Thursday, July 29, 2010

Liberals Gone Wild

The Kerry tax flap has managed to energize the movement to roll back the state sales tax to 3% - or the original “temporary tax” instituted by former Governor John Volpe to help meet the perpetual state budget crisis. Amazing how we constantly need to address revenue streams (taxes and fees) to balance a bloated budget. Almost daily articles appear about excesses in the management of state government. I certainly enjoy the exposés of “nation wide searches” that invariably result in a former hack or a party loyalist ends up getting a position for which their qualifications are nil. You see agencies and quasi agencies that have virtually family trees as the organizational chart. The failures of the pension system have been documented as has the government employee contracts that just defy common sense and fiscal sense. Is this mess a reflection on the one party system? IMO it certainly is and being a liberal state I guess it is liberals gone wild. I always have been wary of liberal issues since it is not the content that concerns me but the management - or lack of - and, of course, the continuing expansion of programs until they no longer recognize their original intent nor are sustainable. Good intentions gone bad.

With liberals I see a certain connection to that old saying “White Man’s Burden” in that a type of evangelical paternalism takes place in providing services to the downtrodden but there seems to be a flaw in the liberal mindset that is unable to separate the scam artist from the truly needed. This is one area in which conservatives have a remarkable ability to differentiate but, unfortunately, it seems to have now migrated into the realm of provide nothing for no one.

In the political climate of today I see liberals following certain agenda not out of any moral conscious but simply as a method to win votes. I see this in the immigration issue where the very last thing you wish to do is offend a large voting block and wouldn’t it be great to grant amnesty and add several million more to both the welfare and voting rolls. Nothing like maintaining a perpetual underclass to which they are beholding to a continuation of unmanageable programs paid for out of ever increasing taxes.

What really frosts me is this sense of using racism to describe opponents - Tea Party, Rush, conservative politicians - all seems to be a planned strategy and if you believe Jonah Goldberg of The National Review it is. But to me it is the condescending and smug attitudes that seem to prevail among liberals. A sense of intellectual and moral superiority and most notable the do as I say not as I do mentality that has been so front and center with John Kerry.

I once considered myself a liberal activist. In fact I was real high end especially in the latter stages of Viet Nam and Nixon. As I got older and started to observe and think for myself it became apparent that a quote by one of my favorites - Winston Churchill - comes to mind: “If you're not a liberal at twenty you have no heart, if you're not a conservative at forty you have no brain.”

Now I certainly don’t consider myself a conservative as I could write a corresponding piece showing my distain for how they have functioned in the last thirty or so years. The influx and influence of the religious right, failure to cut from the herd the more radical elements, parsimony to the nth degree, and taking positions not based on philosophy but simply to be negative. Maybe there is some truth to the seating arrangement during the French Revolution with the Monarchist (ultra conservative) on one end of the table and the other end the radical Jacobins (ultra liberal). Since the table was horseshoe shaped they were actually closest to one another.

As much as I feel liberalism died 30 or so years ago so has conservatism. In fact when one examines the conservative-liberal element they no longer even fit the traditional meanings and that is why - IMO - we have so many who are (I) or drift in the middle looking for that occasional anchor and to display distain over how the government is being managed. Message of change in 2008 will probably be matched in 2010.

One trend I have noticed of late is liberals starting to call themselves progressives. I guess with the way things have gone since the Obama coronation it is better to try and disguise yourself. Reminds me of a programmer I knew in 1980 who was from Iran but would tell everyone he was Persian to avoid any connection to hostages being held. If liberals want to be progressives that is fine with me but be aware those progressives we once Republicans.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

More Innocuous Stuff

Consumer confidence hit an eleven month low and that speaks to what could be translated at the polls in November. Lack of confidence in the economy happens to historically reflect on the sitting party in power.

Sen. Brown (R- Cosmo) supported the financial bill after significant changes since it would not raise taxes or increase the deficit. I have no idea about the deficit portion since somehow government policy usually results in government expanded bureaucracy so that portion may be incorrect.

The bickering over slots will continue to delay the expansion of gin mills in Massachusetts but the perfect one was highlighted in The Herald. Steve Wynn proposing a casino in the convention center area. IMO that is the perfect site to rob….I mean to offer…..”entertainment” to conventioneers. Boston is a convention center and a casino would certainly be more welcome for the party crowd than a hike on the Freedom Trail. Besides Mayor “Mumbles” said it is a terrible idea….convinces me it is a great idea. Wynn’s projects are spectacular and I am sure no expense - either above or under - the table will be spared. Maybe “The Raven” can be a greeter? Orange suit would look nice among the Nathan Detroit crowd.

Sen. Marc Pacheco (D-Parrot Head) was one of the local legislators to vote for a name change for Bridgewater State College from college to university. One of the main reasons is the title university will confer prestige and help attract “high quality students.” What does that tell you how they currently think about the student population at BSC? I guess it is just loaded with third rate dips**ts and now needs a profile upgrade. I’m sure the scions of the elite in Dover and Manchester By The Sea will now toss their Ivy applications in the bucket. Now I graduated from Boston College and Boston University so which one is better? I actually preferred Boston State College.

