Saturday, June 27, 2009

This And That

A change in format this week and for two reasons - laziness on my part and a lack of traffic. The original intent of this blog was to focus on the foibles of Jessie Powell and - to a lesser extent - her enabler. As the traffic increased suggestions were made to label each week which I did. Traffic has diminished considerably so no need. I have certain technical limitations and just do not wish to go into a format such as Nemasket and Middleboro Matters. Both have their niche so why repeat the process? My blog title has also undergone a minor change and I have reverted to the title of a few weeks back. Jessie will always have a place of “honor” in the title. Post away as you please with comments on these musings or any others. Open to all.

Speaking of enablers the recent dust up between Suo and BB seems to have reached an impasse but one burning question remains unanswered. Just who stands to profit from this casino? That was never answered and someone stated it was a “core issue.” I agree but IMO you will NEVER get an answer.

Side note to a fellow blogger. The revenues from ALL gambling operations in Rhode Island represent 11.1% of the budget and not one-third as was posted.

Governor Patrick pledged not to support a tax increase. Naturally in a startling profiles in courage moment he caved it. Ah…where is Jane Swift? I also admire the concept of “new sources of revenue” to describe tax increases.

The economy has stalled. I thought this was going to continue but, alas, the debt both public and private is crushing. I was always amazed at how - and rightfully so - the Democrats would hammer Bush over the enormous deficits his administration was running up. This is even worse. Watch for inflation. Coming your way soon for either you or your children.

Middleboro received some bad fiscal news regarding a clerical error by the town accountant. More adjustments and review to address the fiscal shortfall but Middleboro is quite experienced in that matter. Maybe pull a “fuzzy math” expert in as a consultant?

The casino issue is still on the table as far as monies that have been shipped our way. As long as the economy falters the prospect of investment in gin mills just won’t happen. In the background is the specter of the South African version of the pinky ring set and their minions. They’ll be back somewhere looking to cash in when and if the economy improves.

Had to have a aged dog executed two weeks ago. My wife - the Lovely Cynthia - had said “no more dogs.” Fine with me so naturally she is getting another mutt. Arrival tomorrow via a shelter.

The Red Sox are in a great position but are being closely dogged by Tampa, NY and even Toronto. All four teams have 40 wins and are well on their collective ways to finish over the .500 mark. Everyone has a decent shot at the division and probably a Wild Card slot but the Sox do have the best pitching and you win with pitching.

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Sunday, June 21, 2009


Recent polls have show a reaction - negative - starting to creep in regarding WOW’s policies particularly in the area of health care, spending, bailouts and GM. His approval ratings remain high but questions arise. Respondents disapprove of his handling of the Gitmo situation.

Now the tribe is fed up with the evil twins from South Africa. With “The Raven” safely put under federal ice for several years a degree of insight has capture those now in the know within the tribe and they realize this deal screws them. Big surprise! Welcome to the club. All those dollar signs, capital improvements , jobs and infrastructure upgrades dazzled the locals as - no doubt - a few of the per diem payments that Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun generated grabbed the attention of the tribe. IMO “The Raven” is patient zero in this whole mess.

It’s symbolic, Governor! The Patrick administration is spending thousands plastering his name on signs across the Commonwealth. The money is important. Every penny counts.

Speaking of Penny the Sox have one that could be worth more than any penny a numismatist could place a value on. Trade him or keep him he has done remarkably well.

Enterprise is running a series of articles on disability abuse. The stories are amazing. I remember years ago The Herald having photos of “disabled” public safety recipients doing rather strenuous labor and athletics‘. Meanwhile the real disabled get the shaft from the state.

Hack holiday of all time is Bunker Hill Day. Hilarious the way Howie Carr “outed” how the prominent hacks spent this hallowed day. As we say - LMCAO!

Republican Senator John Ensign is in difficulties over an affair he had with an aide. Meanwhile the most pompous politician in the country - Barney Frank (D- Hot Bottom) sits in an important chair position despite his past behaviors. Is there a double standard? IMO in is quite clear there is. Maybe it even goes beyond the very obvious bias against Republicans since Gary Hart managed to get tossed asunder as did John Edwards.

Letterman finally owned up to his “humor.” Amazing that some can finally come clean. Wonder who I’m talking about? LMCAO!

Suo is posting further collects on his endless BB file.

