Sunday, February 10, 2013

No More Snow

Middleboro seems to be at the focal point of “Middle Earth” all too often. The latest is a machete wielding significant other of an arson suspect.
In Brockton - the garden spot of Southeastern Massachusetts - a pig has been sent to a gulag in Halifax thanks to its propensity to escape and wander the streets. On its last venture it was propositioned three times before animal control captured it.
Now that Xmas trees no longer represent a significant collection issue maybe Mr. Bagas can sent the trucks over to Auburn Street for a clean up? I would suggest several very, very large trucks.
The Republicans continue to froth over Obamacare and rightfully so. The program is growing exponentially and will create several new battalions of lawyers to deal with this soon to me most layered of bureaucracies. However I would say look in a mirror boys and girls of the GOP since this hydra is the end result of your own decades of stonewalling. That so many Americans have limited or no insurance access has long been a blight.
Some dissipation of that junk yard (AKA - Storage) depot n the corner of Jackson and Lincoln streets has taken place. Is it a sudden desire on the part of the owners to beautify or the high price of scrap?
Is the economy improving? I’d say “yes” but what exactly does improving mean? Like seeing your blood pressure at 148/88 and it goes down to 140/82.
Gas prices have taken another surge and some of the blame is not on supply but the ability to refine product. The United States needs updated refineries or new ones and just maybe “The Big Zero” can issue some Executive Orders to make it happen.
Unemployment benefits are taxable but welfare is not. Another reason it may pay not to work.
Once again the rotary - not the ones holding an auction - has reared up with the state doing a song and dance that would make the staff at Burt Wood jealous. I could see this being a problem for a few years but it has been one for decades. I guess that round and round means little but a multi-billon dollar train to the southern hinterlands does.
About that train. The cost estimate is around 2B but in state dollars that will soon expand to 4B and maybe 6B? Why not just provide chauffer service?
The locals McDonald’s has finished making their drive thru resemble the rotary and the next project is a rebuilt of the store. IMO they should make a land purchase on Clark Street and have three lanes so that one lane could be dedicated to a right turn only. Nightmare pulling out into traffic.
Streets seem to be plowed rather well around town.

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