Thursday, June 27, 2013

'Dis And 'Dat

Bill Clinton was recently named “Father of The Year” by National Fathers Day Council. As bad as this is it ain’t as ridiculous as Obama’s Nobel.
Cats live too long. Why can’t their life cycle be like a fruit fly?
According to Snowden we are hacking into China's various data bases. This is like Mad Magazine's Spy versus Spy. I can see us looking trough a peep hole and on the other side is (fill in the blank) peeking back at us.
Why is it called a driveway when I park my car in it?
When I go on a trip it always seems longer to get there than get back.
The new DTA political hack leader is Stacey Monahan a former executive director of the state Democratic Party. Another successful nation wide search.
Why do I have to pay a toll on “freeways” in Houston? I’d argue the point but they are all electronic.
I wish the Republicans would take dominant control of politics in this state just so I could witness some possibly more creative political skullduggery. Democrats have been far to predictable.
Bumpkin pointed out electronic town meeting voting. That means no evil eye when one speaks out against a popular measure or an employee handout.
Of course based on TM turnout they should just hold it at Dave’s Diner or a similar place. Have a nice meal, a bar available and maybe the turnout can reach a few hundred.
I’m at about 50/50 on the belief factor of job claims and various other government statistics being “cooked books.”
Steve Wynn is suppose to be building a 4B dollar casino in Macau.
A company I once worked for the CEO was a seven figure person who loved to gamble. The casinos would provide him with a private jet to Las Vegas. Rumor had it he won more than he lost - rare indeed.
I recently spent some time in Westfield. What a vibrant community. Unlike Middleboro it was not cluttered with tattoo parlors and nail salons.
Snowden blew the whistle on a direct violation of the 4th amendment weather approved by Congress or not. Too bad a whistle blower wasn’t around at the Wassen Conference to give some warning of the Nazi’s final solution.
To me Ed Markey is just a dirt bag.
Red Sox continue to roll.
On 1950 Detroit was the wealthiest city in America. Now it is recognized as the most liberal city in America thanks It is also facing bankruptcy, is crumbling, has a huge unemployment, and welfare and crime off the charts - 50 years of “progressives” at work.
On both sides of Precinct Street by the power lines are entrances to great trail systems. I try to go there as often as possible since I’m sure the excavating equipment will soon arrive for the billion dollar casino.
My special election vote was quick. I check in, turn around and check out. The clerk said “voting is over there” pointing to the booth. I simply stated my vote is something precious and I cannot in good conscious vote for either candidate. Blanks do make a statement.
The Feds continual bond buy is like breast feeding a 14 year old. Enough and that enough was a long, long time ago.
Gomez cleaned house in our area. Markey totally dominated cities. Free stuff won out.
Caesars’ casino operations are making a play in Massachusetts. They have debt of 21B and lost 1.5B last year and were recently rejected for a license in South Korea. The way things are done in Massachusetts they should be a lock for a license.
Paula Deen is getting hammered for racial epitaphs. Funny how comments worked out for Jesse Jackson. Double racial standard?
Since I am no longer “Cooking With Paula” I will save a bundle on butter.
Imagine going to a store and asking the clerk the price and they say "Between $100 and $130." So we are getting a spiffy new police station - with a gym - and it will cost 10M or 13M or anything in between. This will be the Middleboro answer to The Big Dig.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I Spy

