Sunday, December 28, 2008


Yeah...I know...I said week six would be out until after the hollidays. Guess we all have a little Clark, Ct. in us.

Caroline Kennedy. What to say? Oh how the moonbats loved to drag Sarah Palin around and now this. Just too funny reading the fawning and attempts to do a justification.

Madoff. Scott Burns had a nice column today showing that this character stole more than the sum of the last three years of crime against property in this country. Amazing. About 15 years ago I realized that the small amounts we had invested were doing rather flat. The three brokerage houses - Met Life, Fidelity and Putnam we did business with were returning about 5%. I learned as I went and the average up until this year was 12% but that is now about 8%.

The Raven. Talk about having to do some major damage control! Scott…earn your money. I suspect the Tribe will somehow withstand the shenanigans of the small or maybe large coterie of coat holders who hung around this guy and, IMO, took part in the smorgasbord of activities. May take a long, long time and may well cause a review of the whole process. The BOS is obviously having second thoughts on the whole package they signed off on and may now try and weasel their way into a more town friendly agreement. Beep…beep…beep…

Boston Red Sox. Thankfully Mark Teixeria decided to go elsewhere. The recent contract negotiations showed this young man to be just another in a long line of “Show Me The Money” types that have infiltrated sports. Yeah….I heard all the sob stories about returning to the bosom of his home town area in Maryland. Mommy, daddy and siblings all coming out to cheer him on. The O’s and Nats reportedly offered a 165 Mil for eight years and the Sox 168 Mil for eight. The Angels dropped out at 160 Mil. Sox put a lid out and folder. Natch he went where the money was - Noo Yawk! I knew all I wanted to know about Tex when the Sox brass went to his home in Texas - no state income tax. F-R-A-U-D! Home town? LOL!

The Noo Yawk yankees. They can spend as they please but the end result is a string of exorbitant contracts goes right down the food chain and puts the smaller market teams at even a greater disadvantage. Now a budding FA will cost even more to keep on your team so good luck to the lesser lights.

Speaking of lights the theme of the week is now been transferred from tribal legitimacy to a light show. Light pollution. Thank goodness we never built that 200 inch telescope on Barden Hill. I really have a dismissive attitude on that issue as I’d prefer turtles and water as a better long shot.

Pats. As a Giants fan I wish you well since my family is all Pats fans. So much for passing on my intellect. Pats really have had a great season to this point and if things fall into place they could be playing at home next week. Matt Cassell stands to do some heavy duty money grubbing after this season.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


This one will probably extend to post Xmas since I am lazy enough and note clever enough to come up with brilliant and insightful posts and observations.

Winners and losers for the week.

Loser - CFO and the Grogfathers. Defense is limited to same to you, Mr. Limo!

Loser - Mark and Bogo and CPA - the handwriting is on the wall as a ground swell of non support is rising on the Bogo blog. Time for Bogo and MB to ride/run into the sunset.

Winner - GM as even they will probably squeeze some dough out of beleaguered tax payers.

Loser - President Perp. Obama was a Chicago pol and squeaky clean? ROTFLMAO! Money trail is leading to Emanuel. He’ll take the fall.

Winner - Toxic. CFO deflections and watchdog tactics have failed. Still going full bore.

Loser - Sal DiMasi. A CFO fav is having the noose tighten around him.

Winner - Middleboro Manners. Hey, it’s still around after two weeks and has more posters than

Loser - Middleboro BOS. WTF is going on with getting a fire chief?

Winner - Pats fans. Pats get Raiders this week so The End is delayed a week.

Loser - NE weather. Why oh why don’t I move? One word - wife.

Winner - Bogo posters. No real need to supervise the playpen. Thanks.

Winner - Red Sox. Yankees sign Burnett - think Carl Pavano and Kevin Brown.

Loser - The state budget. Sooner or later they’ll have to send some hacks packing.

Loser - Credit cards. Cash is becoming king - if you have any.

Winner - CFO. No more fund raisers as they sign major endorsement deals with Miller’s and Dewar’s.

Sunday, December 7, 2008


The Brockton Enterprise is now a truly worthless paper. The deterioration came over a period of years and the transition I noticed initially was in the sports section. Use to be on Sunday you would have three or four notes columns on the various sports. No more. This also applies to the news other than that found in the “Toy Department, ” which is what they in the news biz call the sports department. Local news has shrunk. Coverage of stories seems inconsistent with lack of follow up. The Op-Ed page is something to just glance over. I realize this is the end result of changes in how we get our news but sitting down and reading the paper use to be entertaining, informative and enjoyable. Not anymore. I’ll drink my tea at the computer screen.

This week information has surfaced that Toxic is paying more than lip service to complaints by “alleged” CFO folks regarding information posted on that site. Good luck with that as the posters are a resilient and inventive lot. Reminds me of that scene in Karate Kid of trying to catch a fly with chop sticks. Great movie bit but virtually impossible. I’ll have the Tiki Buddha ship some sticks over for the next “gala.”

My wife has decided to paint the living room. Harmless enough project but she has now restored our aquarium and purchased some fish. In the world of fish my wife is Joseph Mengele as she experiments with various PH levels as the casualties mount. The rising death toll does have another negative side to it as the cats now realize some winter sports fun is fast disappearing.

Post away.