Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Highpoint Of Blogs

Ghost tours of Middleboro? Does that have something to do with empty store fronts?
I went to Kansas City weighing 178 pounds and returned at 182. Five days of Bar-B-Que.
Caillou is the most obnoxious kids show I have ever seen. This whinny brat and his enabling parents should stay in Canada where this disaster originates.
Now the famed camp ground is for sale, the town is looking in to a possible purchase. Forget it! 2.5M is too much. Half of that is too much for 40 acres. Yeah….beachfront property!
Weston Memorial Forrest folks are possibly interested in the majestic camp ground. Based on what the forest now looks like that would be a mistake.
If Walmart is the thermometer of the economy we are in deep, deep trouble.
Want to have a real tax holiday? Extend it to $20,000 purchases.
Wonder what kind of tax holiday New Hampshire has?
In Kansas I saw a traffic rotary like Middleboro that used a light system for traffic. You took turns entering the rotary and the rotary hand lanes. Busy area and things went smooth.
The Massachusetts jobless rate continues to rise. Time for more taxes.
Foreign Surveillance Intelligence Court. A secret court for which a citizen has little or no recourse. 1,789 surveillance applications brought to “the court” and all approved.
I’m all for medicinal pot. If it helped any pain I would take it. I’m sure constable Gates would lock me up.
Minimum wage needs to go up.
What is the over/under on how long The Brockton Enterprise will survive?
Nancy Pelosi (D- Botox) is big on ethics….except when it is within her own party. Ms. Pelosi has come east to help prop up the run of John Tierney. Great.
The Obama presidency is rapidly losing all legitimacy.
The usual suspects - ultra liberal Democrats - are lining up for a run as governor. More of the same and by same that will mean taxes.
HIGHpoint seems a rather strange name for a drug rehab facility.
Nothing in lieu of tax dollars? No way!
Chief Gates make the research argument by providing the number of calls Highpoint in Plymouth has in a year….and we get no in lieu of taxes? So the rest of us subsidize this business?

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