Saturday, October 31, 2009

CFO! Deval! Water Bills! Schools!

Deval “One And Out (I hope)” Patrick has managed to address an exceedingly difficult budget situation by not attacking education and local aide in his recent cuts. No matter where you cut someone will be impacted and it seems that invariably it is those who are most vulnerable. Deval had a profile in courage moment with his cuts but somehow I feel that he wished he could do some real line item work with some of the more entrenched bureaucrats.

H1N1 is starting to look like Katrina.

The Macarena has been the most popular one hit wonder in music history.

Congressman Lee Terry is one sharp conservative.

How come when I ask from an item at the deli it always seems to be a “little bit over.”

I have certainly had my fun with CFO over the months and the reasons have been beaten to death, but they did show at the State House and went through the routine of trying to get the message across with a stacked deck (pun intended). I actually support their efforts in this region since I am a NIMBY but I do not support their efforts to block casino gaming. That is the old you can support the message but not the messenger. Now I guess old BS (how appropriate) will say that is being a hypocrite. Can’t argue with that. Polls continue to show that my position is somewhat prevalent - give us slots but in your neighborhood and not mine.

The recent spike in water bills will have to be explained to me in great detail so that will have to be a Suo assignment or anyone else who feels capable. I know expenses are up but usage is way down and that creates a deficit. Somehow I still feel that many of us are being punished for conserving. Now they speak of a spike in chemicals but doesn’t less usage mean a decrease in usage in that area? Color me confused. Remember that once you pass age 65 you are eligible for a senior discount.

I just love the idea of prop 2 and ½ and worked hard to have it implemented. I remember doing the CFO et al thing and going to hearings and being a pest to legislators to try a get a piece of legislation that would be better than California’s Prop 13. IMO it has worked up to expectations. That brings us to Middleboro for April of 2010.

The schools will need help according to superintendent Bob Sullivan and I have to agree. Passing an override is difficult in the best of times and this will be the worse of times. As a former educator I have seen waste and can pinpoint areas where the axe could fall without a significant disruption of services. Not this time. The bone is now shinning through and money is needed and fast. My wife - The Lovely Cynthia - has subbed in Middleboro and is impressed with the schools she has worked at - Burkland and Goode. Just today she had a class of twenty-eight third grade students with the usual mix you get in a class of that size. In teaching size does make a difference especially with the variety of learning styles, abilities, behaviors and undiagnosed and diagnosed special needs. Getting an override passed will be a daunting task and right now I say it will be defeated.


anonymous said...

Could you please elaborate for me just how much and for what specifically the monies from an override would be spent? I can't see how throwing money at a failing school system is going to make it better. Could the curriculum be the problem? Is too much emphasis being put on MCAS scores?

anonymous said...

For all intents and purposes CFO is no longer functional. USS Slots Mass is a far more assertive, goal oriented spin off by the hardliners. From what I hear they are very committed, or perhaps ought to be committed. They're not focused on Middleboro. They want to see slots EVERYWHERE on the planet prohibited. Good luck to them on that one.

bogofree said...

Anon I agree on the CFO point completely. I’ll probably steal that paragraph and claim it as my own. That’s just the Clark in me.

The curriculum is tied into the frameworks and that becomes the basis for MCAS testing. Teach to the test? You be the judge. When you examine MCAS scores you have to examine all the testing sub groups. The scores can change significantly when you adjust the under performing sub groups to the same level as more affluent communities. In that context MCAS scores can be misleading. Also been a revision on how MCAS scores are going to be interpreted.

Middleboro also has some interesting statistical data that could shed some light on performance. The number of college educated citizens is currently at 18%. Among lowest in county. The median income is among if not the lowest of any non city community in the county. Unemployment is also quite high. Middleboro also is a virtually lily white community with very limited ESL issues.

The huge impact of SPED costs cannot be understated and in some communities they are a real budget buster. I know Middleboro has seen a rise in that area.

Teacher salaries and benefits seem in line with other communities and from what I can gather administrative costs are not excessive.

Per pupil expenditures are not excessive.

I have followed the school system for several years and IMO they have made substantial cuts and now the time has arrived where even more may - note the word may - have a disastrous impact.

Anon what you have said is entirely valid regarding an override and that will probably be front and center in the debate. I would absolutely base support or non support on how that money is going to be spent.
As of this moment in time I would support it but opinions change as facts change. My assumptions on school administration addressing the issue over the years may not be entirely correct. I’m sure all this will come out in the debate.

