Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Misc. While Awaiting Next BB Column

The sinking economy is starting to be reflected in shrinking poll numbers for President WOW (Walk On Water). An electorate that has an itty bitty attention span and frustration level - such as myself - demand and almost instantaneous turn around. Not happening anytime soon. I’d like to thank WOW on behalf of the families of Pan Am 103 for his hearty handshake with the perpetrator. What next? A night in the Lincoln bedroom for Bin Laden?

On state politics shrinking revenues are naturally being reflected in ways to demonstrate the most visible pain and that translates to local cuts and floating the idea of - big surprise here - more taxes! At this rate Deval will be one and out.

Cap and Trade rhymes with charade.

Global warming cure? End prosperity.

The trillion dollar stimulus is fast becoming a boondoggle of immense proportions so will another one be in the works? WOW says no but his heart, I’m sure, says yes. Coming your way soon - trillions more in debt.

Speaking of debt the deficit has hit a trillion for the first time. Bush got hammered over this. Wonder how WOW will make out?

Speakah DeLeo is yapping more than a bit about having race tracks as the gateway to gambling. Probably “Inevitable.”

Limo has been posting some trips for a nice discounted price. $20 to a gin mill with $25 credit when you arrived. Even for the non gamblers it might be a nice trip to head over to the museum and take in a lunch or supper with a food coupon. Give your keno plays to another victim.

Suo had a post on the avenging members of the moonbat element of the Democratic party for going over the past sins of “W.” Got to play to their audience on that one. Wing Nuts can always play to the religious right.

Hal had an interesting commentary on a local blog and its assessment of what Middleboro was like on those memorable 4th celebrations in the mid to late 70s. I never really witnessed any over the top behaviors at the fireworks displays and cannot recall any open container violations or Cheech & Chong forays into weed - at least not to any great extent. Oh it certainly did exist and in those days the basketball court at the playground was a buyer/seller market during game time. However, 10,000 folks for fireworks were fairly orderly. Seen much worse at say an AC/DC concert and, of course, at the Brockton-Middleborough Agricultural Fair - I think it is still called that?

Steve McNair is being classified as a “Hero.” I guess taking four pops from a deranged lover who was upset not with his cheating on his wife but with still another woman classifies him as a “Hero.” His demise was untimely and unfortunate and I hate to see it befall any family, but to acclaim hero status?

Personally, I have found the recent sanitization of Michael Jackson almost as offensive as my blog. If virtually anyone else in society pulled that garbage they’d have their picture at the police station and be classified a level four. Yeah - I know - he was never found “guilty” and with that I am LMCAO! Talent or position (see - Studds, Gary) should not excuse past indiscretions that go well beyond any excuse making.

Went to see the Brockton Rox play the other night. Two box seats in second row right behind home plate for $15 since it is a BOGOFREE (Buy One Get One Free). Parking is $4 and the food is about ½ of the normal Fenway charge. Place was loaded with kids groups and a fireworks display after the game was being presented. Every seat is really a good seat at the park but there are promotions for BOGO’s on box seats ($10 & $15) using coupons or AAA card.


North Slope Rigger said...

Lowell Spinners for me Bogo.

Three games up with 78 to go.


MJ is a perv.

LMAO said...

Waiting for the next BB column. LMCAO!

Suo Mynona said...

Did BB plagiarize his column from Oprah?

LMAO said...

Maybe he'll get Bogo as his personal trainer? Naw, JP would be better.

bogofree said...

I will glady train BB once I manage to train myself. BB works out so cardio is not the issue but the weight is. I managed to put on 15 pounds in three months despite still doing a reasonable amount of workouts.

BB and I have not gone for a ride/run since the spring and were planning on doing some running. Maybe when the fall rolls around we'll both be ready.

Limo has battled weight before and maybe his running program is still active.

Suo Mynona said...

What's your favorite cut of steak?

I love one inch thick Rib Eye Medium to Medium Rare.

bogofree said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bogofree said...

I like skirt steak that is med. well. Of course a nice prime rib end cut is much better.

anonymous said...

Just read the latest from BB and it is amazing how a report that is sponsored and paid for by a town with a certain outcome almost predictable becomes a fact. This is the same group that will trash a pro casino study funded by a pro casino source.

