Monday, October 26, 2009

Ghosts! Terrorists! Toxic! Other Garbage!

A new movie called “Paranormal” has surfaced. This is probably an extenuation of the ghost hunting brigade that seems to have infected some of the TV channels and, of course, the collective “hunters” searching around our beloved Town Hall. This type of absurd silliness occurs every decade or so and gives the gullible and those whose idea of scientific reasoning is seeing how long they can look at the sun without glasses something to ponder. They probably get lost in a corn maze of two stalks. Hey, didn’t you folks grow up with Mr. Wizard or Bill Nye? Get a life and some science.

Deval Patrick has been an outspoken supporter of the union battle going on with the Hyatt Hotel in Boston. A great position since the Hyatt Corporation has run roughshod over their housekeepers but in a BB type contradiction Patrick took $3,000 in political contributions from the same company.

What would happen if CFO held a State House rally and no one came? Never mind…that’s already happened.

Do you think our local “Billy Flynn” will every get around to updating his profile on his web site? So much for legal details.

JP has a new site called Middleboro Remembers and it is a master work of cut and paste for the anti casino segment. Plenty of “data” that was supplied by - no doubt - the number crunchers at Clark, CT University. I’d love to see someone with time on their hands (not me) sift through all the “data” supplied by both sides and find out what was legit. Remember - you can be anti and unenrolled in an "organization."

I am amazed that some posts are not questioned on a certain site and one appears on this sidebar. That has never been addressed as far as I know. Shameful.

A local terrorist in training has been in the news lately and I hold no sympathy. I readily admit my prejudices regarding Muslims from both first hand experience and that of being wary of any religious zealot or zealots.

Toxic seems to be of focus on BB’s mind and like I have said before the reason why the CFO types hate it is lack of their own personal control over the site. They love to manage the news and the debate.


anonymous said...

How are we supposed to recover from this recession with a president who keeps proposing programs that will cost us trillions? He's obviously doesn't care about what the people want or about his fast downward popularity trend.

Scary to think how much damage Obama can do before he's shown the door in 2012. On a credibility scale I place him on the same level as Balloon Dad.

Lincoln Andrews said...
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Family Guy said...

I also express the same, anon. I feel thyat all that is being accomplished is a grand PR job and then to discredit all opposition. The debt we will face is staggering and the spending amounts to attempts to reward his voting block. I give him a D so far.

Suo Mynona said...

Our commander-in-chief has not even visited the troops yet. Imagine having your life in on the line in Afghanistan and the man who is your commander not showing any real support. He can trollop around the world and cannot even make a brief unannounced stop to the place where our young men and women are fighting and dying for our country.

Family Guy said...

Obama may be a good change of pace from the casino issue. President WOW! I love that! I have been following both Bogo and BB and the posting war that seems to be primarily existing on the BB blog. It certainly appears to me that he was way behind on points with a few rounds to go. I really did had no desire to participate since it seemed he was getting beat up enough.

I did spill my coffee when I saw the post Limo made regarding a new umbrella organization to fight casinos. Mary Tufts and Jessie Powell on the board? WTC!

bogofree said...

I do believe the former president -who's name escapes me - did make a visit to Iraq. The Afgan mess is one he has inherited and seems absolutely destined to make infinitely worse.

I just think the current administration considers the federal treasury the same way some consider a credit card - just spend away and damn be the bills to pay. If any of us tried to pull Clark like this we would be pillared by the banks.

What I noticed is that WOW first addressed (as did Bush) the businesses that were "Too big to fail" and now has gotten around to dolling out a paltry 5 Bil to those who the administration "Doesn't give a Clark if they fail!" Amazing when one considers the economic backbone is the small business. Nice that bailout money exists for some but start up capital for those with enterprising spirit seems to be harder to get than an cognizant answer to a question posed to BB.

Meanwhile one of the few persons who make JP seem rational - Nancy Pelosi - is creating her own fiefdom and testing the waters of just how far Congress can go with the new president. This is the old power struggle between executive and legislative and the abysmal collection in Congress- poll figures in the basement - Have certainly managed to be winning this battle - so far.

WOW’s base of support was tenuous to begin with. This was not a mandate but a desire for change after the horrid display by the self destructive Republican Party. But some have seen through what I now see as a veneer of statehood and his next few years will be interesting to say the least.

