Saturday, August 28, 2010

More Marsha And Other Great Stuff

Housing foreclosures are on the rise now that the economy is getting into the real problems - those who lack a job and did not originally overextend on their original purchase. These are the solid citizens who didn’t buy a McMansion or get into some type of exotic mortgage. This economy continues to just spin with no promise of a sustained recovery. There is an apparent reluctance on businesses to make significant capital expenditures and couple that with the fact that stocks are not attractive unless you are a bargain hunter with money and things just stall. Meanwhile government appears to have not curtailed its insatiable appetite for revenues - taxes and fees.

Good economic news is when the bad news isn’t as bad as expected. Like saying your leg has a massive infection and you will never be able to walk correctly but we’ll save the leg.

Marsha apparently did not grovel enough for the local lynch mobs and I could not agree more. Marsha may be a nice person but being nice does not make one necessarily a competent Chair or even BOS member. Seemed on Monday night that Marsha was really not interested in placing this issue to bed by simply saying “I screwed up - forgive me - let’s move on.” Now this will be under the surface for months unless she decides to step down. At least she managed to make the editorial page of the Enterprise.

Hubris: Extreme haughtiness or arrogance. Hubris often indicates being out of touch with reality and overestimating one's own competence or capabilities, especially for people in positions of power.

President WOW is enjoying his respite on The Vineyard and I notice the usually suspects are not around or at least kept at a discrete distance. By that I mean the proliferation of far left Hollywood types - not exclusive to Hollywood - moonbats that infect the island. In the years of Clinton (D- Monica) administration and last year they were out in force basking in the limelight with a fellow traveler or enjoying the spoils of victory. Now? Obama has distanced himself as much as possible from the elitist. He may remain one but it will stay in the closet until something positive happens.

Massachusetts does have a budding race for governor and I know old “One And Out” is attempting to make in back to back wins. I find “One And Out” as about as enjoyable as an evening with Mike Dukakis (D- Tank Girl) reading a legislative bill at 11PM. I know there are some others running and I think two are named Cahill and Baker. I do believe Cahill is one who has jumped ship from the Democratic Party and Baker may be the Republican.

I am a supporter - reluctant - of Cape Wind. Now I am beginning to see some of the costs. I thought the idea was to provide fiscal relief for the populace along with feeling good about going green? The fiscal relief has all the stability of the Red Sox bullpen and as far as going green I now have to wonder about that. Only thing that seems green is the green disappearing from wallets.

Sysco is wandering into our area from Norton and the water issue has been replaced by the traffic issue. I’m sure those who are cautious of increased traffic would probably be concerned about bird strikes with the carcasses falling on their lawns if the trucks could magically levitate to I-495. This project seems fairly straight forward and has the potential for tapping out at a 1,000 jobs. Sysco is far from a fly-by-night outfit. I did get a laugh when it was mentioned that Sysco is a competitor of Cirelli’s. No offense to Cirelli’s but this is like comparing Microsoft to a local computer repair shop. Cirelli’s has their niche which is essentially SE Massachusetts and Sysco the rest of the country. Both are quality restaurant suppliers.

I hate places where I have to pay to shop. I get a pass yearly from BJ’s to wander around and pick up things like a 65 gallon drum of chocolate syrup. Usually the pass is good for thirty to sixty days. I really find few bargains and some judicious shopping can get you better buys at the local super markets especially with produce and meats. I’d probably go more often but as long as they charge I’ll stay away. I use BOGOFREE for a reason.

Justice department. I was at Hannaford’s and witnessed a car almost getting sideswiped by a SUV. Reason? Person on the cell phone and the shock of a near collision made the phone drop out the car. The driver backed up and promptly crushed the phone.

The Enterprise had an insert during the week that highlighted towns in Plymouth County. I paid special attention to the price of homes and condos over the last five years. Some real steep decreases. Then I examined median income and saw Lakeville had the highest (97K) in the entire insert and Middleboro one of the lowest (69K). Maybe we can set up toll booths on select roads?

