Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Very Nice Post....and Another

This was out on Tpxic this morning...well...last night since I read it this morning. Found it to be quite appropriate.

I've added another entry to this list from Topix by a poster called My2cents.

Yup, I'm sure it is getting increasingly difficult for CFO to get press - considering their miserable track record. Let's see there was the BIG protest at the State House. I'm sure reporters were pretty ticked off when they discovered the throngs of CFO supporters totaled roughly 20 people, nearly half of whom were children. Then there was the time CFO's LEGIONS of loyal followers were going to recall the sitting Selectmen and have them replaced with the likes of Recall Queen, Jessie Powell. Yup, Jessie still shoots her mouth off about the Selectmen, despite being miserably defeated twice now. Somehow she can't seem to grasp the notion that she's alone in her opinions. I can't see any responsible media outlet giving her a platform again, as she's lost all credibility. Except maybe with WASS in Clark, CT. Yup, a meeting with a turn out of one - doubt Comcast will ever come to another meeting. At this juncture, CFO seems like little more than a couple of bored, angry housewives, who've created a "virtual" army of sock puppet supporters in order to mislead and intimidate the community. JP, MT, and MB are three nut cases as far as I'm concerned. ALL of them need professional psychiatric help if you ask me.

As for RY, KS, CP and the rest - they should be ashamed of themselves for spurring on and encouraging obviously disturbed people to negative action. They should be encouraging their friends to get the professional help they clearly need. Deliberately trespassing with turkey feathers? Trying to bribe someone into surrendering their website? Stalking & harassing people? Increasingly nasty and threatening blogs? Talk of Kool-Aid, Blog fathers and flying monkeys - these are cries for help. It's not funny, this is really sick stuff.

If something isn't done soon to stop the escalation, I can really see one or more of them ending up in jail.


By my2cents

No the other tribes have not received federal recognition. The only other in Massachusetts has been trying to open a casino since the Bill Weld years.

The other tribes are jealous.

The haters are the Task Force members. How many times was "LOW PAYING JOBS" said and that they did not want those people to come to their town.

Guess what, they already live there and work there. They just are too stupid to see it.

"THOSE PEOPLE" are the people who make and serve them food at a local diner. They are the people who sell them food and milk at the grocery store or work at the produce market on Route 44. They are the people who pump their gas (or press the accept button at self serve) and towel off your car after it is washed. They are the people who care for your children at day care. They are the people who deliver your newspaper every morning or night or the furniture you bought.

They're the people that you meet. When you're walking down the street. They're the people that you meet, each, daaaaaaaaaaaay.

THEY ARE THE PEOPLE THAT VOTED YOU INTO OFFICE and will vote you out if you don't want to live with them.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

On Line Gaming

Some of you may know that I have a baseball site I am active in. There are a handful of us that share in the management and expenses of maintaining the site. This is not a lot of money yearly and is just a way to get together for game time chat, have posting boards and trash the yankees (always small caps). Recently our site was offered a small amount of money to allow online gaming. Here is the latest missive:

Thanks for your reply,

I have talked to my supervisor as I like your site and she is ready to increase the original prize of 25USD for three months to $40 for 3 months. I really hope we can work it out and have a long term business relationship between us.

Please let me know if you have any questions

Looking forward to hear from you

I have not included the name of the person involved but my understanding is that the offer will now be $100 for three months. Each time an offer is made we reject it. In fact an email to members show a uninversal rejection.

Online gaming offers a burgening business. In a previous incarnation of I had an extensive post on online gaming on which I had actually done legitimate research. The returns to the player were actually higher than in traditional casino settings - less expense, but I had some real problems with the whole concept. Just concerned about the ease with which money can disappear, lack of tax income and ease of access for minors to highlight a few. You may agree, disagree or be neutral.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Stood Up By The Tribe

Looks like an invite for Mboro must be in the mail. Guess Shawn and Scott just forgot that invite? Maybe an update of the email list is needed? Appears at this point Mboro is being squeezed out of the loop or, just maybe, this is an "oversight." LOL! Sure.

Looks like Adam is sitting there in his tux with some flowers and a LL Limo ready to take him to the big dance. Unfortunately, his date has gone with Deval instead and left him holding those prom tickets. Maybe Glenn will go?

I really am not surprised as they have already gotten what they want from us - a home run on the first date! Call you sometime next week, Hon. Thanks for the good time. Now, we can all sit back and watch that CPI be drained and drained as the investors can wait and wait for economic boom times to return. What will that 7MIl be worth in 2013? Maybe 5MIl in today's change?

So....does anyone really seriously expect the state to give us anything from the slots? And surrounding towns? Lotsa luck on that. Host community of Lincoln, R.I. gets, I believe, 2% from the state.

Personally, this is really a huge put down for the town and casino proponents. Tribe could have at least tossed a bone our way.