North Slope Rigger said...

Bogo asked me to check in since I usually only post with an occasionaly baeball cooment but when I check it out what do I get? OBAMA! Oh is that the topic for me!

I'm a real live wing nut who is appalled by the liberals of every ilk. I hate the ACLU, racial quotas, big government spending, cowards like Reid and Pelosi and on top of my list is Obama. His first year in office was a joke and the only response from his loser supporters is to blame Bush. Right. Your guy is in charge and how are things going? Start with the greatest debt in history. The bailout of corporate pigs. The wishy washie military positions. The criminals you seem to have running your administration. The health care joke. Top it all off with ACORN which is where you have your roots. In my opinion Obama is just a more polished version of Rev. Al and Rev. Jessie. Now I'm sure some liberal bag of wind or gas will read this and say since I don't agree with their lying sack of you know what that I'm a racist! Four and out! How could you have ever considered voting for that stooge Bogo?

anonymous said...


you really need to start listening to the lovely cynthia

bogofree said...

Gee...tell us how you really feel? I sent an email since you were asked about but OMG! I hope Hal isn't trolling the site or he will certainly have "The Big One."

Yes...I thought he was the right man for the job but not the best man. I did not vote for reasons already explained and will never vote in a national election again. But I will collect a ballot.

I have a tendancy to show a wee bit more sympathy for the wing nuts than the moonbats but really have little faith in either party.

bogofree said...

I listen I just don't obey. I can say that since she has the good sense not to read my blog or any others.

bogofree said...

The lovely Cynthia has been spending considerable time as a sub in Middleboro Schools and is quite impressed with students, staff and curriculum. She has subbed at Burkland and Goode and except for the in building commute has enjoyed it. Done all grades 1-5 so far. Also subs in her old system of Weymouth.

MSM Party Bus said...

"These blogs , that have been going on between yourself, BB, and Limo are going way beyond casino issues."

My response to anonymous's last statement.

Anonymous forgets to tell you a little more of the story concerning me. Nothing was ever a secret about commas or statements made.

The Middleboro Police,Bridgewater police and the Raynham Cheif of police were all notified by me, The papers were notified by Me, please I pleaded with everyone to stop this nasty tone of a debate. They didn't want it to stop.

Problem is some still defend the actions by Anonymous.

She went on an accused a man of Gawking at Handicapped people (clients) at the Y.

Are you kidding me, From what I understand she might not even been at the Y,She never signed in,The life guard never seen her etc!

Then to have BB say she has important things to say! WHAT.. BB where is your moral compass pointing?

Then again, I know how some can get confused.

When she gets a promotion to be a Director, Its just like a street gang,She got a Rep by destroying someone and they moved her right up the ranks to the position of director.

Oh! Clyde tell us who your going after...

Nuff said on the whole subject.

anyone wants the real facts and the truth contact me.

MSM Party Bus said...


You can all go back to bashing OBama!!!

One political debate is enough for me.

bogofree said...

She has important thing to say....just look at my first four or five blogs.

Long pattern of bizarre statements simply because the ends justifies the means with certain folks.

Director? No vote there otherwise you would see "blanks" on the BOD.

Rocky checked in on another thread, Limo.

anonymous said...

Limo you are suppose to let it go. Last thing these people want is to be reminded of the past. LMCAO!

Jessie is just pathetic. I can stomach even Gladys but Jessie is just a real piece of work. The woman is an excessive gossip and seems clueless that everyone she talks about it gets back to them. Anti and pro may disagree but some go back several generations. You could see her influence in both recall and her sad attempt to get elected.

This latest organization is just a spin off of CFO and take a look at who they link to. Gladys, Jessie, "1623" all the same old. In my opinion it is all the flotsam from CFO. Maybe they have cleaned up their act.

MSM Party Bus said...

I beg to differ.. Kathleen Norbut has a nice blog. I have never seen her attack anyone.

She imported the rent-a-reject squad from our area.

Did she know the baggage they would come with?

Who knows..

MSM Party Bus said...

Hey its supposed to be this picture

LMAO said...

I think I just put two and two together. If Limo is correct that is hilarious! Who you gonna call!

It was good to see a post by Rocky so now I can stop reading the obits.

bogofree said...


I can connect the dots and what I wrote in paragraph one was purely coincidental but now quite appropriate - if what you insinuate is correct. That being true I guess BS is a real load of…of…BS! LMBAO!