Bus Boy said...

Just got back from the Taunton Mall, What an awsome idea they had.. Trick or treat store to store safe and fun.. I was dressed as a lucky charm. LOL!

Suo Mynona said...

In 1998 everything about Oak Point was minatory.

Oak Point has since proven to be a positive addition to our community. The residents and management have given so much in so many ways. $12,500.00 raised by the golf tournament charity is one item in long list.

bogofree said...

Oh what Oak Point (where everyday is a tax free holiday) did to a wonderful trail system! I actually did a little run through part of the place a month or so ago via the River St. entrance and development is still taking place.

No doubt about the various contributions to the town and the fears of controlling the TM has been non existent.

I also understand that you have to pay a sales tax on the homes so that is a fair chunk of change.

Just think expansion has really gone far enough.

MSM Party Bus said...

BloggerShark Check your Gmail.

anonymous said...

I use to go hunting where Oak Point is located. How Middleboro has changed. Use to be a ron and gun club up that way. Don't know if it's still there.

anonymous said...

Forget an override. I'm a tightwad. I would not pay $50 for CPA so I'm not paying a pile more on an override that will probably just go to salary increases.

Suo Mynona said...
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Suo Mynona said...

The Middleboro Sportsmen's Club is still on Plain Street. It was a unique moment when the subdivision developer realized that after he commenced his plans. The sportsman's club was a notified abutter that attended the opening hearing. The developer had to disclose to potential purchasers that they were within "X" distance from the firing range as required by law.

The Sportsmen Club came never once complained about the subdivision. They just wanted to preserve their rights.

There is another (and larger) club called the Wankinquoah Rod & Gun Club on Pine St that merged with the Hare and Rabbit Club.


Maybe the neophyte wannabe experts on everything Wampanoag can tell us the proper usage of "Wankinquoah." I bet they give a crooked answer.

bogofree said...

The Hare & Rabbit Club. Forgot all about it. Use to have Boy Scout functions at the place.

Chickenplucker141 said...
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Suo Mynona said...

Anon 7:51 AM:

I use to agree then realized (IMO) the town really has not changed much. Route 28 north and south of the rotary is developed and there is Oak Point. You would hardly know Oak Point unless you are an abutter. There has not been a massive population explosion.

Downtown is not as vibrant as it was in the 60's, but that is primarily a function of personal mobility and super stores.

Think about it and report back your opinion.

The biggest singular change IMO is unfunded state and national mandates -- especially those placed upon the school system.

bogofree said...


Now that I have given up on the NY Football Giants (via NJ) I can butt in with my comments on changes.

We moved to Mboro in 1973 and could not get anything to eat late at night - meaning past 8PM. No Mickey D' Subway....not much. Still we have avoided the mess that is in Route 44 in Raynham/Taunton.

I also remember back then there were actually farms in Mboro and even several dairy farms. Now gone.

Housing developments are not massive but there are many and what I go by - natch - are trails. Trails that I use to run no longer exist because of development. Still far away from buildout.

Middleboro is so Clarking large that it has avoided some of the development that is so common in other towns. We still have plenty of open space and recreational areas. Cranberry industry helps that. As long as you have potential gravel and $65 a barrel that can protect land.

The downtown is long gone from those days in the 70s and even the 80s and the impact is felt by strip malls here and elsewhere.

I have often said the government can mandate but not manage - but when they mandate to other government units you have a disaster in waiting and education is a prime example.

LMAO said...

Seems to me something missing from the blogging world as I did my daily checks. Looks like Bumpkin has consolidated his two worthless blogs into one. Thank goodness they are still there or Bogo and Suo would be lost just relying on his equally worthless column. LMCAO!

Check out Toxic as it looks like Limo has started up again on a few CFO types.

MSM Party Bus said...

Never.. I repeat never..argue with an anonymous person. Vegas Val taught me that one..

I have one question though, Concerning my business?

How do you know so much about my advertisers, Who pays and who don't?

MSM Party Bus said...

LMAO the time is scary.. LOL!

bogofree said...

Worthless! No Clarking way! His blog and the comments that some of his posters have placed into internet history have been a source of great material. I'm sure that tradition will continue under the new format since he'll write and they will post.

anonymous said...

Did anyone see BS new post.

Like a little baby. "SO"

You made us look clarking stupid again "SO"

anonymous said...

He is now Clark The Toothless Shark! Now that is funny!

