Sunday, June 2, 2013

IRS And More

The Obama administration has hit the trifecta of scandals. The perfect storm for failure. The president is still approaching this with all the arrogance he can muster while support from even his most ardent sycophants evaporates like a summer rain on a humid day. The next several months will see a bunker mentality from the administration while the press - with extreme ire of the AP affair - will dig ever deeper with various moles providing ammunition.
The way Obama is being pictured in cartoons and on talk shows show how far his administration is sinking. I remember Jimmy Carter being portrayed as a smaller and smaller man behind a bigger and bigger desk in the waning days of his administration. Even those such as Paul Szep hammered away - previously ardent supporters. Now Obama is a nightly punch line for comedians and talk show hosts. So much for the respect quotient.
Supposedly the IRS gave data on conservative groups to ProPublica (who openly stated that), partially funded by George Soros and run by Herb Sandler
Of course I did nothing wrong but I’ll take the 5th anyway. Time for a special prosecutor.
The stench of this administration grows daily.
I imagine all this is somehow the fault of Bush.
In Massachusetts the new budget eliminated any photo ID’s for EBT cards. Another measure to insure mismanagement and fraud will continue. Thanks, Mass Senate!
And, of course, the money given to dead people. This ongoing mess hurts both taxpayers and the poor.
The Tribe has all those spiffy drawings of slot parlors they were going to build. Is there going to be a competition on which is architecturally the most aesthetic looking?
A Gun Nut success story. Three armed invaders locked a home owner in Houston in an upstairs closet - where he kept his guns. Needless to say the outcome for the perps was not very pleasant.
I can see now why some locals wished to evict some relatives from property they owned.
Axelrod claimed the recent Washington State bridge disaster was the fault of Republicans! Nor to be outdone some Democrats have managed to claim that the recent tornadoes were some how linked to conservatives. And I thought the deniers and fundamentalist factions were loony.
Work continues near the McDonald’s in Middleboro and I see far too many of our detail folks spending time on their phones rather than actually managing traffic.
The MBTA displayed their usual amount of concern over locals raising the potential of problems with the new Cape weekend run. This agency still refuses to divulge pension information.

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