Mark and I had a 50+ minute run and he could have easily done another ten minutes.

MSM Party Bus said...

When it comes to running. I am proud of Mark, He has finally found those 3 DDD's I talked about.


Next summer he will be Diesel!!

OMG! what did I just do with a comment like that..

Hey whats that hovering over Middleboro?

A Big head with a mustache.. LMCAO

OH! Bumps your just to much..

Serious Good job, Rick sounds like your a good coach.

bogofree said...

Some real man love there, Limo, but I think Bumps needs to upgrade his photo. That porker that he has now does not do justice to him. He is no longer a casino fanatic but a workout fanatic whose new obsession is not Suo but exercise.

anonymous said...

Why am I saying this so often? "I do not accept solicitations over the phone. Please do not call me again." Simple. I contribute extensively to charities but I keep it as local as possible and check them all out first.

Suo Mynona said...

So much for Michigan. The GM plant that reopened is in Biden's hometown. Must be coincidental.

MSM Party Bus said...

"Why am I saying this so often? "I do not accept solicitations over the phone."

We don't even answer our house phone becuse of this.

I thought tela-marketers were told they couldn't it any longer?

bogofree said...

My...political manipulation! I am shocked!

I think charaties are exempt from tele marketing.

In Attleboro they have a call center that is used to "collect" money for police around the nation. Over the years I have had some students work there and they'll get $10-12 an hour. I personally consider phone solicitations a scam and will ignore. I give but only after a firm check out and most goes directly and local. Best one is the recent collection for the Green School and I'd suggest all ardent CPA advocates do the same - start up a collection and I'll gladly give.

MSM Party Bus said...

I give freely every year to the town of Raynham

This year I can't do it and I am very sad...

The down economy has took its toll..

On another note Patrick is talking Micro loans OK! What about people like me that have lost everything..

Little late Mr. Patrick for those micro loans..

I have to tell you BOGO, Being semi retired this stinks..


I'm ready to take on a little McDss job just so I have something to do..

MSM Party Bus said...

Mcdonalds home delivery... Hmmm

bogofree said...

I keep busy, Limo, with tutoring and it pays better than McDonald's. Economy just sucks since the true unemployment/underemployment is probably around 16% or so. Nasty. I guess we are both semi-retired!

Interesting article in The Herald, Limo, about 7 million visits by Massachusetts residents to out of state casinos last year. Done by Clyde!

chica said...

Just waiting for the yellow bus to arrive so I felt is was time to respond to an inquirery that was posted. I am fine and doing as well as anyone is and just keeping busy.

I read this blog and others when I have the time available since this one contains links as do the others. I enjoy scanning this bog, the Bumpkin blog and Hal’s (where has he been?). I do not care for the Gladys’s blog simply because it's focus is one issue while the others have many topics to discuss. The Middleboro Review blog is too dry for my tastes and has a lack of humor so I rarely even bother.

I enjoy some of the exchanges even if they are a bit on the nasty side and am amazed that Bumpkin and Bogo are running partners. Males and females do have a different approach to relationships. I certainly enjoy the posts by Suo and find him a skilled and gifted debater. From what I can gather he has held office in Middleboro in the past. Mike has a rather subtle sense of humor and can be as irreverent as any when he wishes to be. I hope his business does turn around.

I am not really the posting type since with some of the issues I am a novice. I may get a bit frustrated with the collective antics but that is a boys will be boys and I have grown up with it.

MSM Party Bus said...

LOL! Frig Casino's You got the Brockton Mall.

Go in the main enterance, go towards Marshalls, Right there is a little kids play area and a store called the Tabbaconist, Keno,Scratch tickets, Numbers and benches right out side with TV monitors so you can watch your Keno numbers Pop. They even sell Ciggaretts and Diet coke,If a Hooka pipe is your flavor no problem they got them too.

I finally found a place where all the at home Moms meet. Most will keep an eye on your kid while you play your numbers.$1.00 a trip to the counter though. Babysitting fee..

A guy name butchie comes over at noon and buys and sells they said.I got there to late though.

If it gets boring you can go shop for a while. I did, got my Dolce Gabana colone.. I'm Living broke smelling rich though..

Then ! Get this they even got a Buffet,Fine dining and Hotels right outside the doors.

