Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Just Enjoying Spring

When is enough enough with the MBTA? Now they are refusing to release documentation of their pensions. Why? This is a taxpayer bailout agency. The MBTA has also done just about everything conceivable to reduce rider ship. The fare increases are a yearly event. The parking rates continue to rise exponentially. The handouts from the taxpayers continue. The reduced service. The elimination of special fares like the family pass.
Tesla now has the highest ranking of any vehicle ever tested by Consumer Reports. The company also showed a small first time profit.
The United States Senate has clearly demonstrated that lives mean nothing. The vote to continue the madness on firearms shows that quite clearly. Forty-six cowards.
Mike gets rewarded for hard work and being an upper tier watchdog. Strange town this Middelboro.
The recent votes to reject the use of social security numbers to check on a candidate for public housings income and for EBT reform were clearly along party lines with the Democrats once again supporting a status quo that has been a dismal failure.
The latest bills to be rejected along party lines were one that one for supplied an additional 20M in targeted funds for education - specifically textbooks, lab equipment and a sundry list of other items. The second House bill - also rejected - would have made available 3M in tuition and fee benefits for students who were adopted via the state adoption program. Republicans supported both measures and out “education” Democrats rejected.
And why do the Republicans - or a sizable segment of them - continue to wish to use the government as a tool for a moral agenda.
Gomez does not stand a chance. None. Zip. 42% of the vote would be astounding. So we will end up with another lock step far left liberal parrot in D.C.
The administration clearly lied on Benghazi. They can’t even get their lies straight so what does that say about their abilities?
The IRS also targeted conservatives. Amazing overreach by a government that has clearly lost its moral values.
I was in Peru for an extended period of time and they have an interesting social safety net - you lose your job it is tough cookies! Everywhere I went workers busted it. Poverty is incredible. Wealthy class, small middle class, a very large segment of subsistence workers and several millions in shanty towns looking for daily work or just stealing. Teachers and police have a salary of $4,500 to $6,500 yearly and no detail pay.
Gronkowski is on surgery #4. IMO his career will be one of injury upon injury. A great talent but very fragile.
Why airlines can drive you nuts. I book an award flight for my wife - The Lovely Cynthia - and it is 25,000 miles. I then book for myself and it is 32,500 miles for the same flights. Amazing how it managed to change in ten minutes, This is Delta and their program is now just awful. They and United are two airlines that will charge you the same number of miles if it is a one way or round trip.


Suo Mynona said...

IRS: The Ultimate Super PAC

North Slope Rigger said...

"Barry" is sinking faster than the Red Sox. This administration is just an extension of Chicago politics.