Forget the override. NCW! Was an article that said as much in the Enterprise when some locals were interviewed. CPA may stand a better chance.

daddy said...
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anonymous said...

Hey Bus Boy is that you and full of BS tossing mud at one another on Topix? LMCAO! Can't be Jessie since BS has never used gawking.

anonymous said...

Mimi coming to the defense of her good friends husband tonight at the bos meeting. The IT department has a long history of not doing the job. Sorry Mimi but you are dead wrong on this one.

Suo Mynona said...

***60 Minutes Health Care Fraud***

How come congress cannot simply write legislation to address the core issues of health care: access, portability, interstate competition tort reform and medicare/medicare fraud (60 Billion per year!).

2000 pages cut and pasted together is ripe for any type of interpretation the future administrative bureaucrats see fit.

The 2000 pages makes our constitution look like a first grade homework assignment.


If anyone missed the 60 Minutes coverage on medicare and medicade fraud two weeks ago they should take a gander the episode (provided in three parts on their website -- total condensed time to about 8 minutes.) Government should show they can handle this fraud first IMO.

This is NOT Fox News. It is CBS 60 Minutes.

Part One

Part two:

Part Three:

Imagine the fraud after 2000 pages.

bogofree said...

I saw that, Suo, and I thank you for the reminder.

The rampant fraud in Medicare makes Bernie Madoff look small.

In 1973 Medicare Part B was $7 and today it is $96 and that is a substantial increase.

Think of the Meicare/Medicaid expanded into a national program for all. Ouch.

bogofree said...

My wife - The Lovely Cynthia - just returned from the Historical Society meeting with her collection of Maddigan's pictorial of Middleboro. Copies for three children and our own copy. I'll go through it when I can relax and enjoy it.

anonymous said...

Mimi did not look good last night trying to toss in some support for Roger. It is obvious to anyone watching that the IT department has just not done the job. I do believe that is an issue that anti's and pro's agree on.

How come every othet word out of the mouth of the town manager is ah? This is like listening to a Kennedy (choose any) speech.

Suo Mynona said...

BB's new blog format is rolling along and and lively as a casket in a ditch.

He requires name, birth date and social security number to post. That should just about kill all the anonymous posters, unless of course they tow the party line. (I actually give him kudos for that)

BUT, I am afraid he will find out my real identity -- it is still a super double secret.

bogofree said...

DNA and blood samples will also be taken before a post is considered worthy. All that can be avoided by agreeing with BB on everything. Like I have said before the revulsion with Toxic is the inability to control the debate.

bogofree said...

The next gem is Clark The Toothless shark. The next one to have invite only to view his blog. Just another CFO profile in courage moment! LMBAO!

anonymous said...

They like to go into their private rooms such as BS has done. This is what Jessie has done with her invite only that targeted LL. That way they can toss the s**t around without consequences. Tells you all you need to know about them. What a group!

drive-by said...

Hate to tell you Suo, but you're the weathered old man who lives in a cardboard box behind Ocean State Odd Lot. On one of my drive-bys I saw you hooking up your Commodore 64 to a coat hanger, aluminum foil router. My lips are sealed about your fixing up the Green School as a winter shelter.

drive-by said...

By golly I finally found BloggerShark's blog and he has indeed gone to an invitation only read. Shoot! I missed out on all the fun. Always a day late and a dollar short. LMCAO!

Suo Mynona said...

I will continue to persevere drive by. If I quit everytime someone said it is impossible I would be living behind a store in a cardboard box. The amount of donations have been huge and they are still coming.

BTW Ocean State is one of my favorite stores. Benny's is right up there too. Glad you can afford those fancy wheels. Take me for a ride sometime.

I am washed up weathered at 46 -- oh well. As far as my jalopy goes, I consider cars to be negative investment (at least on my restricted budget)

You are ok in my book drive by -- you give it out and take it!

bogofree said...

Nice of you to drive by Drive by. You missed little on the BS (how appropriate) site as it amounted to nothing more than a snit with the Toothless one and LL. Personally I think it was man love.

I may check out Kahian's for a large refrigerator box as a potential homestead if the economy continues to fade.

I happen to know that Suo has a TRS-80.

drive-by said...

Thank you Suo. Actually I think we have most values and philosophies in common. Family and friends first. Then you do what you can for others.

I have to come clean----if I could really afford that car I'd be living on the ocean in Duxbury. Will a ride in an '04 Grand Prix with a 105k miles on it do? I never buy new. Don't want car payments or inflated mortgages. Had the wife cut up all the plastic a few years back. But somehow a bill from Macys still sneaks by now and then. I just let her pay it off and pretend she's put one over on me. It keeps the peace.

anonymous said...