Buffet,Gambling,Kids area,shopping.

I remember H saying "while the father gambles the kids can do a day trip.

Heck.. Toyz R us is right there. Lil tour round DW field.

Rigg R. Mortis said...

Booooo! Testing in Progress, New name Happy Halloween..

Chica I'm Pathetic..

bogofree said...

Well...pathetic seems about right. I hope you were not "gawking" while at the mall?

Say, LL ...oops....Rigg...are you going to the "rally" tomorrow? Be a lot of presentations put forward. Natasha will probably be there.

Rocky and Chica are still alive. Now about the rest of us.....

bogofree said...

Everything real quite flame Blogger Shark (BS) dumping on the dogs....

Rigg R. Mortis said...

Had to put the battle uniform on seems someone is on a war path.

Seem to have Touched H's nerve.

Lakeville pediatrics says that team H is on a war path to sue...

Rigg R. Mortis said...

I will not be sitting in on this hearing a complete waste of time listening to that stuff.

Mort U. Aries said...

"You can trust us not to stiff you."

Nothing to do today but be silly.

Berry U. Alive said...

Silly and Wee R. sopathetic LOL

Berry U. Alive said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bogofree said...

That's Middleboro Pediatrics located in Lakeville just like Lakeville Computer is located in Middleboro. And some call us third rate dips**ts. LMBAO!

Sue...sue...sue...some businesses are going to the dogs. Speaking of long before that pooch palace closes in Raynham? Gotta get those local umemployment figures up another percent.

The stock market is having quite a tumble. Time for bailout number 1.879. How is your bailout coming along, Limo? Government there to help you purchase some new non coal burners? Get rid of the stretch Yugo? Too big to fail and Too small to give a Clark about.

Berry U. Alive said... has been updated

Your Pathetic said...

Blogger Shark,
You stalking my family pictures?

The little girl your refering to is my daughter and the Girls 80s party is my niece.

Clarking Creepy Blogger Shark..

anonymous said...

S & M Limo Service? Limo, that was kind of funny. What were you saying about a flame war, Bogo?

And, yes, where is Hal?

bogofree said...

S&M! LMBAO! OK...I'm sorry....but that would be a great name for a limo service with a very select client base.

Hal has some personal issues that he is dealing with and has had little interest in his blog(s) or others.

Time to go and look at how all the funds are doing for the day. Ouch!

Bus Boy said...

Flame war, naw! Too tired Blogger Shark can have his fun.

shame, Had to shut down my little blog seems someone is stalking family pics again, talking all that nasty sexual overtone talk.

By the way didn't blogger Shark know? What a loser can only go on what I feed him/her.

By the way...
Bogo 13 Billion again to GMAC?

Suo Mynona said...

***Are Those Dentures?***

Blogger Shark how about coming out of the seaweed and identifying yourself. It is a BB approved action.

bogofree said...

Maybe Blogger Shark (BS) has swum back to the Clark, CT. aquarium?

Different standard for those who march to the same drummer, Suo/Dal/GreenSchool. LMCAO....I mean LMBAO!

Hydrolagus Melanophasma said...

Try and find me.

(hint you may need an unabridged dictionary, thesaurus may not work)

bogofree said...

I think I saw one swimming around the Town Hall with an Abby-Normal trying to film it. LMBAO!

Mort U. Aries said...


Rule number ONE of internet posting:

NEVER, EVER, EVER post family pics or very personal info online. NEVER!!!

People can be very cruel. So you need to keep your family life very private.

bogofree said...


"Rule number ONE of internet posting:

NEVER, EVER, EVER post family pics or very personal info online. NEVER!!!

People can be very cruel. So you need to keep your family life very private."

This seems to escape some who are constantly calling out to those they consider "cowards" for not posting personal info or revealing themselves. Usually that phase is directed at those who disagree. I have usually had some info on my profile and generally leave it at that. Want anything else hire a PE or email me.

Posters here have never been called out by moi unless in a very obvious joking manner and I really don't recall doing that. I also do not edit posts and was told that would be a huge mistake. In that time I have had to delete - if I remember correctly - one post. I've had to repost a few with minor language changes since I will not allow profanity. I did not change content. I am not shocked or offended by profanity but consider it unnecessary.

