Sunday, November 30, 2008


A rather mild week since the nation was busy eating and making collective fools of themselves on Black Friday. Speaking of collective fools I guess that may apply to CFO with what has become to many an anti-Indian blogging trend. I'll leave that to the Toxic crowd and any posters who wish to address it on this site.

The only other enjoyable moment was sitting with my wife and watching her getting tortured by the Patriots performance. As a World Champion New York Football Giants (via NJ) fan it is just further proof that the real upset in SB 42 would have been the Patriots winning.

So just post away and raise any topic you wish or make comments that you feel may be of interest or will provide a cleansing rant.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


A very exciting week as Hal managed to get into a skirmish or two...or three with a few others. I hope Hal continues to post on politics but I know he will on other matters. Hal. My two political favorites are HST and Winston Churchill and we all know what HST said about kitchens. Consider this site a kitchen as it appears all of the posters are to the right of your views. Me? I'm all over the political map but have a strong distaste for any orthodoxy from the right or left. So a view of CHB is guaranteed to get those hackles up. So, Hal, loosen up your keyboard and try to gather in some recruits for Moonbat Nation. I will sit back and enjoy while taking cheap shots at all. Just keep it within bounds, folks, or else. Hal has managed to maintain his composure and so have the others.

The economy continues to fail...and fail and the proposal from the Obama camp is an infusion of public works dollars. Can't hurt but IMO seems more of a union payoff than anything else. Trickle down economics in action. Worked more for Ike in the 50s than FDR in the 30s but go for it. Obama was also in agreement on the bailout so that is an issue he can't run and hide from as Nancy Pelosi attempted to do on a news show this morning. Looks like excessive Botox treatments do kill the brain cells specific to memory. For Obama even failure will be a success based on what has happened the last few years of Bush and counting the days. Bush can try and go one on one with Warren G, Harding for worse Prez in the last 100 or so years. Even the apparent victory in Iraq is quite hallow when no one is working. Hopefully, Obama will rethink his Afghan policy. Think Russia on that one.

In Massachusetts we have managed to accomplish zero population growth a task that has been accomplished by the fact that those who can escape do so. Governor Patrick has shown that his administration is classic do nothing and in reality the Legislature has called the shots. The good thing for Deval is a good portion of those Legislators will not be a problem unless they can cast their votes from Cedar Junction. Ah...the bliss of one party rule.

Locally it has been over a week since the latest foot-in-mouth pronouncements from a CFO aligned blogger so keep trolling, as I do, their site's for the latest faux pas. A sure bet if history holds any sway.

Post away.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Open Posts Week Two

Time to start a new week and maybe do my own version of TW3. TW3 was a great informative news show from the 60s that was decades ahead of its time - That Was The Week That Was - TW3.

The Clinton administration is taking shape…oops…did I say Clinton? Obama! Just looks like Clinton since Obama has managed to dredge up those Clintonians who have not been indicted but just been in hibernation or whining about Florida in 2004. Eight years of Bush bashing but “W” certainly does supply an endless amount of material. Some much for “change.” I’m sure Cheney will pop up somewhere in the administration. Maybe as Surgeon General since he does have a wealth of medical information - especially treating hunting gunshot wounds and heart attacks.

The economy continues its downward slide and that has left the economist and both parties in a real state of flux. I’m sure that I expect some exotic type of bi-partisan voodoo ceremony to take place. Might as well as everyone has shown zero confidence in efforts to this point with the various indexes spiraling down another 20% after the Obama win. As HST said: “ Give me a one-handed economist! All my economists say, On the one hand on the other.” Next in line for the Corporate Welfare Queens is GM. Try this: “Get lost!”

Iraq is getting further and further off the front page as the stage this “war” appears to be in is one of pacification. Obama has already set his sites on Afghanistan since were are present and this will give the new Prez an opportunity to do some international muscle flexing, especially with those pesky Ruskies starting to arm up and raise a bit of a fuss. Nice to know he’ll bring that ’Hood Attitude to the table. I hope someone mentions to Medvelev that Germany is now unified and has not had a war for 60 or so years so it might be better to concentrate on getting oil back to $140 a pop.