Pardom me if I think both are full of clark.

anonymous said...

Looks like cfo may have been taken for a ride. LMCAO! A post from the BB blog.

"The town of Halifax got took by a charlatan. Hope they didn't spend too much of the taxpayer's money on this 'report.' Lynch was discredited long ago. This air conditioner salesman lied to the BIA about having a PhD. He does not. He has no credibility with the BIA, who will ignore his letter.


bogofree said...

OK...this seems really bizarre. Halifax and CFO got taken for a ride on this guys report?

I checked the story out on the BB Blog and found the comments rather interesting.

I hope someone can climb into the way back machine and determine who had what and where. The history is convoluted. Happens with a history of extermination and victors writing the results.

Lowrie is back and Juilo “The Yugo” Lugo has been dispatched along with 13.5 Million bucks to pay off his contract.

Suo Mynona said...

Looks like Eggs Benedict for breakfast tomorrow @ The Sunshine Cafe on 44 west.

The have awesome homemade hash (you have to ask for it otherwise you will get the canned stuff). It is nothing but a 4 inch square of shredded corned beef. Two dropped eggs and a dollop of hollandaise sauce and dry pumpernickel toast. Divine.

Hmmm...I am also thinking about one of those famous pancakes at Binky's (IMO the breakfast place in town)

anonymous said...

Looks like BB and cfo got taken! LMCAO! So what is the response? Ignore it!

Hey, has BB ever responded to just who is going to profit from the casino?

Was that the diet in the column Suo?

bogofree said...

That's called "The Deflection."

Suo Mynona said...

I have no idea what y'all are talking about with the other stuff. I have never heard of Lynch. So I will give BB the benefit of the doubt that he is right because he always says he is. I am just a "d*phsh*t yokel" Sophisticates like him are much smart don't ya know.

But BB has also proven he has an inability to answer the the question. The truth (it would appear) is that he is either a coward or saying something flase to justify his position (Clark CT anyone?) at the expense of others' reputation.

He just deflects and just deflects.

It gets real good at 5:23

bogofree said...


I think BB and CFO fell for a phoney report. At this time the comments are trying to deflect off that issue and concentrate on the fact that the report was written by a fraud but accurate. Sounds goofy.

bogofree said...

Hal has signed in with his opinion at casino-friend.

Suo Mynona said...

It is positive that there is little if any public mudslinging about the casino happening. Except of course by BB and preposterous unfounded comments.


Usually any opinion offered by an individual belonging to 1-800 DIAL-A-WITNESS INC is worthless IMO.

Kudos to Halifax for paying to protect their interests and also to Casino "Free" Mass for continuing their fight.

To me (not a student of Mashpee Indian ancestry)it is as clear as mud.

I just wish BB's would stop publishing things like:

"why can't our selectmen...take their heads out of....whatever bodily orifice they might have."

Classy stuff again. It adds nothing to the constructive side for casino opponents IMO.

M J Q Phd.(wb) said...


From the sunny town of Raynham.. Hope you are all having a nice summer.. BOGO! you ready for lunch again?

By the way (wb) = wanna-be

bogofree said...

LOL Mike. Sure....sometime soon.

Good news for Suo and BB in that one of the profiteers that BB spoke of has surfaced. Really old news but this may pin point a source - Chief Gates! Yep...the new Chief. Enterprise had a write up Sunday and mentioned his family farm as being eventually sold to investors. I guess this also explains the trespass situation.

Suo Mynona said...

***More Refreshing Hypocrisy****
In BB's own words:

"It's refreshing to see subtle but important points reported accurately"

It would be refreshing for him to the same

Suo Mynona said...


It is clear who is selling land.

It is the "peripheral business" that I take issue with.

In BB's words:
"still enjoys some inexplicable support - usually by people who stand to gain directly from land sales or peripheral business."

Name names BB. Who are these local businesses you cite?

bogofree said...

"It's refreshing to see subtle but important points reported accurately"

And that, my friends, fully explains the reason this blog was started.

Ah...yes, Suo, those other businesses...yes...a name of names would be nice.

Suo Mynona said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bogofree said...