From Allin Frawley on the Marsha flap responding to Town Counsel regarding his pronouncement that what was being implemented was legal. “Just because it’s legal doesn’t make it right.” I’m sure this is the type of lawyer speak that at one time justified slavery and the right to have women excluded from voting. I prefer to say there is the law and there is common sense and too bad they are often at opposite ends.

The recent rain and wind certainly offered us a garden version of Katrina and Ike. Tomato plants shed their crop rather easily and corn was tossed asunder by the wind. We have many sunflowers and these monsters are comparable to Sequoia trees in relationship to the rest of the garden. One managed to actually take out a section of fence when it went a crashing.

The Sarah Palin groupies and the charmer herself are taking some shots at Scott Brown for what amounts to an inconsistent voting record. To simplify it that means he does not vote lock step conservative nor does he genuflect to the Tea Party. Brown has done exactly what he said he would do and treats each issue independently and votes accordingly.

How ironic that former president Jimmy Carter (D-Bubba Beer) manages to extract an American from North Korea in a few days yet as a sitting president he let 52 languish for 444 days in Iran. What is even more of a condemnation of the four years of utter incompetence is that the hostages were released as Reagan was about to walk up the steps of the White House.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

BOS Meeting

Marsha was quite disappointing in her presentation of Monday night. I expected some groveling and even an upfront apology - my bad - to avoid the long stream of dissidents that floated to the podium to chastise the Chair. The strategy appeared to be one of defiance rather than compliance and just couple that with the “hanging by her own petard” as presented so skillfully by several inquisitors made for good theater as one could watch the Hammer Of Thor (towns people) descend upon the woe begotten Chair. I did hear a lukewarm apology of sorts but her heart just didn’t seem in it. Just my impression.

Steve McKinnon made what appears to now be a monthly motion and that is that the Chair be removed and therefore muzzled. It didn’t appear to this observer that he had the backing of other board members but certainly had the backing of public support. Steve Spataro called him out when he attempted to delay the motion until a full board was present - not sure if that gives credence to Spartro being a party to the coup or merely putting McKinnon of the spot. Time will tell.

With apologies to Howie Carr it is now quite possible that Middleboro has its own “Hack Family” in Roger and Marsha Brunelle. Roger is apparently playing out the string as IT Director until retirement looms. IMO this translates - to paraphrase The Godfather “Make me an offer I can’t refuse” and I will step down and reorganization of the IT can move forward with a new director - hopefully one that is familiar with 21st century technology.

Adam Bond offered to help guide the Lost Tribe Of Middleboro (BOS) through the rules process. I am sure Marsha just loved having him go forth as one of the lead henchmen in this local drama. Adam actually does have a nice and rather straightforward outline of rules on his blog and since they even make sense to my simple mind they will no doubt be summarily rejected.

The audience at the BOS meeting represented a full house as this was to be some real local blood sport with the jackals - moi included - waiting to pounce on Ms. Brunelle. It really did not come to that and I did not see a police presence ready to remove any rabble that attempted to disrupt the proceedings. I scooted out when the real work of the board was starting with some presentations that just make my eyes glaze over. But I had more important duties at hand and that was to demonstrate my dwindling support for the Boston Nine in their quest to somehow get back into serious contention for the playoffs.

The meeting did represent a nice finish to the summer as the BOS at this time of the year usually is just playing out the schedule until the next dog complaint, earth removal permit, used car petition and billion dollar casino arrives to grab our attention.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Muslim's/Economy/BOS/Other Stuff

As a possible sign of things getting better is increased revenue at the Connecticut gin mills. The reality is this is money going into the coffers of another state rather than this state and programs in that state that will not be eliminated or gutted since they’ll be getting some bucks for the suckers.…I mean THE CUSTOMERS…who take that long lonesome ride.

The lowest number of work place deaths have been reported in almost 20 years. With the high unemployment this is a real shocker.

A poll shows that many Americans consider Obama a Muslim. I’ve listen to some of the Imam’s going full bore. Talk about hate speech that is laced with half truths, demagoguery, absurd conclusions and just plain old ranting (sounds like some anti’s) and you know president WOW could never listen to or subscribe to that. What’s that? Reverend Wright? Twenty years of listening to his ravings? OK…forget about the Imam’s.

