Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I Spy

And now the failed administration is mining data from Verizon and other companies under the questionable veil of “national security” which is now a term they use to do as they please domestically without any due process. How bad is it? Even the NYT is now blasting away.
But it gets even better. They have been mining data from various internet companies and our pals over in England have been going along for the ride. I guess the Obama flakes will claim Bush allowed us to do it.
Yet another Obama scandal that his cheerleaders will merrily rationalize with convoluted ideological logic. Who can recall how the leftists whined, howled, and ululated in agony at the notion of Bush administration proposing the Patriot act? Where are those hypocritical fools now? In fact, where have those hypocritical fools been for the past 4 plus years?
And was not the Obama administration early on the ones that wished to prosecute the previously failed administration over security overreach? When is their “transparency” beginning?
When does national security trump privacy? Seems that “national security” concerns are the erosion of rights increased from Bush to Obama and most certainly well with the next administration…..and the next…...and the next…..
War on Terror is now a War on Freedom.
Clearly, if anyone thinks that all this NSA snooping is OK if a person has nothing to hide, then they need to think again. Does anyone remember when Ted Kennedy was put on the US Government’s “no fly” list?
How is all that hope and change working out for you?
Amazingly some of the support Obama at all costs crowd continue to exist. I guess it is all the fault of the "T-Tards" or "T-Baggers" or even the ultimate trump card "Racism" when the reality is the wounds are self inflicted.
A Department of Transitional Assistance (Welfare Department) hack praised Shaunna O’Connell for dishing out $800 to get EBT records. The quote from this pathetic government weasel - Alec Loftus - was - and I paraphrase “She saves the taxpayers $800.” This is typical of that agency which is now a troth for a feeding frenzy of those least entitled. If this bottom feeder had a ounce of common sense he’d be digging deep to straighten out the mess in the agency he represents.
Why is the song “Send In The Clowns” ringing in my head? Why because of DTA John Polanowicz and Stacey Monahan who are both on top of the DTA food chain. Why these two governmental wizards are taking the food stamp challenge. They are going to try and live on food stamps for a week. This represents the clueless frauds that are in change of screwing things up. What they just don’t get and everyone else does is it is not what people get but who gets it. The system is in the paper daily thanks to abuse that these two have done virtually nothing to curb. No one complains about the needy but they certainly complain about being ripped off and providing an alternative life style.
So now the choice is Gomez or Markey. What a choice! Those two should meld together and resuscitate the Know Nothing Party.
Patriots have signed Tim Tebow. Maybe they can trade that stiff Brady for a draft pick?
Tesla Motors is being sued by the Massachusetts Auto Dealers Association for selling cars directly to consumers. They consider this a violation of state law since the manufactures cannot own dealerships in this state. In round one the MADA lost and they will continue to lose.
One of the reasoning positions behind the MADA suit is that it protects the consumer by having cars sold via dealership. Huh?
Tesla had the highest rating ever awarded by Consumer Reports. Should have bought one, Jessie.
IRS partied hardy in Anaheim and now that they are front and center the Inspector General wants some documentation of their expenses. Alas they do not have any records! How would that excuse work out for you or me?
Town still wants money from the tribe. Good luck with that. Maybe the town could settle for a bag full of $100 chips and a few books of buffet coupons? Of course it’ll probably be the year 2314 when the thing is built. Let’s see. Massachusetts has 351 cities and towns and they have already gone to Middleboro, Fall River, Taunton and is that it? 348 more to go.
The Democrat infested legislature continues to refuse the common sense approach of using social security numbers as a verification tool. Seems many other states such as Florida and Illinois do it but not us.


North Slope Rigger said...

Obama is just a pile if dung at this point. A typical smarmy and corrupt Chicago pol. I just love it when his free stuff crowd get their marching orders to protect this sleazy administration. Guess it all is Bush!

Family Guy said...

This goes back well before Obama and has its real roots in the Patriot Act that was lock step supported by Congress and Bush.

Obama campaigned on this very issue as part of his personal transparency mandate and just how is that working out? I have no confidence in this administration and Obama who has referred to the opposition occasionally as the enemy. The last president to do that was Nixon.

chica said...

As a supported for Obama I am more than disappointed. The numerous scandals demonstrate he has either incompetents in his administration or he is incapable of weeding them out or even worse has no intention of doing so.

bogofree said...

It's human nature that power corrupts. When power is extended beyond the individual, over the lives of other people, it ALWAYS tends toward a greater grasp, toward greater riches, toward greater oppression.