In Lil’ old Mboro we have a new Fire chief so that is reason to go to the Central to celebrate. The casino is just muddling along with a CRAC (I think) report that had something to do with safety and ambulances. I’m sure I screwed that up but I’m not that enthusiastic about it. Besides if I want to know how and what to think about everything that is Mboro I’ll just peruse ( is that correct?) MR or BB’s blogs.

So, post away about any and all. Think about getting a set name to post with since anonymous may be one or ten folks.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


In an useless attempt to bring some semblance of order I will create a new open post thread each week. This is just as the title suggests - open. Careful with language and posting items that will have us collectively in court. Any topic you wish to start just go ahead. Any rant you need to do just go ahead. Any other post you wish to question just question. The floor is yours. No gavel.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Hope and Change

I might as well join the parade of pundits (whatever that is) and bloggers and toss in my own opinions of the recent election. From previous posts many of you will realize that I stayed on the sidelines except for my anti Barney Frank vote and the ballot questions. I will now place elections in my personal category to avoid - like Town Meetings. I will probably go to the polls and simply submit a blank ballot. Town elections will be a different story - the old Tip O’Neil line. The bailout bill was the final realization that everything appears to be “in the bag.” Color me CYNIC!

Hope and change I classify as BS and more BS. I have seen too much failure such as Jimmy Carter - deserted by his own party and Bush I who managed to go from the highest approval rating to virtually the lowest in a span of six months. I do not spend my emotional resources on vague terminology wrapped within “hope” and “change.” As the old commercial stated “show me the beef.” Some may compare the Obama coronation to that of JFK. Good luck with that. JFK was wrapped up in mythology brought about by tragic death. In reality it was a rather mundane administration. The recent win by Obama can be traced primarily to economic issues and they tied McCain to Bush on that issue. Excellent political strategy. With the “job” Bush had done the poll numbers in August should have been Obama 10+ and not virtually even.

The Congress is obviously where the problem is and will continue to be. Congress place settings is determined by about 60 seats in the House and another 10 in the Senate. These are the ones that are “vulnerable” either via retirement or indictment. They have a tendency to shift back and forth in large numbers such as the last election or smaller numbers as in the previous few elections. Congress will “read” the new President and determine just how far they can go. Think of the President as the adult and Congress as petulant teenagers. In some families they run the show. If things appear a bit sour after a year or two you will see about one third of the Democrats willing to bolt party lines on certain issues. This is quite similar to what the Republicans recently did with Bush. A clue is this has nothing to do with political integrity and party loyalty but everything to do with political survival. Last thing you want to be is one of those 60.

The new administration will attempt to deal with a mounting debt, a war that appears endless, health care issues, real unemployment of close to 10% (forget that 6.5 figure), an economy that has stalled, a punitive tax code and on and on. Maybe the hope and change crowd has illusions of success and I hope they are right, but history shows they will be bitterly disappointed. But Obama does have an out and that is Bush. That’ll give him a year or two. After that if things continue to go south you can always play the race card. If it comes to that the writing will be clearly on the wall and some new candidate will enter in the political turmoil on a platform of “hope” and “change.”

As a side note I will start a new open thread on Sunady and it will be labeled Open Post #1. Man...I am just soooo clever.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Open Posts Part Deux

I was out to supper - usually I'm just out to lunch - and we managed to get past 150 so here is another one to fill up with our collective wisdom. Another thing of interest. I may be on a run/ride with MB this coming Sunday and wonder is there any questions you would like me to ask him? He will have to answer since I'll be taking him into a section of Mboro where some local hillbilly types live. I can run so much faster than he can ride and he has "such a purty mouth." Ah...just think Deliverance. Question away.