes! I’m a retired senior on a simple pension! My dentist was not available but someone at the office checked it out and the tooth appeared healthy. To comfort my doubts they immediately hooked me up with a root canal specialist and ran be through the paces with several exotic tests and all is - I hope -OK. Turns out the discoloration is just seepage from a filling under a crown and the tenderness is reflective of some pitting on the filling which will need to be replaced in a year or so. But this leads to another thought and that is the value of relationships in any business.

I have been going to my dentist for 35 years and they saw me within a few hours. They also made the connections with a specialist who saw me within an hour. I am going to Texas for a week and the specialist said if I have any problems give her (another crack in the glass ceiling) a call and she and the others she work with have connections everywhere and they’ll get it taken care of. I also have to see my doctor about a minor ear condition and that appointment was also done for when I wanted it - actually the next day. Would and will I get the same level of care under a national health insurance? Why doesn’t Medicare cover dental work?

Well - off to Texas. Red Sox get to the next round.


anonymous said...

Have a nice trip. You struck a cord with me on theMedicare and dental coverage. Wonder why? Thought the ADA has enough pull in Congress.

MSM Party Bus said...

Great time in Middleboro last night. Taste of Middleboro was a fantastic time if you like food, a whole lot of food.. Met up with some friends and helped support a great cause. Can't wait till the Halloween ball. November 7TH another great cause to support.

MSM Party Bus said...

Carcieri now in favor of referendum on a casino.

01:03 PM EDT on Thursday, October 8, 2009

By Katherine Gregg

Journal State House Bureau

PROVIDENCE — Governor Carcieri Once an avowed opponent of IMO(Indian) casino gambling.

Nice... Everyone is flip flopping..

Here it comes.. The great Pro Casino sunami of the northeast.

Suo Mynona said...

****Scary Stuff****


Massachusetts Swine Flu Martial Law

bogofree said...

Wynn shares went up. Interesting.

Take the Swine Flu out of the political arena and place it as the responsibility of public health.

I missed the Taste of Mboro and wanted to go but had to get some sleep for an early morning flight. Thanks for the update of that and other events. Send me any links and I can put special events on the sidebar.

bogofree said...

Arrived at Galveston Island yesterday to an enjoyable afternoon of heavy showers and today just low overcast with strong winds and temps in the high 60s. No beach day so my wife and daughter will spend the day at Moody Gardens - a very impressive attraction.

I went for a dreadful non trail run through the streets of Galveston. No much fun running solo with no trails. Depressing especially with strom damage still visable from Ike.

Speaking of running the Bumpkin can now do 45-50 minutes with ease at my pace - about a 10 minute mile. This shows the value of cardio work even when one was once hauling around a few extra pounds - or in Bumpkin's case - tons.

The historic Strand District has somewhat recovered but the island has lost substantial population with those who will never return - about 20% of a population of 55,000. What is interesting is property taxes have gone down slightly due to decreased value.

Suo Mynona said...

****Green School Update****

We are finalizing plans to finish the remaining structural items and make the school weather tight for the winter.

We also recently received a non solicited donation to floor the school.

Donations are still needed. Every few dollars purchases an hours worth of labor

MSM Party Bus said...

"Suo Mynona said...
****Green School Update****"

This is a good thing your doing and it shows your dedication to your town.

Good Job.

bogofree said...

So true, Limo, as Suo has done an exceptional effort in a short time.

MSM Party Bus said...
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MSM Party Bus said...

Just not worth my time..

bogofree said...

LL....I'm on Padre Island and this place is nothing but fishing and more fishing. Mr. Marcy would love it!

anonymous said...

Sox are dead but the casino isn't.

MSM Party Bus said...

That would be MRMACEY named after my loveable German Shepherd MACEY.

MSM Party Bus said...

Obama still working on off-reservation policy printer friendly
The Obama administration is still working on its off-reservation gaming policy, assistant secretary Larry EchoHawk, the head of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, said on Monday.

EchoHawk said the Interior Department was reviewing Bush-era restrictions that make it nearly impossible for tribes to acquire land away from existing reservations. He said the prior administration effectively "slammed the brakes on future off-reservation gaming."

"Along the way, they just stopped the fee-to-trust process," EchoHawk said at the National Congress of American Indians annual convention in Palm Springs, California. "We will not do that."

But EchoHawk wasn't ready to make any announcements regarding changes in policy. He said he will "listen very carefully" to arguments on all sides of the issue and is open to tribes that want to discuss off-reservation gaming.

bogofree said...