And now the failed administration is mining data from Verizon and other companies under the questionable veil of “national security” which is now a term they use to do as they please domestically without any due process. How bad is it? Even the NYT is now blasting away.
But it gets even better. They have been mining data from various internet companies and our pals over in England have been going along for the ride. I guess the Obama flakes will claim Bush allowed us to do it.
Yet another Obama scandal that his cheerleaders will merrily rationalize with convoluted ideological logic. Who can recall how the leftists whined, howled, and ululated in agony at the notion of Bush administration proposing the Patriot act? Where are those hypocritical fools now? In fact, where have those hypocritical fools been for the past 4 plus years?
And was not the Obama administration early on the ones that wished to prosecute the previously failed administration over security overreach? When is their “transparency” beginning?
When does national security trump privacy? Seems that “national security” concerns are the erosion of rights increased from Bush to Obama and most certainly well with the next administration…..and the next…...and the next…..
War on Terror is now a War on Freedom.
Clearly, if anyone thinks that all this NSA snooping is OK if a person has nothing to hide, then they need to think again. Does anyone remember when Ted Kennedy was put on the US Government’s “no fly” list?
How is all that hope and change working out for you?
Amazingly some of the support Obama at all costs crowd continue to exist. I guess it is all the fault of the "T-Tards" or "T-Baggers" or even the ultimate trump card "Racism" when the reality is the wounds are self inflicted.
A Department of Transitional Assistance (Welfare Department) hack praised Shaunna O’Connell for dishing out $800 to get EBT records. The quote from this pathetic government weasel - Alec Loftus - was - and I paraphrase “She saves the taxpayers $800.” This is typical of that agency which is now a troth for a feeding frenzy of those least entitled. If this bottom feeder had a ounce of common sense he’d be digging deep to straighten out the mess in the agency he represents.
Why is the song “Send In The Clowns” ringing in my head? Why because of DTA John Polanowicz and Stacey Monahan who are both on top of the DTA food chain. Why these two governmental wizards are taking the food stamp challenge. They are going to try and live on food stamps for a week. This represents the clueless frauds that are in change of screwing things up. What they just don’t get and everyone else does is it is not what people get but who gets it. The system is in the paper daily thanks to abuse that these two have done virtually nothing to curb. No one complains about the needy but they certainly complain about being ripped off and providing an alternative life style.
So now the choice is Gomez or Markey. What a choice! Those two should meld together and resuscitate the Know Nothing Party.
Patriots have signed Tim Tebow. Maybe they can trade that stiff Brady for a draft pick?
Tesla Motors is being sued by the Massachusetts Auto Dealers Association for selling cars directly to consumers. They consider this a violation of state law since the manufactures cannot own dealerships in this state. In round one the MADA lost and they will continue to lose.
One of the reasoning positions behind the MADA suit is that it protects the consumer by having cars sold via dealership. Huh?
Tesla had the highest rating ever awarded by Consumer Reports. Should have bought one, Jessie.
IRS partied hardy in Anaheim and now that they are front and center the Inspector General wants some documentation of their expenses. Alas they do not have any records! How would that excuse work out for you or me?
Town still wants money from the tribe. Good luck with that. Maybe the town could settle for a bag full of $100 chips and a few books of buffet coupons? Of course it’ll probably be the year 2314 when the thing is built. Let’s see. Massachusetts has 351 cities and towns and they have already gone to Middleboro, Fall River, Taunton and is that it? 348 more to go.
The Democrat infested legislature continues to refuse the common sense approach of using social security numbers as a verification tool. Seems many other states such as Florida and Illinois do it but not us.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

IRS And More

The Obama administration has hit the trifecta of scandals. The perfect storm for failure. The president is still approaching this with all the arrogance he can muster while support from even his most ardent sycophants evaporates like a summer rain on a humid day. The next several months will see a bunker mentality from the administration while the press - with extreme ire of the AP affair - will dig ever deeper with various moles providing ammunition.
The way Obama is being pictured in cartoons and on talk shows show how far his administration is sinking. I remember Jimmy Carter being portrayed as a smaller and smaller man behind a bigger and bigger desk in the waning days of his administration. Even those such as Paul Szep hammered away - previously ardent supporters. Now Obama is a nightly punch line for comedians and talk show hosts. So much for the respect quotient.
Supposedly the IRS gave data on conservative groups to ProPublica (who openly stated that), partially funded by George Soros and run by Herb Sandler
Of course I did nothing wrong but I’ll take the 5th anyway. Time for a special prosecutor.
The stench of this administration grows daily.
I imagine all this is somehow the fault of Bush.
In Massachusetts the new budget eliminated any photo ID’s for EBT cards. Another measure to insure mismanagement and fraud will continue. Thanks, Mass Senate!
And, of course, the money given to dead people. This ongoing mess hurts both taxpayers and the poor.
The Tribe has all those spiffy drawings of slot parlors they were going to build. Is there going to be a competition on which is architecturally the most aesthetic looking?
A Gun Nut success story. Three armed invaders locked a home owner in Houston in an upstairs closet - where he kept his guns. Needless to say the outcome for the perps was not very pleasant.
I can see now why some locals wished to evict some relatives from property they owned.
Axelrod claimed the recent Washington State bridge disaster was the fault of Republicans! Nor to be outdone some Democrats have managed to claim that the recent tornadoes were some how linked to conservatives. And I thought the deniers and fundamentalist factions were loony.
Work continues near the McDonald’s in Middleboro and I see far too many of our detail folks spending time on their phones rather than actually managing traffic.
The MBTA displayed their usual amount of concern over locals raising the potential of problems with the new Cape weekend run. This agency still refuses to divulge pension information.