The Iroquois Nation has issued passports that are not recognized by other nations especially our own. This is reminiscent of the anti’s who generally refused to acknowledge sovereignty issues regarding tribes - tribes that systematically have faced genocide, slavery, cultural destruction and land being stolen. When this issue raged I was amazed and flabbergasted by the total incomprehension of how some failed to realize what our ancestors have done. Of course - it’s the law! Laws made by occupiers.

Back to Senator Brown. Turns out a “comedian” - Kathy Griffin - called his daughters prostitutes in an interview on CNN. Now Brown is in a snit claming his family should be off limits and I disagree. What I agree with is Barney Frank and countless others who have taken to task Griffin and I wish they’d toss in the two bobble head reporters at CNN who laughed at this. Something tells me if some called Michelle Obama “A whore” these two would have gone to DEFCON levels.

WOW and his takeover crowd obviously blew it by requiring auto makers to eliminate dealerships. End result according to the Inspector General is a 100,000 jobs lost.

Speaking of WOW he is opening up on the Republicans over billions in tax breaks “for the rich.” What a pile of hypocritical manure. This is the administration that has bailed out some of the highest profile companies in the country. Nice to save the big boys and let the little ones die on the vine.

Raising national educational standards to those in Massachusetts would be the sensible approach but sensible and federal government are conflicting terms. The methodology appears to be to lower our standards to theirs rather than raising their standards to ours.

Bridget “The Midget” Powers - a midget or is the PC term “Vertically challenged” porn star was in the news when a Stoughton cop (what goes on it that town?) had to resign over an on duty liaison with Ms. Powers. The next day a BB sized perv in Middleboro who tipped the scales at 485+ pounds packed onto a 5’8” frame was nailed for exposing himself. I just love the summer!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Casino Memories

The best time was the BB site when Dal and Bogo laid waste to his site and especially the confirmed liar. That $1,000 reward went unclaimed but the “mis information” continues.

LL and his hundred or so sites.

Whenever I travel outside Massachusetts and I see Waffle Houses and AB comes to mind. He has clearly demonstrated a revolving door philosophy about casinos.

LL and his sheep costume.

The Morally righteous CFO gang hoisting a few…hence “The Grog Fathers.”

JP falling into the marshmallow trap.

My friend “Clark” from Connecticut.

Limo showing up at the State House with his banner dwarfing CFO.

Toxic and the bundle of laughs when CFO could not shut it down.

Bloggershark passing on the Wally reward.

The Raven and his race card diatribe at the Nichols School.

The Raven in his new pin stripe suit.

Trespassing looking for turkey feathers.

The TMFH and wondering where all these union guys came from?

Vegas Val driving CFO nuts. VV Project.

LL and his photo shopping CFO signs.

Just Google Clark CT. LMCAO!


Hal and Tony finally surrendering to the fact Middleboro will not have a gin mill.

Calter stumbling before the BOS.

Gladys and her videos.

100 ESL teachers.

Clark SD

155 floor skyscrapers.

The 3 towns surrounding Foxwoods are teaching + 30 different foreign languages.

AB’s comments at the TMFH. Is he our version of Joe Biden?

Chicken mallets.

Mini Raven and his chapeau.

Litmus test for BOS is casino position.

Bickering on Beacon Hill.

Alice quoting BB as a source! LMAO!

The Deflection.

Mass Mailings

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cali/Fireworks/BP Oil/Jury Duty/Failed Democrats

The state of California has initiated measures to prevent welfare debit cards from being used at casinos, racetracks, bingo halls and just about any other gaming venue that has ATM’s where the cards can access accounts. Reports are that tens of millions of dollars are being withdrawn by the “needy” for gaming uses rather than food, clothing and shelter. Tax dollars hard at work.

A former colleague of mine emailed me about all the fireworks in her neighborhood. She lives in R.I. And they have become less restrictive about people actually enjoying themselves. Said one neighbor spent $1,500 on fireworks. In Massachusetts the government protects us from ourselves but who protects us from the government?

We have a condo on Galveston Island that is beachfront and now a few tar balls are rolling in. The response from the Coast Guard is that these are the results of the skimmers operating on the spill but Hurricane Ike told us all something. File any paperwork ASAP. So I called up the BP hotline on this issue and explained that at this juncture I was not claiming a loss but would open a claim in case we had losses in the prime rental period of July and August. The individual I talked with was cooperative and sympathetic and give me a number to get the claim process started. I file a claim and was given a number and told an adjusted would call “In three or four days.” They called within a few hours, verified my information, made notations on this being an active claim with possible projected losses and told me what paperwork I would need. They also said to file on my claim number monthly for losses and not after the rental season. I have heard all the negative comments regarding the process but this was smooth and efficient and compared to what I went through with FEMA a shock. I’m sure there are problems but with the extent of damages I can fully understand how problems can happen. Maybe if I actually have to seek compensation I’ll hear a different tuen but for now I am pleased.