PETA is all in a dunder over Obama swatting a fly. Was it a transgender fly? A Republican fly? PETA also whines about treatments of and additives that we place in our animal kills as they sit on supermarket shelves or await execution. I’ve always found that interesting considering Pam Anderson is a spokesperson. I guess synthetic additives for humans are OK.

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Saturday, June 13, 2009


I recently returned from California and one thing I found quite fascinating was a visit to the Sutter Mill site near Placerville. This was ground zero for the California gold rush and what that did to local tribes was devastating as the wealth of the land was plundered and tribes displaced. I’m no “fan” of giving something excessive to Indians based on past excesses by invaders - their term for us - but I am not foolish enough to make any bizarre justifications for what we did either here, there or across the Americas. History is clear on that.

California has a glut of tribal casinos and that is no surprise. The state has many tribes and each managed to find a slot to try and take advantage of the system or be taken advantage of themselves by investors. I only went to one and that was Thunder Valley which was a mid size operation when compared to our Connecticut gin mills and proposed Middleboro casino.

We also ventured over to Reno and Virginia City and spend most of one day in Virginia City. Interesting place since the day we were there the weather was cold and wet with as much rain in one day as they get in six months. Had a nice meal at a saloon/casino and paid visits to the usual collection of specialty shops.

California is one of the few places where the governmental structure is on a par with Massachusetts. They have found a way to tax everything including even newspapers. Back home our legislature has risen to the task of proving that government in this state is to perpetuate the hack system at our expense. Sales tax increase and a soon to be gas tax increase and eventually a increase on the income tax. Forget the cost of doing business as this state seems to pride itself on putting up fiscal and regulatory roadblocks to business. A bit of pension reform took place but that is just a PR bone tossed to the holli polli and will eventually be gutted or circumvented. Again, the end result of a one party government that has stayed around too long. Don’t know if a surge in Republicans or reform Democrats could change the system but there could not possibly do worse.

From a column by Cal Thomas quoting Newsweek editor Evan Thomas: “In a way Obama’s standing above the country, above - above the world. He’s sort of a God.” From a blog by Russian Staislav Mishin as published in The Boston Herald commenting on Obama’s fiscal policy regarding spending: “If this keeps up for more than another year, and there is no sign it will not, America at best will resemble the Weimar Republic and at worse Zimbabwe.” I have some real issues with the media fawning over Obama and a fiscal and interventionist policy that is a clear shift to the left. How prophetic that a Russian ends up commenting in his article about the Marxist trends in America.

Had Limo take me to the airport. Great service. Nice ride. Relaxing. Thanks, Mike.

Hal has some nice photos on his Heckuva web site.

Green School is making some progress and the leader of the pack - Lincoln Andrews - has no illusions to this being a slam dunk success. A long process is taking place evaluating the structure and the viability of any refurbishing. He’ll keep all informed.

The baseball team from NY seems to have run into a roadblock with the local entry. Pity.

I have changed my banner - again. As always JP will have a place of honor in the title either in full form or abbreviated form.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


An interesting week in Northern California for me in the Sacramento area. This state is in a worse fiscal mess than Massachusetts so that is something to feel good about in a bizarre kind of way. Sacramento has an interesting Old Town section that runs along the river front. Like similar projects in other cities it is a renovation and restoration of a former area of warehouse, saloons and low end rooming houses. All gentrified with high end condos, museums and the usually mix of shops from eclectic to those with tourist trinkets and high end specialty shops.

The purpose of the visit was a wedding and since it was family - my son - so everything was hectic with folks flying in from all over the country. Rehearsals, dinners, get together and finally a wedding on Friday made for a busy few days and now is a more relaxed tome to sightsee.

This area is honeycombed with casinos and we also took a day trip to Virginia City, Nevada and Carson City, Nevada. Virginia City is a quick walk around after a harrowing drive along Route 341 after a two hours drive through the mountains from Sacramento to Reno.

Many of the folks that attended the wedding are from this area and to them they now have casino overload as expansion has diluted the market. There is little in the way of the environmental issues that confront a Middleboro gin mill since the casinos are generally in remote areas on tribal lands and are not the glitzy monstrosities so prevalent or proposed in our area. The economic impact is relatively nil since this state is population rich.

I have not heard much on the Green School initiative so maybe Suo will have an update this week. I’ll keep it as a partial banner for another week.

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