Saturday, July 20, 2013

Trashing Obama And Other Stuff

Now looting. I guess “free stuff” is not enough.
Which members of the jury were racist? Is there a past history as with Paula Deen?
A White Male was beaten to death by six Black youths. Will the DOJ step in?
Any man who approaches me with a smile and a firm handshake gets my attention and respect no matter his size, skin color, clothing, bling, at least until he proves himself a moron. I still hold doors open for all women even though I know simply by her gender she’s insane.
Many young Black males lead loves of hopelessness and desperation and commit far more crimes on each other than on White’s. Yet our race profiteering leaders and race hustlers do little to address the real issue. Enablers.
Obama said he would fundamentally change out country - a weak economy, a burgeoning welfare and entitlement system, an unworkable and monstrous health care law, a failed international policy, unemployment, a soon to be unsustainable debt and now the continued political obfuscation orchestrated to keep the uninformed and naive in line.
Obama has shown that with Cambridge and Zimmerman he is just another two bit race hustler.
The Beatles were visionaries writing “Fool On The Hill” with a Nostradamus look into the future regarding Obama.
Speaking of fools step right up Lindsey Graham (R - Fantasy Island) who has suggested boycotting the Olympics over Russia’s allowing Snowden to languish overseas.
A rise in gas tax has shown me the Democrats who rule Massachusetts have zero concern for Joe & Jane Citizen in Massachusetts.
Rand Paul is stepping up as a serious Republican candidate for 2016. Another year where I vote for Blank.
Seamless transition on the BOS from Al to Steve.
Mark Belanger is giving Adam Bond bike riding lessons.
Want to save expenses of a mutual fund? Find some moderately successful funds. For an example find a large cap blended fund and you can easily find what their major investments are since it is readily available. Examine what they are invested in and selectively buy those stocks.
Looks like North Carolina Republicans are making abortion a big issue in their backwater. Just don’t get it.
Will the Patriots have more wins or arrests this season?
I use Trip Advisor all the time. The site is excellent for reviews. Best around.
Harry Reid (D- Casino Mafia) wanted to change the rules on filibusters. I wonder if they could have a filibuster on the rule to change a filibuster?
A banker recently was in court on a Ponzi scheme that supported her lavish life style. Her “marks” were friends and relatives to the tune of 2.1M. Right now she is out on personal recognizance. Amazing! I would have not mercy on crimes like this. As much restitution as possible and jail time.
Red Sox have the best record in the American League and now comes the crunch of the division schedule. Sox play just .500 the rest of the way they could make the playoffs.
Three major unions including the Teamsters have sent a letter to Obama claiming the ACA will “Destroy the 40 hour work week and eliminate hard fought for health benefits.”
Rock star cover treatment for a bomber. What next for Rolling Stone? An Eichmann cover?
Forty years of Democrat rule in Detroit has resulted in bankruptcy. Bloated pensions, lousy school system, White flight, entitlement mentality, corrupt political structure and a non diverse economic structure. But in cities such as Boston Democrat rule has been rather successful. Maybe the Dems need to examine their own litter box and cut some from the herd.
Market Basket employees rallied around to prevent the CEO from being ousted by a board change. At the heart of this was a potential 1.5B payout to stockholders on the back of employees and customers (higher prices).
How bad are the Big Dig leaks? Head of The Charles Regatta will start at the Ted Williams Tunnel.

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North Slope Rigger said...

Well my friend Bozo the Red Sox are certainly out performing this administration. I know you like to straddle the political fence but it appears you have vehemently turned against Obama. Welcome to our world.