I had jury duty on Thursday and was excused from the case since it was an area I had worked in. But the process is amazing as you sit in a cloistered room and wait….and wait….and wait. Then you get to look at a video that is still on VHS. Amazing. Since I have suffered through this before I had a book but most did not have any distractions. When I was discharged I spent about ten minutes of observation in the hallways and the old Howie Carr saying comes to play - “In the halls of justice the justice is in the halls.” You can watch the exchange of various lawyers, probation folks and advocates as little clusters gather, exchange information, make deals and eventually settle a case so that when the defendant appears before the court it is a done deal.

The big debate regarding the casino or casinos is how to reward tracks without penalizing potential license bidders? Our embarrassing governor seems to lean towards the senate bill denying tracks while the clout of the house is to give a hand out to long time and suffering tracks. The bottom is you will have gaming but to what extent?

The following bit has made the rounds on Youtube and shows some of the more outrageous Democrats speaking out on the recently passed health care bill. Of special interest to me was the comments by Nancy Pelosi (D- Botox) who said just sign the bill and work on it later. This is leadership? Would any of you sign a contract without reading it with the understanding we'll work on it later? This is what liberals consider quality leadership? I have been amazed at the level of incompetence that has been exhibited by the current congress and the failed president. I am stunned that this group could actually surpass the Bush administration and the Republican control congress and do it in such a short period of time.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Fourth Of July Stuff

Senate has passed their version of the casino bill. Casinos will come. It is inevitable.

The mantra now is a “jobless recovery” that seems to be the catch phrase for defenders of the faith (WOW) within the media, administration and the every shrinking voting block. A jobless recovery? I am amazed that you can have a recovery with 10% of our fellow citizens unemployed. Notice how I said “fellow citizens” since when you add in the illegals…oops….got to be PC - undocumented workers it is even higher. That is not recovery when that many are still looking and hoping and forget about those under employed or who have given up. The latest job stimulus bill went down in flames as some Democrats woke up and realized it ain’t working.

The economics in total - meaning world wide - show little positives. In this country the weekly jobs reports are dismal and housing starts continue to sink. The economy is in molasses and government intervention polices have provided no relief and only added a debt burden that will be astronomical. Too big to fail gets the dough and too little to give a you know what about fail. I still think the best policy would have been a one year moratorium on all federal taxes. Nothing. No corporate taxes, excise, income - nothing. The ultimate stimulus. Been cheaper than what they are doing now.

One trick ponies is a term that I like to apply to those whose politics revolve around one issue and one issue only. The litmus test for any candidate is do you (fill in the blank) my pet cause. This is readily apparent with the casino issue but certainly can apply to other issues. This blinders on mentality just amazes me. Trying to convince a partisan of anything is like trying to convince the Pope there is no God.

When I travel I always look for trails to run - not that I ever will run them but simple curiosity. On a recent trip to Denver we went up Lookout Mountain that gave a great view of the city of Denver and Golden Colorado. Plenty of trails until I read the sign with the small print telling you how to handle an attack by a mountain lion or bear. Well if I ran these trails I have BB along since I can out run him and he does offer about fifty pounds more in meat on the hoof to any predator.

I also went to Garden of The Gods and again saw a wonderful trail system with many smaller trails breaking off that looked great to run until I saw the sign warning of rattlesnakes. Think I’ll stop complaining about the black flies and mosquitoes.

Coors Field in Denver and AT & T Field in San Francisco are great parks. The Coors field has a backdrop of the Rockies and in SF it is the harbor. Both parks have unobstructed views from everywhere. I had field boxes for one game in Denver and RF grandstand for two other games and the RF seats I actually considered better for about a third of the price. I’d give the edge to Coors Field since they have Dave’s Bar-B-Que that was just great. Both cities were infected with Sox fans who made up about half the attendance at both parks. The traveling circus of Sox fans is like locust hitting a wheat field. You can hear the Boston accents shouting out all the time - “Hit a homah Pedroah.” The Rockies fans gave up talking trash to the Sox fans since we have it all over them. Naturally I wore my collection of 2007 Championship shirts when we beat the Rockies 4-0 as a reminder.

I kept on calling Denver Dallas since it reminds me so much of the forsaken Texas city. Not anything to Denver as it is just a collection of skyscrapers and little else. Boston is a true world class city compared to most.

The two ballparks reaffirmed - again - just how much of a dump Fenway Park is. The ownership has invested 100+ million but it is still a lousy place to see a game unless you spend a small fortune for just the right seats.

Gay Pride Day was nationwide last Sunday and the parade of parades was held in San Francisco. On the way to the ballpark we stopped and watched for about forty-five minutes and this was certainly not the Middleboro 4th of July Parade. This was a very entertaining event in which virtually all civil, social and political organizations were represented. I love the sheriff’s prison wagon all decorated in rainbow ribbons and the Gay Pride contingents from the SF police department waving rainbow flags. This is a huge event in SF and the Giants should have started the game a few hours later to allow folks to watch and participate. We stayed in the Theater District so the parties went on well in to the night.