Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My Own Krazy Days

Speaker DeLeo (D - Probation Department) was mouthing off on how “wonderful” the recent gas and cigarette taxes - along with many other - were. Amazing! The only ones that have stood the line on the onerous taxes that hit the middle class on down are those support the rich Republicans!
When will DeLeo be indicted? That would make four in a row.
In Massachusetts the pols get transportation money for going to work and a paycheck to boot.
The State House MIS Director gets three hundred large or twice as much as the same position in the state yields. Also he didn’t pay federal taxes for two years. Amazing.
Not all EBT card holders are criminals but all criminals seem to have EBT cards. A tweet from the vastly minority party in Massachusetts.
Mayor Bloomberg (I- Free Refills) had his nanny state agenda regarding soda dumped by a court. He will continue to fight this sorry fight.
Meanwhile the NY Post continues to hammer away at welfare fraud in NY. Guess we all know where Bloomie’s agenda is really at.
The Red Sox pulled the trigger and got a very expensive treat in Jake Peavy. He may put them over the top in the next few seasons but when Jake is sitting on a beach sipping margarita’s in a few years Iggy may be an All Star shortstop. I will miss Iggy but not as much as the pitching staff will.
Carbon Dioxide emissions warm the earth but the question is how much?
How much water did they have to add to that tank every time Steve got dunked?
Krazy Days appeared to be a success. Seemed busy on the two hours we spent wandering through the streets.
The gas tax is now implemented. I’m sure in a few months the toll booths will come down.
And state revenues for July exceeded projections by 9%. But we get more taxes?
John Henry of the Red Sox has purchased the Boston Globe for 70M. This is a real estate deal. The assets have value but the paper itself has little. I’d say worthless but The Globe has already proved that.
I can usually tell a wet spring and summer by trail conditions. A normal weather pattern will allow trails that are usually wet to be dried out by July and August. Not this year.
Unemployment continues to trend downward but wages are also going lower as is the number of hours people work. A reflection of the quality of the jobs and multiple part time jobs.
Steve’s Sports Den and the former Reedy’s Archery Building need a serious facelift. Both are a blight that stand out downtown.
Eastern Bank will evacuate the downtown and also close one of their Lakeville branches. Consolidation is the key corporate jargon and that translates into just plain saving money. I have lost track of the number of banks that have been in that building.
Someone builds a house in Rockland and three years later a mistake in the permit process was discovered. The lot was not buildable so the house has been ordered demolished after appeals to the Zoning Board and Land Court. A bitter family dispute over inheritance has made it impossible to purchase the necessary 2,000 square feet of land to save the $450,000 house. What a family! As far as the town what a bunch of tools.
The above describes a mystery to me regarding the legal process. There is the law and there is common sense. Seems the court could say that errors have been made by the town and the home owner should have been more diligent but we can not justify the destruction of a $450,000 home over 2,000 square feet of land. Naw. Never would be done.

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