I also know how difficult it can be to keep track of posts when a hot button issue is taking place especially if I am away for awhile and I sincerely appreciate the fact that posters have done such a good job - even those that seriously disagree with my opinions, those of others and the content of the blog.

LMAO said...

Am I missing out on something?

Bus Boy said...

Same O'l sexual overtone talk from anonymous.

Old news type crap, Someone got a nerve touched by the 10th grade stupid stick..

What a loser firing back with what his/her anti's have been doing, drinking,walking around half naked..

Got nothing better than to attack my little business Daaa! What did it take 4-6 weeks or something.

Same o'l same o'l.

Thin skin anonymous..


Suo The Ichthyologist said...


I have done a lot of scuba diving in my day and subscribe to dive magazines and link to the websites.

Here is an interesting link

Mort U. Aries said...

OK, I'm missing something here. Where's all this sexual innuendo? Ah. forget it. Don't need to read that crap.

bogofree said...


Have you ever come face to face with a ghost shark? I understand they are the most irrelevant of sharks.

Family Guy said...

The usual conflicting data has appeared this morning regarding financial issues. The recession is over! Then there is the piece about hoe the administration has overstated stimulus impact. I also read that unemployment has not spiked. Well it is now close to 10% and I read that figure could hold for over a year and maybe two. How the Clark can a recession be over when you have 10% of the population unemployed?

bogofree said...

Waiting for students so I have some computer time. For those who wonder I only get paid for actual student seat time. They don't show I get zip.

The economy continues to flounder - another fish reference for Suo to play with. The WOW group seems to be spending their collective wisdom on either cooking the books or attempting to put a good spin on bad news.

Problem with Social Security to me has always been expansion into other areas most notably disability. Needed but it should be funded by sources other than SS. Typical political expansion over the years and of placing costs into a fund when there is a continious supply of cash - unless, of course, that cash dries up.

Article in Attleboro Sun Chronicle were the owner of the Plainville Race Track explains his position on gaming. He'll be at the state house today.

Suo The Ichthyologist said...


I do not want to be accused of spreading a flase rumor.

According to Dorcas Protexter (Emil M. Larson Library) in proper ichthyological terms, the Hydrolagus Melanophasma is a distant relative of the shark, having branched off some 400 million years ago. So the debate among ichthyologists is roaring over whether it is a shark.

Once while night diving in Bonaire I thought I saw one. As I turned my flash light beam upon the object it had become nothing more than a distant orb. Could it have been Hydrolagus Melanophasma, was it just a common ctenophore (silent "C" on ctenophore), or was it just my imagination?

Therefore I have to use the same evasive response by the Best Blogger in town: I don't remember, but don't deny it either.

bogofree said...

There is a childrens book called "Clark The Toothless Shark." I can't make Clark like this up! I imagine this may actually be written with BS (AKA - Blogger Shark) in mind. I'm sure it is in the collection that Dorcas has at the Clark, SD Library.

Suo Mynona said...

Family Guy:

As we all know the best way to determine we are still in a recession is to simply talk to neighbors or friends.

The White House just fessed up to using incorrect numbers last time after being exposed by the Associated Press

Suo Mynona said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Suo The Ichthyologist said...

Clark the toothless shark puts in his dentures and takes real questions:

Bus Boy said...

"Robert Massie, vice president of United to Stop Slots in Massachusetts, who organized a rally that will meet at the State House’s Grand Staircase at 9:30 a.m"

Can someone tell me where these stairs are located on the State house grounds?

bogofree said...

Hopefully Hal does not turn me in for capturing that Clark Shark picture.

Nothing like some piffling going on at the State House today and I'm sure reports will surface. I wonder if CFO and USS Whatever managed to bring their usual bus loads of supporters. What did you say? Not a busload? A smart car loaded with supporters! I stand corrected.

I'm sure with the upstanding dem, doze and youse crowd for the various locals they'd be smart enough to avoid any displays of anti casino support. Just kidding, leg breakers, a joke...ha, ha....oh well, I'll blame it on Suo.

I did hear on the radio a report on the event and an exerpt was played from an M.I.T. Prof giving a positive casino economic slant while a Doctor reported from the other side regading adictive nature of gambing - that old coke connection.

WBZ had a poll that showed favorable casino support as did another state wide poll but one thing is clear and that is a large segment of support are NIMBY's.