"I claim not to have controlled events, but confess plainly that events have controlled me."

What an awsome quote.

Suo Mynona said...

Bogo you will see a rise in your blog now that BB has instituted a retina scan.

Anon: I see you passed 5th grade history. It is not my namesake. My mother got my name from a soap opera actor. I come from a proud tradition of swamp Yankee white trash apparently.

Now I have an awesome quote for you:

"I don't remember, but don't deny it either." (Hint: It is not Ronald Reagan testifying before the Tower Commission, though eerily similar)

anonymous said...

Ohio voters approved casinos.

anonymous said...


LOL.. Easy tiger.. That quote was an "Honest Abe" quote..

Sometimes its not all about you my friend..


Suo Mynona said...

That is the problem with blogs. You cannot hear the inflection in a person's typing. I was trying to be funny. But I have learned one thing: Bogo is the only person that consistently laughs at my jokes -- his sense of humor is warped I guess..

BTW Since I have some virus I will probably be stirring the pot today.

Lay off Honest Abe. I do not know him, but he appears to be a decent & harmless guy with an opinion. He is one of the few that should be given a pass on his public comments IMO.

anonymous said...

"he appears to be a decent & harmless guy'

Now that was funny...

drive-by said...

Honest Abe says what he means and means what he says....always with humor. I have no problem with him.

Blogger Shark said...

You were all getting addicted to me so I cut off your supply. When one of you does or says something idiotic again, I'll open it up.

Man love? Hardly.

bogofree said...

I Middleboro Abe is a hoot. Nice guy. The real Abe? I once met and shook the hand and spoke to someone who had shook the hand and spoken with the real Abe Lincoln.

I figured my comment would get the fish in for a comment. Love your blog, Toothless.

I have a Grand Prix but it is a 2001.

bogofree said...

....and speaking of idiotic I just wonder what the further requirements will be on the infamous BB blog? We have aquired quite a list at this time.

BS (How appropriate) will have to wait for the first LL post before opening up his site. Get that frog ouuta there and post, LL, as withdrawl from the BS is killing me. May have to go to Market Basket and get some Mako fillets.

Regarding Market Basket I hear that they may be opening up a location nearby.

Family Guy said... you have skipped out on the big news and that is that some of the gloss is off the WOW administration based on recent election results. I hope this is a harbinger of the future for the 2010 elections.

Suo Mynona said...

Hey Clark the Shark what gives? You claim to be mustelid too. You just picked the wrong species.

bogofree said...

Wonder if BB will get some former FBI agents to run background checks on posters?

MSM Party Bus said...

I watched and listened to the LIT fix hearing today seems like it was a very positive hearing geared towards getting the SCOTUS decision fixed asap.

Won't that change the playing field just a little bit..

bogofree said...

Interesting, LL, and it needs to be done. Just my opinion but it divides tribes. Feds opened the flood gates. Yeah...the locals may be a stretch to get to that magical 1/16th part Indian. I’d be more tempted to approach that area rather than the bizzaro attempts at are they a tribe or not. Maybe BB can donate his DNA lab for testing - the same one he uses to post on his site.

If Tribe gets the big kiss from the feds comes the next steps and that will all culminate in the combination bingo hall., gin mill and slot parlor with a Motel Six for overnights, Din Sum for dining and a karaoke machine for entertainment. That seven very, very large will be quite a take if that happens.

Blogger Shark said...

I only admire certain mustelids. I never claimed to be one.

bogofree said...

Good news for BS. There is no Clark The Weasel. LMBAO!

MSM Party Bus said...

I watched some videos on Gladys blog that Guy Les was awsome. He calls it like he sees it first one in this whole debate to call out the lottery.. Well first one I seen anyway.

If your against gambling then gosh darn it be against gambling..

MSM Party Bus said...

What... Whoa... What the... Oh! my God, what is that smell?


anonymous said...

Full of BS seems to spend a lot of time in your pool Bozo. LMCAO! I really enjoy the BS and LL exchanges on Toxic.

Blogger Shark said...

Take a shower, that might help, Bus Boy. You hate the lottery now too? Sorry, don't wanna mesh with your Lucky Charms.

Wolverines & badgers. Weasles are for your ilk.

bogofree said...