My son emailed me from Iraq a day after it was announced that our combat troops have pulled out. He spoke of the motor attack, RPG attack and IED’s that hit his convoy. Yep…things are all quiet.

One hundred and four Democrats voted against the war funding bill - primarily for Afghanistan - and a few Republicans tagged along - too few - some Obama got his wish of amping up the fray. I would strongly urge that the administration seriously reconsider our continued involvement. Let them enjoy the attributes of 16th century life and if it becomes a Taliban stronghold - probably already is we know exactly where to find them. This is an endeavor we cannot win nor justify.

The economy continues to be in shambles but some places it is going strong such as in Germany. American companies are showing some reasonable good bottom lines and many are pointing to how foreign income has been responsible for that. So many large corporations are multi-national which usually means jobs overseas and the unemployment line over here. Manufacturing reports so continuous sluggish or non growth. Now reports are from Fidelity that folks are dipping into their 401(k) to stay afloat.

The great grocery give away continues at Hannaford’s Super Market. I wonder if the anti’s participate?

Nice picture of Roger in the paper helping out at the Burt Wood School. I will refrain from the obvious cheap shot opportunities this presents.

Interesting that Allin’s letter regarding Marsha’s my way or the highway approach appears in the paper in conjunction with Mike Maddigan’s piece on the “Gag Rule.”

Wonderland is gone and a tip of the hat to those who voted to eliminate dog racing. Somehow all the hand wringing on doggie abuse really could not be found at the local tracks. When this measure was first proposed my knee jerk reaction was to support it until I actually talked to some of the folks who worked at the Raynham track. One of the trails I occasional run goes behind the track and that gave me the opportunity to take a gander at the housing quarters for the pooches. Not bad. Wandered over for a peek. A little investigation on my part convinced me this was animal activists gone loony. Now Wonderland has fallen victim to the fact our government could not compromise on a gaming issue. Next will be Raynham.

The Republicans offer little in the way of an alternative to the failed president and the absolute totally failed Democrats. They just have to sit back and say no, watch voter anger increase, look at the idiocy of Pelosi et al, watch the jobs reports continue to flounder, the body counts from Afghanistan escalate and wait for November. I didn’t think they’d have a snowballs chance of gaining control of Congress but that has gone from a long shot to even money - that is betting talk for you anti’s. Then when things screw up they can blame Obama. When election time nears why does the song “Send In The Clowns” stick in my h

Monday, August 16, 2010

Back From Vacation Post

President WOW has finally decided to vacation on the Gulf to show his support for the devastation in that area. Of course his family will spend a grand total of 27 hours before heading off to The Vineyard for their real vacation.

Ms. WOW is getting some negative feedback for lounging in an ultra exclusive resort in Spain. Last I looked she could afford it so maybe some of the conservative pundits would prefer she stay at a Motel 6?

The state has passed an interesting piece of legislation designed to teach financial literacy. There is actually an excellent program that is available for teachers and has been for years but it is strictly informal as many schools ignore financial skills. When I had a math class I would teach it as part of math and make it relevant to MCAS so that you could satisfy the MCAS Gods. The lack of financial knowledge is staggering and it applies to a good portion of the adult population. IMO if financial acumen had been taught for the last three or so decades some of the very excesses within government and financial institutions would have been neutralized.

Tax free holiday? Some states have it perpetually. Governor Lynch of New Hampshire has been certainly enjoying the sport of lambasting Deval “One And Out” Patrick over the tax situation since he says each increase only means more businesses migrating north and more shoppers crossing the borders. I’d like to see that “holiday” extended to big ticket items.

Mark is displaying all the gumption of a rejected second rate lothario over the IT Committee by refusing to even consider requesting a position on it. He’d be perfect. Maybe a write-in is necessary? Heck…they tossed a bone to Frawley. So they refused your help with a web site. Big deal since Marsha has now matched Roger in the ineptness and clueless department. By the way I thank Mark for creating a web site for the Middleboro Historical Association. Link is on the sidebar.