Galveston is pushing hard for gaming and they are using Ike as a main selling point. The area suffered billions in damage and recovery will be a long process even with an economic turn around. Galveston would be perfect for casinos as Houston is 50 miles away and Dallas less than 300. Plenty of hotel rooms, other attractions and several convention centers. Carnival Cruise Lines uses Galveston so there is 2,000-3,000 cruise passengers hanging around twice a week.

I go trail running with Mark and hate running on the streets which I am forced to do in beach areas. Yesterday I went to the Padre National Park and found some nice trails. This is still dreadful with no trees but it was better than nothing. I get back to the hotel and read the park newsletter and there is a nice article about not using the trails because of all the rattlesnakes. Like the time I was running canals in Florida and saw a log up ahead and would just jump over it. As I got closer I discovered the log was an alligator.

MSM Party Bus said...

These investors are making money hand over fist in the chinese market, Just waiting for our economy to straighten itself out.

Didn't I hear the 'investors were bankrupt' LOL!

Wynn Macau shares jump 13 percent in HK debut - October 12

Posted: Oct 12, 2009 12:29 PM EDT

Updated: Oct 12, 2009 12:49 PM EDT

AP Business Writer
HONG KONG (AP) - Billionaire Steve Wynn's Macau casino company jumped 13 percent in its trading debut on the Hong Kong stock exchange Friday, reflecting stronger faith in the southern Chinese gambling city's prospects.

Wynn Macau Ltd. shares peaked at 11.40 Hong Kong dollars ($1.47) before falling back to close at HK$10.78, about 7 percent above the initial public offering price. The IPO shares were sold for HK$10.08 each, the high end of the range at which they were marketed to investors, raising $1.63 billion.

Wynn's Macau resort, whose curved, bronze-tinted tower bears a resemblance to his trademark Las Vegas hotel casino, has been immensely profitable and helped the company weather the downturn in the U.S.

The IPO, representing a 25 percent stake in his Macau operations, was Hong Kong's second-biggest of the year and among its most watched due partly to the novelty of a famous, high-end American company deciding to list on the Chinese financial center's exchange.

"We have become more of a Chinese company, something that Mr. Wynn ... always wanted," Allan Zeman, a Wynn Macau director and Hong Kong businessman, said at the stock exchange before trading opened. Wynn, 67, who visited the region recently to promote the offering, was not on hand.

Las Vegas-based Wynn's second Macau resort, called Encore, is due to open next year. He's also mulling a third property on 52 acres in the city's growing Cotai area and has already applied for government approval to build a resort of nearly 5 million square feet.

The IPO precedes a similar move by Las Vegas Sands Corp., led by tycoon and Wynn rival Sheldon Adelson, who is expected to sell $2 billion of shares in his company's Macau operations and list them on Hong Kong's stock exchange.

MSM Party Bus said...

This is very serious, The people who did this damage didn't care if a construction worker jumped in his equipment, lossed control and killed one of his co-workers, This might be a murder investigation instead of a vandalism case.

Now I know our little anti crew would never do anything like this.

Vandals Disrupt SugarHouse Casino Construction PHILADELPHIA

Philadelphia Police are searching for vandals who damaged vehicles to be used in the construction of a casino in Fishtown.

MSM Party Bus said...

Did you read about Dimasi, He could get over 100 years...

Its like get 15 dozen more eggs and fire at will towards his supporters faces....

Now its going to be.. Who will he take down?

MSM Party Bus said...

"I'll have to get Rich to call Sal and find out the real scoop"

I was wondering Bumpkin? Does Rich still have Sal's number?

I need to convey a message to Sal...


MSM Party Bus said...

So if Rich had Sal's number on speed dial.. I wonder who also has it????

This could get interesting if Sal starts cutting deals....

bogofree said...

Sal is going the way all serious pols do in Massachusetts - to the slammer! Amazing how casino money corrupts. Whoops...he's an anti! Guess he missed out on another jackpot.

I'm not a "player" in this casino thing meaning that if I show up on "The Hill" the pols don't run and hide to avoid me.

Plenty of fishing here on Padre Island, LL, as Red Tide has hit and fish are washing up everywhere.

MSM Party Bus said...

The canal is the place to be..

bogofree said...


My wife and I have had this tickle in our throats when we go outside. We just went up to the visitor's Center at The Padre Island National Seashore and started clearing our throats when we got inside. Several others did the same and the naturalist on duty said that is the "Red Tide Tickle." Never heard of it. Seems that is the reaction people have to it at the seashore.

MSM Party Bus said...

Thats alright went to the doctor's yesterday havn't really went if ya know what I mean.. Pain in my back all the way around, Where i had that surgery 3 years ago I was nervous..

After stomach x-rays Guess what the doctor told me I was full of..

bogofree said...


MSM Party Bus said...

LOL! you got it...