Here is a response to a post I made at the BB blog:

"Supporting information from a highly questionable source just because the conclusion supports your point of view? Where have I seen that before?.

In what way is the source "highly questionable"?

And please - tell me where you have "seen that before".

The anti-casino sources are generally more credible because they mostly don't stand to gain anything - which is not to say that they shouldn't be vetted. Pro-casino voices(tribe, investors, land owners) have to be carefully scrutinized since they have a financial interest."

The past experience is detailed on the first few posts on this blog - a blog that is a DIRECT result of allowing a pattern of false information to be posted on a site. That is "where I have seen it before."

I certainly do question the source which is Lynch. This is similar to reservation (AKA -Casino) shopping that developers/investors do. You look for information to support "The Cause" and then get all giddy about it. What it usually amounts to is tweaking the findings to make the customer happy be they a town such as Halifax or a casino/lobby group pshing for gin mills.

Suo Mynona said...

***Consistently Inconsistent**

BB's words: "Pro-casino voices(tribe, investors, land owners) have to be carefully scrutinized since they have a financial interest."

What happened to the local business people that he has harped on?

Is he going to just stop making the innuendo now with hopes that it will go away? Clark, CT anyone?


BTW BB did it ever occur to you that Mr. Lynch has a monetary interest? As I said before any hired gun's opinion should be vetted, not just the one with which you disagree.

bogofree said...

The following is a post that BB made in response to a post I had made on his site. Do I have to say anymore? This is a typical shinning example of a long list that has been detailed here.

By the way not addressing the contents of the mis-information is the same as supporting it.

No, Suo, you will never get an answer. BB will continue to be as evasive as possible. Then again, what do we know - being third rate dip S**ts.

"You are so full of shit it's not even funny.

Never did I support, endorse, or quote the "Clark" info. I kicked your sorry ass off the forum for ganging up on and haranguing another poster despite NUMEROUS and REPEATED warnings to KNOCK it off. Ever since, you've been nursing your ego by trying to spin the event your way and sniping at me.

My sources are studies, reports, and economic data - not Jessie."

LMAO said...

LMCAO! More to add to your list, Suo.

bogofree said...

Just an amazing in-depth analysis from BB.

"The anti-casino sources are generally more credible because they mostly don't stand to gain anything - which is not to say that they shouldn't be vetted. Pro-casino voices(tribe, investors, land owners) have to be carefully scrutinized since they have a financial interest."

Now, BB, would you care to answer Suo's question?

anonymous said...

Bumpkin seems a bit upset. I guess he just dislikes revisiting a classic of confusion moment.

Bogo he wanted an answer and you gave it to him. Nothing wrong with that.

After reading his volatile post I'm glad I didn't vote for him.

bogofree said...

And on a more pleasant note managed to harvest quite a few rasberries today.

Suo Mynona said...

***The Good Fight***

The legitimate and very positive Anti Casino fight is admirable.

There are enough worthy issues to provide credible reasons why Massachusetts should be Casino Free.

Dimasi and Marshall have shown everyone should be circumspect on such a hot topic.

***The Bad Fight***

Accusing local business of supporting the casino for profit driven reasons is plain wrong. Unless of course you back up your claim.

I do not consider BB as having vested interest. His motives and intentions are good. But his arguments and actions are too frequently those of a 3rd rate....

It is a shame. If he concentrated more on the positive instead of negatively attacking townspeople his credibility would increase greatly IMO.

He should present information in a manner to give more reasons for people who disagree with him to agree with him.

***Caveat Emptor***

Remember, don't take any credence to what I say. I am just a "knucklehead" "d*psh*t" "yokel" that failed his "no brainer" "acid test"

Suo Mynona said...

***The Question Dujour***

What "nurses" Bogo's ego?

#1 Clipping coupons

#2 Clipping yankee fans

#3 Clipping BB the self proclaimed "superior" blogger.

BB who finds it "refreshing to see subtle but important points reported accurately" -- unless of course he disagrees.

Sorry BB but you could only muster third on the list

bogofree said...

I have a fan! Must be Jessie! LMCAO!

