Monday, November 4, 2013

Winners - Red Sox And Losers - Obama

The usual simple and common sense legislation was once again rejected by the Massachusetts House. The idea was welfare audit, especially EBT card use. Naturally, our local Republican contingent was in favor of it and the outcome was a done deal - rejected! The last thing the Democrats want is a burden on their primary voting block.
Also on the House agenda was at least six hearings before implementing a tax hike. Imagine having a light shined on the Democrat cockroaches that infiltrate our system? Of course this was rejected.
According to Forbes magazine Massachusetts is now ranked 49th as a business friendly state. Companies leave for a reason. Burdensome taxes, convoluted regulatory system, questionable mandates and almost an endless list that makes a company feel unwelcome. Did I forget the recently scuttled tech tax?
New Hampshire claims they do not need to encourage Massachusetts companies to head north. The business climate in Massachusetts is enough of an inducement.
The Tea Party is now the focal point of campaigns by Democrats. Amazingly the TP is exactly as obstructionist and down right vile as that collection the Democrats have sitting on Beacon Hill. Sometimes what appears as opposites are in reality quite close.
Originally the TP had quite a narrow focus - virtually all of it was fiscal policy, a guaranteed weakness of both parties, especially Democrats. But along the way the loonies were looking for a home and found one in the TP. Too bad the TP could or would not eject them. Far too loud a voice and certainly capable of giving those moment in time pitchers and sound bites for Democrat fodder.
So one reason for a doubling of some fees is other towns are higher. Hey, Charlie, other towns have lower meals tax so why not drop that down. The comes the “Hasn’t been raised in five years.” So if something has not increased that is a bad thing? Does that means if someone working for the town has not received a raise for five years they could get their salary doubled?
The Obama administration has created a nation addicted to dependency on government handouts. Some pundits claim this is by design to insure a consistent voting block that is attached to such largess. I could not agree more. In 35 states one can collect more planted on your duff than working minimum wage. Yeah, I know, the defenders of the faith will say “It’s for the children.”
The season for the Red Sox is over and it is still difficult to comprehend. I had them down for finishing fourth. Their new manager, John Farrell, had done absolutely nothing in his tenure in Toronto. The new signings were rather ordinary and several returning core players had some serious question marks regarding ability and intensity.
Sometimes the results exceed the parts and they did for 2013. A refreshing approach by a new manager, rebounding performances by key players, a productive farm system and the new additions performing beyond expectations. Amazing.
2004 was a given after defeating New York. In 2007 any Red Sox or baseball fan knew the Rockies did not have a chance. So 2013 became the real shocker during the season and especially the post season. They went through the best pitching in baseball with barely a bump to win it all.

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