I think BS (how appropriate) is trying for some personal upgrade by spending some time in the 3,109th best blog in Middleboro. We'll turn him into a classy fish no matter what. Just like we all turned JP into such a valid researcher. Sharkie is always welcome.

I'd like to see Shark Chum post on some of the other BS that is on this site since his pool is now locked due to his red tide infection. Won't go into details on how Sharkie got that.

I check Toxic once a day. The "boys" seem to be in a loop.

drive-by said...

Thought I'd upgrade my current 3rd rate dips**t dwelling and move it to downtown Center Street to add some local color to the town. Do sidewalk squatters have to pay real estate taxes? Y'all are welcome to stop in anytime for coffee made from recyled Honey Dew grounds salvaged from their dumpster.

anonymous said...

Fish Heads.. Fish Heads.. Rolley Polley.. Fish Heads..


bogofree said...

Depends on what you do when you squat? The BOS recently implemented a new type of dumping fee...if you get my drift.

I think you have to pay by the square foot for your squatting privileges but be careful since the BOS is obviously a bit math challenged.

I’d take you up on the HD but I understand a former expatriate member of the BOS uses that facility so I will not take the chance on what leftovers may have been salvaged.

Appears that BS and LL have taken their verbal barbs and transferred them from Toxic to this Toxic. Be like the Limbo and see how low we can go.

MSM Party Bus said...

Check back in a few, I'm putting something together for you to read.

You want it here or in an e-mail.

Naw! I'll put it here so everyone can read it.


drive-by said...

Maybe the BOS expatriate can help defend my civil rights and fight for my mangy hound's entitlements.

As for the disposal of my excrements, some folks sling crap pretty freely around these parts. Figure I'm contributing to the "Go Green" movement. New energy resource --------> burn dried poop bricks instead of that dirty coal. Maybe JP can blog about it.

anonymous said...

Oh goody goody I love a surprise! Be prepared for a classic LL rambling. How much of it will make any sense? Some? All? None? Maybe a poll is it order, Bogo.

You just turned me off Honey Dew Drive By and Bogo. Thanks as I needec to diet.

drive-by said...

Uh Oh! Limo's writing a book. The suspense is killing me.

bogofree said... that's why he wanted those crayons!

Suo Mynona said...

I wish I did not have this stinking virus. Y'all are providing so much good material with which to work.

Ever had to go dumpster diving for a lost ring or sumpthin'? In the eighth grade I did twice to look for my retainer. My teeth still look like Clark the Shark's.

Drive By, forget squatting downtown. Let's start squatting first class in BB's yard. He wont mind -- he openly approves of trespassing. You bring the card board boxes and I will bring the sterno and some MRE's.

drive-by said...

You got it, Suo. We'll pull it off just as soon as the CDC clears you of H1N1.

Limo, your time is up! Didn't bogo tell you you can't erase crayon when you color outside the lines?

A very pleasant evening to all.

anonymous said...

Limo you are a tease. Where is that massive post you promised?

Suo Mynona said...

BB knows blogging.
BB don't know municipal finance.

More complaining -- no solutions.

Identifying problems is easy. The ability to find viable solutions separates the wheat from the chaff. BB is chaff as he did not say the departments he would cut or eliminate to prevent using one time sources of revenue. maybe he would have us sell the ladder truck on eBay.

IMO, town meeting got it right (as usual) People who attend town meeting are very savvy and anything but 3rd rate d*psh*t citizens.

LMAO said...

Read the BB column. Remind me never to have him balance my checkbook.

Suo Mynona said...

Oh the irony

Looks like the only comment BB has gotten on his new blog is an accu-statement with an accu-demand.

Geee I wonder who chuckles is. Is there a blog called Middleboro Chuckles?

Suo Mynona said...

**IMA Some local political stuff**

The IMA (Inter Municipal Agreement) between Middleboro and Lakeville has been a sore spot. Middleboro has wanted to singularly bill Lakeville for water (and/or sewerage) and have Lakeville invoice their residents and businesses that consume our resource. Lakeville adamantly refused.

Now Lakeville is trying to build a water tower and needs to raise money. The Lakeville BOS is currently considering asking Taunton to bill the town directly. Lakeville will then bill locals with an additional fee tacked on for the water tower.

Personally I think they will ultimately go in another direction to raise the money.

Here is a link to the Gazette article this week:

Family Guy said...

Sounds like it is personal between the towns. Maybe we can send over BB on a diplomatic mission?

Suo Mynona said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Blogger Shark said...

The rumors of my death have been grossly exagerated.