Speaking of Marsha and Allin Frawley. Does anyone think Allin would lose to her in an election? The “Cheap Seats” comments cost Steve a turn off the board but her latest attempt at limiting access and speech goes well beyond that. Time for another motion to have her replaced as Chair.

I took a trip recently to upstate NY and saw extensive work being done on the Taconic Parkway, I-87 and Route 9W. All these work sites had one thing in common - no staties collecting the gimmie know as paid detail. They actually had flagmen or is that flag persons on many work sites.

The Hudson River Valley has quite a collection of old homes that run the gamut from Vanderbilt Mansions and FDR homestead to homes of long dead artist such as Cole and Church. The river offered a retreat from NYC for many industrialist (AKA - Robber Barons) of the Gilded Age and many homes have been preserved or are still in use. Really a short drive of about 200+ miles from our area.

Maxine Waters has done the usual - play the race card. The woman is a disgrace and her and Rangel reinforce every negative stereotype of a Black politician that White folks have. The Congressional Black Caucus could keep Federal Prosecutors in business for decades. Adam Clayton Powell lives!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Casinos, Saudi's and Politics

Another site had a poster make the usual how you play with facts states that Massachusetts is the 7th smallest state to justify not having the number of casinos proposed in recent legislation. What they failed to mention is population density. Massachusetts is third right after New Jersey and Rhode Island. Again an example of cherry picking stats or presenting them In a misleading way. Good thing these folks are not on baseball posting boards since tripe like that would be laughed at.

The jobs figure that is one that has left me baffled. A simple search shows that over 10,000 are employed at Foxwoods/MGM Grand. That is one mega casino. According to the proposed legislation if the state ends up with three casinos and a track slot parlor or two would that get that 15,000 jobs number tossed around by pro’s? According to Kathleen Norbut of US Slots or whatever that figure - in a Boston Herald article - is a “lie.” Wonder who is on their board? Why old confirmed liar herself! I would say Ms. Norbut is a bit confused. Maybe it has something to do with all that Kool-Aide they talk about? My own observation is the anti’s play fast and loose with “facts” more than pro’s who are no slouches themselves. Desperation will do that or maybe they need oxygen pumped into their meetings? 15,000 seems a reasonable figure. Debate the quality of employment with those out of work.

Deval Patrick (D- Cadillac) has vowed to veto the current gaming bill. Patrick wants casinos but on his terms so the infighting will be interesting. I can understand the ire of Patrick since the compromise bill appears to be a gimmie to tracks. Reports are legislators in New Hampshire are “closely observing” the Massachusetts situation. I’m sure they’ll jump aboard the casino run away train. Maybe Ben and Jerry’s will put up a slot parlor in Vermont?

Middleboro appears to be drifting further and further away from the glory hole destination mega casino-resort that was promised a few years ago. As an ardent NIMBY I shed no tears except for those local businesses that were oh so sure to reap untold profits from having a local gin mill he says with tongue firmly planted in cheek. I hope that someday it will come out how and why Middleboro was ever the chosen one.

United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia have moved to ban BlackBerry service since it may represent security issues. Sure it will. The real reason is simple to even the village idiot (Not me! Never!) and that is the possibility that morally and politically objective material may be transmitted. Does anyone anywhere think we would even spend one iota of interest in their area if oil was not present?

“Give me a one armed economist.” This is what Harry Truman said when his Economic Advisor would give him reports and then say "on the other hand.” That about sums up the economic situation world wide. I follow this daily and it is amazing and goes something like this. The markets go down and the economic reports will say “concerns over world wide recovery results in sell-offs” The next day up she goes and the line changes. “ Markets rise on positive recovery data.”

Barney Frank (D-Men’s Warehouse) apparently has some questionable involvement in “helping” certain financial institutions in the bailout. Barney was quite upfront since it did represent no violations. This is the Charlie Lincoln school of defense. What you do is “legal” but morally reprehensible.

What is it with all the Democrats getting nailed? Waters and Rangel are right up front. I love the comment regarding Republicans and their “Culture of Corruption” that was floated a few years back. What goes around comes around.