Saturday, July 13, 2013

A Great Alternative To Bumpkin!

Revenues in Massachusetts continue to rise and to exceed projects yet taxes increase. IMO this is a direct result of Democrats philosophical approach to government (feed the machine) and inherent lack of accountability.
Hernandez was nailed quite convincingly by technology - the same technology that the government claims stops terrorist in their tracks. That sound wonderful but how much do we really know about how it is used everyday regarding Jane and Joe Public?
Aaron Hernandez is certainly not MENSA material. Even Inspector Clouseau could have connected the dots on this one.
Obama is now a laughingstock on the international stage.
What is the purpose of DOMA? All I see is restricting personal choice and allowing those with different views on PERSONAL choice to inhibit others.
A Republican (who else) summarized the Patrick administration best. They have created more dead people getting EBT cards than jobs created.
There are no aliens at Area 51. None. This government allowed an army private to access and release thousands of pages of classified material. A low level contractor blew the whistle using information he easily grabbed. So some actually believe the government is capable of keeping a secret on aliens?
A year delay in parts of the ACA. A very apparent political move.
The ACA is also causing some real rate shock especially among the young and healthy.
Job market is improving or is it? Follow the U6 which is creeping up.
I actually saw one of the paid detail mob doing their job at the construction site at Exit 4. Is that a union violation?
A camel farted somewhere in the Middle East so oil goes up $5 a barrel.
Downtown Middleboro has a parking problem. No kidding! But, hey, there is that pot hole lot that has some spaces. Probably too far for most to walk. That 100 foot stroll is a killer.
Fireworks need to be legal in this state.
Patriots have made a partial change to their logo. I do believe the new logo has a hood pulled over the face and cuffs on.
The 4th parade on Middleboro is just a great show.
I sat in Monster Seats and they are nothing but glorified bleacher seats at $165 a pop. Most ballparks an elevated seat in RF or LF is $10.
Road costs per mile in Massachusetts rank 3rd in cost per mile and administrative costs so the solution is even mire taxes.
It was 128 degrees in Death Valley and someone ran the mile in 6:36 while wearing a complete Darth Vader outfit.
The lying sacks of manure that run our public education system need to be taken to the woodshed. The latest phony PR crap is that there will be “no tuition hikes.” LMAO! How about fee hikes? Yep. Depends on the school. So right now fees at say Westfield State are $8,290 and tuition is $970.
Our state college (university) system is a known political dumping ground. Think of the famed “corrupt midget,” Billy Bulger, getting to be prez of UMASS before cashing in his big kiss.
Judy Habib is CEO of KBJ Branding - an advertising firm that just lost out on a 5M advertising contract for the lottery. Despite the highest scores of all the bidders her undoing was diversity. The winning bid - a company with no females in the upper echelon - “won” thanks to their diversity of promising awarding a $12,000 contract to a vendor who was a woman. This is another example - I believe #345,765 of why Massachusetts is a national joke.
12% of the workforce is now temp and contractual. And it is not just day laborers. Includes doctors, MIS, CPA’s and a slew of others that traditionally had a lock on job security.
Crash Davis was a real major league player who gave Kevin Costner permission to use his name for the movie “Bull Durham.”

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