I wonder if the Grogfathers met after the event to raise a few? Probably hit a local watering hole with the union lads.

anonymous said...

State House Today

Today at the State House, Not a creature in site, not even a mouse.
Old Bus boy was having a time with his mouth... LOL!

anonymous said...

House Resources hearing on land-into-trust fix
Thursday, October 29, 2009
Filed Under: Politics | Trust

The House Natural Resources Committee will hold a hearing on Wednesday, November 4, to consider a fix the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Carcieri v. Salazar.

Just in time for the November Holiday...

anonymous said...

You guys think the ghost hunter is blogger shark? You are so totally dumb and out of the loop. My lips are sealed. Too much fun watching you make chumps out of yourselves.

bogofree said...

That's chomps out of ourselves! Like I had in the sidebar it is just conjecture. Like hunting down VV!

anonymous said...

I guess my fellow anonymous did not take note of the question mark after Ed. Anyways, if it is not the ghost hunter the rest certainly applies. I cannot believe that Clark The Shark! How appropriate for the toothless wonder of blogging.

bogofree said...

I guess we are not "in the loop" with BS (how appropriate) and all the others that are in the know with the various bloggers. So much for that. Isolated. Out of the mainstream. I guess I will not be invited to that camping trip to Clark, CT.

As Anonymous 6:10 said it certainly does apply to the Toothless One. I may actually have to edit and remove Ed and ghost hunter in a bit so as not to confuse all the thousands of readers of this blog. But I just love the Clark The Shark book that probably is a bit far advanced for the BS. LMBAO!

anonymous said...

Here is a story,

Go to a meeting, sit through it and the next day see quotes frome someone who wasn't in attendence in the paper.

So you call the reporter and the reporter says it was so and so who videoed the meeting and showed it to Howard..

Now remember I was at the meeting so I know Fishhead didn't video that meeting.

So I send fishhead an e mail asking if I can get a copy of said Video.

Fishhead is like whats up with this video crap he probably called howard who was just waking in a Fog. They both had no clue.

So I figure Howard went back to bed way to early for his groggy head.

So Fishhead comes and checks the blogs looking for info.

He ends up posting.. Now remember thier has been 2-56 of us posting for months.

All of a sudden Fishhead comes out the woodwork..

Took me a minute but putting it all together it sounds about right.

Coincidence? You decide on that.

I'll ask Fishhead in person..

bogofree said...

Personally I always thought BS (how Appropriate) was "1623." Just a mystery like why you can't touch your elbows to your chin or why anyone would believe any data spun from Jessie. Anyways, I have already posted who the real BS is and that is Clark The Shark! Toothless! LMBAO!

anonymous said...

So many Pro Casino people outside the State House the small group of antis had to stay inside.. has a good video.

Suo Mynona said...

Anon October 29, 2009 5:48 PM:

"Too much fun watching you make chumps {sic per Bogo} out of yourselves."

Finally someone that gets it! Everyone associated with this piffling on blogs are puerile mooncalfs.

anonymous said...

Limo I went to your retched site and saw your post and video. Looks like one of the anti's was in your view less than impressive and had some real issues with dressing for the occasion. Can't raise the funds? Where are her little helpers?

anonymous said...

LOL! I guess Tasha has been helping her with clothing.. Better than those dirty shorts..

Hey! close your eye's and envision the Michelinman dressed in Pink.

It was sad to hear her beg I need $500.00 to prove my point, I'm just a homemaker that is a website designer..

If she is broke, Get the clark up off your butt,get off the web and go get a job!

Oh! thats right there is no jobs..

I'm happy JP is getting out and about she needs the air.

Talk about Marshmellos..

bogofree said...

BB has some nice pictures of wind mills that the anti's can do their Don Quixote with.

Puerile? LMCAO! Some just don't get it, Suo. Puerile. That reminds me of Woody Allen taking about his first wife. He said she was so immature she'd come into the bathroom while he was taking a bath and sink his toy boats.

I wonder if JP made a presentation today? I can see the legislators nudging one another wondering where Clark CT is?

Go Phillies!

bogofree said...

Las Vegas Sands (LVS) posted wider than expected losses (123M) for the third quarter. LVS currently is trading in the $15 range and has received three upgrades - all to buy status in the last six weeks. The stock had a low of $1.38 this 52 week period and a high of $21. Target price has been mentioned at $19.

anonymous said...

