Saturday, June 27, 2009

This And That

A change in format this week and for two reasons - laziness on my part and a lack of traffic. The original intent of this blog was to focus on the foibles of Jessie Powell and - to a lesser extent - her enabler. As the traffic increased suggestions were made to label each week which I did. Traffic has diminished considerably so no need. I have certain technical limitations and just do not wish to go into a format such as Nemasket and Middleboro Matters. Both have their niche so why repeat the process? My blog title has also undergone a minor change and I have reverted to the title of a few weeks back. Jessie will always have a place of “honor” in the title. Post away as you please with comments on these musings or any others. Open to all.

Speaking of enablers the recent dust up between Suo and BB seems to have reached an impasse but one burning question remains unanswered. Just who stands to profit from this casino? That was never answered and someone stated it was a “core issue.” I agree but IMO you will NEVER get an answer.

Side note to a fellow blogger. The revenues from ALL gambling operations in Rhode Island represent 11.1% of the budget and not one-third as was posted.

Governor Patrick pledged not to support a tax increase. Naturally in a startling profiles in courage moment he caved it. Ah…where is Jane Swift? I also admire the concept of “new sources of revenue” to describe tax increases.

The economy has stalled. I thought this was going to continue but, alas, the debt both public and private is crushing. I was always amazed at how - and rightfully so - the Democrats would hammer Bush over the enormous deficits his administration was running up. This is even worse. Watch for inflation. Coming your way soon for either you or your children.

Middleboro received some bad fiscal news regarding a clerical error by the town accountant. More adjustments and review to address the fiscal shortfall but Middleboro is quite experienced in that matter. Maybe pull a “fuzzy math” expert in as a consultant?

The casino issue is still on the table as far as monies that have been shipped our way. As long as the economy falters the prospect of investment in gin mills just won’t happen. In the background is the specter of the South African version of the pinky ring set and their minions. They’ll be back somewhere looking to cash in when and if the economy improves.

Had to have a aged dog executed two weeks ago. My wife - the Lovely Cynthia - had said “no more dogs.” Fine with me so naturally she is getting another mutt. Arrival tomorrow via a shelter.

The Red Sox are in a great position but are being closely dogged by Tampa, NY and even Toronto. All four teams have 40 wins and are well on their collective ways to finish over the .500 mark. Everyone has a decent shot at the division and probably a Wild Card slot but the Sox do have the best pitching and you win with pitching.

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Suo Mynona said...

Looks like Obama needs to apologize to Ahmadinejad and re-invite the Iranian diplomats to the 4th of July parties.


We are now being told a familiar refrain that Obama's cap and trade legislation will cost the typical "family of four 47 cents day," the equivalent of "a postage stamp a day" or "140 dollars per year"

Is that chump change for the for the average American household? What is the mythical "average household?" I am sure some folks know.

140 bucks here and another 50 bucks there is nothing. Unless you are a person that has to call the very worthy "Joe for Oil" in the winter.

Like most legislation (not laden with pork barrel) the intent is noble. Paying can be impossible for many.

bogofree said...

If you went for everything that was "just a few pennies a day" you would realize they add up and add up quick.

How much does Joe get for running the show? I understand his salary is in the 300K range.

I am always amazed at how legislation is expanded over the years to encompass more and more. Social Security is the best example of such expansion and the fiscal consequences.

bogofree said...

looks like Hal had a bit of a problem while in surley Mr. Rogers neigborhood. Note the sidebar on Heckuva

mildly said...

Bogo-What happened here? Did the mother ship land and abduct all your posters? People are so hopelessly fickle. I always enjoyed this site.

bogofree said...

LOL! I have no idea but things slowed down the last month. Just stop by one in awhile to read or post anything you wish.

No idea who reads it or how many.

Have not seen some of the regulars like Rocky, Chica, LMAO, Hal, Limo, Drive-by, Blogger Shark and the 561 anonymous posters.

bogofree said...

More cash has arrived from the tribe as promised. Is this casino dead? They don't think so. This thing seems to have more lives than a cat shelter residents.

Will it be built? I'm still about 60/40 no but with the money and power politics involved don't count it out.

Suo Mynona said...

Did everyone become sophisticated?

jane lopes said...

I'm with Bogo on the 60/40 re: the casino, or maybe even more on the negative side, but to declare the thing dead would be a mistake as you say, given the players and the money involved. At any rate, I don't understand the notion that we should stop spending the planning money or demand that we be allowed to spend it on something else. If the casino does happen we will need the traffic studies, for instance, that are part of the plan, and the data will also be helpful even if the casino doesn't happen since something must be done about the rotary circle at least. We have an opportunity to buy a lot of consulting service to help us decide what would be best for Middleboro, not the state highway system, when it comes to replacing the rotary and reconfiguring Rte. 44.

jane lopes said...

It has been very quiet here and elsewhere lately, but then there's not much going on locally, and how much can you say about the national news, which has become all Michael Jackson all the time?

bogofree said...

"It has been very quiet here and elsewhere lately, but then there's not much going on locally, and how much can you say about the national news, which has become all Michael Jackson all the time?"

I am looking forward to the Gazette special edition on MJ.

Quite quiet.

Suo Mynona said...

We will have an update on the Green School very soon. Work is still being done and progress made