"They all creep out of the woodwork when research information discredits their claim!
bogofree just wants his ego stroked because no one posts on his silly blog any more because theirs no substance and he's too lazy to do his own substantive research.Never has.Never will.The attention span of a slug."

anonymous said...


What type of slug are you? I'd say Jabba the Hutt was a slug but he looks like BB.

Guess they don't want attention focused on their star researcher Jessie.

Nice post, Suo.

bogofree said...

My blog is not silly it is worthless.

Last research I did was trying to find all the information detailed in the first few posts of this blog.

I'd check the traffic count but I have no way of doing it. Besides, it would be a sham since Suo and I sign on 50 times a day.

BB really loses his cool quite quickly but I know a profiteering local shrink who may help.

Second place and dying on the vine!

Family Guy said...

Research to that crowd, Bogo, is to find a report they agree with and then pump it up. Research is what Jessie does best. She represents the zenith of their collective Google abilities.

Sox may have picked up a hitter in Adam LaRoche.

Suo Mynona said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Suo Mynona said...


I will be giving BB plenty of things to complain about at the next BOS meeting.

Something positive is happening so he will surely find the negative and some conspiracy.

Who knows maybe BB will come to the meeting and we can have face to face debate in the parking lot about the merits and demerits of trespassing while supposedly looking for turkey feathers. Then we can move on to how come he did want to allow any debate about the CPA.

He could even secretly leak all the business people to me that are supporting the casino for mere profit driven reasons.

That way I would know he is not a fraud and what he blogs are "important points reported accurately"

LMAO said...

Does anyone really pay any attention to his column? I never have seen any letters generated from it. BB have a small crew of sycophants and you would think one (JP) would at least write a complimentary letter.

His blogs and site constantly accentuate the negative in this town. He has allowed some disgraceful comments to be posted regarding the BOS and a good portion of it still comes back to the casino issue.

Suo Mynona said...

To the editor:

BB is such a wonderful columnist. Every other week is a new lesson on ways to constantly incorporate me, myself, my, mine and I into multiple sentences. "The Little, Brown Handbook" is now passé.

With warm regards,


bogofree said...

Some real depression today with no column and that sinking feeling watching the Red Sox cough up a lead and go in the hole by two all in one week.

bogofree said...

It appears a poster in the best blog in Middleboro takes issue with the use of the word genocide in describing Native American destruction. I am amazed at the intellectual shallowness by many on the issue.

A simple Google search using the phase Native American Genocide will provide an interesting volume of work.

I would also suggest the two following books which are still in print.

American Holocaust by David E. Stannard.

A Little Matter of Genocide by Ward Churchill.

Suo Mynona said...

David Stannard

San Francisco State magna cum laude

Yale Master of History & Philosophy

Yale Ph.D. in American Studies

Suo Mynona said...

Ward Churchill is far from being a bastion credibility.

But as usual Bogo cited at least rwo sources

bogofree said...

The two books mentioned just scratch the surface. The person that wrote that comment I quoted on can never reach up to the level of third rate dips**t. Actually their lack of just basic knowledge on Native American history speaks for itself.

Ward Churchill is an extremist. Not much doubt about that. His book is fascinating none the less even to someone like myself who is essentially middle of the road.

These are books that I have actually read. Another great read is also Black Elk Speaks which is also the loose framework for the movie "Little Big Man."

Personally I find the attempts by some within the anti casino movement to minimize this past and current tragic occurrence in American history.

Suo Mynona said...

BBs poster probably does not beileve the hollocaust occured.

The Best Blog in Town LMCAO

anonymous said...

If there was ever reparations we'd all be living in tents paying rent. No casino. Just white man poverty.

anonymous said...

Hey, were is Rocky? I miss his comments. Same with Mildly.

anonymous said...

Nice on the eyes. You finally getting some skills, Bozo?

Hal Brown said...

Bogo - lookin good....

bogofree said...


Thanks for your comes the sidebar.

Suo Mynona said...

Hey Bogo

Did you get permission to link to the Best Blog in Town? You might be considered a criminal if you did not.

Check out this website everyone. The first minute or so is hilarious. It is a great site for people that are getting "apoplectic" and say things that backfire.

bogofree said...

I may be guilty of internet trespass.