Do I believe JP,MT and KN? After watching this? No way..

Blogger Shark said...

Thanks for the attention. It warms me to get so much attention.

Thanks for the imitation, bogo. It is flattering.

Say what you want and think what you want about who you think I am. You haven't guessed right yet.

Sorry Bus Boy you were stuck being outside. It was so much nicer inside with those who are actually making the decisions and listening to real people. Maybe someday someone will pay real attention to you. Looks like you could lose a little weight.

Rick, my life doesn't revolve around you. I answer questions when it works out for me. Get over yourself.

Suo Mynona said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Suo Mynona said...

**A Rare Serious Note**

Ed Beaulieu is to be commended.

He established "The Future of Middleborough Trust" and is raising funds to implement "Project Lifesaver," a worthy initiative that can positively impact residents' lives. He has also participated in many other town related boards and associations.

I attended his inaugural presentation to the BOS to search for paranormal activity. He struck me as someone that was both serious about the topic and was able to accept and enjoy others' lighthearted jabs and comments.

The Town Hall ghost hunting coincided when there was needed distraction from both fiscal woes and casino wars. It was a welcome relief.

I am sure that Bogo would provide a link to Project Lifesaver; since he is at the age when he will be among the first to benefit from Ed's cause.

A sincere thank you Ed.

Bus Boy said...

You are absolutly correct,Ed is to be commended,He asked me to post his campaign message on my site and I did. He has always been nice to me.

There is only two people in this whole debate that have ever referenced children or played with family photos.

Howard and "1623" Proven fact. at least "1623" explained why he did it, Howard the coward went on a radio show and blamed others for his misdeeds.

Bus Boy said...

"Looks like you could lose a little weight"

Yup! you are correct gained 10
lbs being out of work sitting at home. 230 still down well over 100lbs though. Feel good, health is good. what more can you ask for?

Hey (BS),
A true anti would of had a big Red No Casino sign and went right up on those front steps and got the picture of a life time.

Might of gotten a little more than a picture but you would of shown true courage. If it was an anti rally, I would have done it, wait I did do that before.

Instead you all snuck in the side door. anonymously Lol!

Bus Boy said...

Then again if I saw 200-300 hard hat union workers, with that Thundering chant, Jobs! Jobs! Jobs..

That chant gave a Pro person like myself the freeken goose bumps.

Awsome experience.. One I will never forget..

bogofree said...

I voted for Ed. His crew at Oak Point (Where everyday is a tax free holliday) have done a mountain of work for the town. Golf tourney was excellent.

BS (how appropriate) was one of the power brokers on the inside. LMBAO! Why not outside for a demonstration of three? Maybe give Glady's (or is it Mary?) a few bucks? Heck old Green School raised 13K in a matter of days can't you folks do the same? I'll even chip in $50 so no one has to listen to a whine.

BS I am glad you appreciate the fact that I have revealed your true ID - Clark The Toothless Shark!

bogofree said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bogofree said...

Link added. Sidebar adjusted with input of new information.

bogofree said...

Trying something new on the sidebar - a poll.

anonymous said...

BS (aka - Clark the Shark) you seem kind of passive. Things didn't go as well as expected yesterday?

Suo Mynona said...

There is an uncollected $1,000 reward leftover at that Clark the Toothless Shark can claim

There are FOUR lines always used by great piffling debaters when things do not work out for them. Clark the Shark has used all four here and elsewhere:

*Looks like you could lose a little weight.

*Get over yourself

*You need counseling (usually from Hal)

*pedophilia (references either direct or indirect)

Bus Boy said...

Mary Tufts and the(CL)ruined the whole anti message yesterday..

Just as they have done from day one.

Tufts got to do what she wanted though, Cry poor mouth and promote her websites.

Look at her blog today, you can hear the "Power of the Unions" in her words "@#$%" LMCAO

anonymous said...

Hey, I can only vote once! Suo now that is Clarking funny and 100% true.

anonymous said...

Au contraire, boogeyman. We've had Toxic delete everything we've asked them to. We control freaks cover all our bases. Oh and Howard Who isn't and never will be one of us.

bogofree said...

When CFO makes a formal stance against the lottery then maybe some will take they for something more than a group of hypocrites. You want to be anti gaming be anti gaming since many of the negatives with casinos are present with the lottery. I assume that most of the members probably buy lottery tickets.

The reason they will not is one of reality that what little support they have in The House will evaporate since even anti casino legislators are "happy" to have lottery returns to help fund government.

I read the summary of the grand meeting yesterday on the GK (or is it Mary?) blog and it was even more predictable than me. Anti casino get the thumbs up and any pro gets a thumbs down. Have to actually rely on a viable news source - Limo! LMBAO!

anonymous said...

"Have to actually rely on a viable news source - Limo! LMBAO!"

Now that was funny..

bogofree said...

I thought someone would get a kick out of that one.

Suo Mynona said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Suo Mynona said...

I disagree Bogo.

There is a big difference between the lottery and casinos. The lottery is here and is an entrenched part of the state's economy. There are no casinos. To try and eliminate the lottery is impossible. To fight and try and prevent casino's is possible.

I am not wading into the casino wars, just making a realistic assessment political reality and possibilities.

bogofree said...

I can see you point, Suo, my only concern is I'd like to see some type of statement regarding their position on all gaming and not just casinos. Have not seen that. If you recall the local anti bloggers were generally in favor of eliminating dog racing and that was entrenched.

Anyways....the importnat thing is watching markets take some big steps backward this week. Of special note was excessive orders thatclogged pre market and early market trading. Is this the beginning of another massive sell off? The "best" market figures traditionally are November through May and this is not a good beginning.

anonymous said...

I would like to see gaming period. I am tired of being told how bad the behavior is and all the negative economic impacts. It is a diversion and I will be the first to admit some can't handle it but that is a tiny segement. It will create jobs and that is a fact. If it drains from the lottery I don't really care. Suo you made an excellent point about one being entrenched but I would love to see cfo's opinion on all gaming.

anonymous said...

Mary is at it again. Up to 50,000 cars? WTC! The casino is now a glorified bingo hall. Hey, Mary, lop off a zero or two. Who gives you your info? Jessie?

anonymous said...

"I don't want to leave Jessie out. She has been such a solid force in this fight"


I read a little from her blog LOL! She even tells how horrible she was when she sat with the educators.

Mary personal story.. LOL you were a train wreck! sad thing is she will admit she had no right being with those 3.

Add it to the resume Mary.. LMAO

anonymous said...

Vote for an override with property values going down and taxes already going up again? Not until I can afford to stop eating American Chop Suey 3 nights a week.

LMAO said...

Glady's (or is it Mary?) was a little lost at the big girls and boys table. She even admitted as much on her blog but I can't fault her for that. Some real polished people were making presentations and her strong point is the cyber world where the heat of the spotlight is not on you. Takes some courage to get up there.

I wonder if Jessie brought forward any of he Clark stats to mesmerize the all. LMAO!

LMAO said...

Override will be as successful as it was in Bridgewater.

Suo Mynona said...

How much longer until until another BB blunder? I am getting bored. Soon I will start to get the shakes and will need an obsession fix.

bogofree said...

Maybe we should track the blunders for a pattern?

If history is any measurement I'm sure that by mid week Suo will be on an "obsession high."

My wife's car was being repaired so I stopped by to check out the situation. Bill came to almost $500 so I paid it. When she got home I mentioned that and got chastised since she wanted to pay the bill to get air miles.

Bus Boy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bus Boy said...

I just got a phone call at 11:30PM asking me to remove stuff from my website as usal. Its gone.

Now lets see if others will remove all the stuff written about me.

Blogger Shark,Jessie,Mary don't say I didn't ask.

I doubt they will but in some eye's it shows true integrity of a person for doing it when asked.

bogofree said...

I didn’t know CFO had a Minister of Propaganda - maybe it is the same person as their Exchequer? Plenty of time to do the Toxic Troll on the company dime - not that I would know anything about that.

I am certainly the last person - well, almost the last - to question the content of posts and comments. LL has many times far exceeded even my meager standards but that is not the issue at this point in time. What first caught my attention was the demands made upon Limo “back in the day” when CFO wanted his domains. Am alarm goes off in my few remaining brain cells and it says : “This is 1% moral outrage and 99% you are on to something.”

The fall back is constantly the fact that they have a disclaimer for links they choose to display. Yet the have direct and indirect links to a confirmed liar and a haute couture challenged individuals.

Off to Concord and X number of museums.